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Published Weekly at 154 West 4Gth Street, New Tork 

Kn - - . _ . . . . 


V.i by Variety, The: ■. . Annual- subscription, .$6 .; Slh 
Bnteied as aecoud'Clasa matter pe<;ember. 22,; 1905, at the Post Office at New YorH. N. >■ V., umler tba act of MarcU Si 

Vol. 129 No. 12 

NE\V YQRK; WEpNEg|I>AY, MARCH 2, 1938 


Easy gQing trade' of press agentiry. 
has a Itrac ted at least iSS.. women to its- 
jatiksr i'WiS ; hum an 
■ impc>rtaht part of the total number, 
: it publicists; of both ;«exes:;iil :N. ,Y., 
: : and is continiioiisly increasing. Apr 
<pearahce bh . the scene of S.A. Tp.a.'s 
. . ■ ; noticeable numbers is cbmpatai 
tiveiy new.; But 'the reasons for it 

.. "aren't, v' ■■.-;■ V''; 

: 'Ori analysis,; the attracti^^^^^ is gen? 
Orally . 'rtjver^ion- to the eternal 
feminiiie, although the jgirls do not 
likeltol thihK so. It is ibbut this only 
calling in whicb jgirls can combine. 

. their ; various activities— and mdybie' 
they don't! '■■.•;-.. ■ V- ; 

: First. of; alf, the: ctough gpodr-at; 
any ratiB for a femme, far above that 
of other fields,; althbugh still cbmpar-. 
ing unfavoiably to that of male con- 
. tempbraries in ihbst case's, ; While rria- 

• jority pbssesseis brains enough to. sell 
: services . on ; a ^ strictly ' legit scale, 
many use the S.A; plant to sonie e?c- 
tent. Looks \ do not ;huit. . ■ This is 
, bbnie out .fiirther in ;the shappy girl 
■ Tunners, cohtacters, ,;et al., ;which 

' •Jew of the hoys hire for the twist 

■;■ they, can't execute themselves. Men 
ort receiving, end.- do .not (keep girls 
Waiting as long and the reception tb 
i fieriime is a more patieiit and kind- • 
ly:one:f6t; obvious reasons/" ;. 
dirls on the hunt for news which 
(Continued on page 55) ^ 

The fo^ 

Rink^ Grosses $5,000 

,-.;:Radib ' City's, ice ' skaiteryi ;: N.' Y.'s 
ihbst St. Montzy spot; is cashing in 
on, the vogue for butddor winter 
apbrts this, season. .. Estiifniited that 
the. skating rink, > located on the 
lower terrace; at; rear Of RCA build- 
ing,; is grbssinig close tb. $5,000 Weekly; , 
With .-two cafes adjoining it bn ' the 
: same -Icybi talcing^ in; more thar ;that 
amount from the skating crowd. 
Actual attendance may not exceed 
3,750 per week but revenue from 
private parties brings up the figure. 
•; Fashioiiable set, andi socialites also 
•re going for the Radio. City rink. 

: Elsa Maxwell . recently . held private 
skating party arid so did Horace 
Heidi's band. Fee is $50 per hour, 
Btartin;; at 11 p.m. ■. 

' ..Skating ■ ; divided ;;into :fbt»r '^. 
ions. Morning session runs 10:30 to 
1 P-m,: There also is one in the af ter- 
^f^o.n and another from 5:30 to 7:30. 
I^i«ht skating program ' runs from 

. 8:30 until ll o'clock. ' . 

_ Rockefeller interests have leased 

. the .rlfik. as a concession ;to the U.nibn. 
Nevvj ;Co.. which also has. the tivb 

.•cafeij- j^djoinihg as well as the Gate- 
W;. . restaurants ; * ■' the project. 
.Though, the skating. spoti is bp^ 
to. pay its own way at 99c per head. 
PHu. ;5pc for' skates (if one doesn't 
.ormt(; his. own). It - - \ terrific, biz 
pUitder foi^ the restaurants, both for 
I'quor and food. 

Exercise EnbUgh 

Lambs GliJbber, slated a 
Baltimore tryoiit with a, new 
legit,- was curious abbut where 
to stop, where to eat, " etc, 
while Ballo, and, 'Oh, yes, 
where the: athletic club? 
Gotta keep in ..triiri, you know.'. 

Company nianager= told him: 
•You'll get enough exercise 


J : Chicago,' March li 
Free dinners are the payoffs; to a 
five-act bill going into the Warner 
Bros. Stratford for a Wednesday 
night, as: arranged by Morris Silver 
and Charlie Hogan. .--W 
.• Burning the acts is .the.;across'rthe-. 
street Englewbbd, which is also run- 
ning a vaude' night and is paying $5 
a person. Acts state that while it's 
a small fee. it's at. least; a, payoff in 
actual ,cash wh ich gives 'em enough 
to pay for their baggage and transpor- 
tation and leaves a little in addition. 

Also; Silver is going to the agents 
to ask them not to submit any acts 
for the Englewood booking.; Both 
acts and agents are readying to re- 
volt against this Silver-Hogan try- 
out . system and will refuse to co- 
bperate with them in gjving . the 
Warner Bros,, house a show for; goiip 
and lamb slew. :"■■ [ f. ■ 


;.; ■ ;:■ ;-■ Char.lbtte, N. C... March 1.' 
. Program. piv;ectbr Charle^.'.Critch.-. 
field;.' ■ WBT. has . started ;a'. cam- 
paigri oh the, station's .m i d Ti\g\\ t d a h ce 
prbgrarri to. get . people, to drink, mbre 
milk at dances. , Got idea after at- 
tending a Davidson col lege darice-^a . 
Presbyteri ■ institution that, is 
^Str j cter han strict a bout i n t ox ica nls— ' 
and seeiiTg.s.tu.dcn't.s with tli^ girls 
strolling; . about the • . da.nce.-. floor 
sip'pihg Unllk' from ' bottles. , 
' •Midtilglvt ; pl'bfifi'fl'"" ; ask.s recruits 
for the' 'Drink.; Milk ai'Dances.'; Col- 
l.bgiahs Jare especially. encoii,rac;ed to 
jbin. . .Eiirpllrnent. .blanks; arb sonlt. .to 
all who. requesV them. .Members 
■piedge':;to. drink nrilk at dances', ■ 
;. •Atinbunbc^s' vadd.- to their, spiel a 
song and about - how rtiilk 
quickl y ; replaces; the .e ii ergy . used iip. 
in; stronijous • dances like the.' recent' 
B ig . A p f>l.e ' .a nd lcj> ye pa r tic i pants i h 
bettbr. shape for the next morning's 
classes, or '.wbrk;^': ■ ■ • 

Tough Summer \ or Cbntm- 
tiahibe of Autbinobne ;and 
OASoliiie Curtailments 
Thought Sure to AflFect 
ll'Unt ; Golbhy as ; Radio 

;:>;, jPrdgrami; Center.;'.': ■;... 


' Hollywood's place in the radio sun 
next fall Will be partly determined 
,by .: the ; current 'recession' and how 
bad or how good; general business 
conditions $re - this; summer. If the 
present tendencies .• in; certain lines, 
notably automobiles and gasolines; 
continues, . spread of an 'economy 
psychology' among sponsors will 
probably react against Hbllywobd/as 
a point of raidib prograrh origination. 
For— fairly or unfairly— the idea is 
pretty generally ; accepted among 
sponsors in the east that Hollywood 
radio costs more than; eastern radio.. 

A trend away from high cost giiest 
stars, and/or: high program produc- 
tion costs generally, will mean a re- 
treat froni Hollywood. , 
- Although the. most-askbd and least-, 
aihswei'ed question, ■ the east is; the 
status of Hollywood next season 
(Continued bn page 32) 

Rochester, N; Y., March 1.; 

John Huftle, 05, ;playing 'Uncle 
Tom's (Tabin' schools around 

Rochester, believes he has; the last: 
of the old 'Tom' shows. He has been 
playing it for rno ire than 50 years, 
appearing : in. opry houses, ;bai;n3, 
town halls ;arid. under, ; 

.It a family- affair, with , Huftle 
slhd hb puts on the show with a.s few 
Jis five pebple and the famiiy pups. 
Huftle is Simon Legree and Ph inesa 
.Fle'tclier,' the .huritcr; his. son; Thonia;5 
plays Uncle Torti and Marks, the 
lavyyer; .his wife takes the part of and fills in as;. heeded; three 
daughters have -played Li ttle Eva 
and grown up for Cassie, Eiiimeline 
and others,. ..Grandson ttiun ; took the 
part bf Eva until his foot got loo . bii;'!. 
. . Huftle is planning to take the 
show. .;.out ;; ;can vas a'/aiti this 
year.. ; ; ;. ' .. ' . - 

A$sbciati6n of Id^as 

; Reader of this publication 
claims a request for a copy at 
;.a ; newsstand brought the . fol- 
lowing response from the girl 
•behind the/ counter: ; 
, 'This week's Variety is not 
. ] yet; could; I Interest you in 
a copy of 'Better jEiiglish'?' 

• Minneapolis, March 1. 
; In order to combat the strong ra- 
dio ojppbsition Sunday nights. Twin 
City independent neighborhood ex- 
hibitors* members of Northwest Al- 
lied States, are considering a pro- 
posal tp reduce evening; adm ission 
prices oh the Sabbath; It has been 
suggested that present evening ad- 
mission prices apply to the matinees 
and that the afternoon bargain scale 
be adopted for nights. Sunday mat- 
inee biz has been running ahead of 
night trade, the evening ether pro- 
grams being blamed for the Sunday 
evening boxrOffice collapse! 

■Prio- to the vogue of the Jack 
Benny, Ford concerts, : et al, on the 
kir, Sunday nife'hts, along with Sat- 
urdays, brought; the week's biggest 
trade. Some of the exhibs how , feel 
that switching afterhbon and night 
prices might lure many from home. 


;.',:;;.;.■■ ; "V Detroit, March 1. 

After getting into, hot water ;dn its 
'lantern lecture,' the Fine . Arts So- ■ 
ciety here,: non-pro org of Detroit 
actors, actresses, musicians, ;, com- : 
posers, et, al, has called off its 
operetta, tagged *I Love Thy Rocks,', ' 
skedded for productioh this .month. 

; Operetta, : based on the .'mighty ■■ 
papa' of an iihaginary land, although -: 
niaking no direct Teference to Prt^ 
dent Roosevelt/ Was givefi its book 
by Lee Anderson, prez of the Lee 
Artdbrson sigency ; (Chrysler), While 
the music is by banker Rayinbnd A. 
Jacobs. ; V' ;' 

Cast of . 60 had already been work-- 
ing two weeks on the two-act play, V 
one scene of which was ' laid in 
the sijpreme court , of a. mythical , 
country ruletl by a monarch, obvi- ; 
ously idrawn a caricature of 
Roosevelt. Ho^yever, Society's board :■ 
of. governors, who penned a personal 
note to members and, cast calling ' oft 
operetta, , asserted that it -Wasn't 
dropped because of political sig- 
nificance, but 'because we beliieve it 
sacrilegious because of a chant, ' 
paraphasing the Lord's Prayer, con- 
tained in the second act.' 

The note to members also 're- 
gretted' the lecturer in society's 're-; 
cent 'lantern lecture' made . 'rather 
offensive, and ;, suggective' com^ 
rhentaries ,: in referring . fo Diego < 
Rivera murals in Detroit Art Insti- 
tute. Murals were bankrolled by;; . 
Edsel Ford, prez Fbrd Motor Co. . 

Aside frorh the personal note, ;the 
society's, governors refused- to ex- 
plain further either episode. 

. . The U. ,$; ,- . In tarn Rc'v-ont io ., 
;-,Dcpt.. ha.s statioiied 'tW') d^'p.nty. 
■ officials iri^ii-n-Y'M. 'Neu' .Y.-)i'k; 

office.' 154.; West 4(>th -ilre.n.- Vn- . 
; . i stance .i n , prepa \-\\vi, -u i ,:i fi I -.; 
. . ing tax- reports, of iM-iCL-s-iion-il ■■ / 
. people. : Thb ;.s2r,vico i-;;^^ .:- 

GoVerlinient -.pfflciyiV'. Ji; ; 
;;ai-e frbrri 9; a. m! until l:n,0 |3,; in, ; 

every day ■; b u t Sa lu rcl a>r, w he n ' ;. 

they leave at ;1 p.; m. 

I Hollywood,, March 1. 
Samuel Goldwyn; is. negotiating for 
the' bioigraphy of (General .Pershing 
as basis for picture;; The War Dept. 
is .pled.ged to. aid the producer:, if 
successful,' in;. hi!?. ;cical with, the gcii.-.; 
cral'.s family. Gary; Cooper would 
play the A.E.F, commander; ' .Siudio;i 
say.-;, . ■ .;Genera| I'ershihg -.apccu 
Cooper. for the role. . '. \ ' ; ■ :,':,',.; . ;' . | 
' ' ,lf, . ; .; survive.s;'..^^^^^ \ 
.Ous^:-: I i^es^v discussions. /'will • Ije ;. rOr ! 
sumcd ai tor -the ■manuscript^ .is com -;! 
plated. ; ■• G C0|rge : Bye, literary ajfcn I . 
(;■' ;• ■ icig,' -.■.some ,; ti.riiic 'aiio , -iub- 
m it ted his.; compl.olc aultjbio«r-4ph,v t-.i '., 
G:jl,dwyn. . / ■;:;; ;/ 

.A. Sin 
To SRO When Barred 
From Stage Booking 

^ : ' Buffalo. March 1. ; 
Eobby Brbeii, herb for .personal ap-. 
pearances, wa.<5 held off stage of Cbn-- 
tury- by the Gh ildr6n's: Aid Society. 
RKO publicity ;, ribbcrs.. however, 
frarncd upi rbceptioh ■ in the theatre 
lobby for kids ;which ;drcvy; over flow 
crowd. ,; 
: The personal ; got ■ first . ratb . hews- . 
papc r ; atte n t i ofi -; w h ich - Brecn sha red 
with '.his . .s.i"sieiv:^^$^ Wlip. .■acled:.a3'.; 

; Eve Casanovai Tells How 

Da vv Ka f))), la d i o, head of 
idh.fCd";Radib:.Al\t.!S.tB.; i.s tryit 
interest ..i.n a i-;sexc t" p rb-' i-a.m of, , 
'(;li;)' for femmc.s. It's a how- to j 
hold hiibby, . wb.-it, when and ' wh-'rt; I 
to.; pi\o.icct .r('?rtaiiV' thbLrgliti; arid ■ lin- > 
..p,r('s.>-ion,s; : n(c, , • .-. ;.■..• : ,• . : ' •. 

Author is. (iic!) ^Eve Cj^iinv • 

IVs a Riot When Snow 
Goines t6 Miiinii Beach 

;■:■; ..■' '■ "- ; Miami. Beach. March 1.. 
; At; 'the,;<ii9n.iof . .th'e: or 
: porfoi-mancc- of .'.UievSon ja ^ifeh; 
show hci'c, ver 'l,.p06 ki'd.s,.: marty,' 
-•i.v'hfi.'.h.:i Vi?., y.u.'Vip. . hf forc • .s.ueii.,.. .siiO-Wi ; 
det'idi'd- : t'); . lak:';::<i(U'iiint;i:i|p of tlie- 
.•iiv.i w : thy I. hiui accUm u.l;i tiid on the 
rink •;irj'd' -.i.^c; ;Whiit it wiis like .tcV. lo:,-} . 
•I few .iiifUv'balls; . Thfy .slorrncd the' 
lie Id . ;i I If I t h.f; res ij 1 1 w as a smal I riot.. 

- Mi--> who wa.s posing for pix 
!)U' t)>o; pi»'od., .-was. ;'fiuirkly. ; rushed 
!)U(vk,<(a^'o .but,ru);l ;bt'f')re bcin.'f pellci' 
by '-; • •:)i[plti <){:■■ the;, .fl.yih.'l.iballs.y .. No 
;:'!;ii)i;(> fia'n.agif dt)!)-','. an.' I, •..police . 

i^u^ckiy' fiucircii: tive .u ' ■;.' ,. 



When the pppositibii Getf Tbiigher,: It Birihgs Out 
ih^ Best m Pro^ 

First Tiiiie the B.Q* G* Has SHpp^cl 

:By:JOHN C.-FIilNN;.'.-- 
■ Hollywood- :l\iarch 1.. 
/ . Jack' LVWiarrieir says: the only ctire 
lor boj^ : pffiTO^^^-^^^ j 
. past ; two months ail'e. t^gistcriiig- on 
' the Hdlly wobd . . seisiitipg^abh from 
.distant : ^eastern- and ■ ' midwdstern 
cities, js> harder :'wprlc in ./ the ■sludips,' 
inpre showmanship . . ' distribution 
ahd mbire enterprise and 9Xpl^ 
tioa in (exhibition. ■ Thiis;; decidledly, 
is hoi the mbinent for cultailment ih 
. jpirddtictiph; he: says." - Real progress 
in the :ainusemeht :bMsiniess silwdys is 
bj^fn- in 'periods whith .pha ilerig :cre- 
itots of eniertainm 
worry . is when.;: medibcre butpiit is 
accepted as the^^enuine article. 

This isn't the first nor the tenth 
time within my 'experi : when 
the : theatre; receipts have , si ippedi 
dpwnwiard/ ' . Warner; said., : There's 
a surb way to bring ^thenri ;i?^ck> Beti-' 
ler picitUr<}Si b^tter^:^^ -apd t)et- 
ter exhibiting. And so far as 1 knipw; 
it's -ithe -only .'way.- ■. .vv-', ■ '-'v^' 

■ faith . in the • 

.-Crealness' ' '©if. ■:pi<itUrb;.--:busiries 
than; than at ai ^sint,* he; continued. 
*This ;is i>v't a .4,iiiti of mind produced 
by '.refusing, to fcdpignize the : diffi(iul- 
. ties whith lie 
fibn based : oh ^practical / 
All arpund tis in the prddUction fieid 
.mei ai« . tackling their jobs . with' 
more deterniinatipn and .eagernpss. 
YTe: are 'app^baciiiiifi a. period ;ot 
chang^ aiid traiisitibn; ; The going is ^ 
.^settihs . fougher, - . ih<^^ . : cbicnjpetition ; 
kiMnei: and the fight to 
top position is .harder every week; 
'From .the. viewt>pint of operating a 
■ iiig sttidib; .that's the healthibst psy- 
!c))o1bgical..; condition Which ..caii be. 
created. . Resistance - brings pv;t. tiic 
best from creativb taleht 

:' ■ ^u5t■■■Dou'^■Jeu^■.;-.■ 
.• Tfearly , eveiryone . connected with 
film producing U sitting ; up : nights, 
worrying about the ' high costs and' 
wondering: what can ; be dbne to ciii ; 
. .«xpet)se. and retain qiiaUty. The an^ 
fiwer. is that: the' t>vb things just dbiii't 
gp- .tpgether.:; ate in the middle' 
of \, a high prbdurtion cost . peribd' 
tight nbsv^diie to innumerablie .calisbs. 
most bf \yhicli- ar6 . beyond ..pur cph- 
itrpl; Pph't misundcrstan I aih 

as much icb.ncerned as anybr|e ahbiit 
■ cpsts, ■ but I :kno>y thiat . gobd .pictures, 
cannot be :pr6ducied by spending, less, 
but more,.' Even with the m.bst vigor- 
ous supervisipn and planning- in pur 
own studip, we are. exceedihg .budg- 
ets. The vital; thing is' thatUhb pic- 
. tures;. shalr be- well made to the ut- 
.;ihqist'ot,bur' ability. .. ■ 

..•ifilm . tusihess Js ^triblb-geaTed,^ 
Warnei" declared. 'It consists of pro- 
ducibg, distributing and; exhiijiting, 
One or . two branches ;cann6t prosper 
at the expense bf ; the third.- :^What 
concerns.bne division; 1.4 of cciual cpnT- 
cerii to the;;pthers.;^ The thing; m'ust 
be madiC; tb synchronize. The ;;lubrt- 
caht.iis ^miitual coniRideiice; V •; : 

Thepefoile, I say, that 'faith in -the 
bu^ineiss, if reflected }by; good prpduct 
froni the studibs,' ;must .also; be ex- 
pressed; by equal skill in distributing 
:.;id.: ::hibitin:^i -Every large selling 
. organizatipa right' hpW; is- being ;put 
to a mbst .isisyere tijst.; .Thb boys ih; 
the film, cxchariges . (and , I , had my 
sLart in. the; husiness. in ojnc bif ; them ) 
':Ji. ;:t iiYe with;a picture; a'^^ 
i;i6ji-''3 a tough, jobi but ispme.timbs 

• I think' it i' thb mp'^t.isatisf^^ end 
of the vbusiriess/ \They gbi the kick 
f ronii; the box office feturh, the.y see 

- : directly the ; results in public attend.^ 
ance created by gbod. advertising and 
prbmbtion. They .are in the midst of 
. lin/unbn.ding bJittle for playdites ancV 
exhibitor time, Tiiere-s.never a dull 
mbment for the distributing; fbr^^^ 
;. 'Exhibitihg has become .a ;fine art; 
The .ability to, kegp . a syiitained at- 
jnosphere;^^ of ' excitement ; and ahtibi- 
patibn around ;a theatre; is the acme 
of : shbwmbnshi]^.;' "!; J ■-.;■ '',. ..;; ;■; 

';;; Siippiy ;«inil '.jbemaiiid .. •..;:■;;•■;-■.:, .■;;! 
.'In" ; . highly cbrtipetiti ve .; iseriod ■ 
. such as we are; now : i each stud i p is: 
striving to . the. limit Of its. resbiirces: 
to exceeci ^pasf,.;.efforis;^.^ i.s ;ihe; 

reason , w^hy;. the cbs^ for .services of 
. the best ;knb.\yn ; fVce'ancp taleht i> 
bburtd to go : h igher. No one hgis; any 
quarrel -with that qondition,. ;it .iS; 
: simply a; rnattcr of-supply and d 
mahd. I'The; supply ; never is /suffici- 
'^fnti - .' '.fact.; the :\fev>r;;hibstvt^^ 
itais ahd' niost successful writers and j 

• djtectprs are not pbtai nable ;; ,a t . aii y . I 

prices • for some; months ; to. . cpme.; 
Tliey ;have beeii; tied iup by' engagb- 
menis flar' jh;a<jvance.; ■ '.. : 
; "!:Wiial's;; the; alternative? ; Gon<?en- 
tratibh.- ' -.other show|ri:ahship !qiu;sl- 
ft ies tri prpdUctioh. ;This mbans ;more. 
.carGlurand intbhsivey^iear^ fby; stpry, 
material; mbre pi'iginality 
ehtatlbh,;. mpre painstaitihg .planning 
for it^ mpuritihg. ; - 

'I am talking, of course, in. geiieral 
terms. ;• In bur own vplant. \yhere we 
are- making .a .prbgram of .5p,ipictur5s; 
yearly, 'i am satisfied wb ;haV.e prp- 
tected burselves . with ;aii . ireaspnabie 
fpresight. .- But that ' . ;rrbt enoughs 
We, and all. the other .;studips, strivti 
ctohstahtly to imiprpVe our resources;' 
in story material and; pjersohaliiies^; 
The element ;yhich -.intrigues rhje ; 
mpst'ih the present situatioh: is; .^^^^^ 
the best • .woii-k • and most .ijarnest fe EtV 
fort have a chance .to: confie ;thrbugh 
and. .stand fiiit-' V ,;.' ,-^;V\v 
; . 'General business, cpndit^ 
•a . d ii-ebt; bearing b.h: thea.ti^e :; grosbs. 
Gbod tiines ;ih themselves, howeVer, 
never /made a picture a sutceiss, and 
bad. times n.bver.. kept a ■ gpbd it-/ 
tractiph\ 'ifom f ' " prbfit.* 

Every shownian; knows thesp;; facts tp: 
be' true, ' hut ;the tendency-is .tp let 
up .and coast; a little . wheh ;g€neEal 
biisiiiess is good. • I know no one in : 
'Holly wood today whb . is; kidding 
hi mself that; this is a ' tinie to; slow lip.' 

•. I^:Prop«t■tipn;tb;EffbrC-^;--;^^;^ 
. Jllni frbnt bf the; entire industry how. 
arb* hew.' prpblBnrts,;> sbme^ 
plicated : by 'business uncertainty in 
pther liiies^-V The; point I:inake is ^ihat; 
oui: own business vtrill cphie thrpugh 
in exact proportion to the extra ef- 
fort ;.expended by eyeryPrie .ehgaged 
in all branches.:..- '■,:'■]■■ , 

■We can feel sihgularly grateful 
that bur business is; not beset; and 
surrouhded. by GpyernniehtaV r^gu- 
latiohsr restrictiohs ;and limitations, 
Thie industry has its freedbni, nbt 
only because it deserves it, but. be- 
cause it -;fights ./constantly to i i)re-; 
servb it. . Let. nb one . uhdeiestim^^ 
the i mportance of this .phases ; Jpin tly , 
all branches: /have the; means, . if 
wisely directed, . to cpopbrativ.ely 
adjust all ihtra-industry > disputes. 
Some pf these: currently; are demahd- 
ing 'majbr attentioh. ; 
• ,; Trerids in :picture making? That's 
hard tb an.alyze> : Makliig ;50 pictures 
a year, kept / lis all hustling ardund 
h^rc; In-; a program;' that big there^ 
must be all kinds arid varieties of 
;subiects. ; .'Whatever' story ' . vi^e select 
:we ; make. : certai it is the-.. best : .we 
ban find. ; .Theh;%e ..give it the iVorks 
and .m;ak'e it the best Sye knbw how! 
I've heard bf other rules- but . heVer . 
kbevv; 'in shb>y business a substitu.te 
for bareful decision, and enthusiattic , 
execution. ' Atid that gpes for selling 
and ejthibitihg,-tpp!' .; . ■ ;- : . ', 

Americi|iiiizing S 

.;:-;'-:Lbri4bnj ; Feb.; 24, 
. Gabriel Pascal and Vi^bsli 
/ Howardi due to film - .Gebrge ; 
. Bernard Shaw's ; 'Pygmalion' . at 
: ,Pine^ypod : March "7, 'have set 
their \minds/ . oh ; a second prb- 
ductiph ^tb take the flob^^^^ inimer 
diatejy ;;Gpmpletibn , of thb 
p rPd;ucti bii . nambd. • , Second; 
sbript is . Vuntitled,. but . has 
caught the faricy of both, prih-; 
'cipals, and will be readibd at 
:Ot\tej/ : y : ;■/;■■ • /■.'-;■■;■; 
. ; 'Pygmaiion* -is reported being 
shot . ; ;; two. . Ver?ipnSi , script; 
. being gone pyer . fpr wprdisr and' 
phrases- likely; to be . unfamilikr. 
tp •.Amerlban ' ; ' ; ;; /; V^^ith , ser ; 
bufenb^i^ : . being-' re-shSt .where 
dialog. ifprNthb /U.; S.; versipii vaV 
ries - from; that; of the briginai. 


■ Washington, -'M^irch. Ir '"■ 
;Theatre. ;gi'Pisse^. ifell ■^'with thiid in 
I>ecerni>er,; xyith ^yeat-end; business 
the -poorest in hibte than 18 months, 
"T'r e a s u i y .-depai'.tment ; statistics 
•showed -'laist-.-Sveek.'." ;'• :'; 
. ; Reflecting exhibis' ; .wounds . ;frbm 
the -general • ebbnbmic..; setback',; Inr 
ternai Revenue .1^^ 
suhiniary spotlighted tiie first ;drbp 
since barly suihmer in receipts from; 
the. 16% admission levy-dufihg^ Jariur 
ary. Based on . . December ticket 
sales; Government take;;v/ais' but 
353,415, the smallest'sum sihce'May^ 

,l93$.^' ■•■^"/; ; .;:■ ; ;.\::.V;/'-^ ;../-.■.; ' 

; The /January; ;payn™.eht; ;ihtp; the 
Federal . coffers was: ;$152,2<6i ^ iinder 
the sunri for the ..same month a year 
iaigp.- : This/ is the first time since NbV 
yerirtber/ .I936, .ahdvpniy the;, secoiid 
time in pver two ybars that the Gov- 
ernment i haui. has been r under ; the 

. . Rapidity with, which the slump hit 
theatres; was shown clearly by .the 
$93.6,612 drop from the/ Governments 
'Dbcember receipts! . By far. the /worst . 
blow since •.' recovery. ' set. ; in/ mubh 
greater than the Usual seasphal .de^ 
cline. Ih '-Jahuary, ; 1937, the T'ritas- 
ury's share. . of -amusernent ;receipts 
was. off $688,908 frpih 'the ; prior, 
piqnth "and in January, 1935,: the dif-; 
ference . ; was . a minus- $295,365: ' ^ 

I^st;week'\veAVbnt/u^^^ cpCiific,-' 
there to entertaih/ihe'.l^ ahd'ialsb catpb a pr«vi^ bf: a .iiew- pla.v., 
from Life,' . written. .by ;an^^^^ ' rt';l^^ing 

in the Tbhibs until hb; can get better acconimpdatibri : 'jriie ; pliiv ^riiakes 
himvguilty-of >tiothbr thingr-.; v/--'-.V.,-' ;:-. .- r'^--' 
. . "This marked about, ou^^^ 15th visit ;(b the Big. Ho.u§e. The /Wiii-dori Avfi.s 
away ; ;.Sgt.;; Ben Feisler, a swell guy who has beeh there -3b j'e;v;i:.*, \va^ 
in - charge, '; ;..We 'saiig ;*Thiat ;.(3id; Feeliiigr dedicated tb'; t^ 
prisbn;:band piaybd it. pe'*fectiy ;w;ithout;.a I'C Thb leader leiipiai 

'Remember, uji here, we have plen% ;o{';tirne to pla.ved $o' 

.well ;Wb .told, them ;W Lawbs {o: hold 

tiiibm-over, ;;;■.■;•;• .-.;;.;■•■■;-;:■;;-.'■- ■■■; .,.,.;■■";■." ■ ■ - y.::;/' 

■ ;Aftei\.the.;performance they, served ;iun.c.h in the Welfare; .Lea.iiiVe";s /rnes^; 
hall. Joe /Malloh :. Owe didn't ask his is secretary bf llie :W;Li 

Across the yard is a cbnserVatpry consisting bf several .beautiful vnoil jaii^ 
birds./.^ ■/.:■; ■ ' ' y.:.:--/:-.."'; •■;:;;■:;•-•..' .;;■.■■';;■ - -, " "'.; ,, . 

We spoUed;(tiirbe parrbtsy prbb^ .therb for squawking,, and Mallpii iold 
us ;that /Commissioner Mulrbohey ordere^^^ 

place; ; probably figured; ;there ' were enough there; without the Mce6y» 
There are 'over; 2,500 meniiDers, of S .GpUege, and they all .seorri to 

aidmire Dean Lawes. ;.There are. guys vAvho deserycj tip .1^^^ thbre, and; spme;^ 
who ;don't, but taking it pri the chin. Many . tell ybu/ they got; a bum Vap. 
Who khowst .All wb know/ is that in the .Welfarb. League ; trpphy rpbrri we 
virere ,shpwn;a:.ia.rge loyirig: cup presented ;by Sir Thonrias tip.tpn (i920i;)-.ip 
Sing . the :Liptprt; perpetua^^ And :across ;the; bottom 

in large letter^: 'There NeVer 'Was: a Man Whb Did ;Nbt Make a M 

;;■-:■-;.;■■;: ; ;;'^^;SAtLlNG$i ,:..;y^ 

March 30: (New York to London ), 
Derrick -de Marhey (Np'rmandie). 
, March Z (Lbndpn to New STprli ), 
Joe Friedmah ; (Queen Mary). . ; : 
V 'March ; 2 ; (New York, to Ixihdon ), 

./i?£rcy Burtbn ;( Nprmandie ). 
M^arch 2 (■Ne w.;Ybrk tb G 

. and: Mrs.; Lyhn Farnol; Mr. and Mrs. 
Jerbme;Bbatty (Gon^e, di Savpia );;/ 
• /March 2 . (Los Angeles to Mel- 
bbiii*ne)r, ■ Pierre. .Morprii ; and 
■Got ella, .- Gbok : and . Bro wn' /i Mon-. 

;-tercy ). ..■ ' ': ^ 

, Feb, . 25 . (Sbiith ; American cruijiis) . 
Mr. ;. /S^nd! / Mrs. Joseph ;.:p; -BensOh. 
Mr. ahld Mrsi Harry Rabin (Pilsud- 
ski)-.:;' - . /■■ '■■ ' . 

; / / ; Holiyvw)od/ March-- I. . 
; Declining to renew, his 30-day; cp- 
tipri • clause , with Metro, '.William. 
;Anthpny McG.uirb: is reported leav- 
ing the lot after; completing; fGirl 
.of- .the .Golden ■;West,' ' \ .; 

IJnder.stoPd tp be; pri. :"a ;flirt •with 

Sarh Gbldv^yn ; for :;k; /prbdiiccrs''^ 
liance; y. ith . the United Arti group. 

, Phji Rich, : David ; Baderi Harriett 
Hutchins, Embleri: Harry; 
iBurns... . .Geprgb . Pal, .. Graziella 
.Pafraga,; A'.-.A.^Schecter, Mr. and. Mrs. 
Arthur' Kudner;/ Phil Reisman; Mrs.; 
Lp u is , B.; May er, 'llobert E. Sher wbpd, 
Harry; Kal.minc, Eugenb/ W. Castle^ 
Harry Rapf,' ; Madge Elliott, Ivan 
■ PetrbflR:- : ■- 

; African Cbrisblidated's . $3,000,000 ; film^ dtrils };/. ; . , . 
'.:Gaumont-British 'probe.;.-';.,.;-, .:':^-.;;-;-;;.: . . . .' 

;-;&rn.-..SnideT(-pbahii-;'m y;;;;. •■■.^ ;..!^;;;,^,".v; 

QuoliL would ,up^U. .S. production .cpst:^- $^;()fj^ J. ; 

1 .Stanley ■: Crick. but';i n ' Ausijie r. ." ; ;r v^.-.^ Tr; ; ■ : .■ "■"l^^.^^'i'TJT^ . . 
■ -Eddie /Cantor's 'plans;vV.-^,;..';\-^^ .'■.;; '^^.;; ; 

Kay' Kyser .sijbce.bds';Di^k.P^^^ .^v.. 

Tussy, •'Vick ibid iii- Hpllywbcd.,;, i:.. v;/-.! C.;;-.^;;';.;//: ; .y;V; .i 
. Radio :Q;f.Ro.saiind Russell. ; Job % Ea>'jHs;^(:i)Vl: \A;^/^h'., 
^ • .Gebi^gc;JeSsbl, -pibk^ ■ i;.-... .i^/jjje'i*.-.. 

Hollywppd radio may bes^,;;,V.; . ; [;.:;] .^ ':^::y'. ^ 

; Gish'sislbrs.oh'-radibr. ,..;-,.;.;;; i'...-'. .y;,yi-. . •. ; ; I'aiij; :}0 ; 

•:Mbt'iV;buy£-/'Roo5/ty';.....,':;.v^^^ .,;..'..'iV.:;;.;-, 
VNP "paid;'prez ; fpr . Eqiiily , i^;;.';. i-.-;-. ,♦ ■; , .v '. ^ v'.>-;V.,;; . .; ; v'.- ;- . v Piitje.. '47-;;. 

.Page 1b"- 
.P,ige if) 
.Page IQ; 
,Pa«b 11 
.Paiic Tl . 

Thoughts While Thinking 

.Wb like Max- Gprdbn's title, I'Sjavb Me- the Walti," ;;wheh :yb consider Ihb 
Shubferts are having ai time trying .tp;Saye,three;bf 'em . . .Standing in lobby 
of Casa Mariana,' tjalking to Billy; Rpsei a guest asked; 'Which piic; of yPu 
is; Billy. Ripse?' : Wb ; told. him; we'd; ta rap. . .Looks like pur personal 

represehlb.tive, ; .ir;virig L . lias - set. us . to ., work on . Eddie Cantor's -ri^W' 
scripts. , /this -rriiight be- a;; sppop,; don't .kribw yet ; .Ruciy ; yalleb wires lie 
returris March .20,' w tiot ,tb go on -.his; p^ 

gram. ,>Bienriy D.a^^^ barryirig on ' the^ Gus Edwards : traditioh in gi-arid; 
.tStyle with his new flpck. /. after; ieeiiig^ 

miad abbut .'i^ad Abput. M . /.gotta; load of joe'IiOuis slugging Nathan; 
Wann— Mannslaijghter!. ; ; ' ';2 - . -;-■-;..-;.---.-;/ 

: ;; Holly wppd, . March : 1, 
Mervyn. LeRoy has / picked *The 
3evil' with .Lpve,' phased -on ' Koel 
Coward's. 'Private; Lives,^. as his sec- 
ond productioh for Metro. / Uriva'ri- 
quishbd'; Will be his ini 

Samb studiQ filnied 'Private LfiVes' 
with ; Norma - Shearer ' and ..Rbbert. 
Montgomery in thb top . rbles/ 


-,Fay Baintbr. .;:;.:■ . 

■Clarence tirown. 

Katherine; Brush.: ■ 

.Alton Cook. 
;.'Fi:ank:.Ghapmah; . / . ;-■■•; 

Scbtt Dunlapi 
/Izzy -Ellinson. ; . 

Sid riby.- Fields:'/ ' 
■■Y...-Franlf Freerrt'aiii./' -' 

Bob Gillham. 

Bert Gprdori. . 
. David Hanna. 

Ernest Heyn. .; ;/ 

Peggy H. Joyce. ... 

Arline Judge. 

Vic Knight, -'f ; '^ 

Jesse L. Lasky. ' 

Walter O'Keefe. 

Mairy Pickford, ; ' . '•''--■;.■■- 

Joe Quillen. -. . -. 

Jacq ues Rena rd . ' ; 

■ Kan Van Ripper. ' ; 
Walter; Schuman. 
Gladys Sw.arthbut; ; '; 

■ Vyoia Vonri. ; 
Jimmy Wallinigtpri. ./ ; -. 


• Henry .Armetta!'- ' 
/ Stella Adlei-. ; 

Rlalph B.' Austi iaii. 

Ralph Bellamy . 

.Harry Biirn,v. -' 

Derr jck de Mafney. 
. ^Arthtir Drfcifuss./ ; 

Dbu^his; FairbaMk.<:,; Jr. 
/Leo Fi.s^cher. 

.'■ Jr^C. FI ippen ': — 
Haro) d: B. Frank Ijn. . 

Mo.os Hart;; - 

(Jforgc S. K.-nifuifi ;. ■ '\ 

Icvidg. Lazaf ,: .•;-••-; . ; ; 
-Albbri L<: -is; . ' 

M;ir;k .Mifhii-,- - , ■ ;;.';;' 
•■ K<'rb<''i't..B;'-.Sv;-6i;e.. ■ ; ■ .• •-■; 
-Hflfrrl \!Vfstl<'y: . . 

.lohn' H:i.v Wfiiliit',/.: '■' . 

l(;tyrn.orKl .S<;<)U. • 
; J.l;i1ph W<iii(i:ers.; ';--:., ''.'V 

. Jake . Wilkj eastern story nd play, 
.execiitiye for; Wiarrier .Bi p-s.-. ihinks 
ail ; ;the ' writing brairi's ; H 61 ly xybpd 
wpulid ever ;wjaint or cpuid li-se tp- 
b'e found in .; the city ^ roprp,; pf . any 
metrbpblitan newspaper.;; Minen;iijm; 
in' Wilk's mind wbuld 'be to set iip a 
/corps'bf a haW doz^n crack city; edi- 
tbrs, in any ~ Holly wood ,stud io. . Me 
would ; haVe thert ;blub-penci 1. « lory ; 
ideas subnnitted..fbr filriiizatibn, .just 
as:they handle miles'.bf nbws stories 
every ; daiy : bn. their Jobs. ^ 

''' .-It's the same' thing/ / It's; the sarne.- 
routine ;the magazine ed itor.s. are dp- 
;ing' -sp . successfully ; tpday,! ;When a 
mag ed. gbts; adscript that, has some-' 
thing, biit ;is;'lacking someth ing .else, 
he usually sends for the ;wri tcf; :gioes; ; 
into .a little skiiil practice ob- >"i^^^hat"s, 
wrbngi ;and : h^s. the author plug : uP 
the weak, spbts. ; Arid .that:*'s that, : ; 

Wilk'dbbs' it in ; measure almoift 
every week: He read :a ieature;:iri the 
N,. ;Y.;;World-Telbgrani about how; 
joey Ray; iriearcbrated .at ; Black- 
well's Island, 'was run'rii n g the ■ prison,': 
He -sentv fpi* ■; ih by-lirier 'on the 
World-lblly, . tbld /hinri ithat what: he; 
(Wi lie ) read is, of bourse^; pu bl i c^o- 
main material, ; but that.unddubledly 
thb reporteii' ha ' some Gt]ibr-bopious 
ribtes; >vhich Warner bW. vw.oo Id li.k.e 
to buy., .--.;. ;;r':-;^-;"';.. -z,.'' '-'■''■'■j: 

. .'How niiich?' asked thb nc\v?pifi- 
permari. . . 'Naime your price,' sai id : 
AVilk; . Reporter ; qupted .: $2.'>0, Wilk . 
pbid it, sent, the data jb ; ihe Cpaft; 
iind ;recpmmended to jack :;Wjirner 
that., this might; .be the germ, \ 
gpod film. 

'Alcatraz' happened the same . wfiy. 
Now the jewelry smuggler? . \\;ho 
were nabbed ; recently ' is . ,' bnbt.her ., 
hot-dff-the-frbntT^pagb :■ . sib ; ' ' , •• 

And so on. ' '..;--,.;--;;"// -:.; .■../.'.:!;.:.....-'.-- 
■ ; Willc' thinks; that ; the. . Burba ii. of 
New Plays is ;piie of ; ithe . grba,l^?t; 
thirtgs'to encourage. nb\y Wi'i.t<!t ;H^ 
believes; the woods "aiNc- full bf.'aur;;- 
thor. ,' ;whP cah., ;;write .r iri.ij.s iiffliiibd 
;th,e. ; how : esta bi ished ; a.hd.-r- v h a t : _ , ; 
irksome ■ lb' Hollywood— highly ; inrf; 
flpitcd drariiatists. ..Inflated. t.h.;it. i?, ; 
.so far; as ; their ; o Wn /eeooom ib val lics ' 
are cbnceirhed; Nbwcometvs m;i^ "n^ 
dpiibtcdjy get; the siariie ^s:i^y. -Aict;- 
a ..hit or two. :But..-tlib /riiainv 1hii)g - 
ijs -to ;efacpurage;/riej^ ■ :;-^-^.. r;- 

HpllywObd. .;itifiy' ; thb> VviiV / o.f 
A'a ude V ilib;;, and ' legit . M f '; ^ i t ;V ; riii; K •.,. top. tough . for ,the.-.;i.mL>ili6ii9 
'Creative.; ;artisls.''';y --x ,],'■■ ■'■ ':'■:■■". 
;.;, WhcH. 'shoestring ;/i.dcjv.'5 ' ."-iirh.'-f .« 
■iPiris and ; Needles',' . ; vtlib'.'Mcrc-iir.'' ;• 
theiftre' ; >Jijlius'; Caesr r' .• inul' otiii'i' 
shows happen, it's; the Wst; 11 lufiixa-,. 
lion, of epur,4e,!that' t.nlcnt .xvilP'ncv tr ; 
be denied altogothbr..' pAit Willv-'U'- ... 
libvps ;it shoOld. bb; ciicoui i'fJ*-'^ ; 
shade mpre;;thari :it is bow. ■ ; 

>^^^^cII^csdayt iWarcti 19 

v 'l^P Spitz, thc^ Irving Trusti Go. 
and Pandro Bermaii have been; 
huddling abPtit the RICO studio's- af- 
iairs since Beimah. arrived frotn the' 
CtfasV Sunday^ ^(27). aerman, ;in 
taking charge of all production,' g<?es 
Jntp a riiew job; hehce his present 
,^iiree-y.ear..- contriact;.! and its, lernis; 
ar^ under discussib^^^ - He: drawls 
$3,500 : weiekly, plus a perbentage. has beeii no . bfficiail indica- 
tion iii this; regard hut the presump- 
tion is that B^rriian, will handle per- 
vsonaliV; the 'A' fiims besides, supetf 
iyising the. entire' plant. 

Additiorially.y it . is .understood .the' 
tigwigs lire to .."install; a 
studio manager jto^ .vAoriCi^with -Ber^ 
man. Spmfe time ago the . narne of 
Hferiry Girisbei:^ , was- mentioned in 
-this capacity,, but that was .months 
back. [On the Cojistt Ginsberg s 
it's news to him: that he couldn't ac- 
: cept any way, evert if pfTered> since 
he's tied lip to Selzriick international 
studio, g.mi iand V;p.; says his. nanie 
■probably, came iip through, known 

• friendship '^ith%rnia^^ 

' :6th6rw;ise; the 'studio end ^willvrer 
irtain undisturbed,: although J, R. 
McDonpugh goe;s in for some budget- 
ing-purpose ' and general studio 
financing.. . .There is no indication kt 
;fhis ;pbint when McDonough ;Wil.i go 

• io the Co'asti . if at all. It lias been 
intimated, thait,' he ; may; make a trip 
tbgethei: with Spitz soon, but it'S; in- 
definite- at. this nionienV ' • 

.: Bermah was - to -hay e returned to 

• the .Coast ^pday (Wiednesday ) but 
looks like hell hold over for a spell, 

Reorg Plan 

RKO's. modified; reoirgan^^ 
'plain is not. yet ready. B.iit iiitinla--. 
tiohs; are that the sponsors are tryjng. 
,/t0 conceive of a plan wherein it -may 
bet recommehided that present se- 
cured creditors shall receive amounts 
of a new... preferred stock; and . that 
; i)fesent: debenture hbldei's shall - 
..ceiyc: 'preferred a^ common. .The 
only new bcitids ti^^ will be 

those in paymerit to! undervirriters of 
the plaij; Present holders Of cqm- 
. mon. stock, it is assumed,/ \y ill i 
ceiye a pro rata amount of new 
; common, ph some reduced basis* 
- such as' possibly 4-1. - General cred- 
itors wpuid receive cpmnipri. stPck. ; ■ 

But. this is. hot official or definite, 
It is, however, presumably - k' .wprlt- 
irig idei of - what nrjay . ultimately be 
, recpmmended. . It is assum^ 
ciaUy; that the new preferred isiiares 
will hayfe a conyertible feature. :This, 

; Is a substantial changW f roni the con- 
ditions and terms Of the present, plan, 

. according , to insideirsv ^ 

This modified plan probably will 

■ be . reaidy : ^or", tlie court's perusal ■ on 
■March 11, -Wliph the npkt hearing on 

; RKd's reprganization:; is :. sGheduled. 

. ait 2:30 p; m. :beforie jpederal J^^ 
.William -O.; Bortdyi in .N. Y.. A The 
..court granted a , delay; when the parr 
ties appeared before him oh Monday 

(2p, -■/,,■:: ,.-;;/•. .;.•■; ■ y-- --,.-. ;;;; 

' :,At that tirne, . in. reply to- the bb- 

V jections :6f Attorneyr Nathan ROscn- 
: berg .>repi;j;gentjn^ 

; iri old debenturesj Judge^Bondy, iiidli 
; «atod;;that it 'WQujd^be/ 

- if . RKQ w^ r e forced; In t o ; liqu i da t ipn 
because' the coinpany; .wM h^ .ffiyeri 
ample opportunity . to; fprniiilate' 
feasibly plan/of- tebrganizatipaV Tlie 

; ' coinpaiijy has been in. receivership pi; 
.baiiki'uptcy now for live yeais, under 

■ -.■the .Iryirtg:TrustjGo.-. . ;.■ ' 

. •Judge Bpndy. also indicated i . that 
; . Special- Master ^Gjeorge,; AJger^sl^ 
. port- and approval was based pn ; thie 

cpmpany's financial condition as bl a 
; ; year; oti two 'ye^rs aigoi; and ^that the 

- firm's fi.aanciol condition has: altered 
I' ■substantially -. since- then. '.' ' '/ •;•; 

■ ^Ptbsumatiy 'a'dditioriai- hearings, 
therefore, may be held -before Spe 
cial Master Alger, following presen 
tatiDn pf; the modified plan. . 

AUas ' Corp. is sponsor ' of RKO's 
: .leorganizatipn^ plan. Chief fbrrtiu-- 
la:tor is-Petcf Rathypn,::aide.;to-:Floyd 
CContiniiied on page 25 > 

. ' \ .. -.;' ; ■ ■ . ; V^ Hpliywboia»;^ I,; -. 
. . Rbtje'rt : Sisk's producer , contract 
\ylth= RKQ hai been .. extended for 
anpther year. ■ ■;-^- ';:'; - ' .-■■. 
• Exec completed : 'Condemned 
Women' and is readying three more 
pictuiresv ^Mr. boodle Kicks Off,' "The 
BPss of Manhattan' . and 'Grpuhd 
Crew.' ■■■'.,: ■;. .' V- ': ■•' -.■-.-■!"":■-. -v'.. \; ' - ^\ 

New ::U.- S; Navy - rules - ph -PhptP- 
g^raphing . nayail ; pirppert^^ 
types. Pf Operations by hewsreei, fea- 
ture pirPducers and still /cameramen 
have been received in the .mdustry. 
Regulations actually put .teeth- iii the 
espionage . law but ; the - Teaction: 
among" n.eWsreel cPmp.ainies. was fa- 
■yprable . because the neyyfS.': weekly 
outfits have:, been working :alphg in 
cbopferatibh ;'with ;the :Navy :ib 'iOng 
that they knpw what 
is 'hush-hush, inateriaV ,aind;;-A^h;at: is- 

hpt ■-; ■: i'- ■■ • ••■ 

Card^:- .aire: ,; issued;, to ' hewsreei 
carneramen working, oh any ;story inr 
A'blyirig the. Nayy. While additional: 
stipulations. ; are made, a fully ac- 
credited card simplifies usual delay 
on examinirig piiotpgrapher to learn 
if he is ; entitled to take pictures. 
Commandant of the Third' .Nayal 
District, New .York, super vises, news- 
i-eel handling. "'/^ , / 
■ ■. For feature films, chief ' 'of /Navat 
operations requires that scenarios, be 
i-eyiewed by Nayy ; motion picture 
board of review prior to. authorizing 
cooperation. - After, the picture is 
made it is subject to local proyisional 
censorship so that the matter -may 
be brought to the attention of higher 
Navy officials, ■ if any. point is ques- 
tioned. ,■■•.■- ■ ■;, 

However, the chief of Navy: ppera- 
tiohs . may authorize the- making . of 
ciertain' features if debmed; siiitable 
for the public at lai-ge and the Npival 
service rates it to be art. accurate, jppr- 
trayal. Navy has right to acquire, 
two positive prints of' the finished 
feature.. wi.thbut^addit^o.nal:^^^ ■ 

Swppe West^^ 

Whitney to . Palaver for ;' a 
Slice of UA-r-Buyput of 
V Pibkf ordrFairbkriks-^Gh 

;'■■-. lin Up Again '^/- -'l''"': 

goLdwyn's revamp 


Herbert Bayard Swbpe has planed 
to the Coast with Jbhn Hay Whit- 
ney, which miay mean that • the David 
Q. . iielznick- Whitney riegdtiatibns. for 
a slibe of United 'Artists is nearinfi 
cbnclusibrt;. Swope's name Uoprris 
strongly in the background pf these 
negotiatipns. Swbpe ' has been in 
with Whitney. :■ :■' - 

if a purchase, of part of IJiiited 
Artists:; by . Selzriick- Whitney is not 
consummated in the . present Coast, 
confabs, 'a favPrable relea^iiig ahd 
prod ucing arrangement perhaps^, rrtay ; 
be arranged . between the parties. ';. 

Selznick- Whitney is angling to 
bu;- ihe; controlling shares in . U. A., 
as .nb\y held by Mary Pickfbrd, : 
Charles VCh'aplin and Douglas Fair- 
banks. Perhaps* put Pf this, , there 
.may .be. -revived, that fpriner;.^t^^^ 
deal of Alexander, korda, Selznick 
and Samuel Goldw-yn. ; .-f^'. .;v. 

•This ; npt the first tiriie;: that 
Swbpe'sinarrte has been m 
cortneptibn with united 
ever,' ^b far his . exact future'; status 
wi;tb . the v situatipri- can't be ascer- 
.^ihed. . There had 'teen-a: time^^^^w^ 
U, -A. .partners- had irnportuned 
Swope to accept • . high executive 
post with that outfit, .but he is under- 
stbod to have turned that 'down for 
various reasons. , ;. v ^V:; ■ ;-., 

■'-■■ Swopc's' Backsrround / 
• He Was formerly chairman Pf. the 
Keithr Albee-'Orpheum v boar-d, and 
under, his administration thkt circiiit, 
got back .into the black arid resunied ; 
preferred stock '• dividends. . Swope 
also is principally, resppnsibie ' for. 
K-A-O now p.wriirtig a ;20 % Interest . 
in - the highly successful ' . Skburas; 
Theatres chain in the east. , 

Swope . also . ; - a member of the 
board and the executive committee 
of e.olunibia Broadcasting System. 
He ■ ■ the f oriher executive editor 
of the old New . York World. / 

on the Selznick-U, A. deal, un- 
derstahdihg that a distribution 
deal is virtually set between the par^ 
ties,- under which Selznick-Whitney 
(Continued on page 23) : 

.!: •;;■: HoUyvvoOd, March •■1...-. 
Four inches. Pf rain Monday (28) 
tied up exterior ; shooting :at ' studios 
and location sites and gave ' Los 
Angeles a iflood scai*e, as many 
streets were urtder "water. Further 
iproduction . tieup is: irrtmihent as t\yo 
more days' rain is fprecast. ■ , 

. Weatherhian: ; here . ; h ss^: wpn . the" 
respect of ;film thenlwith;his^^a^^^^^ 
predictions. ■'.- : V;. 

G riff is South, Balaban 
Back ; No Coast Visits 

. Stapton L Griffis left Friday (K 
for Miami on h is anrtiiai^^va'catip.n iri.. 
the south. . He' has a yacht dow'rt 
Ihc; ' which Barney Balaban re- 
cently spent; his yaQatipn.. '■ .\ ■ • ' 
' Prior 'to, • his dbparture, ' Barney 
Ealabaii ...returned to New.' 'York but 
neither he nor' Griffis are planning 
trips' to' the Coast at present. 

RKO's $2,400,000 Net 

Understood that RKO will show a 
net of around $.2,400,000 for- the year,, 
of iwhiph an-ibi.nit;arbuud.,$ 
tb Sii8d6;odO w.iiLbc;vfrpm the theatre 
end. The pibturc end of RKO will 
probably, show $600,000 -to, $700;000, 
according to'currcht .c^timatps.v^ 
. The company, borrowed . around 
$600,000 for production purposes, this 
season.' .: 

J. R. Sulrt's Presence 

Leave HA to Par 

John R. Sutrp, whose father, .is at-, 
filiated with .Lbhdbn' :Frlrns,5 reached 
New York Monday night (28) hy 
piarie/ 'While /Korda, has' 4 contract 
witii UA.; Mridbr .\vhich he has'. a part- 
nership; interest.' it is reported a 
Parariibunt deal v has . ' been ap- 
prpached. . .■ ' :'./ 

.'The 'repbV.t: Kbrda;'^^m ;swi;iig out 
of UA; to Par is giyciV;con.Sidcrable 
support:; Not known ■ whether ; UA 
would ..try to hold :Korda;;to . his ;coh;-. 
tract in view of tire product he' has 
delivered; during, the past season.. 

Hollywood, March. 1. 
. Coricludirtg studio conferences 
with Adolph Zukbr - on Paramount 
theatre associates' feacti on -, to studio 
product in ; the past; few- : inpriths, 
■Y. .Frank.Freehian,-Paf v.p. in charge 
of theatre operations, returns east 
Friday (4). Freeman's suggestions 
for improvement of pictures are be 
ing studied by studio execs, : :;', ,;;;; 
; Fireemari said the cpnyentipn pf 
Par . theatre operators and partners 
will 'npt be held in Holly.wood . arid 
date and place of . meeting deter- 
mined after he confers' with Barney 
Balaban at horiie office. . . 

■ ' Hbllywood, March 1..- 
Current ecPnomib squeeze pn -the 
studios, resulting in a-: marked ;drpi>' 
in. production, is traced by execs di-: 
fectly to dpuble billing, abuses in 
coupling Pf .high :budgeted A pictures. 
A crisis is foreseen by the low tui'ii-^ 
over in rentals and mpuritirtg : cosls^ 
which ; a re.', certain . to ' bring ser ib as 
readjustments. - V'"' .■;■; 

Disturbed conditions abroad are 
also a iproducer headache with fbi> 
eigVl r'eyertue taking ;a drastic drop; 

^Dualing pf-^^Hblly-wpodis-^^ 
uct has had studibis h;umpirig to. ineet 
insatiable demands. : More tiiari 500 
pictures werb scheduled fbi:. 1937-38 

/.release,..- artd:-sinCiB:'4ast-August,\^ 
liveries last week have totaled 
281. Cutting rooms are soon . turning : 
out. 54 films, and; 41 ; are ready for 
cameras. .; .':v".'^';^'; /: ■- ': ; \ . 
. Production must fall into low gear/ 
untir distribution turnover can . re- 
plenish studio treasuries^ .; 
.; All -majors admit rentals from 
duals have failed to keep pace; with 
increased production costs. ' - 

.;- Duals and' Triples 

. One studio .head declares it is the 
abuse, rather than the use of dPub- 
ling billing, :which has brought, abpu.t 
the present conditibrt. : i 

Studios are groping for a solution; 
if exhibitPrs contirtue: to •■•cbrnpete 
against each other, by bracketing' A 
films ort' same bill; Artbthe'r / night-- 
mare are repPrts'pf tnp^^^^ iii 
sprn'e' .eastern citirt; . ' ;:■;' 

Execs, studying the problem, : are 
said ' tp favor • a clearing hpuse in 
exchange centers to regulate .book' 
(Continued on page 23) 

MG and RKO Cuts 

■: ' ■: ' '. . :: .Culver'Cl.ty;;'Marcii i; ;^ 
Economy .wave, which has. di'bpped 
,1 ,000 emplbyes frbm Metro studio 
payroll in. the last month,, is ;belng 
cOrttiniiedi .with the; story; publicity 
and stenographic - departments .the 
latest to ' be affected,; Entire junior 
Wi'iter staff under John Gallisha.w, 
brought here 'from New York last. 
October, has been /dropped, while 
five meinbers pf /Howai-d Strickling'.-; 
publicity roster and 30 from the 
typist list are out 

;, Previous slashing had been among 
technicians, carpenters, laborers, day- 
check workers and assistant hcad.s bf 
many departments. Production de- 
partment list was pruned by 15. ; 

Junior writers who were erased 
this week, in addition to Gallishaw, 
included Alfred : Schiller, :Hannibal 
Poivle, .■ William Ludwig, -Kenneth; 
Warren, .William Lytton, lari Hunter 
and Mitzi CummingS; 
; RKO is Continuing its ;Writj hg: staff ^ 
layoffs,' y/ith the roster tr ilinmed f rOm ' 
56 to 26 within the last two.moiith.s,: 
;' Harry Segall- v; Charles; Kaufrriqh 
and'.Frariklin' Cbcn; -left, the 'lot \-lasl : 
week. ; ■■■ ■ ■ 

- - Checkup; /at RKO discloses;' -per,- 
Sbnnel: phOpping -^br; ; the. post six/ 
/vyeeks, / with writers and .c I erica 1; 
'force. ':;harde^t :hit: ..Dui;it)g.; ;?r>eri.od ; 
scribe . staff trimmed fro hi 52 to 24 
pn/'graduai - .easing 'put/^^ 
2'50; stcribs ^and Whit.ercbU^ 
ers walking plank. . 
■ Studio has/ three ;pictiires in pro- 
diiction/ ; AH departmciits. f..ii!t .axe/ 
.w.ith'.lbsscir severity. ; .; ' :; ^[f .;.;.-.; ■. 

: \, ; Hollywood, March l- 
.•Heartbreak To\v '/ . \ sequel to 

>Stjat- Is Born,'' wiil ijc made by- David 

O, Sclzinick. ; With moppets: in, lead . 

rbles.r- TVimmy Kelly and /Ann' GiHiii-. 

frorn ^ast 'pt/!Tpm-Sa\vj-eiV.;gct. top 

billing. ; .. ■ \ ' '■■■:' ■-•, • . ■ ■;; .. ■ 

; Budd rSchLilbcrgv wiio /wrOle brig^ 
jnal;..': nd Marshall Neil an / re .set 
for screenplay. / 

-. '.Trade' ;Marlc n.CBl();terc<l /;.'- 
FOtrNDkp ;;BY. ■BtMB.;S.ILyfeRMA;i>)/ 
I'ulillKliefi Weekly by VARIKTV, Int. 

- / .....i'j'l .Silverman,-. Pre«i'<lent'. . . . 
r..>4 W?st 4Cth Street, No\v Yorlc City 

Ahritml; . , ; . .-vIC . ■ 'Foreign;-; 17 

SiitKlb . CbpJes,- . , 

; »;» 16-,. Cetila 

Vol. 129 

■ No. 12 

, .; ; /...'. Hollywoorl. 'Morch 1. 

. f'Variccson '.Mahson/ Colt'irniyhrsl^ 
' i;f 1 1 to r, moves over' 10 Sa m.tie t Go! f I -; 
wyn' in a similar . c;ipacity. .sii'ccrcd.-' 
j Ing: Sam Marx, .'who • went 'iron] 
', Goldwyn to. Cplumbja. . ^/'. 
' ■/Traiisfers ;., amoiiot' - to ;' ; 'sUi'Iio 
' swap. '■'\-.,- • . :.•.■' ■:>;;■'•: ■ 


Bills .. .. .. :.;..'...■'-' 



DanCe Tours. ... • ^ •: 
Exploitatio|!i ^ 
15 Years Ago. : . . . ; . .' 
Filrii iReviews ,'.. . •; . .;..:. 
Forum v - 

• Girl's Eye View.. ^ ■. 
House Reviews: ;..;. . . 

: Insiidb— Legit ;.v:. .. . 

. InsiderrPictures '..; . . . .. 

• rn tern'afional News, . .'. 
Jack/ Ostcrman .;'.,;:.; ' 
/Joe ; Lau r i e> ; Jir v -. ^ .. : 
Lcgl timate /.■-.'..'.' . :. '. , 
Literati / 
Music : ;. .;.;,',.;....',; .'/ 

: News from-;.the '-Dailies 

Nile Clubs : .;■,;-, ^i, . 

Obituary ' .;, ; , i . ; 

Outdoors;: . . . ... 

-IPifluTCs . . . ■ ■'■■y;.- ■'■■. 

Radio-, . .. ... i ... . . . '...'.'.; . ,., 

: i; a d i 0-- I.ri't or ha t i anal .. :.' ./ 
■•••ftjid io ■ Reviews'', v'i , .■ v . . 

IlfKlio Showman. ship. . . . 
■.■Ujiit-^: , ./,..'-.'. , . 
.Vaudeville . . • . . . , 

* .*.'.*'*• ' 



■' 41. 
6 ; 

. . ■ .;45 . 
. . 50;; 

.v;-;; '8;;: 
: •16-i iv: 
' 2 

.i/-;r 6.' 
; .47-51/ 
;';. ' 52.; 
. .39-40 : 

54. ; 


;.' ■ " 54: . 
65 . 

2-11.5 . 

. ... 34 

..... 42-',. 


^ejqesday, Marfch 2i 1938 


Put Mbtttgomei^ 

By rAlpH RODDT : ; ^ : 

. V Hollywood;; March /iv / 
The: S>R;P. sign Has already been 
out' fpt ..the-:' W 

awards ; banquet : of ^ the: . Acaderhy 
of MbtiOri : ■ Picture . Arts. ' and Sci- 
ences ,Thursday^ night • (3) . .thfe. 
; Hotel Biltmore Bowl. The deniand 
foir tickets far ^exceeds^ 
available. //Interest, in: .this- ■: year's 

event has been h^ighteiied by ■ ac^ 
■ p^rtiGipatioh -of : the Screen . Actprs 
Guild, ..ahd thte, award : for the. -first 
time ; of ; the Irving Thalberg Me^- 
morial Plaque, . 

pscar-, the little gold' m ; 
figure,, possession ' of -which 1 d^'siig- 
, hates. :the:- recipient: a 
tri)iuted.;ah putstanding perfor^^ 
during 'the;. year,; w ;be-;guest/;^Q 
honor- ' Th&re.. . will be' Oscars 
a warded , f oi: ..cpmpetltipn^^^^^ ..ya-:. 
rious' phiaMs of :motion pictute pror 
ductionj; ■ probability; .. that 

. <bne : or tvvo. sp.eciar awards; ..will bis 
added. 'TO nature of , the, flatter vyill ; 
not be disclosed until the. nigh 
ihe dinner; ■' 

bhiSif , interest naturally centers 'in 
the.iawards for the; best p'rpduction 'of 
the year, arid the best performances; 
by; a .i^ading actor ' and . actress.: Inr 
terest in;;the Thjilberg plaque has; 
incieiased,: . however,- /until it nov/;. 
shares .""a ;t6p">spot . with; the .rnain 
awards. vThls ;<;itatiori goes " to: th^ 
producer .:Whd. is: selected as .hayinj^ • 
turniied :6ut the. most cprisisteht high 
quaility of production: aclheye.ment.. 
as an individual and regardless of 
company affiliation. ,- 

- : Special Coiitnlttee Award ; 

pjairticular sentiiti^nV' is . attachejd 
to the .production prize Because: "of 
the . affection' "' which' the ; industry 
holds for its donor; Norma Shearer 
(Mrs." iiialberg) win" make the gift 
annually, to" the: Acadeniy.: The win- 
ner ii selected by a special commitr 
;lee appointed by :Frarik :,Ca:pra, pres; 
ident of the Acadeiin Capira has 
n.arhed as his associates oh the coni- 
/^)ttee Llpiiel Atwill, JTean Hersholt, 
Donald Grisp, Henry King;. -Leo .McV 
Carey,' William . Wellman,^ S^^ 
..Gossoh, . ' Thomas Moultph, Douglas 
Sheafer, Griaham Bakctr :and Robert 
Riski \ None prodJucer. . .; : ,:' 

trhuiual precautions' :are; bieing 
taken this year to guard ; the . ballpts 

i INDIE 11iOD.^S^ 

,; Hplly wood,; March 1; 
; Tay. Garhett, director, and Gene 
.Towne: and Graham Baker, writers, 
are forniihg a new; ihdependeht pro- 
duction unit to make pictuires for re-^ 
leaise ,by major companies. Duals are 
in .the- negotiation stage with RKO 
and , XJhited Artists.. 

Garnett is nbw en roiite td Europie, 
•where . he will vacation for three, 
jnonths while; the TownC'^Baker team 
;prepares the ; script t'^t first ' film of 
.the . outfit. ■ Ti-ip plaris ; td biiild up ■ a 
player list of their owii. 

arid .~p.r€vent a^^^ advance, leak as to 
- ni^.;; Winriersi •■ : - ■ypting^/ will . -he by : 
secret ballot of poinmittee/ meriiber^ 
■ j iri. the offices ;of .•;Price,/.:'W'aterho.use.: 
•& Co., certified . public -jaccbiintaiits, 
erriployed^td tally the .ballp0v; Gomir: 
rnittee: nleriibers Have agreed hot td 
;rii,vlilge even; to .each. pthe 
of the : producer marked; on : ih^^^ 
ballots,.' •■. .'.': '■ ''']■ ■: -•"'.;■'- ■:,/ 

: . Daiu'yl; -F. r . ^^ariuck^^ 
b€;-g, - David . O; Selznick, Samviel 
Goldwyn and : Pandro ; Berriiairi:; a:re 
e^pected:td. 'fight ;it out for the Thal^^^^ 
berg award.. Ho.wever, active part 
ticipatiori of the : Screen . ' ;Actcirs 
Guild, .with 12,500 extras eligible; to 
vcte, makes any predictions .precari- 
ous.' It; is . .generally ! cdnceded . that 
tha extras hold the baliarice:of ppv/er, 
and that a iast-miriute switch/by any ; 
majd;rity of .therii might^^ 
early; predictions. ;./•;■ '.^'A^ - 

::Selmick^ ;e.ntries .for the .Tlhalberg 
lii-fze, .as~well as' the .dut^^^^^ 
ductiori, are ; ^Garden d£ Allah,*. 'A 
Star Is Born,' 'The Prisoner of Zenv 
ida*; and . 'Nothing Sacred.' Gdldwyri 
qiialifiies with 'Stelli Dallas,! 'Dead 
End,' -Hurricahe' and 'Wdman Ghases ! 
Mail.* The 'GdidWyn , FolliesV and 
'Adventures pf ..Mairfco . Polo* were 
finished top late for Acadeiny cbri- 
slderatiori, the first just going but on 
release .and *Pplp' yet to :be released.; 
.:;- ■■ Sirombergy Entri^^ - 

: Stromberg crashed through with 
'After* the- Thin Man',' 'The Fiirefly,* 
'May^iriie', ■ iand '^ight . Must . ;EaU;'; 
Latter i)la^, which fieatured Robert 
Mdritgomery,; pi'esident of -the Screen; 
Actors Guild, has ' been ^elected ,iri' 
several newspaper, polls as XYie mdkt 
dUts^tariding / pictuire of : 1937i with 
Montgomery being giyeri; special 
credit for; his perf drmarice. ;' 

Zariuck; turned out an imposing 
array .of pictures; topped , off; by . 'In 
Old Chicagd,- completed just in time 
:o get tmdM th^ wire.; / Others cer- 
tain to demand seridus cohsideration 
are '>Mi Baba: Goes to Town,' !Happy ; 
Laridihg,' 'Ldve and Hisses' krid 'Re^ 
becca pf SunnybrooH Farm.' ; 

Pandro Berman's most outstanding 
cdritributidit was 'Stage Door,' ; with 
'Damsel in i)istr(ess' and 'Shall We 
pance?^ qualifyihg as serious cphi- 
'tenders.:.. ';:/:/- ' ' }^:' ' 

. Tip: is that Stromberg and; Zanuck. 
Svill finish, neck band neck when all 
the ballots have been counted,;, hut 
Selznick cannot, be : counted . diit ..of 
the^ running/. :- ■. 

Associates i in ; the\ Screeh Actprs; 
Guild' have 'been : waging a quiet 
campaign, to- put over Robert Mpnt- 
gomery :in . the/ best performahces 
division/ ' . Largri^ in 
securing , prpducer. r'ecpgnitlpn; for 
the abtpt's, , Montgomery ; is, ipopular 
with top-bracket players; and is ceri 
tain tp pdll a large vote, foi- his perV 
^formance, , ' 'Night Must Fall'.V 
Spencer;: Tracy and Fredric; March 
are popular, with both players arid 
(Goritiriued on page 25), 


.Hollyv/podi M^ / 
: . ti'sting", by the faa .mag, ;Pic-^ 
: tUi-.e; Play - 'of Spencer- Tracy as 
this; yekr's Acaderiiy winner for ; 
;the - 'be^t /. ^jerf prmance' / :di"eAy 
protests from the Academy; ': 
: : BallGting' . didji't , close/ .until 
■;night of :;:Feb. 2$. Mag:- hit -.the 
' stands. t\yodsiys: previous.: 


Sidne^ and Brpwh Bast, 

Lpuis'K. 'Sidhey, who' has-heen; on: 
the Gpast supervising ; Metrd:/radi.p 
activities, ;f6turried : to : New York 
Sundaiy (27); /Clareriice Brp\vn^ pro- 
ducer-directdr on the Idt,/,cdming ;in 
kt the- same time// Sill Fergusdri, 
h.b/, explditiatidn head, returned: from , 
Miariii; Monday: . (27), : While/ N/ M; 
Schen^k:/rehiains/ ddwn^ ^y^sxtipir-:^ 
while.-'' [:■./ ■.■^/ : ■.•//;;;■-,:/■:/■.' /!/ ■•/;, 
;bi^ei ■ to/ poor! health, :Biir DahiigerV 
. pf. the.Jketrp^ 
has gdnd : to iSarasotii, 'Fla., /for the 
bialaricie :df the Wiritcr. / I'oiri ,perety,. 
repre.senting. Hal Rda'dhj,; is alsb in 
Florida,: being at St. Petersburg for 
recupieratiori frdin flu. /; 

/ Holly wood, -March i. ■ 
tduis Kv S.'ciriey, Metro studi^^^ cpn-; 
fact ori /■^•Taxwell House broad- 
cast,- left i^,\:/ New ,York -on. business 
in iionhacU^n iwrith .WHN; there.. 
He ll be' back within a wCiCik* ; 

, The first pr 6d licer to ; f ollp w ; Walt 
Disney-. the/feati;vre : cartpdn: field 
wiU be .Paramount 
(28), completed ari-angerii'ents !,with 
Mai/ Fleischer_f pi/^^ithe 
full length in; p^^aridriTik. ; It ■Svill 
be rushed into prodijQtidni as; s 
the story: can .be settled uppn. 
■ lyhder the / deail " with Fleischer, 
who makes the Betty. Bopp .arid pbp- 
eye, :cartppris ; for ; 'Paramount; both 
will bie; jointly, iriterested in; the ven- 
ture. Par has already rnade the; first 
advance to ;Fleischier to cdyet partial 
cdstpf ;productidri. / The budget.;is not: 
•knowh, probably being deperideht on 
the story to be chpseh- VPar has two 
stpries in rnirid but is keepinig iden- 
tity a.'secret, for , reasons. 

Par pwris 'Alice , ' : Wonderlaridt* 
but understood this pne isn't/ lijp for/ 
cpnsideratipri as , yet. .^^he spund 
rights ;tP- .MaeterUnck's fan ta^s^^^ 'The' 
Bluebird^' iai-e/ now being oflEered: but 
although Par. owns the . siilent rights, 
this alsp ' is not. one df thC : two; stories 
Up : Par's isleeye; as startien The New 
York office of Nora Arideirsori; ,whd 
prpduced: Maeterlinck ;plays in Ldn- 
don, is pffei-ing '^Bluebird' to thie yaH-; 
dUs /.picture . cdrnpanies. . ■ ' •;:; 
/: : The ;fii:st; ParTFle.ischer /cartoon :Will^ 
be color arid iri, the;: thirdrdirriensipn 
patented by Fleischer ;which has 
been lised. from time to time' in pne- 
re'elers.;.. ■ . -.;'.,-., 

: ; Fleischer^ will start 
toon in New York and finish it/iat the 
riew; studio he is building in' Miami^ 
which,; will be lready for ' operatipri 
about /Aug. 15. Cpnsequent upon the 
decision to gp; in for fullrlength car- 
toons,, Fleischer is altering original 
plaris for the Miami plant, increiasing 
the space on , which he will build to! 
nearly 32,000 square feet or / abdut 
four city' blocks; / It will be located 
out towards Goral Gables, Miami 
suburb, arid /will employ from 300- 
400 people. Coristructiph begins this 
week. .''^''-/ ' 

■'■ When coriipleted, Fleischer will 
close his stud io 3 n Ne w York, riiaking 
all cartoons in Florida, - 

The . first: anirriated cartoonist 
schopl df many that may - be organ- 
• (Gontinued. on page :19) 

;■- Hollywood, March 1. ; 
Glpria Swanspn, whose comeback 
deals .-with Metro and Columbia came 
to / naught,, i?, , set to return, to the; 
sound stages Jiine T when/ she • will 
start worji: in 'Ex-Lpye' -fpr .Repub-: 
liCj Yarn .iby Mateel Ho\ye. Farnhii)™ 
deals with thfe, .divorce racket/ vFor-< 
tner star/ signed : terrii deal w the- 
Herbert .Yates organization on eve of 
her depiarture'; for New York, /where 
she plans to establish a permanent 
horirie, cpmriiuting to. the /Coast for 
her .'picture tdil. ; ' - - ,;.-//: 

■ Screen play Harold ^hUlnaite%rpte: 
fdr 'Wagons Westwai-d'.; before he 
checked off ; the' Republic vAyiriter rpro- 
duceir .rdsier, is to be- given :a :cpm- 
plete revamping, with Henri Ver- 
stappen. already at work: checking 
state arid national archives: in A!us-! 
Vtin, "Texas; l«rashville, ; Teririvj arid 
/Washirigton,; D; C, in search /df rieW 
phaseis pf. Sam Hpustori-s. life: .Picr- 
ture will be filmed; as highest budget 
special dn Republic's new schedule^ 
"With' iffpst: nof the~^cenies be ishof 
in Texas. - /• . / '■ v 


. Los Arigeles, March 1 , '/ ; 

Earliest filrii buying : • the . part 
of majority of major circuits in years 
is; presaged fpr: -the 1938-39 , seasiE(!n's 
output, with several !of the' chains 
ready to begin: riegotiations early this 
month; Amorijg the circuit's ready 
to talk turkey dn new season's prod- 
uct are Fox West Coast; and sub- 
sidiary - and affiliate chains, with 
dthter far^western and rriidwiest out- . 
fits reported lining lip for v similar 
actidri,: ,.:/;;■/.■ f 

, J;^ j,/Stlllivan, chief film, buyer- 
F-WG, heads ioi New York this 
week to begin discussipris/With imaj.dr 
distributing; heads ;pn circuit's buys 
fdr the. forthcdming season.: 


Hurls .Citrus >t- Audience— Apolo- 
gizes, !'Jusl An Impulse' 

. . - Goluiribus, March 1. . 

■ Mischa Auer did a ; Vallee iri - 
verse at final show of his week's en-: 
gagement at the Palace, when he 
tdssed a. grapefruit at the audience.- 
Narrowly riiissed hitting patrpn and 
squashed on; empty . seat down; in 
:front. Game back at close of act and 
apologized. Said it Was ,'just - an 
impulse.' ■■-,'■:, 
Used citrus in routine, playing 
piano with one in each hand. : Act 
got generally, chilly , reception 
throughout week. 

. • Neely ariti-blbck; booking bill', now 
up in the U. S. Senaite . and the new 
quota m'ea'sUre soori to cpriie - up in 
Eriglarid's House pf, Lords for final 
consideration were the two vital in- 
dustry problems held responsible for 
Will : Hays' return to New York fcfitn 
the/. Coast Mpnday! ,(28 ). Only reasori 
Hays .ircmained in Hpllywopd ah ,:iex4' 
tira, week, it is reported, wais; to - l)e 
.pfeserit ;at. the regular /meeting 'arid 
,shift in-pfficers-pf Am^^ 
tiorii ■Pictuve/Produoers.,:,He 
slay pri lor the Academy awards ban- 
quet tomprrdw. .("Thursday ). / / 

short iy iafte'r -his.. arrival in 'the, 
east,' a full month ahead ,of the regii-/ 
lar anniial meeting of the Motion 
Pictui-p Producers & Distribjitdrs; As- 
spciatibri. Hays -went /iritp- huddles; 
with' his chief ;assistiants on both tfie 
quota . situa^tion . and the status of the 
Neely legislation. . / ; ' 

. Little more ci;ri be !dbn^. than 'has 

been: accompl ished : already in Lon- 
don in hearings on the proposed: new 
quota, but Hays/presUrnably felt that 
he" should persprially direct- the battle 
to. .secure a fair ■ brieak for U. S. ; ^\sr 

; tributors -syheri the measure: corir 
Sidered- , ; 'by . /, English PaHiament^s 
House of ;Lprds, bbdy .comparable tp 
U.;S/ Senate. - ■yj" ■ : ■ 

, ;; Peculiar / category 'has deVeioped 
bvei: these two problems; acc^ 
to /several \ piipt'iire executives. :;Whiie 
Ame^rican,- distributors . are striyirig 
for a ;leriient quota in -Great -Britain. 

th'e Neeiy bill how pending would rer 

;esla bl : selling:., of ;: product ; alprig 
rouc.h, the same . lines as currently 
done in England., ;;. 

Wbrdage in Neely rineasure at pres- 
ent ■would- meari .fhat//selling^ 
be on trade-showing basis . only, 
/iri Great /Britain. - Though the / bill 
iri the Senate provide.';; a /syhoiisis, 
most (lfstributbrs--,charRe.;thiat-'a^ 
ing would ha\'* tq be pri trade-show- 
ing .'basis, ; because of exacting ' 'wdrd- 

ing :of rricasure and. penalty: facing 
picture v .cbmpariies making, any de- 
viation / from: submitted synopsis,-, /if 
■■: . Belief is growing, that the Neely 
bill wo'iild turn the'..' industry .upside 
down, slow down releases just / as 
trade: showing method dOes in Erfg- 
land; arid add substantially td :the 
cost of ; sell i ng product; There a re 
sprrie, ; too, whc. erivisioh it as a 
riiediurii of: reducing the number: df 
'B' or 'DMpictureis ;now being .rinaide. 
'•y Not -certain whether ; not Hays 
;wni gd tp .'Washingtpn, but it is likely 
that he. !wili ;carry/ on. carnpai^ps on 
the twb issues/ frorri'. N. . Y.- :. • 

-• ■ '' ;- Hbllyw'ood,:.March 1; ■ 
: -Will Hays trained out last Friday 
(25) for- ^^^V::YQrk^ following con- 
ferences with studio cxecutive.s on 
an ti-blpck booking bill now. pend ing 
in : Gortgress /and// plhpr,, -leijislatiyo 
matters jaffecting the film industry. 
; , He was accompanied: by Myh Hayi;. 

Hollywood, March 1. 
Louis B. Mayer, addressing 4po 
film ihdustry leaders,/ church ' digni. 
taries and state and city officials 
gathered/at the Hd^^tel Biltmbr.e^ 
last Thursday , night (24 ) to . pay . him 
tribute, sounded an appeal tp meirj- 
bers pf all branches /bf the ere jitivi 
arts involved in; the riiakirig: pf mpi 
tion pictures .td .organize a; foru'ih 
wherein. prb.biemS..yital.tb; the.. f a 
pf the cinema can . be worked out 
cpoperativeiy. Mayer's talk forrrtally 
marked: his retireriient after; seven, 
years . as , presid[ent of the Motion Pic. , 
tuire I'rpducbr's Assotikti^ -. 

. Gathering was presided over- by- 
Joseph M. Schenck, whp succeeded 
the .g.ijest. of,; honor as, prdducers' 
pirexyi : Geprge; Jessel^a 
rriaster. '.-''"-■/." 
./ Mayer said inipart: v'/, ■,//.:. 
. 'If I: have one 'regret on leaving the 
presidency of ;.the producers' group, 
:i t is because . I have not ; seen ful-' 
filled a dream; that all ;orgariizatip.ns 
writhin ; the industry : have not, yet 
found , satisfactory cbmriibn fprum 
fpr the settleriQent of differences. I 
now make a plea that : ao'me -suchy 
forUm • -shall / be ; established / where / 
the director,' the , artisan, ■ . the 
artist, the/ writer arid ", all rrierhbers '; 
Of the creative crafts, shali meet, not 
separately, but copperatively,;/. 

•We tried it once, but we seem- to 
have gotten off ori 'the /-wrong foot. 
1/ urge that we try again, arid I see. 
frPm:r such /unity; pf ractibh ■ only, 
greater gobd/ tp: each arid; all aiid 
greater future industry ;prbgress.',. , . 
', ..■ ■■■/. Guild Strife Veilea / ,/'s address ' came at the Cdri- 
ciusipn of the affair, arid his suggest 
tibn, /generally understood : as /di- 
rected tb>vards , ari:\i,cable adjustment 
of existing differerices: between,;tha 
various artists*' guilds and the studios,: 
was / riot . CPhimentid/ upon by any 
other speaker. Robert . Montgom- 
ery V president ,bf : the Screen Actorf 
Guild, Isat: at the' speaker's table: . :;-.■ 
. Rouquets for his service as head of 
the producers were tossed at ;th« 
giiest: of honor by Gov. Frank Mer-. 

riamV: ■CecU/B; Deniiile, :.'Wi 
Archbishop Jphn' J. Caritvi^.eU iand 
Nprrria: Shearer, the latter speaking 
feelingly pit the close friendship that 
existed between Mayer, and Irvinj 
Thaliaerg:.; ;-/%;. •.•/.::; 

-Entertainers were Bob Burns; Al- 
lan/ Jones, Edgiar . Bergen and Jean.- 
ette; MacDonald. Edward Ward - of 
Metro, coriducted the / orchestra. 
Affiiir was arranged by a committee 
cbnsistirig br: Schenck, .Harry Cohn/ 
Charles R: arid Jack LV War-? 
ner.- ,.'-'. , ;-- ,' -' , ;.■--■ 


■ Metrp Is set to , go into color mprie 
exterisively,. haying cbricluded .iai deal • 
with ■ Technicoibr u /which ; It 
comniitS; 'itself :to a -riTinimum' of six 
features to be produced within the 
next three years.. 

.'bf late yearSj Metro has made no 
features in color, thpugh occasional- 
ly, tinting ■ sequence or two, pre- 
Xering instead its dwn sbpia prpcess. 
It employs .Technicolor in .the Fitz- 
Patrick Trayeltalks, its Harman- 
Ising: cairtbonis; and ir) bne, and two- 
reel musical- shorts. . . ■ / .- 

Gaynor Back at S-I 

''•.-// -. /■ // /Holly wpbd, March 1.: 

Janet Gay nor has returned to the 
Sclznick-Interriational; lot for the time since she . cpmpleted 'A 
Star Is Bpfn' arid is currently , un- 
dergoing riiakeup tests/ for - her . role 
in S-I's- 'The/ Young at Heart.': set for 
a pvoductipri ;stai-t \yithiri two; weeks.. 
; Richard Wallace will direct, : ■ : 

Back to the MID 

• / Hollywood,: March 1/ 

■ ; Al .Cbhn, . who / ab^^ fl'"* 
wnMing when .^resident' ; Rooseyclt 
made him Collector of Customs for 
the iPort pf Los Angeles, is back at 
a ly!ie\Yriter ■ as, . a member ■' bf \ 2pth- 
Fox -writing staff. 

Gdhn was : ; .'pf film : capital's 
vocalcs. ..■.- "-;.■ '■''./.-' '• - '." 

Wcdii^jsilay, March 2f 1938 


; • j^at evW the 

jjj|g4 f ayora the tJ. S/Sehate by the Committee bri Interstate Com- 
nierce, ciri 'believe the; .irieasure, if enacted into law, will aecompli^h its 
Durpo^e 6f imptoving- th machinery - of leasing films for exhibition, .Care- 
fiil reading Of the language of the bill shbiUd convince anyone w 
spoonful of experience thsl the pr^^^ 

chaotit condition .in production, distributibn and exhibition; , 

On its face the Neely bili is;:an- a to . regulatV bloek;!t)poking of 

fiims It dde^n'V prohibit grpup:.!^ 

must acGOmpainy their 'annual listing of ieatures ; with .definite advance. 
info™sti6lV:.Of this' stOi^ 

iieeft in ^length- ■ ' U'-.. ■'. ■'>'/: ' v-'^'" • ■ 

~ 'Tlie 4ct : reads, 'iSuch . synopsis shall be made .a part of the lease' iahd .sball 
Indude Ca ) - an oatlme of the' story, ihcidents '. and scenes :depicted ; ot . to be- 
depiclfedr ind Cb) a;^ of .treatment .of dia-. 

• ICS concerning scene's depicting vice, Icrime; or- suggestive of sexual .pasr 
sion. It is the 'purpose of this section to make available to the exhibitor 
sufficifeht information cbncerhing the contents of the. flliri and the manner 
of trfeatmeht tb enable. him/tb determine, whether he : desires: to -select the 
*liTv Jf or. exhibition and laiter . to : determine; whether, tlie ftlpv is fairly ^de- 

;:icrii3ed:by-thev^^^ y --.- '::■ ]/'■■■ ' t} '.^-^^^^^^^ 

^ontiniiiW* it' iays, ^If a 'inotioh picture ' ft^ 
^comrnei-c^^ is substantially Vdiffereht :frbm tKe synopsis -fiei^ above Tei" 
duired whetber in-rfespect 6^^^ outline or the manner of treatment, the 
exhibitor may cancel the lease as to such film without liability fof breach 
oi contract and may recover ali damages siiffe fed by. him because of such 
difference^'^r he may retam 

:Vfa'rvanty,'.'- ; ' .v' ^ .'^ " '■■ '' .'V' ■. ■; 

' Noihinf couiibe more^a^^ would become 

viF^d^ral iavi%.;if;;the^^^^^^ K signed by the .Frcsidept^ 

Present mcth^ niegbWng for : groups br films betweeb ex^^ 
and .exhibitbrs have evolved from the natural processes pf . the business 
.over, the past quarter bf a century: :T^^^^^ 

Whereas; in eff bet, it would completely destrpy the,; pr6s6nt system, which, 

■ if far, from perfects nohetlieless is the result of continuous practices over 
a period of years. Relations between exhibitors^; have un- 

^4ergprie.biiter contrbvetsy ;at vi^tious .tinges.- . ;?rbm ^i^^ cpnfiicts, 'pregress 
. in rifelationship is born.,' ' ' ^ ■ ; \,;;^\V,... '; 

■ / : If the Washingtbn administration believes , tbere Is merit in : the ^appeal 
for regulation pf blocicbooking, let the step be made in a sensible,; proper 
manner; Rewriting of certain portions of the uniform agreement of 1933 
coiild be done in conferetice of representatives, of distributor and exhibitor 
Organization^/ provided the Ifcpairtment of Justice would g we such^ 
fevence; its blessing by declaring. the cdnfcrees', immurie from the ant>- 

■^s/ ": -. '\. .;;;- ^ ~ J. :•■ 'y: y '--: ' y 

• • Th« Neeiy bill strikW at the hieari of the picture business^prdduction. 

: It would regulate and limit, legallyv the process of film producing by .de-. 
manding, under^enalty of loss of total inVestment 'or jrieg^tive, that ajfllin 
mu^t be made substantially within the wording of a synopsis supplied by 
itadios : to distributors (who in; turn; pass it .along tx> exbibitprs) some 
;weeks, or mbntbs; before camera ;>york :beg|ns^ Such: proposal is 
';iUdicr6us, ■ ■ " ■-■:• ','.; •■:' /■'; ■.■'.V- ;; ' . ■ 

A featiite film is : not a- synopsis .er a screeh^cript broughtjo; life by 
camera and microphone. It is a piece of creative expression which ffirnis. 
ilself during the camera- period. Synopsis : and screenscnpt fornv a^ pat- 
tern; living actors, writers; artisans and director, wording in cpmbination 
and copperatively, are the ereators. The history of the making pf, nearly 
all successful pictures reveals a series ot changes, radical modifications, a^d 

. improvements over : the written manusc authpr frequently is, the 

inost active contributor to changes from the original. .Technique (which 

. the bill defines as txeatm^htO is thb u^ 

, springs; frpin. expert craftsmansbipf . ' 


Daiy - artd * Dating • pictiir^^s 
■; MaJcei It ; ■ /yirfually ; a 
:„'■■ vDotilile Fiirst^uit>— ^ Then 
; There'is :tK<^ Stiint of *Gon<^ 

tiniied' list ■ Ruiis^ ^ ;yh- 

natural; Holdoy Etcir-r 
i; V With Residt; tKe Secpiid^ry 

Houses / Have Little; Left 
; ; 1— ]Lo;eW*s ;jSquawk in 

Gurbied iPa^r*s ;ld^^ 



^ ^ Tti«' Neely ;bili; and its House counterpart, ,. the Pettingill bill, have; been 
kicking ai'ouhd Congress for the past three . years. ; L^^ should be 

informed that the ship has gone by so far as. ahy; need ;ior Federali legal 
regulatibri of stpry material in filtns is ebncerned. - There;i3 In practical 
an:d effectiy,e operatipn in Hblly wood and New York stud^ a production 
cod^, administered' by the producers under agreerneilit, .;whjch is; handlings 

■ the ; context matter admirab^^^ : passing the responsibility .;to 13.000 . ex,- 
hiliilors to appfbye, br '(disapprove, stories nftet 'they : have been fiiiTicd, 
is Ui]i workable and impractical^. It i nphsebse. ; .;...' 

. lEven;;if the^-Neiely; tu gppd, which it isn^ty^ sei'idu»;step/.' ;: the; 

' ;Wi:ong/dire(dtiQn to ..invite; legis^^ mtetference with the workiings of the 

filhi industry^: Picturbs as an art art^ industry have bp^ in a , 

: slibrt' tlirie.; Absence of Government; has ;had much;,to do . with 

;the;heaHhy grbwth of the business. ' The respond for invilihg; Qovr 

einment nose-poking: into th^ film ibdustry .cann wholly; be laid at the 

dbbi- of .the pVopbb There is room for progress an^ 

;cbnslructive improvement in- existing distributor agiee^^ 

^If thie' present preicaribus; status ' bf:. the /Ni^^ <;^-ystalli?c:d;.vol. 
uiUa ry ac libn^ ii has^ served its in<Jst useful .purpose) .• • ; 



• ' . ; llollywobd/ M 
V U^Hess . Gladys . 'George,- ' ;who ^ , , 
.;ceMtly departed Metro, gets a, picture 
ssigriment Soon she Will go;; Lon- 
don to do 'Pfirsonal Appeararice' for 
.Gilbert Miller. ,■• .. . '; 

y, ^' "/V^'as her stage Success ,ih the 
cbtnedy wph her featured. rples 
n\ ;i<M-.erarMct'ro\pictures.- .;■:; 


:•' Harry 'Rapf ■ artd- Lepn :.Sbhlo,3iri3'; 
!pn ; their ; re;centx Sputh: ,:,Arnericah 
bruise, aboard tlie Ilex, gave the boys 
■ in Culver, city- arid Bui-bank, .sbme-- 
thing to rejilly shbbt .at, :'Metrovp.rp- 
ducerV /and shorts impres.a.rib,: 

.wrote, ; prpdbced, . directed ■ . and' 
screened a whodunit alt bri the same' 
.vbyage. Cast was cpmpoj>ed; o^ fel- 
Ipw passengers, ;'. ; 

Believed to : the . first, complete 
film ever sU" c, abpard ,an ,oceati- liner. 

; '■ Gbrhplaints. ; ;agairist,v .what; are 
termed' brireasbnabie h b i d o; v/; : r S, 
irnoye'overs,' d?iy-and-dating br. other . 
means : the dbmiibant theatres ; prac- 
tice- invdullihg ;the edge of a picture 
;fpr.;:runs: behind them, are beginblng 
tb reach -alatmibg .prbpbrtibns ; a 
ultimately may bring about 
tipns under 'pressure tp distributbrs;: 
The protests are ■ going to studio 
Heads, ,,cbmpany ■ presidentsV.- sales 
managers, leading theatre bperatbrs 
and exchanges. ■.■:;; ,; -■, ;. :■. 

Althbugh-, in/, some L quat^;ers . it is 
felt that complaining exhibitbrs db 
npti'haVb ;a leg ::tb standi on,, certain 
sales; Cmanagers are ; nbt unmindful 
that: pictures ai'e being unbecesfsairiiy; 
drained ; in .many ■ instances; A few 
large circuits are naimed -in this; bon- 
nectiori'^here they have contrbl bf 
a; situatipii^ and wring pictures, .dry 
bef pre . letting them, go to opposition 
subsequent ;riins.; ' The sales of 
brie . bf the, . large cbmpanies . points; 
particularly to one of ; the larger, : 
well-brgdnized Circuits .which has 
strbng buying - power. ; This , chain 
hbids pictures even if under the ,op- 
eratihg nut ; theatres . may : no : ihbre 
than break> .;(Eiven; mbveis ■ pictures 
frbm . a first ; run tb what might be 
cehsidercd; a 'cpntihued first rbn,' 
and pther wise. i-staUs them 
ting them go.: 

V ;.'''^'' , ; ppuliie- ■I'lrst ;ru^^^^^ 

,In ;addi,tiort to ■contin.U^ 
a new terra and practice that is cbm^ 
ing into thle businesSi vbircuit milkers 
will frequentiy • dayrarid-date prod- , 
uct so that itvgets a' double. firs 
play before going; into subsequents. 
A. , situation -is nPted 'where -an, inde^ 
pendent is making more in on ey With 
the cheapest , kind ;of product bn first 
run than he is ;with chbice. picfures 
that come; to hiin subseqiientljr, after 
the out-f rbnt ; milkihg has : oGcurred. ; 

■Where large circuits, are behind big 
downtoWn first runs, the complaint 
is equally as . vigorous where : film is 
.beaten ;: thin; ; Gne pf these is Lbew's 
which, in Ne^y Yb^i.^ particularly,^ d 
cries the strbin under, which pic.tures 
are put by the bi,^ be luxe first ;.runs 
befbre gping tb thb Loew s,ecoh^ 
third riin, theatres.: This ^circuit , has 
often bbmplairied ; bf preview n i ghts 
where tvvo. pictures are thrown the 
public for .the;.usual price, :W.i the 
fact advertised that an added feature 
may be seen. This, in the, Lpcw. 
oiJiniph, is 'douhlerbillirig ;by subter- 
fuge. ; An; :ins^nce>\vh6re Loew*s. 
buying ppwe^'pf. Which,, niiasl be! re- 
spected, put in a terrific sqiiawk was 
when Pararnount planned movc-oyer 
first runs from; the .Par to the. ..Cri- 
terion under a deal to acquire latter, 
it never went through; 

,; More Holdovers Today : 

The. big chains With^ a 
first runs take the ppsition that there 
are more h'oldpvers today, even if 
forced somewhat; 'd^^ to , the fact 
there • ; is shortage; of servi ceabl e 
ncar-'A* or . *B*; pictureis to fill; put. 
Til is. icxplains "the " , .. in re- 
issues, it ;is .claimed/ . .with . these J n 
many, cases doing better than What's 
left after the 'A' product has ;bccn 
culled from prbgrarns; 
V It is questionable what,., if; any- 
thing, "the .distributors will do about 
co'ntrol of product on first run. With 
mp'st for extended;runs eS'.ery- 
Wher e,,. the; aver age, sialc 
in peculiar position in the mailer. 
;. • .,. . (Continued on' page 19 >; 

V ;;: . Hbllywppd, March ,i. 
; ; j, (Mpo) ,iSiegei ;,was; . named 
managing / , director; in charge ; of ■ all. 
prbduction at .Repb Monday (28). 
Title of president' of Republic Pic- 
tures,; held by Siegel, was declared 
vacant. Other promotion: On the lot 
elevates Sol Siegel from producer of 
westerns and serials to fuU ; charge 
"of all features. Charles ■ Ford, takes 
oyer Siegel's former bssig;nments.: 

Hubert Vbight ' was dropped "as 
publicity- head with ;na replacemcht 
to ' be. made. Announcement • from 
Herbert Yates, board' , chairman; 
:stated that : producers . and. directors 
will be added with; present studio 
personnel remaining ; uniiisturbed. ; 

• Art; Cinema Corp., former financ- 
ing; unit for United Artists, headed 
by.;JoSeph ;M. Schenck,; which; bcased 
tp function around three years ago,, 
is understood npw tP be finally liquid 
dated, .with-: stpickhPlders liaving re- 
ceived; recently the last dividend 
payment frbm this, firrn., ; ' 

■Under'stpbd that all. tp^^^^^^ 
hplders : received . approximately^, ,a 
30.% dividend; amounting ;ih; the- ag- 
gregate tb around $1,500,000. 

Point in Constance 

Hollywood, March 1. 

Superior court Mpnday (31) sus- 
tained the demurrer of attprneys fpr 
Jimmie Fidler, defendant ; in. the 
$20,000 libel suit; filed; by ebnkance 
Bennett, and gaVe the actress 10 days 
tp amend her 'complaint. ; Film gbsr 
sipcr is,; accused of ;making false 
statorhcnts on the air concerning the 
filni pliiycr. ■•;• 

Court held Miss Bennet cpiild sue 
fpr slander, but .nbt libel, drawing 
distinction that, libel ;must, prbv.e; teii- 
dency tb damage, .while: slander is 
based on actual damage.. . 

Hedy to Get Fresh y 

Start Uitder Wanger 

y\ Hollywood,- March 1. 
;; , Walter Wangor ' w ill : sponsor ; the > 
American screen debut of Hedy La 
Mai:r, the erstwhile" Hedy Kcssler of 
'' rcputer who ha.s ; been on 
the Motrb lot for six nionlhs without 
getting a'ichancc before the cameras. 
Wagner has. borrowed her for one of 
the two,. f(2mini " ; ; leads- ■ ppposite. 
;Charlc!> Boyer in •Algiers,' which 
Jarnq.s; now adapting from the 
French story. : : ' \ ' .■„.' 

y.'Tc*roduc tibh, .which w il 1- be rql cased 
by . United .Artists,' ■ .-ill follow Wa n - ; 
ger's 'Th€f , Riyer Is Blue,' ho\v in 
lhc ,.final."stagcs'p* filmingv .;\ , 


•" ••; Hoi iy wood, March. 1 . . 

, Michbel Birobljc; .;Britrtiri'^. .'Earl bf 
i . ;a t • I^a r d'mqu rtt;'- £pl Ip wing ; a ■ trip to 
the ;hbmclarid,;-and,; now waiting 
his- first csme'ra./as.signmcht,.'; " " ; , 
■.• . Brook • was under ; . contract tb 
Metro for six months .wilhoi,it 'an D'!?- 
signmen ti dcspi te that, hei dvc \y $750 
weekly. , \ -\ 

Washington, March 1. , 
;; Block -booking ; legislatipn seems ; 
unlikely to :iiiake much greater progf- , 
ress in Cpngress this year than; has . 

been the; case in prlbr ; sessions, ^T^^ 
despite the f a\'orable report given 
the Ncely bill," ;: ..- -,•; ■ ',/•;:■' 

Jammed Senate calendar is. almost 
certain to bar consideratiop of the 
measure tb force • abandonment of 
traditional sales practices, at least ; 
until near adjpurnment,, When there 
wbuld be insufficient ' tiine , to , put 
such a; proppsal - ^^ 

There" ' ;, ' disppsitipn of ; House ■■- 
leaders ; to give cpftsid^ratiori td'^the;'; 
nriatterr despite-persistent- p 
fi:pm fribnds of iridcpcndcnt exhrb- ; ■ 
itPrs. ; .; ; • -;' :;-.;'. .:■);■■• ■' •■';7y.'';: ' ; 
' The Hpuse is. the stumbling .blpck 
in the way pf ;the reform eleme'ifit. 
Chairman Clarence tea of the Inter-; 
state Commerce Cpmmittee ; cannot ; 
see hp W; h is group can spend' time ~ 
holding hearings, and does not feel, 
disposed to take . up the; Pettengiil 
bill without having mpre bratery. • 
Many ; matters of far greater Impor- 
tance are - requiring attention of his ,; 

gf pup. . y yy .-: ;;■ y^-y, ,■'. 

Chanel remains: Ithat tbe, Senat* 
wiU act, but, in view of the Hpuse 
cPnditipns, this, would be . ineffec 
Spriie suspicion Senator. Neely is not 
especially anxious tp get a vote and ; 
is content to have the proppsitipn 
die on the ealehdar at the end of the 
session, ■ . ■ ■. ■ 

, Cplumbus, March 1. •' 
• Federal ; cpurt ; : decision throwing 
out Ohib anti-compulsbry play date 
law will have no adycrse effect on 
other litigbtion involving, exhibitbrs* ; 
interests, accbrding to Seeretary P. J; 
Wood of the Independent Theatre 
Owners of Ohio. ^ 

Wood points out that the court 
overruled three ppints raised by dis- ; 
tributprs: the cpntebtipn that the la\y 
places an un.due burden on interstate 
cpmmerce,, the; thepry that it * 
fringed pn cPpyright law and the 
distribs*\cbntentiori ;that . public ex- 
hibitipn pf mbtibn pictures is not af- 
fected with a public interest. 

He thinks passages in : decision ,:o^ 
public interest should be helpful in 
upholding; North Dakota theatre di- 
vorcement law. Pending appeal in 
Interstate Amus. Co., case should be, 
helped by clarification of respective 
spheres of federal and state gbvern- 
ments, he« says. ;' 

Disrupdnr .Effect : 

Following a series bf confabs be- 
tween- sales representatives and legal 
experts of principal ■ major com- 
panies ; at Hays office in past two 
weeks, censensus' bf ppinipn in ip-, 
dustry: is that, the Neely anti -blpck 
bopkihg; bill, now in the U. S. Senate 
woMld completely . disrupt ciitrent . 
methods : of; distri butip ri;' And further ■ 
(hat; it would be extremely unwise 
for;tht! picture business to. bfe saddled 
with any suchvdr,ai?tic, experiment- at 
a time when incbme is on, the dpwhr 
beat ; and .nu.merpus other; prebiems 
•now are cortfrpntj hg the industry. 

As the, wording . of .. Neely bill 
iitandsA;np, picture cpuld be sold ' un- 
lii produced and finally edited. Any 
change from the synopsis, bn , which 
each film; would be sold ; under the 
inti-block bbolci'ng statute, would lay 
the; picture company bpen tb prose- 
cution and criminal penaltieis; (ipne; 
year, in jail or. $5,000 libci or bpth )v; 
ThpUfih dis'ti'ibu tors' .;lj.itiably 
could continue lining up and selling, 
a schedule of .yQa.r's foaturcs to cir- ^ 
diiit; affiliates;'and 'mgny large cxhibr^^^^^^ 
;itors,, there ;wpul d ; be little . object 
in doing this, if numerous : inde'i 
pchdcrit exhibitors ,; bad to be ; spid • 
oh each piclui'e.:; ;;Nbt one - pf , tliem ,; 
Would risk; possible liti.gatiPn from 
even a . lone, sina 11 exhi b who might . 
charge that llie;dclivered picture dif-, 
fcred ; from ;the synopsis subniitled 
vvlicn. sold, ' ' 


^dii(e^day. Match; 2^ lOatt 

k.riQwV: ■• Well, 

. ''By / joe Lauif ie, ■; Jr. ' 

'■, V-'- ' Coolacres, Cal,. March Ir 

Dear-joe: . [ ■ ■.v^-' .^v;' ■•' ' '-v --^ ' 

. There; is . a;/ x-easdn ■ for ; wha^ver hdlppehs. I j ust : found .;6u Why - 1 
^Sjra\v Whiles and 01d Chicagof v W wi^n^ AVas d6n^ .oh 

jjurpbsWi^^ . Here\'t what, hiappehe 

came, to; 'the boic ipffic<s, Vrid;.a .EJior'eh.c?, ' the, cdshi^^ 
lociale nie; so shfc ^^eii.ds myrpftite.; I was'. in there iust fixii^hing .up," 
the Anniversary- of; VAiuEi'Y \when. I hear a coughj land v);hen; I, 

looks Up i sec. this hiVd. He -is: about. the; S^^^ bartender arid has gray 

. hair^ wirich. ;niatches7Hs^;J$4e^ - T a mysterious baritone ';he^ 

:^ys;-'Are';'iyoU-'the' niana:ger.?;';. . \' .\ 

Well/ \yith the /kih<ila;piGtUi'es live, been r I'm afrttid to; say 

I'm. the manager;, so -i 'kjVida stan; him ' wWh..!'!«>^'..i^e^ ■^'}yy 
•What do: you. want, to'. s^ the' nianager abp.u't?v' With.:t^^ ff 
claiTirhy .handshake ■ arid "sez, - 'i.'m; WiJlie Brady from the .'Exchange. How 

'did-ybu/do wilh. -'Showf'W^ think • it:s -a;. tra so J.jstJirt .be-, 

littling. the •.pieture, Celling- hini. that; tjie- cqlor hurt jthe; ey;es of.' my. cus-; 
tomers and; r--^.xpecled lawsuits.;aboiit it. ; .At this, he- kihda ;iaUghs, if yoil 
can; picture ..ail oyster laughing. <and sez^ ^It's ' okay /pdU - you Vcan' cpnfie .:cle{ifV 
with me. .r sent that .picture to. y^^^^^ Chicago/ 

i (ipuldn't: fts.ure .'\vhy' yb^^^^^^^ back^ withbUt runnthg- it; that's 

why ,1, -came;' up "to .see ypu. personal.' Well I' .sez,. 'I,;didri;t: khdw' .that yb 
are th6 new rtiahager was very hatipy tp heai-; that 

they . are. goihg.;tq: i^gj^ .•breVkvahd .:send- me 

checkers; • :*i^iavi^, he sez;^ ■'you: g^ the.;Cmana;ger,. 
1 work ift^the shiVping department, and. T^^^ hard, luck 

and I figuredi :that :y;du'd?pay Irhie; a-little :extra. oh .the'-^^ yp.u; igbt ;spme 
of the better ..plctur^^.' ; He .tells.;^nie he picked ,irie ' but j because my; ^;hp?itre 
\iras -in ^such; i that time 

and I dbn't b 

away a;lot.6f yDod . 'dough for:.both pf;us;.tha.tlit.^^w^^ 

So; I^ told ^iiii tP Wait a: while and I^wbuld ;taJlt;it bveir :w^^^ 

So- 1 weiVt. up;and: told Ag^^ .abpUtjit: ,• Bpy, she let put.a .yell .ahd hit thf 
ceiling.; / i have'nt'v seen; h^^^ mad e.ven yeai*s ago. in O City- wheh 

the Oi^ek 'manager cahcell<^d ,^ ij;rbvv;up 
and spendihis: tincie igb.iiig^^ Visiting days. Ip see y6u?' ;;SP 

•tis^ten;;A^gie^ i ^wiaisn't :gpn^ guy's proppsitiohi but .seeui^ that; 

ybu -are my p'artber '■i;Awarited^ see wJiai ybul had to say ,;abput ;it..^.' ;Then 
she sez; 'YbiV.alwijy.s .niake m^^ you gpt.sprtie. trouiJle to 

cut Oip.'.- .-■ -■;.."• .'■-.■ •.■•■'■'.;^ --.. : ' - ; ---^- ■ • 

■:;;.-;7-.y.;r:\:;:.THe. ^Honeist 'Hearts^ Routfhe. 
WelK. 1 gbesCback to Fjsh.-eyes.;;ahd. I; read hirti a scene; froin 'Hpiiest 
^^eacti^^-t^ritjl•I aiiinPst' got' t^^ myselfv/^ Well, ;the "guy HUhg^ hjs-head 

and looked like a ■disapfioiitted. .eagle; . a few. ice V cabes. trickifed . down . his 
'cheeicst. ahd'he begs me hpt .'tb ^ay, anything to^^t^ 

got' k v^ife 'ahd kiids; I tell hiih I hev6.r.:blew aLwhistie '/in my life on^-ariy-'. 
body 'ahd .the best- thing fbr . him . tb. dp. is to go straig'ht: So ;he give^. .rne 
another bptioh , on. /a haridshaike and ;h^;Scrams^ Maiyhe 
business with the 'guy tb: give him ;i chance to get some : dough for /his, 
wife .arid kids,;, arid it /wpuldn-t hurt .theVexchainge because' they niake ,plehty: 
of dough, ''and be.«;ides it wou}d.;giYe' .a'chante^ pObr piebpVe iof this; 

ib'wh tip' see!; gbbd^piii^ be^t ..ttf be. hohest; and ;ahyjvay / the 

whole thing may have been a trick- to caitch me off my guard 

They lsent me a , 'picture, last we .wpuld.;/be great to .enfipty . the 

theatre in- a hutry. -/Invcase of -^^^ shbw ;the; 

pictUr^, open, the- .dobrs wide, /arid/the- patrons '.would dp./the rest.:/ 1 giiess 
th;e exchange idoesn't want. h'ie tb.get :intb the;h^^ ; .. 

Refhember :me ;tp; the boys and girls and tell 'em the bhly; trouble I -find 
with.. * ; -small ,iown; ; evei-y.body: kiiows , eyerybbdy . that, ^everybody 
;knQws;.'- Sez '■.;'■■■ ..' . ; ■■ - v , ■ : .; 

■■■"'• .-■':; "■•■'.••:•■■■;''.'•''■: ■.':■■■ . .';'■■-■-/';•■."•■•■ ■-■'■■'-. -• :■ '-. / -Ybu'r-pal, , ■'; 


\ H>l<3egard^, sez, , In /these, days you /teally/can't iudge ;ty . appearances, 
A wbinan that is. We'arihg -a mihk^ 

^ ;Hblly.wood, ;March .1; ' 
- baiTpyl Zaiiubk ; told 2dtt Fox -pro-^-. 
d;iicer.9vtodayT (Tuesday )r *Aiex^^^ 
Ragtime . Band'/ will be/ the last of 
l<:traight -muiiicals/thiis/yeir';-' 
./■Fil,nis tarry musical iriterpbr 
latibns' 'With /persbhalities;' dorhinat- 

.ihg..;;' .;'/. ;/;/; •;';:- .•/"■•■;/ ■;' 'V/ i.-. 

Bobby Jones Goifs 
WB Income 

-''■' '-'/■■■/!' /•'/ .■'■-::.^/.Aflant]a,.-,Mar9h./l..V./ 
/ .'Federal .:iCiove,rhroent Was. entitled 
to . $53\33.9/37/:ihc!orne tajc- slibe. it; tpbk 
out pf /.$i56,20d/ paid;' .Robert Tyre' 
(Bobby ); jpnes\yarner/Brpis, Pic-/ 
tiirbs, ihc;, fpr seribs-of .golf- Short's, 
i ;;1931 and: 1933y . Fecferal; Judfe -Bask 
cOm..,S. beayeii";ruleH' last week .Ex;^ 
rgolf irtg / charnpipri V had made/ ; deal 
With- his/., father,' Robert P, ' jon.e^, 
whereby latter. purchas€;d services 
bf his; / for^$i;QdO and ::receiyed. 
monies .paid ;by Holly wbod producers, : 
which, funds Were^placed- in' trust- for ' 
iBbbbjif's'three mi;nx);r;ehi|drenr /;,/;;;'/ / ;• - 

/ /SewiOr Jpnes/ahnoiinc^d casb'W 
•be yapjpealed./ 

3.; .iudgp. topic; .case undei' . adviserri.enti 
:sigiiinff"-:"$1ec'isibn Teb/'.',;2^. ■;'at'/ 

Atheri's. '6a), ; .\\mete : ^he' Was; hbldmg:;: 
court, Jii'rist-ruled that it .gplfe^ 
aissigned .his /fiiiture ;earhirf)|S/- to ■ his 
;father' .; as. .trustee, . for. ;the/; children;, 
.after : he ' had.exeeuted cohtract,/with 
Warners .'there/ bbuld be no /question 
as to . the; taxability ■ of siich/iticorne,.'/ 
. 'This, in: -efrecti and^in;/contempla-/ 
tipn of- the ihcpihe tax; laws, is;/ 
actiy what he did dp; / His father, was 
a mere;.cpi>duii/ judge- stated. .. .•' ' '-;. 
;. -pufirig; ti-l,ai;. ibn^^^ With .a 

Macpn/clblhier against "J 
ahd ; a ■ spepia^ ; assistant / to; / attpriiey-' 
general,.: who. ..assistfeid . iri / defense of 
case, / .giving. / juiist.r. and; ; partner a 
shellacking., in; ah: vlS-ihole '-rnatch aV 
idlfe Hour touritiry/ Cljub/;/. ~ 

M(B WiEli iSUED 
FOR $75,000 COMMISH 

'Golden ; Boy' on 
sued • yesterday 

Frahpes Farmer, stage- and screen 
star, currehtly iji 
Broadway, ; .was; 

. (Tuesday) m N/, Y;. supreme ;court 
by • Shepard' / Traube,. agent,.; . who 
claims "the actress owes him $75,000 
in fees;, on her engagernentV; /since 
; December, ^935, ; Judge Berriard 
Shientag has- ordered .'Miss rFarmer 
to ; appear; March; T/ for, ixam 
befpre/ trial of /; the /'Suit, -/ /Traiibc 
wiahts an acpo'uhtihg Of her earn;^ 
ings~\iri/ pictures and on the stage 
since \the' time/;- she . ' ; ' all6i?ed .;' to/ 
; have/Tuh' but';.' / ;; hijn:/. ■;/•;.-. ;; .-■ /' 
The . agbnt .claiims , he ^ /aihd ; Miss 
. Fa'rnjer" entered a .'contract;. ;in May,;^ 
;1£I35;/; Which \v;as^^ttf '/run;;'fc?r;;^fiye; 
yba rs. He was - to get. . her ;] pbS ' an'd 
receiyb the; usUal ^0%./'/. AVeiis . he 
ihimediatjfeiy / • hookpd /Iier /. ii p- ; wi th 
Pararnoiiht .ah/d /.arirahge for pther; 
/en'gagehients.. VShe ;.nevej*- paid -him, 
but /instead^ pri: .Pep: ; 'IS',/: 1935^, -in- 
ioi^med .him/ he; Was a washed up 
so fat as ' she. . ' /v;cphce;riTed/'; .In 
/her ...anAve'i' ' Miss;:/Farm admits 
sigiiihg •. .cbh't.ract; Wi th . Traube hut 
claims/ he- V.' .. the vfirst to brfeadh 
it. V ATsb; 0 i3;pPses / .i;t; / on gr p.u rid 
piaintiir /hai? ;/ ; stand i)ig, .not. hav- 
ing/a. license ;./tp . ,i:un ij- .theatrical 
agency;' r/ ,..^.:../; //'../..,-■ ;'; "'^ -.; - .•,;■.-• 

. .Hollywood,-; March 1. . . 
': Prise ilia and ; Rosenia r y La he have 
been elevated/tp star status ;by War^ 
.Tiers, bringing the .Burbah 
tervpf ibjp. liiller&;tb;25; . ; ',,, ',"r'S^: 
Elevation; 'Pf ;Priscilla/ Land came 
as; a; i^e ward ; for -her / Work in' 'HpM y t 
wood,; HpteiV . .iahd / '(adiddiggers/ in 
Paris,' Avhile ;RoseTtia'ry ;liahe wbn 
irer /uppihg thrbugh per^^^^ 
•CbWboy . f rorri Efrbbkiy / jind/ 'tAJVe, 
Hohbr; arid Behaive;" 

For Lariny^ Rpss'^^ N^^ 

/. ■■. /HbliyWbbd, ;March /l.^ .v 
C.olunnibia is h^i.ving. a lot; pt 'trpUble 
finding a;; story ■ f or /' Lahriy ■ ^-'RPss, 
radio's old. .Show; Boiat star/ Tenor, 
cibesri/t ; Waiit / just another/ -picture^ 
^.wher.B .for. m ;.i-.easbTii;.he /sings , ,ea;;ly. 
and.jofleriV but is. holding... o,' for^ 
soriiethirig;. like 'It v.Happeried . Onei 
Niaht"; where .Clark- -.l-ahle did some 
b /d; but logical, singing ;,whil<e rol.l- 
ing-;alorig^ in'a'-car. ■ /';■'■■■ -.//; .;; 

Stories ; where.;; isirigers; \: .inoyed 
ai bu rid arid ; had a reason for ; si ft ging 
run intb bosturtiers: ahd ti'bubadours/ 
'and CbK ; doeslllt :;like; to. .play/ into 
the /hands of .either, as ;they ;run; 
mpriby. Mean While. Ro^sl^^^ 
;rPuhd foiva .story, on his .own; '. :, /;. 

By /MjEiriaiv Sqiiir^ 

S : 'HollyWipod, Mm'ch ■1'. 

' ; Mori'ie-, Rysklnd; ; is: /-btick /; ., /; the' 
RKO; lot- to do ..the sercoriplay /for 
*iRboni; Service,' Avhioh will be .Hlrned 
V/ i th til t. Mar X B rps;- 1 n .1 he f ea t ur e'd 
spot, Geoi'ge Ste'v.erifv W^ . 
/ 'Ryskirid;/v>'a!^' last at; RKO fbr.' the 
^ijigc. DoorV. sbrjijli'; ■;; 


; ;Geor^e 'Jessel; .'arid Noi'.rri;a; ; Tnl- : 
mad^e " cbm'e.. ehst ." ■■ : A'p r jl/'fpr -/ii ve/--' 
theatre dates /via: the/ Wi.ilbiiV.iVLof.ris-..| 
/agchpy. ;;Fbx, /Detroit, -H^s: pencilibd .. 
t-he^/:in fpj/y?iprjl lS,';foHbWjj-ig which/! 

they/^piay;. succe.s^'- -.weeks '-at' the .- 
;iStanley;;/.Pittsb.uryhv ■ Capitbi;;/ Wasli;---' 
'iii'gtph, '■ .i^hd' .'thb /Cch/lli ty^. .Biii.tiriioi-e.; ']. 
;Fpliow;in^;;Balto,; /act laj-/ /off / ,/Vei:]< :\ 
/and- comes; into 'Loew s 'Stat-e, N. -Y;/.'. 

.May:;2o./. ;^v/■■ .-;'-'.:;; .' ■;/!o;-- .t: ■-/■■.-'' 

; ./Act -■;..;WiIl; ;.h..a ve : ; Jb!<epbii')e' ' Stai-r, • / 
ybuhgster/ With.. thetri pri th.e a fr,. ■.'I'my- -;. 
A ir'neli ; si ngcr, -;;spybral. .<;tbb.i{.e'i;, -.and ' ,; 
Tprrt my 'ruckor's ' ;b jnd';f r«;in .. .ie?.*t'.rs ;,: 
radio. cbftinTercial 'vv'hich/ Will.n.Ot /b't i 
Interrup.ted. ..:-;T.uckor//Wi 11 '-h^^^^ the- t 
atre , pit ./bands / shifted-,, to' the/ .stage; 
;br'inginf; seyeral; 'key: ;riipii.. ;f.roTin -hi-t ;l^ 
Own-: iOiitfxt. - for' ■ insertio'ii ■ inip ' tli'e' ' 
Piolise ;cr'ewg, ;.;-;■■■■.•■ / ;. ' ":-.■/:■ ./.;;.■';,; ■- ■; 
• Biily Gilbert,', 'him ' c6'iinbdl!in, , has two •wed'ks.'.-added-. to his ,ci!r/rc',Mt 
p.a. tbun . :He -^oes! the Stahley,' 
Pi.tfsbUrgh, J'riday -(A); and St/ Louis; 

'March: ii.^;/-..! -,:;-/' ^ ■'.,•• ■ 

J<W5k Lawi^ce .NoW; Asis 
FrodMc^ ip Satt^ Ooldwyn 

•ripllyWood, /Ktarch 1.- ;/ 
Jock /;LaW'rehcei ; for /.tWo years 
Samuel /Gbldwyh's chief, prajser, ' has 
been; iippped/to/ an assists berth 
in /the /.productibh/ . ; Al 
ya.ughn,;^>vhp;.ha;s b;ee;h /assist.aht ;pub- 
licity ;directbrj,inbvbs;;U^ -;; 

: '■ Freddre ■ Kbhlma.r, ./•w.^hp originally 

t;iye.;and;; iiiter Was promoted: to/;as-. 
sociate; • ; p.i'oducer, aeft /the/, lot ';iast 
week ;. at;., the' sariib ■ ; tiihe- ■ GePrgfe 
.Haight ;and Sam iMarx did. ./ . ^ ;. • 


'.'rj- • -v"' - ;.'/^Ne^v;/Drt^ . 

BTtice Ma , fill 1 hi g-, ; spr ip tc;r ; W i th : U n i.- 
yer^aj,:. . here/ i;pr/ a ; stay- of ;:spm,e 
'ii i; . ' ; 1 0 .^o,t-hcr ^h.atcnal -'■ (pi,';' il ihi .he 
15; -Wprkirrg':oii , ••■Ibhtai iyp^ 
(Di-lcaPK;' ; ;/i;ie: / ;':f?ucst^'o.f jiihies/'k; 
yeiblPh'iah,.;;.y'i'ite'r;; . 'r\ / 

;; ;.,Mnhi-i;hg,; .alKp. .nenev^ acq;iiaint-. 
unccji .■\s';i;lh-.,-'Ipc;il . heW;spap.6r/^ boys 
\v iUi' \^-lvo.m- he /fbi'merly . 'Worked ''p^ 
Tjie •'-..■■-•■■• ;.';, ; -■..'.■■■. 

;/;;.^///; / ./ , /_.>$»lly, Irej^e; •nd- /ftlar^ '\fy;eH,..presS<^^j!paI^ -C^. 

'if ybu-.have i ; fp^ Fred Allen'ahd.'jirnmy/'^^^^ / 
with ..'Sally;.' and Mary':catVt bb/a. wastei/'Of :ti^^ Beside'sv'b.t'Jriji^^x^^^ ' 
funny giiys,. they have the added, break .o;t getting spme sihart iint^^ arid ^ 
-funny, riif iibp.i[ausibie/' situationiii -tb play -arpUiid y^ithi; Still on the .lauRli- 
:;side -;of the ledger are; Joan; Davis and :Greg^ 

R(Dse> HpLvick." ;sort;pf/ brUriet ;Mae W^ m,o;it; out • ■ 

.pf'^her.iiries;/'. ' -'':'.• v/./;,-":''/^ / ■.•.';. /;; ••■ -/C-" '.■•'o.' " <''■■•' . /•^:'-- 

■ Alice Fay e/ and Tony' 'Martin handle- the.-^^^^ arid/hipst;;of the . 
spngs,-/ iFetphirig .ebstC\fnes w by .GWeh 'Wakeling f p'r. i[VIisV-Faye - / 
;whO."5,e lines lend/ a fernjnihe touch/ tb; the most manrtailpred .suits/ The rea- . 
son f or th is; is. bb Vio us in -.a little • 1 Jfrppk' ,W.ith;. fight sash/and sti o li sk i i>V 
with. Jpah ;Dayis/' iri/ an identical co.stu'me 'showing as:-. mUch^'/a^^^^^ 

;fewer curye);/: -MarjOrie Weayer ..makes: the third of the;. trip; . ■ •' ■■: v ■ ;' / . 

.Bridesmaids' '"outfits/; With ^high-. riifl/led; bpnnrts.^ Zap 
^P.wns rv(tled;frbiri stem/, lo .sterri are b^ .Miks ;F;iye . - 

brides in; a slini white . satin/ gown- and tulle/ vw^^^^ 
with a b.virich;b.f .;white flowers. ■ A .telephon^/dbli dresA WithVt 
and rosebuds, putiihirig the ;drbp shOulder/line ii- another; happy 'ciVbi:ce ;fpr : . 
'Miss/Faye,-,-:' / ■-/;;/•/ ;;:''''^'/^ '. .;'-/ .-/ /\ '::'y^ 'y''<'-V /•/■;''■; ';;:/;"--■ ' '''/-O/ 
: Louise :Hoyick purs:i^^^^^^^ 

ev^riini; gpwn— a/lihe ;/nbt ;iiiitbd: to; her/ /-A ■ white , -evening 
gown; With ; shirred 'bpdice.-. and ^hg;. errriine /cape ^ does better /by her ;sil. ; 
hbuet./.. Arid^/the ;lady /shovid never;: wear high' ;harrpW ;h^ wi\h Ibwish . ^ 
•nep'k /dre;|| as;^he .do^^^^^ street; scene; ' .-Wlakes 

ho h.eadv: -';./■■..■/■.;■.:'.' ..'■ ;/'■ ; ;■/-//;:'■■ '.;•;' •- -:•/ .;'- ■'.' ./;■• ■■'-:['-::'[■''■:/ '' ■ ''■'.>:'■' .-■■,"■'. 

•; 'Tbriy ;Martin/ a little, too- cpnippsed as the ypcalizing .|uyehne, si'ngs/ better' 
than he abts— but; ;he's trayeliiig/ in sbnie lir.etty fast i)erfortning coiripany 
itv this-illm, .;////■■ ./; .■ .; /■•■';.'-/'"'.v^^- •• -■■ ,:-;-■■'■• A- ;'''■- ■■-;/ "'/ .;/'- •■;:/■•-■/^; 

: koky Stage /Show'B Fejhme Lineup -■/// •-/; 
.^.;CpWbby Beb . If b; Gray .,is/bro\ight stage-by the:.(^^^^ /•' /;. 

irig a: Rpxy/.yersiph of' milkhiai.d cpstum.iE^-r-ruM^^ aprons bbtbi ^i. arid 

br Let- red -pa n ties .1^^^^ 

.duce- ijhe/dahcihg Gpndps Brps.^ . Girls\:SwU .shbaths ^iid- ■ 

larg^ei .chlffpn. /scary'es Bridesoiti's; .first/ ./\/ ;'''.;/-/>; \-' •;'-. ; ■■■ ;/•/'■ j'.-.- ■ / . ;/' -■; - /. ./•/'-.■^ ; :/^-' ;:'/' > /../ . ! .. :■; // -:'/;;■ 
/ Miss; Brideion ; flddlfes; iii a;; White bo.uffiant :igOwri/;with I'hinesjlone .^lidded . 
drop sho'viider 1^^^ 

^staging f pt: h;'pbh^^ Tennis prpviditig/ /daiicirig baek'. 

groiihd on the elevated s ./gaiize .curtain/ /■ Miss .'Teshnis .wears - 

:a pearl/ whitp ballet .direst; the top /layer^ 

'.>yink-like 'effect.; /..^ /..'/ ■ ■;./.--''■■ ■ ; '/; -'':-^;;..;-' ''/.-.:-/ ;'■■.'■; '• -.' -''■■ .// /.■ ;■ 

'-Acrobatic Pau^^^ assists' him' ip a^ » 

blue/ blouse arid; short. W'hiU chiffonV skirt. / Foster/ Girls /w^ihd iyp .;t^ 
■with .a. repeat on 4he/aVrpl.ean^^^ .; 
considerable imprbyem in handling . the "vvheels. ; ■ . . ^ . /-. ., . / ■ 

. ^\...;; .//•//;/ -.'A ' Y»!^lk■.at•'■pV^>^d^ Squares -R^ : ;- V::K'': .;-■'■■. ; 

*^A; Yank at 0.xfp;rd'. sAvarms with .whimsy, /-Oxford' traditipri an'd.;'hoyi.<;h' 
.exMberahce, All in an ;apparent:- effort to pfbye that Rpbei/t Taylor/has ;iiair . ; 
on his; chest.; ,Mi-;/;Tciy lor is :an exceptionally /good ;:ibbking young -man, : biit ; 
.not so" be&iitif ill that/he shbuld;;be;lbrcc;d -to ,run like :mad, :gri;ttirig . his nice 
white ieefh in brde'f to .show .the fans;^^^^ p'n/ am piifTs;; ■ : 

Mr. .Taylor's; ch'aTacler/ iS^'essehtfally/m the eheii'etic - tee / ' 

;,She/ridan,; and .he/ gets the athietio. idea bvpr better . when he is riPl/actuaHy 
.engaged iri;bpn:iipetiti.v.e .sports/' ::; ■ ' - . .- ■; ' / / / ' ' 

. It is ■ ha rd; tp take the.; gobs bf hobility scattei/ed among the boyish 
hilarity',; ;;.the characteil;. drawn . by/Griffith Jones; as Paul ;Beauriipnt, / 
hasn/t indicated ariy .svich, trjiit. The whole, thing: is StrDhgiy.;; of 
•the.-'i'piri- BrpW.n. series. /;'-:.■^; ' - ;' ; ./-• '■"■..' ■-;,/r. /■'.-. ''-';■; - '■■^^■■;:'' '-.- 

; ;'r;he /g.irl--whp-mi,s,unde.r&tands:-then-.c^ 

who ^^hiis; litUe./tP- dp-';and'.dbe^ it /ih:'s>im.plb^sc!hpblfsh ' frobks:.'^^^ 
lines- an;d :rieat.'ro;(:md.cplla'i-s^^ -\-'v; ; ■■'■--■;/;-.'■'-.'-.;.•,; -/ . -■ ' /-.^ - ■■•:-/"--'v 
. ; The menace is supplied by Vivien: Leigh,, who. doesh't: IPpk as/ dli.^'hih^ as ^ 
she is ihterided , to. be .as. the college -WidbW.;/ Two .fur-trimhied are - : 

rhbre scramhied than sireriish.' One; is a shPrt-^slee.yed ;dress'.w'it.h lepptird, 
collar and cUffs , worn .With; :\-feretDn.?' The/ other is a';light^; fufttrimrned 
jacket with a halp hat. ;■ .. -r^; ■ . -. ;:■; ' :y' r: 

Lionel BarrynnOre. tolters;a.round:hii5 hewspapier bCfice ahd aibin)d;-Gxford' 
admiririg son RPbert/Tayior - iahd straightening[>matteris .-Put./ 'i/h is/ should 
. be; easy- for; Mr. Barrymbre 'as it is about thb - third ti hie .th is seasP; ;hc"s : 
-turned; up/at schppl^t' the last riiihutei to fix •yei^thihig .up for ithe :f^ideoUt;V 

.-■//:; ;:;■:^^■/■//;\ /A/'sUebt/CasV;o^^ //-/ ^ 

,- ;.'A. Siight/CJase /of; Murder': iS;mpre than a slight case of -giggles ^yitii/;.. 
;)Edward G.,Robinson having a hiiirvelous/time doing a refornied bbpllegger^ 
Given ihgenious; situations/and .EdW 

■;Huber tbi asisiistriri the wacky pi poebdings, "Mr. Rbbihsoii ntid the /a.iidienc* 
should both be happy. . .-';.' ' ; . //' /.. ■. -v/- .'^/ ■' /''• ' 

/ Everyone/ has fua .excep^^^ Jane Bryan/ who is in the unfortunal position , 
/of being ; a .necessary; adjunct as. the /daughier bf Rbbih.<!on; and/ Puth/Dpn- 
nelly; ^It/nday/nbt be .etitifely , her 'fiUit that she a.cfs like a:. polite. Aisiibr; 
to the; hay wire hbusehold. .Having little -else to. dp, howeveiv .Miir?' Bi/van; 
might havfs remembered that she -is supposed to haye .spent, a number of 
ye^rs in a .srhart; Parisian.'rtnishing schobl, ; Finishing -schools;: do- npt^ 
out.ypuhg ladies who in^ thbir.thiimliJs, it>; R; graceieM 

;'and -charmi^deistrpyirig^ges^ -V/;/-- ;-:-./; ■ '• 

Th|^ only other straight 
signed to Joe D.pWriin^, .w:t>o./is;-i'apidly beconiirig Hollywpodls siiVisterrpan^^^ ; 
NO. -l..' He V makes ^L look, lil<e- Foxy/ Graridpa;/in tpmpaiii'bn^' ] 

Mr. Do Venning oi)]y- shbw.s iippcca.slbi'ialiy: in the.- film but. his/a ppear'jii'ice ;; 
;jiist;the-;r.'ight;fouc.h' of. cphtrast ta'heighteri. the'comedy^^ - ;' : .:/ 

• ; '-1^ p1ctu;i'e;1s' amriy ;merei^/ because .lt dbesn/l/iTiake'sejise^' ;;a;n^^ 
,Case of;lliurdei^'^ yi ith; its cast lineS and/ situations ;shbuld' stahd; bn;-irf: pW.rv ; ■; 

■ as' a cPiTiedy,. . instead o'f'^bbirig: incUided- as'-.j'us't aholher'-bf/tlie .'c'rsiz'v.TCycle';- ■; 
fad.'^-;. -.;■;;:- :;.■■'■.■ y'. -'l ••;■; •':■■-- ;■;-.;■-.;.-■•;■;.;■;■■ .■■;/' ' .■ -'/ .■•-■'.' 

Mjss;:porineliy :. ;/ -plaktered;/ with rhiiiestone'^ iand' sei^ui'iis-;' bofiltiri}; /hipr. 
'ppsi;iipri/HS -the ;:wife -of/in -■e;c-^piVbiic;.e.iie'iny- ^^Miss'3rya^^ 
or^d .as /-tp .street .tlpth.e.<,.. 'y^/ith/piie ;nVelai:' cloth, eychihg gbwri '\yi\h- h.iRh' 
I w«ist and -loAy^-.neck,. AV.orn;/uiider ^shpi:t /pepiiinV ^ jacket .thtA ;ibpJits/ like -it 

;beipirii(ed 'to a!ip.Uver;di>ess 

. /QrK.,''«ut^-.N;of'ltii'(h^ /Nation'-; ; .:- .■ 
;/;.The/advbi;tismg.:KO)es iiiiiisitally' haywire,-' eyert' lor pictiire bhiTbini^ 
'calllrvg^ 'Of; I[iiinn.n:JleBMs^/lhe.-'dra'm 

■;; ; / r/;llplly wood,- :jVrai;ch . ;;/' 
• i .Wfirrii^,i-;s hf)^;;.;S(;nf :'Thi-<! /■;:Br-.pri'fi-: 
.wjiy CJfrls':. be fpre.'ih.(r ■ "urjora's ..with 
.lohh - -Fariiow /direct 111^! :f;rPrri ; Lii.w,-' 
.i;t'n;c.:t' Ki'n^.blb-.s -scrceriplay. -.; . 

;'; CJJi.^l- includes-, Aiiila LouLvcv" Gloria 
pixBii/ /Su.siin . 1-lpw;i4:U, .j'lihh- Litei; 
iin.d I'iili';ic; i<nowiies.' .;.i:- : '• 

or w:rrii()^is, a;i)d a. treiit'ior .fpimiie'm.ati^ -searPh'of.;i good' cry. 

;;,EyerythMig-;hfipj3ens Ho '.Beuliih Bondi;/(Mitry ■Wilkins);-''but.-.hpr sv/cct- 
,m:rgri;itif)ii;cUtVt be.shakeri^ her jion; hti/ptt-. 

n^rse.;jind .Jter-, fjitniiy.trcas ;; ■ .'•■;;.,:";; ■.':■-''//..--.' '■'/ :;.-/; 

;,. i/iratiicc Jby Gilbert: :md/.(?cn(f ;R6yhol<^ Welt chosch for Ann Ituth(;r- ; 
ford -arid v.;Stc wait as/ chiiih-en; ..; /MiKs Uulherfbrd is -si .^sWebtrVniced -hocp- 
ylurfed ; lieroinp. with-^Uttle / heart-inierestihg ■ tb • do '^ong. 'the -:Vc<is; bf; 
Wpthcf -Bcu!;ilv-BowU*f! ;>acrince., .;ih^ uiidt:''- 
^landirig;' -; ....... :;:..-;-./-- ":■ '~ .;; :; -.;-.;-\: --/.;V'' - .;'...v-^ ;■■'•.'.;'■;■ ' 

/ ^>'y.:Ky>b<-e;:/Cli:(rley; (^riip(vwih^ 

Who c;in Jiltt Jiys be counted ;«h:;t(^hold . their bwh--makb n 
.charactcr'.Vin. the cirv^ut 'ddei-^-y / ;..;^' "-. 

Vreiln<'S<]IJ»y? March 

In Chi to 


Chicago, ,;Mar(^ 
Tobiii'Vg the town in; aU dirtc^^ 
and on- every score is Mae West, who 
?" cracking attendance and gross' 
marks at the Palace this week. 
Smacked the f^oint pages and puhlic 
a tehtibn; ' from the minute 5he 
stenped off the trmn. andi the crush 
at th^ Palace is so big: that it has 
been necessary, to squeeze mv a schedr 
Wle of six aiid seven shows davly. 

Bad disappbinteris ^eJBig B*oa^ 
cast' With Shep Fields'iband. at the 
Ghicago. Oriental holds over 'Gold- 
wyn Follies^ whith tUJ^ned In . a 
whacking session prey lovisly. -Will 
hold to a good gross on inaications. 
'^ank at Oxford^ got away nicely at 
the UA, In Old Chicago' indicates 
4af it is likely ;tp bfeak ruftTCjccrds 
ior roadshow . pictures jn this townj 
going on at a steady trot at the 

^Apollo,. : ' "J 'y ' 

Estimates for This Week 

Apollo <B&K) (1,200; 55r834U0- 
*i B?)-^'In Old Chicago' (20th) (5th 
week);; Holding tip to remarkable 

gross despite lengthening.5£ ?^y.:.m 
Ibove stop: figure at $16,000 again last 
;week,. strong.. ., 

ChJcagi (B&K) (4,000: 35-55-75)--- 
^Broadcast' (Par) and Shep Fiields 
band on sta^e. DisappOiritihg take in 
prospect though good stage show. 
Looks $25,000 tops, weak. Last' week, 
•6old' ( WB ) and vaude didn't bring 
any gold' intb thiis spot and sank the, 
register' to siad :'$24,QO0., . . ; ■ . . 

Garrick (B&k) .(900; 35.55-65?^75) 
^'Paid to Dance' (Col). Not much 
Indicated here arid will ;haye ; to be 
satisfied .with $5,000 on the week. 
Last week, 'Hurricane'- (UA), fin- 
ished wow six-weeker in. loop to 
: fine $5,100... v.;. ^- ..:■] ■ ',■ 

■ drleiital (B&K) (:3;200; 35-55-75)— 
•Goldwyn Follies' (UA) and- vaiide 
(2rid Week.); Holding to good. $18,000 
currently fbllowiiig sock $31,()00 last; 
'week; ' •. : . ;'■ ■ V o 
. Palace (RKO> (2,500;' 35-55-;75)— 
>Dioubl^ Danger' (HKO) and. vaude^ 
Irtae West/oh stage arid that tells the 
tale. Personal is dragging in w6w 
coin arid, business. Topping (every- 
thing iritowri with shattering $38,000. 
Just a question of squeezing 'erii in. 
Last Week, 'Stage Door' (RKO) and 
vaude; finished second week here to 
neat enough $16,300. 

Roosevelt (B&K ) (1,500; 35-65-65- 
75)— 'Baroness' (20th). O&ened Sat- 
urday (26) arid looks all right for 

■ $12,000. Last week, -Met My Love' 
(UA). disappointed to wobbly $5,200. 

State-Lake (Jones) (2,700; 25-35- 
45-55)-^-CraShirig Hollywood' (RKO) 
and vaiide. , (jood . week again . to 
$13,000, Last week, 'Beg, Borrow' 
(MG). nice $12,100. . . 
- United Artists (B&K-,UA) (1,700; 
35-55-65-75)— 'Yank' (Mt3). ' Opened 
Saturday: (26) and heaided lor good 
:$i7,000. / : Last week, .'Everybody' 
( MG); sagged and yanked after weak 

$iOi2oo..:- , , - 

'Sacred,' 9G, 'Gold' 8G, 

Estimated Total Gross 
:.Thia-; Week:. > . ..■,$i;644,8;0« . 

(Based on, 23 .cities, J 63 the- : 
. atres, chiefly : first'. ■■ -in- 
■ eluding JV. T.) , 

"Total Gross S;»ro e 
\- Week. Laist Year. $l,'782,8e(| 
(Based. on 26 citiei,'177 theatres) 

Seattle, March 1, 

• In .general. Seattle, is^ glad Janu*- 
ary and February are over with. 
.IVTarch is expected to bring the usual 
spring business pickup, Wijlh lurhber 
and other industries showing neW 

life.; ^. 

: All pix are slow Currently, except 
Nothing Sacred,' which is heading 
for big $9,000. 

Estims^tes for This Week 

y .Blue . iVIousie . .(HanirickrEverg^^^^ 
(900: 27) --' Hawaiian Biickaroo' 
.420th) arid 'Jury's Secret' (U), dual. 
Expect only $1,800, poor. Last week 
Gra.shirig Hollywood' (RKO) -and 
^Wise; Girl\.(RKQ) .dual, .f ,$2.- . 

Coliseum (Hamrick - Evergreen) 
(1.000: 21 -32 )— 'Navy . Blue' '-. (MG ) 
and '.Big . titrie Girl': (20th). dual, 
split with 'Last Gangster' (MG) arid 
Anger, (Par), dual. Lbokirig for $2,- 
;-600,' Last week. '2nd Honey- 

mooiV (.20th) arid 'Ebb Tide' (Par,), 
dual, $3,100, .E!ood: 

:■ vCoionlal. (Sterling) (850; 10-2i;>-- 
.fliijht from Glory' (RKO) and 'She 
. Asked lor If (Par), dual, split with 
oorneo- (20lh); - arid 'Miss Aldrich' 
^^G ) . d.iic) 1 . Figure on moderate 
SI 800. Last week 'Partners . of 
Plain-?* .(Par) and !Girl f romv Scot- 
ian.d'd' .(Par)',- dual, .field: full 
week, ,fi:opd $2,000. .- ■ V , . : - 

Fifth Avenue (Hannirick-Ever- 
.?re(;n) 12,400: -32^37-42)— 'Baroness 
and-.Butl,er' . (20th) and. 'Airsene Lu- 
pin , CMG), dual: Indicated only 
*I5>50(). i^iowV Last / week- 'Gdldwyri 
Fp liGiv (UA)V single biU,'good $9,20^0^^^ 
: out below expectalioris: \. 
^•.Xiberty^ (J.vH) (l;900; 21-27-42)-^ 
XJ.^^^ Sacred' . (UA ). -Heading, .for 

* i:UU0^ tremendous. . Last week 'Pen- 
'teritiary' (Cbl). ..and 'No 'Tirne. td 
-A^-'^ dual,- okay $5,100. 
/nr^V^-^ R«x ; (llamrick-Evergreen) 
;i9flO; -32-37-42 )--'Goldwyri Follies^ 

(UA) riidved from Fifth Ave. Reach- 
ing for $3,000, good. . List week 
'Happy Landing? (20th>: arid 'Bulldog 
Drummdrid's:. Reverige' ; (Par), diial, 
fourth -arid final' week, six days, ■$2i- 
600; good, ■ ■ ■'■ .,.\ 

Orpheum . (Hamrick - Evergreen): 
(2,700; 32^37-42)— iGdld' (FN) . and 
'Change Of Heart' (20th), dual. Ari- 
ticipate : $8,000, good. Last Wieek 
'Everybody Sing' ■ (MG) 'Mr. Moto' 
(20th), dual, yanked, after five slow 
days, $3,100. ' . 

Paioihar (St^irling) CM50;; "16-27^^ 
37 "There Goes Girl' (RKQ) and 
■Invisible Meiiace' <( WB), dual^ arid 
vaude. ^ Gaited at $3,40O, fair. Last 
week 'London by Night! (iMG) arid 
vaudej: fair: $?,100,,. . V ; : ; 

' Paramount (Harririck-r EVergreeri") 
(3,106; 32-37-42)— 'Yank at Oxford^ 
(MG) aridv 'City: Girl,' (20th), - dual 
(2nd week). Expect $4,000, .okiy- bri 
h. o.: .' Last ■ week,: sarife . film's, l.big 
$9,100/- .V/'-',: -'^-'' . ■ , 

■ Roosevelt' ^Sterling) (850: 21-32)-^ 
'AWftil Trath' : (Col), and "'Daughter 
of SharighaL' (Par), dual.: Nice.corii- 

bination ; heading .for. $2;500, . good. 
Last' week 'True - .Confession' (Par) 
arid^ 'Boy of Streets'; (MCi), dual, $2,,, 
400i, okay. ^ 

■Woraeri Men Marry* (MG ), good 

$7,000;- ^ ■ - 

Loew's (M. T, Co.) (3,200; 50 'Non- 
Stop New York* (U) and 'Prescrip- 
tion; foi'-. Romance' (U): Fair: week- 
erid and should gross $6,00Oy good;' 
Last week, ■ 'She Married an Artist' 
(Col) :and 'Under Suspicion' (Col), 
$5,500, ^gpod;-.':- ■ ■ 
V Princess . CCrr). (2.300; .50)— 'Wise 
Girl' (RKO) and 'Crashing Holly;- 
wodd' (RKO )i This may gi:o}is" nice 
$5;000. Last week,: 'Tarzan's. Re- 
venge^ : (20th) ; and 'High Flyers' 
<RKO), $5,5()0, gdbd..- 
: ■ Orpheiiht (Ind.) (1400;. 50>VNoth- 
irig Sacred' , (UA). ' Liable to' gr^iss. 
$4,000, good.'; - Last arid riinthi week 
of : 'The Hurricane'" (UA) did wbll at 
$2,500.\ -.:'--v:- -..■>■ 
; Cirieiua . de' Paris (France-Film) 
(^00; .50)— 'Gitadelle de Siierice* v(2rid 
wk), " May : grdss $2,000, good, after 
a very good $2,500 last Week. 

;St. Denis (Francfe.^Film) (2,300;.34) 
—'Mirage' arid ' 'Lai Fessee.' Lent 
will bring it down to ■ -$6,000, fair: 
L^st week very good $7,500 on : 'Uri 
Carriet de Bal' and 'Au Pays, de 

soieii.^:'^ ;-'''^^' ■■■V'•^;•:••- 


;Buffalo/March 1. 

Ted Weema i* sending the gross; 
at the Buffalo; Up to the highest point 
in some tiriie, with the Cieritury arid 
Lafayette following in with excellent 
figures;. ,..^': • ■;, 

.;: ""Estimates ; tor ■ Thii ..W<fek; ; ;j 

tfiiffalot (Shea) (3,(500; i35-40-60)-- 
'Baroness and Butler' (20th) and Ted 
Weems: oi'ch. Qddd' start indicates 
figure of :ardUnd: $18,000, . with most 
bf credit due to Llast week 
'Bringing Up Baby' : (RKO ) and 
Ferde Grofe- barid, so-so $13,000. 

Century } (Shea) (3,400; 25W35)— 
'Hawaii Calls' (RKO) and; 'Born to 
the; West' (Piat). A Way to a fine 
start, due to Bobby Breen's.persdnal 
appeararice.: Probably dver $9iOOO. 
La^t Wieek 'Checkers' (20th): and 
'Ghan at Monte, Carlo' (20th), excel, 
lent $8,600. . 

Great Lakes' (Shea) (3;400; 35-50) 
— IGoldwyri. Follies* (UA) - (2d; Wk). 
Uricertairi: holdo"V^r business. : Prob- 
ably only $5,500i tast Week a starid-^ 
out at $15,000. : 

; Hipp (Shea) (2,400; :30-50)-^'Hit- 
ting New High' CRKQ ) and 'She's 
Got Everything' (RKO ). Very low, 
$4,000.^ Last week -Aserie LUpin, Re- 
turns' (MG) and 'Only Young Once' 
(MG); poor- $3,900. - 

Laf?iyette . (Ind. ) (3,400; 25-35)-t 
'Pehiteritiary' (Col) arid 'No, Time to 
Marry* (Col): - Nine > days" on this 
should spell ; neat ; $9i,500. : Last Week 
iNon-^iStdp: . New , York' (GB) and 
"fhat s My Story*' (U), five days, poor 

$3,000. :V v;'..;^-. ■;'/■■-■■', - ■ .■■ : ]. 

No Deiit in 

- ,;..: > :.. ■:'" '" "Mdntreal.: March 1.".- 
: Town ■ goes ;'SrioWr White- ciirrently 
arid wilT stay sO maybe for: fiviirsix 
week.?,, , .. 'With the .palace the sdle 
Mdnti-ejal li.ouse :where children uri.- 
der. 16 Will- be .admitted;' and, .turn-: 
away bi^ first three.' nights, .it , may 
■get $i8,00p....biggesf. in-.yeairs.;::;.-:;.-'-:^^ 
. Estimates lor This: Wjp ; 

:.Palice ' (CT:)' (2,700; 5ff)!-^'Sndw 
Whit^' (RKO). ; As expected Js 
wowing-. . tiVe- ; to.wn :.',.and^. .riiay get 
$ld,006,-; best in :year5f.: : Last week, 
'Happy Laridmg' (20lh)', ; quite gddd 

at $8.500..; ..K .-•;;■ >\;-^ ' 

. : Cajiitol:. :YC'r) • ■(2,700; ';50):—:'Every. 
body ;Sirig' (MG) -arid . 'The Jury's 
Secret' CU),. : Nice stai' .appe.&lj.may 
dlTseit :Lerit :. ;so.nie, ^ byt - . canndt ; see. 
much above $6,000. gob 
'Paradise . for Three" (MG ) arid 

Record Cold Chills B way B. O.s; 

Broadway Grpss^^ 

EstI iriaied Toital Gress 
;; "This .-Week.. ■..■-;.■;..;.;.;;, $2»4;$()^ 
(Based on 12 theatres). : 
■Total' Gross ' Same Week ■■ ' .■■ 

^• "-Lasi: Year;.:;,;.;.;-.',;, .-'^ %i6;im\ 
:, , ( B(ised; on : 12 ■ihe.dtriesy' . ' 

;Pi 1. 

It's ; all Judy Garlaihd: and 'The 
Goldwyn Follies' here: this week. Be- 
tween the two 61 thenn,; the iStanley, 
and Pettn aire just about absorbing 
all the lodse coin there is airound and 
the rest of the houses; are sutTering 
cbriiiirieri;surat(^^ '; ; "''^•-.'■.- v ^-.:- 

Stanley looks headed for :; new 
record with. Gairlarid gal in peridn 
and • 'Paradise for . Three;' : manager 
riierit being forced to ruh five, stage; 
showis daily. i ToUiesV ; at . Penn - is 
knocking off a neat little grosSi too, 
although unlikely to be enough: to 
get in: h.b. iat Warner. Elsewhere, 
however, • biz is plenty off; Fulton 
yariking ■ 'Iriternational - Settleimerit' . 
tdriight (1) after four l>ad days., and 
Alvin pUlied: -Baroness; and Butler' 
last : night (Mpri). after five days of 
second: week. :■; \ ' -'v 

' Estlriuites' for 'this Week : ; ■ 
: Alvin (Harris) (2.000; . 25^35-50);— 
'Baroness and Butler? (20th). (2d wk). 
Did fairly well at openirig of ;h,d., 
chiefly fromi overflow ait. Stariley, but 
didn't hold up. Yariked last night 
(28) after five days on extra ;isessian 
to around $4,000. -Wide Open Faces' 
(Col) arid 'Big TOwri Girl'; (20th) 
get lirider :Way today (1) . for brief 
erigagertierit,' house :going . over next 
week to a V Saturday: opening until 
/after Easter.. Last .week; first of 
'Baroness,' about $8,700, fair. ; 

Fulton .(ShiearHyde). (1,750; 25-40); 
-^'Intematibnal Settlement' (20th); 
Lduis-rMariri fight pix; no help. :Gbe.s 
but tonight (1) after four , days t<j 
make wiay for dual. -Chan at Monte 
Carlo^ (20th)'arid 'Borrowing Trouble' 
(20th), arid in that abbreviated 
stanza will be plenty lucky to sriatch 
off even $1,600, very pddr. Last week, 
third of 'Happy Landing' (20th), all 
Tight at $5,000; giving Sonja Henie 
starrer around $21,000 oh i the run. 
Not up to: 'Thin Ice' take, but profit- 
able just the sariie-. 
- Nixon (Erlanger) (2,100; 50-7.5r$l- 
$1 .50 )— an : Old . Chicago' (20th ). 
•Closed ;; here Saturday night X26) 
after; fortnight engagement; - House 
practicaUy all paper on secorid.week. 
with Only; about $4,000 , in the . till. 
That ori , top bf ppor $6,500 opening 

Penii- (Loew?s-UA) (3;3()0; 25-3:5- 
50)— 'Goldwyn Follies' (UA ); Picture 
received critical nidifferjerices, but 
has enough name value to put it in 
the dough. Cinch for at least $17,000.: 
Last week, /Yank at Oxford': (KIG), 
good $15,800. 

. • .Stanley ;(WB) (3,600; , '25-40-60)— : 
'Paradise for Three- (MG) and Judy 
Garlaind in ..person. Kid songstress 
the wonder, girl of the year: Kicis 
were"Gdming in Saturday. arid staying 
for ' tWp airid ; three ; performances. 
However, jrianagemerit is pushing it 
doWri home istretch V.with five .shows 
dsiily iand should knock, dowri $31,000 
;aihy'way, besting ;Fred Waring rec()rd 
by 'a;;grand. Last week, 'Radio Gil.y 
Revels'- (RKO) ihid- Lee 'Dixdii-Tim 
arid; Irene, good; $24,000; : ': 
; . .-Warner (WB)- ■(2,OO0i; ;^25t40)' 
;^Thrill :df .a". Lifetiriio! (Par), /arid 
.'Missirig . Witnesises*' '.(FN); •EnleH 
ment qudtlent here ; zero : and ;:.ioQk§ 
like exa;ctly the same- thiili;': for ■b.usi-- 
ness. Even $3,200. l>ad. :soii.TlVd.s. op- 
liriiistic. ;• Last wedk; 'Only Youhk: 
Once' .(MG) arid 'Hi«h'. vFlyer.s.' 
CRKO)i;;;'Wfth;.- -The -, Rivgi;'^ ./(Part;' 
ri,s.h.-jeitheiv.:ab6utv: $4,5.00. :; < . - 

:^;; Eyei: : since ; Washington*^ birtbday ■ 
busirifess. h'as been runriirig corisider- 
ably ;,under ; riprmial. • P'ict^ 
more than ' expected; drop. : iriiriiedi- 

■ ately: sifter ;the^ bdliday, last Wedries;- 
day. Tlmrsday and Friday (23-24-25); 

■ causing :vSori>e : alarrii ■ -ailorig Jjew 
Yprk- first. r^ front.- The week- 
end .;vpirdY.ed' ipretty good ' ;gerierallyv 
but pri liTpnday (28 ), with bitter cold 
and a high wind, it Was brtital: Total 
of jgrpsses for ; the ■ week ..Will ;ruri 
quite a : bit b.ehiri:d avierage: f^ 
tinie of the year. .. ■-,.'■:; • .. ■ ■ 
;; Airipng' the rie;Y^. it)ictUres nothing 
^outstanding: was uri 
way^ . . Leader is 'Slight Case pt Mur- 
der,' which is beriefiting irom' word 
of ^^iriouth; arid;: but for ,. conditions; 

Would ;ba;: rriore than $2iB,po6 iridicat 
ed. .'This iis; jiice business, ^hpw 
Runriers-.ui) are 'A Yank 1 at Oxford,' 
which should, get about $30,600, gdpd, 
■for the Cai>itol,: arid 'Saliy,..lrerie arid 
Maryir Rdxy iricumbent,;;which , sug' 
gestis \ $43,000: or dvierl; satisfactory; 
Ail three; hold pyery; ■. :::;';' 

' - Pictures; which stayed over . from 
last - Week -include 'Goldwyn Follies,' 
'Tom - SaWyer' and : 'Buccaneer,' last 
meritidned starting its third' ;we>ek to- 
day/ (Wed. ) . with the. Clyde V McCoy 
prchestfa and : Mitzi: Green, in the 
ifl^sh. . 'Buccaneer' : and' McCoy ; raced 
16'. .a serisatiorial , $61,500 the , first: 
week, ■ &ro,Rping .morie ■ sharply..'.,tha,n 
ariticipated 'to $37,000 ; bri; the secorid, 
eridilfig last night- CTues. )/; HdweVefV 
yery profitable at this figure. ■ ; i 
• ; 'SaWyer': prily $85,000 last . Weisk 
(i.ts first).' over ; Washirigtdri's. birth- 
day, arid thus was'a dangerous hold- 
dver. On- the second stania,- Current;: 
it Will be only about $65,000; Opin^ 
:ion . ■ . 'that .the. ; liicture had t 
strikes . agaiirist it in : f ollowirig 'Snow 
White' On a five- week run, largely: 
because both- aire sb-callcd kid - pic- 
.tures. ■■.■:■■ '•;;;; ' \. '■• ■-: ';•.■■-.-:;'.' : ■:. 

What ^habpened' .to ,: th6 . street qln 
top of Washington's.' birthday last 


Lent Befi^ins Today 

; ./ . .liefit -begins :t-pdiiy W<^d-..;- 

• rtesday.) .arid -.riiris ;fhroui[{h . :Ap;ri 1 ■ 
V^16; the lollovvirig diay (17) bcfiVi;: , 

• Eastcr;^3unday;-.' . '.'•-■'•/. 
, . . W h l ie ' of . la t e . yeri i' .lit.' .si j i'i to ■ 

. , of the more populated: ccn tcr.-s ; 

-..such as New;:Yorfc and Ctviciiu.p, 
.: the'Lentcn period'; ha.s .:noV.d,o(i<; : 

as much harni as expected, Vin 
' certain 61 the. Icoyi; as Weil as-;.' 
■'-;sriiaUer.:'Com.rriuniti^ it, a!\yay.v 

Jirijurcs considerably, 

•Washirigton, March ,1. . 
Heavy take still being cpltected; by 
'SnoW: White,' ; ■ house : which has 
been averaging only about one-third 
such, grosses for months, is holding 
;9ther Spots 'down perceptiblyi;^^,. ■ 

Tops ariiong. the rieWcomers is; the 
Earle .With 'Big Broadcast of ; 1938,' 
looking to have, close adVaritage over 
Capitol with 'Arsene Lupin Returris,' 
Both, sta^je /. show / Spots ■ .counting 
:ch.iei;iy:_b;n M^^^ T ■ . 

..■•;, :'■ ., Estimates :fer This Week . 

- Capitol (LocW ) (3,424; 25-35-40766) 

— A i:ijeri c . Lu pi n Rel-U rns' : ( MG.) ' an d 
. v:aijde.^.'' .;M'ajor ,. Bowes-.-.tinit: helRing 
some; but week ^ won't better . fai.r 
9il7,.5;00. . Last ■ ; week.': .'Bdrdncss; - arid 
Bul\'e i?.v ' ( 20 1'K )-. ■ 'and .: - va.iidc,'- • /good- 

$22,000. : -; -,- .. ■- ^..rv 

Columbia ?Locw)d,583; 25r4())— 
'Buccj^heep' : '(T?a'r ).. (2d. ruri^.. - .Pa.s.s- 
al)le $3,700. ...L'.'Jist week; ^'Everybody 
S'iMg:- .fM^J. >'.-f.2d run y. :'liiiht -$3;.')0O.'.. - • 
:■ Karle: (W.B^^;.i.2;244; .25-35-40^6(1)— . 
;:'B;i-;^ ^' <>f- 1U38'. .(far)' 'and 
va'Li<ic.~ Pjc nio'he . .shoiiild :w.iri s;itisfyr 

ini;. $1 8.000:. . L( ■:G;.').]d.' .- ( W.B;) 

aiid 'Vaude,. : built -..slighlJy to '.-jKc 
$i().000. - ;/ : \\- -'v : •'- ' ' 

-Kci.Ui's;-> -CRKOV n,830:< 3,v-5.'5.)— 
'$u(w :.: .While': :VRK0:);> .'3d ;^ Wijek ); : 

Hi)!(ifii:{ .:hirri rily to kind . .tdWri: with 
,swc'li . .$19,000. .: liasl wcek.^ sain:c:. i)ic; 
tonic u-ow $2:3,000: .;."."' 
' Mot-CWB ) •.(i:;8.'j3;:;2.'>-:40)-^''s 
Re'vcii ub* » ).'. : ' A.vcragc V';$.'i;000..' 
La-.s't WiL'PkJ.'-'Boy . o.f .Sti-eets' .(.Mprid;),. 
Sood: $().bOO',-. :: > : ; ;-, .. • .. 
; •■ I»j lace Lnew) (2.303; -TS-SS )-^; 
.' Yrtn k' at' Oxford: iMG.y ( 2d . week ):.. 
Oke $9.0'()0.' Lfi^Jt wf.'ck. .sfiriicpic'col-. 
!ected:c;atisfu'gto'ry:;$i6,500. :. .: 

Week is nrost clearly sugge.sted by 
the- sluiiip that hit 'Goldwyn Follies.' . 
Starting for Wbat-scQriidd a gure . 
smash .$48,000. bri, its first week it ^ 
slowed to $38,000.. On the second •; 
Week; beginning Saturday :(26). there ; 
was reritfwed actiQri; but with Mori- 
day's; tough breaks from the: weathei% 
the Current lap will . be: bold down , to 
about $22,000.: though; above average 
for a holdover here. . .. ;';■ ':..' 

. Secpridciry ' run in* 
eludes 'She Married an Artist;*; at the '• 
Criteriori. a- nSiid . $7,000; the Rialto's ■ ' 
Women in Prison.! mSybe , $7,000, 
-and- 'The; Rat.' foreign made, at: the 
Glo'De; ■ Whiich suggests ' a :,m6derate ■ 
$6,500. Rialto brought 'Women' :' \ 
Mphday mornin.g: (28), - after- yarik- ; 
ing ;:'No Time to -Marry* on a fiveV • ^ 
days' gross, of- $5,200; - 

Last week's holiday helped 'Old 
Chicago' to $11,000 at the Astbr-. for..: ' 
the seventh week, this beating the 
prior week. Report thait 'Marco. Polo' 
may follow here is;,uric6rifirmed, but 
doubted. -.;;-^;:'-. 

Secdnd-ru;ri. .State is among; the. suf- . 
ferers . .this, week; .business looking '':•. 
considerably off at" $19,000 ' .With. 
'Mannequin' and:Berin.v'- Davis. Revue. 

Palace soared to $21,000 last Week 
With 'Snow White,' a riew; high since^ ' 
twQ!'. -^day vaude; at 'Stiff prices; arid . ;^' 
is continuing strong, riiaybe' $19,000 ' . 
this (2d ); May go a thrrd, . 

Today (2), beirig Ash Wedriesday, :' 
Lent IS here: ■ It ends April 16. 
Estiinates for "This Week 

Asior (1,012: 55-$i;i0-$l;6542;20)-i 
'Chicago* . (20th ) (8th ' Week ): : Went 
to $11,000 last week; <7th), as against 
$10.800: the prior (6th week).. Re- 
mains anotbeir- five: Weeks. 
. :■ ■'; Gapltol (4,520; 25-35r55^5-$i;2l5)^ / 
'Yank at Oxford' (MG). Metro's first 
English-made;: starring .sRdbert Tayr-; 
lor, got. good notices airid but for. geri^ 
eral conditions Would be better than : 
$30,000,. though good. . Holds. Last . 
Week, . 'Human Hearts' ,(MG ): disap- .: 
pointed at ai-dund $22,000. . ; 

Criterion .( 1,6(52; 25-40-55 )— 'She 
Married an Artist' (Col): Not arpus- . 
ing. much intiBrest,:bnly about $7,000. . 
mild. Last Week, second for 'Girl '. 
Was . Young: (GB), plus -The River' ; 
(Par) and a serial." 'Lorie Ranger' 
(Rep ). around $9,000. good. 

Globe : ( 1.274 ; 25-40-55 )— 'The Rat' 
(RKO ). , English-made; rushed in- 
here Saturday (26) and maybe $6.- . 
500. moderate. In ahead, 'Daredevil : ': 
Driver!?' (WB). on; five days. $5,500, 
oke. picture was: booked for only 
five days. . ' 

; Palace (1,700; - 25-35-5.5)— 'Snow 
White' (Disney-RKO) (2d ; run) ,f2d 
week). Literally; packed 'erii to the 
rafters last week (1st) for .$21,000, 
and ebritiri\ies- strong on the holdover 
against slump conditions and begin- 
ning of Lent today (Wed.), probably. '. 
$1»,000 dri holdover; 

Paramount (3,664; 25-35-55^85-99 )— 
'Buccaneer' (Par) and Clyde McCoy- . 
drchestrai Show (2d. week), ttdlds one : : 
more Week but not four as originally 
figured; last week, ( very big 
$61,500, while .second heat eridi rig : ; 
last night (Tries.). $37,000. good but 
riot terrific. 'Big:. Broadcast',. (Par) . 
arid Cab CalloWay ; open ' here next 
Wednesday (9). ' 

Radio City Mus'ic Hall (5,980; 40r 
60-84-99-$! .65 )—'Tdm Sawyer' (UA). 
and stage show (2d week ). The;kids 
can't come here* every week at pre-: ; 
vailing prices -which after 'Snow 
White' probably explain/ why this 
picture isn't doing better: week. ' . 
' ( 1 st ) .$85,000. , d isappo i n tirijf.- arid ^ on ; .: 
the-holdover probably rio more'than 
$65,000, weak. -'Bringing ;:Up; Baby! 
(RKO) tomdrrnW (Thurs.).; . . / ■ 

■ ; Rialto (7.50;. 2!>r40-5.5;)-^' Women in.^ . 
Prison' (G.oi). : Rushed in here Mon- 
day morning ;.(28); ,;displacini;... 'No ' 
Tirric to' Marry* (Got).: and: pcm.'H.ios 
$7,000.' ;:'.Marry,' on five days, $.5,200, ... ; 
fair. -. :■■■ :[ '. •:■' -.-. .-■:■■..■■ 

:: Rivuli . (2:092; -40.t.5.'5-7.')-85-90)— .. 
'Goldwyn -Toil leS*: (UA f / 2^:" Wei-lt); ' ' ' 
Musical., held: down by general slugr- 
gj.Khrie.vs but cdrisi.d.oral)l.y.;'over..,.av:-^r- :;..;. . 
a.tre .dii . holdovor . at 'hbdut: $22:')no;' .; ■ 
First week slid toward fin i:;;h l<\ 
OOp.- at.-.lw^st $l.(),G00:"U:nd(M'; -whrt .'it- ' . ' 
iobicod - lilce Wesk Would . be as of 
WiKshintitori's birthdiiv /22■^ biit.$38,-.. : 
.000- still bi'i. Goos third -wock>; . .- - : ' 
, . Jlh'x V :(5M(i: . 25--i5-.5r)-75 'y'-rNS:! I i.v; / 
Iro \ and: Mary* . ('20l,h.i -nnd sH.'tc 
.slrciw: . Far' frorn .a. vni;.i"j.:h: but salvs- - '- •' 

tor 'to ' iid - a -SPc\()rid.' koiTiC'sU,:Y, ,I.a.>^t ' • 
Avocjc. . 'BaroHcs.s-- and Butror*:. V201h ), : . . 
$4l.:{00. okJiy. .' - 
. Slriiriil:;: (2.707: ■2/i-;;5-75')r-:-'S.n'iht '. - '- nt MiirdoYV\i'-WB,i,-. :'.'V:ory..;'r)('>'d ' - 
at. $26;000:iin;d; wmitd: be ;tripi-o f'x 
("oj- f:!nrdnim.«;; st'ipks. lyjwt. .vvc'f-k', 
Olid -for -'(Jold: l.vf WhvinNVou Find - If '' 
; t WB')V,jiro!iii'l 5;i3.o()0;:: i«i(: :•: foc'i-?. ■: : 
. Slide ;. (?,M<n: ;- 35r35.75-»r-^'M.iinii ;, '' 

vis Reviic.. Combination' ff C'raw- ' . 
ford and Davi.s - not clit kihff. o' ■■■■ : 
abavit . Si '-'.lindor^.fivera'ge. . :La,st .: ,." 
weck;.'WcJls'; F.-n-go.' .fPn.i:).. .in spite: of ..' 
long: ruii nhead ?it' 'the P/irnmoiint, ; ,: , 
n'iid 'H(Mniv Y<>-(inr'nV(M' on _,;l.'if;o',..('Ios .. 
,lo p.4 ()f)(i uooH:.. :Mo.ii;)t' •■ifnt^" -■- 
ori. WasIvingtdn's birthday. 


Wedneediiy, March 2* 1 938 

^ . . Minneapolis; March ,1. , . 
•Birth of/ a Baby/- at- the . LytfeUm; 
legit roadshow hoiise, thank$ t6 its 
isensatioriial siJbifict matter and pub- 
licity breaks, is stealing' the box'-ot- 
fice play, this ^V:eek and will lead the 
to\va by a wide mjirgiri.; . It's pljenty 
•tough opposition for the regular film 
spots, >yhich. also . have the Shriners': 
annual indoor circus at .the.;- Audi- 
torium -and: a number - of sporting 
events; includinjj the • Henry v Arnir 
strbhg-Qharliei Buins . fight, tby. coh- 

■ ien'dVwith,.' ; / ' ''.V- / ''• 

' Musicals with a . radio, .aiiglc; .iip-r 
•t)'arentiy: /have lost;, -.their.'' box-office 
appeal here.. At the . .Minjiesota 
'Hollvwood, Hotel' flopped /last : week 
and 'Big Broadcast, rif ' 1938* 
a brody. currently,,; :Thii;prphGuni. is 
but in frdint. again, ; 'Bad Man: .of 
Brimstone*-' • turning- the-. . trick • 't.his 
time; 'Dead.- EhdV holds over ; for - a 

. second loop week;. an,d -'M^nnequih'. 

. c-.lls for sorrto ;^e^rrijriihe ■attention, at 

. the.C,6ntury, but jreturns aU along the 
line are'.extrenfieiy;,!mild once more. 

Estimates': for ;i?liJs':Week;- 
. Aste*. (Publix-Sin?er) '(^Oa;' 15^25)' 
---.'Tarzan's . Revenge' (20th ) and 'Big 
Town Girl' (20th), dujal fir.«;l;-;runsi 

packing- them .: ,-• Biz terrific: .at 
$17,P00; ^ Last week, .'Hunian Hearts' 
(MG). and .'Paradise for Three- (MG ), 
plus; iJudy;. Gai-IaHd- oil •stage, . ,big 
$l9i000.":--'. - ..: ]":■-'■■■' '■^■■^■:- -• 

Majestlij (Fay) (2,200; 25-3,5^50)-;, 
*(3ol.d' (Wp): and 'Midnight Jntruder' 
(U). -.' '.Word . ol jn'olith on picture's 
merits may .boost ;it-. to, big $9.-500,. 
Last week, -'.Barorieiss arid . Butler . 
.(2Dth) and, 'intei:national .Settlement 
.(20th). fair $7,000/^^ • l,"„v ' 

■■: strand (Indie) (2;200| 25.-35-50)— 
•Dir. Syh' ' (GB ). and ■ 'Lady Behave' 
(Rop); Only avefage biz .bh . this, one. 
about $7,000. LaSt wce;k. 'Eyeryday's 
a : Holiday.' . (Pair) and 'Federal Bul- 
lets'/ (Mono), okay -$3,000.. ; ; . 

iiOuiSville, March 1 . 
lEvefything /is''; still/: Jujnky-4(iry: 

split with .'Couriserfor Grime'. r(GbD J ..^^ii^^^:^ .^^ ' Sv ■ 

dual, flrst-runs. _ FaLr $l.o_qq I'^ jPi??: -,,^f ..-,„^S_Q„-^ w ' tncyrf A ■ nvor 

(2(ityi ) \ uct;- ind 'Snow White,' .moved over 
lU) ,|t,6. Strand , :fpr. third . stan?a,. is still. 

pect. ■ Last week, 'Mr; /Moto 
and /Blondes Are Darigerpus' 

Buckarop.;|20th> -and. She vLqved,a ^^.^g .^^ vfrottt/ and! the Bob 

fn^n*. "ifadi lleadihc tbWard f Sr -Lake's try , at . dramatic, .stockif olded 

..$3;500,- light:.;. / ■■^■y. ---r and^ bysmess^maiia^^ ,.^'/ ' / 

-'•Minnesota -(Publix-SingerV (4:;200; : . ,Es^^ . ;/:.. 

25-35-55) ; — ■ 'Big BroadcasVCPar). ; Brown . (Fourth ; Ave; - Loe\y s> 
They ^apparently, just :wbn't fall :for J a« J; . 1^ 

musicals of this type anymore in this (20th ) ■ • (reissue) ^and . /Mr. Mpto 
. town^sbedially at 55c.. HbuSe/tried ;(20th>, . Revival of . WiU; Rogers pic 
hard -to ;sell W. G. Fields' name: but and a . .first run, a change for this 
it doesn't. seem toAmean much the hous^, a^ 
box-office here: /Willi he^^^^^^^ to rMl«;/ Shpuld get: $2,500 okw^ 
reach $6,50&, weak: Last week, 'Hoi- )veek,^;Of Human :HearV.(MG) and , 
ly wood Hotel? (FN). :-out .after six Paradise /for ; Three' .(MG ), . mpvjpd ; 
days with :p6or/$4:000. ./ / >: ; V oyer from loewls States .fine ^$2j^0.: 
. Orpiieum (Publix-Singer) (2,890; .^Kentucky (SwitpwM900; :15;-25 .)-- 
15-^5-40)^ 'Bad Man' (MG). Beery 'Submarine ^D-1' .;(WB> and,; 'First 
picture is helped by pietilres of Lady ; (WB), dual, -^plit with .'Pre- 
MGM talent hunt- screen tests made fcriptxon for Romance- ( 
on stage of this theatre \veek before HaPPened in Hony.wop(^.(Cpl), duak 
last. : LbPks like okay $7^ Last VP, *° standard, but fair at 

•week, 'Dead End' (UA), $9,500, big. ^^^^.^VtiJ^^^V ^'^^ii^ 

State (Publix-Singer)M ;25.- t/ess' (RKO) and .'Hell Di\^rs' MG 
35-40 )^^Dcad End*^ (UA) (2d week)/ <reissue ). split with Spy. Ring' (U.) 
Moved here . from OiDheuin; AVhere. *^Pst-run ^Dr. SynV (GB ), average 
it clicked hicfely last week; Addi- , . . vo Ann «i ^in Vn\ 

tional stanza lOoks^ mild/ however;;kJ^'s,' 

Under $4i000. Last week. 'Lancer Spy' ;^ank at Oxford'. _iM(5 ) . and 'Only 
(20th) arid 'Fit lor a King: :.(RKO0, P^°^"|; Taylor, still 

dual first runs, $2,700. fai^ ; potentr .b,o. dra^v. and getting tre. 
Time (Berge?) :(290: 15.25) — help, from \vord:Of.mouth 
. . ' -'jqn Mickey Rooney's 'work; m Young 

' ' lis 

•Thunder in Eist' .plus :Wait .Disney's MicKey Jtooney's AyorK; in • Your 

Academy^ aA^ra^l^ .^«issufes>: .(2d ] O^fSC^'^S^'^^ll!!?!*? 
>ve,ek). Fair $600 .indicated 


Tovarich'/ (WB). First nabe showr M*" Anii«Wc»« W i^c«r.S n hnn- 
ihg. . Mild $2,500 in prospect. Last , c^S'L) Jh? r«i^ rt?^M iSJJ 
.w^. 'Rosalie'. (MG)./$3,00p.,.^airlr 

First RuDS on Broadway 

•/•'•/ /.;■.:■. ■'Week.-orMarch',^^^ 

Aslor--an Olid ehicagb*^ (2bth) 

. •■(9th: Wk.).v ./ :■■ -'• ■ '■..•■;'• ■- ■.■.•^ ■ ■•• 
Capltol : : 'Yank at Oxford^ 
/ (MCiM)- (3d; wfc)^: : ■/ ::•;--:•.,;.:/ 
/vCritcrlon. -^ i'iPrison:^ . .Nurse' , ■■■ : '' '•■ 

Globe 'Penitentiary' (Cpl) 

y<5);-: ' ■ ■■■ - v./ • 

iRdvliUfcd H» VApiETY, Jon. ^2G), . 
.-/. Music Ilall 'Bringing:' -TJp 

■ ■■Baby';(Rm).:/'';....; w^; ..■./•■^^■■ ■ 

(K'cuicni>.ea.. i?? 'Vabietv, Feb. .16) .. 
/ Parairnouht-^'Buccarieelr' (Par ) 

/■■(3d.Xvk); '•//■■-..-• i-,.^ 

. Rialto 'Worneri- in Prisofi'. , 

(Coi^y:'; •:/■•;■/ ■•/-•..^•-.■>■ 

(Revieiocd- VABtETVi Feb. 9) / 
• Rivoli — ^ 'Goldwyn - -FblUcs! 

■•^;(UA.)>(3cl:wk )/:;•/:;:;■■■ '^^^ ";■'../;;; 
/ Roxy— Sally, Irene and Mary* 

■ (20lh). (2d- wk); ' :/-'- '■■ 

•... ■ Strahd—i'Siight; Case of Mur- / 
der' (WB) (2d wk). 

Week of March 10 
'-•;;■ Astor— 'In Old Chicago' (20th) • 
(lOih wk )... - ' •.;•;...■../ -,//-• 
•/: . Capitol 4- 'Everybody / Sihg' 

aiGM). /"•■ ■/-• :/;'; .; ; .>,■•//-••'• 

(kpvicWed in Variety, Jan.. 20) 

Music .Hall — 'Bringing Up 
Baby' (RKO) (2d wk). '/" ■ 
Paraniount-T^'Big Broadcast of 
: 1938' (Par). (9). ' ^ ■}':.' --. 'u ; '••, 
: (Reviewed in Variety, Feb. 9) : ^ - 
RJvoIl — 'GOldwyn: Follies' . 
(UA) (4th wic).; - ■ ; •• 

; Roxy— 'Mad About Music' (U ). 
/:(jS?vie.u'(i;d,;iH.;attfc'ttt..VAR^ .... 

■ ■ Strand' — 'Love, Honor 
.Behave' (WB) (12). / 

; {Reviewed iri Variety, Feb. ; 16). 

San Francisco, March i: ' 
Although William Powell and; 
Annabella 'in 'Baroness and the 
Butler- is the picture which has the 
marquee piill at.thie Pai'ampuril ;this; 
week, 'Greiat Garrjck.' the second 
pix oh the bill, is making the best 
impression on the customers. Combo 
Shpiild send the ,Paramou;ht into high 
;territoryi /which -will be several . 
grand better, than any of\ the -other: 
first-runs. '. Next : strongest bait is 
'Gold is Where You Find It,' .\Vhich 
is coupled with .a. iiew Jones' Family ; 
i)ieture .at the F6x.' - 

. Estimates fer This Week, 
; Einl>assy (Cohen) (1.512;; 35-.'>5-75) : 
— Stand In* (UA) • arid 'Murder on 
Diamond Row' (London) ; (.3d week) . 
Should nab around;$4i500v good. Last 
week: second, the holiday helped to 
fair enoiigh SS.SdCI. : : ; .//■ 

FOX > (F-WC) 15,000; ■ 35-55-75 )-r^ 
Gold' (WB> and . 'Love oh Budget' 
(20th);: : Both pix okayed by local • 
erix. Corisidering ciirrent wavm spell, 
here after long session-, of rairi, can't 
complain ot the take bf $16.000. ' Last 
week.. ; 'Big . Broadcast' (Par) and 
Daredevil Drivers' (WB), nosiedived 
to $14,000. - 

Golden Gate (RKO ) . (2.850: 35-55- 
75)4-^'Brin.ging Ud Baby' (RKO) arid 
yaiide ■ , (2hd V; . : :Hepburn . .a;, big- hit 
with the native!?. 'Baby' will 
two weeks' : run -here: to trine •: ot 
'$i.3;000, good./ Last week, hotcha 

$22.000. . . .:■.,-:;■// //■/:• . 

Orpheum (F^M) • (2,440:- 35-55-75) 

Lady' (WB) , (2d week), brought 
dahdy $15,000.v / ^;: . •• ' 

Met (2,400 : 25-35-55 )— 'Hurricane' 
(UA) and 'Jiiry's Secret' (2d week). 
Will get V good . $17,000, . Lai;st . week, 
combo i*eceived fine $21,00(). . 

Paramoorit (4,000; 25-35-55) — 
?Gold' (WB) arid .• 'Outside of Para- 
dise' (Rep). Drew swell $23,000 first 
week arid . holding over. 'Hollywood 
Hotel' (WB) and 'Scandal Street' 
(Par) foiir days, on 2d week, $11,000. 

.Strand (2,000; 25-35-55 ) — 'Some 
Blondes are ; Dangerous' (WB) and 
'Lone /Ranger' plus; weekend yaude. 
featuring Hehny Ybungrrian. Should 
do excellent $11,000. Last/ week, 
•Double Danger' (RKO) and 'Lone 
Ranper' plus vaiide,' pulled okay 

$9,000.: •■-■ . ; -'/..--.•:■ 

^B'dcast' Nice 7G,^ 
s in 

r world (Steffes) (350; 25^35-40-55) i^^^l,^?^^ 
-'En ,Saga' . (Swedish )/ Highly re- ^^^^^^^^ 

gardfed and may climb to good $^2,000, K?Sn ^^-^ ^^*'-' ^^^^' 
although it opened cold. Last week, • Ski^ vc^hAoV Vonn. ics im^ iiti^^ 
•Boy of Street^5V (MonoO, copped fine ;:,9*}»^ ^?f"°s> .gJO- 15)- No ^ 
$2,400 first seven days andThen ; biz- ?f..^^^ .^"i if,^^K^t 
sudderily -collapsed, :So picture went: ;5°^d^ 

out after ciporinrt ri'iv nf sPonhH ujopW "uspand Liies (Par), andi Street 
out auer.seconci day 01 second week, | gcene' (UA), dual. ; Satisfactoiry 

I $1,200. Liiist week, 'Hiisband's Secre- 
tai-y' (WB) and 'Two for Tonight' 
'Par), split: with 'Rhi ' (UA) and 
ments; /a plug from the: mayor, and ig^ Comes Carter' (WB), fine 
front-page newspaper stories, plus • Riaito (Fourth Ave.) • (3.000: In^SO- 
hcavy .advertising and exploitation 40)-'Big Broadcast of 1938' (Par) 
campaign, this unusual picture is go- and 'Scandal Street' (Par). W. C. 
Ing to town here. -Wowcd^'em-from: -Fields onus plenty oh okav side; 
start and had customers fighting to Wake should hit around $8,000 -arid 
get" in opening days; , May reach mebbe better. Last week, 'Snow 

getting $300. in two sessions.. 

Lyceum (Murray ) (2,300; 25-4d)— ] 
fBirth of a Baby' (Indie)/ With medi- 
cal association and other endbrse- 

•^'Start Chceririg' ' (Col > arid : .'Bihrlc' ■ 
Doll* (U), Opened on Tuesday . 
last week in order to. take advuntaf'e 
of the holiday. Only $6,500 on: the 
nine days, mild. Last week ( 5 dn vyi, . -: 
'Boy bf Sti-eets' , (Mono):, and fWide 
Open Faces (Col), $4,500,; fair; : 

Paramount (F^WC) :(2i740; . SS-SS- 
75)-r-'BaToness and Butler' CiOlK) ■ . 
arid 'Great Garrick' (WB), /Expected. . 
take set at strong $18,000/ Last week 
(3rd), 'Buccaneer' (Par), and rKid - 
. Comess Back' (WB ), $6,000 for the / 
final stint, which was ;shbrt tv/b. day - 
of a fiili third: week. - ■ ■. " ^ : 

•': St/ Francis • (Ft WC). (1,470; •35-5!i-^'"' 
75)--'Big Broadcast': (Par) arid •Lady . 
Behavia' (Rep) (2d .week). Althbugii 
'Broadcast' didn't pull at the Fox 
last week, prbdutt shbrtage forced ^ 
its moveover to the :st; '/ Fi'.anci.s, ■ 
where biz is anything . but good: . 
Lucky to hit ■$5,000,: . week. ■ 
,' Viva Villa' (M(J) arid 'Mama Run» : 
Wild' .(Rep ) j also tepid $5,000. 

United Artists (Cohen V Vl -260; 35-^ ' 
55>.75 ) .-^^ 'Hurricane' . .(PA)' ,/'.(5ih- .: 
week). . ;/Humcarie' was Set. to fold 
this: week, which ' shoiUd do good 
$7,000 and will hold on one more . 
week, postpbniri g the opening 0 f . 
'Gbldwyh Follies' until March 9; Last / 
week, fine $7,500. 

Warlleld (F-WG) (2;780; 35-55-75) : ; 
-^'Yank at Oxford' (MG) and ,%ove 
Is Headache' (MG); (3d week ), Okav, 
this week to the tune of ' $8i000; Last ; 
week, great $12,000. >•-•-' 

Capitalizing the', uhprecederited/^vave of publicity pn- March :of Timo's:. 
'Nazi Germany-— 1938' reel, : it has just issued ai 40-paige 'sampler': of the 
1,000;000 .wpi'ds of ; naiional reaction td ttie .yiridie'ly discussed- film. It \v?.s 
prepared by. William ;D. Geer of Time, Ins., and Albert E. Sindlinger, March 
of Tinrie^s director of a:dvertising. Indexed under various/ headings 
selections . f roni 2.241 hewspapers-^English, Yiddish and:- German; frprri 
ihbnthiy and weekly/pevibdicals,- radio commentators, trade- press, cpliimp- 
ists, religious press and thousands of letters and telegrams^ . 

Press previe'ws have become such a headache because of the ever-/ 
incf-pasing riewspape and radio critics/ that Indu 

try how. seej5. the double preview:---ori(e in/a theatre for nipre impoHant :' 
re.yie'wers;. other at studio for secondary list, as /the only, solution/ , pf. the 
army of 32jB scribblers recognized by the Hays, office; In Hollywood:; more 
than 200 of them' now demand admissiop to the advance showings;: ,- 

Principal Worry in so jfar as those ph the. a is 
that tpb many of those given tlie Hays office hod dp: not warrant special ; 
atteiitipn ibecause: of meagre circulati^ sheets they represent. . . / / 

treriiehdbus $11,000; 


White' (RKO) on secbrid , stanza/ 
rounded UD plenty healthy SO.OOO: 

Strand (Fburth Ave.). (1,400: 15- 
50-40) — 'Sn ow White' (RKO) 
Brought here for ; third downtown 
.weekr-.arid'; •still- /ShbWiri'df " stirprisitT'* 
strength. Should touch' porid $4,200: 
Last . week, 'Checker.s' - (20th) - and 
■'Love oh: a Budget': (20th). bver,cx- 
pe'ctatipns./d.ue .tb.bVavibf -.Tarie Wi 
ers, who was resting, at horric of 

providence. March 1 
I'Yank/at (!);f£brd'' at. Loew's/ 
looks like the big money-getter^ with I grandparents here and consented -to 
'Snow White.' in i ts third: week at [make /)rie .; annearance . Wodn;r'Sday 

. the. ATbee/ still pulling strori.g. r; . » . - 

Estimates fair This. Week 
Albec' (^RKOr : (2:20(): ; 25-35-5d> 
•Snow White': (RKO) (3d wk). Hold 
iris up surpr isin'Tlv :' wclV. Expect 
$9,000, Last week/ second, very 
rosy M2M0. 

. Carlton (Fav-Lbew) (1,400: 25-35- 
■ . .SO )— 'Of : Hu m ;i ri; Hearts'. (MG) . arid 
Tarad'se...fQr Thre!;'.:('.MG) (2nd;. run) 

(23). Boosted take to big $5,200. 

H: 0;^S OK IN B'KtYN 

•Snow White' Biff 29G In 2d Week; 
'■ , 'Hurricane,' $17,000 ; / 


Brooklyn. March 1. 
sector, crowded v.-ith 

Exbect •;:iS3.?6'0.- fair/ . • Lnst ; week. 

fE.v.e^ybbdy .&[n'^^^(^^^ I ideal - and picture fare fi rst rate. 

. ; Indianapolis, March i; 
'Yank at Oxford' at Lbew's Is 
maintsiining..the; smashing pace that 
house has- been setting recently, and 
Robert Taylor seertis to have made 
strbrig comeback with local, faris. 
W/ C/:Fields'; long, absence from the 
screen apparently has caused hirini to 
lose ground. Although he is stressed 
heavily in all ads, 'Big Broadcast of 
1938' at the Indiana is only faring 
moderately well. 
; Moved to the smaller, AdoUo' for a 
third week, 'Snow White and the 
seven Dwarfs' ; is . continuing its 
sturdy work at the box office. 'Gold 
Is Where Yoii Firtd It' is trailing at 
the Circle, while the vaudfilm Lyric 
languishes with little business on 
'Kid Comes Back' and a stage show 
headlining Art Jarrett ./ < ' 
. Estimates for This Week . 
Apollo (Katz-Dolle) (1,100; 25-30- 
40 )^'Snow White' ; (RKO); Fbllowing ' 
two socko Aveeks at the larger In- 
diana, this cartbon onus. moved here: 
f pr a /third week. Take Tctoks like 
good $4,000. : Last week's first run 
dual of: 'Checkers' (20th) aind 'Non- 
Stop New York' (GB ) barely broke 
even at $2.300. . 

Circle (Katz-Dolle) (2.800: 25-30- 
40)— 'Gold' (WB) and 'Midriight In-: 
truder' (RKO). Lightweight $4,000. 
Last-; Aveek; ''Scandal ; Street' ' (Par) 
and . ..Wiaririg's :Peririsvlvapiaris - on 
TRta'''e— Tit-slt'*tly^lted'i>i'ice''V^^ 
diti-!l>i 4/500, nkay, ■ /' ' ' '. ■'•. 

Indiana (Katz-Dolle) rs.lQO; 25- 
?.0:'-40 )-^''B\f ■ Broadcast' (Par)/ Do- 
In t nil ri.ijh't. but. rqn.<5.=de'r ably uritjer 
fixPectot'ons^ at *7.00"0. - Last week: 
'Snow Wh-'te' (RKO), second v^eek, 
dandv $3,000. -. - .:.,;•-; ■-, 

: . -Loi;%v's; (I,oew's> /2:400; 25-30-40) 
— 'Vanl- at- Ox ford' ( MG ) /arid ■ 'Love 
IV I'le^darbe' (M'G). ■ IridicateS sockP 
1 ,noo.-;.j.La.«;t-.'v,'eek; swell' with- 
$10:200 on 'Goklwvn Follies' (UA): 
/ Lvric : (01.<;nri ).: (2 .0.00; 25-30-40)— 
'K-id Corries-^ 'Rack' :r WB ) ::and vaudc. 
,^rt .Tnrrptt featured ort 's''ta'''e' .over 
(PC' nictiire. ••Nat- .going. ari.y where -at- 
Rfj 000 . .v; e k.- . • List .w ebk . '" • Tri t e r ri a 

: Epstein Twins, Julius arid Phillip,, who graduated from Perin State, Col- 
lege; neyer. did believe in dbing things separately.. When Julius went out 
for .the bokinfe team/ latCT -become an intercollegiate champiori,; Phillip " 
followed him. Both headed for the Coast, after getting, their sheeijskins;. 
iiiteht on landing studio writing :jbbs, and Julius has been with WB arid 
Phir with RKO ever since. "They collaborated together on 'And Stars: ; 
Remain' for the: Theatre Guild last season. Ancl noW. comes ; >vord' from . 
Hbllywopd that both, their wives expect almost simultaneous blessed e.vehts / 
this \yeek. Julius' frau is Frances Gage,, fbrmer, RKO actress. ;./■ / : 

Lord and Lady PluriHet, latter ; the; daughter 6f , Fannie Ward, forrneY 
actress, who Were killed instantly, arid James Lawrence, who was; seriously ^ 
injured When the Hearst-^Pw^ 

to W. R. Hearst's ranch at San :Simeon crashed in. a fog a mile . and a half 
frbmi the publisher's private landing field, had been in Hollywood for a/ 
month as guests of the. seriior Douglas Fairbanks: ; Lady Plurikct ■ was a 
lady-in-waiting to Qiieen Elizabeth of England. Lawrence is son of Sir 
Walter Lav^rence. : They were to have gone to Florida next as Pauleile 
Gbddard's guests. "-: '■-•■/' T '- .;•' ■ 

: Long-standing reseritment of Pulton,. Pittsburgh, againist what man.ige- 
ment considered irisiifT-icierit publicity breaks from afterhoon Press, resulted 
in Shea-Hyde house, yanking all advertising Irbm ScrippsrHoward sheet 
oyer weekend. ' Some time ago,. Fulton shaved Press budget to abpu t half 
of the allotment for two papers. Post-Gazette and Sun-'Telegraph, '-, 
and when that produced no tangible results finally yanked the v.orkf;./ 
John Goring, Fulton manager, said Press WJis showing top much partiality 
to other key . hpuses and shoving his copy into the background. / 

Since general release of 'Goldwyn FoUies^' musical has undergone conr 
siderable eiditirig on direct orders frorii Sam Goldwyn. Few days before 

to eliminate Ritz Brps.' blackput With Zprina as Well as BObby Clark' 
by-play with.Heleh JepMn. Uridersbpd/GpldW^^ still working on it and 
at liast reports the. Ritz;. number/was' to g^ back in, on strength ' of 
receptibri in other; sections of the flicker, vvith Miss Jepsori's 'Ti^aviata' en^ : : 
core due fbr the scissors; • ' : •• . ": "■'-.■■•.■;-./-■■:•..-■'/■- 

to .'Mari-y* . (Col); Personal > ?.auear 
• ance Judy - -Garland at Loew's 
he'Tjed ra^'se ante. Swell $5 000 

Pav?s '(2 000; 2.5-''5-.'i0 )— 'Checkers 
(20th.) .a'rid .'Waikiki Nights' ori' s.tage. 
. Sta?e- shbW. Keipirig, E-xcellorit: 88.000 

plerily patrons; -at/ b;o;'.. : Wcalhcr 1 J^jSl^SS"^^' ' :^nd' .vaqdo;; 

Estimates for This. Week : //. 
Albce- : ..(2,.500; ;.25-35-:5r);» •— : ',<5nbw 
.White' (RKO) (2d week)/ Shank) 
snare splendid $29,000 in -.sccbpcl 
.stanza; may- got . third. First' week 

..e.xoecte.d. /■ Last' wbe7C; . 'Dn^'cdevil l house . grabbed^ sensational $32,500: 
brivors'. (WB);-anc|>.M.-Mored ^^^^^ ' " 

on sta^e. brilv falr.S6.50O. • - .'. ■\. . 
• LnewV Sf-tte : (3.?n0: :2o-3>50V— 
•Yarik O^fo^d' .<WG) ,ind; 'Snufd- 
ron of Honor'- (Col). Bob /Taylor 

:'/- fiiltbn Wtris Spiirs . 

lloljywood, March 1. . 
Yvilmr HHtori.; who has been chief for Sol Lcissbr's Princlpnl .pic 

^f^^'^ ^2)^',P^yi*^^''.T>; I n ; ^ -lui-cs; for, sevcrnL-y<!arf;,:Vhas-. bocri 

Pox (4.OOO; 2.'5-35-55:)^'Kid Comep\ „^.v-' j/,^^ i^,.A,i.,V«,.- 
Back' (WB) and 'No Time' to' Marry/' i-^'PP^'^ f ^•''oc'ate producer 
Nice $15.000. . .Last week 
Streets' . (Mono) and *S\vin 

to Ma'i'rvi' l . ' ' ■ . ■ ^''■"^"v.""'.'^ .'""yHSV'- • 

'Boy ; -of |.'. ^Ti^.n,ny ..Sf-'l^ •hri.svaiso'jb 
irig/Y.qur 'rP/!l/5s."ari' a.sKociatc-prpduccn,/; 

,' Advances made i.n..; television and facsimile were listed by Radio Corp;, 
iri.the annual rcport .ta stockholders issued last week.- Imprbvemeiifs to 
I"v^^ if If ^"^^^ and larger pictures were outlined. ..-ShaT<iholders .^isb, were 
lold-pf develppmentof mobile units tb p^^^ 

television studi. . . : Facsimile /equipment for broadcasting; stations about .10 .. 
undertake field tests of facsimile, news service is beirig provided by RCA, 
it was pointed out. -,, ■ 

A. reporter from -pklahbma. .City ; visited the ' small- toWn of Ada, Okla./ 
rt.oticed :that 'Hellas /Ahgels.V seventvear?bld filih; was b-eirig ''pVevibwed' in 
a local . house. Net result:. (Dne holler from a film exChShge in Okiahonia 
City which pointed out tlVat i^reviewirig /of " bid .. pictures ■ is a/ . . 
Ofcurn.ncc in small tow . ;/ Second holler -from a citizen of Ada -wlVo cbri^i- 
plamcd that it wiiS the first itiitie the 1931- .'thriller . :had^ played there.-"^ /■ 

tors, b:ayo;boc»v. executed ' fii^^ (26) from ' sponsible 

.Kinii t^o,'. wlii(:b .faid tl)<>;tnsc so faf/hasi not beeri taken, up by the scvcfi-nii!f' 
.board, lias been in the basket forviwo:months, -ho ^ 

■^ediiesd^yv 1Wair«*| 2v 1938 



: ■■■ . Detroit. March i / 
Backed up: for 
Ford ballVr combo, of . the Al Pearce 
Gang and 'Baroness iirid Butler' is 
headirtg iof sina?h J^5l;OpO :alt ^e I^bx. 
^opditibris othprwise cphti.nue sppttyi- 
; Ford usually pretty smug on such 

■ thlh^s, but giving Hirry llemin 
and George Mitchell plenty of help 
in ejcploiting PekrcSft's fether Show; 

: ■Estimates; W, TMs:Week ./ ^- 
Adams <Balabany (1,700; 30-40^^^ 
— 'Ghan at Mbhte Carlo' . (20th) plus 
•Change: of Heart' (20th ), dual.- Looks 
lor ■ $*,700, airound tnotmal. : . LSst 
kanz^a, 'Prescnptioh - ipr Romance: 
(U) and. 'Women . in Prison' i^ol ), 

■ *:S^die)^5,O0Or 

•Baroness and Butler' (20th ) with ■ Al 
Peai-ce's gand oh stage. Raking: in 
wow $35,000, aided by Ford bally. 

- Last w^ek, . 'She: Married; Ari: Artist' 
(Cbl) aiid Be;hhy Goodman band. on 
stage, aided by midnight jamboree 
at $1.10 top, got smash $37,000, -de:- 
epite fact Goodman had to .puU out 
Thursday afterhopn: :(24) for Ph illy 

■• -engagement;.-, , 
: Madison (United Detroit): (2,000; 
JO-40-65M'Goldwyn Follies'- (UA) 
(2d w^k). 1 Away at $3;800,. fol- 
lowing bimiper $10,000, first stanza; 

■ Michigan (United Detroit) (4;000; 
86>40-65)^'Big Broadcast* (Par) a«d 

• stage show .: rOhly. $17,000 coming 
:up. ■ Last week, 'Gold' (.WB) and 
Dave Apolloh unit ph ; stage, $15,500, 

■. 'ihild;.:!'' 

palms - State (United Detroit) 
(3,000; 30-40-50 )-^'G6ld' . (WB) : (re- 
Tun) plus 'Patient in Room 18' (FN ). 

■ dual. Good ;$9,000V Lafist: :week, 'Buc- 
■.. ' cane^r* (Par ) (re-ruh ) - and 'You're; 

Only YoungVOnce' (MG)- bii $11*000. 
: Cnlted / Ai-tists- r (United Detroit) 
.(2,000; 30-40:65)— 'Yank at Oxford' 
(MG).- Rave notices in press but dis- 

- appointing at b;p;, $7,000. ; Last; 
t stanza. . '.(Df .Human Hearts' ; (RIG;), 

:i>opr' $4,500^;/-;. ';v i 

H.O.'s OK, but New Balto 
Fix No Clix; Homance' 

■ : ■ v ;; !..\;.;Biltimofe,^'-March.'.l.-:/; 
. Only two new, entries: : in this 

■ tqiym pt holdovers,., w the edge in 
favor-: of the hio.'^s, ;./Romarice" in the 
Daxli:; at Keith's, •will :g(et .n6: m 

• tt9;rl.;$4;500;: , 'Para- 
•djse ■ f or' Threei^ at: ^L^ 

also very ; mild at $6,^^^ 

; Third we^k of ^SiVow ^White" ait the 

eoihbp; Hippodrome continued strbng^^^ 

Shbirid;; garner jrosy $15,060, : after 

previous takes of $19,300 and $6;000^ 
respectively. ;, . : '■•; 

. Estimates: for This ;Week . 

^ Century (Loew's-UA ) (3.000: 15- 

- 25;35r40.55 ) — 'Paradise for Three* 
^■PJ-]. Not showing . much, with 
nnld $6,500: indicated. Last ; week; 
Yank^ at Oxford' (MG), pleasing 

,„*!liPP»drpme (Ilappaport) (2.200; 
15-25-35-40-55-66) — 'Show White* 
^RK-Q) (3rd week). Opened a bit 
Ite^M®"* ^an last week, with rosy 
$15,000 a ; decided ppssibility; In 
Pffvjous sessions -got $19,300 and 
? 5*""?' respectively. , Fourt week 

■ indicated. .- ■■ 

mJit^^y (Schanberger) (2;500; 15^ 
25-35.40-55)— 'Romance in the Dark* 
(far), Opened Thursday (24); no 
than, $4,500 looked for. .'Mad 
About Musip' (U.) opening , Thurs. 

New' (Mechanjfc) ;:(l;460; 15-25-35- 
w-55)-T'Baroness. and Butler* (26thy 
inS*^ y^^' : Decidedly off to A$2,r 
fOO after mild opener of $3,100, 
' i,R?**"!«y,.(WB ) (3.450; 15r25-30-40- 
-r«5)-,fGold*' CWBO (2hd we^^^ 
: ujg xip in solid , shape to $6,000, 
atter fairish first session to '$7;306, - 

J, $4,200, Lincblii's 
>er ; /Man Proof 3G 

■ , ; ';';■'.■; 'Lincoln, .March i; , ■■ 

- 9"^y in for six days because 
•Snow White' is down for extra time, 
JHTappy Landing* is banging hard .at 
tho purses. 'Man Proof is going 

: P«ay . at the Lincoln.. ' 

. Estimates for "This Week ' 

;^^KWa;^(l^ble) . (440^ 10^15)-^'purpi^ 

- <R«p ) and 'Outside of 
paradise" (Rep)., $900. Last 

jy®S«< .No Time to Marry' (Col) and 
Spy' (GB), good, $1,100,; ; ■ 
liberty (Gooper) (1,200; 10-1,5)-- 

Van ~ ■ ^^St ; week, 'Danger 

<MpnP) ahd 'Bullddg Drum- 
•n^. Revenge' (Par )i split ' with 
daughter of Shanghai' (Par) and 
. :^?Ptv January'. (20th), fair $800^ 
.*'«npoIii (Cooper) (1,600; 10-20-25) 

—'Man Proof? (MG). , Swell, $3,000. 
Last week, 'True Confession' (Par X 
neat $2,900. . ■. X 

Orpheum (Coopet) (i,350; 10-15- 
20-25-35 ) — 'Hurricarie' (UA) (2d 
week).. , Second 'week after ' beiiig 
moved from the Stuart: will fall flat: 
li.s.g. $900. Last Week, 'Thrill, of a 
Lifetime' (Par) arid 'Black Doll' (U), 
slow. $1,000. : .; .V. ' , 

Stuart (Cooper) (1.900; 10-25-40): 
—'Happy Landing' (20th). In six 
days and hefty; $4,200 possible. : Last 
week, 'Hurricane' (UA), a big 
winner, $4,700 in seven days. 

.■ : Philadelphia, March 1. 

B.o.'s .lifting .their heads 'som^ 
this week arid . showing more iterid- 
eiicy' to come out .'of- t^^^^ 
though biz is still spotty. , 

Notalpie . attiong the- tbp-nPtchers is 
the Earle y with .■ Benny Gobdriisn's 
band Pn .the stage. ' It's set for- supeir- 
socko ; $33,000, a marlt exceeded ' in : 
the history of thP; theatre-; prilj^ by , 
Joe PerineWs ;$39iOo6; in ;:E 
of .1934. Recprd of $31,000 for non- 
holiday week was set by, -Eddie Can- 
tbr February, .1936. ; -Film this 
week is indie.- 'Swing It, Professor,' 
;wh.ich. is not-'cbunting for any pf the. 

biz; ■ -'v.v ■■}. '■ ' 

.; Aiiother ■ honey is ' 'Bringing ..Up; 
Baby' at the Boyd. Handled beau- 
tifully by • the crix, it's : ;'sailing- . to 
very, swell $19,700. . . Cham^ dis- 
apppinter pf the week is; Gladys 
Swai'thout pic, ; 'Romance in the 
Dark,' at the Fox. It goes put after 
only five days ; with $7,000, 'Slight 
Casie. of Murder', f ollpws.' • ; ; •. ' 

■I '■ . Estimates for This Week 

Aldine (WB) (1,200; 40-55-75)— 
GPldwyn Follies' (UA) (3d week). 
Nice ' word of riiouth giving ;this 
healthy: run; holding up vei'y .satis- 
factory 'at $14,000. Last week Lstrong 
with $19,000. Loolts set f or . another 
lap. House average is $8,200. 
. Boyd ; (WB) ^2,400; 40-55-69)— 
'Bririging; Up Babv' (RKO.);: Greeted 
as perfect comedy arid headed for 
$19i700,. which will erititie- it to an- 
other round. Last 'week 'Baroness 
and the Butler'. (20th). $10,600. : 

Earte. (WB) (3,000; 25-40-55 )-r- 
'Swioff .Tt, professor'; '(Masterpiece) 
and Berihy Goodman band , on the 
stage. ~ . Cracked -:. all opening day. 
marks .with isriii.ackaroo $5,500 , arid . 
paice(i-;t6 garner ;$33,000. which is top 
niori.ey . ever for any. house in: tov/n- 
outside of holiday weeks. Last week 
'Blondes, at Wbfkr. (WB) and Pinky 
Tomlin's p.a:, profitable $20,600, 

Erlanser (Boyd) ■ (1.859; 57-86- 
$1.14-$1.71)— 'in Old Chicago' (20th) 
(3d week). Continues tp do' all right 
without being startling; Last week, 
$11,000, okay. -,;.■ 

Fox (WB.)- (2,30P; 40-55-65);4'Ro-. 
mariG.e.dn-Dark' (Par ), - Beings pulled 
iri five days .with insigriificarit £7,000. \ 
Last week 'Gold' (WB), popr $14,500. 

Karltoh (WB) (1.100; 40-50)— 
'Buccaneer' (Par) (3d week of 2d 
run). Doing an; ariiazing marathon/ 
and ripthing seerris to be -stopping it, 
with $4,900 set. ' Last week hooked 
nifty $6,100. 

Keith's (WB) (2;400: 40-50)— 'Bar- 
oness and Butler' (2.0th) (2d run). 
Doing little, better hei'e than ori, its 
initial galldpr ri.g.. $4,100. 'Last -week 
•Radio City Revels' (RKD withCThe 
Rivet,' :poor.$3.700.. ;. . ; _ 

Stanley (WB) (40-55-65)— 'Of Hu- 
man Hearts' (MG). ; So-so $12,700, 
keeping ' house. Wariri .for;.'. .*Snow 
White' premiere ' Thursday .' (.3 )v Last 
week 'Big Broadcast- (Par), fair $15,- 
m. - : : - ■ ■ - ^ 

Stanton (WB) (1.700: 30-40-50)— 
'International Settlement' (20th). 
Took a drubbin.!*. frorn the. crix, but 
hitting oke Stride at .' $5.500. ; Last 
Aveek. 'kid Comes Back' . ( WB ), a lit- 
tle strdrigef with $6,200. / - ;■ :..■ :;.■ 

'B'dcast' $9,500, Disney 
H.O.>lliG, Big in Denver 

' i -. ■ .. ..^Deriver; March 1. 

■ . ■ 'Snow White' ; i.s continuing . strong,- 
with, gross .<;hade bettor than half -of 
.open i lig . week. .Filrri >stay.s th i.rd w.oe'k 
at the' Orpheum. 'Big Broadcast' is . 
standing them. up at.the;: Denh;am- and 
w.iir,stay a : second .week. ;.- .. ' .: ■ , 

iSstimates for This Week 
. Aladdin (Fox) . (1,400; 25-40 )— 
'Gold' (WB). after; a- week at. the 
Denver.. Fair $3^500. here. Last week.- - 
'You're Sweetheart' (U) wasn't such 

a sweetheart to the box office, do- 
ing only a fair $2,500.. 

Broadway (Fox) (1.500; 25-40)-^ 
'Hurricane' (UA), after , a week each 
at the . Denver and Aladdiri; arid ten 
days at the Rialto. Very; good $3,000. 
Last week, , 'Happy. Landing' (20th), 
was good enough at $3,500 to be 
rnoved to the Rialto for a fourth 
week in first runs. • 

Denham (CockriU) (1,750; 25^35- 
40)— 'Big Broadcast' (Par). Detiv- 
ering big $9,500. Last week. 'Ro- 
mance in Dark'.: (Par), fair $6,000. 

Denver (Fox) (2,525; 25-35-50)— 
'Baroness and Butler'- (20th), Head- 
ing for good $8,500. Last week, 'Gold' 
(WB), okay $9,000, and was moved 
to the Aladdin.. 

-Orpheum; (RKO ) (2,600; 25-35-40) 
:r.^'Snow- White' (RiKO) (2d week). 
Still spcko, heading for big $11,500. 
Last week. Die broke all house, rec- 
ords and • all attendance records at 
any Denver theatre for a full week. 
Kids thronged : the place> and with 
their prices boosted : from ...a -dime 
anytime to 15ci. afternoons; and 25c. 
nights, it was a big. factor; iri swellr 
ing the gross- to more than $22i500; 

Paramount (Fox) (2.09.6; 25-35-40) 
— 'Swing.YPur, Lady' CWB ) arid 'Pre- 
scription for Romance' (U). Nice 
$3,000, Last week. 'Wide Operi Faces' 
(Col)-, and 'Blbrides Are Dangerous' 

(U). good $4,000. .:/-r ■ ■■■ ..■ . 

:. Rialtp i(Fox ) (878; . 25-40)— 'Happy 
Landing' '(20th), after a week at each 
the Denver. Aliaddiri and Broadway; 
arid 'Love Take^ Flight' (GN). Looks 
like $2,300, good. Last week, 'Hurri- 
cane' (UA). after a. week each at the 
Denver and. Aladdin, and 'Change of 
Heart' (20th ) ., on holdbver, arid .Boy 
of Streets' (Mono ), ■ after a - week at 
the Paramount, and 'Penitentiary' 
(Col), closed with $3,500, very good. 

; - Cincinnatii March. 1. 

V.'CIoldw^yri- Follies' .isVthe b.oi .pride 
of . cinerna lane currently, ' fetching 
$17,000 for the .. Albee. Pail ace ; is 
racking up a winner with -Bringing 
Up Baby' at $12,500. 'Paradise for 
Three' is dbirig all /right -by Keith's 
with a $4i500 tag. 'Barrier' is just 
that for the Lyric at. $2,500; one of 
the season's worst.. ' " .,. 
- . Jarie Withers! 't).a.v has the Shubiert 
in for its season's high cbnribo policy 
riiark, • $17,000. .,' ,Juve . screen star .is 
payirig ..-her.; first .;visit to Gincy ::and. 
comirig • in .;, for exceptional press 
blurbs and notices. 

Estimates for This Week 

- Albee (RKO) (3,300; 3.5-42)— 
'Goldwyn Follies (UA); Big. $17,000. 
Last week, 'Snow White' (RKO ) (2d 
week),. $18,500,; all-tinie - high., for a 
repeat at current scale. Pic- pulled a 
record-breaking $24,500, in first seven 
days. . ■;. '■' - . 

Capitol (RKO) (2,000: 35-42)— 
'Snow White' (RKO). Moyed iover 
frorn .Albee for third ; downtown 
week. Terrific, $8,000. ■ Last week, 
'Everybody Sing' (MG) (2d Week)^ 
$5,000, swell. 

Family (RKO) ' (1,000; 15-25)— 
'Patient in Room 18': (WB), 'Boss of 
Lonely Valley' (U), 'Paid to .Dance' 
(Col), separate; Norriiai; $2,300.' Last 
week. 'Sh! The Octopus' (WB), 
'Thank You, Mr. Moto' t20th>. .'Part- 
ners in Crime' (Par), singly, $2,300. 
; Grand (RKO) (1,200; 25-40)— 
•Everybody Sing' (MG ). Third down- 
town week. $2,500, light. Last week, 
'Human Hearts* (MG), (2d week), 
$3,000, fair. ' 

. Keith's (Libson) r (1.500; 25-40).^ 
'Paradisei for. Three'. (M'G). All right. 
$4,500. Last week. ; 'Swing Your 
Lady? (WB ). $3,000* terrible. 

Lyric (RKO) ( 1.400: 35-42 )— 
'Barrier' (Par). Awful, $2;5O0.: Last 
week, 'Checkers' (20th). $4,500. fair; 

Palace (RKO) (2.000; ; 35-42)— 
•Bringing Up Baby' (RRO) (8 days). 
Swell. $12,500; Last week. 'Gold* 
(WB), six days. $7,500; vei-y poor. . 

Shubert (RKO) (2.150; : ,42-(50)— 
-'No Tiriie to Marr.ylu(Cpl )- arid . Jane 
Withers- topping stage show. Season's 
tops for combo policy. $17,000. Last 
week. - ^^Arsene LiiPiri* (MG) :■ and 
N.T.G. ; revue, $14,000.- dandy. 

^Swiiiff tady,' $4,500, : 
Nice in Oklahoma City 

.. ... : Oklahoma City, March 1. 
;. 'Snow White.' after breaking at- 
tendance-record a,t: Criterion last 
week, ; set for v sbiiond- stari?a. . with 
probably a third at Tower. 'Swing 
Ypur Lady', (WB) at Midwest should 
do okay.. . ■ :;::'.-:'; ;.-;:-;.:'' 

: E«^timates for' This Week 

Criterion (Standard) (1,300; 15-35- 
40)— 'Snow White' (RKO) (2d ;week). 
Should ;go above $8,000. "good. 
week it coi-raled $12,500. swell. ;. -• 
■ Liberty (Standard) ;.( 1,200:-: lD-'20-. 
■25 )-^'Invisible Menace' :.' '(-WB ) • arid 
'She Loved Fireman* (WB ). . spl it 
with' 'Fire -Over Eriglnnd': (UA ). split. 
'She Asked for'. It' (ParK -Will, cop 
around $2,700. fair. .. ;i/ ■ week. 
'Bordertown* (WB) and 'Blonde."? .at 
Work: (WB). split. with 'Thev Won't 
Forget'.(FN) and 'A Gill with. Ideas' 
(U). $2,700. ■ - :. •;^.- ■ ■ • 

Midwest. (Standard ) (1,500; 10-35- 

Nothing in L. A. to Burn Up Wickets; 

40)— 'Swing Your Lady' ( WB). Will 
do arourid . $4,500, good. Last week, 
'Every Day's a Holiday' (Par ), $3,800, 
fair. ■ \ ■ ■ ■ . .>.. 

State (Noble) (1,100; 10-25-40)— 
'Pleniteritiary' (Col ). Should get 
$.3,500, nice. Last week, 'She Married 
an Artist' (Col), fell short at $2,500. 
..- Tower (Standard ) (l.OOOr 10-25- 
35)^'Thrill of a Lifetime'! (Par). 
Nothirig • extra at $2,300. . Last week, 
'BrimstPne'. (MG), pulled $2,700. 
fair.-'..' ;■•;■''...'-'. "-;v-'-;; 


: : . . Boston, M'arch 1. 

'Snow White,' in -its third week at 
.the Keith Membriial, will probably 
ieiqiial first week ,b.f '(Jdldwyri, Follies,' 
getting nicie take at Lbew's O'rph arid 
State theatres, iGold Is Where Yoii 
Find It,' dualling with 'Penrodvand 
Twin Brother,' is mild ait the Me.t;. 
airid v 'Human Hearts' with 'Swing 
Your Lady' is ditto at the Pair and 
Fenway;-;..' : • ' 

Roadshow of 'Old .Chicago* getting 
tepid attention from the $l;65 crowd,; 
although balcony - biz .Indicates .Okay 
strength at later pop prices. 'Radio 
City; -Revels,' on dual bill, is better 
thari expected- at Keith Boston.; .. 

Blizzard starting yesterday (Mpn- 
. day ) . cutting intp biz. .-;;/;.. 

:.-.-..;.' ■ Estimates. foir This Week '. ' •'.-'■ 

Boston (RKO ) (3i200; 25-40-55)— 
'Radio City Revels* (RKO) arid 
'Night Spot' (RKO ),: dual. . Hitting 
good gait,; around $12,500; Last week," 
'Happy Landirig' : (20th) (4th week) 
and 'Chan in Monte Carlo' (20th) 
(2nd week), dual, very good $12,000. 

Fenway (M&P ) (1 ,400; 25-35-40.55) 
—'Human Hearts' (MG ) and 'Swing 
.Your Lady' (WB), dual; Fairish, 
$6,000. Last week. .'Buccarieer* (Pdr.) 
(2nd run), arid 'Patient ' Rborii' 
(WB) (1st run), double, very good 

Colonial (20th) (1,643; 55-85-$l:l0- 
$1.65)— 'In- Old Chicago' (20th) (2nd 
week). Got fair $6,000 last week. 

Keith Mem^orlal (RKO) (2;i900; 35- 
50.-65 )— 'Snow , White' (RKO) (3rd 
week) arid stage show; .Sailing to- 
wards smash $33,000. Second ' week 
broke house record for attendance 
and cash intake, $43i700. Probably 
;pne more- week. here and then across 
to the Boston for.orie or two more. 

Metropolitan (M&P) (4.300; 25-40- 
55 )— 'Gold' ( WB ) : and 'Perirod' (WB), 
dual. Rather soft, $12,500. Last week. 
-Big Broadcast' (Par) arid 'Scandal 
Street' (Par), double, okay $16,800. 

Orpheum (Loew ) (2,900; 25-35t40- 
55 )— 'Goldwyri Follies' (UA), Very 
gopd. $19,000. Last week; 'Brimstone' 
(MG ) arid 'Paradise for Three?- (MG ), 
double, $20,000. 

Paramount (M&P) (1,800; 25-35- 
40-55)— .'Human Hearts' (M'G) and 
'Swing Your Lady' (WB), dual. Fair 
$9,000. Last week, 'Buccaheerr (Par) 
(2nd run) arid 'Patient iri Room 18' 
(WB). dual, nifty $13,000. 

Scollay (M&P) (2,700; 25-35-40^50) 
-^'Buccaneer' : (Par) (3rd run), arid 
.'Loved a Fireman* (WB) (1st run), 
dual; Looks good for' $8,500. Last 
week. 'Every Day's Holiday- (Par) 
and 'Nothing Sacred' (UA), both 2nd 
run. disappointirig $7,000; 

State; (Loew) (3.300; 25-35-40-55)— 
'Goldwyn Follies' (UA). Breezing in 
with handsPme :$16,000, Last week, 
'Brimstone' ( MG ) and 'Paradise -for 
Three' (MG),;%uble Mft $VW)00-r-Jd 

Omaha Perks ; 'Revels- : 
Nice 5Gr*B*dcast* $8,000 

Omaha, March !• ' 
Biz vp considerably- over last 
week, . with.;;:.attractioris of higher 
■ca'librij in - all houses. Weather -■ 
turned tb spring-like riiildriess arid 
is aiding boxpftices. 

Estimates for This Week 
Brandels (Singer-RKO) ( 1,250; 10- 
25-35-40) — ^adio City ReVelsV 
(RKO h and 'Mi,ssirig Witnesses': ( FN ), 
with 'QUintupland' added, ;■ Arbund; 
$5,000 will be very; aGceRtabl(;.. Liist 
Week, 'Gold' (FN ) and 'High FlyeiS'; 
(RKO), had 16 stay eight - days to 
garner $4j5O0, fair. 

Dundee (Goldbert() (6.50; iO-25)^' 
•Submarine D-1' ■ (FN). . 'First Lady* 
(WB ). and '45 Faliicrs' (2(jlh); triple 
billed: first :half. of- ..Wcbk; -^'Rosaue* . 
(MG) .and 'Beg, Bbi-row ..or Steal- 
(MG), doubled last four" days. 
Around $1,000, ok<iy.: .week;' 
'Lbye I'm^ After' v (WB), 'Hittin' a. 
New High' (RKO). and 'Hold 'Etn 
Navy'; (par), tripled flriit hall;; .'Ebb 
Tide' (Par) and- 'MeiTy-Go-Round of 

Los Angeles, March 1. • 
Trade is generally off in , the locial 
first runs," aUhbugh -t^^ 
week's grbssbs are profitable so rnan- 
agers aren't doing any undue beefing. 
Couple of holdovers are doing fair 
biz; with two .riew arrivals hitting to^ , 
■around average biz. Newcomers are 
'Baroriess arid the Butler' it the day- 
date , Chi niese and State, and 'Big 
Broadcast of 1938' at the Paramount. 

After easing off a /few hundred 
dpllafs. on riirith- week oyei:.- eighth 
stanza, ; 'Snow White and Seven 
Dwarfs' perked lip on first few days 
of current week; and .should turn in 
.i:iripther. highly prpfitable stanza; 
.Estimates for This. Week : 

Carthay Circle (Fox)-(l,518; 55-83- 
$i;iO-$i.65)— 'Snow ; White and. the 
Seven Dwarfs' (RKO) (10th week.). 
Took on;!early iri week and 
should equal ninth week's $9,700, if 
not pass:it pri basis of early returns. 

Chinese (Graumari- Fox) (2,024; 30- 
40-55-75 )— 'Bairbness; and the: Butler* 
(20th) and '52nd Street' (UA). dual. 
Just fair interest in this PoWell-An- 
riabella opus so looks, like $10,500 
will be answer; ; week 'Yank at 
Oxford' (MG ) . arid 'Love on -a BUdg- ■ 
et' (20th),. very neat $12,000. 

Downtown (WB) (1.800; 30-40-55- 
65)— 'Goldwyn Follies'.. (UA) -(2d: 
W«ek). . Second week got away- to 
mild start, biat will likely eiid' up 
with satisfactDry. $8,000. First" stanzai 
$12,000, excellent, but below expec- 
tatioris; ■ . ' -•; 

; Four Star (Fox) (900; 55r83-$1.10- 
$1,65)— 'In Old Chicago^ (20th) (7th 
week). Continues ^to show sriiall 
profit and end looks near. .Eighth 
week brPught, fair $3,800, okay under 
the setup. - -'■---; -■ 

Hollywood (WB) (2,756; 30-40^55-, 
65 )— 'Goldwyn Follies' : (UA ) (2nd 
week). EJirly pace for this Gold-i. 
wyri,. opus not being niairitairied .oh 
secprid Week, with . arpund $8,500; in 
.sight, . okay for. holdover. . First week 
fel.1 short ■ Pf expectations for good 
$l3i300. -■■ ■ 

Pantaffes (Pan) (2,812; 30-40-55)^ 
.'Bringing Up Baby' (RKO) (2nd 
week) and 'Double Danger' (RKO), 
dual. LouisvMann . fight . pictures 
'added for second week, so will prob- 
ably bririg good $8,300; First week 
good . $12,700., . ; \. ^ -- 

. raramoiitit . (Parlmar) (3,595; 30-! 
40-55 )--'Big Broadcast' (Par) arid 
stage show. Opened a day ahead of 
regular; Thursday . opening -so .first.-^^ 
week . of- eight; days will probably 
spell fair $10,000. Despite this,: spec- 
tacle holds for second .stanza.' Last 
week, ..third-'fihal week of -The Buc- 
caneer' (Par ), brought $10,000 on six 
days, plenty good, ■ . , . . ■ 

RKO . (2,872; 30-40-55 )— 'Bringing; 
Up Baby'; (RKO) (2nd week) and 
•Double Danger* (RKO), dual. Hold- 
over slipped Pn first few da.ys so. best 
iri sight is. good $7,000.' First week 
brought $11,300, about $700 .below- 
first estimates; . 

■ State (Loew-Fox) (2.414; 30-40-55- 
75)— 'Barories.-J and Butler' (20th > 
airid; '52nd. Street';. (UA). dual. Hit- 
ting mild pa,ce as witness ; $l2..500i 
Last week, 'Yank: at Oxford' (MG) 
and 'Love on Budget' (20th), neat 
$15,000. ■-■'-:■ 

United Artists (Fox-UA ) (2.100; 
30-40-55)- 'Yank at Oxford' (MG) 
and 'Lbve On Budget* (20th), dual. 
Robert Taylor: resDobsible for ripped 
-interest,, but ;$3i200 just so-so; Last 
week- 'Everybody Sing' (MG) and 
' Atsene, Lupin Returns' (MG ), pretty 
brutal $1,600. 

Wilshire (Fox) (2,296: 30-40-55-65) 
^'Yank at Oxford' (MG) arid 'Love 
ori a Budget' .(20th), dual. Doing 
nearly- 50% better than its day-dater 
(United -Artists)...oh . moveover,; so 
.will cash in around. $6,300; which is 
oke;. Last week .•Everybody Sing' 
(MG) and 'Arsene Lupin' (MG)« not 
too hot at $4,000..; 


■ Hqlly wood, March 1. 
• Republic has signed -Richard. Arlen 
for the lead opposite Beycrly Roberts 
iri 'Swift-'. Lighlning;' . which Armand' 
Schaefer "is producing and; Breezy 
Eason directing, ' ... : ■ ' 
/ Lyle Talbot . heads the supporting 

cast. • - : - -• .-. . - . 

.'38' . (U ). secorid. half; ■ Came through 
better than expected at $900. 
. Omaha (Blank) (2.100; :i0-23-46)— 
'Big; Broadcast- : (Par ; and /.'Daughter- 
.of Shanghai'. : (.Pai-),- dual. Fields' ' 
■picture doihg j is :' sliare.". "but" no.t" 
•s'ockerbo; $8,000, hotter than average, 
•Last ■week.' .'Dead- End' .:(UA) ..find ' 
'C-'hari^c -of Heart'; .(26th). started.; 
slowly, in., 'facc-v of unfavorable 
wchthor,: hiit c-.ijiie" out, of: it satis-., 
faetorily at •$7-,5.D0. ^ 

Orpheum (Blank ) (2.976; 10-25-40) 

.:— 'Nothing: Sflf-Tcd'- . .(UA.) ; arid 'Jury's- 
Scicret! ,.(U),.;c]u:Or^ ..MarCh-T..f)m 
eblor .' comhfti.'itiDM s('r,/ing .. fTi'ai?het; 
.$9,000, gbbri, .L;ir;l. vv(v.'k-. 'I5arohcs.'i' . 
and - Butler' f20l}r) and- '52nd Street' :■■ 

■(UA),. only ;iaiiv'$7,m-: ^- ' :- ;. 

"■A fTARIETT'S' tJ9>T^ 

; : S St Siartln'B Place/. TriifaliEiir tJiitiar* 

Xflt-plione yemplg Par; B041-a<H^ 

' ' Capetowti, Feb; 14. 

Three-year product jdeal ^just; sig- 
natured by .; African . ConSDlidated 
■Theatres ' with . Paramburity;, yf^.a'r.n'er 
iBros^f^irst ■ National and. RKO, - in-, 
voh^ihg :i^Qre ttian ',$3;6b de-- 
scribed '^s the biggest sho.\V business 
; deal, in .S6uth^ :A£rica'.. ■ ; N^wf pact; is 
feffeetive' with, mp'st of the cflrhpanies 
in . April -pf this . year.., : : V - ; .■ 
■ Similar, three-year contract is- re- 
liorted pending with Universal and- 
may : . be . completed ■shortly; ; ; This 
would, mean - that the four U. ;S/' 
.cdmpanies probably vwbuld ■ re.ceiVie 
approximately ,$4,Q06,600. in .film ren- 
1iils from thevSchlesinger. outfit dur^ 
ang the-next three. ..-years. . ■ 

Thi? deal really! piits S.outh Africa 
on /the ci.nejma map becaiise.: pictures 
■will .be/ aya^able ' tO;- th.ei African. 
Consolidated ■ tircuii.; *^^^^^ 
Vance or at;- the 'sam!^ time they; .are.: 
xeieased Iri England. Because pt ■ 
trade showing requiremehts in Great 
Britain, .it wiU enable iSbut]h! vf^frican 
patroiis "of ten. to., hayc' features ahead 
of • En'^lahdi . Earlier, v release date 
really Is .-:gbodwill builder : biecau$e 
film theatr^ Customers' in this ■ couh* 
iry are ayid fah .iTiag readers ; and 
Jthow when there''s:delay . on; release; 

Gontract giveis , Africari" ; Gorisbli- 
(dated TTieatresj associated .with Afri-. 
can ;ebnsolidated. Films, first .call on; 
jpictiires from the^threei •cQmpanies.- 
ixistihg cbhtriact with Metro includes 
fllms from - United Artists; ; . latter ■ 
usiing MrGrM;" facilities fbr distnbu- . 
tipn. : Besides -M'-G'Tm^^? .also 
rnamtains . South African pfEiceSi 
Product- :. f:r p m ■G.aumont-British, 
Gaiiisborough, -General ' Film Dis^ 
tributbrs.; and Assoeiatfed Film Pro- 
ducers yalsp;' are- Vh by African: 
Consoiidated Theatres.. 


■ ;: ■ ' .;;: l^pndoh, :Feb.;24.. ;. 
; - What •■jurists'- -think .pfvmp-'': 

..tioii.'pi.ctUres -in .the.-U...K.- was 

ex'pre;sseil by;^ Justibc. Gharries; . 

hearing . a case ;'in . thW: .High ; 

Court. .'I have been; to the^film.s 
, only tViee in,' my .lif^.' ^le; said, 

.'arid I did/nbt. care ; fpr; theni, 

• either time!' :■ ■ V. : .. "J', 

IS'bt .so long back, Lord; ;Hew-^ 

• art.- Ijoi-d- Chief Jiistice ;pf Engr . 
land, :. declared • he? ,' had ;. .never ' 
had any . cpnne.ctiph. rSVith ./the 
picture business ; and hop.e(i he 
■never;^\v6uld;-;:.V .' 

Gohen td Manage 
M-G House in Galcutta 

; iBen CohenV of ;tpew's. College ■the- 
atre, New.; -Haven;.: drigirially. sched- 
tiled to .mariag;e the new Metro hpiise.: 
at Bombay; ,.wili iiead. for Ca.lqutta, 
liidia, ■ -when he .sails'/ tbaay;' Wtdnes-. 
day;^ ■- ■^iv'-r '-; ■ '.'•i^-' 
; 'He \%'iil take-o ver t Metro, at .Cal- 
cutta as soorf ; as he /arrives, ^wh.ile 
Adolph HivBuehrig;. Jr Firese^^^^ 
ager',. ;. will.. :be :. shif ted; , t'q. ■ the ; 
-agerial post .of . the . hew; MetrP . fin 
Bombay. /; i<oeW-MGM ; theatrey 
Bombay , h'owr iS; set; to Open. eaVly. in 

April, ■.;;'''..;.;■■;■■..;:'■- .;■;'.■■ ■--. ■-/; 

>;--,-:liohddn;- Fei3*/;;24*. .-.„ 
Murray Silverstone^.head of United 
Artists/ has averted a. legal battle 
■with John Maxwell, head of Assp- 
ciated British Pictiire . Corp. /Circuit 
booker, William Moffat, set ^Vogues 
©f 1938;'. into 250 ABPC spotis, includ- 
ing 36 iioridipli tKtatres; With' re- 
lease date. . appiroaching,. UA learned 
that)the circuit had by mistake QVcrr 
. booked; iaiid 'ypgues' was intended to 
be shelved; in the 3.6 spotg. _ ? . 

Silverstohe inMnediately./ issued .. a 
'Tvrit and; served' an injunction .. on 
Maxwell, ;barrihg., him;; irbni; the 
eubstituticn. Case- came biefore 
the Court for .hearing, vfith; UA's 
counsel asking the judge to stay the 
fiction. It appears .Maxwell and ;Sil- 
verstone had talked it over, with 
Maxwell giving • latter a writteii 
confirmation that the picture will be 

Upshot of ; it all is that Moffat will 
in future ohly be cbmmitted to films 
bookings if the order is couhter- 
eighed by ai; director of the com 

Another ' dispute in which UA was 
also concerned was between the 
. Am.erican cpmpahy and-. Shipm.ian & 
King circuit of 30 picture theatres, 
mostly solo spots in the South of 
England. Firm;; as is customary, 
tnade a verbal; contract to show 10 
UA films, including 'Prisoner of 
■ 'ieifidavVSiZdr'Street^-^Sta^^^ 
End' and 'SteUa Dallas,' and refused 
to sign:.: contracts. ;wheri submitted- 
\vithput giyirig ■; any . reasoi^able 
grounds rfpr refusaV; .; - ;; / / 

Case was brbught to the hoti.cb . of 
'tCineiiiatograph Renters' Assn^, ^hich 
threatened to put .the firm on ■ the 
barring list. But the 'matter; was set 

tied. :.;V' -.:'-; '■:>' '■ 

UA has been dealing: ; with .this 
company for the last; 15 years, with 
this; being the. first setback. , 

..;;•;:.;; , ; Lbndbri, Feb. 22. ; 

Vaudeville, ;dead .arid almost fpr- 
gbtten in America, is having a yogiie 
.in England with, ho 'sigh of decline; 
If anything, it is - advancing. Lati^st 
boniirmation; i?. the; t>ehdihg-^egotia-: 
tiohs for ' turning ; three West End 
theatres into variety ;hpuses. ; ; 
• General .-Theatres,. .;Gaiunont-Brit- 
ish . . subsidiary,; which .: cbntrols 
around 18 vaudeville spiots, includ- 
ing the Palladium; and Hblborn Em- 
pire, is seriPiisly considering turh- 
ing thb Tivoli -into a flesh entertain- 
meht house. GT practically settled 
w^ith Charles Woolf to take over the 
Leicester Siquare ; thbatre .; i6r that 
purpose, ' on a'-- $2,000-a-week rental. 
But George Black stuck out for. a 
50-50 profit sharing idea, with Wpoll 
insisting on a; .60-40 split> w^^^ 
to get :the, . lion's share. • Deal fell 

through. ■-;;•.;■■ ;,- '-■ .-. -.. >;^..;;. r . ;■ .-'x' 

Now, the TivplL proposition is hot, 
with G-B ready to; spend mbhey . on 
reconstriictibri, and building :back- 
stage accommodation. Hbiise'? next 
attraction is 'Old - Chicago' .(!?pth), 
which is expected to run at least 10 
.weeksV and vaudeville policy will 
not be wanted till the fall. ; 

London Pavilion ; is another house 
being considered f or - vaudeyille • and. 
the man behind the promotion .is. 
John Southern,' who dropped around 
$250,000 oh vaudeville . some four 
years ago, - ; His \ vehtures included 
this house. 

:. ;piavilion ;is ; at present leased , by 
United Artists, which; has had the 
house for nearly four years, rwith 
E;. Abrahams, . the pwner^ recoh- 
structirig ahd riibdernizingi.thei place 
at a cost of ; $150,000. UA pays: a 
rental of $3,000 per week; with the 
project not .-ijrovlng any too good. 
Also has the new Odeon, in Leices- 
ter Square, and would readily, giye 
,up the. Pavilion. ;-.; 

Understood John Southern has a 
new angel . with, $100,000, who . is 
ready to go ahead. Abrahams is also 
willing ; to put up $25,000. ; in the 
Sputhern; yeritui^e, if the latter takes 
a long lease of the house, ^ ' : , 
; Third , West; End house , .to go 
vraiideville is the Piccadilly;. ; Opera- 
tpr will be Charles Clbre, who: \is 
behind : the newly rebuilt Prince of 
Wales theatre, running a non-stop 
revue pblicy. ; . ClPre leased the Pic- 
vaudeville ;'there'\f or se^^ 
Incurring some: losses. / But he still 
believes this /house a : gPod: sp;pt, for 
yariet>%; ;;prP'yidihg . he.- can' : i^ 

Eichberg Visiting U. S. ; 
JKitty Jantzen Vacash 

■ Berlin, Feb. 23. 
After ; siseing his latest -pi c, • -The 
Tiger of Eshhapur,' off on its sensa 
tibriar ruri' (gtb^ses will outd 
local records) ; Richard Eichberg 
sails for Ne\y ;York .and Hollywood 
©n a goodwill tour. :• 

i Ship .also tarries back, oh. a visi 
the American film actress, Kitty 
Jantzen, Eicliberg's find, who tool 
the femme lead an the picture. 

Aussie Quota View 

'Sydn(ey,:March 1. 
■ Australian pi-oducers are per- 
turbed „ .. the British quota 
arhendmentr eUinihating Dbn^iri-^ 

■ ibh.^ ' productiort from qubta^ 
credits. They claim this amend- 

: ment threatens "to, shut, their 
product put of England to a con- 

. ' siderable ;degree. May appeal 

, to Federal governrhent and the 
premier of New South Wales; 
; . Seems likely that if . the shu t- . 

.. ; put clause ' remains in Ehgland'is 
quota law, the gpvernmeht hei'e 
may withdraw bcheflts granted 
British iilms, • ■. 

talent. ........ 

. C'lpre' will prbbabl'y. make , a trip 
to Ahieiriba: .shortly : to look .for. acts. 



; ;.;..;. -V'- Hollywood; March 1., 

Arthur Woods; "Warners' Tedding- 
ton studio director, is; en; route; back; 
to England: via the Panama Canal 
after, a vacation spent on the' com- 
pany's home . lot at . Burbank. ;. He i;s 
scheduled tb start a- new prbduption 
April 2. ; ■ '. -.-■ 
; A. - M Solomon, Teddihgton .studio 
man ager, who has . also been studying 
Burbant .'prbduetibn metiipds;. is how 
ih' San Francisco, prelimihary ' tp 
training for N6w York oh the first 
-leg of hl& homeward journey. 

;;-;■-..;. ;.y' -. Tokyo, .Feb, 14, 
. ;Beebmihg; apparbht/.thjgit 
able oldfashiotied; hbrsetrading ; is 
going ' to be indulged ■ by both 
sides before anything • concrete: de- 
velops ito clarify the future istatu?- 61- 
foreign -films in Japan. As- it lines' 
up how, Hisaj i KubOi; Tokyo;Uegalitfe. 
who recently visited America, will 
figure ; in the parleys/ with the 
A.meri'can distribs ■ . ,-hef e . sitting , as 
a ; group; to ;AVoigh any proposals; he 
may; offer. ;.-.:.■;';;' 
- Kubo, after '.ycohfetring;- with 
Arhericah 'pr.oduc;fei':';reps.. " 'New 
York last month, has returned to 
Japan for the final .conf iabs ' on the 
.propPsitioh. Although hp anniounce- 
jnents have, been -made hei:;e regard;!- : 
ing .the reception given;-Kubb's idea' 
by h.o. bigwigs,'s understood he 
was told npthing would be done until 
the Japan reps 6f all ;cbncerned ;hgd 
been giveri. pn opportunity of having; 
their say ^ on the niatter^^.; -: 
. While American distr-ibs: here; are 
;cautious in commenting on. Kubb's; 
prppbsitibh, several of themi: - hay e 
hinted that it hasn't much chance of; 
gping; through Owithput hiatefial al-r. 
teration. : None of them have talked 
with Kubo up to this week, but they 
are basihg their ideas on what little 
they have learned of the • plan ; froni 
their hbme oiffices. - Until a formal 
meeting between Kubo and . the 
American Picture, Assni is held, ho- 
body is willing to; give but info as 
tP just what the plan is. • . . 

IndicaUons, hpwevei'; are that .:it 
embraces .ah agreement . ph the part 
of the distribs to accept three-year^ 
promissory notes, sighed by Jap 
bianks, for all coih;hpw styrhied here; 
in turn for »/hich, Kubo avers, the 
government will permit the free im- 
:pbrtatipn of foreign filrns. On picte 
thus' imported the distribs ai'.e ;to 
agree tP. continue . tP~ accept .three- 
year. prpmissory nbtes for all : earn- 
ings, less- cost of ijrints, advertising 
material, titling and office overhead. 

Kudo's Position? 

;- Another .feature which seems -to 
be woirrying the; distribs is -what 
position Kubo will :hbld in the mat- 
ter.. ^If jumors prove to be well- 
founded, Kubo is Ipoiii ng toward; the 
establishment ; of ;a ;con'ti:bl . office td., 
handle the entire matter and in 
which he wiU Iwe virtually a. free 
hand. . ;■■ ' • ^■'; ./ .;:. :■"■;"': '.; : ^ . 

Manchuokuo Motion sPix Assrt. 
(Manchuokup /goverhment monop- 
oly) and its inability to; get sufficient 
.product to ..service the territory,; is 
ibpming. as ; ahother . tjucstiph which 
the American distribs here will have 
to dispbse of definitely in' the hear 
future. , ;. . ' " : 

. Meeting has been . arranged be- 
tween- -the monopoly and the Amerir- 
can Motion Picture Assn. : Whether 
the.; mphopply:^ i.htehds to .iextehd the 
blive branch is nbt^ Knbwri, .'but ; it's 
;a safe guess that some effort is- gping 
•to; be- made to get 'hold 6f - Amencsiri 
pfodiict. According to ;the;^ 
obtainable; American distribs ;are,:;deir 
termined to turn thurhbs -down on 
any proposition which calls for tuf h- 
ing product over - to ;the monopoly. 

; . "Tpho apparently is ; not . gbihg Ctb. 
wait for a .geheral: clearing up of the 
numerous; prbpositibriis hrider.. cbhr 
sideration to relieve, the .tensibh sur 
;rpuridirig: fbreigh impprtatlbn^^^^ 
houhcement was;- made ; yesterday 
(13); that the . firm is ^sending Iwao 
Mori, - Toho prpduction. chief, -to 
• America - in ;March; with;''the idea of 
making a deal with; American 'pro-- 
ducers to - swap American, films for 
;Jap.- subjects, . Aside -frpni- thie. 'fact, 
that there' are so few 'Jap , subjects 
suitable for the ,'Amc)i:i'can hiarket, 
it's 'doubtful if the gpyernmeht here 
wculd give; its bleising to s;uch an at 
/rfl'iigement, . Distribs here ;£ay that 
bwappirg idea' hasn't been discussed 

. :/';/;-'-- London, Feb.. 24. ; 
Distinct likelihood of ; a Govern^ 
ment probe into the affairs of G au- 
nibnt-British was last week reveaied 
in the Hpuse of Commons by Oliyer 
Stanley, president of the Board of 
Trade. Asked ; whether ' he had . con- 
sidered thie applicatipris Pf more than 
3,000 stockhblders,;. , .representing 
.1,000,000 shares, . for ihvest.igatibn; 
"Stanley said he bad .received, appli- 
cation for appoihtrnerit of ;-ah irispec- 
tor jinder ; the Gompanibs Acts arid the 
hiatter still under cpnsideraU 
• : Mpvbs were ; . sbt ; oh foot by '.a 
minority; group; bit; stockholders, in; an 
effort to dislodge the Qstrers from 
their ;dbmihiating; position. 

, IN N. Y. ON BIZ 

■■■[■ Sam Snider, of Shider-Dean circuit 
in . Australia, Is' expected .. in New • 
Ybrk: this; week from the ;' Coast;; 
where he arrived; . from ; Sydney 
about a .Week ago. Shidei'i ; whose 
ihterests are active i.ri building- new 
film theatres . in Sydney and cities 
located in several ; other Australian 
states, Vili; come ;east tp Pbtain lat^ 
; ideas 6n;;cihema; constructipn. 

Sriidef-Dean circuit has ' ^everaV 
deals with Hoyts in . Au.stralia; and 
has worked ■\yith . the; flatter oh sev-, 
era! product outlet pacts. . , ; ; 

•' .■..;;..■'• . . Sydney, Feb. 14. ; 

■ Sarii Snider, co-director of Snidfer- 
Dean and l^ationalTheatres, while 
abrPad, Will 'seek ,; stage" attractiphf* 
suitable for Australian audiences 
and also, take a look into the latest 
methods of pic presentatiori in the 
top theatres. 

Snider-Dean operates huge; indie 
nabe and; stix dhain; in New. South 
Wales, and recently made ; biz 
agreement with ; Hoyts cpvering ace 
theatres in ; the principal city; - 
tres,: known today as National. Thea- 
tres. Agreement does not interfere 
in any way -with the operatipn 0 its 
p-wn indie chain. '';.." . : ;.- ;'.;. 

First splash into live presentation 
came with cpbperatioh in the Marcus 
unit through the Fullers. This unit 
i^s ritet wj^^^^^^ success in New Zealand 
arid'Austfaiia and,;:a(:cbrdihg;tb A. B. 
Mrcus,. in Adelaide, plans are bieihg 
set -for anpther- tour \yith a. bigger 
unit.; \ ;.';';'.;'■:■■'■■"■ '■.;. ■;;■' V ■■;■• -•: 

'":.^v •- "; '•• Sydney, .Feb!- '25; - :-' 
. Tliough it will; not be definitely 
known before March 1.5; it now; is 
predicted here ;that American disi 
tributbrs WiU not prdduce ieaty 
Australiii-; 'tp cpmpiy With the Nev^ 
South Ayales qupta act.'' There Js 
some ; talk of a test. 'case beiiig 
brought in Jtibe supreme^cpurt^b^^^ 
tributbrs to ' test the legality, of the • 
act and the right, to .force foreign in^ 
terests in ;a; British cpmniunity into 
production, if local productlpn falls 
below requirements; : ; ; 

HoWeVer; what iS; more lijiely is 
that: U. Si companies ^yould take a 
feW films needed to comply with the - 
low . - quota ;; .percentages; from [ JJcAy .. 
South Wales producers. Believed ; 
that the one or two features needed 
by each; . major . American ;distrib 
could be turned put by:ex;isting pro- ; 
diicers. . ;-v' ' ''■" ■;;.• . ..;'.;.-..- 

Lpcal; producers hope; the opera- ;; 
tipn ;6n: the heW; quota law Will place 
theiif studios; in operation . shortly, 
Prddhctidn firms here ; estihiatiB the .- 
new law •will mean (Bight to 12 feat-. ' 
ures annually for American distribs, J 
either made jointly with U. S. com- ' 
pahlesi ; With Arherici^^^^ su-. 
peryision or turned out specifically ;; 
for America's ; distributors to 'fulfill 
quota Requirements. , ;, ; - 
'; Plenty of^. hiiddles are ph ; at iMo- ' 
tibri ;PiGtures ;Distnbutpt^^^ headquar-- . 
ters, 'With heavy . correspondence • 
passing between Sir . V ictbr Wilson; 
rec;eh.tiy;'iri America, ahd distributpfs.; ■. 

ductipn .units hei'e are .eage;r; to get ; 
their plants, . operating uhder some 
pact' with- ;U; s;. ;c^^ 
out specific features; ^' ;-- '';. ;; ;;■ r 

Ginesouhdj which has operated 
Without; quota benefit,' is . starting . on ; 
'Let George E)o It,' a comedy.; Ex-, 
pedition starts this month on 'Thuh- : ; 
der Qvier the Desert,'; . With .Charles 
Chauvei in chargei of the.syridicate 
that operates its ;p.rpducing. . ' Uni- 
,versal is reported interested in: the ; 
film. ■- New Era has; ^finished 'The . 
Avenger,' and ..hiay . start ; another ; 
spon. .■- - ;'. 

Conimonwealth is nearing comple- 
tion bh 'Typihbbri Treasure,' biit Na- 
tional .-has, . dohia"';hPthing since its ... 
50-50 try With Columbia oh 'Rangle 
River,' more than a year ago. ;;;Ar.- 
gossy; lined up with neWspaper ' 
terestsi has not started a single pro«; 
ductioh but still has .Clarehce Badger 
here; Waiting. VCo.minbnWealthis.p^ 
erated by . Gomihonwealth Film 
Laboratbries under Jack .Bruce;? 
while . National is ' cohtrolled ;. by ; « 
bpdy of newspaper and cPmriicrcial 
meri; . . -'■ ■; , ' . -"■ 

Cinesoiind Is headed ; by Norman 
Rydge, Robert Hill, H. Y.; Russell, . 
Edwin ;Geach arid John ;Goulson, 
.most of whom ^'are connected with 
Greater Union Theatfes. New Era 
s handled by Dick Harwood for 
Melbourne' interests. ; 

Mull Jap Show Biz Tax 

-- : ;Tokyp, Feb. .14. 
■ Tax Ihquiiy Commisisibn of. the Fi-, 
nance Office hasn't yet decided where 
to apply, the amusement tax recently 
decided upon. Commi'ssibn is hold-.; 
irig-, out. for levying the ■ .10 % 
admish . ducats oyer 5c.y while exhibs 
are demanding its application on 
over lOc; . ' .; ■ \ . '■ 

Chances are the Tax; Commission 

will win the argumerit. ; 


■ ;-■;--.- .; McxicP City,; March 1;. 
Natiohai c.ihehiatbgr 
federation' of unions hsis yoted ' tp 
boycptt all members pf 'the pic in- 
dustry who have ahy thing to do With 
picts that . spoof labor. ' , - ; ; - ' :; -- 
; Action also ' applies .films'! that 
show : the proletarian mpvcment; in 
an unfavorable .light, '. ''■ ;.•; 

Rob Wagner in Aussie 

liob;Wagher, .riollyW,ood publisher, 
hit herb;; last week ,bri - a Ip okse.e vlsi t, 
:_ Had just; cpmpletcd a toui* of New 
Zealand and left fpr ;Victol-'i arid 
other; points; of; the Common vyealth, 

.after ^ he Will corilihue his trip 
aroundvthe world. ' 

: (With Dates When Opened) > . ; 
'TVbltfeon:U.s'-^'Aprll -14.-..'3(!. ;. ., . ■;: •> 
'Kronoh -WUtioUt TeiU-s'— Nov. '0. : ; 
.^:R:Llalaika'— noc; 22.:;- •: I '->-■, '.^t^ 
.'<io.orK'e:;tinc| MarBarct.'— F^.b.; 2S/ .aTj - . 
•nia'rh ,I.lWlclfKhf-7^:\pr11 22. 
'Vlctorl.a neplna'-Junfe 21. . 
•'ftoii'jemifi.stcr!.— Juno 20. 

;'Rf. >roritz'-juiy .31;- .. -;; - -.■ -a ;;- 

: ''riine:AniJ tho Goriwaya.— A«gr.. 20. -. . 
.'•"i-est of the Wtive'-Sept.., 1.; ..• ■.> V ■ 

- .'!;.onil6ri- n-hApsofly''— .Sppt. .1.' , 

; vrhe I'hnntom LlRhf^-^fiepti. Ti: 

.■;',(JoIPB GVrck'-..Sont. .IC;.. - ■ , 
■■■■ 'I Have Beeti .HerV n^foreV-Sept- 
; . .'Jllile an.l Reck'— Oct, 14; - , 

- ,'AiitJinin'— Onti 13..' .. - ' '. 
'V0.9..rin-(1 No.* -Oct. , 20., ' - 
M*Mr-la>t.. L-pn(lrft9.V-Or.t...-27-.- ;.; .;. ,^4 .- 
.'Mimrtiliiir- -Mocofrif^ JSlfictra'-NoV; if- \ 
' fl'il)>rf.q \Vlf e'-rNov. ; 23. 

.'Thank: y<)u., j;ir.; PrpyB'.^Nov'. 30. - . 

'.Oh;'y*— Dep. 8.-. . '.;.'-.. . 
; 'I Killfil the- roiint'-DPC. 10. .;.- 
.. 'no<)nj.,Sprvlce.'— TleCi ' 1.', - 
•„. ; Me rl h(l :M V ..Olrlfl' ^Dcc...l<5. . 

•npa'ut.y (tml . the rieast'-Pec;. -27.- . . 
-. -'Sinv .Snla nim'— nppi- 2";.-- ^' f. .. 

. ' rhi.<i Mfini-ey -Jliiplnr.'ss'-Jan. " -\n 

.,*.Thr>-,Mf.)o(lv Thnt .Got tf)SL'-Jl">r r 
. -'Volponp',— j.m; 2.1." ■- - 

■ .'Nlnp. fih.-irii'.-Jnn. 2n;. ■ ' ' : 

. ■Tlie rnnot'ent. Piii'tv— -Jan. 2-1. ■ ' 
'TKe. Tlirrft .Rl.stoiV-.laii. 28,. 
. 'M.uts '.lTi .Mav'-^^rFcbi: 3. - .. 

. 'Mlrahcne'— 'Feb; 0. - - - . : ;. . .' : 

.'Kir.ozrh Olory*-Feb-;.I0,;- 
1 .I'he -Ifilanir— Feb. .10. : 

•. W;iolt'— Feb. •1.'!. .:• ■' ; . 
• Alnry Goph ;to; S'ee'VFib. 11..-. . ' ■ :; 
-:; no(lsworth'.-rrob; '22;: . ; :-.:.'; ■ 

■i^.uriW4e liem;-Fcb. ; 26.: ■ '•:-• 


: jCanneS, Feb. 20. 

Csisind and hitery; pperators^^^^ a 
breaihinig easier haw- that a slow 
starting season is at : Ijast under way. 
Unsettled pblitical ctthditions had 
jammed on^ *he bra^^^ but good 
weather and sunshin have things 
almost bacH to normal.:, . v ; 

Casiho Municipale-^ with 
Femaridel> French comeplian, in 
'Ignace, ■ and followed - by ; Gaiby 

■Morlay and her company in /Victbria 
Regina.' Next was 'JeUhes; Filles e 
UififorMe; ;w 
WdizikowskyV Russ^ 

-topping: .' ■■ ' \ : 
In the music hailv H Reso &hd 
Lyda Sue are is^]^ping for; a week. 
Earl and j<)Sephine lyeacji aiie bpokela 
to ;.(i|o their ;Anierican ' dances and 
bowe Hatker , and , JarieV Sideli will 
satire Ravei'. 'Bolero* ^and do :>their 
Jap sict, Marie Holl i^i,. .■ Joe~ liaiivel, 

;X,es danibassj, atii Una jC^cyper arci 
brt the bill, ,' . 

. . Eddie : F6y \ ' head maiv ; in . the 
Artib&ssaidieiir, ; ■ ; with.: h is /.band . ; arJtl; 
Maiifice • Toahas i^lternates ior , th? ' 

■ slithery stuff., Midnight/crowd, prac-: 
ticaily. alvi/ayS th:e:!same, swarms, into 
Cb^z; BrummeV^after the;:sh^ ^ : 

; Nouv^au Gasirto is featurirtg a girl 

■ show frOiiV ; Paris ^ aiid; Carriiigtoh, 
Eniglish magician. On the ftodr, bcr- 
16w the Kit Kat Kliib, with Acguino's 

, orchestra, is doing big biz nitely. . : . 
Joe Cayalii -S : Dblphiii; Club has re- 
opened; .repainted .:. and .redecorated 
with real.' oranges and leaves ior a 
falsii ceiiihg. i p'Rio is open With :a 

.: riew: bar arran^gW; so that the; place^ 
seems vsWaller ;^ Mona, the 

owner, * ; thipliihg of khpcking out 
a' partitiori, and installing a second 
bar to .give the place a real big 

;' tbwny effect, GTOrge'MOique and his 
Hollywbodians reridi^r the spirituals. 
. La Bastide has : . reopened lyith. 

: hothing riptiiieable ■With the exception 
. of the painting of a very loyely nude- 

vfemale above ; the ■.bar/ ; Le Jungle is 
opeii and, is sticking, to its habituaV 
African theme. ^ "■ 

Great Talent Inhux 
One of the greatest irifliix of artists 
that this resort has ever: seen has 
come this Winter tp entertain the 
sun seekers. Besideis the above, the 

. list includes Marian Ahde 
tine .Tessier» Gecile Sorel. Marcell.e 

, Praince.' Elvire Popesco, the Quator 
Hongipis, A. Tisspt, Constant Remy 
and Gabrielle Bouillon. 
;■ List of artists yet to appear -, 
eludes: Sacha Guitry, L. Tragin, 
Yvette, Guilbert, . Wasa . Pfihoda, 

. Rachmahiribff, the English Players, 
Dinah Sihety, Allard, R. Bourdin, 
,Bi-6thier. Gilbert-Moryri. . Guyla, 
Lapelleterie. Duart, Ninon Vallin; 
Mia Slavehska, Mairgit Bokpr, Harold 
Kreutzberg, Jpsephine Biaker* Elisa- 
beth Schumann. Fritz Kreisler. 
Jascha Hqifetz, the SchWarz Sisters, 
Lys Gaiity, Elyane Cells, Maiiricet, 
: Edith Piaf. Bpucpt, Frainconay, Saint- 

: ' Gratiier, Maurice Rostand, Ouyard, 
and Gretl Vet^non. 

Of Cbiirse 

. Lohdpn, Feb. 24. :■ 
Erich Pomnier .has taken an 
option oh ; a yarn by .Irvyn Le-. 
: roy arid Michaiel Sadiier; a saga 
'of the trials -and :- tr ibuia.tipns of 
\. the Puritans in England. High- 
: light will be the. departure for 
the new world of the Pilgrim 
• fathers'in the .Mayflower. I; • 
- . Pommei:'s comp.ahy,- 6t cpursie, 
is Mayflower Productions; . 

Cnck Out as 2 

Expect NieW British Measure 
Will Eliminate U. S. Ex- 
port of'B' and *C' Picts 
: •^-Involyes : Big / Sav^ 
: Showdown : in HbusW of 


; 'Mohtie; Carlo. ^^^^ 

Monte Carlo, Feb. 20.: 
.. Monte Carlo is packed with skiers. 
:: gamblei'S., tennis players and just 
: plain hplidayers arid ppei:ar is getting 

a capacity play at the cajpino thea.- 

tr0. with- Raoul Gunsbourg at the 

helm. ; ''^ 

: • Xh is week it is 'Les Contes? D'Hoff- 

riian' by Jacques .Offenbach, With 
;o rch est ral effects under the direction 
-of Marc-Gesar;: Scbtto. Next week 

Rlc.hai:d .Wagiier's' 'Lohengrin* with 
.■'■Coorges Thill; French ten or, taking 
. /the -role,:, will be given; . .• :', :. 
v- : At . the . Theatre^-.^ 

M.;. Dcnys AMiells thrcer.act cpmedy. 

'Ma, Libcrte- Will .be given, starring 
.::.Dtfiylse ■ Bosc;.';: with Henry Bosc. 

Cjuistiane Ribes, Jean iWarcorii, 
'; Robe i t Hoinriiet, Jacquel ijie: D.Umpn- 

ccau; and Joan V^rmot ii\ the cPm- 

,pany. ' .: , .'•.",: :', •' '■■ 

Next wpck B/Tarcel Sablon will pre- 
: ioni .'Un- Ho,mme.: Cbmme .-les. Autres' 

<"Oi).e . ■ :• Man • :.Like . ■ the Others'). 
. -Armtind . Salacro'u's. newest, which 
■ '^'^s ■ fated, .tops in Paris: . Gast in- 
'. 'C'lude.s:V Annie ; DucaiixV - Jacques 
: piinieiisil. Gllber't , Gehiat, .t.Can Poc. 

HvJhfy . Houfy; PierrC; Fctiillere; 

Maria Dherbfll v.: Colette Proust and 

M:\rle-Louise .Dolby. : . 

■ . ..' '.•. ': Sydney, Feb. .14. 
; City is • n'ged. with; visttpi-s in to : 
witness tlvei iiiOth : ariniversary .• cele- 
iirations. ,. Ticket scalper^ ■r-^aped a 
rich harvest; : by uppiiig prices to.' 
viieW ..the : mammpth. p 
high as $100 apiece; Was paid for the 
privilege of yieviang: the pageant,, 
and the coin raked iii brought up. a 
high , takpi^ Festiyit^^ continue 
until April, but . it's expected : that 
aftfei,v about., two . Weeks: the real; 
gianibur WiUliade a.way^ 

Theatre n\an a geinents, . in the .f ace 
of the .butdpof cpmpetish/ found ^^b^ 
off at; mats, but better; at nights.. 
Greater .Union Theatres, on .. rnain 
night of, outdppr atti'actip 
not to start its show .until 9 p. m., 
figuring- that by this time , the pub- 
lic, wpiild be .glad to . fi nd : rest aifter 
heavy runaround. ./Was a nice piece 
of sho Winansh ip ;6h the part of ' Nor- 
ma n B. Rydge laiid his management: 
committee;..' . ■■ .:■ ' 

Public -is 'expected .to ■ tiirn : to in-;: 
dppr,- ainUse.mcin.ts ^short^y.■^^^^^T 
plenty, of mPney ph handi and it 
should not be long before it starts to 
flow into the coffers: of the pic, legit 
and vaude revUe rnen. : Given a : wet 
spell, the take: would go. to eriprmous 
heightS; because of such a huge mob 
floating around. ' '-, ^ - '/ \ ' 

Yankee filriiis still have the top 
spots on marquees and managers are 
readying to celebrate in a big way.- , 
Outstanding opening of week was 
'Emiie Zola' .(WB) at Hoyt's Cen- 
tury, arid this one should pull plenty 
later, 'iSpuls at Sea' (Par) bowed 
out after a grand run, with .'The 
Barrier* (Par) replaicihg, , 'Awful 
Truth* (Col) looks set for solid biz, 
and '100. ritferi and Girl* '(U) miain- 
taihs a high level. 'Stella Dallas' 
<UA ) is' alsp Still good, for trade, and 
'WifCi Doctor, Nuise' (20th) appears 
okay nice spell. 'Ali Baba' (20th) 
is click, with 'Big City* (MG) 
having .a .moderate : 'Maytime' 
XMG). :is .still pulling nice biz on its 
long showing. 

'Balalaika* moves alpng safely fbr 
Williarinspn-Talt, ' and Tivoli is get- 
ting ■ biz nights with . : vaude- 
revue unit. • 

;■■ - :'. .-; -.'/ ^ /Vienna, Feb, 21. 
Local ■studio ■has." been hand-, 

• ing out"6xtensive .ballyhdp aboU^^ ; 

: the lavishness of its new pro- 
duction. . Blurbs have, stated 

. the cost: will run into seyeh flg- 
ures." Last week: :the. publicity 

.'. backfired :Wh^rian'actQr)^ 

. : s.uit for ; $ utipa id lyageS; • 

V 'Film is titled ■'iVIillionair.^s,'.'. \ 

ique d' 


Now National THeatre 

■V.'^.--'- Paris, Feb. 22. 

:. Theatre An tiqii'e d'Oratige; ; long 
the ti-ial . : house ; fof plays by, new. 
writer's, has, come under the., direc-; 
tipn of the Opera of Paris. "That 
inean^ the house w il I ■ become n a-- 

.'tioni^l theatre. .Under ri^^^ 
recently regarding the .Opei;a and. 

' Opera- Co.ini q ue , ■ i t places, t h e. hou se 

■cpmp;letel'y --^in;'the' hands' :^ 
ernment.- ..: :;-.. - ..:.... 

Although the works of .many of 
France's - best ■ play Wrig.iits : g 
start: there, recently: audienceis have 

- been thirii'ier.:'.arid . thinner and the 
.theatre was no. longer able: to keep 
its ■. dobt-.s:: open.. - ;'l)i>e(it'ors -■ 'of tiie 
house believe ': uhat: by placing it 
Under :Sta'te control-^ and .thereby rcr 

.cciving subsidies,-- it , can -pnce agaun 
return, to ' it.s- sla'lii.s pf ■ [, , : of the 

, leadi tig .'tiyeatres'-ih .F^ 
Paris. ■ ■ ■ '■• - ■ ■ ■ -.::.■ ■ .- - 

With the English quota measure 
scheduled to go before the liouse 
of Lords and final, enactment in. the 
next, few weeks, Anierican foreign: 
department, chiefs e the. new 

law will increase biltlay for quota 
pictures $5,500,000 to $(),O0P,O.0O.;p'ver 
the present quota - expenditures,., .uh^ 
less radical :.chahgei: ar^ .mad^^^^ 

Estimated in New York that if the 
three-for-on(& quota idea' is riot in- 
cprpprated; the new; law will ; hike 
exijenditures ,.75%^^^^ fdi: the 

British . qupU. If reciprpcity is :ex-: 
tended according to the American, 
plan, which noW seems; unlikely, .this 
might' be cut; in half. : ; , 

However, what is more likely- With 
the., quota : riieasui-e:/ not : dr 
altered, XJ. S. icpmpariies will count 
bri effecting considerable, savings by 
elimiriating , 'B'. and ; 'C' product from 
the pictures imported into . England.: 
Rev^riue;obtairied in the British ls^^^ 
^is so. snnall that, this Would iheaii a 
real saving. ' . ':\ . : ■;; :i5.; .-. ' .. 

:': . It Works this way,; If a ma jPr coinr 
piany's: shijpmentsy I 
year . (arid conceivably the first year 
under the hew qiiptai)' total 60. pic- 
tures, the ■elirirj.iriatiori of : secondary 
features or profjrammers would cut 
the list to 30 or 40. The ; 15% require- 
ment for distributors on their , <[uota 
thus would be reduced . frpm 11 quota 
credit filriis to five or six; ; 
; And -if Aitierican cornpanies intend 
making worthwhile features ,in Eng- 
larid under skilled experts' arid with 
boxoffice stars, this would mean a 
saving pf $1,000,000 tp $1,400,000 for 
quota credit' pictures. Compared to 
the.:$30,0;000. that the, .^B'. filriis^;^m 
jsecure from rentals in England, such 
a plan of .operation seems logical. 
Aniericaris also realize that any: pic- 
ture made , in : England is a; heavier 
gamble as far as returns in this, 
country are cPncer ned tiian a HoUy-- 
wobd production! . : 
• Thus, instead pf 420 pictures 
shipped: into.. England. ' ; a year's, 
'time, : American companies coriceivr . 
-ably might lay down only 230 Under 
the new qupta law. 

As the final showdown looms: in 
the House of Lords, film company 
representatives this : week Outlined 
their attitude oh the hi ea sure. Dis- 
tributors here favor • (1) tHree-fOr.- 
oii e , d istr ibu tpr . credit for each picr 
tu're involving; $150,000 labpr costs 
or thereabouts (approximately $350;- 

000 to $400,000 prbductiPn outlay pcr 
picture). (2) the reciprocity idea 
.giving two picture qupta credits to 
an Ariie'ricairt 'productipri made in 
Erigla.nd- When .It ' -exhibited ii\ the 
U. S. as well as Great-' Pritain,. (3). 
niaking. .the ,15%^^ 

applicable 'to. each picture rather 
than according to footage, as the b,iU 
is now, Worded, and .(4) a clause per- 
rii it Ling; featuries riiade ; |ri - dori-iihipn 
.territories to count - in (iiiota ^credils 
•[ (amendment paissed last .. week wpiild 
|. bar pictures made for quota credit 
j: wlieri. produced • Bi;i tish Empire 
■ tqmlp:ry outside 'pi E^^ 
. . - They, do rio.t favor the,, reyiewirig 
I /the : cl^im that ' it- ;m'akef it' difficult, 
j tp finaiice production if the flilm Cah 
I be rejected after; cornpletion, . (b) 
; chary 0 that it is the wrbng way to 
] .bPost ;productipn value -since 
i Ipgicai: reason for its. inclusion in the 
I i-iieasure;-;-arid;,i (c) contend that it 

1 loaves too much arbitrary power .in 
j the hands of a body Of which .a ma- 
'■ jorily is dhpsen . from! biitside. the 
f Iri-dustry-;:.,' ' ■ ' - ...";.: ;„:;'' 

::-Pici:ui.-e officials here believe the 
.thre'c-.for-<irie cred i t idea will go; far 
i iti bbl.sitering bpstlyv. worth while: fca- 


.j- v.;-, .. .. ; Loridon, -March 1 
■ ^bodsWbrth/ ;: Sidney . . Howard's 
dramatiijatipn/ of Sinclair ' . LeWis- 
novel; opened at the Palance: last 
week (22) . . Despite a good; prqduc-: 
tjori, an admirable cast iis : unsuit!e.d 
to • . the.' nationality of the . play, 
and.; the entire psychology thereljiy 
:suiTers- PhiUb Merivale arid Gladys 
ir starring. -: • 

;: 'Surprise Iteri:i,' Rurita 
ppiened at; the Ambassadors (25).: Ar- 
riVai is. :uriiikely;: ' present shape; 
but rnight.make:an:exciellerit:,n^^^ 

■ -Operette/ -Noel : .GoWard's;^ '1^ 
musical, as already 'running iritp dif- 
flculty. PrPducer-atithor: Coward '; is 
at' odds with Fraiik iGollirison, con- 
ductor arid latter is qulttirig. Coward 
is - perspriariy condUcti ng ' music r , at 
;. Maricheste.r ■ where it ' trying out, 
Benjamin Frankel, 'British: Broad- 
casting conductor^ , reiieVes Coward 
dri. Friday . (4). 

Boyer Rome Click 

i:- . Rome, Feb. 23, 
' Boyer is big hit in Rome. 
Booked . for one. evening at the Valie 
Theatre, Miss Boyer, found the; audi- 
epce: so erithusia.stic : and . eager for 
encores that . shfe. is giving; two riibre 
concerts. .. . . . •-. •■}■ 

Billed .with. her- are Pils. ah 
the French Van : and Schenck. 

V- Sydney, March .1. 

• Stanliey Crick,' : 2Qth-Fo.K ; sales ' chief 
for '■Austi-aila - and ,Ne'w ■Zealand, 
reiiigried-;, ; Clay: Hake,- : assistariV '^W 
W. J. • Hutchinspri, .: foreign: ' depart- 
merit / chief for Fox.' here, on- -i^isij;^ / 
tcrinpprariiy replaces him,- Reinainder 
of contract held by Crick, with abput 
18 months to run, .was/ .Adjusted/ 
amiicabiy by the cpmpaiiy.: 

. Departure p{ Grick. frprti, any cPrl-; . 
rieiitiori With . . 20th^Fox 'ivad been/ 
more or less expected by those . in ■ tlie 
Austi'aliari picture: busiri ^He Waa 
lifted/ out of Hoyis arid all cphnectroii 
with, the theatre end when .in New' 
York last summor. Was... iri- 
f orrried at that time, th at- .his. .in.te rest \ 
was to be solely that p£ pictures.. : 

' ; "Uliderstopd here that 20th-Fok Was . 
inclined. . -tp "believe, that Crick had 
too .- many; /interests - and; could /: i o fc ' 
adequately . represent, the; film com- : 
;pany. •/There: :wais ialso/said'/to' a!- 
feeling: that an American should/ rep- ; 
resent, the film : interests in such 'a: 
large / territory. Many U. i/S/ . iipiri.- 
panres f oUo w. such pa-actice; .. 
' During the visit /Of. -Grick. anil 
Charles /Miirird,, iri; .N.v Y. .last, year, 
Munro stayed .behind- Wheri the for-/ 
rrier .-stair ted . for Auy triali at. /Munro ; 
engineer-ed all the film deals; that put 
20th- Fox product in- Hoyts circuit oC 
theatres. . ': u 

. '. Shifting of Crick out of ! 2C!th-FpJC 
and - Hoyts . is not expected , to alteir 
amy general plans of the theatre ci rr 
cuit connpany. . . Contrpl in ■ Hoy ts is. 
held by the picture company^ accord- 
ing to all reports here,' and It is un- 
likely that present alignment on di- 
rectors and stockholders Will /be diii- 
turbed. \ / / :././ / • : 

/Crick ;is expected: to/. rerinain/activ^^ 
in the film business/ He is an alder- 
'.man here arid: -actiye official, ii;: the 
,se'squi -centennial : exposition soon to 
be held. . 

ti\rs production in England. British, 
angle on reciprocity is that this 
added/ quota credit should.; go only 
to those buying i:ion-qupta films /in 
England, This helps vBritish pro-: 
ducers iget into the American mar^ 
ket, : but doesn't mean much tp the 
U, S. distributor. 

Producer-dist ribu tor companies far 
vo.r ; inclusion of do mi n iph ter r Itoiy 
prod uctibri' for quota, because they 
believe/ featuies can be rriade cheaper 
ia Atistrjsiia.: ,arid Canada; /than in 
Eivgland. Dpriiinipn bar possibly will 
be removed in the of Lords 
because , of /ill-will it . might .stir up 
in the British Ernpjre. 

Chief rem.a i riirig; :da riger tp, Ahiert-' 
can coriipariics. riO'W. appears /to. be 
tlie reviewi ng clai use, While: i n Lbnr 
don it is regarded as; the whole level 
hoW. being used to. advance the qualr 
ity of, British prpductibn, even. Eng- 
lish producers are: against it. Both 
y. S.. and .British producers feel the. 
pr.Ppipsit.ipri / too arid .:cel•- 
taJiT^y w a death blow to 12 or 
more smali/prpducers iri. England./- 

r/,/ London, Feb. 28. 

Withdrawal .of the three-forTpne 
di.<5tributor quota p 1 a n, a nd i ticl usi ori 
of an arrieridnricnt barring filrins made 
in C'iriada and other dpmrnion tern 
tor ies from co'U rit ing ■'' a s quota credit 
pic til res h igh lightecl the fi n ai pa/ssa gp 
of the English quota bill through 
tliC; Hbijie of/ Commpris, :.- $ei; tp:rOrnc: 
up for the first .tinie in the Hfuisc of 
'Lords/, (?. ). ^ . "Gpv.crri.m'ciit 
is ■ credited .;Wi;th ' halting/ an attempt- 
to boPst quota : percentages.; 
. :'rt;ree-:for-pn.e qiiota~- : prrippsition; 
for .picturc/i involving $150,000 oc 
riipre labor-'! may ,bi; ' revived by 
the Lord.-j:, This body al.savrriay elim- 
inate; dari-iiiiipn,producing//bjjn.-/;. 

; W. J. .Hutchinson, .•fpreigri /iales 
manager/ for 20th : Century'-Fp'jc/ . is 
due back March 8 in Nevy York from 
his tour of Solith America. 

He , pro.bably wjil //reriiai/ , .at th« 
horiie /office until earl.y in, May, whent 
he goes to London foe .an interna- 
tibrial • sales : meeting. ; He also will 
visit Paris fOr' a -.similar /cptifaWv y 


Mexico City/ March 1. : 
Certain. Mexican picture producer.^ 
and .smaller independent distributor.* 
here,.: who squaWked/ long: and loudly 
recently pvef labor demands : for 
higher - wages arid larger staffs, are 
all .wet, according to the claim.s -of: 
local- picture unions. SmtillCr /corn- 
panics :chargcd that/ dra.stic union 
prograrii: soon would /drive them out 
of ;busincss because they can't, /stand: 
repeated requests fpir more coin and 
additional worker.s. ' ■'■ 

; Emplbyer.< claim that /the unipnij 
insist ; on; .their : tarrying ' .slarVs / 
large as thb/se >f. the ibig./'pperatora ' 
and pay the same Wage scale. Their 
. coritention/. i's; that ;; they W i 11 either 
have to closiis shop or make deals 
with 'big/: A;meficari dis 
erating here to handle their product. 

. Almost the,. ■:sartie /.cry. ;: wa.s/: to ised 
by U. S.; distributor^ rcpresqritatives 
When another pay • til t :'wa.s a.skcd for 
excharige Workers: a couple. /Of wcelts 
ago. / Pointed :tp 'the fact that it; was 
the second 'boost /foK ..jjcopio/ ': 
about eight : mo.rith.Si arid/ that the lc^^-; 
el^ng off. oi; /wages. at;the..pcak.^^^^ 
paid a:, wo.riceir'in' Hi.s particiilal'^-cla.s- . 
.sifiCatipp / mwcJr/ .la.ogcr pay- /: 
roll. Dcmanrls ■ wiei'c met; though,, 
after-; '. f-rjil flays of a'rl>nra;l.ifJri.- . .' :; 
v No-vV/thf' unlo.iis/asscvrt;thpy are 
racketeer ing at the expcns of the 
little- :'fcliQw.- or /-ariybpd.v-' else, but. 
that -they ..simiVly ai/e protoctirig/.thcii' 
iWcmbors. : ..peiyiai . also; ; was'- rriade " 
about forcing larger stnil's; and higher 
wages, thi.s - apparently applyiniij:: M ' 
studio cinplbyes; ' ■ .; . / ;;; ■ '■■ 



Weiliiesdaj, Mw^cli 2^ J 93« 


that never /aib tacUck* With the help 
bf^^ d picture races 



A comedy hit * * Ite pace is 
sietiseless, runs thwugft tfie /Jlnv' 
iifcie water m 
timct*;i(fi tnedetfo^ 
Qh high iii pa^ 

^^TliewUdestofallt^^^ c&m^ 
mil find 


tjvtough ihe^r 
heiress Avitbtmre^ 
ddti and is 5^ 

B(d)y^ U c^t(tmly the iriosiJvi^ 
^ridm pieture to careeti across the 

r-Soth Francis^ Chronicfe! 

Aisxiate Producer — Cliff Reld 
Screen Play by 

tl^ley Nichoband Ha^arWilde 

R K O 

• - Walter Catlett 

; ^ Dimmed fey H 


LarVy Da i"rn our; V indie film. proT 
ducei- iailed: last Week : in: his, atr 
tciTipt' to . have N/ Y. supreme court 
enjoin 20th Century-Fqx. oVer use oi 

: the title/ ^Seoond Honeymooh^r^^^O^^ 
r ec.^ii t ■ fii ill release. \ : Justice Peter 
Schmuck, - who ruled . pif» the pfctitioii 
for a temporary injunction, took the 
vieyir that Dai'ni'OMr ha<i presented 
eviderice 6t unfair' competition or in- 

^ vasidii 'of- a iiirdperty right: . v;Gourt: 
also expressed' 'grave, doubt' pt Dar- 
nTPur*!^ good faith; in bringing 
action, since he obtained his; rights 
:'oniy ailbr: the defendant had^ 

■ tised ife- production^'' ;■„ v 

. Darmoiir- had stated/;: in his com-i 

. piaiat' that the^ title, 'The. Second 
Honeymdort,' had .been origittally 
used in film, whicK C 
Talking ;j>ictiire^ had ;.mide ih' 51926, 
Vrth the perrriissipni of: Riiby ; M; 

; Ay f^s, ; who ; had : published a nbvel ; 
of the satTie titiei Darmdur^ 
connected with the /Gohtinental out- 
fit ras .diii"€!ctdr and ; s.tpckholder; but 

; sul>sequentiy closed with the iipvel-. 
isb for th*: film rights to th bopk.; , 
■ After coiihimenting oh the tiine eletT 

.^ni^iit b^etwderi 26th. Gtihtury-s an- 
iiduncenrieht of its 'Second Honey- 
moon' and- Darmpur's, personal deal 
With the novelist, :Justic.e ; SchmMck' 
s ta ted tha t ' in vie r pf p;rey ipu5 .le thf 

' argy . arid . taking .into ./consideration 
the adroit insioliatioh to bUy peace 
iiV the letter- of Dec^ ll, 1937/ he 
(Darinour) cannot :;be said oh the 
record to have cpme into court Vf'ilh 
plead hands* Darmdiir had . asked 
for; the - injunction pending trial of 
a |1DP.0(>6 damage suit whidh he ha.d 
bi'ouisiht against 2!()th Century on thi? 
Unfair competition angle. • 
Edwin P. Kilrde and Jullari T. 

^AbeleS ; defended the injiinctiewn 

■?LIMU.-- MiwS.^Nrt»«AyV -.\ 

;.: ^VilUam 
Js schdd uied/ tp; ;appear in N. Y,.- 

; s;upreiiie dourt IViai-ch 4 for dxairiina- 
tipn bdfpre ' trial of the title theft 

■ action brbughi; by Croiiby ' Gctprge, 
author, ..who claims originating the 

■ title, 'Little;: Miss Nobody* .Which he 
used in • 1930. din a publishdd story. 
Avers 20th used the tag on 'the pic- 
tu ri zat.ipn of F'reder lek Haizlett Brenr ^ 

/•naii's. stbryi; 'The;' Matrdn!s' Report,', 
piroduced in 1936, starring Shirley 
•Tempie; Author, besides $50,000 

;:damages, also wants, accounting: 
the ptctu're'3 profits and seeks to get 
ini;o along this line' from Micheli ■ 

: Damage suit , for $96,000 againdt 
P'aramount Pictures; Inc., for allesed 
plagiai-;ism oh 'liouble or Nothing' 
fiicker; was filed in federal .court 
here last Friday (iS) by Charles D; 
: Livingstone ;and; wife,- Harriet, 'De- 

■ troit. V .. ' . • .. ;" ., 

Complaintants charge l^«g Crosby 
ppus ■-.identical,. both. as: to ; title and 

.;sto,ry, Witt), radio; skit they had re- 
corded; by Wdiid iroadcastinES Corp^ 

: -in :New- York in Nbverniber,. li03, 

' ;.^ioHywp6d,1March.'l,;;-- 
Pi- 0 d Lie t i on of 'RoSal ie* constituted 
a ; vio I at i,r>n 6t her; 1 iterary E*0f»erty 
risjhts,' Sylvl . ;kingsley aHeges. in 
; SKiO.OOO action . ff l<dd here against 
Wilhattv Anthony ^ M 
producer, in .; which^ the plaintiff, 
dlaimsi she wrd>te :a by that title; 
12 yeiars ago iand .entrusted it to thd 
dcifendaht to ;bd prepared; as a ;l6git 
,5t;ia[e show. which she was to re-: 
:C(ii iSS-i^ ; of jthe -p^^ .': ; ; .■-,;■ 
. Miss Ki^^^^^ charges that iri ad- 
d i t ion to rece IV ing nothing, fir -the 
loiii* and isuccessf ul tpptlight run, she 
hv ; : iiPt , been .paid what she claims ! to. 
l>e v her share: of the v$5i[^0eO ; OMetcto 
I)*lo| ;McC;| re; ftft- ;the screen rights: ■'■ ; 

:■■■.'.;■:■ --^flolbrwocKi,-:;!!!^ 
B<>ris Karlofl has v been -retained 
. by arners /fd-r Wp . mi^ picturds 
. based .on ;- t^ie.'-- rtiarMldr' ' of V *iE>0<^ 
Xv- his latest fitnwl. ;I1rst of pair will 
be filnried under the- title, The Re- 
turn of Doctor X/ with prdducfiotv 
to get under way May 15. ; 
, ;I>r. Manly Kail and Anthohv 
V5»ldevvay will write the Script; ^ : 

; . ' . , Hoilywodd, March i-v ■ 
Frances .Hylind and Albert Ray 
have completed ; the ■ sdrc;crf ipilay on 
an un t i tie d . , y a r n.: . w h ich , ■ : w i U . v be; 
filmed as Jane Withers- . next 20th- 
Fox production, . with John istodd-' as 
assoc.iate;producer/; ; ■ ^ 
' , Moppet is due; back :fr.oin ;.heir per- 
sonal appearancd.tduf,.M^ 
is- ;_su:heduied tp ;gp. bjefpre the cam- 
ei:as' ,twd;: w-eeks latei-i;; 

■ ,. ■ Miiihieapolis/.'Ma.rch ly.-,. 

There'll be.. ; h^^^^ aid ; irdm 

Ipcai film exchanges - for .Northwest 
Allied and. its., indie; exhib. msmberis 
in ; . remedy ihg . the / Bemidji iind; 
Brainerd, Minn.. 10 and 15c scaled 
first-run ■ . . duals' situation ; . that 
threatens-; to . engijlf the entire ter- 
ritpiry ; in an . Admission;, price ;war 
With, widespread . extensidh' of double 
'featuring.:-'; ■ 'r.:- . .' ■■■'■^■.'r 

: Wi ; H. Workmah", M 
manager, to ; whom ; :iPr.esident W. A. 
Steffes: of .Northwest Allied sent a 
.request; to dall all branch manage^^ 
tpgether tp . take , the lead in a 'moye 
to bring peace, ; has decided that his 
grpiip can do nothing :actihg in con- 
cert, but that: the exhibitors them- 
selves/ will,, have to ;;wor 
solution. ^.";-'.^-;--';V 

At ;firsty Wp.rkhian; said; he would 
accede: to ; Steffes' ;: request. After 
further consideration of the: matter, 
howevdr, ' he rfeachdd the conclusion 
that:, the proposed meeting. c6Uldn't 
accomplish any things he explains, - so- 
he WiU not call it. 

The present .storm cefiter. is; a hew 
il50,bOO theatre, at Brainerd whicli 
started with a policy" of ;flrst : riin 
dpuble feiatures, for a;;dime 6ri two' 
days a week - and: for 15c on two: 
others. Both Bralnei-d ind Bemidji 
;are. coiTipetiliye siUiatJons,- Exhibi- 
tors .in other nearby towns also iare 
statrting to slash- prices and adopt- 
two--bih :pi61iciesr -■ 

;' Hol-lywodd.' March -I.--'' 
; Negot la t ions . a re under , way to: 
send the . . past ■ of : Wth-Fox Jones 
Family self ies dn a personal / appear- 
ance tpui:'; starting, eiariy in the surrt- 
naer and continuing for it. least two 
;montbs. ; ;peal Wi 11 be closed ; if 
,5tudip's financial ternris are met. - 

; 'Family': at preiSerit . includes - Jed 
Prouty. 'Spring; Byi4^ . ; Florence 
Roberts, Shirley Deane; :Keii /iFIpwell, 
Rt^seti; Gleason; ' June, iCaTlsPn, 
/T.e. -ge -Ernest and Billy Mahan. ■ ' 
; Pfanie; of •Helen Valkis. recqntly 
signed to a Pterin . dc'ai; by ZtWh, . has 
been . changed; to Helen .Valerie.: She 
is. . currently .appearing with .the 
Jones' ;ifkrniiy itii tA.^ Trip .;to. .P^ris." ■ 
Actrqssi-canrte' to Holly WrVod;' from ifbe 
stra.ivhat ttielaitre : ciVCM.i t; and .did a 
stint ; .for Warders, before; moying 
over;'tp.~the; Wc^twood.;.lpt. . / 

Seek to Set Xfp a; Code of 
Business Practicrc^ f or Sellf^ 
; VPres^^jsfct State 
;I^^bor /Bc>^ Ciriicit 
/ Down T\h>^^^- E 
- <; ArlliitraHlyr - ;---.,^--'..' 


;;'.;■' : Hollywoo<li;-;Marc|i.;lV';,-. 

; , Joe ..Bigeldw; assigned to sCreenr; 
ptay 'Stirjctry: Accidental* at; RKO lof 
. VVictpr ; Moore ;w^^ "the cast.- ; 

:;,,. Holly wood;; Ma 1. 
Billy ; arid Beverly Bemis/ballrobrifi 
.dancers/, are .'eni rpute, to isfcw- York 
to make ■ a short for; WarrterSi/b^^ 
-sa'iliitg - for' Ldhdon... • 
. They : gd; irttp . th?* ■ f>yrchester 
■Houjie:' .-'-•■-"■■.■■..■.■:-.•■ 

Hollywood, March^^^ 
' . Stpriny ;. daiys ; are ahead lor Hoily- 
wood's ;6v.e;r-rinanried arrhy; of. talent: 
Agents.. Fipally ;awake to the fact ■ 
that theii: oWn ehterpi-ises. /being- 
; undermined ^ by;;. UnheaUhy ^ co^ri^^ 
tipns, ; nibre or., less gener^al . throu^h^ 
• Put ;'th6- percentagie .field,^ 
;and pPiyerf ul members Pf the : Agents 
.Guild are; pois.ed for a widespread 
ptitschi intended ; to irid the racket of 
PffiCe-in-hatters : and , even some; of 
the iaffiuent lO^^ers Who are alleged 
te Have gotten; that; .w,ay through uh-' 

- ethieai':--practices. ;' -'. J \. : ■ . ; ;.■; 

While/ thinh i ng : of the ;. ranks will ; 
not cdiTie without a ; fight, the' 'Big 
13' : ha;s . the advantage: in that . it has 
lined up behind its. battle lines the; 
heads ;pf the major productioi^ com- 
panies as ;. well as the; California : 
Labpr .Cpmmission, which has 'SAiper- 
'■visidn.ove:r aU.-ld^ers:-.'-./^ 

Records of the state labor body 
reveal , that; tfidt-e ' are ; noW ,273 

- licensed ; age.rtcies : in the cineVria ' secr 
tor, as agatrist ; 2(5 a decade agp, 

, Mpre thian .halt of the preiseht total 
have Sprung; up within the last ; two 
pr'-three- yearis; ;;-./■ '■:./;.■ 
BlowofT that is about, to come; has~ 

.been ■ ; the ; talk ;stage,:ever since 
the fprmation of the Agents Guild 
a , year ago, but began to take 
definite shape, under intensive; 
plotting follpwing the ;recent 
■between Joseph. M. Schehbk, . 20th- 
Fdix chairman, ..and Myrpn SelzniCk, . 
who rates .a - heftier- list of ;clients 
•than ■; afly of his fellow; guilder's. 
Schenck-Selzniqk row resulted in the 
latter and his employes facing barred: 

^frpm the W^twpod Ipt. ;; 

;;; Kttipiwtg <>wa;:H«ase' iii-,6!r(icir .;' 

V^ith the war cduhcil of the .;*Big 
13' hdldihg daily pPwwows to map 
campaign . plans, other committees 
;are conferrihig with high studio eji- 
eciitives . apd; Labor Boai^d pffiGiaisv . 
with; itill another making; :a 
survey of the . guild's pwri. ranks io 
make cei-tain ; the drive will ;nPt 
boomerang from the sfandpoi.nt; of 
its own housekeepihg rnethPds. 

MeahWhile, all: of those . the^ 
(Hhisr •: side in the forthcoming ; e ji^ 
plPsioh are: not exactly, sliimberirig. 
lif iddle-ciass of non-guilders, some; 
of them; pipneers.; who have fought; 
to keep the: percentage lousiness on 
a high plane, are struggling to; sur-: 
mount twd dbstacics .that stand/ in 
the way; of perfecting ■ .protective 
prganizatiori an;d raisingl : ; • war 
;ch'est. -Stuiiiribling bloclvs, . ■hdwever, 
are ; bitter 'riyairy that ha.s resulted 
in frequent: hurl iiig ; of ' . cha.i-ges of !; 
.client-thefting : atid . depleted- nest-.! 
.eggs due to the iohgrdraWnTpLit- pror 
ductidn iuli. thdt has resulted in ex - 
tended " periods, :of . : idle ness - f o r ; li un- 
dreds-ot .bit and charactei'; pb ' 

Start! n.!j 20 years a^'o . an- • 
Pther -ty pe of '.iHoi ly wood jiiea I- ticket.- >■ 
talent ; ;mcr cha n d i z 1 ri j; ; s.i no;;:.! 925^ :as-. 
sumed such ' b6nar\/,a prbpo;iytio;tV.s . 
■that; it ;has' long; since :beciy:-^Ui;act-. ■- 
irig.- men . who ' were ; once coMsiflcred 
production; and studio; VniVna^CMi^ ' 
acw; ■; While; vFredd 
bedca and - SiUon. ~ jes.sie ;W 
and Fdward; Small were among the s 
earlier big hames^ game. /the. 

golden ; reaUy gdt: lindei: AVay ;; 
with the; eidverit;;df :FelXx' Vdung^ 
the late Frank Jdyce,;aVndhg thtv;|irst '• 
to ;put :on expensive :front.s ;;and go 
,after,star personalities' in a,;!^^ 
Young's; client ; roster , took , -a further;]; 
spurt when Myrpn Selznick joined ; 
f«rces;>v|th him; ahput I92tt. Selziiick ( 
soon' ; afterward bought : out; .-Ypong ; - 
and merged with Jpyce, .a . partner^. . 
ship . which continued until - the. 
latter's ' death: .•■ ■■■19^:: ' Next ;^im.- ' : 
portant tiguire jfep enter was M.- C: 
; (Continued dn ,page, 2i) ■ 

Holly wood, March 1. ; 
,Harry Seympur, , W^ ;dtalog 
dlrectoii:,: and Beirt Hahldri- .actpri 
haveVbeeh aietvto portra^^ "Tin Pah 
Alley team in support of James; Cag- 
/riiey ;in":: .'Boy'v Meets:. Girl.'^;. ::;; . 
■ Paii: wdrked^^ t^^ 
:ani,'s music; row 20 years - ago. , 


i 1 > 

.:; United'j;:;;^^ . an 

expeiument iii ; the booking ;df 'Tom 
SaWyer' by ,; ireleasing the picture : tP 
secondary towns pridir. to the lairger 
keys".: Theory embraces the thoughi 
that 'pictures, of ,the , 'Sawyfer' type- 
Very ,;of ten will' do . a. tremendous 
business i n . the leSser : keys; with the 
mass of family' traide- a 
played ; the ;:f ront-rank first , runs of 
the cpiintryi ).'' ; V -'--r •; 

. i3y' playing 'SaWyer' fi;rst :in the .*B' 
keys and smaller ; to wivs, rnxj ving ■the 
pictiire; Ikter; ihtd the ; large .centers 
of each territpjfy, it is believed , the 
buildup vtrill,. greatly benefit the latr. 
■ter;. ; Picture went into; Scrantort; Pa., 
and pther similar towns during the 
past week and did so dutstandingly 
Well that \Schaefer has issued orders 
to each exchange tp : •spp;t 'Sa;wyer' 
htst in. tpyns of ithe Sdrantoh type 
bef Pre ;takirig it into the bigger cities. 




Holly wddd, March. 1. 
have been :filed: with the 
Commissipn by^ :t^^ 
Howard ; Latig agency; ; :and: .Zeppp 
Marx, ;lnc;,. asking ;ari)itration of con- 
tract disputes ;Ki th clients, Lang 
seeking ,$16,900 from Mar? Laurence, 
while .iviarx wants ^^flili from Nor-: 
man Krasna. ; 

Both; figericies are making claims 
oh ground that they, *rere abritrarily. 
dismi-ssed by the defendants.. 

William Stephens, Iric.,; ; talent, 
agency, - has filed petilipn ' sur 
perior .court ;fdr confirmation;of the 
$1,600 ; judgment ; recently - pbtained 
through/ a ;State, ;Lab6r ; Commission Robert ; Kent,- actor, p'n 
grounds 'pf : breach of;' maiiagortal 

Kent: was allowed five days to ap 
{>eai,;but .failed to dp so., . 


> ;; Hollywood. March U 
; Doris Nolan, ;BroadWay. 'legit ,.'ac-. 
tres.s,; who decided, she; was. through 
with pi ctures ; When she iriducbd Uiil- 
yersal to cahcei;her cpntract follow- 
ing .her appearance :! .\'Top of the 
Towrj.'-; has changed ;her mind, and 
wi n playv the i-pie ; Pf. Katheriiric ttcp- 
bii:rn^s Sister in; Columbia's; 'Holiday,' 
P.i,ct,ur.e is :tv6w;before the. catrieras.' 

SO^HERTS'S HOW -;;;/.-. 

.i :■' : ';. .;:-,: ; ^:Hdllywpod,:iyiav'cl:i:;t;.- --:'. 
. ■ Wanici .s ha y.e assighC'd George Bii - 
spri: to di rect;;a' brie.fie. 'So - Vdu Want 
to ,Be; < ;.; Mpti on ;Pi.ctu re; St;rr,\ ;; f or 
vi'h ich :. ho'- did the" 'screen ;d!;i.v'. 
■■ piiv.i.a,:de Havilia.h'd -will be fenr 
tured, .outlining the routiiip ,l.i:ro. /if; a 
scree;!; .actrdis^j,. :";■.; .- '; ■ ';-.■ 

Hu> Ward S»l>tteil hy. RKO 

;;H<;>l!.v.W.'X>d. Wiarcb- 

Hollywood;; March 1; 
Federuil Judee \Jfaimes hi ; Los; , 
. Angele.s -granted; lieriihtissiph to'" 
V'dyd V WrlRht iirid Ed>vaTd Ai- 
; jperson,; item ppirary . trustees . of .: 
; Grand Natidnai^ to . pa:y : oil the : ... 
. > balance, duie' the Baiik of Aiiner- > 
ica on a $500,000 note. The petU ;. 
ttoh': stated; that the coinpahy has , . ; 
. funds on hand jii.exi^^^ of $!l7,- . 
; ;706': ;balan<ee^ and :ihe payoft ;; 
:; Would ;simplUyr cdmpany> b6pkr . ; 

Finahcial statement of Grand ;isra- 
tional; Pictures, .flied in cpnnecliPa 
with; the cdrppralion's applrcatidn for ' 
.pdrmissioh tP reorganize ; Under 77 B- 
Pf the Federal bankruptcy;. act,;; 
veals that the aictual cash liabili;? ' 
ties as Pf . Jan. 29 Were only $391,781, 
:aithough;; the auditPr's- report showed 
bdpk liabilities pf $985,316; .Uiiiiess 
harassed by Creditors, the. en t i re; in 
debtedness can be. Wiped -o^^^ 
a few months, the ;state- 
m<^nt Pf Edwar<^ Alperson,. president. 

: ;Weekly income ranges . between ' 
$30,000; and $5^066, he stated in his; J 
Ireport to the! court,:. Whil^ 
expenses have;beeri slashed to a- figr. ' 
lire that Will be held bcipW $20.000;< 

Even since . the; Jan. 29 audit,; ATr;;. 
pdrsoh: ;. pointed out,; the;; cdmpany 'a 
secuired note : id" the Bank of Amcrr 
ica pf ;HPllywodd; has been. cut .from 
$57,'796 to approximately $18,0004 Ah- 
pthier item,; xparticipatidns . payable^ 
now stands at-around $40,o6o as Coiri- 
pared to the Jan. 29 figure of' $02,11 1. 

; Charge OjiBF Half M . ; 

;Plea in ;77B; set* ;f 6rth that $605;- 
.327 ..listied ias advance payments re- 
.cie^i ved ' .under; foreign distribu tiph . : 
agreements' with Associated .British 
.Distributors, Ltd.,; is only , : book- . 
kee.pirig liability to. the extent ..of " 
$500,000. : Advances are Covered .by . 
proceedis to be: received f rom; prd.d^ 
uct' aiready delivered to Associated, 
; thus; resulting, in ah eventual charge . 
off pf^ ^00,000. Approximately; $100,- 
000;Pf the. advahce';payrhents -is esti- : 
mated; as; . potential : c^shi liabiritjr; 
that will become . payable, to piroduc- 
ei"S fpr their;participa.tidh'in profits. 

Petitibii place.s: deferred .credits; at 
$46,857;; accrued qoihpehsatiph ; pay- 
able ::to pf Acer's jn capital, stocky $41.- 
350; accriied liabilities, $53,769. and 
accounts aild npteis payable; $118,103. : 

Assets are; placed at $1,352,345 as; ; 
of Jan. i29, ;with the bst niadie up a? 
follows::'. -■■:.;■ ; ■ ■ - \; ' 
: Gash, i|*3,OTi; accounts rew 
$74,79C>- pictures released after'- 
tization iand reserves, $528,764; pi c- 
tvireis nPt released, $9384: acCessprie.t 
and supplies, ;$!26,3S4;: advances -to : 
producers,.:elc.,.less reserves and as- , 
sets recovered, $221,578; story righls, 
$.4,020; deposits, under contract, $1.-:'^^ ' 
707; investment; in Grand :;Natiohail ; 
stadips; $l6,t!00 in capital stock ahd 
!);340,16p 'in /net/ adyances; furn 
Uxturcs,. leasehoid improveitnenls, at 
cost, Jess a reserve ol $6,598 for de- . 
prcciatidn -and. anibrtizatipn, $40,281, : 
and deferred charges; $11,223, : 
■;inyMtment ;»t.;$i,8i8^70 . 

Grand National shows ah .invests : 
rrient in picttires to, Jan.;29i of $1,918,- , 
47.0, with: incortie. td the. same ./dale ; 
totaling ; ;$l,6iS8- 908: i; -Petition stales. 
that of; the la tier ;,amoun t only ^l")?;- 
530- .wa'.s .. t aken in to . i ncorn e, th b '.bal-;,,... 
;a(ice of $1,211,378 being ..applied : to ; 
arnprtizatidn of , pictures'. ;:Re.<>erve of. 
:.$78,;328 is being : carried' 16. cover: 
lassps;..^ -■.any 'pictures- ;t.hat; do; not,'; 
recoup. cp.s't.s; ;Toia I bo.p\-' va^ , . 

of .investment owned- in; p1,:c'.t'ur'd.s' .' 
•:W28,7fi4;--;':. -"■'..;.-■-': ' - ^;^ :: .-■; 

' •; A!^s^^ls; ,';ofv $4|3«.5G4.07: p livited ;; -T)/^ ':: 
Grand „^^ati, istudid.s,'' Inc.,- :.s!i,t^.'iid-:. . ; 
ia'ry. of 'Grand National Pictures,; - "^ 
balnhcpd ;by vliybillties.; . ■ the; .<'»nvi;;. ; 
Jtmount. ■■;:.'■:/;::.:■■.■ 

j.-::..>U;*i^;*B''vyay-* ...Gomeis'-lri.;.''. 

■; .. ■;■■ ■ .;■.-- :■ V , I-ff>!lywood<--'M-;ii':cI):'l:. ; 
■ •' .sal.'.s v'Goodijye Broad way;* 

-| .w.h : ' fid m.u n,ci , ' C^'r.'ungci' .prcidilcccl ' 
Lwith. .^Iljy, -.McCarc\V'. dit'ccjlui'.^, ;;; 
' filially, bit the. cut-lin'g;.r(ir-)m .'ift'dr; 

■ ::Loui.'? Ifay ward, has ;gpne . befo.i'e ' tWd enforced, dpi ay.s duc..:tt) . (h(> 1 II- 
i;he .camera.s iji RKO's "The Sf writ In ;; nbss ; of - Alice.; Bracly; 'iwho with 
ftctVf. ' Yo'rk.' ! pjirt priginatly in-. v(*harles Winnliiger -heack'cl . the; .cast; 
-tdhdedfor •Fr.edric March::; ■- ": . ; .:;.rMiss;' -Brndy ba;^.. -^/;<J»i^ -..'to ;' Malm: 
;;'-Wnjianrj.$j.strom .•'•!«' .prpduci^ \^hero;sh'^: plans, to ■rp.-.t ;!' 

Bch Hplmcs directing. ' ; ■ ■ 1 'l<;linitc)yi' • ' - ' 

Wednesdays March 2v 1938 

JBreen at his feesf for ifce ycuhger geneni^ 

f ion, ii^i^erfliel^^ • r ^'■^V^ 

fare with irtdi^ rt^ 


, ^ Wf selling aj 

|dsi/|^ besf 
Should be 51 
adult at ^-^ '^' ^ 


— M. P. Dciil 

Breen 's, dbfie in refreshing ma 
)ile dtaw/ cibo confoihs rniidfi for 


\'s Trade Review 

tigwnsf a hqtkgreundef the Pat 

welf for ffie 

It & 

Sol lesser lios hit ogoocf Stride for ffiisBra^ 
number Joolcs ffke a strong buifd-up/^— j 


■^i X 

•5 w 

-.v. v. .'.v. 




Irene arid 


Vr« pntlelfi rentur.v.-Fp» reloase of , Parry t 
w • yunutlt prP^Jup'*""' iiasnelUlo i)roitui'er, 
Miirk^*'. Stara, Allde Faye an<l Tony 
MnVlli>: tenlureB Kred AUen. GreKory;i{aiotf, 
t!.Vin Dfivls; ' Mnrjorle -V^-oaycr, . Uaum 

1 Viii' \ Pelter. • • ScreeiU'lny '.l>y Hurry. 

. i,v^ i■^^^vil^>l ' '^"Wllntf and Cynm ' AV'Wdi 
«Hirlhivl Jitory by Karl' Tijnbej-if nniV l->0.n 

Mtti-iia. I^Vl'ia. Made (Iprdoh and . Hftrty. 

n'ird Herehrim; nnd Rudolplt >SK>rH!ia; lllni' 
iiiititi* "VVnltci' Tfiompspa; miisicnl ^Urediorj 
•!vVti)u*r linnRe; 'danoe*. ^N'lck CwBtle.. iind 
■•06nev.ii-'-.'!*iiwyor; ::At - Jloxy,. ■H.-.Y,,': weejit 
; Feb, i!.>. ..liunhlnp tlin6,80.»nlhs; ;-. 

tiiiiiy v«y ••1. ; • • • • •■• .<..>•.•'• .'Aiioe. Ttayi. 

<j'on>in\' ISfiyTioldai.. . ... ..... ... .-.Tony Martin 

t;abrlel.''precn . ; • ..iVi. .V.'.i .> ..l^reil Allen 
Jetlerwii 'fwltchcll. .... .^/.Jliuniy Diifu.nle 

Baron '/rtrka 
Joyce Tnylor. . 

■ pawtibroWer. .'. 

dsL'isr. .■;■.:>.■; . V. • • ' ^ 
.'J{a};mond Scplt Quintet 

<.'npt.alnV; rt .i. .. .>■ 

. jiij sfi', . • '«•.*•■• •• i. c 


■ Mis.i -I'Mrkow - • • 
• Cafe MaiKieor. 

.OreKory;- llnloft. 
; . . Uoart ^ Jbavls 
Marjprle ■..•\Ven\'er: 
; .; r ; i- .• .• . t'Oix Itie IJto v)pl{. 
'; .. . J..' Edward . Uro'nibis'r j; ' 
. '. v'l . Udrnptt I'aVIcer 
, . . .TheniseKcs 
. . .Eddid f OpUiriii; 
■ Ait'l re\V' ToTnlies- 
iJrinn; .Sl8f6rs'^ 

A ...... . 

. . i. 1-. ■. . M nri: VPrcc n 

. ■ 'Sally, Irene arid Mary' is ■^another' 

- In the Zariuck' f brmula of vaudscrean 
■ ■ inusicals, ^slcrlif ully blending " th^ 

■■ yan6ty :.cptnpori.eht^ -^ahd .dbyetailing, 

• ■■ thiem ■ into an amiable . entertainnient. - 

.^here. plausibility is ' tajcedy i all. 
•been ddvelope^i in- s^^^^ & manner 
.t^iat' that ^bec6mes. the. least 6'.' it. 
Jib uk, -this fiimusical, : witb Aliice. 
:. Fay.e, Tony -Martini Fred; Allen, Joan 
Davis; Gregory i Ratoff .arid jimmy 

- Durante' for the" margueej more, than 
adequiatcly. hlls ;thie,biU.- It's palatable 
-light: entertaihmerit ' .that ' iSV ; not- 

' Pulitter' prizer but It's prize b.p... . 

; Fred^ Allen . marks his second big 
;.. league. picture- W.ork since hie becaime 
: a radio .name, and' -agairi it's, under. 

the 20th Century aegis. , Fortified by 
, the ' i^uh.chy. Harry: TugeridrJack Yel- 
. ..leh; dialog,- jplus'^^^h^^^ own staridaird. 
.- ability, to;. harid.le;; liries,^ Allen's im- 
. 'pressi6ri4s jpersbrially importahtv. He 

■ loils. . with ,iarid. £or .. Jimmy., Durante, 
both: ■ proving ;an '.effective : 
.throughout with .4 iurinirig. £ag se- 

V ■ quence,;. V; '^' ■■ ^' ^-.■■■r-'. 

.. /. What, Srl^M lacks in . story sub-. 
. itanco and ditebtpriat piplish. is. mprd 

■ .^thart bolstered bjr the cast and the 
. 6Coi:e. . between , Waited Bullpck^Har- 

■ old . Spina arid ..Mack. GprdbhTHarry 
; ;Revel> -. ;hpt . t6 .mentibn Raymohd 

ScotVs 'Miniifet in . Jazz';( (which his. 
quintet 'performs in •an.': early .se- 
qiience). - arid . JC)urante*is ^yesteryear 
I'Hot . Pptata' numbieir (uhcredited - as 

\ 'to. 'aiithoi'ship, although the! Schrioz 
lashidn^id.' it), the musical, investituf ei 
is genbirous, but neveir boresdme. 'The 
' cleffihig .has been primed skillfully so ; 
as not: to intrude. It's the vocal- 

. . prowess of Tony jRIaf tin: arid Alice. 

. Faye;- Mr. and ..Mrs^i iri private life 

" . and the - romance interest here, that 
does much to. sustain the . interest. . 
■ Ratoff as iah amorous baron; the 
gangling Joan Davis with her stand-!' 

' ard comedy hokum,, notably a: gypsy . 
Sequence, Durante as a white w 
gone impresario,- and,' a runaway 
show boat . (finale) are the comedy 
highlight?. Plus of ^cbUrisiB . Allen's. 

- own staccato line-reading,' cast - as a 
shoestring aeent. He's foiled prlri- 
cipally m . this respect by Louise 
HpYlck, nee Gypsy. Rose Lee; doing a 

- sleieker, brunet Maie West; She has 
, a yen for Martin but winds up; with 

■ ■;Ratom-^■■.•?;-. ■^:'- • • •■:.;.;• 

- Tony Miartin, spottinff a .moustache. 
Is a surer- juvenile than , in previous' 
.«ftartei:s.: His vocalizing is.ever-ieffecr 
tive of course arid Alice Faye,; the 

:: romance- viSrarVis, -again . registers 
handily in sympathy; iPPks. shape 
. and soh& j^Sweet as a Song- and . 'I 
. Could Use a Dream': are the ballad 

■ oiUstanders;:-.. ■:■':•■: -■'.[■■'^ ;■' 
; 'Whd:*iple the;Jarn?* is .ex^ 

• . Big Apple' seCiuence, first tihie in a 
, feature . film. . ;The Briari Sisters,: 
three . fcidlets, iarri it opposite Alice 
.Faye. Joan Daivis and Marjdrie 
.. 'WeayeT. the titular Sally,:.lTene and 
:Mai% e.\:-manicurists with stage am- 
bitions, . The; first two -almost totally 
.eclipse : the .wirisoriie Miss Weaver,' 
...the brunet newcomer who came ' to 
.attention . ' 20th's recent 'Second 
: Honeympohj' • JVIiss Davjs has ■ an^ 

■ other ;comedy :sPrig. opportunity - In 
.the finale boat routine .with. 
..;Help ,Wairited--4Vlale.' 

. ; It's .here that the picture almost 
.goes to pieces with^a ihad dash by the 

V ^"owboat as it ships its moorings and 
^ ?*"i?M!.<^owri the bay. It's a synthetic 
, antv-ehmax but the sum' total ends on 

• ; a,' high .:note.' ■•.^; ■:::-■■•■-.:. . 

The . b'aokstage..routiiie .'this timte is 
: . taken from the. inevitable 'show re^. 
: .hearsal. . in.ttj .ii»: Greeh\vich •Village 
. nitery and-. fihally: the 'sh 
;: wiivch IS . soriie. biswitch any way. ' 

So far as the original Eddie; Dbwlr- 
. ,^Cyrusv;Wobd stage musical .Is cbn-. 
• cerried,: this - is '.of course tivb. bther 
.- fellers. Just, the-titlie, . with a hew' 
screen treatment. .'4bel. . 

^ : :_ v;. : ^ ■; : HoH March; i.: - : 

:. ,^ RICO, s -'Crime: . has given \v:fiy 'ta 
• ' • - t'^i^^ Uiiderwoi^ld;'- ■ > 

- ATson - Gahy -:Busters':;,is . rieO/ .' tag 
': ^'":.r-^'^^^'^''^'s 'Over the; Waterfrprit.? 

vWarncrs' : nVomaiii Habit' - tcstbi'ed 

• to. Its original titlev 'Lovely^Lady^f:-.. 
".• Vir Men and a.Girl' chanced. by 

Warners lb 'Three Strangers.' ; -- - 

, -;Wni:ncrs picture made, under title . 

or . Fopt.stisps in the Dark' : will:' be 
::. re^fiscd: -as . 'Blorifiie-' White/ -v ;' ■V^ .- 
•;. Kepublic^s 'Gentleman frbni tori-' 

don .IS how 'Capital 'P.ilriishmcrit;'.; . 


'.:;■■■ '•■' (WITH SONGS) 
Universal - viileasb .or Joe: ;i'aHterna1« proi 
dui'tiuii; - Sliii'H . Uc'iinna ' Uuvbln; 'l<'oaturoa. 
Werliert. Marslmll/. gall -I'atric'k, . .Actuilr 
.Ti'va.:Uei .; -.1 iU'<.'i.^ieJ by-. Ni)riiinn ' .Taui'og-,' 
St()V> ■ . .\taVc.oHii . ' liurKft :' and : . Frederick 
':KoliUjeV; . .fiiM-t-nnpliiy; Uruc'e Miinnirift liiid' 
l^'ollx: .-Jiicksiin; . music anii . JyriOs; Jimmy 
-MrlltiKli ;inil Jlaviitd -.Adaiti>i'mr - canVci-a-, 
ilpsOlih . AWhtli-te;. lllm • i'lllioi'v J'lilllp. 
..<\ilih; lles.ip\uJd,;lTi:-Pi'o3ovtI(m 
Koir. . MS. liimnlnK ilmo.- ii,s--iiiin.s. ' 
.CJlorl.i ■■ jl(irp!ihs(in-;-..v ;-, ;.i:, Db.iinna iJM'rliln'- 

lUOiiui'd -Xwiii 
,Ti-i|)vs.:'.-. ; , . . ,.. 
"(lAvpri ■ '.I'liy ioi'.-; , . , 
. Uvifity' lliiailesV.:.- . 
..Toniiiijj'- ,■■<.. 
Felicie - :V) .:, ■ .:. 
Olsa .-,;-..;;•.;. '.•.,', 


.Hcm-.v . i ... ..'.4 
:r.oulse :"u!icni>t , . 
■An noUe: ' i'lisetiol ; 
I'alrlrla ;.-.•.. 
.Sid .Ghiiiniaii . . , . 
ilptPl ; .'.M? nasoi' .'; ; 
t'dnUuetor . . . . 

, . . ^-.-,:■llp^b^I•l - Mnrshnll 
. . . .-.VArib'ur. .Troacbor 

. . .VGall Vatrlck 
..... .•. .•\Yillltnn .Krawici' 

I . . . , . ; . .-iJiVckl'e.-MQrSn 
. , , J Mvin . J'iirriflh 
. i..-,-WaiVlft -.Ma© ' jonos 
. :■. i. v. ; . eiVrisl ian .Uul» 
, ,<Jliiii-le.s •Pet'k 
, . .-i , M'^liziibttli Ulsao'n 
.-. .. . .Xiiii;»--'.']Jr,\ ant 

;;-..,J'(Sdn :trfe 
. ... ;sfd ■ ■ (iraiioiiin 

. .....lOrairklih I'an'fibom 

. . ; ... .•.'. t'havlo.-j : ,l:Otleirs 

. .Jlert 'Uortch 

0<t|)|jy jijiiiTA'it J.liiri:iil)nlca: llanri 

: Joe: Pasternak has dpne it ' agiiiri. 
In 'Mad- Abbiit Music,' his third prP,^ 
dtiction with Deariria Burbin,, he has 
turned in; anptheif - smash; :;. 

'. ■;It : cement's the . ypungster'S. ..rank-,' 
irig .ais .a ,maj or. lstar arid it -vviri be: a 
huge ; rinbn.ey-makeri: probably even; 
greater in that -Tespect than 'Three 
Sriiiaii'l .Girls - or '100. Mori arid a. Girl.' 
Besides being - boosted . at the; bbi;-. 
ofiiee . by :^thbse : two previous clicks, ■ 
th^ lilriv is sure : to draW' a .fine press 
and ..heavy . '.'ivprdrof-mQUth. > ." - ; .'; 

.'Mad About MusicV/has : a genuine; 
arid erithrallingi if spriiewhat obvious 
story; . It. has been thoughtfully and 

tastefully iprbducod.iEirid. skilfully di- 
rected. • It has a generous melbdious' 
score.; Arid it., is played,.: with' be- 
;6Uilirig spirit'by an' exceptional caistV 
It's .a.uatural.T'.: ) ' .: V'--' 

.." While . .there is nbthing extrabrdl- 
•riary : -.about \.the-: Martella iBUrke--; 
Fredeirick , Kbliher, original, it' is 
jshi-eAvdly ■ constructed /.froriii - sourid. 
furid^riieritals ^a.rid has been- adapted 
ar ticully ? by ' :; Bruce : : .Mann in^;: . arid 
FeliJt Jacksbn, Althpugh: the theme; 
is predbmiriiantiy ': cpmicv there ' are 
recurring, strains of 'teriderries.^; arid 
the :,\vhoie effect is constantly .ibuchr 
itig:/ :•?:;■.'..".•.."■' .'.: 
' : Idea is a isi.riipie. Prie. So as n'Pt to 
risk' her popularity as a glariibur girl, 
a , beauteous Widbwed.' filrii star .uri-: 
.willirigiy . hides:. ..her.. , I4^year-Pld. 
daughter away : in. a Swiss boarding 
SchPbl., \ Although;, the ypurigster. is 
inordiriately:Vpr.oud of her illustrious 
.mother'/ . she • must, .cherish her af- 
.fectibri; in ' secret. .:. ■ '] \ 
• When' . trie; other - glris talk , abbut- 
■ their parents, : ; the ybiirigster takes 
.i;efuge in telUrig 6t 'the fabulbus ex- 
ploits, of. ..hef.. Jmagiriary father, 
whprii srie. describes as an . explbreir 
arid-: big >game, huriter.-: When : cif- 
ciiriistahces iorce. her to rhake .good 
the yarris, she imposes; ori / a -vaca^ 
tionirig British coirip.oser to pretend 
to be- her l^gieridary ' :father. ' ' AI-: 
though, the ;denbuemerit is in a trite 
:fbrriiula, there .ire r.ecuri"irig riio^ 
merits of biitright cpmedy- arid glbvir- 
•iri^g' interisityv.';: 

-A?' evjidence : that" Miss Durbin Is. 
;grbwirig Up, in this .film she is giyeri: 
a , beau fbr the first lime; It's still 
purely :in, the pUpixiy-lbye status arid 
conSequeritly .isn't -;permitted;' . to. ia- 
trUde on the vital eleriierttS ; in; the 
story, but it pirovides, a. savor of: tol-. 
•.erant-toriiedy." • ■.^;-' :' :•'.-•. •.■^' ■y-.'. 
.'.;: Four inusical numbers . are . irir 
eluded iri the pic; ;Ori.e;is .Gbunbd's 
'Ave .'Maria',' siing by .Miss IDurbiri;, 
accpmpanie.d ;.,by the . Vienna Bbys 
Chbii: (.latter .does:/ riot -'appear- on 
the: .screen ). . , Three others . are 
Jimmy ; McHugh-Harold . Adamson-' 
tunesi most likely for pbpularity be-^ 
ing Love to Whistle^' .. although. 
bPth : the others, 'Chapel Bells' and 
'Serenade''; .the Starsi' .are . fair. 
'Whistle' is sung by Miss Durbiri iarid 
pluggpd:' repeatedly thrPugh the film. 
; Youngster's yoice- has riot noticeably 
changed, but. her : use ; of it is mpre 
kriowirig, more assured arid, more, ef-. 
:fectiye.:v. '' ^-'^J- y^ :'. 

Besides grovvirig; ::ias . a - "star with 
each -picture.- Deanna Durbin is rap-., 
idly gairiirig knowledge of hier craft. 
She has ;aicquire.d . greater, more 
varied, techriique before the camera^ 
without tosing,.her' ingenuous charm 
norther lumlripus'-screeri persoriality., direct, lustrous 
.arid -persUasiye. .;;; " : •;-;: ■■■; .- ; :■ - -:. 
: ' As the .adoipted-^'byrsui'prise father^-: 
Herbert Marshall; plays. W'th unac- 
customed warmth. It's an admirable 
perforriiance, fbr he . ; is. properly 
firozeri :with:,.'British . reserve ". at 'the 
begiririing,.' : slowly thawed intb 
:humariity, :' theri ■ Jktridliness : ; ..and 
.firiaily::adventui-e .by Vthevdisarriiing 
;"appeal: : of thb 'little .gii:!. . ."That is 
■logical\;chaf atterizatibn. . '^^^ C ■. .. . / 

Although : her (iart is impprtarit to 
the stpry, Gail ; Patrick : gets, cbriii^ 
pdratlvely . little: fb.Ptage : as - the 
tresSrriiotheiv ;: But;- -. Widely, 
■sefiarated sceribs are iymtJathetically; 
thought, put.' .alid -;.cPn Vinbiiigly. ^ov- 
'trayed. . Aiid. "a;S usual: she is a. haridi- 
some: additibn to.' thb .'SurrburidiriKS. : 
' .. . Arthui". Treacher; ;i.s elTecfi Ve as an 
Arthur Tr-cSciierish., . butlci':|. . W.iliiarii 
Frawlc.Y. iS" ; . ■ iiard-blt'tbri; . , softie .as 
t he :. a'ctf es's' r niari a^e r, wh ile' -b trier 
fbrccti'il perfbi'mahCBS are . given. bY. 
.^Jackie; - Moron' , as .'- the ,:'schpolbby ' 
Rbrileb. Hclori Parrish- as a, miilic'ious; 
schoolgirl wlio :; is. rii<ilt.ed by kind-^ 
:ness, Mareia Mb? :Jphcs «is a roomr . 
:rii;atG;rish . : Topn'iriiate, jllizabe th : Ris- 
d.Pn- /a'nd .Niiriai' . .Bryant ; :as -flutt'ery . 
s.chpblriiistresscs; , arid .0hris.tiari;.: I^Ub 
in ia- character - idbriiody bit..': .,'•:.' 
. Nbrrrinn Taur.og'^ direotipri Js mas-' 
ter futi He.', keeps the action ; scam-: 
pctirig - thrP.U£;h ;:the -entire 98 , irii r.: 
utes, ycV the "picture nev,er appears: 

Miokihire^ Reviews 

. , *SaIly, Irene and Waty':- (20th ). . 
Okay :filrii[Usi(ial .with good mar- . .; 
; quee :natries^ gpod . ' 

■ ;bP'x.;o'fllce.-' ■ ■ : ■. ■■ ■ 

. ariria; Durbin .starrer, is aripth'er 

;■ smash;' ■ ■Entertainment ..riatur 
arid will . mpp. up at the b-b.' V ' , ' 
. .;^Hawaii CMs' :( ElKO ■B(;*bby -' 

; . ' Breien.' -starrer j .ok ay iri Usicany ; ; 
brit light bri. roriianee. ■ ' , • ; 

:/: .'Merely -■■t7fe;.XiyeV;-:(M^G).-.:' 

, :. okay faii'ce star.rin.^ Coristarice ' 
Bannatt'arid Aherne v/itii sritash . : 
:i)att Iqv .Biiiie^ Bur ke.: ^ '.'.';;' . 

■■ -. ; -:'Hf»Uy wrjpd ' St!iirti'iu»pt;.My!?l<»ry^ ' 

. - (Rep) . ..Fiirly . gb^ ' 
with 'Neil Ham.U.t.ori pn,d JSyelyri •' 

'^•Venabie. V r'-y''.?' ':■■'■'/■ y--. 
;«paredeVll ■Drlyefr,' (WB). ^^B' : 
.action: .tpriiiahde- . of - the better- 
graideV.! witli/ strPrig .<:priiiedy: 
::Iief,v--:.-;\;;-;--.-^-:- ;■.";::: :;'.;:;,-.:V 
■;■. '.'Bl'oirder. - Wolves'- ''■(.lif:):;.-- '■':Belb'w^-" 

■-p'ar'-Bob'B.ake'r ^-we-sterri.. :■ 
' ; . ■*C!iil/:<.ihe' Mesn-uUeers' /fReri), '-. 
Accejptable . weis.terri . with; tlic: 
Three?::Mesqujteer3,- ' : 'Run 

. tirile.:shprt^.55lrili^si:■^'■■• ; 
;-■ :'FJying -Fists* .^aVic ). ;':|.QuIcki<i- 
version. , of .: pr iza , rinSr^ f ot' the. v 

tb: hurry,. Arid the- aiternatjrig scenes 
of ; absurdity.., and ' .pathos ai?e deiftly 
enlivened. . .Technically, : -the .'film - is ' 
olit of. the' tbp .' drawer. .: ; / 

v.^Mad About ■ .Music' may or. riiay 
.-riot be. better... than" Three. jSriisirt 
Girls' and '100 Men and a: Girl.': But 
it: will rirobably.vrriake more; rribriby 
v-^ind; that's no -trifle. - • : jFtobc;, ; 

r;^'- '■•y-(WitH- isoNGS) ..-"■-■':^;:'.' ■•:"' 

.'.;-riKO ';roieiis'8 of ■-P'riirj-lii'n'l' (Si>I- . T.e.'SiserJj 
productibri; ;-Staj-3 Iiol)by:-:l!feerv;'''. Foaiiircs 
.-^'ed Spnrks, Irv'iu.S. fobb.-ltitynionu I'aj.jje 
Orchestral': lOlrccted 'by .Hilwuhl I-', t.'line;: 
f!i-re(?hpla!f, ' Wnndn 'iTuohok, ■■ from .- n(i.vol,' 
-'Stbwh'yvay.i. In --l^iradlse'.r by-:noi)-.l!l(intlifl|f . 
H.Cwn 1 iQ n -Ijlat'kei-o'i n.(l> . -i'ii ur -St i'l Hq n C3 ; ' in u - ' 
alcnl spore,- 'Htieo -Rleitenti'ld ; :danriJs; . Ap.c; ie- 
'.A'uld;... .songi?,.. .Hni-ry, Ovvfjns -iiriil- ..rohiiliy 
N'oidc; camera,-. Jack ^-1(•Kon'/,li^- ; l-*revl.«\v'p-|l 
ln.-:P.r.6Joctloh. Rooni, - .Yi, - -.'(ib. 'JS, -.';!T. 
Rnnnlnj^. timer, .72 nitna, . . .,■ 

ntlly Goultet. . . ; . . . .-.v..-. . .E(»liV.iV; Rroen. 

rnptnln b'.Harn'.. 
Oomrhivt.-id;er -Miib' 
Mrs;.- Mllbiirh.-. . . 
'pflVia'Mllbiirn. .... 
Hlna... ..';/. .;..,; 
Pua. .-. ... 1 ; , . , 
itaymorid -.-Phige , '.- 
Harlo-w. ; .. ',■...-. ; .. 
Mr.v tla'rlow. . . . . 

Lohzo. • . « , -. , 
:Mu!ler-.-.-. i-. 
A.utity. .Pirtaii 
ITanarid..".- .'. 

--. . • «'. • . . 

-. -Ned - -.'I) larks' 
. i . . . Ir\'ih'-S. .('fi.l>b 
.... . . . .- W.Tvrcn 1-tiilj: 

. . ; ....(Moi-iii- lloldch 

■i >; i Mainoi- (:'Ia.rk 
;, .. , i-;..-..Pira-I.irihl 
i . -. . Ilfiyii'innd ;Pnl^e 
ll 0 i-b'^ rt na-wil n.foh 
.:, , ;,; l>(M'.a-.-(.'Ii;inf!nt 
. , -.■;..'. r-blllp AJin: 
'. . Dhii.-i lil KirUe 
:...A\:illi;im- Ab'beSv 
,';•... .-.'•; .Wiiril ;Hnnd 

....'illin1;l€ Dfr tjolt 

.T.iir'L'hcft Oiiran 

niake. ,';...,. ,.-».,;.;..':.\-yiiii.!iiu--:--KartJKiui 

Solly,;,- , .-. i,;, ; i -.,Uul-)eh, -MilUibnado. 

Hula Pancer'. ,;,.. 
Hula Djineser" ; . ; 
Ta.'tl, Drivor. ; >.. . . . 

HRwalla'ni rblleeiuah-. . . . . .- 

-Iva;.-'ne; . . /. ,-. ; ,-. ,V. .... ■ .->.. 

,Ascf;le A-iild 
,-l'.ilanl ■ .siivit; 
. . 1 . J,ei-ry.v M-ah<fy 
. ..^.'.(-'y. -.Kon.-lall 
. [t-'ubori.-Duj-an 

, After listening to Raymond: Paige 
and his orchestra, you wonder what 
isf all this fiiiss about swirig. : 
brbhestra is u^ed only briefly in this 
film;' but; should ? ha vb been given 
greater pppprtunity. The film's pirime 
appeal, of course^ ' • depends upbri 
Bobby Breerii- : The .kid .is the .:pic!- 
ture^s T bigigiest name value.- Film: 
holds music, kids : . and : HavVaiian 
scenery., but . is . weak on .iromarice, 
Yoiing Bfeen'is boy sbprarib registers 
as- effectively as: ever. . .; :' / . 

;:The: adyeriture .iangle. of. the story; 
is tpb f rail; a lirie on :Whleh.:tb- tempt 
;big. trade; ;But:: the music, .is ■ gPud, 
riibre charmiiig, ' : ,=fac^,;.':'thah;':--tte- 
backgrovirids. " The -.story, itself;; 
hasri't strong emotional pb wc|-.: ; Cbrri-^. 
edy.-' ;fprced arid even ^Ted Sparics'. 
ability . to :carry a;: dry'. ioad iridefi-: 
riitely does not succeed here:- . >^ 

Plot'/affbrdS ..every dpportuhity :-fdr 
yp.ung. Bfeeri to warble. .^H is: riiarsh-: 
.mallpw soprano .seqrhis moreyriietlpw 
than before and; the. .boy ■ appears . to. 
.'be-;an: imprpved :'actbif as well .as . a 
singer .:. her6.:.. .;; Pua.. ' Lanj.- . Bbbby: 
Breen s:.:pal: in: the; .storyy,. is: a child 
whP. caiitlires ' arid sustains silT^sbtiori- 
iatie ; interest. ':' :He- •pi'bvas ; worthy 
;^ally ■ tbr the isiri^ng! k'd. a .. . 

. :Pu.a. arid -Bpbby..^Bree'n/,are; islo.WT ; 
awaysT'frbm. -F.riscd. oiy.: . Ifaw'aii'anv 
bburid Jsteariier. : Pua is on -iiis. way:: 
rhbriie-, - Bobby - is . an : bt-phatv; ; .Thoy - 
.irieet.;-:arid catch .. the . i>y'mp;»iriy- of 
Strings '< Ned . SlVarks.),.^'fi.Ul-ia rii>t;- 
:the. shilJ.'S' brchestr.i.; - Of; .chut;-; .- the -,; 
ship's;- orchestra' .. 'j.s '-th;ii. R:yym;)rid 
Paige :ba .rid-,: g :. enou h ' ' ;ii->; :t) lyy ; .at i 
::Carriegie..;'-:-/-/ ..: i.:'^.--' : ■.^■/■:■;•.^ : ■; "'--f 
;, Ariyway .. .Ca'pt. - ^r\?i'iv.. - 'Ciibb,_ :the,:-' 
•Ir'i^h skippei"; falls ' [pi: .the; liid's .sifi:i'^' i 
;in-g ;.- of - 'Macushlai.;.-.; ; and. - " 'Bolil^y-;; 
-?ind ..Pua: :get.- on to ..Ilavvai j/.,, v^'jit'ce :; 
-th.ey .are: bbfrie.'nded . by .•!''U'i;-?..rfi -h il.y. .: 
And;.t.h.i.s: i.s ..whore Man'io ' 'tJiirrk-. ;. ; 
Pua'S -Sister, gbtg, -n^:. tfch' ap'po'r tgn i ly.-. . 
to :cast ..hsr ■ decbi-aii-ve .alluro?^ on . the , 
■fil I'ri-. ' Firorii .th fs - p;) in L":o.n : I t.-^'^i .vi i m:p fc -. 
cops and. rpbbei-s't'ile, 'Rii:! .Har.ri;»iin-. 
..steals :sPme - im.pbrtatft ria va'|-'..p;iVpii'".*; 
f-rdm one of the :.s^Vip^s■' p:^•'^•^-ri^''^*-''s..^^ 
y.:.S;- Naval'-Gommyi'idir. arid. .lh.(» 'kic'.s 
.sa v'e- .th e .si t u a tlo i.r, . ha yinsi-. p r e v i'.o u .-s 1 y : 
become. '.accidentally.;, a w.'ire vof.-t-hp: 
sbic-s' hideout, ■a:cave ,0.11. the shor3.:ot- 
the' Pac'iflfii^ .Of the. Pthir;. 'iipecu'iUy 
-written sPn.!?s.. . -'DViwtf ;' WlVare- .:thc:. 
Trade Winds" Blow' listeju-beit.S/ia/i.. 

MERklLY i^^E LI^ 

; Hdily Wood ,: Ma r ch 


-. M(f.ff"'o-OPld'Vvyri,Mnye.r 

■VoiicU ..-iirOfldetlon; .e.:?(<cutlvri; in-.tidUi'-ivr, -^IJI. 
tdi rii -Hrwi. ' - .Stai-.s i '(ih.sfanr«"'- De.iviu'it. "iuj 
iriaii ; -Abi-rne! fnittures Uittiifa (jrijDV'lllK, 
.'nlsy. .Kplly, Ulllle Murice...-Al!rn- .itiiWlini v, 

.-r>.„..i, . „<..... -(•!;,,. p,,;.,.^-. 

ll.. .K(!Vf>i<;n-. 

^ -, , -ifrk . J'lM-iii'- ; 

canionv-. Norli'ert . :niM)d|hp ;...lHin :e.d i tor, . Wii- 
Ham ■ 'J'Pi.-huno ; off cotOj H'ny : >ii>:i wilfrl'i t ;:,- f(l U> 
.•.nnnr. I'llll- C^harlK nnd. :Nr(ljuY. (>ii|-?Hi-"r; ..-(i'- 
<M)pHiVi(tro;ii.«;.; Artjinr ■ Morton: -nvuxli-iil ' -(ll 

Hbilywood Stadiuin; 


.i iwnj- . ixi-iiv., jjiiiie i-iuriip... ^Man- 
Ann 'Ij\'Ornkj--.'l'o-ni ■■JJrhwti-,; 'Clarp 
.1)1 i:-i''c-ti'd - .hy. -^-Nvriua n 'A, . .Mp r.-o'u'd, 
I>lrcy-. - by- ■:-.IC.tiai-p-" jM-tyrftii ' .anil -'-Jifi 

rplflisii - rif : ri-it 1 -T't'''*'""*' -^Pli'asft .of.. Arrmiid. fichtfitnr ' 
ir.^:**'."^?.;. r.^' ,V,1' ' pro lui-tlnn.. - - KciimrM .' .Nvil . : llpimlirni,. : 
.Kv-i^lj n.. A e.nablp,- .Jliuinv -iV:iillltii;». - 
li.-ij-a. I'c'lMfPr .- :l-yhn ' lliibi>'i-i.s,.- . ; Dli'i'ii-Vp,! .;b>. 
I>;,. llDwafcl. - Slijry..: .Stuaii' M'alinpi': 
.i<<liifii:Htl.on.: Stuart -; i'li-lnipi;, .. 'Ho'vi-oll . M--^'^ 
I lii.>y'!i ti - ii,rvil . Kl.uart ^^cf iii W!nj ; ; jHii> . 'cA)i<ii\ 
':^)>V;ar.d;^..>lniiiv:;-,pbnto-'^MVUih.v'.-..b;r(Vp.Mr Jllllpr^^^^^^ 
-Uftvlpwpd i»'.:i'po]p-pt(t)n' Ttoonv. .V.'. -y.. Fuii.: :' 
.'.'I.. 'lis: .;Uiiiii):tnf,'-ninp, (m mtiiH. - - - 

rii.clfir, : M-ni'VliV; llliiloyi Prpvitn\ip-Vl. at !<jv;i u- 

rnari'.«( .C'hlnosc 
nV'iisr. - 

.Nrr.«i ., K-inniurne;-. 
■(.jrQ.<!vo.h(ir:.'>. i .- 
C'o.ik .';,,, 
'.,\Tavjl,(.ni-.; . ,:,., ; 
.Mr,; -Klib(-|urne. ;-, . 
.Mw.: l.-T;i.riafvi::-; 
lCcr'i^i;t- Wheftlpr,' 

.'rPponcl. •iliitlpi'--. . .-. 


*.. ... • «. . ;. .-^ 

Co' - np'nrtMt 
. . , ; . .l!rl<ijr;Abi>ri)p 
..^.'.••lll.l.lle J!iir::<? 

Aliin- : Ato.wb-rd.v 
..•K..;;T!atsy lyi'lli: 
. A'nn hviO-iiic. 
.;, li'.'nlta. - -prii n'villii 
.; , . ...'roin nrmVn 

J.'., , .Clui'Piirp. \\<t\\\ 
,-Mari'ii|-lt^ itiinibp!! II 
.,.v..-.PblHp. «p-pd- 
, i:V. . ,:..U-inrp.. -|^!-st 
...... K.l.i.lnpy II r.-;i pp-.v 

i-. !Mil, Kvp.i;l.)h 
(,.■, -...' iirjoi-ra:- vKa.h'ii: 

.Kill X)ff\-ux\^, . ... 
-.Vh.>k .Nli-liol, ,- 
:viili»:c.-'A riiP.H. 

irokp:.-;... .:,v../.-^;, , 

-Klal;^ . k'pivfp . ; 
, Mi-irlJ-fni'r.--. , ,::.■:;.; 
, raiiialti: Fllsohi, 
■C'hriM-i)).- . . . . , ; . ;., 

■->inillp-y.. . ; . ii . 


-,NpII HiimlltoH - 

; , ...» K v.-plj'n ''■ Vpiki iil* ,.: 
: . ; ; JIhVm'y U'ollintti.-in, 
,-Iiarb.n"i ■'■I'.piiijpr 
i . . .I.ilclpn MlUprtelil 
, ,- .-.;-. ; (-vnn - ?{o))ert»' 

;riar-ip.s wmiiiM)»; 

.v^^JiiniPs.. .Sp'iitl.'iwood 
.....-/....-Uiipd.. lifldlfy.- 

.. .;'t ,'Uol)prt.- .Hoinans ' 
.i.;.-..WlllKm irrOrd* 
t^at; Fl'ibpi-ly- 
•.•. ....... i , ... ..naiV .Tob«y.: 

.-.."^mlilpv -^Hurnprl 
.i.;v. . 1 ;v:.-;; .:Al.:jJiryn 

- ■ Hjil Roach fPllbws up "his .recent 
.full-length- farce, 'Topper.,': with an- 
other, mad .'Screen ■ sin-ee, entUled: 
,'M.oiTily . We: 'Live,'; which -bba.sts a of riiarquee. names. On the the- ' 
ory that a laugh is worth any priba.' 
i the film 'qualifies in: the gvbup p£~ 
.goofy comedies which;. star ted - with 
.'My -^Mari-: -Godfrey,'; and. includes 
'True .Cdnfessipris' ■■. (Par), 'DpiibVe 
•Wedding' (MG) arid Bririgihg Up 
Baby' (RKO)l Its- chjmbes for sub- 
rstantial :pppular - . box-office appeal 
might ' have :: been .bettet';;..if . it . had - 
;cPriie . ear*liei*; in the '-cycle of ..screwy 
farces. Nevertheless, it- makes 'em-- 
laugh, and apparently that is what 
is-.iititeride^.-.:\: --'':■;■ 

-; .- It's all jn the actirig arid ;directirtg.: 
Nqi'mari ;Z. McLebd has the kriack of. 
.building .up. igags ;until he has: three 
or . fouf racirig each P.ther to .the big 
laugh..' Mbst. of the; f uri- cpmes from,: 
a ; fin? perf orriiarice by. Rillie Burke; 
who .tJlays . a scatter-^bralri -wife and 
m.pthec in a', farriily '.of : irrespbhsibles. 
.She .sets' ;t?le pacp,'! f bllb Wed closely 
by Constance Berinett,. Br iari Aherrie, ' 
;Bbriita' Granville. ^ Alari -Mowbray, : 
Patsy Kelly and-Clarerice Kplb. , . 

i/liss .Burke has a "weakness .'for 
helping: ■ wprthless huriiariity, The 
recerit . bbiect pi.^ her charity wa.<?. a^ 
wiiyside tranipi v/ho stayed around 
the ho.Us.e; long eriough- tp. Ibcate.-the 
family silver.: .'He helped' liiriiself! 
and. scirairnriied. tJridaurited. she per? 
sists in .the daily . gpod de'ed,, arid 
Brian; Aherne is W.elconied to the- 
fpld.' .It haPPPiTs he isri't a tramp at 
all, but :a . wtiter. who f orjjbt. tb shave 
on the rriprnirig;> his fiiyVei: ' broke 
down when he stops by to use the 
teiephbrio. . Once ■ inside; be : decides ' 
■td.stay. '■■^.:.: ,,■ -■;-:./.;:;;--;;-.;.:■. -^' • -'-'•.-.. 

-• Irir his calm arid self-pbssess^d 
mariner bie begins .tb bring some 
order Put. of the corifu^ionVin whiGh 
the, .Kilbburne fariiily : lives. This 
leads tp- a! rbriiarice with the elder- 
daughter, ..Miss Behrietti arid a tlrhely 
Word whibh clinches - art important 
business deal for. the . head .of the 
hduse, it's aldng the lines of 'The: 
Passing; of the.. Third Flobr Black,'. 
:Played iri sWi.rig tiine. : .; , ' 

, Miss . Bennett, v^Whb.:^ . .: .cPrstarred 
with Ahernef; gives a good pprfbrm- 
arice and appears ' in.-, some striking 
costumes. Alan : Mowbray* as: the 
family, butler, contributes to the hi- 
larity/ as db Patsy Kelly;: iri a sriial! 
part, and Bbnita. Granville and Tbni 
Browrii : .Marjbrie Rariibeau is pri for ; 
a .flash. ;- Cast is introduced; sirigirtg 
the; title sdng, ?Merrily.;We:t;iye.' -. 

: Ori the prbdrictiori side'. Roach anld 
Milton ■^.\; Bren, executive producer, 
give: the film extravagant settirigs. 
equal to the be.5t.: Picture; i.-i in the 
high post :bracket . and: rates top bill-, 
ing, when dualed, .with, a . chance it is 
strong, enough- to carry ■ first riins as 
: \single.;\- - Fliti:. -: 

.. Maintaining sUsbense r^thier;- well . 
in spite of :a- that;!.-}- a little :iri- ' 
cbri.sistcnt, ".Hbllywbdd . Murder Mys-. 
:tery' / becomes ; a fairly acceptable : 
Wilioduri^lt . Pf - indeDpnde.rit .make. ; it$ '\ 
cast . . dba.<!\: Satisfactorily.- ;.;aItho'ugli^ 
holding no one of bojcj offtco impbr- 
t.aiiGe.' .; Prosbects '. are it will : serve 
suitably;: in sriialler first 'runs ..singly 
;and/as .a Nb/ 2.: feature':. irivdoubles;;. ..;: 
: .Armand . Sbha-efer,;. the: pr'o'ducePi^- 
spent-^^-a.i.riiinirhiim .>ri' his -m 
..item,' .the sets . beint? -far. frbm 'preteri-- : 
tipus,. .yet-'ha.-? ..obtained: a film that 
«.ets fair results, ih st itc. of that.' The " 
dtrcGlipn, rating average; -is by David 
Howard. He mbvbs his - players a 
little clumsily at,times and finds cer'- 
tain situatioris a ■ little: difficult to ;: 
haridle, 'dui5 . iri part no ;dbubt to the ' 
way . - they ; were '. written -into the . 
scri.b'f' as a means building up, -susW - 
oicibri ,'agairi^t . - everybody; but the : 
producer.^, :■-:■.';■^ v ';. ;.- .r- -'■;■,-■. --.-:, 

Action' concentrate niostly- on' i' . 
fight arena wherdi : a pug .^has . been 
strangely murdered as he's about to . 
:engage i'ri' combat with 
Numerous .characters: try^ to act 
;guilty . in: :mairitairiirig the. suspense, 
script:failirig to; explain 'the actions' 
bf s.bme . pt : them, It. also overplays, 
the ■ detection ■ acumen .ipf -the . girl 
Who Writes: murder riiysteries arid 
fails ^tb build:; up .Neil; Hariiiltbri as a ■ 
fbreeful district: laitorriey type. Hani- : 
ilton . .ddesri't ;ibpk rio.i: act the; part; 
but bn. the.:.rpriiari.tic - assigriment ;he 
; and EvelyriLyeriable are, pkay';^^^ . , - 
. Jimriiy; - Waliirigtbri iriipressiv'ely ^ 
plays ' .sports .commentator;, guilty , 
of the "slayirig, While tWo girls, -in^ 
supporting :rx)les. satisfactorily :flile4 
,are Barbara Pepper and 'Lyrin^ Rob- : 
ert.s;: Smiley; Burriette has a: :bit;'iri 
wbich ho does impressions of racing 
:cars' passing .: vgrairidstand.; . Gfiar.. ; 

;.-W.-rner."nro.s-; rp!ert.«ie "of First :N'(i(lo'nai 
nriifluiitlon.- - l-'eatiirc's ; IJcvcrly . Boberln; 
bick : PurPell, Gloria ?. niondell, fioidoa 
Oliver, .('harl^v Fo.v, Donol 1; T>rlpKs. - . 1)1*. 
i.pp.te'd- - by ' ■ K. Reoves. - ' Kasoh, ; ■ : Stor.v, 
.(.'hiir.le.H: :U.:; .Cfinddril aiirtpla^lon; Shdrmutf. 
l,o\v.p;-; odltorv-. Ilaruld -McT.crnrtni: jr-anapi-a; 
'iVd :McCo.i;(1. ;:A.t Olobo, N. :Y., .week F6b. 
I'L': ■ -;!8. Il'linhlhK tlihf, ■. rnlnsi. - 
.Ipi'i'y. N'Peley ;. 
lUII ■ r'o.sto.r.;-. . ... , .- 
T'Upy .--Mu<ikv 
.Mhi'k .UnnnimT.;-; . . 
.Stiii)-- Wilson. 
-'I'oniii-iy' -.; XlurnOll ; .-, 
.Mr.- ■ liHrin; v..-. 

.roi» ■ iirtiicy. .-..;...-,^-;.-. i 

i;(-)iri-iclirriiin .-JJ-nkcr.;'. , 
.Mr.. MftAuIIICe. ; .:. .;. 

^1 f. - 1 'o'l-k I hsi . .;, 

NePlcy JllLs Drl-ypr. . 

IJii.riiPll -TJufl -.Drrvc'r. 
-Mr. :niii)Hhy.... .:.;;. 
..Vlr.- Maylleld.,..,.... 

■IS e vn" I y - Jlol I'e r t n . 
;.v.UI«k Purr.ejl, 
iCJIfiiia lll.ariilfill , 
; . .(Soi'doti' OJiver - 
. ..Ctwirlpy -..-Ir'ojr . 
.-.'Uonirid Rrlcriri- 
.... ... .Krlt!:,StahI^/ 

.'.'^^(lx -Ifoffinarii-. Jr. - - 
■; . ; . .■l'"'crrl« • Ta vior. ■ 
,;......'..'.nirit- Clark.: 

i... ...... T'>i.rl'i)w(i-»:: 

; . William -.Iloijper.- 
,: ; . . V .'Prpd : .lia wronr'-* 
.. . ; 'A h (1 0 1'-po n - - - 1 .a w- 1 <> r . 
.- . . ; .-'. .:.-Jolin Iturrua 


;• Tl-p|la,rilo: . pl(:t.iir:P3 -:Vtte[i<)e -of ript'h--|i-i;l • .n. 
Ila y t Ti)'! ucl Ion; Fea tU re.<« -. P.-i h -Tl n'-'n n-,. . .1 r; , 
l!PKl!*..', Molly 0''J>ay; -..hipk '^Miilh-i ll; 
.tai'k;-Mr>^vpr. ; Dlro.p.tPd.. by h:itimr';«-'lFrr(('n. 
'St.o'ry, ■ ,l,'inip.s Oliypr c^ir.wooil r- : Hprpiitirvift-y, 
-Jlon.Tipt. '('oliori-: -paincra, ' i'lfny-.iOo^drrip'iKr. 
'At ; . 'arslly;;- LInroln, duali, . P.Cinnl'nK : llnvp, 
."lit- rfi I fiu; ■ ■.'-'•-, -.: 

,',;;,;.....■....;...- .;. . n.i q -ti n'-Ti h . ■;, . 

... .,,-..:..■.:,.... .-.;. . .:I{Pl?M.;'l'.i). ii'nt-.V 

Uln, ; . .% . 
•FrilTnklln : 
■A ttn .-. 

I'M \. ..... 

Jf.orro: . . . 
. lire tit- 

|:l)'l rii .; 

\<i-i;li;iri-: . . 
:."<n'ubdp(-.!f : 

.Mnii'y -(:V1»a 

;.jnpk Mtiih-iir 

i > . i. ...I H in f.H -.^^l J 1 iT.-i y. 
. ; . r.iii:.4- -.-jiinii: -V 

:. .■•; . .. ; .'t'oiiV' -ljOii-l'iii 

-.-;■....-.;.- joiViv.-.f-: ii.piii 
V. , v-l,iO|jerL .WalliiT 

: 'jTIvjs is -a cornfedy, unrri.leritionai,: but 
; still a. - jrom edy.' . 'fherc's rtp, pd'r U ■ xi 
()f :' tho; 'scre^rP : :o.udi;encp left vvhi<:li 

. A good story of its kind, able: di- : 
rection by B. Reeves 'Eason and a: 
cast that knows how to handle itself 
cdmbiries ; to raise , this 'action .r-o.r 
rnahce a' peg above the .average; : It 
probably has been ; bought in the 
IpWer bracket where sold and if not - 
poi rited too high - ;in . the -dating, it ' 
Will more' than :pj^ the custom- 
bi:s; .The. title suggests another one 
P£ thbse aUtb racing .carbons.' That 
probably, will nbt/ help • the. picturV. 
at the . box bfTic: :. • Some more a p?* 
[jrppriate and less hackneyed title' 
injeht have been chosen. 

Eiemerits;,of . audience appeal, com- 
petently' prpjected;: include la. rational 
.'imoiint of auto racirig featuring ex- crackups, .an jntero'stirigly dc- - 
volpped : rbm ance . aind - some very- 
;;pb'd edmody. In . the later ;depa:rt-; 
.moiVt the punch ^^S ..delivered; by/ 
Ghai ley Foy; i bi'dther / of Warners', 
prdducb Bryan Fby and member, bf 
the. old; Kddic Fpy .fairiiiy of .Lvaiide- .; 
vil.KV : bistdry;.' . j lidging . ::f rbm ..' the 
work he tuirivS -in,- aidQ'd no-Jittle: by . 
smart lines -./and •.situations,; : "this 
branch, rif the.; F(jy trfec as going to ;' 
cl i irib. ildW f iist : will depend, bri thW 
ni';itc:fial, Ke .gcts; -:': - .;- ;■'':• .. .- '■-.. . 

■jQih ops. : ' , the. cias.fe ■ i hcludc-: ■- the 
n(>.(vcbmci:, Gloria, ^Blbnclcll-; a si.sier' - 
of- .Torfi.i',- .who . , is " coupled'', in .s'up"ple-\ 

Av:ill t;:ikc .it'.lei{it:a.'!..i.t's p!lay'i>d.. Toi'IV-:.\ mO:iit?jl::.roinantio-:^ -with 'Fby', 

nffnic^ ..:aUltirig,.. phv)tp^^^ r*iy;erl ;;Thfs."is'h<^^ ^se'cdrid /picti.ire: fbr .W^B- 

ahf.l action is ol the/ school at, Ipa;-;! . 
20::,yenrs 'dowri :.the road behind.-. .;.• ; 
JVIftybc it's'bebauso Jt's ;a; 'Rin-Tln.- 

It ' -.jri the - n.-itute .fif - a condilifitjer: 
for . 'botLer . thing.s • -if the: yoiiii'^Cr 
BlriiKlcH is :to fltn'oldp/' ititf) artythirii{. ■ 
: Slu»- 'loo'):.--!- -' lot. like, joa'n : and af* ; 

'oaVly ,sf.'"eric.s w-Mh.'.the-'p-.)o-ch. ;i'/i^I. rhf'-:' ^'ii':!"'vl.'^ .' H.f.<.--mf'n; typo, -and; the ' at^ 
.'^Wiaindcr.-of.-lbe .'ciist, cspc'ciall.v- J-iir'k. .i.i'.'f ti y-p .jHo vciiy. .Uoberls. • who - -v/as 
.^dwi^iv'.-^ the;. : Villain;.- i,ii-»!' iviu:»!ly •.•lo->i>V(;.i;Vitijj.ia.': rvij-nnlrt;!- i.i-):-ri.iis:;j>'i-, 
,:unii,siri«vM()Wor glo.Wcrs i^n.idcr fierce? "■—>': -J* - .i-.:i--. 

.J vv'/iTf (i'r-a.7nic.kcl- :br:ows . an'l ;. fjcj-ji'v 
':irdrind: ■ -it'req.s - 1 ike .•; .'Pisnby '•i.: -. vvol f . 
..Kids in-.;llie-. ai-Ulibncb when '.'vnj,'hi 
i'lxvii the Whole' print tiie.' gnff.'iW. 

' ■ S'jtirid' recording i.s :.ali;b(:i<nis uti'l 
.'he filin - spotted; and.. ;c,l.'realc.f'vl.' '.'.A. 
.print ::.botter- ;uri^laycd; . '.'ila.r . . .' 

. ;i-ijri>': but ft' was' edited out. Mi^a 

.Rnb.crts; ha.s . '..^otncwhat Idii'.'h : 
.;.^i'^'l;uri^'r.vtv^-Tni>sc;■ast -a's (/vVn(-M--.or)-.'-' 
- (:r;jti)r of a ..chain 'df-.4-)ii.s6s, P.iir-ccli r 
; i.s t|).e; auto -a cor ^ tin d e i- su.sPensipn,- [ - 
-'::-\v| in - <;i.)rrii;.'^ . i n t/)., Aj'is's.-' Ilr ybo r I .•;!' .to " 
.-Mtfi' .f')!' sprte.- -joiri.- .:t;ip .\v:itli.- a.. ri.\ al- '- 

I -. ' (C'an.liiiu'cd .on page 25) ■ . '-- 

iJir Ideas . . performance . semoe ♦ Natitmal Screen 
Pre-vnes real showmaiishlp sitieere eopy qmck 
selling . . welding story, punchlines, dramatic elimaic 
into ^rt, breathtaking * quick selling iast moving 
'^seU-d^e-pjct^re'^$er^^ ads . topped ofi with service 
mmm^^t m -the mn ^ ^ r'; \ 

Ai:^^e^Hes Lobby*0isp%ys m 
shnwinansbip^' barely three ye^ 
a rep^^ltatlon stretching acrosi^ die country a$ a seat-selling 
go*getter Full of color Ufe ♦ . . competlmg power 
a twin Pre-vues as a box-office builder-upper * a twin 
to Pre-vues when it comes to service ♦ 

:v:-:-; ;v:-:-:->: >:':'x':v:':' ^ '•^^x^■^;■:•:■:•^'•:■:■■/'•■■' ■ ' :■■ Xv:-;': ;':-:-:': 


Ifes sir , . it's a neat mek but weVe done it doubled 
your theatre^dyertismg punch with 

. . tAe mafic toubh of ihourmanihtjQ . 

Vcdnesclay, Marcli 2, 1938 




In Quebec; Would Help Biz a Lot 

Quebec, Marqh 1. . 

Provincial legislature is consider- 
ing a bill, which, if passed, will do 
much to. pull the picture . house busi- 
ness out of the doldrums in this 
province through legalization of the 
admittance of minors to : picture. 
houses, reduction in the amusement 
tax, and ah increase iri the numbei:. 
of 'rnembers of the Gehspr : Board 
with a view to grianting more liberal 
judgment ori films.. ; •. 

Measure : geems to' have . strong 
government support and : is there- 
fore lilcely to be adopted. . Since the 
Hon. T. D, Bouchard, leader of the 
•Opposition, is himself a theatre man 
with a house at Ste. Hyacinthe, Que- 
bec, and' because the. requests from 
show business are obviously reason-, 
able, it' is not likely thait arty seri- 
ous attempt yiiW be made by the pp- 
pbsitibri; igroup in Farliameht to hin- 
der, passage, of this legislation. 

Regarding the adhiission of minors 
to picture houses it is believed that. 
■ the agie .limit will be reduced from 
10 to around 12. Tlie , taJtatipn 
measure ^ill provide for the elirrii-! 
"nation of., the surtax^' cutting the 
dn|usement . ta'x on, admissioris. from 
.10^ to--5.?J{,. '. 

Probable: enlargement of the Cenr 
sor Board is believed due . to the. un- 
compromising attitude adopted by 
the present board on the 'Zola', film. 
Picture \yais banned because .Vol-- 
taire*s works are on the Gathbljc 
index of forbidden works. While hot 
contesting the privilege, of the Ro- 
man Catholic Chtirch to atternpt to 
prevent the faithful from attending, 
a storm of editorial and other pro- 
test has appeared from. Ehglish- 
: speaking sources demanding the 
right to see the filnii^ ' 

'Zola,* of course, is . only an in- 
stance of the unsatisfactory manner 
in which, the Oensdr Board, as cur- 
rently , constituted, has been operat- 

And, while hampering English- 
language films, it is noteworthy that 
French-language product has been 
coming through without rnaj or dele- 
tions even Where necessary. French 
films here . have shown women's 
breasts bared and there have been 
innumerable instances of dubious 

In one filiTi the word 'merde' was 
used: quite frequently. In another 
film a mother wouldn't allow her. son 
to kiss her. sayinfT. 'You have prob- 
ably been diseased from head to foot 
by some woman.. Go and havfe your- 
self examined by a doctor before 
you , try to kiss me.* ' 

So, Cal. Exhibs Amend 
18 Complaints Vs. Par 

Holly wood^ March 1. 
Paramount is to be made defend- 
ants by tonight (Tuesday) in 18 
amended dan^jage complaints filed by 
attorneys for Southern .California 
indie theatre operators ori charges 
of /ft'aud and conspiracy. .New ac-. 
tions are iaftermath of recent damage 
suit . brought .against distributor last 
Octobcl' and ruled but by the district 
court on Par's demurrer. 

Complaint charges Paraimount 
with failure to deliver to exhibs six 
feature pictures on last year's pro- 
gram and carried over to cuirrent 
year schedule. ' 

Topeka, March 1. 
Move started in Kansas state sen- 
ate would enlarge the present state 
film censorship law to apply to 
hewsreels showring gambling or ref- 
erence to it. As presently planned, 
the law would be altered so that 
gambling or sweepstakes events or 
winners of such would be barred 
frbni the state. If change is made, 
state censors would view every 
ncwsreel issue designed for exhibi- 
tion in Kansas to see that the statute 
is observed. 

Albany, March 1. 
• Assemblyman Flynn in' N. Y. state 
legislature today introduced a bill 
making it unlawful for the proprietor 
of a- picture house to sell admissions 
unless there is an. empty seat avail-, 
able. He. can, however, peddle. SRO 
tickets as Ibng as he stays within the 
limits prescribed by local ordinances 
■ oi: Fire Dept.- rules. . 

Recoveraljle penality by .. patron 
may bfe up tb $50 for every seat sold 
in violation. 

How Par and Cooper 
May Split Theatres 

Paramoiint may buy out Joseph 
J. Cooper's interest in certain situa- 
tions w-hile. Cooper might buy out 
Par's share in Lincoln', Neb. Cooper 
operates in. Nebraska, OklahiJma and 
Cblo.radb. ; He has ihdicaited a desire 
tb obtain Par's M%. interest in the 
Lincoln Theatres Corp., operating 
si.^ houses there, so that benefits 
from the operation : of. this stririg 
may be turned ov<ir tb, the children's 
foundation which Cooper formed a 
few years ago. 

In other houses Pat would prob- 
ably take control 100% through buy- 
ing out Cooper/ ■ 


Extras* Closed Shop 

Hollywood, March 1, 
. Tlie Screen Actors Guild Monr 
day (28) proclaimed . a closed 
"shop for extras wlicn no pro- 
test was forthcoming from the 
producers; • 

No further EippliGatiohs for 
membership are being take:n 
. and only those with Guild cards 
. are permitted .to work. 

ite' Opens 

ins It 

4-Day Week for lA Studio Workers 
To Take Up 

London, March 1.. 

Snow White preemed last Thurs- 
day (24 ) to sock bi •Surging crowd 
was sb .large that police reserves 
were siirrimbned to niaintain order. 

Audience cheered th^ Disney mas- 
terpiece at the finish.. 


Minneapolis, Mairch 1. . 

Iiv return for consent to the issur 
ance. of a - teniporary- restraining or- 
der efl.ective until March 22, .Parar. 
mount . and other plamtifls in the 
suit for a permahent injunction to- 
halt enforcement of the North Da- 
kota theatre divorcement law have 
consented to k week's delay in the 
hearing to March T. .. 

The law, which would have gone 
gone into effect March 1, requires 
the : Minnesota Artius. Co. and the 
American Amus. ' Co., Paramount 
subsidiaries and joint plaintiffs in 
the present, action, to divest . them- 
selvbs of their 15 theatres in the 
Flickcrtail stsite. It prohibits pro- 
ducer-distributors from owning br 
operating theatres. 

The hearing had been set for 
March 1, hut the state, attorniey gen- 
eral of North Dakota, the defendant, 
asked for the. later date so that 
Abram F. Myers, general courisei Of 
national Allied States, who, together 
with L; B. Schwartz; Minneapolis, at- 
torney for Northwest Allied,, has 
been appointed . assistant attorney 
general, . could be present Myers 
and Schwartz will help North Da- 
kotai!s state attorney general defend 
the law's constitutionality which the 
plaintifis are attacking in the pres- 
ent suit. . ; 

The defense has been obtaining 
depositions from independent ex- 
hibitors designed to show that en- 
actment of the law is justifieid to. 
permit proper competition in the 
ex.hibiting of pictures in ' North 

Both. sides are indicating they Will 
carry the issue to the U. S. supreme 
court, if necessary, for a final deci- 
sion, so that regardless of the out-; 
come of the initial skirmish consid- 
erable time is certain to elapsie be- 
fore it will become defiriitely .known 
whether this type of legislation is 
constitutional. As. yet, no other state 
has passed such a law. 

Holly w 

; Roy Disney, ' biz manager, and 
Stuart Buchanan, casting director for 
Walt Disney studio, sail March 9 for 
France and a tour of European coun- 
tries to supervise dubbing in native 
languages of 'Snow White' prior to 
release in those cpuntricsy Itinerary- 
includes peiimark, S\redert; Hollarid, 
Poland, Ciermariy, Greece and . Italy. 

..Buchanan solbs to Arabia for 
Arabic : dub. job. 

Minneapolis.'March 1. 

Hei-e's a ' Ripleyr-a .prpducei: re- 
fusing tb take as much for his pic- 
ture as. art exhibitor was -willing tb 
pay him, L. E; Goldhamrher, local 
RKO branch manager, Ijagged - a 
number of 60-40 'Snow White' con- 
tracts in the. territory, his company 
On the long end. 

However, when the contracts 
reached the New York home office 
the latter xeduGed thie terms to 50-50. 

Hollywood, March 1. 
Thousands of studio workers go' 
on a four-day week as the result of 
an agreement negotiated wi Ih p ro- 

dilcers by the International Al 1 i ance 
of Theatrical Stage Employees' in an 
effort to 

While pact applies only to lATSE 
niembers, leaders Of othier brafts 
have been asked to cooperate . by 
joining, the movement. Change will 
rtot have any affect on studios which 

BOVa $25,»0ft PER 

Holly wbod, March 1. 

■ Success . of Producer Harr.y Sher-. 
man's .'Hopalbng .CaSsidy' series for 
Paramount has made. William Boyd, 
who is starred, the, highest salaried of 
the present-day sagebrush .. tliesps. 
Sherman has re-sighed; him for 12 
more Hopalongs at $25,000 cash. 
. . Bo.vd's hew contract.permits him tp 
make outside pictures. . " 

' • Detiyer. March 1. 

In . its opening week, at the 
Orpheum 'Sripw White.' broke all ex- 
isting ■ records in . Denver as to the 
number : attending • any film, .All 
money records at the Orph were 
likewise' broken; with the house 
packed most of the time for eight 
shows daily and nine shows, on three 
days bf the opening. seven days, The 
price for children has been upped 
for the.' run from - the usual dime to 
,15- mats and 25c nights. 

Holding over, the house is going 
into its second, week . nearly . as 
strong as the firs*.: $22^500. Was the' 
figure for the opener. 

What Judge Woolsey 
Thinks of Betty Boop 

Echo of. the old FleisQher Studio 
'Betty Boop' .doll infringement suit 
was heard Thursday (24) in Ni Y. 
federal qourt when the Circuit Court 
of Appeals reserved decision on the 
appeal from 'a three months' sen- 
tence by Ralph A. Freundlichi presi- 
dent of Freundlich, Inc., novelty 
makers. Freundlich had been con- 
victed of perjury for testimony 
given in proceedings brought by 
Fleischer Studios for patent ih- 
fringement. interesting part of the 
case was the comment made by trial 
Judge John M. Wbolsey in his de- 
scription of the , Betty Bobp carica- 

'The character which was de- 
picted,' the Judge said, 'combined in 
appearance the childlish^ with, the 
s'bphisticated— a round baby face. 
With big eyes and a nose like a but- 
ton, framed in a somewhat careful 
coiffure, with a body of which per- 
haps the most noticeable character- 
istic is the most self-confident little 
bust imaginable. The - result is . very 
taking and the cartoon, ■ sho.vv all 
oyer the world, presented a slrbng 
temptation to an inf ringci-.' 


..Hollywood, March !.- . 

.Two more mu'-ica' Westerns are 
beins readied by principal fur Siiiilii 
Ballew:. .diaries Arthur Powell is 
writing the scripts, with Ray Taylor 
set to direct. 

Titles are .'Tune of .Saddle Leather' 
and 'Lord , of the Panamints,'. with 
the former to go before- the cameras 
early in April. 

Finally a StandQut 

I .• '. npltyv\':o.od;March.l, 

I After 12 veal's of (:?mbting before 
jshutte'red lenses as. stand-in fur '.Wal- 
lace Beery, Matt -Gilman hn.s. bceh: 
assigned by Director Fr.niik B.orzagc 
a role in 'Tiifee Cnmradr'.':.' ' 
Gilman is Boery's brother-in-law. 

Kid Comer in Periiand 

. Hoi wood, I^Iarch !, 
Janet Chapman, 5-yeai:-old off- 
spring of Fullcrton. Calif., WPA 
worlcer, bast in Warher.s 'Litllc Lady. 
Luck,' is being dickered for by PJCO 
on a loan deal. 

"Two other majors h.Tve also a.skod 
for tests of the moppet. 


Hollywood, 'March 1. 

t»roducer. confabs with labor heads 
on wage scales, ahd working condi- 
tions set for .Ne^y York this month, 
are likely to be postponed indefir 
nitely due to. the unsettled condition 
of the picture business. Craft leaders 
are understood tb favor later date, as 
studio employment cyrrtsntly is ait 
lb\yest.ebb in years and the tiine not 
propitious to discuss wage revisions 
and improved cbndiijons. , 

Stand taken by some labor leaders 
that demands at this time , ni ight 
jeopardize advantages ^recently 

will continue to operate bn six-day 
basis, . , 

Dieal was handled by. Harold V. 
Smith, internaitional representative 
of . IATSE^ who . first s(2c.ured ap- 
proval of Louis B.. Mayer, Mctrb 
sliidio head, and Joseph M.. Schenck, 
solve the uriemplbynient i chairman of board at 20th-Fok. 

Plan was then taken up with . Pat 
Ciasey, producer labor contact fo.f 
.submission to orgaihizations riot af- 
filiated with: the lA. 

Plfin . ais outlined by Smith pro- 

Reduction Of .preferential list of 
each studio and department to a 
minimum so as to handle present 
operation requirements. 

Each studio siibmit to the lATSE : 
a: list of preferential employees now 
cmiployed arid also ' a list of prefer-^ 
chtial employees who may be called- 
according to production require- 

A. limitation of four days' work 
per man be invoked as a relay - sys- 
tem to spread employment except, 
li) the ease of key men during tha 
preserit emergency. 

All calls for prefbrential iimploy- 
c;s to. cbnie through the lATSE fo- 
cals during the slack production pe-f 
riod'for a.minimiirri of 30 days. Also 
al I additional calls bther than pref- 
erential to coriie through the respec- 
tive lA'TSE locals. 

George E. Browne, international 
president of the lA, and Harland 
Holmden,. international vice, presir 
dent, are expected here, next week 
for conferences on unemployment 
situation and other lA affairs. 
Browne has Jjeeri in Chicago and 
Holmden in Cleveland. 

Actors to .Go It Alone 
The Screen Actors Guild has 
turned thumbs down ori afliliation 
with the Screen Directors Guild and 
Screen Writers Guild for fight ori. 
jurisdictiorial driye by the lA. While 
the actors are sympathetic to writ- 
ers and directors, Kenneth Thom- 
son, executive secretary, and Robert 
Montgomery, presiderit, believe time 
is not opportune for open affiliation 
\vith two , guilds, which haive ribt 
been recognized b„ producers. 

Thomsbri is understood to have 
pointed out that such an affiliation 
with crafts outside the American 
jFederatiori of Labor would give the 
lA a wedge for deriianding it be 
given control of aictbrs. In the event 
the lA actually ■attempts to a.ssume 
control over the plays, the SAG, iC 
not supported by. the body, prob- 
ably would withdraw and then af- 
filiate with : the directors, writers 
and other independent, organizations 
opposed to lA control. 

The. directors and writers, have 
already gone: on record as pledging 
support to the actors should the I A 
attempt to take over any one of the 
three organizations. 

(Tontroversy over the employment 
of two German cameramen at Co- 
lumbia ended in a compromise when 
the American Society of Cinema- 
tographers agreed to issue a six 
months' work permit to Fritz Plain- 
er, but nixed card for Alfred Benit;i;. 
Cameramen pointed out that Amer- 
ican photographers cannot work in 
Europe at present tiriie and that Co - 
liimb.ia already has four ASC mem- 
bers under contract with production 
at lowest mark in years.' 

Guild Backs Up Producers 
^ SAG has aligned with prbduC|^rs. 
in :fight to pfeverit enactment of na- 
tional legislation tb outlaw block-v. 
billing of films to exhibitors. .Pat 
Casey has .been named to handle 
campaign in conjunction with Will 
Playwright.s' petition to J jjayg otiice, (Zasey was advised by. 

' Thomson that SAG board bf . direc- 


Washington, March 1, 
Pressure of business — nbt difi'er- 
ences of opinion— is responsible foi- 
delay in settling the labbr tiff be- 
tweenn Screen Writers Guild and 
film producers, jrespbnsible . officials 
said last w'eek.' 

Refuting reports of a serious" dis- 
agreement over major legal points. 
National Labor Relations Board 
spokesman told Variety, Saturday 
(26), the only reason: why the liing- 
pending controversy has not been 
decided Is the inability of the three 
members to take it up. Mouhtain of 
earlier disputes ahead, while length 
Of time the Hollywood application 
has been hanging fire is nbt unrea- 
sonable.- .. 

Can be hp split about chief issues— 
whether film prbducers engage in in- 
terstate commerce or . whether 
scribes are' 'employees' within the 
meariing of . the Wagner Act— since 
the bbardites never have tried to 
dispbse of the case, it was said. Size 
of the record will intensify the delay, 
since the triumvirate will have to 
spend unusual period digging into 
the. transcript before such knotty 
problems' are unraveled. 

Deny SP's Plea to Amend 
$200,000 Libel Vs. SWG 

Hollywood, March 1 

: Screen 

amend complairit in its $200,000 libe 

suit against the Screen .-Wrilers.' > lor's has voted to extend every aid' 
Guild v/as denied in superior court: : possible to the. prbducers. Casey, 
J udge. Robert. Kenny previously .s.ii.y , 'j'homsbn arid Montgomery may go 
tained the Guild demurrer on the , to Washington for conferences with 
ground, cprhplaint did; not constiUilo i fricinbers. of. the. Seriate . interslate 

a .cause for action. The :ploywrij',hts 
have, 60 days in which lb perfect tlic 
appeal. - . ■. 

The action is butgrowlh, of o I'-ficr 

commcrc'e committee, which hn.s roc- 
pmmonded passage of the Ncely bill. 
. 'Aubrey Bl.air, secretary-treasurer, 
and ' five ol.her . officers of Junior 

a.ssertedly written, by I'hilip Dunne SAG haye resigned ■ in compiiaiice 

urging.P. G. Wodehouse- to. quit the;' 

with tuWrifJ, of board of -dircctor.v of 
Sonior SAG that -paid employees of 
y;uild c;inhot: serve on board of. di- 
rcftors or. council of Junior Guild. 

-Other officers to- resign elecli.v' 
.iob.s. are Robert, first v. p.;.. 
i\'.'itc. ' Edwards, assistant secretary, 
and Clayton Jones, , Antrim Slioi t 


Warners has ticketed 'Si.^ler,: Act 
Ibascd .ori Faririie Ilursl's bc.'^t scMit), 

I novel, for an April 11 .prpduction ' and John Berger, members of jun- 
' start I io.i- council. Ellsworth, Edwards, 

I Heading the cast v.' ill be Ei-i-fil Short and Ber;;er are studio check'?. 
I Flynn, Olivia de Huvill uid a'nfi •l"nos is .cmployi-d in' a clerical ca- 
I Anita ' ' P K-i^y. 

•^i^Hncsdii^i Slarcli 2 193$ 




Ne\v horizoiis ari fbloissoming Vto 
the Griffith Arhus,, rG6.>- as . isevMal 

acquisitipnSi new 


^^xpahsioh moves ' have : beeh; m^^ 
fiihce the first of the year. . Latest 
' deal of its subsidiairi!:,5lt/E. -Griffith 
. : fTheatres, iiic, was the.acciuisition of 
several of the Long; theatres in 
Texas.: This setup calls :iqr . imr 
riiediafe femodtiing of the : Jewel at. 
Texas City and thie Liberty ; at El 
Cam^o; a new B-house to -be ijuilt;in 
Alvih and a hew de lyxe: A hjiuse: at 
, Wharton/ The. Queen in Victpria . is 
tQ be reitiodeled and thie Colonial "at: 
: iBay Gity enlarged. This will -give: 
tWci houses in /each ; of the .towhs 

■ ^am4d^ operating full time. / SubSid 
Jhas jiiist opened a hew $50,000 house 
■y/iih' 700 s0ats at Giarksville, Texas; 

: O acquisitions have brought 
':'-:ii\<^ total of Griffith theatres past 200 
" : mark/ inchiding" the three I^adabe 

houses i h Frederick, . Qkla. (Ramonai. 
^ Also added were 

three John Terry houses in Wewpka, 

■ Oklahoma (Key; Parampimt and 

, . . Plans are alsb ibeiiig Vmade for a 
new Griffith, ho^ in Ehid, Qkla., 
y whei^e; the. : icpmpanir operates ; f our 
.tlleatres, one of : Which.the .Mecca, is- 
ti> be clijsed upon cpmpletion^d^ 
new' hPijse; ' 
• ; The .cprnipariy jprevioiiLsiy 'had ac- 
. .. ; .quired ' dpwnt'o'^^^^ : City 

fipace .for; a hfe w gerieral ' off ice. . bui Id- 
:. ingi :plahs Ipr W.hich .haye not as. yet 
-•■,■.;be^n,^prm)ii^ted^ "O.^--. 

: Iliepprted 'Gnff ith^ has! ;eyeh^ 
■/.'plans fo? . immediate : : futur6^^^ with 
hihted ;;abs6rptio'h , pr .merger / with 
. one : of . Ihe country's; largei;; c 

Theatre Safe Robbers' 

A 77R Prbiuctio 

, ■ ;>;5roliy wood, March ■'■ 
.Quickie 'prPducer, -.whose 
.shpotihg . schedule sometimes- 
tuiM iatp. d^i's, lets lip working 
jTVlni^le «s6ape. the ; druiige V of 
,.:;his"vWorkei's.;>^ ~ , • '■ 

; ; Wheir : an; a^tor asked: to. be 
. excusied for- a sneexie; .^rodxicer 
ordered cam.e^ to .shoot! 

around him. . ■ v ^ 

'■■:■.,;- :.v . ■ ^i+ahcaster,:Pa.,' March 1.:/;' ■ 
^Capture Pf\ -i' ypait: of youthful 
thieves who/ i6siS;th a weeik ago, 
carried away bflidily the safe of the 
Crahd.'theatre, brought to a conclu- 
iipn a seHes of rbbberieS which haVe 
been staged iri.'quick succession since 
Jan;i/ Police revealed that the pair, 
John KahJier and Gerald Klos, arc 

■ the much , sought pin-bali bandits 
who in ; less .than two mpnths have 
looted tiipf e than 50 Veridihg machines 

■ and. gamesV;. robbed ■'. cPimtry pPst 
officer, carried away two and 
were criBdited with a half dozeii or 
«o .unsuccessful; robbery attempjts. 
More than a score of individual rob- 
beries were confessed to by the pair. 

In confessing; the Grand robbery, 
jpplice said thei pair admitted to forc- 
ing a tear door of the 'theatre, rPll- 
. ing thb: safe frpm the office* the 
length of the housed to 'a rear alley- 
.way arid then along the pavement to 
their parked car. . It was boosted 
inside, hauled several mile* to the 
Coriestoga river where it was broken 
open, looted and then rolled^ off Ot 
the bank ; iiiitp the. muddy r streaimv 
The sate contained hoiise records 
and $50 in charig^ for. openihg the 
follpwing day. 

PPiice said the discovei'y of the 
Grand; safe in the river by a trapper 
was , respionsible for bi:eakihg the 

-. V ;They not only Ipqated the post 
offfce: safe submerged nearby, but 
also found the .nnusUal treadrmarks 
l^ft by the .bandits- car. It was 
thrdygh thie tires that the /youthful 
pill r Were traced and :;captured.; ^ ' 

An .unsplved robbery of the 'same 
theatre several y fears ago, in which 
receipts for the . ehtire day ■. were 
stolen, : could not be linked with the 
latest affair, it w*s; said.: At the tihie 
;pi)^ of thie: pair wis iii jaiil aiid; the 
. other .wais in hidirig from the pPliCiB.; 

'■ ■■■/•/.':/;,.- /^'lioliywood/ Mairch 
fed erai; d is t ric t cou r t ht ere yir i thi h 
thie. . hest . few •days : w iil namj^^^.a r^t-^ 
^ee: to; determine, t anabtint of 
damajges/ if ahy/ .due Balph Pear. iirir 
der •:lh.e.; .verdict . av/a.rd^d him '.■last: 
Thursday .<24.) ' Ijni; his -^ismt/:^ 
Metro, ■iri w.hic^^^^ 

declaratpry .relief oh a ephtract with 
the stirdio^'for . us^ of-.> . film .develop- 
ing ..niachirie; inviented' by .him; -^^ 

/ Fear, . had . changed V..^^M^^ with 
processing- outside product -In 
tidn . of., the :a"greem.ient». whi prbr. 
•vided; that equipment' was..tQ bemused 
only i or -Me trd's output. - in ;retalia- 
tibri, Metros had. filed a/ ?ij000,000 
damage action against Pear, charging; 
the iabpratory exec; with thrieatening 
injunction prpceedings' against . yari 
pus exhibitors : for , -screening, fllni^r 
other than ; Metrb'sV. developed in 
■Culver City: studia;;.. ,\'> l '-' \ ■/■'■'■' ■ 

Malihtt Crasb^^^ K^^ 

'■/'■. , ,^Lps Angeles,^. March: -i. '. 
. Fpur y Piiths, menibers- of the Para 
mount theatre, . ushers' : basket ball 
team ^ weire .■ ki lied; :ah d . aho their ■ seri 
Oiisly V injuredy last Thursd .night 
(24y, when.:thb ;auto; i Which! they 
werfr.- spfeedihg alprig the, Malibti 
highway / plunged' off . an -enibahk-. 
men t; . D^ad . . ire ; ', Leliand .Nelson, 
Eldridge Hester, Georgf^ Buhl "and 
Carrol- Marshall/ ;. '■■ 
: ; Harold Nelson/ who. was hurt,, is a 
brpther of Leiahd.,; '- 

Universal Pictures shows a loss of 
$1,«84,998, for the year ending Oct. 30, 
1937, all. charges, Accordiiig. to 
annbuncenient by J/ Cheeyer; Cow- 
din/' chairitian,^ the ^company, -'opct'- a;, profitvol $51,970 iifc^ 
quarter of the fiscaV yeafr.' w , / ' / 
. In I93G,vthe cprhpariy showed a loss, 
of . $1,835,419.07. ■■ " 

Beery JdiiiihifSA^^ 

• \ Wallace Beery/; ■, ohertirne . ; 'legit 
actor/ hasi applied '.for . membership 
in.- the/,Screen- Actors -Guild, ;after 
hpldihg .but .for -some; timie. / All 
EqMityites mUst.;be in good- standing 
to qualify; for SAG .membership. .. 

Eqiiity council, ruled ..Tuesday (1 ) 
that , Beery .would be reiristateid pro- ] 
vided he . pay. a ' fine of $500, remit- 
tance to ; be;: made.:;, iminediateiy. 
fieeiry's : case appears to be .; except 
tiohal, as indicaiteid by/Equity^ stiff 
nick. /Heretpfor.e those 'refusing to 
: j b in S AG Were : . subj ect to a -fine; of 
$100; each ; year V of:' refusal. . 

I Annual, repprt- bf Rad io- Corp. of .; 
America sent , tp; stbckholders 'laist 
.week revealed 1937 . h'eV pfpfit/^^^^^^^^ 
$9,024;858,; as '^ 
estimiate -early in iVbrUary; 
OOO; ' The. net cpmparbs^ with $6,155,- 
936 in 1936 pr 46.6% increase, lli 
the .cbrpprsition's; dollair 11.3% 
f jbm; the . 1936";figUre, operating costs 
.alsp. went; up ' 8.4%V; Itepprt showed, 
that /RCA ; stbclvhoiders, .received 
$6,409i226 . in dividends ; in the past 
yean: , Earned sur'plus .as;;.pf . 'Dec/ 31,-; 
1937, Was $16i528.965, . ag&inst ^.$15,- 
33M48 at;close of -1936.; . V / r ; / /: 
• 'iWbrkih? capital rose nearly $2,0 

000 to $28,639,436. / 

RGAv dedarpd- quarterly dividcrt 
on: both classes of preferred, stock:, 
last week.: The paymeht.ori: first; pre- 
ferred Was 87y2C . maintaining ;the 
annual $150 rate. . ' Tiiis ■ is /payable 
April ;. 1: tb. stpckhplders b^ record 
March , 9. . The $1,25 ' ^eclaratipn . oh 
the old *B' Preferred s tbck is pay- 
able :'to ; holders bf' record .bf .subh. , 

stock as rClbse: of "business /March 16/ 

20th-Fox Meeting /, 
;• .'Dividend fbr bo^ classes of stock 
is scheduled to be acted on by 20th-, 
Fox directors at a meeting .tomor- 
rbw (Thiirsday) . Usual . quarterly 
bf 3714c ' ' preferred,-; maintaining 
$1.50 : annual; ratc,^ " assured but 
the anipunt on ; the /common^, if any , 
is: another thing. ';. Declaration; pf 506 
br ; less On conimon shares . is ; ppsr 
sible . but' directorate may decide to 
follow the- old policy ;bf waiting 
until (Barhihgls. trend is nrbre: ."^yident 
about .midyear. To of ^2.50 was 
declared., oh . comrribn by 20th-Fox 
last year and $2 ih .all during 1936. 
. ■ Preliminary report .; On 1937 net 
profit from the Coast Monday (28.^ ; 
indicated in excess of $8,500,000 or 
abbut . $4 on the cOmmOn.:. . Final 
quarter, i-eputed to be largest since 
iDarryl ZanUpk joined cbmpiany; is 
credited : fbr . ibringirig- up totai • to 
this figure because first threerquar- 
ter . revealed .; a ' net Of : less than 
$5,000,600. ■ Official earnings state- 
ment is ilbt due ; until late this 
month.' ,.' ■ • . ■ ;/'.; ■ - 

"Western Electric .and its .100% di- 
rectly owned, subsidiaries earnings 
for 1937 before, interest charges rose 
nearly $1,000,000 over preceding year 
to $20,859,524,° Total revenue from 
sales and other, sources totalled $212,- 
117,617 agairist $l55il47.890. :..['■;/ 
;. Net eiarnings (carried to surplus) 
amounted to $19,514,197 as compared 
with . $18,698,049 in 1936. Western. 
Electric tPtal investment in • Electri- 
cal Research : Products, inc., was 
placed at $10,793;7b9 as of Dec. 31, 
1937. Report showed W. E. had $2().r 
782,000 available for interest and 
diyidends in past year, highest; total. 
. since 1929 , and second high est in 20 
years of cpmpany 's history. • 
-, Keith-Albee-Orpheum directPrs de-' 
clared $1.75 ; dividend Oh preferred; 
stock last week, being payable: April 

1 to stock on , record March 15; 
Divvy was paid out of capital sur- 
plus and is supposed :. to cover' ,th?' 
March quarter of 1935. - 

., Pathe ; Film last week/ declared 
usual quarterly dividend of $1.75 on 
-its ;;prcferred stock payable^^ A 1.^ 
: to stbckholders^ on record March 23." 

What, No Solids? 

Hbllywpod, March 1. -. 
... This tpwh,. to ^ Solly ■V^iPlins.lcy, 

• is ; just - ..cpffee'-drinkihg' burg,;. 

' but enough . is. enough. The 
other day he hiet a . BrPadway- . 
pal ; who ..invited hirh; . to sip 
sPme ; java. ; ;Few :boiirs later 
another Acquaintance ; asked 

^ hi.rh into- . a beahery fpr a cup bf 
rhocha./ When next day; a: Vine 
Streeter '"Waved- him .; ihtb ' : 
dunkpry and ordered, up a cup . 
bf . cawf ee ibi*- hini, Splly 'let. go' 
With: '.:.. ].■•:■",:;"■ ;/■.■' / 

'Whagsamatter, ain't there no. 
meat in this town?' ; ; ;.;/' 

■ ."• Los Angeles, Miirch 1.' / 
;Fiiin;, theatre - constructipn boom 
thiJ>ughout Southern California and 
Arizona continiies unabated ■ despite ; 
the Ipnd cry.-.frpnri: some .exhibitor: 
quartei-s; that the sector Is now far 
byer-seatied. : ,Pla 

nine additipnal houses: at a;' tptai cos 
of approximately $200,000 Within the 
next few mpnths/ in addition: to a.' 
similar number nPw nearing com^ 
pletioh; have been annPUnced. - 

These include theatres fpr ; C. H. 
Mpsier on Cen tral Ave./ in L, A.', 
George Stamm : in Gbncbrd, .CaliiEV 
Harvey Bros, at SPhora, Calif Mrs- 
Helen Sieter, ■ Selnfia, Calif.;, jlalph 
Perkins .at 29. Palms,': Calif George 
Mann arid ; Morgan .Walsh at Grid-r 
^ley, Calif.; ToWer Theatre : arid 
Realty Cp./ a t Sacramento; L. F. 
Long Theatre Circuit, at Coolidge. 
.Ariz;, arid; ;unhamed operator in 
Coltbn; /Calif. > V ■''■/■■■-■■ ■•- 

/.■;' ; , ./ Piiiladeiphia, Mdrch/l. ,.' . 
' All.^i^ensoring iiv this- state j& ma^ p 
necessary .. .by onl y. ; 2 % of the eh t ire - 
output .of 'the /film industry //top exec . 
of the . Penrisy '. Censor, .fBoard told . 
VvvniETV yesterday, fblloWing; private ;■ 
.survey Pf deletiphs' arid- baiis; during 
the past year. Most of the; 2 %, he ' 
said. Were f breign/pix or'd- ■;/: 
uct \yhich / didn't .gb . tli^^^ : the 
Hays office. ■ '. ■ '; - "'' - ''-/.' 

•If ail films went through the Hays / 
organization,' he said, -'riced .for the 
censor 'board ;would be abplished,.'; We;;^ 
breathed a . sigh .!: of relict we/- 
nbte the.'HayS office apprpy^ ; . / ia .. 
film, for xfi knPw most of ou r ; work- . 
is Glirninated,' ■;;■ : _ ;- 

Of the. 1,809 pix viewed by the. 
board last ycair, 70 % had: .been oked , 
Ijy ijays. Others were^ 1^ foreign- . 
made and 15% indies: ; Eleven films 
were; barined eritirely- .and 116 ap- 
proved with deletions oiit: of the to-: 
tal of 1,899. / . ;'::'■ /'/ . ' -/^^ . 

Censor Board exec declared for- 
eign filni makers /just, don't sePrri^ io 
have aiiy sense about Amei'ican pro- ; 
prieiy. They . cpritinuaily ; brazenly ■; 
.show • acts ' ' . .wide open fashion 
which We t in this country- consider • 
highly immoral.' : : /! /./-'-.'' 
.- : Eduidational jpic, .-'Birth of a Baby,*' 
has been : . given unique 'approval - 
Without ■ a seal' by the Peprisy : cen-. 
sPrs. Lack of a .s.eal makes it im-' 
possible to show the " ' commeri; .; 
cialiyi .Technically; it makes it. im'?: ,; 
;pbs:sibie ; tp/ shbw the. ;film ■' in: any > 
other Way,;either. /HbWcver. by. 'ap- 
prbval/.-Without. seal,', the board 
ticitiy . agrees; tp /the; exhibitipn /bt 
the pic before groups pf expectant- 
rii others br other . selected classes for 
educational' purposes. 

Member of the board declared the 
eight-reelcr is 'exbelleritly done iand. 
bcaiutifully rriade. ■ HoWever, v/e do 
not feel that it ■ ; a film to be ek- 
hibited .thirbugh generalchanriels,; We : 
feel it has a legitimate use arid are 
perfectly /Willirig to; see it lised that 
way, but we won't .;allipw' it; to be 
shown commercially.' '-: 

Milking Films 

(Coritinued from/ page 5) 

He gets added r^cntai. when there are 
holdovers, .iribypovers;- or day-and- 
date engagements, probably . making 
-.mpie from; the extra fli-st run time 
than he mjight. bp Ibsing on -subse- 
.qiieiit .runs where ■ -do - loss- 
/uhdier ;percentage than they woUld 
had; they npt been . milked up ahead. ; 
Some sales managers, hoWever, are 
/not entirely, in sympathy with the 
; ex tell t; to ; Which the , pictures/ are 
being: squeezed by some theatre: op- 
erators. This often . depends on how 
lany subsequent irun? figure in the 
/^Uuatipn against the- nuniber of first 
•uns or (jircui't^cbntrolled! seconds. 

(.Cdritinued;' fi'pin page. 4) 

ized, shpuld/the /productipn of fea- 
ture, peri-and-inkers reach important 
proportions, will be; opened :iri New: 
York by Charles (Hasty) Hastingis,' 
Wlib has been-" in th.e . film , cartoon 
field for ■many./years/^^^^''P 
ing cprice'rned. about/ :the scar 
ahimiators, .^il is ;;'npt unlikely that 
some bf the cbmpariies- may sponsor 
schools .thernselvcs /or lend support 
i' soihe indirect :ma.ririor. ..";-.'' . 
• /Hastings' s.C^bl: will he 
about'; a uioiiiii. 4t ,is hpt knpwn to 
haye' any film ;pompahy backing; Or 
spbns.or£!hip^ : He was formerly head 
of prbductioir : for Jam Handy, De- 
troit cbmrnercial film maker. . Pripr 
to that he >\^is \yilh Max: .Pie 
RKO-'Van Bc-Ueii/and/yniversal on 
cartoons. /' ■-' : 

/ ■/'■■■ Chicago, March Iv -/. 

Tr anslux's ■ . new neWsreel will be 
on Randolph street in the jpop.;Mbrt 
Singier is doing the, negotiating on 
prbperty and building /setup. Ex- 
pected that site, deal will/ be closed 
before Miarch 15, building ^ 
tb be . started by May 1 and the 
house running by Aug. 1. •; ; 

'//..../;: Sani Antonio. March 1/ 

: Majestic -/building,. Which houses 
the Majestic ' theatre, de-luxei:, was 
soldxfor $792;Q00:tQ.~Kari Hb^^^ 
principal; : owner Of the ; Interstate 
chain of Texas.. ■/: ;/'/■ 

NeW owner ; plans to air condi- 
tion : edi lice and bth er Wise, ma^e . irti- 
iprovements.; :■■>•-/. ; /■ 


Philly UMPTO Execs' N^^ 
theatre Bidg. Ir^^^^ 

. V. ■ / :/;:/Philadeiphia[,:Mdrch 1^ /' 
• Indie exhibs here, sizzling- pvcr r«- 
ports that the two; toi); execs of their 
organization. United Motion . Picture 
Theatre Owners, haye : ;gpne into' 
partriership to erect, a hpusc in opr 
position to .another i;ndcperttie'nt thje;f 
atre in iari-. already pverscated nb 
-borhbod.:.- LeWen; Pizor, pr^t of- 
UiMPTd, arid :Charles' Segall, chairr 
mart of .tjie 'board,. Will, erect -the 
house in., cpmpctitipri With; the vV;*!- 
ton/ just ^ puroh asb.d: .by ' . p a v e/ .^iyii'I^ v 
^rairi, Ray/ Schwartz ;ai Felt. 
Latter ;trip; .are. :staunclv-; members of 
' the./pizbr-SPgaU brgani7,4^^^ . ./• . 

• Pizor and. Segall recently, " pur- 
chased: several other houses iti part- 
riership, but there, was lillle crilicis. 1 
bf/th-ase'- deals' as .it .was .felt if they ; 
hadn't bought: ; them somepne else , 
would, so no additional cpiiripetitibri: 
was' created; / In': the now ..venture, 
however, /exhibs see ' a deliberate at-., 
tempt , to -wreak-: harm. Oh another 
indie. -.'.^' 

: ;' , /, :; ^ Hollywood, March 1. 
' '■- Holdup,, attempting ; to', rtiake off 

: With- /$4i000/ the . ^Weekcri'd- . Warners' 

;Dp\vntPWri/ theatre': ficce;ip 

.(2) was killed by Sid Mai'ks, . local 

-sports; figui-e, ' ; -, :- . '- ;,- ' - ', 
. He drew a bead on the yegg, who. 
While scboping iip .;the .cbiri;- held off 
Leo Hirshon/ assistant manager, with; 

his ■ / rod, ;; ',-'/ ; • ■■ '.■ / 

Philadclphi' ;:March I/" 
-; .-pair of exper.t ; siaIcc,racJ:crs: . got 
5;70O. ; from . ; the •- Pea rl .thea trie / hpre 
Sunday: (27 )..; Theft .'Was . discovered 
by. a cleaner, /Who; riqtified; Paul- 
Kleirimah, nrianageh : Detectives said 
th itf t h i c ves got V into ; the . . h b use ; by- 
forcing; -a i-car dbpF . and got -ithe: 
nioney frorri ; the j safe by knocking 
brt' ...the/ cpmbinatibn ; and renibving 
the tumbleiiis/ " ■ - • - / .;-./- 
•Tliicy ■lGft;'no-fingerptihts. .- 


/;/, -/- Oklahoma. City, March; 1, 

:. Ati /'Unidcritificd .; -assailaiit -brbke' 
both arms and fractured the skull of 
T. G, Tet€i'; .55^year-bld nvanager:-'p^^ 
the; ■Jpy-. theatre; last" week.-; 
'. Te.ler .Was' -" upon . When ' he' left 
the theatre about ■} lli30 p.m. . ; The 
man :stepped irPm : behind a: parked 
aiito and/boat Tetcr to :the .-groun'o! 
before being chased oft by thje croU-d 
which gathcricd/"- . ///'■;; '/ '-;■,-.' 

/'■ ;' $t. .Loii is, March ;L/'--- 

David j, lilassa, president of th« 
Amusements* Inc., ;/oi)eratPr pf . the 
Lakeside Amus. , Park has filed suit 
to e j ect Gebrge R. Hart, former the- 
atre owner of Ferguson, Mo., f rOm 
property oWncd by the company arid 
also tb collect $.J,p00 damages fpr 
'unlawful withhbldihg' of the prem- 
ises. Hart, after selling his theatre 
holdings, was elected , a Justice, of 
the Peace in/St, Louis County and 
incurred the ; wrath of county au-' 
thorities. and ;the/ clergy by; an ad- 
vertising campaign via radio, bill- 
boards and local rags in which he; 
not only offered to riiarry . cbUpleii 
at ariy hbur/bt ■ the dsiy br night, but, 
would also sell . wedding rings ; and ; 
other articles arid indulged in; prac- 
tices that *ipw.Cr'ed the dignity of ; 
riiatrimony.' -• 

. The latest phase, .in the effprt to ' 
:oust; Hart frprti./bffice /has re^ 
in; him- Pblainirig; a -writ of prohi- 
bition from the state' supreme court 
,against the county court. Besides ; 
alleging that. Hart violated the lease/ 
on the ; property by usirig the 
derice as a . marriage . parlbrv 
iristeiid . of r. home, Massa .alsp as- 
serts that 27 'Catholic institution!! : 
that - use th.e parlc; fpri their annual 
pitriics/; have . .refused ; to: sign con-;.; 
tracts' for the currcrit. year: because, 
of Hart's bccuparicy of the premis 
v/hich are hear tlie pai'it;/^ 
riics/are brie pf the principal .spurces: 
of revenue pf ; the : amuseririeht cpm;- 
panj'.; liritil the. 'suhTimcr season eeti 
into full ■ .'ing. V| -'.■'/;: " .-/- /■'•:: 

. ^Besser Optioned : 

;.::■ Joe- BG.^isipr, yaude comic 'sj^incrd by 
.CplUnvbia-PictS '.ip^ 
With bp t io hs. for ^ two rhf)re, -has bteh 
handed noy.' ticket cal lint; for l'\ 
illiii's 'beyond the; prifiindil thticei /' ./ 

; *>Vl|a BHI' as Cliffer V 

/ T.r.oj ly wood. M.'j rch I . /',. 
■/ Adventure Serials Will ^fijm .i'AVjId.; 
Bill liickok'. as /a ;l5-i-e;oL cliffh^ 
.rpr 'Goliimbiu' .ix' ' P'i:oductip.n"i ;.- 
se t ' to,-s tart ' lit 1 1 i n - th fee .Wccl: s'V ■ ■ 
: -. .Dbn.Teirv- hns been oi^;ned for the. 
title role. ' ^ ':-'■-■■ ■■ : - 



Wednesday, MarcTi 2, lOnS 

way traffic with opening 
turnout that hit season's top 

gross {down went ^Submarine D-V) 

at WARNER BROS/ record 
breaking world premiere! 


^«»dnes<lay, March 2, 1938 




Lichtman Turns Prof, and Tells DSC 
Studes AD About the Picture Biz 

Hoilywoodj Mar. 1. 

Al Lichtman, who has sold films 
to the Harvard Sq. Theatre, Cam- 
■ bridge, the Campus theaire. near 
Y9,U, in New Haven, and the Varsity, 
adjacent to the Coiiege of the City 
of New York, stood up the other 
night before a classroom of several 
hundred Uriivprsity . :of Southern 
California underclassmen and der 
livered an address 6n motion picture 
diijtrlbution,: Before the evening wa& 
over they were calling him Profes- 
sor Lichtman. .. 

Dr. Lichtrhan held the class at 
tense attention as he reviewed de- 
veiopments in filni distribiitioh over 
the past 30 years, starting with his 
personal e)tperiences as he traveled 
from city to city with a trunkful 
of 'cold copies,' his definition of re- 
issued General Film Co. releases. 
When the going seemed to become 
too technical and academic, Licht- 
man digre.<'sed to. tell a. feW stories 
about the old days,, including the one 
about how Indian plictures. com- 
inehced because the actors didjji't 
wear any Clothes and the .negative 
costs were loWi ' 

Lichtnian played straight and 
handed out a lot of information 
which had been carefully prepared. 
His was the second of a series of 
USG lectares which , are sponsored 
by CharJ.cs' Skouras, president of 
Fq.k West. -Coaist Theatres, and. ar 
ranged .by Charles A. Buckley, cir 
cuit attorney. Louis B. Mayer spoke 
at the opening of the course last 

Slivte Rig:hts By the Foot 

.-Foliowing a description of the 
General ; Film Co.' era when ex 
ciiaug,es. bought territorial rights at 
10c. per fopt,. Lichtman traced the 
subsequent developments. He said: 

The next step was the advent of 
the multiple reel feature. Thie first 
great picture, longer than one reel, 
was Dante's 'Inferno,* made in Italy 
This was a big jump from the 'shoot 
'em up' pictures that were shown 
generally in the nickelodeons of 
those days. The company I was con- 
nected with acquired the American 
rights to 'Inferno,' which was of a 
length and quality that made its 
marketing, on a footage basis impos- 
sible. It was up to us to pioneer and 
find Another way to distribute this 
picture through the theatres../ 

*We decided to advertise in the 
trade journals for adventurous men 
to invest their money in purchasing 
territorial rights for this great mas 
terpiece. Before they would invest, 
however, it was necessary for iis to 
establish the boxoflic^ value of the 
film. We rented a theatre in New. 
York, arranged for accompanying 
music, a distinct novelty at that time, 
and advertised the attraction as 
•Dante's Hell.' The film was a tre- 
mendous success and led to the im 
poi:tation of other Italian films. The 
. next wa.s Homer's 'Odessey,' which 
was a failure.' There, was no sensa- 
tionalism in it that we' could find 
We tried every angle but couldn't 
interest the public. 

'We then engaged, for the first 
time, an important actress from the 
American stage, Blanche Walsh, ahd 
produced in New York Tolstoy's 
'Resurrection.' 'That was in 1911. The 
picture was a big success.^. 

Lichttpan then told of the founding 
of the Famous Players Film Co.; 
headed by Adblph Zukor, with him- 
:self as general sales manager. He 
traced the history of early produc- 
tions ; starring Sarah'. Bernhardt, 
Janies 'K. Hackett, James O'Neill, and 

S of t Pcdailine Names 

'We then . engaged a little girl 
under a long tcl-m. contract who had 
be.on known to picture fans as the 
Biograph.Girl,' he continued; 'It was 
the practice of that company hot to 
advertise, the names of its players. 
The Utile Biograph Girl was Mary 

'It was our policy at this time '.to 
niarl^et .each picture individually, 
attd I ti-avcled constantly around the 
.country selling territorial rights 
Meanwhile, the success of our . pic 
tares encouraged others to . stair 
lutiking feature length films. Our 
competitors were William . Fox, the 
Warner Bros, and others. It became 
evident that distribution along those 
l"Ves was too expensive, arid through 
the urge for economy and the fact 

Agents^ Drive 

(Continued from page 13) 

that pur customers wanted an as- 
sured supply of pictures, we insti- 
tuted the method of block selling, 
advance contracting of . a year's 
sujpply of filnis itl advance. That was 
;he start of block-booking and it has 
3een maintained through the .years. 
'Concurrent with the development 
: better films came better theatres. 
"The hicltelodeon sooil gave way to 
;he' better class of family theatre. 
Soon hundreds Of enterprising thea- 
tre men Were investing iarge sums in 
theatre properties. . Higher .admisr 
sioiis were charged, arid higher film 
rentals paid for better product.: The 
public, spoti selec ted its screen favor- 
ites arid there was strenuous coriipe- 
titipri among producers for the serv- 
ices of the popular stai's. 

'Thien came talking pictures, the 
third great period ■ the advance- 
ment, pf this great industry. The 
talHing . picture revolutionized the 
whole situation ini every branch, .of 
the business. You must realize that 
every theatre in America had to be 
equipped with sound equipment, and 
every studio had to instair equip- 
ment that would enable us to make 
pictures. Apart from the mechanical 
features, new dramatists were draft- 
ed, new personiliities became popu- 
lar Avith the public and some 
of the ones loll by the wayside. It 
was a new business. 

Must Meet Increased Costs 

'The particular problem of distrib-; 
utors since sound pictures were de- 
veloped to ; secure a return ;ifrQm 
exhibition' commensurate with the 
greater, cost of production. It is no 
longer an e.\ception when a picture 
costs $1,000,000 to produce. We have 
had a number of pictures that have 
cost $2,000,000, in the past two years. 
It is a terrific undertaking to recoup 
ttiese enormous sums and yet enable 
theatres to retain a profit as well. 
, 'About two years ago I introduced 
a new yardstick for the determina- 
tion of film rentals. This new yard- 
stick Wa.s to expand the ability of 
the studio to make a greater num- 
ber of \ the b(ist possible pictures. 
You ask how? The. answer was not 
to have any stifling system of distri- 
bution. We did away with block- 

• 'The tables We worked out estab- 
lish how much of the box office re- 
ceipts a picture shall receive after 
it ha.s been, exhibited. If a studio 
has the courage to produce a big 
picture with a heavy investment, we 
arrange for. rentals based upon its 
popiiliarity with the public If it 
meets with approval, then the film is. 
adequately recompensed. . If its re- 
ception is a disappointment, the pic- 
ture will lose money. This is the 
only fair and square way to conduct 
a motion picture business On a big 
scale where often today producers 
are conipelled to invest large slims 
in production, cost.' 

When Lichtman finish^, his pre- 
pared address he was applauded, but 
beforie. he left the platform, one of 
the class asked. 

*How about double features?' 

Creature of pepression 

'I don't like 'em either,' Al said. *I 
think double features are a creature 
born of the deprcssionj partly; but 
mostly the result of stiff competi- 
tion between theatres. When talking 
pictures came in, stage shows went 
out. except in a very few places, so 
that .s.ubsequeint run theatres were 
offering practically the , same enter- 
tainmerit as the downtown theatres. 
Admission prices of some of the 
downtown theatres had been 85c. 
Prices dropped to 55c. and lowesr. 
Then the ' si4 bseq uen t . run. • thea.tres. 
started to ^how two pictures in ord6r 
to complete with the downtown 'the- 
atres. That was how the double, bill 
crept in. 

, 'I don't like it niyself and I don't 
believe it' makes for a good- show, 
and I never .riiet anyone who does 
like it. We hax^e tried' to eliminate 
it. . We ha ve co^^cted polls. through 
newspapers : the vote . always 
seems to b(f' ■ ill favor of . retaining 
double bills.'. 

Levee, former Paramount arid United 
Artists executive, who launched his 
own agency, followed shortly after- 
Wards by the invasion of the William 
Morris agency, long- established in 
the EWorld's show biz. 

H'wood's Gold Rush 
, Stories of amazing bahktol Is be-r 
ing piled up resulted in a rush for 
agency licenses from all walks of 
life, current list of perriiit holders 
including a former chauffeur and 
two ex-waiters.. In the early days, 
few of the big-money actors, direc- 
tors and writers hired agents, but 
today practically (everyone Working 
in the studios, frorti producers down 
to bit players, has his or her, repre- 
sentative. . 

Agents Guild is made up of the 
Harry Edington-Frank W. Vincent, 
William Hawks-George . Volpk, Le- 
land Hay ward-John McCbrmick, 
Lyons 8c Lyons, M. C. Levee, Myrdn- 
Selznick, Phil Berg-Bert Allenberg, 
Ad Schulberg-Sam Jaffe, Moi-ris 
Small, , Charkes K.. .Feldmah-Railph 
Blum, Orsatti. William Mori-i.s and 
Zepipo. Mani agencies. Leyee has 
been president since founding of the 

Total annual income of the group 
runs into,: figures that would stagger 
even 'a New D^al budget layer- 
"outer.. ■ 

So-called county strip stretching 
along Sunset boulevard, between the 
west limits of Hollywood and the 
east limits of Beverly Hills, has been. 
Changed from poinsettia fields and. a 
few scattered and somewhat shabby 
merchantile establishments into a 
lavish and thriving busineiss com- 
munity due to the influx of agents', 
who are required by laW to furnish 
a business address before they can 
obtain agency permits; To accom- 
modate the shoestringers, and . they 
are numerous, enterprising property 
owners haye thrown up flashy struc- 
tures containing suites of furnished 
offices, where the not-so-well-to-do 
Cjan rent cubicles, along with secre- 
tarial and phone service, for. as little 
as $40 a month. 

. Must Keep Them, ivorkin^ . 

Fold-up of many of these little 
fellows would have come within the 
not too far distant future as a 
natural course of eyents and without 
the blasting now being mapped by 
the toppers. Clause in all contracts 
between agencies and clients that 
provides . for automatic cancellation 
when the agency is unable to pro- 
vide the client with , work during 
any . period of ifour consecutive 
months would have turned the trick, 
for the walk of players, directors 
and writers, : from one agency to an 
other, during the current studio 
slowdown, has been in a steady 
parade , that is not yet ended. In 
many cases, the agency losing the 
client is also out considcrabl^e cash 
that has been, iexpended in building 
the latter to a point Where he or 
she is more readily salable. 
. Power of the State Labor Board 
to cancel permits on the slightest 
provocation will be. one of the prin- 
cipal weapons of the 'Big 13' for use 
in the purge. 

with Circuits 



Judge, the . comic mag. will pro 
duce a series of one-reel humorous 
shorts cornparable in treatment to 
the 'March of Time.' but dCvdted to 
ribbing the political scene^ Series 
will be known, as 'The 'Washihgton 
Parade.' Scripts • will' be written by 
Judge'-s editors and produced by 
Dudley Murphy.. . 

Production will begin immediately, 
release scheduled for late spring. 

Bernhard Named Member 
Of New Jersey Gouncil 

Joseph Bernhard, general rnanager 
of Warner theatres, was named an 
advisory member of the New Jersey 
Council by Governor Moore of that 
state. One hundred and fi/ty thou 
sand dollars has been appropriated 
to advertise the advantages of Jer.sey 
to the: industrial leaders of the na- 
tibri in an effort to Istimulate in- 
creased industry and employ merit 
within, the, state. 

Other members of the board on 
which Bernhard will serve are Gov- 
ernor Moore, former Governor Hofl'- 
mari. State Labor Com 
John J. ToOhey. Jr., arid Finance 
Comraissionel" Bernard L. Lamb. 

While the entire field pf educa-. 
tional pictures will be given the 
once-over, boosters for audio-visual 
education pictures in schools hope 
that a definite program covering 
haridling of classroom subjects will 
be adopted at National /Education 
Association corifabs this week in Atr 
laritic City. Suggeisf ion that a; film 
library association be set up to pro- 
vide; distribution probably will, be 
considered. . This would pave . the 
way f oi,v seeuring distributing for any 
shorts furnished by the major film 
companies and' indexed .and . ap- 
proved ; by a. . cpmmittee of ediicatoi's 
during the last eight months. . 

What ; transpires at Atlantic City 
doubtlessly will figure in the report 
made to the Hays organization at the 
annual meeting at the end of this 
month. Likely that steps taken by 
educators wiU "determine what re- 
coriimendations will be made to picr 
lure . companies for the next 12 
months. Little or ho- consideration 
will be given radio, for classroom in- 
struction,, according .to latest indica- 

In conrieCtioti with proposed plaris 
for , using films in class instruction, 
there also- have been conversations 
looking towards establishment of one 
or more colleges as test laboratories 
where audio-visual teaching ; on the 
screen might be compared with strict 
textbook education.: One may be 
s6t up in New York. . Results prob- 
ably would be reported back to the 
N. E. A. Cost probably would be 
covered through a special grant of 
coin or endowment. . 

Par Comes to Gotulla, Tex., 
And Upsets Entire State 

Cotulla, Texas, March 1. 

This 3,300-population Texas town, 
about 90 miles southwest of San An- 
tonio; is going Hollywood in a nice 
dignified way, what with a location 
cpriipany . for . Paramount's 'The 
"Texan' (formerly 'The Marching 
Herds,' esconced oh the La Mota 
ranch, 3Q miles into the hinterland 
frorii Cotulla. Local Chamber of 
Commerce has already issued a bul- 
letin, ballyhooing the town as "The 
Hollywood of the Southwest.' 

Townspeople are walking around 
with their chests puffed out. Cafes 
are already . hiking their tariffs in 
anticipation of the rush of visiting 
firemen. Sagebrushers from these 
parts, are flocking to the location in 
such numbers that; the announced 
$2.50 - per -day-with-cakes-and-a-flop 
for the young cowhands is rumored 
to be slashed to $1.50, take it or leave 
it.. : 

Although papers claim that visitors 
are welcome during the shooting, all 
sans sound, the yokel posted on the 
gate said, 'Nuthin' doin" and backs 
it, up with plenty of brawn. 

Back at the serrii-permanent camp, 
Charles C. Cook holds sway as busi- 
ness manager of the group. . He's 
topping with Lucien Hubbard, pro- 
ducer, and James Hogan. director; 

Background shots arc being lensed 
under the direction of Harry Fisch- 
back, hpad cameraman; Seven trick 
riders are doing their stuff here 
along with 1,000 head of Texas steers. 
Mob expects to be on location for 
about 2G shooting days. 

Texas interest is being hypoed by 
I. the fact that J. .Mariley. Head, :baby' 
state senator,, is playing a part and 
acting as t£!ch advi.ser. ; 
■ Plane with . two-way radio is 
among . the four carloads of . equip- 
ment on location. 

Fox-West Coast's Quints 

Los Angeles, March 1. 
Five babies bOrn in the last week 
nicked: the trea.sury pf the Fox West- 
coasters Club, F- WC Thea tres ; em- 
ployeees' organization, f o r $2.')0. 
Checks for $50 each were handed to 
Bill Lyris. circuit inspector, for his 
■ new daughter; Tom Page, home of- 
I flee film statistician, son- Will BrnWn, 
i manager of the Padre, Saji Jose, 
• daughter; Helen Wright, f'jrnier 
cashier of the Harmon Slilt-'.'.p, 
daughter, and Harmon Stittgen, 
Glen City thentrj. Santa Pnula. son. 

W. H. (Bud> Lollier made the 

! . Hollywood, .March 1'. 

I ■ Frank . Gordcll, slurit man, and 
'Chl.sei' Ei'nest, cowboy actor, suf- 

• rcrod .severij burns in a fire .scene on 

• location at Gotulla. 'Tex,, with Para- 
inount's 'The Texans' unit. The men 

. were trapped iii a prairie fire scene, 
while making their /escape in a 
IM'airic schooner. . 


. Salt Lake City. March l; 
Prevjiiling epidemic of dualers 
ht-re. . reached new high last week 
when 1.5 of ,17 theatres showed double 
bills. Houses sticking to single pix 
I are Centre and Pqrarnount. 
! Roxy. lone vaudhliner, spotted two 
lilms in nridilion to hour stage .show. 

With a total of 'l,()00 already en- 
rolled, the , union which will have 
jurisdiction over superintendents, 
poricrs, matrons, elevator operators, 
watchmen and charwomen in thea- 
tres, as well as some other buildings, 
has : had some preliminary ; confer- 
ences .with circuits . and later this 
week will sit down, to discuss terms 
un.l^'r a, contract. 

This nieeting, . with . re'pvesenld.tives . 
pC Loew. RKO and the Iu<lcpendent 
Theatre Owners' Assn. may be held 
tomorrow (Thursday ), according to: 
Lou Conway, president of the uniori. 
Originally projecting uniortizatibn 
plan.s . through Local Z2-J . of the 
Building Service Workers parent 
unipri, a. new unit has been created - 
since then for theatres arid cultural 
buiidings. It is known as Local 54, 
Building Service Employees in 
Artiusement and Cultural Buildinsrs. 
Building Service Workers now. 
branches into 1.4 differont lQcals. 

Conway says that discussions with 
respect to recognition has been held 
up somewhat due „to. the RKO sit- 
uation and reorganization, but that 
fpllowing preliriiinary mectirigs with 
RKO, JLoew's arid ITO A, conferences 
\viU, be held tomorrow or later in the 
week to negotiate terms. No trouble . 
is looked for. On the outside it is 
said that the circuits probably will 
not seriously oppose the Unidniza- 
tion of porters, charwomen, matrons 
and; the likCi although it remains to 
be seen what the actual attitude will 
be.,- • 

*Birth* Revival Is a Gag, 
But Not to D. G. Negroes 

Washington, March 1. 
. Revival of David W. Griffth*»: 
'Birth pf a Nation' . received un- 
expected attention last week when 
parade of Negroes picketed the 
Rialto where the Flrii Society staged 
the comeback. 

Received with hilarity by the SO'^ 
cialite audience, the film was . object 
of protest by local colored popula- 
tion because of itis theme.. Sand^ 
wich-boarders eriiphasized the fact 
that anti-lynqhirig legislation has 
been kicking around in Congress in 
displaying resentment over anti- 
quated record of the carpetbag era 
and the rise of the Klan. . Nine 
pickets, eyed by four cops, ineffec- 
tually tried to discourage, patrons, 
who- laughed . uproariously at the 
pantomime acting of 1915 stars,. 

Efforts to block .the unreeling 
were futile, although local police 
strung along with; the Negro com- 
plainants. Maj. Earnest Brown un- 
officially suggested the Film Society 
cancel the event, but no formal ac- 
tion was taken by D.C. authorities. 

$100,000 Theatre Fire 

Pittsburgh, March 1. 
More than 400 patrons of keystone 
theatre, riabe house in suburban Na- 
trona, had a close call over the week- 
end when fire completely destroyed 
the spot. When a film exploded in 
the projection booth. Manager John. 
Rakowski averted, a panic by walk- 
ing to the stage, announcing there 
was no imniediate danger and asked 
everybody to leave quietly. Just a 
few rriinutes after the last person had 
left the building, the frame building 
cpllapsed and the blaze spread tj 
buildings' on both sides. ' 

: B-eforo the Hames were bi-oiight 
under control, they also lovelle'd art' 
apartment, . Natronji's post- 
oitice, a rcsljiurant and n jev./elry. 
store. The damage, was placed at 
close to $100,000. 

' , iiuds6n,. N. Y., March: 1.. 

Investigation, of an early morning 
blaze, which swept through the Play- 
house, _one-lilrrie legitimate theatre, 
but ill r'ocent years a picture. House, 
arid .'eiuised damage estimpted at . 
$75,000., was . updci taken^ by Fire 
Chief Louis Sacco, Only the. v/alls; 
of the theatre, a three-story brick 
builciincii^ were left .st:mding. . 

■The fire, department of a, nearby 
corii'munity assis'lcd the \\ocki .volun- 
teer forces .in.. keeping the flames 
from spread i rig lo^ adjoining prop- 
erty. ,The Playriouse. built in in]2,' 
had an .orchestra and two bullion ie.s,' 
with, a .senting capacity .)f 1,.^00. 

Wi(;hi'la„.KiK.,. March 1.- 
One of. the worst down'own lifps in; 
.'J(i years in Chcnw^'.'il:". Kn.-., sturled 
in rear of PJl/, lh<.':ilr.c Micr(.> eitio 
cau.sed $25,000 cliirin'H' I.) two mail" ,. 
•<li eet biiildin'^.^ i'rii.lriy. 


Wcdncsd^yi Marcii S? v 1 938 

*'*A Yank it Oxford* a fek^dass comedy ♦..Q 
of tjie most en the season . • (Robert 

^Taylor's eng^g^ 

the picture's erithusiastic reeeptipn at the Gapitol." 


*\A picture any ian> cfetoirigi^ color fU^^ 
citing, witty and tender refreshingly different . . • 
Direction brisks smart, i^^ playr 
fers . . .The film should add a masculine following to 
ELblsert Taylor -^^ army of feminine fstris.'* 

•^T&rougtily entertainin . ; vV<3u'U fitid it^^^^ 

"Uncommonly diverting show /A 
ground^ and an entertdnihg^^i^ 


**A cracking good picture . . . dash and excitement 
di7 and likeable hum . . characters w# play^ 


"Gay, happy-^O'lucky ... artfully and entertainingly 
told by a superior cast ... Excellent . . . Really robust, 
rollicking^ amusing . . . directed and performed with 
rare skill . . . Robert Taylor thoroughly ingratiating 
personality, as well as a comedian of the first rank 
, . . Fine mbcture of first-rate acting, lively story-telling 
and expert directioii. Undoubtedly one of the comedy 
treats of the early season." 


*'An engaging film . • • smart direction . • . consum- 
mately cast . . . Mr. Conway has conjured up much 
charm. Robert Taylor plays the Yank with con- 

"First-rate cast ... witty and dramatic. .. . Robert 
■ Taylor's best effort to date . Taylor fans and others 
will find much to enjoy." —ARCHER WINSTEN, POST 

"Action picture . . . with a bag of gags that are crisp 
with freshness . . . Bright entertainment every foot of 
the way. , . Robert Taylor justifies the enthusiasm of 

his following," —HERBERT COHN, B'KLYN-EAGLE 


^This Capitol Theatre line goes on and on , . . and iCs the same on every Broadway of the U. S. A. 

: W^diiesday, March 2, 1938 

;:B|uildinff/ tip . 'Baby';;" . v. . 

':■ MinneapoUs. 
Palih ior tlie slickest piece oit film 
bromotion and wite piiUin^ arxd for 

"the luckiest l?r6aks - goes to Howard, 
peigiey, who brought 'Birth, of a 

'. Baby'^iht6;'town<.;: ■ ■ 

Before - booking. / picture • into 
Lyceum, legit roadshow: house, F<^ig- 
ley arranged a private showing for 
5Vm ' City doctors, their wivjes, 
nursed and- medical istiidents :jat the 
University of Minnesota, with the 

. Bpectators' vote to decide .whether, 
the film, bari-^d in New York, .was 
suitable for public showing here, 
Favoring public showing were, 1;955< 
with 40 oppOs?d,r according -to the 

::flgUres given , out; r^, 

, ' Feigley, or others flnancially inter- 
ested in the pictiire, .the:, had Dr. 
F L- Adaiir, prominent obstetrician, 
intercede .with the ■ Hfehnepih County 
Medical Society, local- affiliate of the 
American Medical Association. ; As 
a result, the Hennepin County Med- 
ical Society's. :executive cdncimittee 
publiclv endorsed the picture. And, 

.prioi: to- its opening at the Lyceum 
last Thursday, Dr. W. A. O'Brieh, 
executive > secretary: .of ■ arid radio 
spieaker for the isociety, plugged it 

.in his Weekly health :re6ture, broad-, 
caiit- oVer radio station WCCO.,;" ' , 
: But the climax was ciapped by two 

■front- page, iiew$P^per stories* ■■■ ob- 
tainedj as . far. as iis khpwn, without 

- anybody's efforts, unless it Was those 
of . fihancially . disinterested physi- 
■fcians.- This., is 'the . first time news- 

: papers here ' eve^^ have given: gratui- 
tous, or''; otherwise, , front-page .pub- 
licity;.: to, a. strictly ,;private :iilm . at- 
tractibh : etrterptise: ^ 

With a 

session, Ci A/ Matthews/ vQrpheum:,' 
■ Memphis; was able! ;,to' arrange' for,' a 
cairdibgriiphic ,, lest of the effect- oii liia 
Bay. Huttori's; Melbdeiiifs - ori a cou 
of members f pf the . audience; . Test 
was for one show only, and given on 
the.-stage.: Miss -Hiitton' .-iserected ' a 
young :anii an elderly - main as -the 
, testees, :;and. the instrument . made, 
records of their :heartbeats. F 
the ■ record , stf i ps Mr.: \Ma tthfi ws 
sends, it . does: riot . aj)pear that Miss 
Huttbri is any Benny Goodman when. 
:it conies "to raising a riot, but it. made 
i. gdod^talking point, ;,ahd: broke into 
the Commercial : A,pp,eair, which-: is a 
bit" conservative in haridlirig. 

■ The stunt has : been; done before 
■With Miss Huttbri and others, 'but , it 
^eeriies to possess an audience appeal: 
flrid the newspapers -.fall for it. In- 
struments .CEin .generally be: borrowed , 
from, the hospital.; The. rest is all in 
the Way th(B story is handled. ' Mr. 
MatthewS. did very nicely 

■ :,;,;Warner- Idea-, ;■' 

Sbriiething . else brand , neW: ema- 
ftates: frpiri the Warner hbmev.of fvce 
advertising departmentV : > It's -an 'al- 
bum of 17 actual: glossy photographs 
of Bette Davis,. Henry : Foiida and 
.George Brent' in scenes from 'Jeze- 
bel.* All are attached >.w,ith - patent 
fasteners which permit them to be 
reirioved fbr newsijaper use. withbu^t 
.(danger of tearing, and all are suita- 
bly back captioned.. .., 
: Only. .100 albiiriis have been pre- 
pared for distribution to majoC: ac'- 
cburits, With similar albuiris. planned 
for 'Fools for Scandal' and 'The Adr 
vventui:es 6f; Robin Hood.' .. It's a 
whale 6jE an idea .iand- pressure frorii 
. other exhibs 'riiay raise the nuthber 
Issued. No advertising or sales copy, 
s Just the - stills; which is: soinethirig 
of a record: . ■ : 

Pjiramqunt Prizei 

^ iParambunt has issued a leaflet giv-; 
ing full information of its Paramount 
on Parade concert, for the best , iad- 
V'ertising and , .Uppirig . of . theatre 
grosses on ParainOunt liictufes be- 
tween Feb. 27 and May 28: 

prizes, aggregating 
?D,,ogo offeredv four being awarded in 
each Of the five theatre classifica- 
tionsj and the best entrjr iii any of 
pe classes wiU be entered in the 
Judging for the final prize, a silver' 
plaque to be awarded the winner of 
.the internatibrial contest. Top pirize 
in : each, classificatiori iS $500 with 
$250,^$150 and $100 to the Vuriners- 
Wp. Entrance is by means of a blank 
availably, at- all Par . exchanges. - ., 

;:;; Many Modiils 

.' Every amateui: arid:i>r6 nibdel here 
jvas pulled into the Joan Crawfor'dv; 
Mannequin' contest on Which Milt 
Hams -arid Charlie Deardorfl got. a 
*^ur-way : tie-up for -^^^^ 
: Old ■ beatity angle' was ' freshened Up 
by making it a search :f or- the town's 
inost. outstariding' model; whoi: had to 
■ 4ive up: to rigid, specifications 
-artists' -as. j-udgesv-, -? W-: .'.' -oV 
, . A.bbut 250 gals showed up, :most of 
them;, well, known -in dcparfriieht 
store salons, artists' and .ad studios; 
^xploiteers- steanried up. interest: by 
. ballyhooing ; the lattelr. as 'beauties 
Who make ybu ad-conscious.' Finals 
-were held in . Statlei- ' Hotel's sWank 
.lerrace Room, Svh.ich gets top . play. 
>n the form pf-^a . style show- with 
stores co-pping.-: -. -.^ . .;'v-. ; • • 
Airplane trip tP New Ybrk, . pl'o:- 
,:moted ,,thr6ugh. 'United ^ Air Lines; 
:Went to winner, Berna'dine Kpfiiati/ 

besides $75 spending .money and 
three free .days at Penri, H6tel4 Beaiii- 
ty also, to be phbtograpihed by Mur- 
ray Kormairi, sketched by Viricentirii 
and given: ia: whirl through Radio 
Cityi^ LoeW. theatres :iand ';style;<;hopSi^^ 

^ ,SQttglit; l^ady'-.I^v^eis : W;^' 
:i \Pavid is: Whaien, . doing the ex^ 
ploitation for Republic Picturiss in 
the Boston sectot. writes he . beliieves 
that his. is the only cbmpariy supply-, 
ing ideas to the accounts other than 
those bontainied in the press^^ W 

A recent campaign, >V6rked in a 
dozen , NeW: . England toWris, was a 
letter to :air women lawyers, : their 
riapies 9nd addresses being obtained 
through the law . schools. A special 
letter was . sent this list. Urging therri 
to see 'Pbrliia on Trial.' The letter 
was brief, but . a. good 'seller, arid: 
'most of the Users reported ■ a dbcid- 
edly good i;esponse to the direct mail 
splicttatibn.'.-..'..' •■:'■//•.■ 

V Plugged, Tiahspbrtati 

7^ In ;ad.d,it,ipn.-tb liis- usual exhaustive: 
,bariipa:igri ■ f Oi*: - windows, educational 
hbokTiips: and poster; display^i Bill 
Brown, of the ;Albee, Providence, 
.plugged:, :the fact' that -rbsidents of 
nearby towns coiild. se'e 'Snow White' 
and get: away frbrin; the theatre in 
arnple .tiitie to- batch :,trairis arid 
buses horne agaih.' ; . J^^ ,: 

>' Both the N..Y.: :N. H.:,& H. -R;Vll: 
-and the- local bus service wbrked in' 
with the theatre to give publicity to 
the fact;, that \the. ; Disney cartoon 
would not play the smaller tpwris for 
a. month: or , riioire. That seeiried, ttf 

Three-Way Contest ; . 

San' Francisco. ': 

A 'Baby Snooks' pontest is being' 
staged jbintly by General Floods; the 
San. Francisco , Ghroriicle . and the 
Warfield theitre. : The contest, the 
fi,rst of ; ai series tO; be held through- 
out the cburttry, ; is for gag sequences 
to be used" by , Fanny Brice bri -her 
Good broadcast. ': • . 
. .Winner, .will be given : a trip; to 
HpllyWobd,: where she . Will . be the 
^uest of - Miss 'Brice. ': There are. alsp 
cash A prizes, for • runner'-ups., - Miss' 
Brice. will ,rnake:a ti^ip. tp,San:;Frian-. 
Cisco, where, she ,AyiU :aWard prizes 
to the winners ' bri ^ the stage of the 
Wairfield; Included in . 4he board of 
judges ate -'Glerin Dolberg,. Frisco, 
NBC,' prbgrarn , .dii-ettor; Herb Caeri, 
radio editor : of the Ghroniclej- anil 
Sarii Pechner, rinanager of the War- 

fleid.-. .:-' ::■ 


I , pei>Ver. 
•' ; H. A. Good ridge, Ogden'/jnariager', 
maki rtg extended . trip arbuncl South 
Ameirica. ; Tom - Ward, recent Iliar 
watha manager, subbing for hini. The 
Hiawatha -management : .has been 
taken over by Ralph Batschelet; . who 
also' nianages the Bluebird.- r J; W; 
.Davis - has sold', the Eriipreiss; HugbV 
Colo,, to E, Weisblniann: . Fox has 
plpsed the. iDel Ripi Las Criices, N. M,, 
and? the Kit .Carsbn,; La- Jurita, Golp.; 
except, one day. a . week, when they: 
sh6.w.' Spanish ftlrris. They .are; ex- 
clusive in- these toWnSi havirig an- 
other; house on full-time schedule in 
both spots. , - • 

,'•■•• ■ ■. • Philadelphia; , 

Dave Milgrahi; R:ay Schwartz- and- 
M!ike ' Felt; taking over th-e: Walton 
Theatre in.: riejtt few weeks. House 
now operated . by . Mrsi Harold Mc-- 
Cann. ■::'-. ■.■■ •. ■■:./-■..-,. 

; Reported that a Bostori syndicate 
is plarinirig to .build a big drive-iri 
theatre on the Roosevelt Boulevard; 
Philly to N. Y. highway. Expected 
to be completed in- time : to catch 
early suihmer: trade. 

Tulsa, Okla. ■ 
Dan Gould, Jr., 23, third gerieri- 
tibn Gould in sl\ow business, ' at Fort 
Worth. Tex., how here as mariager 
of Tulsa's newest house. ' 

:Phil Isiey's S. W. Theatres Corp; 
extended : its ,;holdings: to 22 hbuises 
when it; bought : the ■ vstate: at Paw-. 
■huijka,--pkla:; y . ^ 

y. ' " ■ 'M l \ ' . 'Des Mbiries..- .;■ 
: ;Stat.e, State. ;jGenter, ■ bpei-ated by 
Merriir W. Hobpes, has been sold to 
W'; T; Carter, of Eastori; Minn. 
;::Strand, :South Ceijar Bapiids, has 
opened .under ■ : new : minagemerit. 
woodrbw Piraught, co-owner with 
•Harold : Wright, of - Minneapblis, 
Mihri.,. is • the mariager. : ; .: , •, . V 

:■/■< , Lps Angeles, ' 
■ Jolin F.' O'Neal )ippbirited .'nTanagbr 
of. FoxrWest. Coast's, IngieWooxl.thea^ 
ti-e; Inglewbpd' . replaciing Ross A. 
Jones, resigned. 

:•■-/■•;';•'■."■.:-.'■ .Hamilton, 0. ; 
■ :SQuthib "Fhedttres; iriG'./vParamourit 
subsidiary, which has .been bpbratirig 
thev-l,iBOO-seat Strand, at nearby Mid-' 
dletowri under, lease, has- purchased 
the property outright, at a rcpbrted 
cost of. $500*000. ■■ : " ; " ■ : 

-. ■■ v,'-;.;,,-.-- ' Reading. Pa. \ 
Le.-iter ;Stallrnjin; Bethlehem, - riow 
niaiiagpr -6i Warner's Astbr, Reading. 


,;:; ;^: .::■• .GhicagOiv 'March' 1, :■ 
Board, of Health, which ;hai.s 
been kicking up, quite a fuss 

. around, town:' 'by issuing . ; 

. stateriierit that double: features ' 
are iiiiuripMis :.,tb • ;the piablic - ^ 

,;health' due to .the fact that they 
Iceep ; people' • iridooTS tbo Ibng, 
is now going to the sanle pib- 
ture public with a trailer ad- ■ 

. Vising them to . take care .; 61 • . 
themselves during this: :seasiori 
\,;Df :coids.-, 

. ;:Reel has ./a personal .message .' 
from Dr. Herman N. Bundeseri, 

; jiresiderit. - bt. 'tbie;: ' board ;.^pl ' 

, : healtli. -: There is sbme whisper^ 
irig' aro'urid town that this might / 
be a - political a.ngle J sinbe . the ■ 
ebunty arid riiunicipal .elections 

\:iare cbniirig up shortly^ ^ . - ; 

Cedar:Rapids, ;March !• ■ ; 

Whipin a dopr riian at'the RltO Iowa 
theatrie here: ' stalled Ekrl - Stanley, 
chief .of; detectives oh; . thfe Cedar: 
Rapids police force arid ;prevented 
hirii from sighing a barik'night^^^^^^^ 
'>nee;c;ard beca:use . he- had not pur--: 
bhased an ; adniiissibn ticket, it almiost 
cauS^ curtains for Ij^^^^ herel 
Other • theatr'es participating 'in tiie 
bank night pool . here iiiclude the; 
ParariiQunt and State. . The stunt has 
pirbVed ' :a big /drawing" card 'every 
Tuesday for: more tiiari a year. 

Stanley. :coriipiained to tbUnty ; At- 
torney G. :K.: Thbmpsibn that he had 
asked;. for a card to sign 'arid 'when 
it. was. found he did not have a ticket 
Was told to' >vait, bef ore ariother door. 
Finally .as a customer came but, 

.Stanley went in but was stoppedi by 
ah : Usher .;whb deriiarided a ticket; 
The, pplice officer ; hurited . up 
county' prosecutor. : and; ;inake: : his 
;.kick.' : : r- : {j ^:^ ■ .;- 

Thompson iiiirriediaitely balled all 
theatre : riianagers into torif erence 
iandv:explairted. that .under theMowa 
law.: any person has a tight to sign a 
matinee - caird ;withbut; purchiasing; a; 
■ticket. :,He.v warned, that all persons 
must: be accorded equal service, and 
consiideratipn whether ;or ; not: they- 
haye ,ari adriiissibii ticket; ■ :,; 

The plain .eiothes ' man said he 
'shoiild :haye made himself , known', 
but Stanley; replied : that he coUldri't 
see; why his . ppsitipn,- as,' ari- - officer : 
■should rinake ariy: difference.; " 

■ No;. Wheels iil Denver ;;; 
;- -.:,; Denver, March 1. 

The police departrrient. has issiied 
an order to theatres that-, nb; give-, 
av/ays can ;be li^ed . Whbre wheels are 
spun; or; cards are drawh;. to deter- . 
riiine the winners. : The. police^:^^^^ 
was placed on drawiriE[s dbrie in such 
a; riiannei: . that: it::W^ not, necessary 
for one. to purchaJse a ticket to ipar- 
ticipiate.;- ^ --r:?:'"'::'^- ■.■ 

At present ;twb cars, money- /arid, 
meirchandise are; being used iri draw- 
irigs. , Eleven of the Fox houses aire 
hobked upi:,pn: a cooperative drawlrig^ 
Weekly with a hew car as' the prize, 
;as-.are the fpui- Dave Cocknli houses. 
The other FOx house, the Isis, tpssed 
out of the , cppperative Vhbokup be-: 
cause bf the huge registratiph due 
.tp^the.lpw admissibn price, 15c., have 
their own cash ::dra wipg. ■■■■■ The three 
Ed -Maper ! :hbus;es. ha^^^ - their , bahH 
night built oip- tb $700 for this; week: 

Some time ago tiie: pplice depart-: 
merit had, ,b.utlawed the .'wheels as 
drawing ;ibcessbHes biit ; theatres, be- 
gan using ; them; slowly,, but with so 
riiariy npw .using, the police- ordered 
-'em,put." -•■ .;;■■;■■,;; ..■.■' '. -'■.■"'■'■■! ...■';:■ 

:A.mUSem0nt ^licerise^ -cariry W 
cl&use fo,rbiddirig any Sprt of draw- 
ing or .priate offerings in 
This . law- ■ /Was Jiilled by ,\the -city 
bpuncil,, :but the ; license -de^ 
is; still using'/the old forms.^:^ ;. . 

;-•■ /iSt;. Lop 'Nixe:s^,Q^iiiz 'pa^^^ -a'- '- 
• : •■ St. Louis; '.March ■ 1 ; ; . . 
.. : 'A. ;piari , of theatre' 'bwriers here. to;; 
stiiiiuiate;:;;:.b,o.: ';with; 'ShPrBprius,' 
v/hereby; patrons would .have an pp-. 
;pprtuni ty.: to ';'cpllect; iprizes ^ ir'aniglng 
up to $500: weekly by- submitting the- 
borrect; siiiswers- to three .' qiiestipris 
cbrieerriirig , the flicker.s, , was nippied- 
last . week When tiio lAttbrney : Gen-: , 
er'al-S; oificev'in ■' Jefferabn -Ci ty- r'ulbd 
that it wa^ a fbrm:;bf ;lbttery. a^ 
a vi.PlatiPh- df the statutes; '-, /': -, 
. -Circuit :Attprney,;-Fra'ni<liri' .filler 
of St. Louis, at the; request" of" coun- 
sel for spycrail theatre owners?; asked 
for a' rUlirig;ir.orii-. thb- Attorney Gen- 
eral, . They ' took the position., that ' 

' (Cpntiriued frpn> page 3) 

irtgs.jn an, effort to stagger top stiidip 
output, / -' ;: -';- 

. ; Geivbrally belieyed, . before ; :riext 
season -sv-selling starts in . Jiine,:: spe- 
cial regulatbry provisions, will have 
to :b;e.irnpOsed: governing. the tearijing: 
of ; , pictures iii leasing agreerhcrils 
with theatres; ;; 
; ;•: ; :-/PiPfl>ii^ 

;. Seaspnal slump in filiri ; prpdiJiction, 
worse this year than at any: tiriie 

V ; KollyWpod, March i, ; 

Top players :of . most of- the .niajbr 
studios wiU. che<ik in at Warners 
within ihe hext two Weeks to con-- 
tribute their . histrioriic bits - toward 
a Vfili; Rogers : Memorial O(NVA) 
Driy.e short, which George > BilSori 
Wilt direct. Briefie. Will be^;used as 
part of riiembrial :£und-raiising;'carii- 
.paigii for ; Will Rbgbrs: sanatariuni at 
-Sarahac.;- ; -:„^'--,: ; : 

A. P; Waxihari, pubiicity :vdirector 
for the fiiridi has checked in at the. 
Burbarik plant. 

(Continued from pate 3 ) 

become practibally a meniber of tiie 
U. A.i partnership. Actuail bwriei:- 
meriilifership; status is th6 (subjedt .to 
be dispussed ifrpm ihis^ppint; ' v 

In ;the riieaintime, it's been heard 
that an ■ effort ^has been made^tp; - 
: Vive tiie pM RKO-Selznick pbssir 
bility,: ;but the ':Unitfed : Artists : deal 
looks to have the righ^t of way with 
:'Selinick-Whitney, / 
- Fact that -^Sarit Goldwyn' hak: 
been; Revamping his S^^^ 
riiany changeS. in his bWh setup re^ 
cently adds to" : the; situation. , Also, 
accounts ;haye George J.; Schaef er 
having planed ■ ih from Florida re- 
cently /just.'. tO spend / a few,:hours 
.With Whitney regarding; that, ."U. A. 
deal, And then Werit back* .Sphaefer 
.will probably return .to ,New York; 
, f rbrii the south today , oi?. toittorrbW 
: (Thursday). ',.r-. . ,:>', ;;,' ' ;: 

: : 'Charigres iEyery-TWQ'Hoyrs'- 

.. ;, ,• : Holly wOo'd, , March vl. ' 

'■ .Jock Whitney was delay^^ his 
return; from;: New Vbirk; tbday; but 
Selznick International ; sppkesman 
'insists his mqiVemerits,,^ 
riificartce iri cbnnectibrt with any hew 
releasing; deal o^ ;UA buy out bf 
Pickford-FairbankSTChaiplin. StudiP 
has two pictures to get ; out of :; the 
Way; to. wash ' up. '. current ' .releasing 
coriiriiitmerits ;to ' tJA and its entire 
;coricentration is;, on that perforrri- 
ance,;: Also ini;sists no ;dibkeriri'g: on 
any. new distributipri . deal . in 'prbg- 
ress, and that: buyout deal riiufit -alsp 
wait Until: pictures aire , but 'of the 

way; .■ ..•••,;■,■- ■■;/--/ ■•:;':■ ■-:':?/ i;,■•:•'''/■--•'^/ 

.However, ■admits si tuatipri changes 
every, two' /hours, ■' :;■■ ■' .. ' 

'Sho-Bpnus'; Was ; different . from 
bankb, screepp, Klondike, etc;, which 
have fallen under the classificaitiori 
of a lottery.; In nixing -the plan As- 
sistant; Attprriey General Regan de- 
clared: .'there appears , to; be no rule 
or yardstick by ' which the cbr-rect 
answers to ' the :questipris'; submitted 
are to be deternilned ;by: the judges. 
The : contest is: Open to all ; persons 
Id years bf age or over and is.ythere- 
fbre,, an'^uheqUal . contest/ •; ; ' ■ • 

. Charlotte, N.'C-, March i. - 
An prdei" was signed -iat Hig^^^ 
•by Judge Lewis E. T(eague resttaih- 
irig North .-Ca Inc.;- 
and Hugh Sniart; manager, from pay-, 
irig, out .$375 advertised as a 'jackpot' 
for atteridarice : ujwh' IJigh Point 
ishpws. /■' / ■ -■ : ' -:■.;-.-, :,- ' :'' ■ 
, : This bftier, which will come upi for 
hearing; before Judge ,Tieague : later,; 
was pbtained, aftei?; A.rnold. Grayson 
Bbgigs contending that; his: name was; 
drawn, for the lucky winrier. bri . Feb. 
17 arid that- the theatre , m^^^ 
refused 'to- pay/,the,: pirize ;:nioney " to; 
Him .'becaiLise: it,. ;w,as con terided . that: 
his. registra;tipri card, ' if ever .-made, ' 
had beeri lost, ; -;,:,■; 

The plairitiff : bontfjnds ' .that iri 
rG,E(lity this is a, sUbteHiipie; th^t ; the, 
real reason,, the money was : not paid 
tb; him/was because ,he;did -nbt purn 
chase 'a: ticl^et;wheri,/he ,regisfe 
in;acld|tion; .to the prize money - thb;' 
jiiaintift-/.:-'a?ks • for i^i-.tiop , p.iiriitivc ■ 
■aam-ages;; '; •; : '.'-r . ;:•;" ■■'■'^ ' S'- :-i 
' :'I!h e '■thea tr e.' Will ■ bon tin ue ; i ts .priac-: 
tice of :paying;:but jackpot ::moncy:,ori 
Thursday , nights, ; .,db.'?pite, ; the : r.e-^ 
.sti-aining prder.'- /Bprid ,/'cpyer*ing liic 
am'punt .asked;for. by,:B,pgg;s:ha^^^ 
posted;';-^' ■■;;-';: :--''-■-■■;'/'':''■'.■:::/'•• 

ih , the/ last half\:; - idbcade; has hit:-: 
bottom -'and;, the- upturn ; " ;hbver i ng : 
at the tape; ■ with ; the .big das^ , se t . : 
to ; get , under way within ;.the next - 
f brtnight, • Giriema ,; town , grbcerS,; 
butchers,- : gaspilne;;station ;.bperators 
prid other: triade.sriien -Who; car . 
players, ./ studio clerical ■ fortes/ arid 
day-tp-day , bheek: techhibiarts ..: and . 
artisaiis ori the ciiff during , thie lean 
peripds, . insist their pi-eserit book ■ 
tdtais. :set ; a new 'all-tiirie . record. ■ 
' First iriajbr plant to issue return- ., 
tp-wprk ; .calls-- 'is ;;.: Metfo, ; where y 
masons,; ; ; carpenters, paihters -arid :~ 
decPrbtorS/ will- check , in - next, Mon- 
day (;7 ); ;to; ;Start; construction on v the ■ 
larger/of ; the mariy; sets; requlired for ^ , 
'Marie; /Antoinette,^\ which/: 
ready been before /the cameras fbr:- 
;5p. 'shooting days. Sarne plant, :whieh; 
is 'fixed.;: .With; finished product to ; 
irieet release; dates: rurinihg wejil.intd 
April,:' is ,mori)bntairily ■ putting ; the 
finishing • touches: to three other's/ 
■Test / Pilbt,'- ; 'Three :^Goriirades' ;:arid, 
'Judge : Hardy's Children,' :with; fivie 
■nior'e 'set to'; roll Within the, next two; 
weeks. They .;;'Tbb/ 3ot/;. to 
Handle,' : 'BrozidWay: Goes to Col;^; ' 
lege,'^ /'Idibt^S .: Delight,'' 'Frbu ;Frpu*L 
-and ^'Hats' in tire Air.* ' ■ >' V . ; ' 

Paramburtt, with 'four, 'You and : 
Me,' 'Trppic Holiday,' 'Pro 
wareV arid 'Cbcpianut Grove,': riearing 
the /finish line, and tWo others; .'The - 
;TexanVand; 'Cririie^Gives: Oirders,*^h 
ahriouriced , defiriite stalrtiriti dates for 
;five 'iri ^the; first halit bf - this rttorith, . 
They ■ ate 'SpaAvri: .bi^^^ ^ 
■.PriSpn ,Fairm,' . 'Mysteripu^s' Rider/ 
,'HarinPriy for Three' arid 'Thiriiss ;Ber 
gari to Happen.* Gbmpariy's $I,25(),i»;; 
ObO ;air. epic, 'Men With Wiri^s,' back- 
ground; shots ,fbr . which'; are already, 
being .made; : will -get: under : full; sail -l^ 
be"tweeri, the: March ;l5: and 'M^^ 
■:'; ,'-FiVe on Tap :ai'WB'' 
/ Warriers is cutrently wiridirig ; tip 
fbutr;;Gb,iddiggersr in : Paris,'; , 'White; 
Banners,' , , 'Crime , School' - and 'The 
■Woman; Habit,' with The; 
;Pr. ■GiitterhQuseV/rbunding , tlhe; -iquarr- 
ter turn,' and five mothers, 'Boy, Meets 
(3;lrl,', 'The Singing ;Gop,' ;'P 
; tective;': ' When Were Ypu Bbrn' and 
'Comet Over .BroadWay! . {slated ' for, 
the ' gb Signiat: between /how and 
;March; iti::';-' .,/.■-■.:./:/ '. . : ■; --/;-: 

;. RKO, ':■ where :,;Vivacibus /Lady' is 
receiving its finishing camera polish- ; 
ing, has two other is, 'La w '■ bf the.; "Uri* 
derwbrld' and 'Go CJci^se Yourself,' 
at the halfway! mai-k^; With 'Muddled 
Deal,' .: *Saint /■ .NeW York'; and 
'Rpllirig; StPnes' past , theii' ;initial : 
week /bef bre tiie ,- lenses and. . two ; 
;bthers,. 'Carefree* ,;£i,rid 'Bljnd/Ahbi,' 
ready to push : brito the Spuhci stages 
around March 10,. / ;■; ..,; .' ;■'::• '.,-'., 

Five :pi,blures ' are in their; final 
filming;stages at 2pth-F6x, With the ; 
Irving. Berlin productibri; -. 'Alex- 
ander's Rajstiriie; Band,' arid the new:: 
Siiirley Teriipie starrer, 'Little Miss , 
BrpadWay,' well along. Scheduled 
for .a March 2i start;; are IPiaiSsport; 
Husband- Srid 'Three Blind Mice.' : , 

While . Universal is nbaring : thd ; 
flriish on 'Goodbye Broadway,' 'Reck- 
less Living' arid 'Nurse. Frprii Brook- 
lyn,' :as well as a pair of westerns, 
it has two .of its mpst . anibitious un- 
dertakinigs of recent months- waiting 
only a windup on casting before hav- 
ing the : cameras trained oh them. 
They are the John ;Mi Stahl produc-. 
tibn, 'Letter of Introduction' ;and 
B. G.; deSylva's 'Rage pf Paris,' 
wliich Will mark the American debut 
of Danielle Darrieux, Frerich/imppr- 
tation, the Script for .which is finally. ; 
ready after / mariy delays due to . 
shifts in the .choice for the male ' 
-lead; , : ',■; ' .-,: .;,.;•;-■.',:■■ ;•..:-/';■-/ 

Sclzn ick-Iriterna tional , closed since 
early January; after cbmpletion ; of :- 
retakes -foi* 'Adventures . of / Tpih 
Sawyer,' is being readied for new 
.activity airbynid March .1.5, > when the 
company will sbnd Into production 
the. two pictures . needed to : complete ; 
its' ;■ .Gontracturai commitment to 
United -Artists.; ;;. -■ - 

'Gladiator' Making Ready . 
David L. tpew, npW vacationing iri , 
Miami, will; return; hei-e tomorrow ' 
(.2) to ; begirt preparations for the 
next' Joe E. .Brown starrer, ;. The 
Glad i a tor.' ■ ^ Sol .Lesser has set Apiil 
1. as day for assembling next Bpbby -, 
Brebn starrer, 'Fisherman's^ Wharf/ 
bef 0 re th e Came r a.s, ; :: ■:" ■;:/-■■'--'■■' •'--,:• 
,; ;RepLibiic : . and .. Monogram, each . 
with three nbW; in. Work, have five ■. 
■aritf fbuiv;rbspectivbiyv slf»ted::to;'l3:e- 
gin. before March; 15. ; 
;:'..G.erieral,., slate, as it ■ now ' Stands; • ■ 
arid with better prp.'spects. -f or : added / 
starters rather than scratches, pro-. • ■, 
,vifips;;. ;;/rnbrc : prrppy:;. pick-up - .than;-/.! 
•tiiat held, put on ; the same date: 12 '. 
-rnpnthvS agb: ; Stiidib.inanagers agree , ' 
that the businbss; pf .rriiikiirg;;picturcs;- 
Wil I be p;ir,pbced,i,nrf Under fiill stcanx ' 
not; -later than. iSj-, wilh ^^mpst ..■ ; 
layofTs back pri th.c payrolls .liy.; that. .. 
date. ;-■ - .'v.-/ -•-- '/.■." ;; -■,/ . . •■ 


: icontinued from paige 15) 

bus outfit only to upset the four ap- 
nlecart of the latter in the end for 
the complete beneAt of the girl he 
has fallen for. The cute little story 
is Mvcll ■ handled under directbr 
Eason's expert piloting. The dialogv 
to the bone, is crisp, sprightly and 

soclcful.; . ; , [ ' ■' ^ 

Scenes in which racmg cars smash 
lip are culled: frdiri newsreel films 
and include some outstanding acci- 
dents. Prints seem Jh better ton- 
dition; thanmic«t, ; . Char. 


r- -' '•^'•(BRll•ISH';MADEj;;.,^ 

^ j'nllVd .'^iVflHls lelcnse cif G.uhlhor; Staiipiii; 
iKirmt pioilHctliiii. Foiitures . Jacli Hiilbt'i t, 
I'HlrlcW Kills. •• UlroVtcd. by Thornton I'^ec-^.' 
Irtnil. . Sootiariii, .Arthur. Mttcrne; ; OHmora. 
Ouiitlier Krumpf ; lllni edltoiv li. B. Jnrvis; 
lyi'loH,'' Wlillam ^KerhelU : music, Miohnel 
t!l)olliin3kl ; mu.iicfil rtlrector,. Miilr Mrtthlp- 
aiui;' (luhCL'Si, I'lUIlp- IJushelli. J;«ck. DOnoh'u'e. 
irr.cVlewed in the rrojcuikm Roiom. N;. Y., 
Ftbi, 'US- ; Itunnl.nK .tliine,. Ta tnln.sV 
Martin. . ^ .. . . .:. . ; . ■ . ; . . ., . Jucic HulbPrt 

■J eii npl Le . . i . > . . i . . .-. ; • I'a liTelii I'll I La. 
Jadn-npitv.i . . . . . • • ••■ ■■ ...Vrthur: ■ Ulaeof 

atikl .' . .• . ; .~. .' . . - . V • ...AJpoRle Withers (.'lutcL' . . . . . i:. i.. . ;• dnoi.' ■•}''ii|rlirolhor 

Cliirenre. . . . ... . . . : . i • . ... W.-U.-ibn 

Miircel. . . ..... . . . . . . . . . . . ... . .lliivld Tree 

JltfiiftT.) , .... . . . .'. . . . . . ....... .tlci'll Bev«n 

Bi'iihil . . . u. . ..... , . i'. .... . .Anthony iroUen 

I'Hiil DliVrtl. ; . .... ....... ; ... Holund Culver 

. The -astute formula •:6f. - rhakihg 
soluble, the British.' talents ,6f . Jack 
Hulbert and the Aitifericah^sayor of 
Patricia EUiS has resulted in brie of 
Britain's better riiusicals. Direction, 
acting, mUsic and' dancing = blend 
splendidly: in- the. /Hollywood man- 
ner;.: Director Thornton Freeland is; 
an American. : : y 

Picture attempts to capture, with 
diijcrimiivating restraint, a Parisian 

."backgfoundv .in^gligibly retarded .by 
the clipped Oxonian of' itS; cast. VBut, 
withal, .there is. namely,:, the subtle 
Hulbert,. who once more affirms his 
stand as Bfitain^is merriest zahy^^^ As 
a vehicle for American audiences, 
'Gaiety. Girls' shoiild find fay or. 

The mistaken identity theme has 
I en dusted oft", but with hew varia-' 
tions and ;'spairkle. :lt, eoneerns a 
staid milUOnaire (Hulbert). a chorus 
girl (Miss Ellis) and their subse- 
quent bopXilar ideail. Sifting through 
the. film ■ some grand comedy 
t :i;ned on- in the inimitable manner 
by. Hulbert, His dancing and singing 
attributes are conveniently revealed 
Vv the scenarists in depicting the 
officious, starched: tycoon of finance 
dual personality. Hulbert's 

^ voice is pleasant, h is dancing tops. 
Miss Ellis warbles well and. indicateis 
fair dancing ability. Songs and the 
dance staigihg aren't particularly, dis- 
tinctive otherwise; > 

: .; Casting has been- done with care, 
with: little of the usual Anglican re- 

. straint - ■ evidence. . At the start of 
the film, however,, all is net cricket; 
Sequences point toward tedium. But 
Hulbert's entrance changes all that. 
Of, the: supporting cast, Arthur Ris- 
coe is properly gesticulaiting : as. "a 
futile producer, ' \ : 

Call the Mesquiteeri 

r.ul :tl»y Jiwlln ; . .... .......... Mux . 'I'frhuiitf 

•M.nd.ire. ...•<....... . l^vpn rtohei-t.s 

IJr. .Irvlnt,^ ; . . , ..; . . .. . ^lOarle- Jlod.itlnH 

I lin . , , , ... ; , ; ,:, , , .Sitniiny .McK Im 
Um-dy. . .-..i ,,.v. . . Kddj* ; .Wkillei' 
I'hiJIins. , .. . ...Ma.slon WllllanVs 

I>e.fl.v.:.. . . ..;>■.,.■*■,,. i. . |.j,idi,. Hart 

.Top., ;:. '. . , ,'. i..,, , ; . , : . P;( £ ■ (ilp'isoh 
■JYunk .... . . . ; ,-. ; ; ■, . RhKPi- VV.IUIani.s 

.Shpi-lfT; ....... . . . ; . . , . ; ... , .■ I'l-lcp 

Don . KliXHh 

. Well-made ; western in the Three 
Mesquiteer series which carries the 
heroic trio on another adventiire.that 
Will please the fans followihg them, 
Boys. Bob Livingston, Ray Corfigah 
and Max Terhune, track down some 
silk thieves in this one. but fail to. 
track down a heroine for a finish^ 
Thus, the Mesquileers are: a bit dif- 
ferent ■ 

There's a girl in the action, but 
very much played down. , She's 
Lynn / Roberts, "the. daughter .of a', 
medicine, show wanderer, but it's a 
little boy, her brother, who figures' 
in ; the fade after stumbling 6h the 
hideout and identity of the silk pil- 
ferers. The kid is played by Sammy 
McKim. He. doesn't show much. 

Western moves . alOng at : a mod- 
erate pace, involving the Mesquiteers 
in v aripvis situations- -which hold the 
in terest,var6.use suspense; and create 
action.. • Story turns things around to 
make it appear the Mesqiiies are the 
•silk thieves. Various liberties are 
taken to pi"pvide thtf situations. W.liich 
place ■this trio in a spot and : in a lot 
of shooting they too miraculously es- 
cape, withou t even ge ttin g scratched. 
: Supporting the trio are various 
lesser knbWnS, most ' of them work-' 
ihg as heavies. The rnedieirie show: 
quack is Earle Hodkihs, sd.niewhat 
unique type. A dog, 'known , as Flash, 
is used. And the hors- s, as , usual, 
:are all good. Char. ■ 



. t'nivprsiil in'ijduplion . nnii ri'.lpn.'ip. V SUYa 
, Bi)lc IJakor :: ' tv.';i t iji'C^.H Fuz/y ' KnI plit, ' ( 'on-r 
..•itanpe:. Ntooi-p. Ijlckie . .T'finp.«i. : J-Jiip'riPd -by 
ilpseiihi .H. IiCfw.lij. .. . Sereenp'lay', Noi'.toh .S, 

P'nrker. ■ I'rcinV orrpin^al . by .t'nia' -lIuKhP.s.; 
ctiwpra, >,larry.:NPAvmHn: At .ii vnti-n j,' -S'.y.'.- 
double bill; Keb. 23-lM, '38. KuniilnB time, 
.'>*> niiiia; ' ; ; 

^Uafety/ Rpyhord.."*. v. »•',:.■., . . . Bob B.aker 
Mary .16. nenlpn'. , . . , . .C'dii.«tiiric» ■Aloore 
Clem' Barrel't . ; , .... i,.,.,.,, ..,y\iy.7.y>;lU 

..l.ininilp :.Hehion... . i Dickie . johps 

Klniir ■ AVoni;..'. . . . . . ; ;.'..* ., . . i ,'. , Willie :i''un(f 

IJepUty-.'; .... , . . . . .'.■. ... . . .tJliHi Strange 

.'roin/'Da w.-ion.l . .,.,'..>.. , .I''.ra.?!k 'Carhpeau 
.Tuil»ire . .Cblonian ..... . , . . .'. .'Qso.t r ' o:Shp;t 

.raljpr.:. ..... . . . ...iV..-, . .'.,. Ed: C/'assldy 

.MacKay . . . .Jack \lontKpnievy 

.lai.^k' . "a;i:.<ion:. . . . .'..,.•.'.:. .; . Uii'k ..pbrrPll 

.Tohn ; en (on, . ..; . , Ai'thtir Vnii '>!Iy,ke 
AfcCone ...'..<. i ,', , , ■..■iri'aiik . Ktlis 

cinema; Constance Moore, blonde 
front Texas, suggests some future 
possibilities, while Dickie Jones is 
a capable kid actor; But tiossed irttd 
this western of the gold rush days, 
they never get started. ' Writing, 
dialog and direction are at.. fault. 
■Boi'der : Wolves' ; is weakest Baker 
entry in ;mpriths, but. passable in dual 
locations. .. ' - ■, 

' Production indicates that IDirefctor 
Joseph H. Lewis had a tough task 
•trying to work in Bob Baker's bal- 
lads. None really clicks, because .of 
incongruous surrpundingS; Tlii^y'.ve 
even got ; the . murderous outia ws 
warbling in a campfire scene. An- 
other time. Baker . and Miss Moore 
aw.kwar;dl,y poise :therhselves hear a 
pianp for a duct.: Six western limes, 
five being tabbed original, and all 
.muffed. No author credited. 

Picture unreels opening titled as 
though' intended ais ^an epic. After 
the outlaws attack a covered wagon 
train; plot veers off into one of those 
mistaken identity things: with the 
hero . unjustly accu.sed until .show- 
down '.fight at the last. In between 
the broncho catiters, this story, saun- 
ters along : at drawing-room pace, 
with Fuzzy- Knigljt striving to milk 
.some humor from forced comedy sit- 
uations.: Film looks like the. original 
thread; of tale had been altered sev- 
eral time.s in production; . it's that 

futile. ' .... ;> ..;.'.' ■'. •^'.. ;-';/•; ,\ ■. 

Bob Baker, who talks and . rides 
like a cowbp.V; sings as' well as ever. 
He dpesii't startle.- as an . actor, but 
this ' film accentuates this apparent 
flaiw:: - Knight flounders because of 
silly lines. • '" . ; ■ Wear, 

' Vli'lory production and relbasp. . Star* 
■Kpriiian" Bi-lx;. fpaturp-s Fu/,/.y Knight, -J.. 
Karrell ■A1afj>onrtid, .Dickie. .Tones. Directed- 
■Uy .Bob mil. . ■ticreeiipla>''. by Ba-jll .:,I>lckey: 
ri'oin. : orlfrinul ■ story ;' by ..Roc^k liawkpA- ;■ 
.i'a(n»ra.-:,Plli :: Hyer.- CeniraV-; X.' Yi, 

do.uIHe hlll,:.:K<<b.. ;lS-'Ji, "iS. -- R.unnluB ' liine,' 
lis mills. :';:'. . '" ■ 

(Conll n ued from; page 4) 

Hal. ]>iihovti,n. 
Iva.v .(.■oni'iui;. . ', 
.Spidp'r.; -. 1 . . . . . •, 
Kay'.s •li'ji jhPi'.. 
Slliic ■ Va's,'<idy,.^ 
DicK-ip; ,.; .';.. ... 
Mp.irj?:-!; . . .•...-.v 

. . ,■ . . . .Hernijin ' Brijt 

; '. . . O.Teanno Maiitei 
... . . . .' . . . .FuzT'-.v. KnlKlit 

i' . iT.t -Fa r rel I. . Mac Fvot.i aid; 
. .'. ... .Gulnh. '-Wllllania 

.'. . , . . . . . Dlc'kip .Tones 

. i .:.'.'..C.harlpa ■ Willlain.H 

This fable of . the Mone prairie 
forcibly : illiistrates what happens 
when • production . machinery sags. . 
Bob Baker is k cpmef. Fuzzy Knight 
13 tried material .from stage and 

. 'riMMMHii(li(HMi|UHiiMiiiiiMrifliiMiiiiimiiiMimiiiniiihnHVMriiiiirim)lih^ in »»i mihw -' 

. l^iiiiiiiniiiMti. iinmmitHiiiiiiiiiiiiMiHwiiHiiHiiMiiiiiittiiiMiiiiiiniiiiiiiiHMiwiMiiMHiMitliiM nimitHliiiii|iiiiiMHiH>MiMiiuHiituH>^ s 

5 5 

' 3 = 

/.3 .•(irHMillMim ' llllllllllllilHllltMliilltl IIHIIMHMIMHlillMHIIIIIIMl'HMIllMliliniinnHliriiiini'uiilMtlMIMIIIIiri.lll^lMliniMnH =' 
■ * ' <!•!••) Ml iinMMilllltniniMnilMIIIHIHIMUIMinilMlltMllHHIMMIMiniMllllliltllllliniirMillMlhhllllllllllllllill 


Ce<!ll B. DeMllle's 





Mitzi Green 
Clyde McCoy 

and BANp 

: Nicholas ' Droi.. ' 

Ttli At. * sotb 84. 



"Sally, Irene 
and Mary V 

— On tha Staff*— 

SKO*V ■ ■■■ ■■ 





8p»ctacular Stag* Productions 



;ihexpensive ; quickie/ reminiscent 
of silent days pn production, 'Flying 
Fists' is just ahdtheij^flght .filrn^^ 
eral screen ;veterahis ;fiirnish 'fa^^^ 
ter performances than story, direc- 
tion or elTpr.t; behind prodiiction •war- 
rants. .For the dp.uble bill' setups. : 
. Scripters ;have made Herman Brix 
an athletic woodchopper -whose 
cleverness with his dukes makes .liis. 
: heavyweight champ. He . quits the 
ring' because: his iiewiy- found sweet- 
heart hates lighters, only to. return to 
disport his skill when the jgirl's 
daddy needs rhoney;- . There is much 
ado over his upholding the faith of 
youngsters .when a crooked match is 
planned, this idea; beinr tos.sed in at 
;iast. 'moment;: to build the fight cli- 
max. .Writer's afttir thought also has 
the champion out : of fistic . trihi just 
before the big battle, though not ex- 
plained reasonably. \ ••; ■ , ■ 

Her;nari Brix, originally a star ath- 
lete, looks the part. He still is light 
on thespiah efforts, and the director 
in this Qpius doesn't- help. J. Farrell 
MacDonald provides his usual slick 
portrayal as athletic camp instructor, 
though .-made to mugg too much. 
Fiizzy: Knight is in his element as a 
droll fight exploiter, whille Guinn 
Williams, bast as ring promoter, is 
always realistic. Dickie Jones con-r 
tributes top portrayal, as the kid, ad- 
m irer of boxers. 

Ail are engulfed ,by: slipshod' pro- 
diictibn, feeble directioi. and un- 
skilled writing. Dialog, : seldom 
overly bright, contains such classics 
as 'You've ■ got to go in there and 
win,.' .'You have tb listen to me,' 'I'rrt 
sorry, but—' 'I'm. afraid that's ..the- 
way it is; 'We'll find way,' and 
'You can't do this.' 
: Recording is f aiilty, especially in. 
several outdoor scenes which In- . 
eludes that familiiar Los Angeles 
nark and the Hollywood canyons. ' 
Newsreel clips used in part of: fight 
sequences are obviously such. Wear. 

((Zohtinued from page 3) 

Odiiim, head . of Atlas. Hope had 
been .that .: modified, plian might 
have been ready by M'onday list;: 
however, this didn't happen,; ' 

There jare Indications. that the ieh- 
man Corp. didn't share with Atlas 
Ccn-p. in the .last option pickup from 
RCAi: But whether this meanis that 
.Alii a s- w ill. ri d e, th e .RKO; th in g alp ne, 
in the'.iinderwi'iting of the comi^any'ii 
plan,, is open. ; ;- ' 

technicians, and : wi Ih 1*2,500 e ktras 
voting - either ;; may : cpnie ' ■ the 
winner. ' •;.: •;■ 

. ; Tracy Pave Actor 
; ^T^^^ ' . serious consid- 

eration for . -his. . work." 'Captains 
Courageous!' and: - is . generally, ac-. 
cepted 'as the favorite, barring , any 
upset by the exitfa .:v.6te.: March . - 
ceiyed' top credit, foir his.'^performan 
opposite Janet Gay nor ' ; ^iSelzinick's 
'A Star Is Born.'. Qther nominees -are 
Charles Boyer for his Napoleon in 
IConqtiest,! and Paul Muni for his 
'Life of Eihile Zoia.'^ ■ • ; '. ' : 
: Laist year's winners ;were . Muni for 
'Louis Pasteur' ; (WB) . ' and , y Luise 
Rainer for 'The Great . Ziegfleld': 
(MG ). ■ ' ; ;.^:- ;;.;■ ;■ ::.;. :■ 

Doping' the. finish iii. ^the;:. best per- 
formance by an actress is even more 
cTifficult. The five.: nominees .are 
Barbara Stanwyck, 'Stella Dallas,' 
GoldWyn; . Jart^t GaynOr Star Is 
Born,' Selztiick; Irenij Dunne, 'The 
Awful Triith,' Columbia; Greta 
Garbo, >Camille,' Metro; and Liiise 
Rainer. 'The Good Earth,* Metro... It 
is pretty .generially conceded; that the. 
runoff - wiif ;; be between; Stanwyck, 
Gaynoi- and Dunne. ;V . . : 

; Miss. Gaynor was runner-up in the 
first award 10 years ago- for; her per- 
formance in 'Seventh. Heaven,' being 
hosed ; out by. Mary Pickford in 
'Coquette,' Miss Dunne qualified" in 
1931 with ■Cimarrph,':but :wa.s topped 
by Mar i e Dressl 61%: . wh o received the 
a\yard for 'Min and Bill.' Best bet 
is istahwyck, . but the extra? : are 
shouting the. praised pf 'The Awful 
Truth'. ; and . may . tPss . theff : ballots 
for .Miss. Dunne. : " ■'; 
, The 10 hominatioris for the ' most 
outstanding, filin award ;'In' Old 
Chicago,' 20th-Fox; 'The Good Earth,' 
Metro; ^A.Star Is Bbrh;' :Selzhick-In- 
ternational;,'Lbst Hori2on,' Columbia; 
'Stage Door,' RKO-Radio; 'The Aw- 
ful :TrUth,V Columbia; ' ^Dead End,' 
Samuel Goldwyn; '100 Men and a 
Girl.' ■ Uhiveriial,. and ■ ; 'Captains 
Courageou.Si' Metro.; 

Metro's Two (Qualifiers 

:. Metro, with two productions quali- 
fied, is giyeh a slight .edge in ad- 
vance; predictiOnSi but 20th.Fox's 'In 
Old Chicago' has been burning the 
box' Offices \and is certain to pull -a 
heavy poll.; . Eight studios, the larg. 
est number ever qualified in,- this 
division, . are represented th is' year. 
Last :3'ear's winner. .■ was 'Great 
Ziegfeld; Metro, and the studio - is 
trying hard to repeat this year. 
David O. Selzhiok is art ^arly favor- 
ite, rnany ; believing jplerf ormartces , of 
.March and Miss Gayrior will poll 
: e nough voles to give h is. picture the 
avyaid;fbr the nibst ;outstandirtgiper- 
formance. '.:"'' 
; Joseph Schildkraut, for his char- 
acterization of the martyred Dreyfus 
in 'The Life Of Emile Zola' Warners, 
is considered a likely choice for best 
sii'pporting. actor award. Here again, 
however, vote of the extras may up- 
set predictions; Thomas Mitchell 
.Will pbll a heavy vote for his per- 
formance' in 'Hurricane; and Ralph 
Bellamy will be given consideration 
for his: Work iii 'The Awful Truth.' 
Both of latter are popular with bit 
players and heavy support ifbr. either 
from this division wOuld put Schild- 
kraut oiit of the 'running. ' : Other are H. B. Warhej^', 'Lost 
Hprizon;' :and' Roland Yburig in 'Top- 
per/ ■;■ 

Andrea Leeds in 'Stage. Door,' 
Alice Brady ' 'In Old Cliicagb; and 
Aline Shirley : i n 'Stella Dallas' are 
^iyeh ah *ven break in ; the:;d 
for best perforniance by a .supporting 
actress. Any real support by the 
extra.'; shou.Id 'give the honor to 
Brady. . Other nominees :. include 
Cleiire Trcvpri. who qualified with 
'Dead End.' and Dame May Whitty 
who- , appeared with Robert Mont- 
gomery in 'Night Must Fall.' . 
;.V- : Nod (o Franklin? 

■ Sidney .Franklin, foir .'The Good: 

Earth' is :oxpcctod';ip get .llie; herd for 
the; di.rectirm. although . pr.;- 
p6n6nts- of ..WilUfini iWel.Lihan... who ': 
directed . 'A Star . i.s Born,' and .; 
Gregory LaCava, -who . turned (Vii'b.:'. 
■ Stage .poi:)r,' are -s^'aging a (•'unipn.itiii: . 
to giyC: thenx .the, IxotKJr. Leo iVlc- .- 
.Carey -will draw .some ,voie,s i'or -'Aw- ~ 
ful Truth' :and William Dioiei-le for •■ 
Zola.' LaCava ' ■ given a" goo'd 
chahicie, .sihc0;. fe\v;. extras ha ve^ had an 
opporttlnity to see 'Good Earth.' . 

JCitrl Fretind is said to have the 
inside track for ' camera- award t'. 
his . pastels :ou 'Good Ea rth.' [ Other, 
qualified ' : .the di vision include 
G;regg~ "Toiand^; for 'bead End,' and; 
Joe- .Valentine for 'Wings Over. 
Honolulu,' ■; ■■•;..;' ■ 

Eric ■S.tacey probably will be. 
handed the; a wai'.d for ass i.staiit dii'cc- 
tors for his support oC William Well- 
man in filming ^A Star is . Born:' 
Others in this division are Robert • 
Webb, 'Old Chicago'; Ru.'^s Saunders, 
'Zola'; C. Ci dolen-iari, Jr., 'Lost ilori- 
zon'; Hal Walker, 'Souls, at Sea.' - . . 

A ny th i n g may happeh in t h e : w ri tW ' 
ing division,. John Lee Mahin, presi- 
dent of the, Screen Playwr ights, Iiic^ : 
who with Ma IT. Connelly and Dale 
Van Every,, qualified with , '(^aptains. 
Courageous;' - has notified Academy 
he will; not accept the award if lii 
play is. selected as the best. Mah in 
Was dissatisfied becaiisb. no mtjmbers: 
of the SP Wjere nanied bh the wri ters' ; 
nominating comitiittqe. ••'•''".:" 
. Writers .hiay tOss the a wards to thi.s 
trio as:a gesturiEt; of- good! vir ill toward 
their rivals, but many are known to 
favor Vina Deimar for 'Awful Truth.' 
DbrOthy Parker, Alan Campbell and 
Robert Carson are accorded a good 
chance for their script on 'A Star is : 
Borni ■ Conrtelly/. Mahiii' and Every 
.also are la. good bet. ' 

Hans Kraly isl expected , to d ra w,| the 
nod for the best original screen play,, 
'lOp Men and a Girl;';' ', ■ . ; 

Balance of . avvards , is . tossup. 
Harry: Owens i^ slated to .draw the 
best sOng, Oscar; for his 'Sweet . 
Leilani,' introduced in Parahiount's- 
.'Waikiicl Wedding.' Lyle Wheeler 
should draw best art ;directibn f or , 'A 
Prisoner of Zenda; with Bernard W. 
Burtpn walking off with the film 
editing honors ,;'f or his handling of 
scissoring; of 400 Rien and a Girl.' , 

Pete Smith of Metro is tipped to 
walk off with top honors in the short 
subjects : field with 'Romance- . of 
Radium,* .'"The .Man Without a Coun- 
try' (NB)' in. color shorts is also a 
top-mounter. ' ., 

//cn^ uSC't^^ MAKE UP 


»•»»• ai ^••«a»: 

J"'"?' Will fl„y*7 Profe,. 
2»«'p««cl wi»fc . 'hart 



Desired by Film Company 

. C'oi.niniiiil(-af IfMiii '..C',<|nflil«*nHtiI 
Box No. 23, Variety, New York 

HKM» OVKR-i-3ml Week. 


■.- Ill M-arM'n . 

: C'lmiinjf-^'.'HveryboUy : Sins" 

. Dephiet Huddling: West 

' ..' : -.Jlollywoodv/Ma^^ 1. 

Ned Depinet, RKO v.p. charge 
of; 53 les, i.s here to, inspect , his com- 
panyX.ncw films and huddle With 
studio execs on. distribution plans. 

-Depinet pulled one day after 
Pahdro Bcrman, production head.; 
had trained out for New. York to 
huddle o'tv hi.s new contract as stu.- 
dip p.foduclion'.hcad. ;:..■... 




Wednesday, Mkrch 2^ 1938 

McNinch Favors Some 

ment^^raslvc Fee$^ ^^pt : JSeridus Threat-^LUt|e 
- Acli6h' 'Tfiis':Sessibn;>: :'." ' ■i'^'v ■ ^ 

WaslijngtpT?, ^Mardh ■ 1. . . {other taxes,- station"; arid nelxv-cirks 
" " ■ ' ■■ ' ^ * cart counter'. . ^rih ]cg^^ 

pQiritlng. put • that'- ' .^^ . ' , c 
mediums ' a re- s iib j"ect to . any pun i t i Ve 

.gyp.--'V; .1 r-v^-y :\: 

-- .Questiori- - p.f .-.a; -tftX. ,bn , :ra.d i.cH-agi- 
tated -ior ygsveraji. yeai-s; ■. but ..nfever 
taken senously ill! til^;l 
many legal 'snarls. - Whether a 'ipe* 
cial typie of incdme l^yy or a iiieavy 
.wattage ; charge- Avould.: be ■ consti tii-. 
tioriat; is .fodder for: the' attorneys;' 
Likewise . the . :;riia:tt<e,r p.f whiether 
radio ' shouid/'pay . the. e 
admihisterihg . .the^ GommUriicatipns: 
Aeti with . telephone and telegiraph . 
businesses gettihg off:;scoi f ree. B.ut.; 
a nbrrtina.l charge ■ fbr th.e. privilege 
might b^ deferided and . if, 'carefully 
Ayrittieh a laiv pf this ^nature would, 
have a 50-50 chance. of-.\ getting- by 
■the.- Supreme ■ippiirt.y 
'■■ -The. chief att.i^ntipri si) far ha^ beep 
giveni'. .the . .Bpylarr.. hilli. which - was: 
written by i GpmiTiunications Com- 
missioner" Geprge Henry Piayne- and 
is conditibrtaiiy . "backed" by the ^ 
to commercial stations, this measure 
embpdie?: a juice levy ranging from 
$i . per .watt for .transmitteri^ 'tinder 1 
k'w • to. ^3 bii plants : using over ,10 
kw. Would mean a. $1,500,000 >n- 
.'nual. donation • the. ..Treasury fOT 
Super-power' broadcasters- and $150,- 
000 fpr existirig clear-channelit<Bs, ; 

. .Stiffer ■ scale - is • suggested, :in the. 
S.authofI bill, - which vV^^^ 
the sarnie principle and ..would up the 
industry's, iiiilf .about $3,500,000 .iribre 
than , the Boylah-Piayne .proposition.. 
Wiscohsiij iawniaker wbijld.- iliargi? $1- 
for ahythirig under 1 :k.w, $2 up 
fo 5 kw, $3 lit) to 15 kw, $5 up to 25 
kwj and .$10 ^pyer 25 kw;^^ V 

Drive;' to- hiake - broadcaistiers fork 
over : to the gpyernin.eftt a; large slice, 
of their receipt?; /was V plotted last 
week without-.niuch' prbsppct. of .sue- 

Pair of iTipve.s'"tp sad.dle a stiff . tax 
on radio s.ta.tibris. -will be.viiiade. in 
Congress in ! t^be near .f utiu;e :,in an 
e/Tort to. fbrbe the industry - to pay . 
thie cost of Rplicirig this, airlanes.;^ 
heiarings ever: held, on a privilege 
tax ai-fe tentatively set - after nearly- 
^ year's, stialling; Ion prbpbsal to ;cbl-; 

. Ject -f^eis pn-'^- -Wattage. basisV^ -'; -;-'-.':- . 'r. ■ 
A .preiiminary . shpw-dbwtt on "the., 
matter of" special imposts _pn: broad- 
casters is anlibipated within the next, 
month when tHe House of RepreseriT 
tatiyes takes up v the. admiinistratiort's 

. revenue bill, revising, and. jriibdifying. 
many of the > existing gouges about 
which Wl sbrti.' b 

beeifi- !bejefirig.;'-i:;.v'~.;^. .;:.:-.' .•; •'. ■ 

A flat levy. - gross- lincp 
broadcasters— oyer, .and .above ..^K6 
'present bit^s. teken . out ^bf all cor- 
pbration inppnler-is , djue-; for preisen-- 
tatiori to the Hpiise during, debate, on 
the ; geheiral, tax : measure. . . Rbckr 
thrbwihg f aclipn hasn't crystallized .; 
thoughts; bvrt itontenriplates, ; tryihg to 
write into the pmnibus legisliatipn a 
clause which -xvotj.ld . .hick; thfe ;. radio, 
people 5% ; pr possibly :,mpre..;. ' 

Free Time. a' Factor ...;.'' 
With lawmaker's, cbnstituient-mind- 
ed in yiiew .of apprpiab^^^ 
there seems to ::b 

hood that any . ariti-rddio moves bf 
thiis sqirt 'Will draw- blobd -durihg the 
present CbngressV.' Too many, ihpum- 
bents planning to run lor' reelection 
will be .pairihandiihg .free microphone 
time. Chahce of tacking oh a brbaid-: 
cast tax frprri -the floor ils un-^ 
enco.uragirig : -to the advociites . of 
.charging l^adib licensees, particularly 
since hearings ^;Wiil v be- held 'on the 
qiiestion 'later,'- ' \- ' ■ -■■ ■'•.;;:.■ 

House yirays::;and Means subbom- 
mittee, ' steered ; by .. Rep. ■ Chester 
•Thbrnpsbn, Illinois .pernpcrat; is cal- 
endaring, a gabf est :bn. two pending.- 
prpposals .io. levy a tax .brl wiattaige. 
Bills which would: cost . broadcasters 
frbiTi ; $6,500,000 tp :. $10,000,660 ; 
Jiuailiy are : spphspred. .by Cbngress- 
man John J. Bpylaii bf Ney/ iCbrk, a 
Democrat, and Harry S^uthbff of 
Wisconsin j a Prbgi'essiVje. . .:• • 

-■■ .McNinbh Idea.',.' ''- 
■While . the . industry- may escape, 
punitive burden this, year, , the .out- 
look 'f of eventual 'success in .bam- 
paign tb make licensees pay the gov- 
ernment's .^iregulatibri . hill was en- 
hanced; when . Eederat tommunica- 
tions Comniissipn Chairman; Frank 
R! Mcljiihch. came. out for. some type 
of fee. ■ Without ispecificaUy adyo- 
cating any fbrmula, McN inch .said 
he favprs 'sbme/sprt .bf a reasonable 
lax,' possibly a straight charge for 

•They ehioy th is brbadcasting 
privilege grahled .by the gbyerhment 
and if for ho- other reason they; bught 
tb paj some, jreasonable Ux to s 
port the regijlatbry agbricy. >That 
wbiild . not r be a. great amoiuit,' boss 
regulator said. , 'I have nbt' workec 
..out any ba.s'ife ot ra tax ttat I would 
be willirig ^,i;ecb^mmendia^ 

How far . Gongress might .- go> in 
plastering, special . taxes ,Qn the in 
dustfy V: any bpdy's .guess. . Smal 
faction operatihg on ihe '. isoafcrthe- 
rich theory thiriks a stiff scale .should 
be iroiiospd; But .the slant taken by 
McNincK indicates a nbmihal, amount 
would - receive the : suppprt of the 
commish. ;. ; ■ 

If the iWcNinch view prevails, 
tliere is little for radio to/ fear,: ex.- 
cept the principle. .'.Cost of ruhhihg- 
the FCC : ■ .:. the. neighborhood of 
$1,750,000 per annum, but. this is not 
wholly - atttibu to' brpadcasters.; 
"Eiiact" division of 'th^^^^^ 

to regulate tplephbne and telegraph 
: ind iistr ies has hpt • been calculated. ■ 

The jndus.ti'y was caiuglit by sur- 
prise when ; Congressman .Thpmpspn 
reyea led. he • pl^Ds; to register; sen ti.i 
men tori the wattage, levy. But 
,js on its toes,, brbadcastihg: ca ea.sily 
throw lip a Stout defense: ' Besides; 
pointing to the sUm. already paid in 
^ form of Federal income, profits; and 

Eddie Cantor, went into / his : iRrst 
iuddles with Bill ■. Esty pti . his new 
Camel . shbw starting ' March 28 as 
soon as; he hit New VorkV. Cantor 
las two weeks of personals in Clever 
land and Philadelphia for the.Shrin- 
ers, during his windup for .'T.exiaco; 
Deanna Durbin a.ljso came east with 
lie comedian. -'.•-: 

Cantor will tee Pff the first few 
shows: from New York, on his new 
commercial, figuring the East now 
fertile spurce for guesters. '.. . . 



Tax Cbiiiiiiitte^ 

Washington, Mflrch ; 1. 
" ..Gi'b.irp will V listen to 

the-; -radio. '. industry's . slant on 
.wattage; : taxes or licensee fees 

■/cpilsists, of .. . three : bempcrats- 
and tvvo Republicans; hone of 
yvbom 'eyer figured in attacks 
on broadcasting; :' 
With . Represe'ntativie C 

: Thbhipspn. of • iilinbis; the bKair-. 
man, the Democrats a re John : 
P, pingell ■ of Michigia^^ prid A. 

, Willis Robertson of ' YJrgih la. 
Dub of rllepubllcahs are^^^^ 
A. Reed- df New York and 
LlOyd Thurston of Iowa. '.;' 

(IReprmiei from ] Variely, Jpril 14, 1937) 

llndlyidijal refbri^ 

heads or in. the stuffed fronts of their own prgiariizers ahd .prompters: need 
hot be taken too seriously.: 

the hollo\yness of their njembership claims and the dubious sincerity, 6f 
their recbnimendations. But . while the profesSiOnaily-organized- prpteH 
ma'y he counted uppn to spend its "energy, in dUe time this not mean 
that the radio broadcasting indusir/ c^ 

with ani inpreasing pressure ol criticism and it will need to evolve A tech- 
njque of defense.^ \ - - '. ./ '-'■■. . -- ■ ' ^ - v/. '--../ ■'/'.- 


. Whelan . drugstore chain is in the 
market for "a riadio show. Design 
calls: for national -' coverage; since 
putfii has'.stoires in key cities.. United: 
Cigar is : the parent company of 

Whelan. :-: ;; ./r ■ :[ '■ : 

Drug flrm has: nQv:r had a- net- 
work, nbr .a hatibrial campaign. Whe- 
lan iis •dealing .direct : with indie pro- 
gram 'idea' proiflferers arid prbduce'rs^ 
with no: agency involved. : 



and Vel :Go to Benton 
. Bowles, of Chicago ... 

/.-^- / Chicago, March 1. 

Beritoii BpwleS^Chicago agency 
r— reached into Ne.w-YOrk and Phil-' 
adelphla last week and snatched off 
two more Colgate accounts, . being 
awarded the advertising .for : Halo 
Shampoo and; ,Veli which is a soiap- 
suds product. ' 'ij/ -;'-.. ;'• 

\ .Tfiis makes it tl quartet of Colgate 
accbuhts\ which the new B. & B- 
agency ;has gotten. Both of the lat- 
ter t\Vb :actounts were 'forrrierly han- 
dled by the ,N,-. W. Aypr agency. . B. 
5t B. take .bver :these acco.uri.ts as bf 
April 1. • ---.■''-. ;• 

; While tentative plans ; have been 
arranged for both acbOunts by Ben- . 
ton & Bowles, including, a, complete^ 
radio schedule - for each product, hp' 
schedule has yet been set for them.; •' 

Discussed: fbir 'the 'Halo shampoo 
account is i . Hollywood chatter col- 
umn, reiyihg on flash news items 
rather.' than gossip:- / 

Ben Rocke's 'Band of Wk. 

' Hollywood, March 1.. . 
Eddie Cantor had the cpurts ap- 
prove his seven y.ear term contract 
with 12 year- old. singer, June Harri- 
son, '- .--'■ .''.;■■' .--.', .■ - '- •'■•;■ 

Salary stairj-s at $50; weekly Vand 
reaches jpeak at $1 ,000. 


Ben Rocke, indie program prb- 
ducer, is laying out another, show for 
Mutual - web, which will be offeried. 
for co-operative sponsorship. Pro- 
gram .will ; be .titled /'Band:: of the 
Week,* and" will be backboned b j' .a 
iseries of sihgie-shot guestings ' by 
name .orchs.. '■•; 

Current On Mutual, under . cp-pp- 
er^itive. bankrollirig,^is another Rocke 
show; GeprgiB Jesser-s: '3.6 
Hblly wood,' which airs each. Sunday 

.; Lehn &: Fink folds twp pf its dayr. 
time shOw.s On- Cblumbia April 1. One 
is ' Pebecp's 'Follow the Moon' . ah^d 
the otherj 'Lysol's Dr. Allan Roy 
pafoe-tindSay McPhail combo. 

, Each will have had a run of 26 
weeks. ■'-- ■• :■. 

Reform elehients. have made; the motion picture industry miserably with v 
:ax;bitrary :Umjtatibns and f u 

state .legislation imposing; box. office and other taxes, setting vp censor 
boards to harass tKe producers. Film biz made its peace and keeps that 
peace ait . an expense in iobbying iind; constant vigilance .tl:iat height . well 
frighten thbs? who look ahead in radio to the grim possibilities. 

For tuiiately radib programs, all things considered, aire remarkably, ch^^^^ 
innbcuptis and "witbout;.ailytbihg that most pieople.^Would; consider a ■ threat ; 
to molrality. This halts the reformers at; the start» but reiOrmer's zeal tO; 
regulate Other people is a steady, flame, that never goes out. .'-;', 

Lesislatibii aiined at radio has bobbed uii ■ in half a dOz^n states. 
of the proposals are crank stuff and self-defeating by their sheer ab.curdity 
and extremity. . ;. But; they ppint the direction of the breeze. In several 
instances, they have had the healthy, result of stirring ; broadcasters .to' 
activity in\ their pyvn behali It is w^^^ 

mtlch .in . the - pi^ draws the avaricious >y.e-. of the . tax- 

hungry politicians :\vh6flnd:C^ 

that have ispieen tp yeiit. .'.;-. :■ .•'■':;.' ' / .r. ' \ . . : 

: - Sbhoob^ coll eges and clubwpmen cbnstaiitly ' [talk . about the alleged . su- 
pefiprity ;pf the British . System; of broadcasting. ' This ceaseless propa- 
ganda has Wade ;cpnverts, ■ MaHe; no that. It isn't.that these : 
cphvetts. are humerous enough in themselves to force any tad ibal chan ges 
but the-y fotm' the rooting se behind the pickaxe brigade that wpuld' 
like to teair down cOhimereial radio to build, :iri its place, what they ha i vely 
'believe, vi^outd'-be^a 'superior .ty ;-.:;-" .-- ' '- '- 

Connie Boswell Facted ; 

Connie Bosv/ell has been put un- 
der contract by MGM for the'^Max-;urttil A 9. 

Bpbking was' cleared through, the 
Hblly wood office of ■ Rockwell- 
O'Keefe; - - ' 

. Typieal of: many bf the attacks: made upon, radid b 

piiblished Vanguard : .volume, '.'Not -To Be Broadcast,' by ; Ruth Brindze. , 
It'is a sample' of protest- literature and> radio jn^y as ; well start- getting, 
smart with some answers. 'Witness the experience of the drug ;and food 
boys and the advertising biz itself. ; : 

: New book depicts the radio situation asr^^being in the.: hands bf Ihree 
chaihs whb.supervise 93% of. the turn .are in' the-hands 

of bartke'rs.and -big adVet the newspapers ; are crowd - ■ 

ihg in. And astride the yv hole heap is the F. C. C., which is accused of 
political tinkering as weir as exercising, a! law. both forbidding and demand,- • 
ing cehsorship. In shOf t, the;F.;C. C. can't censor; but it can rcV 
because of public; interest,, convenience and hecesSity... : These, .propositi 
are depicted as mutually contradictory. 'i. '-;■ 

Cited are some 35 cases; of alleged censorship. Ahd some p roff ered sp- 
iutipns. ' One is a government network paralleling the eorninercial .system. 
Others: (1 ) friee discussion periods for controversial topics without liability 
to stations J (2) checking dbmihation of the, air -by- period- 
ically announcing ownership: of .stations and propagahda groups, and (4),; 
abolition Of the president's emergency take-over powers of radio, 

. Just how 'liberals' can advocate, a government web, and at the iarrie time 
•check dbminatioh; of ^the air by;;small.:igroups'. withpu contradictory, 
especially after ,, accusing the government of . hocus-poGUS; ih conhectibn with 
the F. C; G., isn't clear. A.; It also isn't clear whether the cases pf sp^cqlled 
cerisbrship; are all 'the' cases available, b vf\iaX part bf them. In ■w^ich 
event this type pf documentation is haywire ;as a sample, because, no indi-^ 
cation is given as .to censorship being large or sin&ll. . 

This is; hot: to discredit sincere , eftprts ; at /iniprOve But, liberals 

arguing against monopoly are apt to get oft on the wrong, foot. Radio 
admittedly is willy vnilly because Jt, is, highly subject' to 'pu^ 
which means that yOu can't call a guy a liar over the ether, nor can you 
advertise goat glands. Chains have been as sensitive to this as: anybody , 
and plenty of errbrs have bebh. made, not because the boys were trying to 
take the public into camp, but because they got dizzy vtfondering ; where 
to jump. : '-,: ,; J .:■ .:'. '^ ;- - ;.'.■" ■--';'' - '; ''- .....;-; 

In sli6i^, Tadib.:is^pfetty- sensitive. to pressure bf any kind. . And Ihif is the, 
best guarantee to date of no tpriifoolery.' Checks of various kinds more 
less cancel each other out. '. ;.;; 

It's easy to poke: up reform; but the question is: what kind? Hoy; about 
the various screwball movements advocating this or that, and then selling 
but lock/ stock arid barrel to the boys, with the money? In finding banker, 
cpnnectibris,, it might be interesting to investigate a. few of the protest 
crowd. '■'■,/; -.::; •''--':-•' :\ -- .' ;";. -. - '' :' ' - . ■ ' y- ■. ''.'-- \ ."' /: 

6:45 Sports Show on WGY^Now Ghesterfield 
Steps In at 6:35 with SaoKie Type Program ■ 

Tydol is determined to. Slick. by the" 
6:45 spot it holds on WGX, Schenec-; 
tady, even though NBC has sbld ih'tr 
preceding 10 mihutes tp-C 
for the same .type br-^g ;a 
spbrts review; ; Oil" refiner has .taken, 
the position that/it has too gireat an- 
investment in .both the .spot and Lep 
Bolley, -the- io:Garspprt$caster:^t^ 
has bGph; ejafryin.a on . its payrpll, for. 
two year Si arid ';tliat. by: selling.- the, 
preceding period .for a like ty'jje Of 
;ShP w K BC has exer c i scd , a : dubio lis 
Sense. , of -business gratitude. . N 
manages and operates WGY.;' . ' . : 

' Chesterfield's . sports .Review yvill, 
fbllb.w the five-minute hcyi's .p.eribd 
which ' starts at. .6 ;30 and. . eitiana tes. 
from New York. , Hpokup- ..wiilvtakc' 
ih all '• the NflC m & o stations; east 
pif : ..-Chicago.: ' and ". 'seveml , affil iatesr 
wh ich \ have> greed to . g iyc u p . th i s, 
portion of their 'network-exempt 
time. ;- : Bolley airs over. WiGY . ihree; 
nights a; week and dbe.«!" three niore, 
weekly, broadcasts for ;the .same ac- 
count- over 'W.FBL,^ Syracuse, with 
Schenectady the- originating point. 
Lcnhien;' & Mitbhell is Ihc 
agency. " ', 


John Laeiharr Succeeds. :Hlm .at 
. Blackett-SampIe-ilummert 

-;' . Chicago,, March 1. 

: ..Pe'te ''N.dson resigned 'yesterday 
.(Monday) .as' radio time/ buyer,; for 
the Blackett - Sample Hrtmnierfi 
agency after ■mQre;;ihan' .a . year' with 
the agency. His resignalioh slated 
to become effectiye-as;;of . April ;l;,-o^ 
~ P. G. Parker; .geneifai manager .'of 
B-S-II . here, has ;bf Ought in ; John. 
Laemarr, ; assistant ..;t.p . George - ; Mc-- 
Giyern, B.-S-H spice ;buye.r, to han- 
:dle. the /radio assignment." .Laemarr' 
moved into the. radio, o 
to istart . learning the " ropes. .• 

Nelson, .Who was forrnerly with 
th.e; Mutual web . here as Sale's exec,, 
has made no decision as to ne\V con- 
nec'tipn as yet, thpugh; c^ 
several pliers which has come. up. 

Johnny Dillon hew special -events 
chief at WFAS,. White Plains. Formr. 
I crly ■ wi th WNYG, ' ' 


Ellibtt Rbosevelt, Hearst Radi;, prcTi, has taken his: findi^ back, 
to Port Wbrth. , MoN'.e was described: 
by his jof flee aS -hay i rig no .speciiil 
significance. ; It was isai.d that he will 
shuttle between Texas ' 'and. . . Now .' 
York from time to time. ]. 
: . One of RposeVelt's. ypvingslerf hns 
suiftered..' considerably from tonsillilj."? 
Since the -family ca.riie- -fp -New'; York': 
in Jainuary, -and : the misslis has been 
expressing ' ■ .preference ;fbr,: her- 
aoutfierh.hbitie.. ' .- '.; ':.'.. ■•' :- ' -:■ . ■■.'^ 

\ . Miss Nebraska G.ets Job : 

Lincoln^' March 1.; 
Ruth .Tories- : who won the title; of 
Miss Nebrasksi,' of ;a936; ' has ' beth 
added to the .KOlL stiiff as a iJte.v/- 
ardess.. ' -'.'■' ■;;;:■-■'- \ :•:'-:' - 
; She's being groomed by . voice 
teacher .meanwhile. --and the sliidio' 
eventually hppes to; use her . ;.1.he 
air. . .': '■ '-- .■. -:;.;.:' ■■ ' 

^iMlhe^ay, March 2, 193^ 


■ Bah' on the use of its' membersV for; jjhpnogra^hi record and tr^ 
gcriptiQii recording, has:;.beeh 'Iihed by the^ Arheiricail- Feder^tipri of 
Musicians ihde'flnite^^ pending the discussions on the terntis of the in- 
terriatibnal's licensing 1^ between the AFM's; executivie: board and 
represeniatives from, th camp. .Th^se talks iare slated to!; 

"start. at^AFM heSdqu^ Ybrk eithter tortiorrpW^-lTK 

■or. -Friday. ' . i .'::- /y'i'; .'■ ■■' ■:■;;.■ .;■.■' 

Transcription del^gaiiph, cbhsistihg of Mark Wbod; NBC y .p;; LaSy- : 
rence Morris; RCA Payid Miackay,^ R Victor 

•;sei, met Joseph >f;- WebM^^^^ prez,.. at the lattei^'s; htji^ 
aftefnbbn (Tuesday) :ior a i^rielimihairy taik..Call at Weber's, honie was 
necesi^ary beciau^e oi; a strikie pf '.the bu ildihg; service: employ e^B 'ift 
skyscraper occupied by t^^ iVFM:~vi;hich>put ai stpp, to elevator ;pper^ 
ation/ 'Transcription^^ e will ■ receive first attention from the 

AFjit' board and aiter the .latter hay chltn.ce 40 go - ; : their 

objections tb; the proppsed license phphograph group will be 

,0aiied ■ , to .state 'its difterencesV Indications! are that thfe pbyectian^;: 
will be comprbniise.d by the union and that the license i will be in: 
effect by.^ April. !..;■■ ' 

Ttanscriptioh and phpnogiraph men have ce objectiPns 
in the license form on theVprbvisibns which-, have to do with -shutting 

. down service on 'b'roadbiasting; and other places;- 

of aifiuserhents W.hich the Tederatibn, ponsiders unfa irCtp' it or place 

; iiiy >ne.'bf thein in a ppsition .to' tnake. use bf : ahy such, p 
or electrical tranreriptibhs.' The recbrders c that as drawn these 
plrovisipns constitute saddling thern with the: obligat conduptiog. 
secbndaiT- boycbtte, whiqh W^^^ 

;A£ter -rfenewihg . for .the -timev oh 
NBC red, 77 stations, coasti-tb-cbast, 
tiucky Strike goes bfl., March 23i.:>vith 
the 'Your Holly wood ]Parade* sboW 
(Dick ^Pp well ) and, instead, 'brings in 
Kay Kyser ib. 'do his .Kyser^Musiciai 
.Klasi starting March - 30. .Kyser has: 
been on WOR-WGN, put of Chicago, 
and the American ; "tobacco Gp.'s re-: 
action to .the 'more than 4Q,(M)i6 
. ters he pulled in :th€ three Weeks' 
.time, oyier this two-stiatipii ' hookiip 
.prbinpted the switch to- 1^ ,. ; ' :, 
Kyser has bei&n at the Blackhawk 
Cafe, and he. muist how ! effect a xpri- 
tractual compromise as he's set- un- 
til ^line 1. KyWr plans .a hotel spot 
in N. v., Qtherwis9 :he'll do dance 
dates . arpu hd N, : Y, in between his 
■■broadcasts;- ':."■.',' ••.- ••-■ ;.- ^■-.■:. 

V',: . '" ■Cr. 'lV. HMr8';Ihter(ercn^ie'' ■;.;..•■' 

: .Holiywpbd, March :i^ 

WarriersrLucky Strike showr which 
gpes;. off : the ■ ' after March 23 
broadcast was a case of nobody be- 
ing too happy due to. the restrict 
-tions placed on the show by George 
Washington Hill, Resentment was 
expressed several times over Hill's 
insistence, on / bringing /in outside, 
players and each week listing thit 
song : numbers, that icbuld be used bti 
the prbgram. 

First intimation of a rift; between 
the studio and Hill came several 
weeks ago when PpweU^^ 1^ 
know in so many words that he 
didn't care to. be told how, to sing 
a song. IJhder^tobd Vthat Hili ob- 
jected . :tp Powell's .. renditibii of 
■Dirtah ■ and let gb with a Ibhg tele- 
type mijssagp to the Lbrd fc Thomas 
:olTice here after tii'e sbbwi Another 
objection by Powell : was thsitv sbhRS 
>*:ere chaniged: bh day: of ]the broad- 
cast. whix;h:':did. not giv^ 
pient .time for ' rehearsal; > :- 
: . Luckies'. ilolly\v.ood : Paf ade . was 
proauced by Tom -Mc Avity. and ,Cy 
. Nathan,- flivd direcled -by Paul Muh- 
VK :iill::br:tlTfr^Lbfd.iK Thomas staff- 


I«fBjP Blue Shindig: Saturday After- 
; noon /Drew :.2!bt; AUa Letters: , 

NBC cites the receipt of: oyer 200, 
fari'. letters.- as prpvihg that there- 
must, be ' 'sizabje listeriing: audi-. 

ence :oh the blue ( WJZ ) link Satur- 
day .afternooiis.Whiat;.b^^ 
letters was an ' • 'NBCi; 'Emploiyees 
■Show' ■ which . went" . the network's; 
•rhv & 0. .stations the \^vyreekehd befoi'e 
last.; Opposition of this brie-timer 
was ' thb Metrppblitan QpVra broad- 
fast;; '--v. ''.■■'■:; :.'-•;:-■; .'■■.;;;.;.;.. ,-/ 
The quoted 200 . did libt - iriclude 
the response from, reijitives of the 
participating employees;. . Soine : of 
the writers thought that the iem- 
plbyee , sho w . btigh t. . to be; m ade a 
xegular .thing.; : . ;■ ;. ■■■: 


' iBatten, Barton... Durstine ii Osbbrh 
agency is holding ;, its ^ senVi-ahhual 
ihtra-organizatibnai meeting all day 
tbday :(\Yedh^day ) at the Hotel Am- 
basSadbrV N, Y",: About :;85 ;members 
of the Various bfTices in scssibn. 

7 For tiie fiirst time outside speakers 
:\vill be brought in,. Two will .bp 
heard, A. G. Neilson,. merchandise in- 
v.entbry. survey-taker of Chicago, and 
Robert J. Lahdry, radio editor of 
Variety, who; will again lead with 
his chin, ' ' ' ; , ■ - 

George Griffin on Quarter 
llr. f or M^er^Oil Burner 

George Griffin,' baritone, leads :-a 
list of talent scheduled to go On the 
air weekly . for Master Craft ; Oil 
Burners. Show, will 'gb but oyer the 
NBC bltie network, with the initial 
airing pencilled in for March 22, 7:45 

to 8 p.m, ,-■ :-;.--:; ■ : "i ■ >■ '[-i.:'' 

., . Verley.e ; Mil^s^^ Charles 
Paul, brgahistr Harry Breyer, . vibra- 
phone; and Dorothy Dresliiii soprano,^ 
are bthei* acts:. ; ; ; ■ .'■ 


■ : ^Twde optifioii in New York is 

■shoitx-^ ;i(is7 'aisplai/cd 

iiii/emt recent brdadca.v/.? " highly 
i-ornynended). \ -'■■^■r': .'■ 

Our Gang Offered 

. Mbllywobd,: March 1.: 
Hal Roach's Our , Gang is being 
oilered . f or rad io by William Morris 

Oltioe, \ - -.. -:.. . ;■ .■ 

V; peal ; would include stiidio facil- 
Uie.s, wri ters and di rector of the film 
sihoits. So far no takei'S. : . 

Philip Morris cigfjies - i.s li)bk inj> for 
a .third ■nptwork; , program 
ence.Ms for an .'idea' layout and the: 
jVr.bbdibiHty .is that Mutual will .get. 
the.-fehbw. .-' .;::■. .-' ->:.• .:■ -';' ;:-■;•■,:..■.-■■■: ^ 
... Two . -■ - c'l I r r:c ri t ; .Mp'r r i .-j ■ . pr b,!{-r a ni .s ; ■ 
'Jbhtiriy ]Pr.e.tie.nt)>.'' oi;i;. CBS^ Ru-s."? 
•Mgrgaif s ;;da'nce/ji\u NBC-red, 
will iteep. going; • ' ■'.y yy; ';' :^ 

Biow .a'iipncy, .NeAV" York; has been 
i i.oteryiewing ,e>^^^^ •for '.suoccs- to writer-prbfiuccr :Cha|ie^' Mar.-; 
tin. Frank . Rcddick-Jphn Lay, diicc- 
tbi''-writer' ;tcam, . heard w 
Jack john.stQne;^ author of *Buck, 
Rogers, air series, look-? inside- 
tracked for.; the writer : as.signinent 
V^'ith a 'director, still unpicked. •' ;V'-'-' 

Retirih.!? : director Mavtih^^^ off ,tb 
Hollywood : today < Wed. > for. Uni- 
versal . filni job, \ 

Weber That Action 
Be Taken Ajeainst 
Npn - NetWorlc StatidnsW^- 
I^eVeratge i9;;lJse of :|Untoh^ 
Music Vik Mechanics 


. Chicago, Mai-ch 1; 
. (General open; meeting for all 'sta- 
tions riot affiliated with the networks, 
is the proposal of James C. Petrillo, 
president of the GW 
bi-Musicians/as t^^ 
ing a settlement on the new record- 
ing license; setup' of . the. American 
Federatipn of Musicians. This pro- 
posal Was made by I^etrillo last week 
in a letter to Joe N. Weber, president 
of the AFM, '.'•;. ^ ' - 

it is Petrilib's; cipritentipn .that these 
non-affiltate stations ate most af - 
fected by the new AFM license on 
recordings . since these nbn-netwbrk 
stations are primarily dependent oiri 
platterizied entertaihnient for their 
transmitters. ' ' " ,; ■; ; '-'. .' 

As in the recent; hegotiatibns be- 
tween NBC iand Petrillo over the 
new musicians > contracti the , . clause 
which is- cphsldered the fundamental . 
item of the. license; agireiim^^ is that 
which refers to the .. servicing:; of sta- 
tions \yhich listed unfair to 
the 'American Federation; of - Mu- 
sicians, In the by-laws of the broad- 
casting agreement this is knbwn as 
clause 34.-.; ; ' . 'v 

' In the recording agreement 
is the - third clause,;? subdlyision. (a); 
reading as folibws: ."That the licensee 
will not sell, lease or grant .the use 
of any • phonograph or electrical 
transcriptiori recordings to any radio 
station, hotel, cafe or any other place 
of- amusement which the Federation 
considers .unfair to it or place any of 
them in a p<>sition to itiake .use;pf 
any such phonograph . electrical 

At the time of the NBC ne.gotia- 
tions here the. network . of ficialjs ob- 
jected to the clause forbidding the 
servicing' of shows to stations . de*- 
dared unfair, stating that it was' in ^ 
violatiori of the Sherman 
laws since it constituted a secondary 
boycott. Petrillo contended (and 
won his contention) that if the sta- 
tion declared unfair refused to use 
and hire AFM musicians directly iri; 
their pwri studios,; then the station 
had no right to the use of AFM mu- 
sicians ■ indirectly from other sta- 
tibhs on the network. ; 
; This clause is bringing abbut 
plenty of discussion, but; ihdicatibhs 
are that the AFM will riot change its 
determination to keep recordings of 
AFM musicians. off all stations which 
are declared unfair to the AFM and, 
.which therefore do not ' AFM 
members directly. 

., AFM recogriir.e.s, that it faces a dif^ 
fcrent problem . in- reachirig a settle- 
ment : \v i th . the nop - a ff i J i ate stations, 
siricie these butlet-s ; are -g^ 
small watters with little national 
oUtlobk; . Since they are a hetero- 
geneou.s, it.; ■felt;, that only 

ithroUgh open meeting can . ariy ' geti- 
eral plan be reach.ecl. • .- -7,-'. 

'Musicians unibh expecf.i.; .'every 
station tp^rhake some U-se bt riiu-; 

• sicia hs; and it; , hot, e xppPts to place 
the .Staitibn.s nf.»t.' using live talent bfi 
the. .Unfair .list, and l-hiis prevent rp- 
cording companie.s frPrTi siipplyi 

- those : .stations with ;i);iattprii:cd.:;en-; 
tettainment. Thus,, the c iy'K pC th e 
pnlif e AFM • po.vybi- b V. - . tlie Jion;-af- 
fiii'ate sta.t;ibris . is ; seen' <1S .resting. 
its.-i-icens;e agreembnt wilii . th'a.sbu.Tce; 
of the ; hpri-afriliates'-. ■ciUertarnrrictif, 
Ihe recordirig studios, '---.'-. ;...--' 

: . Likely that the ■-nicelins. - will- ; bb; 
held in Ncw.,:.'Vbrlc or Chicago; .wjth 
AFM prexy. Joe N/ Weber, and the 
exec board, expected to take ;actioTi 

;bn the .Petriilb rpcbmmcndatibn sorn.e 
time this week and call the inccting 
for late in March; 

Musicians' Humor 

Dick; Himbcr'.s musibian.s; 
frarned their temperamental ': 
maestro recently, just before : ■ 
one of his .iiUcky Strike broad- 
casts. by setting the 'clock , ah 

that . they suddenly 'dis- 
coyered' they had but two m' n- 

• utes ; to spare and three hUm- ; 
bers yet. to run pvefi To top' 

"off the rib, they staged a prop 
argument' with their ; leader 
over his temperamental ' out- 
bursts and a couple of the key- 
men ;puned a prop' walkout. 

Himber went for it and prac- 
tically fainted off the bandstand 

; before tipped off the, clock was ; 
:12 minutes fast. .---; - 

By 'Annoiiiieer on Duly' 

• ' T-;'' Chicago, March;!.; ' 

Agencies have veered, away from 
the simple mailing bf >spbt ahnbuhcb- 
rnents continuity ; to stations,' and- 
ieaving^it; up' to thie station to put it 
on as they; see; fit. Agencies [ and 
sponsors have found , that this , isn't a 
trustworthy system . in.' many .cases. 
With the: result that there, has been a 
.si»-bng tendency amorig agencies and 
advertisers to record these announce- 
ments so ■ as to make certain they 
will be produciid correctly ; instead pf 
merely being read off tonelessly and 
colorlessly by any statipn announcer 
who happened to l>e;oi.xduty. 

Frigidaire ■ has just produced a 
scries of 124 announcements through 
the. Lord & Thomas agency.; - 
■ : Also th* : Ri t firm has pliatteri zed >a 
series of special , ■ anhouhcemen ts 
through the Earl Lugdin agency, 
which brought in producer Les 
Weinrptt; to handle the, directibri on 
these blurbs; Both waxed ; at RCA 
Victor studios. , ' 


Hbllywood, March 1. 

"Two other ■ Coast shows besides 
Luckies also mute, th is month. Lehn 
& Fiok's Tussy musical, with Ivan 
.Ditmars ensemble and Ray Hen- 
dricks,. . yocalistierids;' ' ..; 26iiweek 
stretch March 3. ' . Bill Goodman pro- 
duced for William Ksty agency.. , 

Jeanette MacDonald wa.shes up her 
26 weeks with Vicks March 20 arid 
the Coast edition ; of, Open. .House is 
s h uttered for the sum m e r \ Program 
is spotted in .the east opposite Jack 
Benny. '/ 

Both are on Columbi 

Aiithdny's KFI Salutes 
Hemiiied-In Hometown 

-;■ Los Angeles, March 1. . 
,; Last : Friday (25) . more .than .600 
pairs of ears were glued to loud' 
sp,eaker.s on tiny Mackinac .island m. 
.Lake Michigan to listen, to .a .special 
.salute from station KFL Mackinac, 
is virtually ;isolated from ;the -rest pf 
the world this: timb.'pf year^ 

Each .year; inhabitants; await . the 
saliite from -KFi ifter;;Mayor^. 
Chambers issues hLs :;ijff;iicia;i;;prppla- 
ma.tipri;. The ; reaisbh: ; riaric C. An- 
thony; favorite son. of ;th;e; i.s landers. 
' ;viiw -been: born there;, is Owner' Pi^ 
KF1.KE(^ A. a nd d isiriblitor. bf Pack '-; 

■ . car.s^ for California. .No auto- 
it'Vobi Ics' are allivy-'ed oh' Iho. iKlariri,; 


■\' ■ ;/v ,.•■;'■■"-: . .Chicago, March .1. ,; 

; Wriglcry^ .i,- droppin.ti. ;it;<':.'ppul>I<,;; 
Kypvy Ihi iig' show : bh March 20, slic- 
ing 'it pfl the Colli itibi; web lal'ler: 
i:{-wcek tiallop. -;•• ■;-..- 
Will retain the Andrew' Si.steis-,; 
however, movini? them t(> the. 'Poetic 
Melodies' IS-miiuili; nightly trip.. 

. Herbert Rosenthal, mgi-. of the Co- 
lumbia' artists bureau, and Nat 
Abrarhson, head of .WOR's; talent 
book i ng office. ■ have; worked .'out i; ; 
deal whereby the latter. brganLzatibn .. 
;will fill air inquiries made; to CBS 
for ; club 'eritertairieti 
which calls for a split on. commis- 
sions, has tp be approved; by Law- 
rence Lowman, CBS v.p,, and Alfred . 
McCpsker, WOR prtrz, boUv of whom 
ai-e; currently out of the city. Moye- 
mcaiis the . complete withdrawal of 
Columbia from the club bboking ; 

field. ■ .• W-rr -;- ^^': ,;:(■';;'■: A [ 

\ inquiries to Columbia will hot be 
Yef^frred direct to the WOR Artists 
Bureau but rather to; the; Radio 
Quality Service Group, the former's 
.hblding:; Corporation', because CBS 
doesn't like the idea of having to tell 
a talent customed that it can have its 
needs filliBd li^^^ '; 
statibh, • The RQsb will take the 
order and pass it to the ;w6R 
Artists Bui'eau. '•' ^ :':';• 

C. L 0. 

....;.; .; . Philadelphia, Ma rch 1, 
; -Tuiie-but (campaign- against WIP 
was voted by the CIO here last 
"Thursday night. More than 85,(H)0 
Clb .members in ; this area are how 
; in the. process of receiving Instrijc- 
tions that -good Unionists* don't lia- 
tcn ;tb. the Gimbel-owned. station. 
Campaign results; frbm. the firing pf : 
Sahdy Guyer, WIP gabber, allegedly 
for uniipn activity. ; '/;.; / 

; New 'tune-put'; tack fbllows boy- 
cptt of the Gimbel department store 
voted: a month ago. Boycott arid 
picketing of the store has never been 
pushed,; very successful because 
of C 1(3 fears of causing embari'ass- 
ment to other unions woirking under 
contracts in the store. 
. Amcricah communications' Ass , 
ation, CIO unit representing all pan- 

clmeri and some ; gabbers here, 
charged this week, that Philly sta- 
tions, are making systematic; attempt 
to ;pick .pff; ori"e by. one* adybcates of , 
organization for the announcers. ' 
• . Joe'Kehbe, ACA organizer, claim-; 
cd that station managements have 
obtained possession of a letter ^sent 
out last September ; over the sigii 
turps' pf : spielers frpm 
outlol.s. and are now in - the process 
of ; firing the six. ;VSaridy Guyef, ipr- • 
fherly, of . WIP, and Allen ;Kennedyi 
late of ;kyW,, both ..of whom have 
been i;cccntly . catined; Were signers, 
of the .letter. : \-// ;' .;"••' 
\ A third ; ihker has been getting 
port ti n lial ly ; ; rcpr i rnandcd la tely ; a rid' . 
i.-> J ■ :.a :precaribtis position, Kchbe ; 
main.tained. ' ... ' ' " 

Willard Reiportied ;Loaith .; 
To Join CBSrNew York 

\A/';ii • ( Jo.sst WlHard,; Jr., in:,'r, ./>i;:. 
W JSy, ' : VV.aihingtpn,. i,< repJrled - ti>; 
h;i vo • bcjii .ofTpred.;;thp- job > -of as-- 
^iistaht.'to W ;B;;'Lowis;;CBS''y; .jx ati.d' 
director of ;brpa(lc'a.sts. ■ It i.^ ala;* un^:; 
dei;i;tpt)(i that Wi I la i.',d' ha.s; . p;iLpr;;.:.-$.c;!i 
a reluctance tb .ftiy'e ui> his Win-lviVuf- 
ton post and his home across the; tin 
jii Alexandria.' Vr . ^ . ; • -■; ;..- ■ ; •; 

' '.lPi-of^ssbi'-,Qiii.x.'- i<.;urt,)ii'4-;lhe, iiet-,; 
,W(>rk p)-p»|r'.MTi r-(e;i> • that oriiiina'ttri; 
at" W,jSV. ':.':;> ^ 


^ednesd^y, Mar<^:2, 1^38: 


' W/ith'i:rlc'.Rblfe'::: ' "- 
: Dally; $:3tf; ; 
■lYABC-^BS,: -New^York.i .• 

. . (Benton. & Bpwlcsy ; 
Pundit, (iai'tef . "id the f!ubter-> 
r.ineari puii of the -week when spe?ik- 
iDg.'of the ' sisters^^b Zoe of 

Albahja- arriving- h> the U..; S; • .A. 
They were^ .Jhe} .sai<J . coyly, hunting 
for 'husky' husbandsi ' And .husky 
husbands are reared in wise families^^ 
by rGai'ini* ^Huskies; ' If , . that . Glagsic ■ 
absurdity in'-conimercial advertising 
coiiy didia't . sweep ; -away, "at, least 
inoDientorily, .Carter!s prestigp -as ' a 
td-be>rtakeh-!3e;';ioUsly ' .:cd 
on rhajor evtehts, .'the aUsniGes : rnay 
count themselves extremely lucky'—: 
or .the>' Anierieah.. public ex'triErhely 

. 0'i.hcr\A^ise; it was -Phil.cblis .editorial ^ 
Svriter .writing;; - ■'em:., ' for. • -.Generai 
Foods. . With . a ..cei^taiih familiar.- 
unction and a kpack.fbf hialcirig folks 
believe he's. giving 'erh . a peep - be- , 
hind the. curtain/ He' went ta- town I 
on alle^Qd military . propaganda hCT i 
hind, the rerfeht spy- stories,- and th.e:, 
net result of what ho..^ said, iihd ■how., 
he said it, .must have:: ^beeh. un*. 
plcscant iistenihg to . the . General 

stt^f!. V: ^^):vn :■;?.:;;.■. ■v ^' 

■Carter :s6unded nervous and rnadfe 
cjuite a few tbngue^-slips . .on h'S ret-; 
■a^way. ■■- ;^;;;,,.:.-;v^-. I^nd..' ; 

Wiih'Fred'' Bailey--- 
Ititer.v.Iew- •■;:'•;;.'■■.:. 
'15. ;Miiis.---LQ!i!.al...: ■ ■■.-. 
-.Sustilnirig:'-''. .- ■■:■■ '■■'.■/-) 
Sa.tnrday,'-l2 -Napn:.;;.-. ■ 

-Double entendre idrid the .recent 
Mae West brand ;of : radip' , program 

-has nQ-^place in the Anri^rican homej^ 

. said; U. S. Sanatpr Burton K. Wheeler, 
of Montana irt an: interview oyer :this 

' indie .sffitibn, Saturday. (Feb; 26). - on 
Radio "Censorship : and . Washington 
Highlights in' dbrihectibn \.W.ith- radio' 
nao'nbpbly, .■'■.'-:■■-.; :■ 
. tip froth ;, the, NAB meet.' Fred: 
Bailiey station salesman. . :asked"^ues 

" tionS' :which had Wheeler sizing .up 
radio niono.pbly as . dangerous, :and 
citih.^ :' Russia,., Germany and .Italy. 

: under subh ' coriditiohSi .-He . . sees 
large :suDer-rpow'er stations: as. nrvoldr 
ing public ppinion,: a. ' dan'^terbus' as-' 
Iject. : Ether belongs , to , the people 
of the country, ahd. should stay, that 
way..., Supe.rViJbwer .stations are a' 

.■growing--mehaic^e. ■•:-.■■:.■■-::■■ 
-., - Massachusetts', is ask.'.h^ : for a Static 
Radio Corhmission. Wheelier \- said 
thatihe ddesn't ilikie them.. :BesidesV 
radio is a national proposition. :.. ' 
. He .believe^: that radio.tshould keep 

: ©tit of pblitics and expi^essing its own 
views, • such as ; rerenl. campaighs of 
John Shepaird, U.I.. Station, should 

. give . pro airidl :con . of . parties iihder 
Cjuestibri. btit station should -keep its 
own mouth. shut, Senator declared.: . 

■■ .Norm. . : 

With Ransoin. ShernianV.. Clatk Den^ 
, nls, Three .Rottieo.s,r . Bilt lltoinpson, 
. Betty Bennett, .Harry Kogeh O.rch.. 
Music; Sones; Comedy 
:30.Mins.; ■ ■■./•■•:i-.>:-..'.-^; ■.-..■":; ■. 
Sastainihg'. -' 
' Thursday ^; 10:30^ : 

J\xst a. little sbmething to : plug a 
hole in: the NBC Blue neitwork lineup 
Thjirsday nights; no.occiasiori for ex- 
citement... ;Variety:.sh6w- originating 
in Chicago is pretty ordinary- by any' 
standards: and sounds particularly so 
: at this time of night, after the kilo- 
cycles have for sbine hours' throbbed 
with; top-budget commercials; .But 
no point in kicking the scrub team, 

Ransom Sherman m,c;'s the festivi- 
ties, using ah pff-hahd» let's^all-be- 
one-big-happy-family style and (may- 
be intentionally), faltering delivery.' 
On ishoW -.cought; (2'1) :h6 offered one 
song, •As :Time Goes By.* Recitation' 
forepart, of: the nurhbei: was sb-so; 
singing portion pretty bad and the 
final recittitipn innin:g ultra hbke. • 
Three Rbmebs turned in a single 
Job Of harmony vocalizing, with -a 
comedy touch— ^about average. Claf fc 
Dennis, high: tenor, pushied the. ppr- 
sohality stuff oh 'Sweet As a Song* 
and Betty Bennett gave the low; 
dieep blues business to *Lbve Walked 
. In- .-r^bdth fair iehough. : '■ Bill , Thbnip 
son contributed a 'character comedy 

{)o.rti:ait, of ai :Iohg-. Winded; old rf ash-: 
bned :Irish: vaudevillian that was— 
" long- winded ahd^ old-fashibhed., 

Harry .Kogen's: band was accept 
able for; the, back^roundinig and for 
open and; clois^ bits. ; : Hdbe. 

No. feWGAU, Philly 

' Ever since 1922, when'- Wil- 
: 'iori .■ D.urham . directed activities 
. frorn -.; ' . packing-bbx 'desk- in-': 3;:,. 
' . loft over his fatheivS Tadio-parts,:' 

■shop,;. V\^CAUX ^picking; 

..'erh. up and watching 'eni :waft: 

.'aAvay. ;; ''^^-^-- -'r -' ■^■'■■ "■'^ 
■■■■ .'.Through it all, .four principal 
" " vWet'e prbYidihg namesr;:' 
. ■ toVb'e... ■. They.. ■■■ r ■Philly'iS-' - 
famed 'Curtis institute- of .M^ 

' tihe.Hprn jSf Hardart :Kiddy Hour 
■".^ .(possibly '•fif'S.t .of:kirid,-in. -- 
/•■trj!-.),. -a. weekly: jop.en „.h.bur;' .on' - 
Avhicfi- ahybody -Who. Wanted: to .- 
: ■■ try jonb voi ' thesfe ' ;new-fang^d,; .. 

rn ii^ro phbne ; ^th ipgS: . was- "^weli. 
• -'. cipme; and .the-: nite, sr»bts.- Ciirtis- '. 

pi^o'vided, v.from.::it's ' studeht- .list... 
-^^ Cbhrad .ThibaUlt, Hel^n .jepsbhi^^ 
. .Rose Baihiitbri; .Bbdainya ■: 

. land Etjgene Lbwerithal, .: now. . 
: -conductor, of :CiBS-''Chbir,:v;.\:.:v 

V, Kiddy "■■ riour sent; up : George \ 

Brairestbne, -hq'w ; in Hbljy wobd/ ,' 

■'.Nicholas ■Broth'ers,'.-^ony D-wyer, • 
; . ahdf -yEzra.-. Stpni^^j ■ G ■: ' Ab- 
-■;.l3ott*s h.^dyniah, .:■- :.■ y-:: ::'. ^' ,-: 

. • Best-kribwh, . bf ' the ' ; nitery" 
.. product, i^ Arthur. Tm 
;;. enjceed at the- Club.Iiido wh^en 

-you..- '.knocked tWjce .and- ..Whisr-.:. 
. . pered , .'Charley; • sent '. : me.'^ . G o- ; 
;'1ng:.dpwn. a list bulijed from ,the; .- 
■ 'open hbur' 'and - JMist vPlain. a.u- 

;'diti0nees> ".thiei'e- 'are . sueh . n 

• as\ Lyn M'litrayj of ; Bill - , and . . 
: Ginget, . three Keys, Showmen^ • 
; Agnes Davis; Jan Sayitt, Ruth 

CarHart,- .Shirley .Howard, : ;Ed-.;; 

:die Garr,: Ai . Berhie, Vihcent;; 

Traversi Guy Renney and Alex- 
\.andfer;Kelberin(i, -^.'v '-r^ '' '/ 

' .Daniel Boone for most- of this 
: talenV-was Stan Lee Brbza, ; prb- 
' gram director since 1923. Like; 

o.ther . scouts, ...however,. : Broza : 
. has one' select.-iist' aljoU^ ^ 

he just ; doesn't tialki included 
] on. it. is, Paul Douglas, Chester- : 

field's smobth gabber,; : whom . 

Broia canned Avith. those famous - 

last words: •ypti'll . never; m 
. an' anhbuhcer.' : 'Also, on; th^ : sc.- . : 

lect list is . .Jean ■ iSargeaht; Wh0 ; '■, 

\i?as JiBan Scull then, and^.%^^ , 

Brbz^ ; just cb.iildh'^ Too, 
.:there.s lid Rpeker; now cbast-i • 

to-cbastihg with^ T :and Pat,* > 

and . Irying, Grahani, ^clefier of 
vthie Score , .for. :Elsa> .. M 

hew.:: Broadway ' . ip^ 

>Whb's . Who,' V Carol. IVeymann, 
: and'/ "yesv Arthur !^ ; ■ .'■; 

; ' Of W touted prtf^- ; 

enyi Bbake Garter, WPEN ciah 
. say* : *He first; did English char- 
: actei; bits for. us.' ' 

Dialoff .-■ 
IS-Mins. . ■ ■ -■ . 

iially, ^:45 p.m< : 

"A squib on the Boake . Garter pro-, 
grah-j .just, ahead reminds listeiiers 
to slay tuned: in. for Lum and Abiie.r, 
employed, by another brand ih the 
Generai Fbbds line,.:; Both. -prbgrams -. gracious reference :tQ. : prior 
spbnsbrship; Ca rtbr prpgrarri ^mehr 
tibned Philcb by:.hamei-. PostUrh did; 
hbt iso identify i Hbrliek's, a rival 
.beverage, : but:. :.the .acknowledgment 
of .:pripr Vpbpuiarity : was geiaerpus 
epoUgh; under .circumstances. ::: : ..^ : 

■ Rural character opened - back . .in 
pine Ridge* .. Ark.V' their., mythical; 
hometown. , But. still talking about 
Hollywood,;. ; Talking .-'is the. .-.fight; 
word. , It's ■ .sheer gab. V'-^uite good 
for Jong-winded talk .without mvich; 
humb'ir . ah;d ' witli, ': pnj/.~ th.e . rustic; 
.vbcalism to set it uP. as ■amusefnent:.' 
; Under :'Horlick's the .tearri mbyed. 
their: :xesidehce. and their. plot to the 
film colohy. to the' cbnsequent detri- 
ment of -their .authentiGj'ty.:' Here,; fbr 
Ppstum,: they - pet. evGh deeper •. in 
trade," f^os.<in. TThey^ discuss 'Gone ^ 
with the : Wind' as -a :piossibie > ve,hicle 
for .their 'Pine' Ridge. :Motibn Picture 
Co.,: capital $i;106; .they allude;, tp' 
'In -; Old:-';'.;.an;d talk, about: 
burning dowh; :.Pine,^ Ridge, , Finally 
they exhaustively- explbre. the "possi-,; 
bilities .of- dnihic ;theif own version; 
of; 'Snow .White : and the Seven 
DwaffsJ !usin£f grown-up : dwarfs, of 
Pine Ridge; - ;..;.';.;.■ v .: v '' * •• ■■■ ' -' / 
, ; It's: hard -to ;beiieye that stich-: hia- 
.terial is "bell-rShfrervStUff : foir . a pair . 
of .Main Street ' hicks, ': 'It'ii.--,Wheeis- 
.Within^Wheels.' it's' Vihsidey,: :it's. the ' 
theatrical -" profession talking - itself;, 
it's .. expecting' sriiall town - apd- small 
time people to' be: familia;r with - the; 
table talk: of the BroWn JDerby."; No 
amount of simblificatiohV hb artful-ir 
and ..: .it . is^ffort-' to . translate - this 
theme ■., into, one i*yl lable vand blue-;- 
printed dialog, ; can. quite get urider: 
the,'tent;.- -: y^.'-:.'. \'-'''-y ^..-c '' 
. Liim and : Abheir . opened a ■ cohver- 
satipn... Postiim ' i woiild . do ^better 
with a' plot, in wh ich thin gs are hap- 
nenihg,; hot; being ; talked ' about. 
Beverage is: sold strongly as a. coffee 
.substitute... . Land. :■■-. 

jewel: COiVBOyS;-' -:■■:; 

30; Mihs. •-- ■..':. •:-:::-.•■■::■.. ' ;.' 
Sustaining : 
Saturday, 10.30 ai,m. \ , 
TV^BCrCBS,- New York ;., •' :■-;-?.•■.; 

WreIC, Memp'his,ieeds:thiS w 
suStainer to GBSj and in doing sO fills 
in with "a vairiety of semi?ihillbilly 
Ho wlin g . and ihstrumentatioh that is 
a'.cut aibbve subh stuff in most: of its 
local-stiatiQn: fo^m. ■ - ;■ 
Nice ahgie; On the Jewel Cowboys 
is that tiiey ;:hbyelize their sirigirig by. 
doing texas/stUff which makes for a 
Rio Grande flavor, , Some- bf the 
tunes art strictly Mexican with tango 
tang. : .1 Theit prairie plaints; .are 
standard. :;\- , -i 7 ^- "V- • - 

■ , Instrumentalizing is all good-. - A 
commendable local production feed 
to the' web. : • ■ Bert. 

BOB ; MARTlNE A-U ; '■ ';; - 
' .IS'.'.Mins'.— Loical . -, . 
WHALEN jewelry: CO. 

Dailyi'-l^-Nooii, -■ 
'TFTHT, : Hartford'; : - ' - 

Daily . I57rhinute ; vox .pop ^ follows 
tisual pattern of; C|uestiphs;.and; ah-^ 
swers with -asides thrown in. for, hu-' 
irior; - Questions used - art those sent 
in by ; listehers >ahd • are 'mainly cbh- , 
cerned With ; coritemtjorary , po J itics.., 
current cvcnt.s arid other like 
showing public interesVirt: those mat-;, 
, ters, "■;■ ■ ,■■•::■ .;'■:■.:■■- 
Laurea t. fBpb ) . Mai^tiheaU conducts 
the-: inter.views.' EWngS: in tfuite : a 
ifeW; plugs jfor the Whalen -outfit. Each 
. pcr!?bn who i^abs: receiye^ ,a pass to - 
'9 show, .sometimes: \tq. a grunt an 
groan: tiffair; ■-•- .-'"-''..■•.''■: n-'-'' 
- Oficritimes a person who doesn't 
krtbw: what , he is talking about but 
who, wants to ihipr-ess the: folks back 
.jin fcast Grahby , or Wethersfleld 
Cticks neck but and makes a saip 
of hiihself ahstead, . 

With Paul Leash's band, lEddie Mc- 
Grath, the Smoothies, Victor: Lini- 
.foot, /George St^rk and; Buddy 

:^■: Fields:: --y^-y ;.■'.:■;.;. 
Miisic, Songs, -Interview ;.. :;, 
30':RIinsw-!-Local„-; ■■•■- , 
Wednesday/2 pm. . ' . 
WW J,: Detroit . 

• With ^ :dea;th r. .'bf ; songwriter . Dick 
Whiting, who got his Start in Detroit 
years ago, WWJ worked uP a neat 
ether salute in ;his honor; ... 

Half ihour show included all 'Whit- 
ing's, pop: t'uhes.bpenihg and elbsihg 
.with his 'Till We Meet Again.' There 
were songs wiarbled by Eddie Mc- 
Grath, tenor, : who - helped Whi|ting 
peh tunes years ago, ahd additional 
ones: • by the : .Smoothies, station's 

Buddy /Fields: reviewed .Highlights 
of Whiting's career as glearied from 
their • intimate friendship, ;While Paul 
lieash's . : b^'nd turnea but more 
famous Whitihg tuhcs. as Well as one 
of his last nurtibers,. 'I'm ljike.a;.Fish 
out of Water.^ yiclor .Linfbot han- 
dled the -miC end. . ; Pete., 

Ciilt Lewis^ head of Parampuht's 
studio iadvcrtising dcpdrtmcrit, dis- 
cussed, oh a 'Hollywood; in Person' 
guest date, Viarious angles of pro- 
moting^ . and . .exploiting ■ .-pictures 
which are visually reserved fof , con-r 
sideration : within/ the .trade ahd its 
papers.' .. From . the..: industry's .vjew.- 
poiht, iewis* mp^t- ;sigriific'ant state-; 
ment wias:: 'We ' may . think Vw are 
great shakes out here;: but ; 80% of 
the bUlsines^ dbnB;Dh .pictures: is east 
of the Rbbky Mountains.' , 

Lewis hiade this declai'atibh 'in ex- 
piainihg why parambuhllisVmain ad-- 
vertisih^^officiis are' situatediin New 
York- City;: why the ;studio.::'depa.^t- 
meht keeps a-steady flow- .ot Rronip- : 
tibn material; - publicity stories and: 
exploitation , idea's streaming east-, 
ward; ; Lewis Then tionod -that Robert.' 
M: ;Gillen . is : geheriil directbr ,.bf : adr- 
vertisihg for Paramount, wUh head- 
quarters V, INew Yorkj although he 
;Spehds.- much ..of '^ his: time..; On . the 
;-Coast; ;■.,;;-- '■■::■.,'..!■■'.■■ '■,■ ■ ■ ■.--:-'■ ':',-':..- 
' Listeneris ' probably ; . found somcr 
What intere'stihg the speaker's stbry^ 
of: how specific -films like 'The Bar-. 
rier';:ahd 'The ; Buccaneer' were; ex- 
:ploited.7-v. .;;.■ ':';\.':;'.'",-.'/'-.:'v; ■.■:•': ■:' :'-■ ■.■ ; - 

■ -Elaiak^i/Sehartert is^- one Holly wbpd 
commentator Who merits -ai sponsor. 
She hits the east 11,15 on WJZ-NBC, 
for 15 minutes,; and dispenses' her 
stuff in a chatty;v casual' arid engag- 
ing mahner.- She has guesters. Past 
Friday, ; wlieh.: caught, / Fred ;Mac- 
Murray was ^the ' :particuiar : sateU 
lite; .MacMufray .paired ;his hostess' 
style :■; With . ah equally fetching and 
casually engaging crossfire :which — 
being a cuffo^means that it couldn't 
have :been rehearsed , much, hence it 
must .: be .mostly : diie to it .skillful 
script job; ,:.•,.■:.■•-■''- •■ ■,-•■.•-- 

That's probably; ' Mrs. Shallert's 
cbrttribUtibnv besides hWr own expert- 
style. She's the wife of EdWin 
Shallert, the L, A, Tihries' : film crick 
:— perhaps the best out there; The 
crosstalk .re y o 1 v e d cbnsidcrably 
about MacMurray ::and . Claude .Bin- 
ybn (nee Bang on Vahiety) beihg 
such ; palsy-walsies. They go duck- 
hunting together, etc.,. ahd it all 
stemmed from 'Gilded Lily' which 
BinyoH: authored as MacMurray-sI 
Paramount debuter. Good audience 
stuff, ahd it doesn't insult the 
initiates either. ^:''.' . ■ 


Guest with boh . Ameche, Edgar 

Bergen ' 
Sunday, 8 p.ih^ . y 

WEAF, New York 

(J. Walter .Thompson) 

'Holiday' stage play and film 
served to ernphasize new-distinction 
for ' Rosalind Russell in her brief 
stint Sunday (27). Taking .the rple 
of Linda;- tdrh between her love ; 
Don Aineche and the. respect for the 
latter. :as ..heri sister's ' fiance,. Miss 
Russell rang. the buzzer loudly. ...;; 
.;; Miss . Russell .got acrpsS i^^^^ of 
■personality. Also nad a brief to-do 
With : Charlie McCarthy, b•^^t, the disr 
parity, ..between ; the ,vtWp; was: very 
much: -in -evidence. Particularly be- 
cause the dummy's dialog wasn't up 
to .the usiial pair. .:-.; -■■;■.,;.■'■ ■ 

•Everyday Words*- 
-5- Mills.' - :, --; . '' '■ ;:■ ■; - 
Sustaining '■-.-: 
M-to-F; .8 a.m. . 

WGN, Chicago ',;'•■ v\''-- ;■"-.;'; ■;;- 

'Not likely that this, one :ha5 Ttian'y 
listen ers, beca use i t is u nlikely that 
the early morning fplk with take 
any time to lend lan ear to .this ;gal 
spieling abbut the .use : of words. Dull 
palaver . that ; Won't 'appeal : to kids 
men or women. ; It' might: strike the 
educators . as hifty material, but ho 
one else is going to cbo over it., , 
Strictly; a listener-chaser. Gold. : ■ 

With Eddiie Cantor 

Guest;-.,'- ■:-- •:' - '':,•■■■■;•: 
30 mins.; 

Wednesday, 8:30 p.m. . 
WABCi New York 

-; (Buchbndn) . ; 

;,. Joe E; Brown ambled up to the 
mike Wednesday : - (23), .emitted a 
multi-dimehSional; larrUp . from that 
yawning cavity which created a mild 
furor ambrtg . the; Brown fans, but 
that was all there Was tb ■ it. '; After 
his identifying yawn, Brown en- 
gaged in some inane banter with Ed- 
die cantor. Went over : the old 
friendship-of-longr-standing with the 
studio audience prbbably getting the 
only laughs when Brown bccasibn.; 
ally opened his mouth. His radio 
stmt, suggested that; he must be seen 
to be appreciated. . 
■ Cantor and Brown then did a bur- • 
lesque scene, from IMutiny oh the • 
Bounty,' which went better. ' 

Yiddish Commentator 
15 Mins:— -Local . . . 
Nightly, 9 p. m. 

WDAS, Philly • ::•:: ;- 

Nathan .; Fleisher's program . was 
started; as ;and' continues to be an ex- 
periment ' by mail-ordei^y- and its 
local . agency, Lavenson Bureau, to 
snare Jewish t.rade..:- First, and only 
Show, of its -type .•ieVer heard in Philly; 

Lirifiual; spieler's, aggressive com.- 
m.ent has built' up large audience not 
only among blder; less-Americanized 
inieriibers- of the race, but' among 
younger, Jews ";who understand but 
cannot', read the . language; :; Added 
interest in the nightly talks recently; 
of . cQlirse. due to -pressure on Jews 
all over the world. : 
- Oh 'show. : caiught, Fleisher dis- 
cussed Austrian situash.,l3ackground 
and ' pp.^sible Outeome ; to the Jews. 
Created slight sensation at Christmas 
•by urigihg. Jewish observance bf the 
holidayv but from: a .spiritualj ;not 
religious, angle. ■■■■■.. :■;-.; ■-;;-■. 
: Voice pleasing ahd - domhoand of 
language bi:oad and basic. Herb, 

Pahl Witff's recent NBC Spelling 
Bee between five members of Gene 
Kardos' Roseland Band, and ; thie 
siame number . of . hostesses at that 
terp. spot was good' Broadway pub- 
licity^ if not ;an. unusual, -demonstra-r 
tioh of spelling ability ; 'ph cbh- 
testahts' part. Mac Orenback, gui- 
tarist, won first prize of' $25, down- 
ihg ■ Marjbrie Martin on a rathel* 
easy-Wordk . -. ■■;;. 

. Edwin C. Hill selected a topic Well 
suited to his style .of commehtihg 
fbr the - leadoff spot on his Lucky 
Strike program last Wednesday ' (23) 
byei; CBS. Date was the. 50th anni- 
versary of the beginning of golf in 
America ; and Hill took - nearly • half 
his 15-minute Stint to tell the story. 
It was engrossing .yarn offering the 
spieler: ample . opportunity .for his 
characteristic word-painting; Windup 
about the, English cabinet crisis was 
phly. sotso... .As; he has: shbwh a 
tendehcy to do in the past,' Hill ^vas: 
overboard bri sentimental thinking 
and Colorful scripting; instead of 
hard-headed analysis; of the irivolved. 
question at hand. Commercials again 
went in for the ; testimonial . blurb; ; 
This time it was Dick PpWell who 
taxed the listeners' 'credulity. ■ . 

Gene .Lester, candid cahieramlah, as 
a gueSter on Rush Hughes' afternoon 
program over NBC for ; Borden's, 
gave '■ closeups of Jack . Behny, Fred 
Alien, Robert Taylor, Spencer Tracy; 
;Myrna ; Loy and Gladys jSwarthoUt. 
Taylor; said Lester, is a. pleasant 
chap but is : tOugh oh : Shutternieni 
He will pose' only in stock positions,;caridids: clicked when he is 
off. guard, and likes to have makeup 
bnT^the iattet.' because:; beard " ; so 
heavy. Benny, said Lester, is the 
easiest of i:adip topflighter.s to photo, 
being, at: eiaise .and natural under all 
circumstances, Allen ' is hard to 
snap, 'He may deny ; it, but I have 
an idea he is a shy •guy-^the lens 
makes him tighten up.' . 

Tracy^: 'a;; great actor .'^: always 
natural. Does npi: mind having his 
freckles photoed. ; MiPs Loy definite- 
ly dpeS. : Lester ;• said he threw a'way 
7? candid pictures because she did 
hot like them;. Statement oh - Miss 
Swarthout was ^ enigmatic-^'she takes 
better pictures; than you Would ex-T^ 
pect from looking through the cam-; 
era at her,' Lester had been cahdid- 
cameraing Hughes; who said he would 
tell • listeners when pictures were to 
appear. . - .. -' ;.':■;- ->■.;; 

;.Paul; IVtartin-'s- smooth:^ dahsapat-iOh 
out . of San: Francisco. on a hatiohal 
NBC .^hpokuh' ': ; well: -worth' broads 
casting to :the. entire nation. Martin 
has a unioUe orchestral setupi and a 
style that's different, jt should bom- 
mand" altentio;n .of big leasue calibre. 
The 3;' Cheers are the ,vocal v combo— - 
Hale, ' .Gary .^nd .'■ Hanna, and . very 
good. : • : '.'.... •.. .. ;;; ' -.-■..■■ .. 

Phil Baker's, scripters doing well 
by the Good Gujf.funster these hast: 
ipft Sundays. - His Charlie , Chan 
wisecracks are consistent, and the 

Frits Rfiner,. Wifttter Damrosch^ Jos* 
. and Anparo Itarbl, Lowell Thomas 
90 Mins. ■■■ 

Thursday, 9 p.m. ;■' ■ ■ 

Mbst Ncw York Stations : 

While glad to have contributed ' 
their bit to . the public serv ice te- v : 
quirements of the Federal Radio Act^ 
New York broadcasters are Wbiideri' ' :- 
ing--. 'Whether .. the shrewd ..tactical . 
stroke of the prbmotioharfblk behind 
the Greater New York Fund; Ihc;,. in . 
sequestering ah; hour and: a half of ' 
local radio's :;mpst - popular, listening ; : 
time on its ni6st,p6pUlar hight .is the / . 
fbrerixnnei" to frequerit like "requests.' 
If New Yorkers last Thursday ri ight '• 
.(24);wahted to hear the MGM-show, 
Bihg Crosby; Major Bowes or any of 
'their other weekly favbritesjthey h'ad' 
ho alternative but to fiddle around - 
the dial in . quest of thts sho.W. oh some ■ 
distant station and ia possible flock of " ■ 
static. ;;:- ■■•'.;;-■'•'':'■.. -/ .- .'-■.-.'..■. . " ■ ;■;'■■ 'r\ 

•For an -eVeht of ' its type . the 
GNYP broadcast Wais well handled. . 
Sandwiching th^ spepches .were; per-- ' - 
fPrxriances by the NBC Symphonv or- ' 
chestra. With Fritz Reiner and : Wal- ' \ 
ter Damrosch alternating oh the - 
podium, and Jose and- AhparO Iturbl : . . 
perfbrming as; a piano . duet; The' . 
Center theatre, one of thie John D. 
Rockefeller, properties irt Ridib City, ; 
served as the. scene for this meeting • ■ 
called; by the sbcialrconscious: sec-t -■ 
among big business to launch its re- 
furbished community . chest • idea. ; 
The speakers were Rpekefelicr himr . ■ 
;self, James 'G. Blaine, banker.; arid. > 
chairman of the fund, former Justieo . 
Joseph M. ; Proskauer and Ex-Gbv. ; 
Alfred Ei'Smith, while Mayor Fibre!-' 
lo LaGuardia and Lowell Thomas 
functioned as m;c/s; Thef.campaigri, ■ 
designed to gather $10,000,000. from 
corporations, businessmen arid em- 
ployees, starts in May. ; ,';' 

Speeches were not without a politi- ' ; 
cal tinge. Judge Proskauer put in a 
word of defense for big buSine.^s and .; 
their votaries, while, Ne W Yorlt's :f or- ' 
nier . governor ; assailed v demagogueg ; 
and assured his listeners that co^rpo- 
rations are nbt : as. cold .and hard- ■ 
hearted as certain quarters Wbiiid 
have them believe. . Odec. .' 

prolongation of the pattern is worth- 
while.- 50 long as the material holds 
up that way. The quaint Oriental 
proverb mOtif, coupled : with 1938 
argot, is well attuned to the Baker- 
BeetlerBottle routine. 

'■• George Jessel's pseudo-explanatibh 
to ; Judy; Starr what - ah : oldtime 
vaudeville. shb.w was like shaped Up 
as a better idea on paper thah in iis 
execution. Smith and . Dale's Him- 
garian Rhapsody sketch was the; 
comedy, piece ; de . resistance - and : 
Piames such as. Sam Harris, Max Gor- ; 
dpn,;. Bob Milford and Lou Sidney 
were a'dlibbed for the, locals, ;; 
;_ In between the strenuous diaie'cti .', 
hokum, had its in and ;out moments.; 
. Jessel worked valiantly throughout : 
in the comedy animal - opener; ..the • 
Bert Swor routine, as ohe bf the 
quartet with the eonclUding parody 
harmony to the Avon .Comedy rou- 
tine., and; for the final reprised: 'My 
Mother's Eyes.' .■ 

It did ; demonstrate what oldtime 
vaudeville Was like,: but unfortu- 
nately for the sentimentalists they 
will have to admit that the - sample, 
didn t particularly; flatter the original. . 
Viewed today, in the abstract—hah-- 
dicapped, of course, , through , only 
the aural appeal-^it may prove anew 
just what was the matter with the . 
old vaudeville pattern. For truth to 
tell,,urtder- its more .. modern rtiicrb- 
phonic adaptations, the recen t paira- 
phrases have been much more 
palatable. ■■:.- 

. Robert Ripley's program last Snturr 
day (26) ; dramatized two incidents,' 
both basically similar and both hard 
to credit. In one,: Ripley passed the 
buck for authenticity to Tom Ter- 
ns, travelog director, ; who;: narrated 
his version bf the missing wife found 
a generation later frozen in ibe. 
Ripley's alibi, the 'or np,t' part, of his 
title, is perfect, Of course, but better 
authentication, • more details and - 
dates Would certaihly strengthen the 
show, as their absence, creates doubts; 
■ If (he Ganadiah iiride was suffo- . 
cated while playing hide-ahd-seek, 
why not mention, where and when? 
Ahd if Tom Ter ris ; j ust happened to; 
be makincf pictures ih a fembte- part 
Of New Zealand, why hot. the year, 
and more details as ■ to the ciicurii-.. 
Stances? , :; .;.-■;- '- ;■ ... ■■- ,,..;■;, -• 

:Ihcidentally, that one about the: 
bride being. -suffocated; is a" draritiaiic 
wallop; But . as a parlor leschd it*, 
been around; for decades. " Was told 
in New England af least 25 yeai;? ago. . 
but without calling the Unhappy 
bridegroom a French baron. ~ ■;.;-; ; ; 
. Hardest, to sWalloW; was the anti- 
climax. Wheri 32' years- later the . 
baron, an old mah,.'fourid the skeleton 
. bf , his rriciissing- bride in- a chest, the 
le.cral ;steps, necessary to .settlement 
:pf her ieistate (why not bfficialTv- dead : 
after; Seven years?) disclosed that, his 
had actually; married his own .<ister! 
Rjpley tosses this out and then durks . 
behind his 'beHeVe it or not,' It's 

too much. ;; : ; ; :■;;;;■;.■•-:-; . ■- ".■; 

Ripley is'a;g'ood Shbwmah and -hc 
puts bn ;a good shoW. But the • e>- . 
.•ience of his appeal'is believiibiUt-y. ; 
And these two stories, as handled, 
asked more credence than ' adults: i fl;= ; 
general can ;sUmmOn on anyone's 
mere sayrso. ■: 

^cln«;sd«i7v MBtcli 2^ 1938 




''. Chicago, March i^^^ 

V Duplicatioh'^- :bt .talent' wJiich Val- 
ibcated mdst: ot .the vojces <in p'rb- 
grams to>4 sniaU handful .;of.: pet- 
iormers is beirig broken , down in 
GHiGago.. In this; towh, where , m 
" daytime script shows, are. prp,duc^d 
lor nationai consumption, ihany pro- 

■ duccrsvhad faileri into thie easy habit 
ot ■ iising tlie isame \ voices; over - and 
oyer agiain for all . shows, with; ith^ 

■ result that . programs had a sameness 
of voices, , tone qualities arid . tphsil , 

this sameness; b flagrant 
that squawks came in from the 
listeners,' the' stations^ the sponsors 
and ianally the agehcies, in the ordbr 

< : jiamed; This: has -led; to a: Ae\v(^:<en:- 
deaVbr -ori thb part -ot producers here 

.. to se^k out hew talent^ia^^ to try. tq 
get; soihe.^ freshness ,into , th«ir .pro-, 
grams/. ■ 

Producers Ideally have: frpin . time 
to time recoiinissed the tendency to 
duplicate thfe -same talent on shbW 

• after ;ShQVir.;but; h try new;; 

. . Voices, bspeeialiy. when dealing with 
Bgericies and jadvertisbrs no.t familiar, 

. 'witli the Busiries They felt that; if, 

: they liped^ a standard; name they; 

' couidi..QVei*come any objection; pnrthe 

V part of the. agency or advertiser , by. 
pointing out that the particular per- 
former bbjected to was also Oh such- 
arid-such and the so-.ahd'-sb., program, 
; ahd therefor-e, must be good. It was 
a case of follow-the-leader, with pro- 
ducer B; using Maggie Zich just be- 
tause producer A used Tier, 
Mass Audition 

. -To handliB the auditioning of new 
people there is under discussion here 

■ ^ .the rpbssibility of ^ne general audi-, 
."tion ' weekly for ; ail producers^ in- 
,.«tead of having the producer^ indi- 

vidiially listening to the ;entire list. 
- .this is figured as waste effort; with 
•. many hopeless ^voices! getting audi- 
tions from producer after producer, 
; where; a general audition for. all 
r .prbductioh: iTien in ' Chicago would 
; €iUm[iriate,. the chaff f rOm the wheat 
in one sweep. ■: If the general audi- 
tion plan should gb through, it will 
, ; likely, be held on Saturday forenoon 
■ yhich is. generally free of cohimer- 
. cial script, shows,; thUs permitting the 
attendance of : the . great majority of 
: . producers. ■ ..'^"..^ i ,"; "..^'V 


WOR special-evented a mike 
visit to the old folks' home on. 
Welfare Island, New ; York. 
Orch,. • composed- of • residents, 
played between spiels by . the 
WOR gang. 

Jsland musikers were un- 
familiar; with broadcasting and 
kbpt picking Up land handing 
back the continuity sheets 
which the visitors let flutter tp 
the floor when the lines had 
been read. ■ 

AmehcaQ Sto?e 
Hollywood Food 
Waxd by^F^ 


Mag Ed 

: B.B.p. & 6. is placing the third of 
a series of transcribed quarter-hour 
shows within the ; space of a. few 
"Weeks,^ Latest account that it has put 
into spot broadcasting is the Ameri- 
can Stove Co. It's a Hollywood gos- 
sip, idea, dealing : niainly with the 

.' stars' 'food secrets.^ Delight Evans, 
editor of Screenland Magazine, will 

. do the tipping off. 

: Chatter, platters have already been 
booked with WSB, Atlanta; WTAM, 
.Cleveland; KPI, Los Angeles; ^CAU, 

: i'Philadelphia; '^ KDKA,^ Pittsburjgh; 

1 KOIN, Portland, Ore.; vKMOX, ^ St. 
• Louis; -KGO; . Sah '.. Francisco, and 
KOMO, Seattle. Starting date is 
March 17. ; " \ v;- ; -; 

.• : Other two waxed prograift ideas 

•; recently; developed by B.B.D. & O. 
are 'The - Heart of Julia Blake' (Arm- 

. strong; cork), and 'School for Wives' 
(Pyrex). ■ !-: ;■. V. . 


■ ■ Scribnct's' and;: Esqu 
.have, given permission to the WPA 
■ radio project to .drartiatize stories 
' Avhic.h have appeared in the pages of 

the mags. ; Pubiication's, in giving- the 
. 0^5- gratis, expect only the plug on 
T the ozone. Editors contact -the 

authors involved and clear them also 

if possijale. . - ' /; \ - v 

. Program will be labeled 'their 

Greatest : Stories' and starts bver 

Won and Mutual Sunday (6 ). Will 

ride weekly, 8-8:30 p.m. - 

A split network commercial, akin 
to the George je$sel program, starts 
on CBS March 7, with the Brewers' 
Cooperative Radib Ass'ii undeir\vitr- 
ihg. Each key - city will plug ia /dif- 
ferent local brand, in New ;York it 
will be Trpmmer's, ; In; all a . dozen 
different beers will be plugged over 
the 36-56 network hookup. In Phila- 
delphia ; and Clevelaiid, thet Glass 
Container Assn. will sponsor. ;Six 

outlets are as yet unsponsored. the 
CBS link starts with 36 stations, then 
when time is eieared gOes'to .44 links 
two weeks later, and finally to 56 
stations^ when more; time is cleared 
the beer that services New England 
will embrace the jnost outlets, about 
five in alL ,: \ ■■' ..■';/-.': ,'.'\ ^'^ . 
V Show is headed by Dick Himber's 
orchestra, Lou Holtz, Kay thbmpson 
and. ted Husihg; 30 minutes iti length. 
Agnes Moorehead. and a trained 
seal,. 'Ceceiiia,' rose also on the show, 
the seal will stooge for Holtz, whose 
material will be ■ by Billy K. Wells 
Husing. . will review the ; week in 
spOrts. : U. S. Advertising * the 
agency. . :, \.; 

■ the 8-8:30 p.m. grooVe will come 
on the heels of the new Edd ie Can- 
tor-Camel show, although that doesn't 
start until March 28. 


barking on Radib Departs 
xneht £ X pa hsionr-r-Influ- 
ence of Bentoh iSeen 



; V V Hollywood, March J,' 

' Maybes of the .fall .include- -radio; 
programs, now laid ; Out . oh paper, 
;\Vith : the foilovying talent combina- 
tions:; . ; ■^:.:..v;:',.. -' " - 

.vDeanna burbin supported by Leo 
Stokpwski a la *106 Men and . a Girl,' 
Dick Powell and Joe E. Brown. 

. Groucho and; Chico Marx. J; 
Bill Bacher is connected ;with .all 
of these; -proposals' as prospective 
producer. : '." 

. : ■•; . / Cincinnati, March 1. :; 

Dropping of the Crosley Radio 
Corp! tag froni • jstatiort identities in 
time breaks, '&nd 'pr^ pre^cntar 
lion announcements is a new -rule on; 
WLW and WSAl^ effective since Fri-, 
day (25).- ■ .-'v.-.'-;-.. 

Only air .labels now ;uscd wi 
•call letters are the 'nation's station' 
tor the super watter .aindVCinCiiiriati'? 
own -statioii*- for" WS AI: ■ .•' : 

Jeanne Craig Joins Blair 

./ Mrs. Jeanne Craig, widow of Nor-, 
man Craig, .pioneer among, station 
reps,' is hoW in the.'New" Yorkroffice 
of John Blair & CO. She recently 
' dissolved fier , partnership in Craig 
& Hollingberyi . 

. Blair has been designated national 
representative .for station WJAX, 
Jacksonville, Fla., effective March 1. 

... ; ;; ; Chichgo, March .1; 

• New de.-jl in radio policies has 
been ; created for the" University oi 
Chicago by prexy Robert Maynard 
Hutchins, who; several years ago 
gaVe. - thie- 'UniyeisH^^ new deal in 
educationial 'i brihtilas by . juniciiig ,thie 
old -system pif grades, .ciass-wbrk,.'ad-:; 
vancemejiti; etc. Clearly seen, in the 
new ; setups . aside from. Hutchiffs' 
role, is the hand. of Wijliam Behtonj 
ex-chief . of • Benton & . Bowles ad 
agency, ' arid- now vice-president at 
Chicago University; .;'-" '^ y 

While the new , ether .creation ;as; 
yet Jacks clear definition, it promises 
to have - its jtiaiin; direction^ .in;^ 
ting, advertisihgrlik'e. vtechnique and 
pep into the prograhis. ' ;Hutchin's 
and his educational stamping ground 
have long coritehded that the, radio 
policies of the educational 'world in 
general are toO feeble and anti- 
quated to be of any use. Conse- 
quently '' within . thie past . f e.w • days 
the ■ • following m eves ' haVe been 
made: . -'.'^ . ' •-';-;' 

; 1. Charles (Chuck ) Newton, 
formerly group copy chief Of the 
J.. Stirling ; Getchell ..'advertising 
agency, in New York, has. been ap- 
pointed" director 'of radio for the 
university at a salary reputiedly set- 
ting ."a iiew high fb'r;' Su<ih a non- 
commercial post. ' 

2. .''Nancy Jane Kennedy (Mrs. 
Chuck Newton) has been, named as 
pronribtion director for radio. She 
hails froni: the promotion department 
of time ; magazine. 
; " .3. Profs currently spilling thieir 
views of the Univer.sity Rqundtable 
network sustainer from Chi Uni- 
versity: are being paid for their ver- 
bal efforts at the rate of $50 apiece 
per program. '. thiis innovation b 
revolutionary in educational circles, 
Barren'. Field ' 

: Newton has lately been surveying 
the -radio policieis of the educators, 
ahd'riike; Hutchins.. and Benton, has 
arrived at the conclusion that . the 
field is practicaliy barren .of ideas 
worth copying. Whole new setup 
will be talked over, and put into 
operation. . GhiCagOj unlike several 
other univer.sities, has. no radio sta- 
tion of its own ■ but depends on time 
allotted by the commercial fratierhity 
in Chicago. . the xmiversity belongs 
to : the University Broadcasting 
Council which, in aS pool, has: barir 
died, the radio end of the major uhi- 
. versities , . :i ri the . ; Windy ; City,, but 
with the new setup ' on tap, it begins 
to- look as though Chicago may pull 
out of the pool and launch; its own 
course single-handedly. ;; .;' 

Charles Newton is ; turning in ;his 
resignation as Getchell group copy 
chief and .exits on Saturday (5). 
With Mrs. i^.ewtpn . he; ■■will- embark 
on that -date for a. short Vacatipn in 
Bcrnauda, follpwing which the. Chi- 
cago tenure begins. ,'[ 
-. - Ni^wtpn, befpj-e ' j.binirig the Getch- 
ell .setli p, - was ; radio d i rector for H. 
W. ■ Kastor & Sons Co. 

;-'.■; . BufTalo, March 1. . 
. , threatened ';Vioioiice •: at BiifTalo's 
.town . Meeli? i g ' .o.f . -t h e'. A i.r ' o n . Satu'r- 
day (26) -failed to male.riaiizc;; Thtf 
tppjcy '. 'Can. ■ ' ;ConimUriis.m •■ Help 
.Democracy • iiv America?' had led to 
considerable - prc-nriocting; ."..conlrp- 
v'er'sy. there •'•'ivc'rei' ; rumors . . that- 
'rhem'bers': of . the American' . Legion 
would hal.t the •se.<:;sian. -. if a Com- 
munist were al 1 o \vcd tp tal k; ; ■ ; - . ■,' ■. 
. -:Bilt--tHc-only,-i).riUsua^ 
the expul sion ol one especially loiid 
and pbsli'eperbus Communist who 
wasi iih fact, asked to leave by mejn- 
•bers. of .his ow.n party,. Cpmmuniim 
angle did drayv out the largest town 
Meeting . aud ieh ce of the season. 

Titled Cuffo 

W.k. vocal teacher, unable to 
oblain tickets to any of the TosT 
canini ' broadcasts, '■ '■ addressed '. 

- personal letter to David Sarn oif , 
chairman of the NEC: board, 
signing her . married, name, 
which icarries an Italian title. 
Reqliests; f i-om nobility are .evi-; 
dently rnusts, as two tickets ar- 

; 'rive.d. by. special derliyery - in the 
return inail, .with the; personal 
conipliments pf Sarnoff. 
Wpman is 100% American. 


. Washington, March 1. 
Internecine war between labor 
unions may: be carried direct . tb 
radio ; listeners via a new program 
Inaugurated , bvet WOL Saturday 
(26) .. ;r ■■ •■■;:"■:- •' : . -..■ -' : 

Year-rlong cbhtfnct^ tor. IBrrninute 
weekly chats on labor news deyelOp- 
niehts of the week - debuted from 
WOL and , piped to WEVD under 
Sponsorship' of the American Fed- 
eration of Labor. Re-enactment ;«f 
happenings of. interest to the wage- 
earners froni the seat of government 
was; .supplemented; for- the: opening 
by a .45-ininute series of talks by 
labor . bosses and " friendSi with 100 
prpminent guests Witnessing the 
spiels.- Principal speaker was Frank 
Morrison,; ;.ve.teran . secr.e.taty of the 
Federatiohi : ' 

Program, tentatively booked oii 5.5 
stations, via transcriptions. 

Supreme Court . M O ccgort- .•hns. 
ruled against a siHt -for d'artiaSe.s-, tirr,.. 
the grounds of conspiracy, to dciiime^. 
brought ■ against KFJI, ' Klam.nlh 
Falls, Ore, , by a woman who was a, : 
Witness for the state in murder 
case. Station had open mike in 
the courtroom . foi: remote; pickups 'ot 
the trial. - . 

; Defendant .in;; the;- suit; alb^ 
KFJI was; Circuit Judge Edward V,; 
Ashurst, who sat on the bench dur- 
ing the case and who o.k.'d the pres- 
ence of the open mike.; : -, -.-■ 
\ ■ Woman ; based .'her . claim -becaus.e ; 
part of her testimpiiy revealed she 
had used '. narcotics . under medical 
care when ill "years ago. . ,, Supreme? 
Court : ruling, -madfr'-^^a^^^ 
mike presence was the same ; 
newspaper : representation and -had 
same right to present to the pUblic; 
.what occurred at a public triaK ; 

American Bar Agspciation has been. 
Spasrnpdipally sou'ndin 
. radio pickups of criminal^ cpiirtropin - 
trials;-. AssoCiatipnperipdically^.s^^ 
brash tactics of 'ispme types of .news- 
papers,, also. ; '-''.:: 


. Sanka Gpffee has renewed for "We 
the People', (CBS) th rough Young ic 
Rubicam fpr another., six, weeks. Ex- 
tehsion will keep the Thursday eve- 
ning show going until ;May 12, which 
will have .given the show -32- weeks 
for the current season. :• : / . 
- Program will stay on the shelf 
until early in. Septernber... when it 
again will .be '■ spotted on. Gblumbia' 
under the Sanka banner, this start- 
ing date will: be five weeks earlier 
than the one which prevailed for the 
current run. 

numbering 85b pcrsbhs, many of them 

■:.Samuel A, Abbott, Cbnimiinist: or 
ganizer fbr Erie County, pre.sented. 
;his party's point of view ' ' a 15- 
minute . talk : and, ^ wa^^^ followed by 
Prof. John t. Horton, of the Uni- 
versity pf Buffalo department . of his- 
tory ;ahd goyernmejit, whp argued 
democracy's side. ;. . ; 

town Meeting has been on WBEN 
si ncc iDecembe r : a n d i s; ; ; p;rtternecl 
after the America's, town /Meeting 
oh NBC. , .;P'nly an; ' houi".^ was pro- 
vided for the broadcast, but the 
q.Uef$tion and. answer .■;pcr.i,od.vb 
so heated -it Was ■extended -long after 
the", ai i:.. t i fn c. was cx h a u.slcd. . 1 1 Ava s'e poi^trbrbndcb.';! 
that one . oi [ ihci Cbrnmurii.'t . syiri- 
pathizors .Wfis asked to ]C;iv(;. .'• .-■ . : ■; 
.'. Spmc'.memToc'r"^; - bf 'tlie, romnintoc 
for. the affair becjimc s\ lie jittery 
when; ' the ..prqrbi^Gfidcri.vt.'rui'no^ 
ga ri' to ;:floa.t. ■ . They: f ru . :tli C .*••(''?;:-.: j- 
Siorj. might c'bd'up . Ill .'I'vibt iw ht\<}-:i y 
meeting . of; the^:m■]^wtnciln '] 
bund- here"- -wc'ek- boforer t-----.v^--- 

One iriatc .ariti«C,oiiin:>i'.f^'^t. php'ncci 
to denounce tiie Sben; theatres because 
the m.cieting ..iield; ' the., old. 
Shea's Court Street, ■ '. (hv . city's 
top; vaude house blit now dai k ex- 
cept for special bcciasions;. . .-. ' 

Contmue; NBC^CBSMerge 

Negotiations ^between' the Amerf- 
can Federation of Radio Arties and 
the networks and advertising agen- 
cies are; reported niaking 'steady 
progress' toward • agreements. Hud-/ 
dies with ; the' networks liave: 
reached the stage of discussion of 
terms and prices. AFRA sMbmitted 
its proposals : in writing 'ahd^ after 
some stiidy. • NBC arid CBS spokesr 
men- offered a . set of proposals, they 
were turned down and the matter 
•will now proceed with" further dis-. 
cussions. ..'. .;:'.; 

After receiving the AFRA pro- 
posalsi the agencies sought a couple 
of weeks delay to make a survey: of : 
the situatiph/and^ query their merri- 
bers. Exipected Ihe two groups Will 
^rheet again this. week. Although no 
agreement is yet in sight, the rela-. 
tions between : the . two groups are 
said to; have remained friendly and 
'sOme progress' is defihitcly; stated 
to; have been made. . . 

Negotiations . committees : repre- . 
renting NBC and . CBS are now 
meeting jointly with the AFRA 
reps. ■ .Explained that .since Identical, 
terms will be reached in :agreerhentsi; 
with both and ;that sirice the two 
networks' officials would' pbvibusly ,, 
confer on the matter, it was. thought 
siniple.r and quicker to meet; iri 
unison, there is np set schedule for 
the huddles. . Either side calls orie 
'when it.has considered, a proijb.sition 
from the other and is ready to re- 


..-'■ Philadelphia, March ;1.. 
Boake Garter, ? who. ' switciied tb. 
General Foods spb'nsbr.^h ip .last night ' 
.fMbnday) ;is doing .his /ilst < two - ; 
wocks-of.aiiring right- urul.or the rip 
o'f.;,GF, ■agency,, and CBS execs in ' 
New - York;' tb •prcvx^nt . rcpciitiort :' 
implCasbht- incidents/ With Ja 
cpntly.'. • CF; slightly jittery about 
Carter sp-rin.sor.vhip ah'i^v/ayj with 7.-t— : 
ru.vnl of CIO .U) lift-lho Ihrcnl ol a : 
bfjycpl t -a/iai nst Ihcni oi). Carter '.s ■ ac- 
count. ' .-■ ''■;■■■' ".- ■. .[ '., : ■':.- ■. 
fiiitor- ■ -■ y,- ill - 'ro.";.u.m^^ li's airingis .:; 
frnfb .<:l (idio in his homf; i ri f-'tiHurban'' ' 
I'J.iiily after first coupla \vccks; . .; 

' 'torn Mi.x•.:Sti^l■lgl^ t-.!5hbotcrs,' .fiv.e^^ 
arwceker ici.fl-atjpeal. ' thriller, fades ■ ''. 
o-ff- its .sprr.'iil of 22. ^J'BC-W up. stations'. /--^ 
with': the 'MjirOh 25- brpadc.-i.^t. - ;'.' ; . ' 

Ralston ■ iccrcni ) .spon.sors. Gaid- • 
ner agCtvcy handleis th!e account. ; ' ' 



Wednesday, Marcli 2, 1938 

Rildio Publicity StiD Shnt Oit Of 
Most Dailies; Columns Oaij Chance 

Radio publicity continue* to be 
hard to place in most newspapers 
which are still feuding with the 
ether; Ther - are, however, several 
newspaper ; columnists who write 
ether ciiatter exclusively, but most of 
tho-m use diyersifie.d rnaterial some of 
which touches on radio. 

Associated Pres.. has, Charles 
BuUiM'fi'jld writihg oiie such column. 
Diaty Doyle of the, N...Y. Jourhal- 
A>n\erican syndicated on Sunday to 
the Hearst chain. . Jack Scher. N. Y, 
radUy columnist for the Detroit Free 
Press Sunday supplement, does a 
Screen and Radio Weekly, for the 
Detroit paper which goes as a sup- 
plement to 27 papers. Virginia Vale 
does a screen and radio column for 
Western. Newspaper Union which 
goes to i^OOO newspapers. Another is 
IV^aurice Merryfield, who does radio 
features from Cleveland for the 
Central Press. Norman Siegel, radio 
editor of thei Cleveland Press, re- 
leases through NBA and is used by 
about 80 papers. 

New York newspapers are very 
wary of handling anything tfealing 
with radio publicity. The Daily 
:N.ews will run a fezture occasionally 
on. a ' acio personality {sahs direct 
mention of radio. Daily Mirror runt 
nothin.i; on raiio outside 6f its radio 

i>lumh. N. Y. Post will occasionally 
talce an exceptionally/good story, but 
U.t World-Telegram has practically 
aji unoflficiai: law against using radio 
features, as ha.s the Scripps-Howard 
chain-. Exception to this is use of 
Norman. Siegel's feature on Satur- 
days, by ; Wprld-Tcily. N. X . Sun 
touehcji . very little on radio.' but ;ftve 
N. Y, dailias, the World-Telegram,: 
.Journal-American, Post, News and 
Mirror have daily columns. Sun. has 
droppod its Saturday column and is 
now using technical, stuff instead. 
Also uses one drawing a .week of a 
radio star. 

Understood that agencies consider 
a break in Alton Cook's column in 
the N .Y. Wbrld-Teliegram the most 
des;rsble locally, outside of a lead 
news story; 

Pays the Rent 

station in Missouri week, 
carried the following schedule 
of a.m. programs: 

9:45-10: £)r. Caldtcell's Sj/nip 
of Pepsin. 

10- 10; 15: Kruschin Salts. 
10:15-10:30: Sustaining.' 
10:30-10:45: Fem-a-mint: 
10:45-11: Sustaining. 

11- 11:1.5: Calif: Syrup, of Figs, 
11:15-11: 30: , Rapid Service, 



! Roll-Tour-O wn Trying ; Transcrlp- 
' ti*n9 In Southwest ' Ares Only 

Chicago. Feb. 22. . 

Aj • class, show, business press 
agents deny any but an alcoholic re- 
lationship to their radio brethern. 
Since a network press releas* 
('George Doughsnapper, leading man 
of 'Babe ' Distress' serial, save* 
door-knobs as a hobby').. was held up 
as the ideal of radio press work, 
show business, p.a.'s have scorned 
radio p.a.'s pirofessionally. 

But the radio press agent gets that. 

1 way because he has to be so careful; 
I How would it look to say the pro- 
ducer of 'Babe in .Distress' hadn't 
learned to use a stop-watch' until- he 
was 39, and isn't sure of himself 
even now? 

Or that the owner of the station 
'(the man who. listens to a program; 
says he enjoys it, but that it's above 
the level of the radio audience), 
brags about, never having gone to 
high school or read a book. 

.Or that the . . Ingenue hadn't 
dreained of becoming an actress until 
she met.the sponsor i week before 
the program started. (It was fate. 
She was standing, waiting for • 
bliss, and there he was! . .driving 
slowly along.) 

After all, there Is somethinf 
fetching about the ; line 'George 
Doughsnapper, leading man of 'Babe 
in Distress* serial, saves door-khoba 
M • hobby.' Maybe the teoffing 
abow business press agents didn't 
read it with enough understanding. : 

Bull Durham, roll-your-own prod- 
I uct. of the American Tobacco. Co., 
I moves into air advertising for the 
j first time .with a wax campaign 
' which will shortly be unleashed, 
Louise Massey and the Westerners, 
standard vaude and ozone act, will 
be the talent. Trahscribihg begins 
Monday (7). 

Recordings will be spotted thrice 
weekly, night-time, for 13 weeks. 
Campaign will be confined to stations 
in the southwest area only. Lord & 
Thomas is the agency. 




C. A, fttCHAftOS 



Vice (^5t,« oeM. mch. 



7.}0 K l LOCYC 1 E S 




Pair of jointly operated part-time 
N.Y. indies WOV and WBIL have set 
up an artist bureau. Syd Leipzig has 
been put in charge. 

Object of buireau is priinavily . to 
book performers on stations for club 
and hitery dates. Predominate pro- 
grams on station are in Italian. Hyla 
Kiczales, who manages the broad- 
casters, thinks there's a profitable 
field for 10 p/iing talent which has es- 
tablished itself over the; air in the 
Italian-tongue at afTairs and in places 
where the language is spoken. 


Chicago, March 1. ~ 
Ralph Atlasis was the center of 
numerous reiports and rumors last 
week, all of which he emphatically 
and explicitly denies. ■ 

There was talk that he vvas con- 
templating the formation of a small 
network branching out of his WIND 
outlet to pick up the night time re- 
rnole control., orchestra music, par- 
ticularly that of the Aragon-Trianbn 
hour. Atlass denies any such plan. 

Rumor-makers also whispered that 
Atlass has a deal cooking to take 
over WWAE and WHIP, either in- 
dividually or both together. Atlass 
laughs this ofTj also, stating he isn't 
interested in the acquisition of any 
station at this time, and he's .satisfied 
to go along operating his WIND and 
WJJD outlets. 

Joe Quiilen, Izzy Ellinson 
Quickie Script Trip East 

Joe Quilleh and Izzy Ellinson, 
writers for the Walter Q'Keefe show 
for Packard, are due in Nevir York 
from the Coast this Saturday (5) to 
script the comedian's guest shot stint 
on the Sealtest show the following 
night (Sunday). 

Return to Hollywood immediately 
afterward. Deal set by Irving Lazar. 

Qsh Girls Together 

Dorothy and Lillian make 
their first joint radio appearance as 
a- team on the Katte Smith (General 
Foods) program tomorrow (Thurs- 
day) over CBS., . 

Sisters will do a skit. They haven't 
been in a show together since they 
filined 'Orphans of the Storni' for 
D. Wi Griffith nearly 20 years ago. 

Set by Sammy Weisliord of Wm. 

Coca-Cola ChaDging 

Goco-Cpla prograrn,. is due for a 
revamping. Frank Crumit will prob- 
ably be followed by ianpther m!c. Ed 
Easj pf East and D.umke under con- 
sideration; Show . renewal . for four 
weeks to April 1. 

D'Arcy agency wants a different 
personality for contrast purposes: 

Re-Broadcast in Spades 

Columbus. March 1. 

'Coon Creek ■ Girls,' hillbil'ly pro- 
gram on WBI7S, is really a re-broad- 
cast of a re-broadcast. 

Originates irv. studios of WCKY. 
Cincinnati, and is picked up and re- 
broadcast by WHIG.: Dayton. WBNS. 
m turn, picks up WHIO airing and 
. rebroadcasts here. 

Appl iances, Inc., is spoti.sor.' 




Fort Worth, March 1. ; 

One of the rnbst unique chai-actei-s 
in. radio broadcasting is W. Lee 
O'Daniel, a flour manufacturer and 
radio sponsor who turned hiUbiily, 
or vice versa. He's ranch-born, city 
.slicker-educated,, .president, of. the. 
Fort -Worth Chamber of Commerce, 
a composer of hillbilly chants and, 
as entertainer and business rrian, 
they clock him in these par is 
working a 20-hour day; 

A riiuch-known little-known man, 
his Hillbilly Flour Co. is a thriving 
concern helped to .success by hi:?, 
own radio' entertaining since way 
back when George Cranston, man- 
ager of WBAP. here;, would rush in 
and cry 'keep on playing another 
half hoiu", boys, or we'll go off the 

Leon, 'The Texas Songbird,' in- 
jects at intervals, during thie present . 
d'Daniel program 'Please I*ass the; 
Biscuits, Pappy.' O'Dahiel joshes hjs 
artists, his customers and the big and 
little boys in politics— with so far 
nary a complaint. On the serious 
side O'Daniel is always, plugging 
schools, cffurches or civic organiza- 
tions and belongs to most aU clubs 
and serves as chairmarv of entertain- 
ment and master of ceremonies at 
many important functions. 


Oklahoma City, March 1. .. 

Feud has developed here between 
mernbers of the Musicians Union em- 
ployed on staffs of stations WKY and 
KOMO and other union members 
who play dance dates on the side but 
also have other jobs of a nohrmusi- 
cal nature. 

Faction within the local headed, by 
George Ande: thinks station stafTrrien 
should not be allowed to play dance 
dates. This came to a head when 
WKY's group directed by Allen 
Clark was booked for a hoof session 
at the Skirvin Tower hotel ball- 

WKY pulled out after a protest. 
Issue ■ one of 'work distribution' 
\yith the radio miisiciahs. calling the 
complaining brethren merely part 
timers and not entitled to any 

Ed Smith Launches New 
General Mills Serial 

Chicago, March 1. 
Ed Smith, production manager for 
all General Mills shows; in town last 
week setting fin?l details on new 
scripter, tagged 'Valiant Lady,' which 
starts on WBBM and Columbia next 

Smith will start off the production 
on show and then plac3 a local di- 
rector on the program to assist. 

Irv Lazar, Ralph Wonders 
Motoring to Hollywood 

Irving Lazar leaves : tomorrow 
(Thursday) for the Coast, where 
he'll have' charge of the' new radio 
departrrierit for the Arthur Landau 
agency. Making the trip by motor. 

Accompanying Lazar, is Ralph 
Wonders, until recently with Rock- 
well-O'Keefe. Wonders and Lazar 
are talking a tie-up for wondci's to 
join Landava outfit. 

.Grady Cole. WBT, Charlotte. 
N. C. commentator, in hospital where 
he. took douUlc cub appendix and 

Coal Sponsor Props Show 

;'Xhe S.hado\y,'. Sundiay iiifjht. 
dramatization on Mutual, il.s 
seasonal sponsor, Delaware, Lacka- 
wanna & Western Coal Co.. with tha 
March 20 broadcast. 

Rlithraun; & Ryan a.ijency, which 
has the; account and also owns the 
rights to 'Shadow.* now trying to; 
waim up one of its "other accouni.V 
to the idea 6f taking oii the .scries. 
Orson Welles, starred in the drama- 
tizations, . will continue if a new 
bankroll is found. 

Allen Clark and WKY. OklahPnii. 
-stafT orchestj-a set for ai>peaVance *l 
Midwest theatre. 

-^etldcslay, March 2, 1938 






Long Quarrel Between User* 
and Copyright O w n c r • 
Shows Some Sipns of Get- 
ting Closer to Settlement 

^^Foreign Politics Makes 

Internationl Treaty Sus- 


Read Music Section 

Broadcasters are reminded to 
read the music department of 
VAniETY each week. This week,, 
and most weeks, it contains 
news and legal developments 
aftecting^ copyright, performing: 
rights and miisic matters over- 
lapping, qr bearing upon riadio. 

Andrew Sisters Set 

Andrew Sisters have been given a 
26-week . cpntract by Wriglisy Gum 
with the usual cancellation . clause, 
starting March 26. It's for five times 
a vveek. in the 7 to 7:15 p;m. EST spot 
on. Columbia. 

, Trio will broadcast .from Chicago. 
Rockwell-O'Keefe handled the deal. 

WOR Beneficiary of NBC 
Inability to Carry Sports 

. NBC has. extended permission to 
WOR,. Newark, to pick up the Inter- 
collegiate Athletic Association from 
Mcdison Square Garden tliis Satvir- 
day night (5). iSTBC's own facilities 
will be, tied up by the i'bscanini 
broadcasts.. Network has the exclu- 
sive broadcast .rights to all these 
amateur meets. Because of the same, 
impediment NBC permitted. WOil. to 
do a sideline broadcast of; the Ama- 
teur Athletic Union meet last Sat- 
urday (26). 

Columbiia will again use Ted 
Hu.sing for a summary of the events 
at 11: 15 p.m. 

Sk-Butfon Tuners 

iMargaret Banks new musical di- 
rectress at WBIG, Greensboro, N. C. 

Los Angeles, March 1. . 
Independent radio station owncr.s 
and operators in Southern California 
liave taken to the air in defensive 
campaign, against manufacturers of 
automatic tuning, sets, (push-button 
type). Leo Tyson, general, manager 
of KMPG, and president of Sotithern 
California Broadcasters Association, 
Inc., declares such sets with only .six 
button tuning is a step in the, direc- 
tion of 'freeze-out monopoly.' 

With 15 broadcasting stations in 

s, New-Fangle 
CaOed Freeze Out' 

thi.s area tlie .>iinnl)(>i' st;i1i.on<.' arc not 
rcprcsenlcd on pu,---!! ;eni type. •Indje 
operators are broadcasting six .spot 
announcements daily, warning . lis- 
toncrs against pmcha.«ii)g receiving 
.sets that can't .^cl every slnlion in 
the vicinity. Unless something is 
done about new fnngled sets Indies 
threaten to boycott on all other ra- 
dio equipment, manufaclin'ed by 
>\uch companies and to take matter 
before the commission. 

Wa.shington, March 1. 

Removal of ancient obstacles from 
the path of copyright revision legis- 
lation looks probable as result of 
informal moves to ireach a compro- 
mise on most .stubborn issues. Rising 
hope for action on the important 
Duffy bill before the current session 
of Congress ends. 

Negotiations to end the tiff be- 
tween broadcasters and film pro- 
ducers, on one side, and the author.s, 
tunesters, and copyright holders on 
■the other, bear promise, , while side-, 
tracking' of. the treaty . putting the 
U. S. into the international copy- 
right union looks permanent. Bur- 
den on clearing the way for action 
lies . on the warrin,g groups, with 
most legislators ready to go along 
whenever differences are rieconciled 
by the. opposing factions. 

Trading has reached the point 
where National As.sociation of Broad- 
casters is considering making ■ a 
concrete . sugge.stion . for settlement 
of the principal fight between radio 
and American Society of Com- 
posers, Authors and Publishers- 
over clearance at the source and the 
$250 minimum damage award. No 
counter-proposal has been sub- 
mitted but the NAB is sounding out 
music users about the advisability 
of trying to reach an agreement 
With ASCAP. 

Belief that the road will be opened 
between now and the windup of the 
session was voiced Saturday (26) 
by Senator F. Ryan Duffy, of Wis- 
consin, the author of the only copy- 
right bill to pass either branch of 
Congress in many years. He said 
the outlook is more encouraging, 
with the House situation noticeably 


Pro.spect of settlement of the $250- 
fee tiff lies in willingness of both 
sides to retreat. Broadcasters may 
agree to write a' specific figure into 
the Duff.y bill — in place of the pres- 
ent clause which' now says minimum 
damages may be fixed by the courts 
at whatever rate is reasonable and 
will serve as a license charge. But 
onlv on the under'standin^t that they 
will not be liable for huge attor- 
nev's fees and other co.sts. 

. Clearance-at-the-source issue Is 
one on which radio will not yield. 
Broadcasters insist they must be 
safeguarded from multiplicity of 
suits and charges growing out of any 
single infringement and demand 
that ASCAP consider reproductions 
over various affiliated .stations are 
merely 'extensions' of a single rendi- 
tion. Not a separate 'performance' 
in pach instance. 

Growth of opnosition to American 
co-operation with other nations In 
co.ovripht reciprocity, has been noted 
with the increasing tension around 
the world. Makes action on the 
treaty unlikely this session, although 
Senator Duffy says he still hopes to 
have the pact ratified before final 
ad.iournment. Printing trades have 
begged for no action until domestic 
.statutes are revised — this intended 
to in.sure perpetuaiion of the re- 
quirement that all books, etc., must 
be .turned nut in this country — while 
several other reservations are on 

McGillvra Adds Two 

Joseph Htrsliiey McGillvra has 
added KARM, Fresno, and KROY, 
Sacramento, to his representation 

Both ou11et.<; are owned and oper- 
ated by local auto dealers, 

■ :14 

i ' ^SSS^ . .V....... "^jjjw. 

HERE is a typical retail drug store scene. Nothing unusual about it . . . it's 
simply an average store. If you were in the store, however, you would 
discover that certain merchandise commands customer attention . . . gets pre- 
ferred and more dominant sales display. That indicates dealer interest . . . 
dealer support. And particularly you would notice the preponderance of 
WLW-advertised products in this preferred "sales area." 

— Here, just as in the Grocery picture, is evidence that 

ONE.. . Dealers give WLW-advertised products *'front line" display. 

TWO ■ ■ . WLW's development of "Dealeir Support" for its advertisers ip bringing in 
definite and profitable advertising returns. 




Wednesday, Miircli i, 193a 

(dbhtjriued from page !)■ 
there does appea 

tion of sentiment against production 
in the nim colony linltss there is 
a ■definitfe. justification in: mevchiJri- 
dising tie-OpSi as per Lux, or enter- 
tainment formula, as per Camphell 
soup,' Or (h) that a radio istar is also 
a : flinv star "and the ■element of: resi- 
dence . eahhot .be; rheiped. . 

Certain sponsors are known to dis- 
likfe;;HoUywood and its connotations; 
One star's stalling: mutiny agairist re- 
turing east after hig : oriiginial film 
coininitment has greatly anrioyed his 
stM^nsor Which has not, hbwr^ver, 
seemingly , wished to ..Jssue - an ■or: 
else' order, , Chest<irfleld in specif y- 
trig that Paul W^hitemah pngipate in 
the east and -Lucky Strikei in f old? 
iiig the Warher-deriveid DickvPowell 
program' -and returiiing east are ac- 
; ciepted in New York asT symptomatic. 
However, G; W. Hill*s strong ideas 
miist. be tajten into fccouh in the 
/ latter ;experi . ' . " ■■ '" ■ ^V ; , 

While. the ifcOidrup of Packard Is^ a 
reflection priinarily of conditions , in. 
Det.roiit, this is perhaps the most sig-- 
niflcant of all as it illustriaites thie 
''psychology V of advertising curtail- 
meht. Ditto Telcaco, . To justify; or 
offset its reptitacipn for expensive- 
heiss HollirWood prograiris have to 
succeed unrriistikably. Jack pakie 
College . and the Metroi^-WiaxwelVpro- 
grams have . dramatized - the . lack of 
radio iriagic^; per -se, in Hollywood. 


jlr^anwhile the playboy angle still 
persists. ; Social motivations are how 
becqmihg suspect eimohif the stsirs 
and ^pi'odiiic.tiori jpeople that pound 
the tom-tom for Hollywood. 'Spon- 
sors.: are not impressed . that j ehter- 
iainer^ arid'produetion persohriet find 
. life amiable : on the Coast. Tovthe 
eontrary. this miakes . the sponsors 
Testie^!is^:-'i/\;;' '■■ 

Two Ruthrauff & kyah shows have 
shot up,; Al Jolsori and the Edward 
G \Robinson-Glaire TreVor programs, 
also other favorable eyiderice X*^ 
irhprovement . in-. Log .Cabin Shoy^, 
etc.) on Holly wood's behalf caii be 
pointed to. , It. is also true that mpsf; 
of toppers , in the CbpperatLve. An- 
alysis ' of Broadqastihg at the present 
time are from Holly wodd. And in 
furtherance of this impressive fact 
■ it- is ■ even, sU ted that. New- ■ Yo^k 
hasn't brought in a new bang-up 
tmacko ..(entertainnient) ' hit . in. two 
■years, V 

V • *ri»e'-- S!^r ■>i5ys^IIIl•■.; ^ 

There: are, it is evident; twd broad 
types, of radio : programs;: brie, low 
cost, ' heavily merchandised, bbx: top 
.shows .and two, high cost',, maximum 

audience pubiic-«toppihg ^ fentertain- 
ments. In the first categpi-y are the 
.quarter hours, the Strips, the serials, 
tlie ga-ga: coiitest.S giveaways and 
whatnot: ; Chicago.' :lbohts ■ larger in' 
some of -: this. In the latter are the 
star-studded ^ half hours /and full 
hours; "There ' it's • between Holly wood 
any Manhattan,' - Each tiy^ oi ipVp- 
gram! borrows the methods b^ the 
other to sbime: extent Each type has 
its defenders . and; champions. ■ -.But. 
essentially, . pne f pilo ws th e 'sta r sy^i- 
tein' : arid the ■ other ' does not. . 
: Hollywppd: in 'its own ^right as a 

• Bokt6p8> Ahoy 

. •. Oxie ' :elerijerit ' • of • /Jadvertiser^' ■, 

that' pays p^racticifiliy: -v^t^fn- - 
tiori.tppoRularity, reports or .sur- 

- veys : : that ; dir<!cting its prb- 

: grsirt* appeal at ' the kids in the 
hbusehpld . .'They reatize that as ; 

:; a rule the ybiuigst^r dbesri't an-, 
■swer ' thP^ telephone arid . that if ; - 
; she did Hhe chances are that ; 
the IbQ^l investiga'tbr w;puldn't : 
|>iy the juve with questiPns as 
to; past or present listening, be- ; 
cuparicy. ; Fbr: the prbgrarii 
backer- making the' kids , his; tar- 
get ; thci riuniber :bf boxtpps/re- ;- 
ceived has been and will go oh 
being his lone yardstick of re- 
■ceptive success. ■ .' ; :. ■ .••■'• 

; Anbther group that Ibbks ori 
popularity ratings With no lean 
riiieaSiire of : misgivings , are the 
isbphisticateis :; arripng : daytime 
mercharidisers.;. ; T^ know: 
whether a: program .; is . helping 

. move goods; or g^ettirig .nowhere ..; 

: With the ; hbrise,wiveis':'daily lis- 
tening hahits ■ : through: piitside 
checking- services, : -The 'latter, 
for fees .which for indiyidlial , 
subscribers swell into the: mariy 

V thousands mohthiy^ cpntact the 
dealersV: shelves vdirect as well 

:;as the stbre salesman arid in., 
weekly confidential rePprts .are 
able tb disclose what the re^il: • 
turnover of goods -has bieein and; 
th^ sales ratings of the various 

. 'brands of the same product 

in film coioriy localisms by air comics 
continues iiriabated despite repeated 
warnings th&t easterners have worked 
up an abhorehce against such tactics. 
Latest to lash out at. the funny men, 
who cah*t seem tb gpot a gag; beyond, 
the Santa Anita race track, HpUy- 
wbod hiteries br in the homes of big 
lariiilies.-'is Litwis' Allen- Weiss., hea^ 
niaii for Don Lee network, whP de- 
clared-/ after V visiting ■ broadcasters 
coriveritibri that radio men beyond 
the rftoclcies are, getting prrt^ 
fed - up On Coast evils.? 

Sentiment of -the broadcaster 
turn iis tsaid to represent the listening 
iiublic; ;:iri , their ; areas. ; ;Time &nd 
again the ianys ■ ha.Ve been brought 
face to face : with the: condition but 
riothing is/dorie about it. ^ pie Play 
to studio audienbe^ is notably evi- 
dent on; two or three programs but 
the. pfferiders ; point -tb the ; C.A.p. 
ratings to blow, dpwri ;]the bbjectbrs. 


; vArn^ricain Guild ; of Iladib Anr 
ribuncers . arid ; Prodiicers has: haled. 
WMCA,: N. Y., up before the; Na-; 
tional vLabbr Relations; ppaird f br; a 
hearing bri March .21. , 

/Charge is that the station viblated 
the ' Wagner Act and dropped one 
piroductiori ; man ' arid two ariribuncers. 
; Last jiinie yiTMCA signed a; pact 
with; AGBAP, which th0 unipri says; 
is stili in effect. Station will riiake 
nb statement ■ bri the matter* 


Dallasi,— Mrs. Sadie Cornett celebrated her lllth birthday smoking; the 
sairie corri-cofa pipe with which she'won a pipe^smokmg contest two years 
agb at Texas Centennial. Jimmie Alderman, WFAA newscasterv who . 
spouts each eyeriihg for Big Ben tobacco; birought the yarn to radio listen, 
ers-and, after a character sketch of: the aged feniale pipe-smoker, cpni v 
eluded with;;'we are sending as a belated birthday gift a pan of tbbacco--. 
;naturally,.Big:3en;Tobacco/ ;,,.;^ ■-■:■ ';:.:/'• ■ ' ' . ] 

■Wichita, Karis;^ sriowstbrrii whicri, paralyzed: traffic and 

freezing temperatures. 1,20(1 kids,: tinder 17 years old, went to Orpheum 
theatre ;ipr cpritest in eating Grape Nut F^^ cash prizes : were 

awarded by General Foo^Si -/;/■ ^ ..;;;;;. v.:.--. ' ■; •' : ' 

6ki»homa City.— Hal Scher getting Woriderful results , trade paper 
publicity for new iW.KY artists bureau. Got.36 letters applying fpr jobs. 

Memphis— Jim Sariders read ia poem oyer MfREC. Wpmah denounced it 
as sacrilegious and two . ministers asked fbi^ copies. ■;';■. 

' Washincfon.— Discussion pn -Who has the best cheese' skedded for 
Wednesday (2); over NBC's Naiipnal Farm and Horiie Hour, wntn. United 
States senators from New York, Wisconsin and possibly Pennsyly^ariia wi^ 
nibble cheeses from their respective states in the Seriate restuarant and 
broadcast results. .•;•';, \.'.- ' '; / / :: ■:;■.: :;::;■;■:■." :, . '■ ■;'''\^ • '.■ .;'; ■ '■.;. 

Si. Louis— Elmer Willrich. WTMV's auditor whb doubles as a warbler 
under the tag of 'Tlie Singing Aiiditbr,*: ;* conducting a, program: to de- 
termirie whether the station's listeners prefer rion-sectarian or hymri jnUsic.; 

Philadelphia— Fain mail to Clarence Fuhrman, batoner of WIP band: 
:; 'Please keep that heavy drum Off the air as it shakes all the glassware, 
in clPset.' .■- ■' ■/ ■' \ .. ^ ; '-■ ; ■;. ■' ■ • '-V '■''■::'■ ..■; .■ 

film centre and latterly as a radio 
program centre is the perfect ex- 
pression and. natural affinity of the 
star- systemi. it's a sponsor equatiori,: 
in the final algebra, of financial risks 
veirsus; finaricial; results. . 

Meanwhile, the tendency of Holly- 
wood to affect people and prices, . the 
difficulty of getting ideas carried put 
in Hollywood according to eastern 
specifications is . always something. . 

Audience milking and indulgence 

DetrPit, March- 1.: ■' 

' To sPothe irate Toledb listeners, 
W JR heire ■ has arranged to ship CBS' 
Philharmpriic-Syriiphoriy concerts ;tp 
Toledo's : new: istation, WTOL, every 
Sunday afternoon, despite fact WTOL 
isn't a CBS outlet. 

WJTR itself received few squawks 
. when Father Coughliri opened week- 
ly brbadcasts at 4 p.m., and last half 
bf symph prograrii was /cancelled. 
Different in Toledb, however; where 
rriusically-mirided : natives, aided by 
Tbledb radio eds, kept up shower pf 
pointed darts • to . WJR.. 
- Manager Leo Fitipatrick, unable to 
do anything about it until WTOL 
tpbk. air, 'then arranged to. ship entire 
symph program to that station. .Ar- 
rangement \yill continue until Father 
Cbughlin leaves .air around Easter 
Sunday, and nieantimie WJR: plans, to 
;carry first. hbiir Of symph as well as 
feeding entire program to Toledb. . 


ConstUiitlonal Change In New York 
State Would Be Necessary ; 

Albany, March 1. v 
Broadcasters are studying with 
much interest; the Vprpyisions pf . a; 
resolution intrpduced; : last week by 
Assehiblymari Frank Mpnacp (Ariieri- 
cari Labor Party). Monaco warits 
the .; state constitution amended 
so that a consumer department can 
be set up. ' /.; \'\ ' ;,', .;- 
Its furictibris will include the pre- 
vention of . tfalse and mislead- 
ing ;; adv.ei-tiserrients ■ Or representa-, 
tions : and to. prevent the manu- 
facture, .distribution or sale Of 
potentially harmful commbdlties 
or services.' Also to fix the standards 
of identity, ;quality, measure; nomen- 
clature and methods of testing such 
coriimlodities' arid services. .; ' 


.Lincoln, March 1; 
KFOR is due to drop, a half hour 
daily, quitting at: lllSO p. m/ instead 
of. the. usual .midnight,- running only 
until midnight on Saturdays, where 
formerly it went to 1 a. m. Start 
will be 8 a. m. Sundays, instead of 
the old T a. ni. ■'" '■ v •;-•■■'■; .. ■. • 

It's all iri an effort to keep within 
the skeds and;; nbt; pay ; engineers 
overtime • under their , reqerit union 
agreeinent. ' : ■ , ^ ■ 

lyle DeMoss Chore: 

: Omaha, March 1. 
Lyle DeMoss, who ; joined staff of 
Wow, Omaha, today .: will be . man 
ager of the WOW studio orchestra 
which is-directed;by Freddie Ebener. 
His first assignment will be to build 
several local productions using . the 
group, "[. . ■' ■ .: ; 

He will be - a member of the prb 
duction staff. : 


Abbott . and Costello, , comedians, 
have been set for ; indefinite 
period on the Kate Smith Calumet 
progranri by Sariimy ' Weisbprd of the 
Williarn Morris Agency; 

Pjiir have sighatured. John. Grant' 
to write : their material. . • . 

Mary Small May Go CBS 

iVIary Small, adolescent warbler, 
is not : reriewing , .her contract with 
NBC Artists Service. ' Ilias been coriV 
nected with the .network since she 
came up ' from .Baltimore . into? big- 
tirne broadcasting three; years ago. . 

Her : personal manager, Ed . Wolf v 
is this . week . dickering ..for a . deal 
with Coliiriibia ; Artists, ..Inc. - Details 
to be sriiopthed buf are mbriey .and a 
guarantee of regular spotting of her ; 
prograriis. ; ; '^ 

Munroe's Pic Deal 

. ,; :. ;: Holiy wood, March 1^ ' 
. Paiil : Murirbe is negotiating 'with 
Nat Levine, Metro producer, to write 
and direct a picture based pn radio's 
'Gang Busters.' . He is currently di- 
re'cting the 'Warners-Luckies Holly- : 
wbbd parade, which' riiutes late 'this 
month. •.'"■.■ •• 

Munroe directed 'Busters' for t\yo 
years on radio in the :east. ; 


Frank Parker., radio tenor. Who's 
had operatic leanings, for. years, will 
.finally have his ambition, realized 
professionally next week (9) when 
he makes his debut with the Chicago 
Grand Opera in . Washington, D; C. - 

He will sing; the role: of Arriiand 
iri 'La "Traviata.' . . 

Most Unusual and Most 
reciate d Midnigh t 

Program on the Air ■ 

Pine hour of ufiinterrui>ted 
classical m.usic .'■ every 
of; th e we ek at 12 i 

- DIAL 1010 
1540 Broadway, N.Y.C. 




winiani Shavlnr Cream has e 

♦inded the Mutual hookup on its 
^True or Talsfe' program to include 
wveral So.' California; stations in. the 
T^n Lee /Network. ; Quiz idea ; has : 
blearing over. WOR. :WGN and 

Coliipton AdVertlsingr,; Inc., New. 
York CityV- has- changed its capital 
•structure frbm 5,400 shares, 400 pre- 
ferred, $100 par value, and $5,000 
■common,; ; pa value, to; 5,000 
Bhares, ' par value, according; to 
papers : filed with the secretary of 
iitatiB.iat Alban. . ■■■\V:'\V' v/'' . 

Sou*'**'"" are buying 

evening arinouncements through Mc- 
■ Kee, Albright & Iyey, :Philadfelphi 

; Oxol is placi-ig . daytime; a^hpunce- 
jnents siipplementary .'.to its latest: 
iiie\yspaiper ■ campaign.- .B. D. ^ Q; 

•ii- the: agency. . ,. - 

May-Stern Co. has purchasod 
•Answief;' a hew, version -of askV; 
: Question radio gamei ih'k dhe: played , 
ir; connection with, listener's tiele- 
phone number,; from WGAE, Pitts- 
burgh;' for half -hour shot every. Ffi-: 
<flay night for next -la! weeks. ■Broad-'. 
. cusi will originate in dow:nto^yn stprfe 
: of sponsor, Account placed dii-ect. . 

. ' ; WWSW,. Pittsb has sold base- 
ball icores t\yic6; daily for boming; 
eeasdh to Pittsburgh Brewing Com- 
pariy. ■ -Placed by A. P. Hill CO. Same: 
.sponsor, has bought: similar service 
from- WCA?; as -well. ■'■ > -,,';:;; 

Victor Brewing Co. has picked lip 
lii-week .bption oh /Night at . the Inn' 
. program over WGAE, Pittsburgh, for 
. thirds consecutive tiiiie. : Half-hoyr 
weekly show has a ne.w; niusical s^t- 
. iiD now, featuring Billy Catizohe .and 
his Swinging Strings. :Plji(«d . by Earl 
Bothwcll agency.: : \ , ' . 

. Troy Sayings Baiifc, which spdn- 
■'^ots co-operatively with a bank in. 
Schenectady and another in Albany, 
a' Sunday 'News Roundup' . over 
WGY, has signed for a now Monday 
; evening quarter hour series of his- 

torical narratives cf Northeastern 
Niew York - communities,-: Radoliffe 
Hall, of WGY staff,, handles De Roii- 
villo Agency, of Albany - 

Frank i? Seder, department store, 
has taken an hour's time on WWSW, 
Pittsburgh,; for an amateiur. show- Us- 
ing basenTentejhploybs in • connec'r 
tioii y^'ith . establishment's Vinniver- 
sary celebration. - 

Port Pi it Bre winjr Co. has taken 
half-hour musical s!ho^^^ 
Spilalny and vBi':. Shesrmart, vocal- 
ist, r ^'Om ; KDKA, ;,Pitt^burghr Calls 
for-.; 13 ^weeks. 'and "gets" under way 
March-2i; v.- 

through Fairall. Ageocy, Des Moines, 
26 . . ohe-minute . announcements.. 
KRNT.~; : ;,,:■:; ;■;.. •;: 
. : Tim Lake Lab^rMo daily iive- 
min. program . through United. Adver-. 
;tisihg.:cohipanjes.:; ;KRNT. ; 

K, r. Miller Hatcheries, ;daLly^^ ft 
minutes . through -.C.oolidge .'Agency,. 
Des Moines; KHO. ; . . . ' r . / '.' 


>:.^ ■^-^/-bes'Mbinesi'-New :Biz.:. ' 
:;GTobers:iWhoIe»ifc Ci.; thM 
J Potts, Kansas City, 13 periods of 
15 minutes each, starring Helen 
Watts Schrciber, WHO. . . . - 

Central National ■ Bank, Des 
Moines, through - R.- j:.: Pbtts, Kansas 
City; 26 pbfibds: of 15 minutes each. 
This .B'usiness Week,' with H. R. 
Gross; news editc. as commentator, 
WHO; :-■•■;■■;■■:;. ■ 

Oneida. Ltd., through B. B. D. & 
O., New-York, beginning April 7 for 
13 neribds of 15 rhinutes each. WHO. 
. Tiiiiie Tested Labonitories (Glidden 
Paintis) through Mbldrum -..&, Few-'; 
smith, Cleveland, ;i3 pe.riodis of five 
minutes . each, V "Helpful Harry's 
Household Hints, WHO. 

Miles Laboratories, through Wade 
agency, Chicago, Marc'y 13 ior seven 
pericds of 15 :minutes .each, WHQ. .'- 
:- Service Life Insui-anCe Co., Omaha, 
through Presaba, Fellers 8c ; Presba. 
Chicago; i2- period;j of 15 minutes 
Farni News with" Herb. Plambeck^ 
farm editor, WHO. 

A. A. Schneiderhahn Co.; Des 
Mbines, through W. . K Battenfleld 
agency, :DeS; Mp 

minutes each. Musical Clock, WHO- 
; Interstate Bakeries (Lone Rangesr), 
three' half hours ' per Week through 
R. J. Potts. Kansas City. KRNT. 

Albert E. Miller Co. (Banquet Po- 
tatoes) on Magic Kitchen daily. 
Through Mitchell-Faust - Agency, 
Chicago. KRNT'.: ■ : ''-r^ 

Des Moines Oat Products Co., 

• WNEW,:Ne\y York, new biz:; ■ 
Carter Medicine Co.^ 10 spot 
nouncements weekly,. 22. iweeks, 
through Street Sz Finney, N.Y. \ 
; Sterling Casualty Insurance Co., 15 
m.i.nUteS :' weekly • in ,'Make . Believe 
.BaliroomiV' vfoiir : weeks, through 
Presba; Fellers &,:Pi'esba,^^^^^^^ 
- , Lustre Sales (floor :''".wax ),. -. -seven ; 
spot •. arinouncements weekly, ' 26 
weeks, direct. . ;■ 
: Garrett : & Co. (Virginia - Dare 
Avine); 26 . sjDDt-, hnb.uhcOmehts,- 
United States Adv. .Corp.; Toledo. , 
Axtbn-Fisher Tobacco Co. (Twenty 
Grand cigar els ),■ six quarter , hours 
Aveekly in .'Make:- Belieye Ballro.orri,'' 
40 weeks, through McCann-Erick- 
son, N.Y. ,: . '^W.v 

'. La Comp Products, :15 minutes 
weekly in 'Make Believe Ballropm.' 
52 weeks, direct. . . - ; ^ . 
■ Pepsodcht . Co., . , ;' quarter hours 
weekly in 'Make Believe Ballroom,' 
52 weeks, through Lord & Thomas, 
Chicago. ' ; ■ 
;- . Musebeck Sboe Co., three 15-min- 
ute -programs with Ray Harnilton, 
singing organist, per week, 52 weeks, 
through Sehl Adverti^.ing Agency, 

Chicago, .V,.'- '''y/i." 
\ Dr. Wm. P. Schmeelk, 15 minutes 
weekly in 'Voice of . Chiropractic,' 
26 weeks, direct. - - 

Lightning Electric Co., five quar- 
ter hours per week, via Skyway's 
Reporter, , • Bob . Becker, 17 weeks, 
through Scheei* Advertising Agency. 

A Radio Career 

^ - ! Philadelphia/ March 1. . 
• From guide in the N BC Build- '' 
:ing in New -"".ork to Staff-gabber 
. . t ah NBC-operated outlet in . 
three easy months is story, .of ■ 
Daniel ;F. Munster. Lad has 
been named, to crew at KYW, 
Philly, to succeed Allen Ken-- 

Prior to. present spot; Muns- 
ter was with WCAE,; Pittsburgh, 
after beirig graduated : from 
guide corps last November. Be-- 
fore that he was.a iieuteharit in 
the Army ■ and ; instructor of 
military science -at C. C. N. ' Y. 

March 9- Contract ; will run for 31 
weeks. Deal ' was closed through 
Freitag Ad Agency of Atlanta. 

Oklahoma 'Tire . Supply show 
called 'Sunday Afternoon Social' on 
KTUL. Tulsa, and WKY, Oklahoma 
City, has added KVOO, Tulsa.. -'^ 

Cbmptbn agency placing spot cam- 
paign for Crisco on stations in North 
and South, Dakbtas. Regional, sales 
drive. : : . '■ ' ^ ^ \ '" 

. Socony Vacuum started Feb. 28 
airing of a i5-minute. ne ws-cbrhmbnt- 
ihterview program at 6 p.m. each 
night, over WOKO, Albany. Wilbur 
Morrison, • formerly of ■ WMFF, 
Plattsburgh, handles.- Marschalk &; 
Pratt agency. 

- Comet Rice, N. Y., has purchased 
couple of quarter.rhour periods week- 
ly (Wed. and Fri.) over WFAA. The 
time will be filled with Thesaurus 
transcriptions. ' Starting daite is 

'. Morris Plan Bank last night (Tue.s- 
day ) started weekly series on WEAF, 
N. Y. Riding single station only with 
quarter-hour dramatizations, Gotham 
agency placed. ^ ; . /: 

Shubei-t-owned April Productions,' , ■ 
Inc., la.<-t. week: added anothei to the 
series . of . irifringemeiitv ^uits- it has 
brought in the Federal court, N. Y., - ' 
against broadcasters in - connection 
\v-itll performances of certain Sig-. 
rn'und Rpmberg operettas. Named in . 
Die. latest actions CBS and ■' 

WMCA', New York/ with; 'Maytime* • 
the operetta . involve.d.' Shubcrts ; 
want an injunction, an abcounting of 
the pro/its and damages. .:; 

.'Pr.ev:ioi|s siiits broughV:i^ name .■ 
of- April productions have included 
NBC and; concerned:' 'The; Stiident. 
Prlhce,' with the American Society 
of; .Cpmpppbrs, -and. Publish- 
ers and Harms, Inb.,';ioining in;-the: 
defense. " Harms, a member of 
ASCAP, had taken the position thiat 
its' agency agreement :w i th the Shu- 
iJerts embraced atithOTity ; over the 
small performing rights of Rom- 
berg's, •Prince,' while ASCAP has. 
heki ■ that t.his:'origaniza'iibn by virtue ' 
of Romberg's membership may li- 
cense ihf performance of the.sft 
workfi. Harms later advised ASCAP 
that.' it would not longer seek credit 
for performances of 'Prince;' 'May- 
time' is published by G. Schirmer 
arid the Shuberts have claimed; that ' 
the, rights- conveyed to this firm cpv- ; 
ered oiily publishing and mechani- 
cals.. The Shuberts say that they 
own these operettas outright and 
that no - one but April Productions 
has control o'ver performing rights. ■ 

Virginia Diare ^ine has unloosed 
an "eight-week.: spot . campaign- bri 
WHN, N. Y. .'U. S. Adver tisihg Corp.; 
the agency. - ; :;,:■:..■ 

WABY, Albany, joins March 6 the 
60 stations broadcastirig the Lutheran 
Houi", . members of. the Missouri 
Synod in the Capital District under- 
writing the cost pf .'. local . time fbr 
the seven remaining half-houra in 
this season's series. 

.Donald Bain, former bird anil 
animal imitator in vaude and films, 
is doing sound effects for WHAM 
Trooper dramas. • Bain, who did 
sound . effects for " Friank Buck's 
'Bring 'em Back Alive' .and 'Fang and : 
Claw,' is spending the winter in 
Rochester putting oil. shows loir 
schools and clubsi 

■ Procter & Gamble (Dash ), through 
Pedlar & Ryan, Inc., New York, spot- 
ting ■ five transcribed annpuricements 
weekly for : a.- year over KFRC, San ; 




ttVEIi TllE C 



■^edncsdayf March 2, 1938 

f Attention-GeUers; Tie'lJ ps^ Ideas) 

Outstaiicliiig Stunts 

Men's Cooking 
WCAU,' PhiladelphU: 

The Boys Try Their HitncU 

Philadelphia. ' 

Five, male staflEers at WCAU last 
Tuesday had 250 members . of star' 
tion's; woman's club -tied, in knots 
with a cake-baking contest, .Each 
guj' was , provided with . materials,' 
utensils and instructions, and told to 
go to it to see who finished first,. ■ 

Product of Powers Gouraud,: 'Night 
Gwl* commentator, was so bad boys 
forced him. to, eat it. . Anibng other 
v*hings;.he forgot to take shells oft 
Ine eggs. Winner of the derby was 
gabber Harry Marble, who since, has 
become krioivn in local: radio circles 
as ^Mother*. Marble. 

Other , cbntesteers . were ,. Alan 
Scott, commentator; Horace: Feyhli 
production . director, and Hugh .. Wal- 
ton, spieler. 

Natural Rivals , 
. Santa Barbara; Calif;, r 

KTMS staged a novel spelling bee 
with opposing sides made up of those 
old rivals at correctly .-putting one 
little letter after , another— the ..edi7 
torial and composing room staffs of 
a . newspaper. 

Sheet . which supplied the teams ' is 
Santa Barbara News-Press. 

Customeir Interview Idea - 

. ' St Louis. . 
WTMV .has- started a' 2'6 ..weeks.* 
series of 'A Satisfied Customer 
Speaks', prograinis that features in- 
tierviews riot .with the public but 
with pleased users; of- Nbrge products. 
Btunt involves the station taking: 

recording paraphernalia directly into 

the; homes and stores' of customers, 
making 'ad Jib interviiews' aind then 
playing the transcriptions a few days 
later..; ■ 
• .06. of .' Missouri, . which is 
bahkrollinff curiieht program ;of . 200 
interviews, .which . wilL be aired in 
five-minute spots Ave times daily, is 
; planning to use -it the .basis; of 
a .nsitibnal campaign^ of testimonial 

Lester ■ E.. Cox, president,, and 
Woody Klose, program director of 
.WTMV,,; worked out the stunt. 

• : Farewell to . Trolleys 

; Ghai-lotte; N.•,C..:• 
■ WBT dramatized the passing of 
street ;cars 'from the local scene with 
the; first motorman, first passenger 
arid a power compairiy .executive on. 
hand to be inter.viewed. Charlotte 
is the last city in North Caroli to- 
abandon, street, r.ailwayis. 

Power company official, first 'mo- 
tornian to operate- hdrsecars back in 
1885, arid first passenger to ride did 
trolleys, all tojd of the changes from. 
the;i to now. . First said: a; man didn't 
get lip arid give his seat, to" a lady 
unless he could produce three— one 
for the lady and one for each side 
.of her hoop; skirts; Incidentally, 
women, were discouraged from ridr 
ing..v.. ..^.-/--v^ ' 

; 'Audition Laboratory' .' 

;. ; ;.. U ■ . .Charlotte^ N. d 

WET . has. a new- type program. 
Audition: Laboratory, ; using .talent 
discovered by . the weekly auditions 
coridubted . by . WBT. . ; Jack . Phipps, 
organist and pianist,, and; Pete Mar-, 
tin, xylophonist and vibraharpist; ac- 
company the. singers. . Audiienee re^ 
action ',detei:mines' whether or. not 
they will stay on the air. The' first 
prograni brought in over 400 letters. 

Wardrobe Trunk N.G. 

' Guest date which York arid 
• Kingi vaudecs, were tp do' ,qri 
. Schaefer beer program WJZ 
was nixed by the agency: after 
. a : load :6f the material they 
;.-W,ere':set tb use, '^y 

. Pair had dug up from a ward-y 
robe trunk ^sbriie of .their mate- 
rial of 25 years ago to use in 
bit. when sponsor iriforriied 
them ;of n6~ go on .such .cbndi- : 
, ditibns. Reason: 'Too cbnimpri 
" . v today.'' ; : 


Cirosley Ballyhoo of ^Biiy Now^ Picks 
-■•V ^Up Lots of -Echoes^; 

gunday— "SOUVENIRS^ 

An' imajginary stroll down: fncmorjr lane with Wyiin - 
Wright and Rita Alcoik, featuring; the .Memory . 
Strings with Winifred Heidc and Eugene .Conlfeyi 


A dramatization of case histories of real life crimi- 
nals and their crimes— -to. acquaint the public with' 
underlying causes. 


Comedy; drama and fantasy, given exceptional 
trtatmcnt^a. program devoted- the development, 
of advanced radio drania. ' 


A popuUr . concert of the 40-piece .WWJ. symphony 
otdiestra . conducted by . Mischa.'.Kottler. -: 

Thursday— "HOUSE PARTY" 

An all-swing college program featuring Paul Leash's 
dartcc orchestra with the ;''Batchelors"V and tlie 
VSmoothies.". ' ^' • . - ■ . 

Friday«T-^'NEWS RADIO EXTRA"-. ;:; 

A variety . half hour of .interviews . with headline 
personalities, dramatic skits,:' noyel music ■ irid high^ 
Iight.:news. ■■ ■ ■■••:^^ ■'[:..'■:■': 

Six 'ASditional ReasOTis '■■ 
Why WW J is iirst iii 
the Detroit Market 

lite ^fe;iS:-iixv- 

' ■ C*",^^''^ria*if March ^1^ 
The ^Buy . Tipw!' cahipaign, insti- 
tuted; Feb.: 14 WLW and WSAI 
with spoirdnnouncements and brief 
drarriatizatioii;s desigried to aid gien- 
era! business, is meeting with .sup- 
port from bther stations, rie wspapers 
and: . commercial : associations in 
tpwns-and cities of' the midwest, 'ac-; 
cording to. John K/;Koeiif.. sales pro;- 
motion . manager; of Grosley's broad- : 
casting division. . 

Units ; tying in with the ciampaign 
are supplied cbpies Vof 'Buy; now!' 
broadcastirig material. Used . by the 
Crbslejr stations: Both . W^ 
WSAI carry hourly blurbs, day and 
night, explairiing. how;.- purchases of 
various items represent many 
working hours for, productiori. Facts 
and figures so used are from the 
U; iS; Department of Comriiercie and 
Labor. Each spot annoiiribement arid 
draniatization is ;diff ererit. Longest 
dramatization runs two jniriiites. ; ; 

'Buy now!' .plugs are directed, at- 
persons who are financially able, but 
have delayed -in makingr purchases 
of needed articles of clothirig, house.-, 
hold . goods and , rangirig up to auto- 
mobiles. ; ... 

Broadcastirig siatioris, dailies and, 
civic organizations already liried up : 
with WLW and WSAI in the cam- 
paign extend from WRAK, Williims- 
port, Pa.; :io the Business Men's Club 
of Oconto, Nebraska.. 

WAAW Gets Creighton 

Omaha, March 1.,; 
Bin Bailey, production .manager of 
WAA.W, 'ha's .isigned contract to broad- 
cast Creighton^ University .football 
gariies next fail; Last season games 
were moot point, in contest between 
WAAW arid KOIL, when University 
remained coy bn its aisking price and 
neither station could find sponsor. .. 

Coming season schbot has, .comprb- ; 
mised on, its price, .and . station has 
signed Uricle Sarii's breakfast food 
tp sponsor three hbnie . games and 
three: games aw.ay. Telegraphic, rei 
ports will be used on visitirig games. 

Thanksgiyiiig game, not yet schedrr 
uled, will be,, .brbadca^t. if .played, 
here. ' ■■' 

Oeorge Hollingbeiy Cpmpahy 

New York : Chicago r Detroif : Konsds City 
Soiii Francisco Jacksonvill0 

Those Spielers Are'Toiigh 

St.. Louis, March: 1; 
Bob ;Lewis,.. warbler on ! WIL, set 
a local: record for recuperation from 
surgery last, week, He wis laid low 
with acute; iapperidicitis . Sunday, 
Feb. 13, and uriderwent the knife; the 
following day. 6n the 19th hfe wais 
strolling around the hospital cbrri- 
dprs. Following day he was . taken 
home and on th6 20th, exactly one 
.week from the tim& he was, stricken, 
He .was. back on:; the ;aii* - with: his 
daily stint. . ;" 

Local riiedicos say it was one . of 
the speediest, recoveries on recordi 


General Mills-Socony Jelntly Spon- 
Including Night Gaiae> 

. ; .Coiuriibus, March L • 
Cblunibus baseball games. wiU 
again be broadcast: on V^BNS this 
suniriier' under joint spohsori^hip of 
General Mills arid, Socony Vacuurii. 
NO -Suriday; or . holidiay airirtgs but 
night games will be broadcast aind 
out-of-tp\vrt contests recreated irom. 
wire: reports... . .;:.■;■; 

Johnny Neblett get.V the mike .asT 
signriient again. He'll leave March 
is .foir. training .' camp, - at Winter 
Haven, Fla./ riiaking transcriptions of 
interviews with plaiyers and club oir 
ficials.v Southern; jaunt bankrolled by 
Frarikliri - -Brewery Co., sponsors : of 
Nebietfs WBNS sports chats. 


Mutual :web will .pick uji Sir 
Harry Lauder on a BBC broadcast 
from London Sunday (6), 4:15-5 p.m. 

'Scotch cornic : will top- a -variety 
program. His " appearances have, 
been'rare. ■..'.'' ".■.■■..'■ .■':/.■ T 

Oklahoma Optiihistic 

. Oklahoma city, IVlarch 1. 
In line:, with reports of Dixie 
property practically, every radio sta- 
tion: in the state: is expecting the best 

year of its existence with time-sajes 
booming, with everything .frorii the 
100-watters. to the metropolitan sta- 
tibris. First two months of 1938 has 
seen business :,aboye last . year :• with 
larger.' stations ; having little - A. time 
available,. ; Most open spots ^ are at 
present in early Iriorn'ing and middle 
forerioon periods with these, being 
filled by piujts. . .■;■' 

torthcorning ^political campaigns is 
set to swell the pockets of trie eight 
smi.aller stations. v^Qklahoma ; pioliti- 
cians : who seek; minor ..offices' have 
foiind these stations :rate cards: meet 
their bank books arid garner votes. 

New German Antipliiiet 

Ber-Iin, Feb.; 13. ; 

Germany has ; just brought out ■ 
super-amplifier. The Euronor, which 
is said to surpass anything. Weak- ' 
ness of amplifiers now in use in film:: 
houses .that the. lineyeriess of. fre- 
quencies have varied cai"ryirig pow- . 
er,^^ lower tones are less audible than 
medium and higher ones. Tl^pugh; 
there certain ways known of 
counteracting this shortcoming, the 
larger the room, the more difficult 
this gets. 

Euronor . eliniinatess. this . trpubls 
by using different ariiplifiers for the ; 
lower tones, at the same time ampli- 
fying' them without however jeopar- 
dizing distributioHi In: iadditipn, thai 
Euronor divides up its chiannels, . 
eniabling it to direct the . sound 
waves evenly' into all parts of the 
house. " With this new. : apparatus, 
accoustic difficulties.iare supposed to . 
be eliminated once arid for allv. 

. Kuss Morgan's Siiieine Niece 

. ;Phn^^ Marclv^l. 
. Peggy Moran, niece .. of stick-, 
swisher Russ MbrganV doing weekly 
15-minute .chirp- session .-on. WPEN. 

Morgan does all ' gal's arranging 
hiriiself. \ " 

Griffin Polish on WFAA 

Dallas, March i; 
.\ Three ; quarter-hour news .periods 
weekly have beeri' purchased by 
Griffin shoe polish ' over WFAA, 
Dallas.: Contract is tot 39 Weeks, 
starting Feb. i28. 

This is mbrning new with Bill 
Hightpwer spouting the news. High^ 
tower's sessions "ori Tuesday, Thurs- 
day and Saturdays; ssponsored- by: A. 
Harris , Si Co. :of. .Dallas. Griffin 
bought his . alterriate da^s. 

• Agency .is Bermingharii, Cas.tleriian 
& Pierce, N. Y. ■■■.■'■k-v 

Grftvcs Taylor;. Out of Radio 

:■:■/■ ■ Cleveland,; March 1. . . 

Oraves Taylor resiigned last week 
from-WGARi^-publicity-staff -to -de- 
vote.: ."tiriie .■.exclasiyely to. Statler 
Hotel's Terrace Room and industrial 
accpunts. . .• V 

Mbrrie Cpridpn taking, oyer berth, 
doubling ; as announcer, arid . statiori 

P.a. ;:.•■;. ■;■'.:. 



9 Days 

T HANKS to the . closie cooperation 
of the Axtoh-Fisher Tobacco Co., 
McGann-Ericksoh, Inc., and the World 
Broadcasting Company, we have just 
comisleted a series of 78 musical quar- 
ter hours in the record-breaking time 
of 9 days— ^six lipurs daily, i 

IS^y thank? also to Martin Block, the 
Pickens Sisters, the Melode^rs. Roy 
Campbell's Royalistsi the Eton Boys— 
and other guest stars oii thfe shbw^ 

We are how continuing society dance 
engagements in New .Yotk and Boston. 

: / 


AND HIS ORCHESTRA '■■<'f-''r''C 
Avaitahlc Thru Yduir Own Agent or DiVccf—CIrcle 6-1300 




Whole Statui bf Oove^ Radio j^opardizeci by 

Givil Service Ruling 

..: .^ AJJpntrealr'Mardh'lV -l 
:^dding fiirther tb tlVe; cohfusidn 
ijf ; cialiadian^ Brokdjcasting^.; 
SetMP atisirig ifrom the . ruling of t\yo 
'foiirts ordering Ithe^CBd to i^fq^^ 
its books in' court jiist.^ as if it /Werp^ 
; ^: priVjately .ipwned ::cpn^ thie 
additional;; srtbacW'-' adrri 

' the Cpiirt of Appeals last, w.eelc'.when . 

. it- refused t)ie 'request -of ■ the- CBC::tb 

'take the- case to the' Supreme Coiirt, 
;highest :;tribuh&l in the; : coXintry. • ' : ; 

drily iooiihole for clarification and. 
consOlidatibh of CBG affairs, AvouVd; 

; be additibnal :.legisltiti6n ; at ; Ottawa 
Ibr the ; purpose of ;sb teorsahizing 
the Corporation that it Ayoiild feie- 
cpme a Civii Servlpe enterprise iii 
law as well as in fact... " ■ • " • / ■ ' 

. Unless Parliamentary ; ; aciioh is 
taken- it: is-.diffiqult tp foresee :hP\v 
the GBC can coritiriu6 to function in 
its present manner. There -is also 
the possibility , of loss. oJ! about $2;r 
,000,000, :tinhuailly; frOm license fees. 

i^hich . thie Goverhmeht :atv pttawa 
would be disinclineid; to fpregp. .. . 

With the Court of . Appeals i;(efus- ; 
Jhg to permit the case to go; to . th^ 

' Supreme Court and - by . implication 
pliacing the CBC in the category bf 
a private cprporatipn i^ of; 
liciehse: taxes running into millibris: 
which; have been paid . ; ; the past 

. may also .bie' raised. ; .;:.;■.' v-'. 

- / Political obsiervers tariB inclined, to- 
the viewpoint that the - King ;;admiii'- 
jstratipn: at Ottawa has; already; been 

. tuffering eiribarrassment because of 
the widbsplread press .attacks, con- 
(iiemning the CBG for • competing with . 
privatei enteirprise, ; The, Prime 
Minister . has . been . obliged to ..jgo to 
bat for .the Corporation ;ahd a comi- 
jDiittee has been appointed to. irivesti- 

, fate complaints. : 

-V Canipiaign against the CBG is the 
fiiost Virulerit press attack ever" 
•taged against a Government agency; 
With the courts ruling agairiist the- 
CBG tiiso .the: Federal admihistyatibn 
il in ;a^ spot 'unless clearing viP;. the 
•ntire affair by clearcut iegislatiph. 

Big Ben Themes Cockneys 

■ Vancouver, March 1. 
. GKWX is using; recbrded^c 
of Lbhdbh's; 'Big Ben*; to ; therrie-' 
signal its live weekly prpgrarri. 'Mil- 
,lie and Lizzie.' / . 

Show has a .piair of comedy women 
using Gpckney ■ chatter aigaitist; a 
b.iackigrpund of sLondonr \ 

NEWS ys^|N^ 

British ; Relays W South Aoierica 
Sirlctly Informational ; ■ ; 


Be Stretched to 5 Years; 
Cov't Won't Cut Set Tax 

. ; ; Sydney,; Feb, 12* , 
: Australian government is expect- 
ed to increase the licensing term; fb 
tbrrimerbiai stations .;tb ;fiVe. yea 
contrast with this indicated widen- 
ing of opportunity for ; the commer- 
cial coterie is thb administration's 
aidamant refusal ;to ; reduce the $.5 
annual fee fbr; set . owners, aithbugh; 
such licensees are pni the upbeat 
eVery week. , ■ . . - V^ v-.' "'■'■■■■' ■■/.■■:'■■ 

Outlook for commercial; business 
this year is. exceptionally gpod ■ and 
the station operators are predicting 
new highs in revenue. , 


: Lille, Feb. 18. 

.. Protests. by rlepresentatives of local 
radio Immbrality of play, 
'Catherine, Empereur,' . by Maur • . j 
;Rostand^ which was; to be broadcast 
from the Theatre, de I'Odeon, caused 
it to be barred from air. 

Letter was sent through the local 
branch of goverrithent owned ' star 
tibns to M'.:G€!iitin, Minister bf P.T.T., 
when play was announced brought 
about change. 

, .;;/; London, Feb, 18. 

. Effect Of a iprivate repbrt'.tb'B.B.d. ' 
f rpnii ''Felix Greene|..followm^ 
of South American; . territory, :is; that' 
Corporatipn hias $et March 1.5 as; in- 
augural ;'date:bf regular . brPadcasts 
to that, .cpntinent. . Programs will ' 
consist of; straight news ■. broadca -ts.- 
in Spanish and Portuguese, and will , 
be transmitted from Dayehtry on 
3i.55; metres, with call si^ri GSB. ; 
Daily: programs will be;:given;.at 1:,30 
G.M'.T; in SpanishV and; 1.45 in Portu-: 
g'uese. • .'y ■■ ; ^;:^'.^ r'; 

Policy of straight hews, ha^ .•been 
aidopted ;by BBG'.as basis of all 
foreign . language broadcaistSi regard- 
less of ; the fact Germ an and; Ital i an ; 
daily. tran$mi'ssioni. to ;South; Anierica 
include • ..high ;grade ■; entertaiHrtient,; 
and occupy as much; as seven; hours 
a day air time. . •■; ■•\.. ■ 


Canberra, Feb; 18. 
Closer supervisibn bf Ipcal politi- 
cal ■. comment over goyernment oper- 
ated stations has been ordered :i)y the; 
Australian CabiniBt as the result of a 
dig taken by a commentator at a 
proposed govern nient policy. ; Prior 
to this. incident only the- M 
outlets .have felt the hand' of cen- 
sorship. ;; '-■ ■';: ^ ■ 
■ Administration nad refrained from 
setting up iany taboos for govern- 
ment-owned stations, figuring thait 
the lalter's officials' could - spot ahy- 
thing unfavorable in advance and 
delete it from the script. • Commeh- 
tatPr involved stays on the govern- 
ment's payroll, : but. his stuff from 
now on will be thoroughly; scrutin- 

Nothing has beeii said about giving 
the eagle-eye to comment affecting 
politics in any othier country. • ; 

. MontreaT, Maroh IV 
; FoVd Motors oif Canadji, havint; 
decided to use radio with .it half- 
hour weekly program hr.', French, 
finds - . desirable r; time. a.vailable:. 
oyer [ station GKAC; ; with ; whom 
;Jack He.riry; - of the N. W. fiyer. 
agency, has beeri.h.egotiatihg, .Ford 
Motors, if decidinft to use AC will 
be obliged to take' , the Wodncsday. 
night -spot ;• f fori) . 10:30 ;to 11. p. ; m '., : 
W^idhe'sday spotting is,;cbrisidere'd tbn 
late, by ; the; agency- as the , prograrii 
is - intended , to hi t the cpu ntry trade. 

Group bf Ford dealet'S were 'ra^ 
in to. auditibn two dramatic shows; 
and one ;musical last week, xyith the 
.dealer vote . .going urireseryedly for 
the musical. Another audition bf'siciai is; scheduled shortly w 
the ; .probability. • that Ford Motors 
will take what time.' t h^re ;is -ii vail^ 
able;';f egardless.^'pf spotting,' until > a 
mors desirable spot shbuld open. up. 
;■ Tea accounts ;al<;n cnterin<* 
the radio adyertis'n? field for; the 
first time. here. Red Rose was sched- 
uled tb .start with a; Frr rich 
RogcrS- shbvO' Feb. .23 five times 
weekly fi:bm 5:15. to 5:30 p.m; Lip- 
ton's recently started with 'Old 
Country Professor,* sketch, from 
11:15- to 11:30 three times weekly. : 

WpW^^ Base 

•'■■; . Omaha, March 1. 

Cbmin? ba.sebali season to be han- 
dled at WOW by Ralpli . Wagher for 
Brown & Williamson Tobacco Go, 
Since coming to WOW ; several 
months ago he has operated sustain- 
ing, and hew horsehide coverage; w.ill 
riaark ;h:is; first commercial spieling.' 

Gphtract calls fot*. six q hours 
weekly beginning April 24. 

, ; London. Feb. 18. 

Practically all restrictions on .Ih* 
broadcasting of -.newS; have .; been de'-. .; 
clai-ed off by the Britis;li;;-fii'badiciij^tv\ 
;ing CP. -sb :that; the. gpvef nm 
combat the hostile propaganda a i red 
by Germany, Italy, and othed. coun- 
trios.. BBG is now frce .tb gather jt.<i 
news frorii; whatever ;5ource.s it elect?, 
instead of . confining itself to ■;ihe 
Press; Association, -Central NPavs.- and '■ ■ 
Exchange Telegraph. . ; ■;' .' .' ' /; . ; 

Along with the drastic altering of ' 
its ; agreement^ With the ; Newspaper 
Proprietors. A'ssbciation the BBC has ;. 
set; up a special bureau for foroijin. 
language -b rpadcast s: R. -. A> Ca 1 visrt.- 
who .has ;;;done:;;newspaper work in 
Spain and. Portugal, hblds. the job of 
.Spanish.'and; Pbrtugese; editor -' ^ - A 
.-. Understanding ■ between ; the BBC ; 
and newspaper publishers became ef- 
fective 10 years ago and had been • 
modified from • time to tirrie'; The 
pubs are hoping .'that; the ■BBC .will 
preserve .;at least; ^t^^ 
bars news broadcasts ;" .'the ■:, Uh i ted ; 
Kingdom before 6; p.m. ; NP.\ feels 
that any. encroachment ph afternobnv 
editions would have ah iirifavorabie,: 
effect on newspaper sales. ;V 


Wiley Bros., London firm. Is audi- 
tioning Alistair Cooke for ai ies of ; 
transcriptions which' the cbmpariy' 
wants to place bn . Radio Luxismbu r g; 
po'werful European commercial eta- 
tioh: ■ ■..--;. ■■/■^-■■■^ :)■..:■■. ::X 

Cooke Is a sustaining commentatbr 
current ; on NBC. If. a deal is con- 
summated, his talks will be recorded, 
in . New York. Wiley products ar« 
hot sold in' the. U. S. 

, Allen C. Anthony, chief of KWK'a 
announcing staff, back at his stint . 
minus his appendix. . 

Carroll Levis and his Radio Discoveries just signed up by Xiord & Thomas 
Ltd. (London, England) on a second 26 weeks' radio contract for Quaker Oats!' 

Radio Pictorial " {BritairCs only spomm-ed radio magdzine) finds Carroll 
Levis Britain's most popular commercial radio feature also. 




Wijdif csday, Maivli 2, 1^38: 

In teritational Shoe Subsid 
Sponsors KPO-KFI Shi^ 

; . San Francisco, 

; 'Peters , Surprisii; Party,', bankrolled 
by the Peters division of; the interna- 
tional Shoe, debuted over stations 
KPO ' here ind KFI, : Los Angeles, 
Sunday (27) from the local NBC 
studios, Quarter-hour Aveekly. stanza, 
aired at 3: 45. jti. PST, uses : Leo 
Cleairy; *Saridy; McFrolic,' emcee, 
announeer Hal Gibney . arid Ray H 
rihgton directing a ; swing .ork. - 'Did 
VoU Knbws,', /Odd , and interesting 
facts; are ' spouted^ by; 'McFrblic' ; and 
Gibney in light banter which aUcr- 
natcs with music. y '.-.-'y 

Pair of Peters shoes is being of- 
fered .weekly -to /the three . dialers 
who sii bmit pniosti interesting • 'Did 
You knows' for the program. ;A.Cr 
co;unt is handled ., by Lbrig Advertis- 
ing Serviee.' ' 

Abolish Chief Anhburicer 

. WMCA, .N. Y;, 'h3s : m6rge'd .1^^^ 
<iu6t ioti arid aririduricirig depiartriieritSi 
eliminatirig post of c^^^^ 
Bob Carter, - who has ; hejd spot of 
boss biurber- a t the brpadcaister tor 
several years, leaves Friday: (4), ; ' 

Charlie Capps, manager of the pro- 
duction dept.; Will . thereafter assigrt 
the mikeriien. ; 

Chet Miller Leaves WIRE : 

. Indianapolis, March i.- 
■ Chet . • Miller,, head : .continuity 
scribbler at WIRE, who left last 
week, on some ideak of his .own, will 
not be replacied, according to state- 
rnent of WIRE execs. His Jeiving 
upped Mary Sari. t6, head, of What 
will how be only a bne-persoh ■cpn- 
tinuity department at -WIRE. 




CBS Network 
Frldsyfl, 8:30-9:00 Pljl.. EST 

All Pau|> Whitemari 
Engaiiehfientt Booked. 


Artitta Manaaentent 

:]^xu,' ^.;v:;:- 

Senior Prom 
Cinuirilttee Picked ' 


/.■ to Piny - Xlieir Ball ,v 
■. • 'I^uls Sherry's . ^ .■ 
.Satv Kve., March .6tb 



X * r c .■- K. • ■ - i 




• <«o<»ix III : 7>;i,\ i ijowcr : Jump- for .WMAZ,: Ma.i'fin, re- ' 

celAcVi (•(Muhilsli uUiiy, \vhf>n it wa.s (iPtPrnilncil ihrtt noeil 
fi.r .;(ci(1l.|i(>iii(l .si'r v(i't'. In tlie «ro.n.- .Slivtl<'n,.^lt C'lW, 

;Uflri;i to .vvliic h liit.i bep;n in> operatloit... .since lit^i?.. .iH nctyr 
opiinillrVjf . ('ri: .i j,'»(> l>c .with 1 ky nit; lit itntl dny, . Juloe- ■ 
:ivinii>- \wnHVl lir.oviilivfor'. tr.l>n;lihe ..operfttion \vlth Ti- Kw p<)'\yer. 
No (»lii('i:ll(i;hnlile .Interforencft . Would reHiilt .from the .chaii , 
(•(•miDlsh dorldei^; ;nn(V ^approximately 6r..r.().0;-. new , Anytime 
•.ll.stoh(M-i< wdiild •. ht> • ndrted, .■ ■ 

S(>ulheasici;ii UroiKleilstlnif Co., licensee of WMAZ, 

.■\vns TOiirC'SohiM b.v- C5op.rB<i' 0. Sutton."- .Tnin^s L. .1'^ 
Arthur ."^olu'di^dpr,. 

.. I iiiiislNitit: Methods ! of - .Charlpii, C. ...;(rlHon, .mnrinK^r of .- 
yvJKW.; .Ni'Vv prleatva, were uphslil hy the .Coiiiinl.-'h In . a <1e.- 
(•{.Mlon sliftwlnt;' iliiit :hl.'^.: tende.ii'ry' fo ciiop. proKi-iinis./ofr: tli© . 
t»ir ..waM.. .luii iiii-d . .I>y .a.-cohlract glvlrip .him 'full , and - coin-- 
plete' <''>i!tr(»l' '(if: !j(.;Vll()ft : itiVd proRfatiis. !i, ;'\ ' 
■ CiirlMoit, wlui owiu-^d and pporatod , the trau.smltier for ' 

'a:i»priixlm.iit'i>b'' Kt ye.nrii, siffned art .asrcpriieht ..with' Southern. 
lii-ojr(hv».«lin(? ■ fV»rp.. -emplfO'lnff ' the ^tter ad vert li- 

.Ini; hiit ■ .for Ih'^ , ifiatlon, rcciord showed.' - Action /of. Carlson 
in ciilllni; off at the tranahvltter proKram."> which an officer 
of. .Southern Uroadrastlnp attempted tt) rilr without hia ai>- 
prova't whs: not »fn violation of : the Communclatlons Act. 
1i\ (;. ('..-.aKrcert. .. (.'oiriiiVl.s.slpriei'a Rave Carlson a renewal ot 
hlH iiocnsp. i>n the I'JOO he frequency, which, the' statlsn share'B V. 

with wH.vo. \. - r" 

Afaurlce. H, .Oatli. ' represented ■Carlsbn,'. 

Olil)*: . ThiimbHi. own on a /daytime' Btfttlon for Cleveland, 
((• l)f diM-(»lpd to the airing of; fnrni and . market ;. Ihforivia^^ 
1 !(»!(. " w.i : \ 'o( cti by;' the «2!bmnii,ih~ .on .the' ground ' tha t f re- ' . 
(»uenplen uviilDible ' for -asslRnment to 'brott< ' -"itatlons werB 
llmi'loa and 'hroad, Roticral public service' Would be pre- 
ferred .t(» proposed . firm and' •crop-growers'- service. 
.'- '.-\i>jHlc;*nt, Food . Terminal iBroadcaatinR: Co:. ,ha4 planned ' 
dIn.semlnatUtn of I n format Iph on -.quantity, quality .and prices ' ■ 
of produce on hand In' the inarket btilldlne which It oper- ; 
ate». I'rotrram.s \vould lip off farmera • arid - ;retaHpr. . In r<J-' ' 
vance;. .H'.s' ti>'wh;t.t constituted; the best barjcalns from.; b'ot1i -■- 
vievypolnt.*.; .'Stathm wojuld ;hav beep operated on IROO .kc. 
yviOt .100 w; .; daytimes .only.. -'.-■'•' 
;Appl.rc,an't ;r>ralned -^Arthur.'' W. Scharfeld and-' I'hIiip G;. 

lioiicU!*.--- ■' • . . . .- ; •;'. "; - ;■ ' - :;.■.■.■■; ■ ■- ■., ; '.:. '-/'.-•; ■■/ ". . 

PeMHsvlvanIrt : • Switch .from ■ .specified ' hourg ' to unUmited 
time fifr WJI.X.SC. Wlikea-Barrei received the nod by reason . - 
.of an as.s&i ied. public; need for an expansion of- service. Over 
proie.sts of WICOK, S'unbury— now operating during the hbiirs 
wheiv 'WH.\X Is silent- on the same asalgriment of 12lft- kc . . 
with 1 (HP watts — C'ommlsh .okayed abandonment of the trains- ■ 
mllter'.t present ' schedule, . after' - deciding that ■ simultaneidus -. ' tlon. of. AVR'AX- aii'd-: WKOK . would hot -' materially, .cori--- ' 
ilict; Wit.VX, however. -Will be limited to its approximate \,26 
millaVolt-. pe^r meter c^ontour ''during daytlhi'e/opcratibii under 
the new. i'e'jtline.', '.'Wllkes-Barre .transmitter . has - been llinited' 
t(» S-a.m. l(» t'i noon- operation : .6n Mondays, Wednesdays aiid . 
Fridays; -6/ :hi. to: 12 noon arid B'p^m.'.tb midnight on Thurs- 
days .a ud.'; ';U urd'a y."i ' and I p.rh; to midnight, on Sundays, ' 

.Trf.s'pph - c: ^Cunn'ajly aiid /ThomaB 'A. Farrel' represented 
W.FtA.V. ... ;'.-; '. / . -': 

TeXttH: . Paytinie smalller' for ; Denton received the nod 
when; (■'onuMlMh approved .eeryice - of- a purely . lobar character -' 
for the coniniunlty Involved. Transmitter costing }4.6S0 will ' ; 
ba constructed by Harwell X; Shepardi amateur broadcaster 
wl»cii propo.sp.^ to sell time at $2 for spot announcements and .; 
|;t 2 an - '.h(>>u\ ' Service. ;'w lit cater' to- local . i rit'efests and', use'- , 
lopii.l talent, Mupplementlrig" good , reception already avair^ 
from ■WFAA-AVBAP. and KRr^D of Dallas and Fort Worth, . 
it /was explained.. Daytime - operation .on 1420 kc was re- 
(iun»ted^ . ''■ ' :^ ■•■'.■'■"'■■.■:'.- ■ -;- ; ' 

.Shepard was represented ;by Frank Stollenwerck^ 
i;ti»h; ■ Cache Valley'.Brbadcasting Co.,. Lbgaii;' was. giS-eti: 
a- berth on 1200 kc frequency, using 100 watts,- when need 
for local service was eatabliahed to the F. C. C.'a satisfaction. 
Organization, headed ; by S. I<. BUllnga, will set up the town's 
flrst transmitter at a cost of 18,000, with special attention 
paid lb the development of local musical talent by William 
1\. Conner, secretary rtf th« outfit and an experienced mu- 
sIclMh. Other stpckhblders are .T^eo R. Jehsert, director, J. M. 
Keeder, another director, and J. A. Reeder, vice-prealdent. 
Broadcast company was. represented by H. H. Shinnick. 

A|rt<«iitHi . AiW'h.oi'Mjje 'JViidJn. Club, /no,," Ahclibr., ., new ex- 
riti'itrnliil l«'6H(iv;.i.^l Ktalion to 'be operated ,oTi :34p;2.5 and; 

25' i.'V- with. iT.ri '.'wji'tLs': ■ /.' ,.'.' - '• ' 

^'(J .((.'rt.«!), San FninclHco, Jump night power 

; .IIIIiinN; : Application ;-of-.\y'ROK;, Rockfprd, for night power ! 
boost from GOO watts to 1 kw dismissed at appilcant'.-j request ; 
■WON, Chlcagpi. granted, extension of special experjlnehtaV au- 
thority tP operate a facsimile statibn from 1 to C a; ., for 
period ending Aug. 1, on 720 kc with 60 kW. : 

Indiana: WIND,, Johnson-Kennedy Radio Corp.,. Gary, 
granted special . experimental authority to bperate Its regular 
broadcast Iransniltter- for the experimental trari.sml.sijloii 
f ac.iimll'e . on. the BtiO - kc. frequency, using -regultir - night power . 
of 1 kw an directional antenna,; from 12 midnight to . 6 a.m., 
from 'March 1 for the duration of the next -regular license 
period. ■ ■' .-'- .' -. . ; 

*lt»>ne: Application of WGAN.- Portiaiid, estate of George 
W.; Martin, etc., for transfer of control . ot corporation to. ' 
William; N. Campbell and Lloyd c;: Greene, .withdrawn at re- 
qiiest of appll^-anta.. . ' ■ . • ' ; . '.,■•",: 
.MU'lii iin: .WW,T, Detroit, granted extenslbn of 'special- 
tPMiDorary authority to operate from Feb. -28' to- March 29 
with an -Int.rease in night power to 5 kw, in order to over- 
come Interference; WBCM, Bay City, . granted petUioh to . 
dlntulas application without, prejudice' tor night pow'er boost 
fro-tn; BOO --watts to; I kw, 

New York: NBC granted extension of authority tb tran.i- 
mil prpgvanis to CKCF, CBI/ (formerly cSrCT) and the; 
Canadian Brpadcastlng Co.; Also- granted extension bf nu- 
thorliy to tran.smit recorded programs to all broadcast sta- 
tions .In Canada licensed to operate by the Cariiidlan Gov- 
erninptit, which may be heard, consistently In the U. S.; Wil- 
liam O. Hi . Finch, Ne\y York City, granted new experimental 
broadcast .station to bs operated on 31600, 25600, 38600 and 
flftOO kc on' an experimental basl.t with 1 kw.. • 

N«rth Dttknta: : Application of Frank Ray, Dickinson, for 
nftvf slat Ian to be operated on 1310 kc with 100 watts nlghta, 
250 walls days, dismissed wt appUcant's request. '■ 

Tex ah: Wnlmac Co., San Antonio, application for new 
experiinehtal broadPaist statioh to be operated oh 31C00, S560O. - 
.ISSOO and 41000 kci with, 60 watt* days, A3 emission, dls- 
nitssed. at request of applicant. 

W«Mt Virginia: WHIS, Dally Telegraph Printing Co., Rlua- 
fleld; applicatiOTi- for rilght juice-Jump from 600 watts to 1 kw 
' dtsniKtsei. at. applicant's Tequtist,. 


<'i»ltf<M'nlii: K 

from 1 t(t 5 k W. - ■ ■ ; ■ ■; ■ 

Oregon: K.\i Kl), Mr. . W. .1. Virgin, Medford, ohrtnge fre- 
tiuency from 1410 lo l.'li'it lu' .'tnii: bboai povycr to 1 kw.: 

I'enhsylvi'iiriu : . Allentovi-n,- Iner power, to. l' Uyf. 

Piierti* Wrn: '', .iuii n riza, . Sun -'Juari, : new experthio.ntnl . 
t».rwulc;)sit; HliitloiV lU. he operated on 470.7VS, ti425 kc,. and 8666- 
kc Willi 1 A2 'pniisslon. ' 

-.Texitv: Si'Mc'r, , lu<',, Dalliis, authority to furnish -musical 
progninis and 'pIrfS'lets' In the form ' ot electrical transcrip-; 
tibns to slutioDs XHJIjO; .SK.rS'';nnd Xi01VA':tb';i)p. delivered by 
ex'i>rPHs iin'd. ..inali. and pos.tlbly personal delivery under pro- 
visi'iMt!! Oi' Sci'. "L'.l uif. tlie Att. ' ' : - ..' .:' - . - v ; ■ .- 


;' '..ilHhi»|i«s---.j''\*'b--\vny scrnj)' oyer facilities for daytlnie ata- 

■ t ibu ; a t ''Aurora,., in.vbl viiig . chartfo? n' new fti>pllcant, wa'a 
. ac'tlji.g; as. stooge , fbi; the town's newspaper, Jwas temporarily 
' decided. -in .fa vbr of t lie ne.>vcbm;er. Plea 'of. Mi'trtirt R. O'Brien, , 

county sti.pcrvlHor aiy(i'.i)ub.iio;h(lmiii'lstra.tbr, for a transmitter 
nti'. J250 iVc;- \vlt:li- .•S'i'i'O watts - power wa'a upheld by. Examiner 
ltpl>er.t li Irwin over ihe prolosis of Jules .t. Rubens: whose 
pending apidlcalion ' hits been recommended for . Commlsh 
denial. .' ■' . ■ .'. ■' .- ■. ' ■ 

('oHtohtlpn'; of re.siioniK'at was that P'Brlen liaid an . - 
der.'tanding' '■ wilit the ..\urorrt Beacon News; t'hay the ra'g' 
was. the real appiioant and that the proposed -'ti'aniMniltter 
. Wiiuld' eventually become 'the property . of thip Beacon 'News. 
;AII ' of which- was- 11a tiy< denied by O'Brien and Ben: Alschuter, . 

■ atloriiey for llie n'ews|j;iip'er. •; . . 
, In "hl.s report, 'Ir will - declared- that the 'only ';va lid - bbjeotio * 

brfered .liy the- resi>6nrterif,. related to the method pt. submitting 
the O'ltrien deposlVlo'n.s. tb'..tlie Uomml.'^h. Papers .were mailed 
.. by-'.6'l{i'ien''. .notary to appilcnht'3- Waahlngtbri - counsel and ' 
.' dellvei-ed by. the aitorney to-. F, Cr Q., Secretary' Stpwle, Irvvin 
Mdinittod. instead" yf 'fblibwing Commlsh .'rule pf procedure 
. which - calls for' forwarding of ; depositions under "aeiil of , the 
notary direct to tiie - K. ('. C.. secretary. ..'''.. 
■- Matter of the deposlLlpna— which were'V not considered In 
. the, report bccuuse Pf : tlie violation — was not - mefitlon'ed " in 

■ I»^A\Mn». fa.ypraiile. ' .cntu'lustona. '■ Neither was there- any refer-^ 
. ..ence to . I lie alleged 'colluslbh between the applicant and the 

Beacon. News: - : -....-.■-'.-.'-' 

Ben 1.'. ■-Flsliei' .a iippared In .'applicant's' behalf.'. 
KiinHu.<4;:. l)Uytiii>e siuul.lfe f6r>Atchl.son Vaa flagged' toward' 
CoiTimlsh approval hy irxaiMlher George H. Hill. Town, which 
' has a ijopuliilioh of between. 14.000 and 16,000. is badly In 
; need 'of a- local, trahsmliter, Kk'ainlher heirti'-and: applicant^ 
■' Cart liatc'nstei;, headr of. a .muaic'al ' Instrument bl?:— li well-llxed 
. flri'aiicially.'- to coixatruct and bpern.te .;the siatioiv; ; -Piirticulair 
liebd exibts In' Atchison- for a. tran'fimitter- whlcii ckh deliver 

- a suillciently. srrojvg signal; to he of -servl.ce: In., the. .'buslnesB 
sect ion. Kill pointed' out.: (ind KFKQ, St. Joseph, Mo.— cur- 

'-renlly furnishing - the' innst satisfactory service to 'Atchison-^ 
Isv unable- ! 'do this.'; .ProT)b'sed smallle. bperatlng -bn'..1.420 
kc, would service' the bu.slnes.s district and would cause no 
Iriterferen.ce',- to othipr stations. Hill a'aidi-' - 
. . . K vert ' 1 VioHo. a nd '.tosepli C, Lyons -a ppeared for I-ia tCnser.- 

Tfixus: 'Transfer' bt . control of KRGV, . Inc.. licensee of 
KllOyj- Wesiaco, from '.S. Nile.s tp 0. L. .'Taylor, Gene 
Hbwe and T. K. . .Siiowden \vaa, Indicated in,, a favorable re- 
port by ('hief >2x,;r.'T>avt9.'G. Arnold. 

- Invblyiivg tl»e sum. of $54,000. dicker would- benefit both 

- - traii.sfero'r iiiid ' ti'ausfereQs, -Arnold declared, po'intlhg- but that 
the new group w;i.s adequately ;rtnanced and that policies of 

. the vranVnVlttei- would be continued with respect t 
a'dvertlsin^j; • elc. . CaVriiige :- of as many of . NBC's sustalhLng 
programs as (he iriilllc' of the. station will permit .\ylll be 
about , the only - cha.iige.'.it was indicated, but time. . devotea 

■ ti>' net'worlc .program^ will 'pot ;b8-i Increased; ' N'l.Ieis .wilt -carry 
on a.s manager for two years a .salary basis, ;• 

'Api)ll<'ants for. the' at^tioh : bwii/ a ' minority interest In 'the 
Globe N'ew.M' I'liUll.shlhg (.'o.. \vhlch' publishes the .Amarlllp 

• Globe- Ncw.'i.'.-an'd in the Avalanche Journal. In IjUbbpcfc. Gene 
Howe Is the son of the ' late. Ed Howe, nationally-known 
'Sage of Potato, Hill.' ; ■'. ' 

. Horace. !).. l-(>hnes appeared for. the applicants!. 
' - I'eiinn.vlviiitiu;' , Ambltlpha of in - evangelist to conatruct an 
"a II -religious :brpad cast stalion; at-.Pliil.idelphia'.'were nipped' 
In the bud by Jxamlher Meivln H. Dalberg who pointed to 
- seyerat discrepancies In -the appl|calion. 

Myaierlous donor, who contributed 120,000 of the .135.000. 
set aside for erection of tlie 1' iv\y daytime station asking 
ppera.i.Um- on.; 1220 :Uc, 'siiould' .tell, his name, Dalberg . con-;-, 
-tended, iii 'vi.eAy of live fact that 'it. has' been' heretofore .held 
that the C(Mum.ission . la entitled lo know .t'he na^iie and .back- 
--. ground; of un individual supplying funds In connection with 

- applications of this nature.' . • 
; Aircastle of Percy B! Crawford. — ex-preacl>er who was orlg- 

.- Inally a .Me.t.l»pdis't/ later' a .nitin>ber ot an interdenominatlohal' 
church.- .><till l;iler iv Baptist .minister and now- resigned from 
the i^-'e."<l!ytPri;in. (.'hurch-^should be di.scour.aged, accordllng 
to Dalberg. ;: rroposed progmms lif the' 'Young People's Asso- 
ciation for ;the..]''r(ipag'.<tli)h !of '..the Gospel' calf (or placing 
; tiie - 'tu'niliiti'ieiitallst . luterpretnllon' on - the creed -lo: bo- ex- 
■;p((Undi'd; n'len' ("atliollc and ' jew' 'faiths would 
' not be jipnnittcd to use the facilities- - of. the station' and 
. Un I VP rsa I -. pren chf ra would be barred. 

FranU Stollenwerck and '- H. Ij'-on Bennett represented. 
'.Cra wfiird;" - • 

- Siuilli lliikotn: 'F':ivoral>,1e 'opinion on tran.Mfer of control 
of W.\AXHr-i)ai<,i<-a!(t ini; -(.'opipany,; 'iTankton, froin-':.Cha;rle's H. 
Gurney lo; Suiiih- Uaicola Ufoadcast was handed down, by 
Kxiimlnar. J^alberK. vV - ■ 

C-liange. of bw'ri'THhlp .f rorb; th«f h'-ad ; of the Gurney .Seed 

• at>(V Nur.W'y'. f'o..; - -tiia ll-ififil'ir . H'l'Awr . dealer.'), to Gardner 
/. ('owlp.<i, J r., 'of i>p^s ; M.'>ibe.M;' woul(] ' i)p 'a.ccpmpljshed for. -1150,- 

, OOo^s.anie'e ),aid t/y - f jumfcy -for .11) e - ehlire Issue of Clas.a 
. A hon-yoiicig siotk - ln the W.S'AX' cpinp'i»ny, ;r)alberg. pointed 
out. . --.:'■-;:. ~ .> \ ■ "'';■'..'-''; ."■■ 

/(.'(iwles- iy; pi esid'-nt of W.S.VX-- 'Rroadcastlhg Cb:;' president 
br the -Itiwa Broadcasting Co. (licenspe of : KRN't' and KSO, 
jVes Moines, .and uf ,W.MT. Cedar Ua pid.i) ; president of Look, 
Inc. -(weekly pic iTjagazine)' and vIce-preHldent ,t»f- the. Dea 
- Moines Kegisl'er i'lri bune Co. /and the MInitcapoUs Star 'Coi 
. He does not, however, prppo.Me to own' any. stock In the trans- 
feree or haye.a'i.iy cphnccHon wit.h the affairs of the station, 
, according to Ie.-<ilmi>ny contained In the report. 
; ; I'oinliii'.ir: fiu.t tlw'it thb ..sH;i'e of! the -statlo.n would . be-- made 
without profit to Gurney, Dalb.crg recommencic'd BrautihSr of 
the reiOK'st. . ■".: ; ' ■"/ ' '.'-' - 

Transferor tran.sferee represented by Pa til M. 

Segal. V..'-.; . :\ ,■: 

Milton Mendelsohn, Agcv; 
Man, Joins KFH, \Yich1ta 

Wichita, Kan., March 1. 

Milton M.. Mendelsohn, new - sales 
pvomo ti on a lid prod iiction ' -'. rna nagep 
of radio station KFH, has ^added 13 
new shows. Also has forrhed'a stock 
company from/ which he has cast 
'An Orchid to You' that runs /three 
times a week as one of the new sus- 
taining progres. Cast dramatizes a / 
good deed done by some local person' 
during week and ' appreciation 
KFH sends that periori an orchid. \ 

Mendelsohn; formerly of Kirtland- 
Engel - Advertising Co. in Chicago. 
G. B. McDermott, also hew as man- 
ager . of station, added . him to' staff. 

Buffalo, March 1. ; 
Hospitals here have- felt tha reac- 
tion , to ;^ current ratlio serial In 
which a youth makes $75 by selling 
his blood for transfusion purposes. 
Hospitals have been swamped by 
candidates, mostly . joble^ss; who. are 
willing to part with blood for aliike 

Payoff here usually $25 for a 
little rnpre than a pint. 



i'^ resented by Ivory Soap 99" ?o ' : po'O 


■ • ■ U^ NBC Red Network> 12:15 to 12:30 P.M. EST I 
IM CBS . WABC— 2:15 to 2:30 P.M. est! 
.• * ' A..; COAST TO COAST ;,A'- 1 



: ~ .Rochester, N. Y., March 1, .,'-. 
.'Modern Music of 1988,' swing bur- 
lesque of Tschaikowslci arid Bach as 
versioned in comedy mood by Uni-. 
versity :'-6f Rochester swing band, 
aired Sjiturday : night by WHAM as 
antidote to heavy schedule of syrh- 
phonic programs... Eastman Scihool 
of Music students worked- up. the ar- 
rangements as. .relaxation- from vs 
pus- compositions : under eye of Dr. 
ik.oward'' Hanson and produced . show 
in.Kiib6urh Hall as surprise at Uni'^ 
versity's formal dance.. ; 
: Struck -With; soniewhat o.f a shock 
iii siettihg; dfeyoted to' only 'the. finer 
things- in music. 

W. A. Schudi, Jr.i g.m. of WBT, 
Charlotte, is on a tetitday ;business 
trip, to New York and' 'Washihgt'oii.^ 

Riyals Drop In f or Tea 

Philadelphi March !.■ 
WDAS has gone snooty with tea 
at- foiitv dgily. Station airs prbgram 
by Baroness Olga Lanoff. who plugs 
tea 'grown on her own plantation in 
the Argentine.' , Recently she's been 
leaving samples ar.oiind. which , are 
gathered by; Korlyss LaMarr, sta- 
tion's receptionist, and brewed for 
daily snifteri- . ■ 

; Alex ■panhenbaum. Jr., in charge 
of the Station 4n his- fathcr>s absence, 
likes the tea all right. l)ut : he's a 
little- dubioOs about . salesmen from 
rival kilowatters ' ppppirig - . every 
day to get theirs. ' -' ■' 

Xucide and tanny with Kent - 

Lucille and. tanny added to Alan 
Kent's noon hour show on WNEW, 
N. Y., Monday through Saturday. 

Jimmy Rich, organist, also added 
to program. --;''./- 




AdtlrrMN ; 4361 N. Paulina St./ Chlcaco 





- -'- - 1 4-13:1 1-5 I'.M. EST - . 

EOR -.'-.' 




c/o.Goldio and Gum m 
' tBlO Ikrnntln-ay, New ' York 

'^tlncsjlay , March 2^ 1 938 



: ^■ ■■/^ . ;■ • i-. Washington, March 1. , '^■■'i 

^ Goverbment cbntrol of , brroadG.asters' bookkeeping Ipomed . this week 
when Federal Comrniinicatipns C9mn:)ission se^ draft iriodtdis^^^^^^ 

tejri;of recqrdih^ .pj?ofits,: losse ; ;> : . t 

Long threatened decree, ;teilihg wliat cpuid : p iii the : plus arid ■ 
Vhat in: the minus cblumn is just around th6 cpmer. Chairman 
Frank . il^:M^ . issued; announeehient M^^ ■ saying -he;: 

. had asked -thiergpvern 
of ,. recording ; fi^ Co.nside.r^d -first rnqye; ip: directiori- of/ rate- 

■ fixihg-v- ■ ■'; y'''; r ' \ ' 

'Oniy. through the ; a of such -a system can the cornrhunica' { 

iions vindustry^^ 0r the public have de^ehdable ior .'cprnpar^ 
data,' boss regulator elaboralcid. . ' • ^ - ■ < 

li'nifprm . ■a'ccounting procedure— fpllovy'ing reception of . the slants 

sioner • T;. A; /Craven, w reci^nt . reports pft . the; ecpnortiics of ; 
broadcastihg laid great weigh t;;pn the: 

the cpmmlsh : will get dope .which may be the basis for saying, stations ' 
Vcan' charge. only .so rhuch-^for their iacilities;: . ; 

, :' Financial qu'eslions: hiave been, getting . niore and more attentibn; ' 
' jrphJ FCC. exarn.incrs i Looks as though -the csish^a^ 

• carry' aspect of the; busineiss i^^ to be Uppermost.: SeyeraV iapplieatiPns 

have received a 'red; mark because .Tefereesdidrt^^ think .there ; was; 
: enough business to the contemplated station. 

c^ses: the hdd/ has gbrie toward, .pfopnetprs .Avhb caiv shPw;:' tile best; 
.. chince; of ■;gettihg ^advertisers t(D :pay the; freight, ; ;. ^ v .. i ,; .'- : 


-Two Offers to City f or Take-oVer of 
. . 'iyiuhiclpal; Station 

.;;/ -/ ;Washingtori,' March ';li'^ ^ 
■ Spetial . ihterdcpaivtmentiil \ corhy 

• mittee was- ; created 'by President 
Roosevelt last , week . to foirhiulate 
plaiis ; for . :;in^rr\atiphal brpadca.str 
ing ; under . . government . iauSpices; 
causing further feaV of. Federal; cpm-' 

; petitlp.n . with private^ enterpriser^ .■: 

Apprehension that .an putcPme pf 
the .studies \vill- be ejthei* ■ (1), a 
■mpyenient -tp cbmrnandeer;; tiine : on 
private; transmitters ■ ; (2) to em- 
bark on ariibitiPu§- pro^^^ of gov- 
ernment p\ynership which would be 
the : start toward liniiting .■commerr 
Cial pperatiori, ;Such ;a pd 
was declared ; absurd by Feder:»l 
.Commuhicatiphs Comritissibn Chair- 
■ inari Frank R. • McNi nch , Who. heads 
the, group. . : 

./. Primary' purpose of the cpiTitThit- 
tee, McNInch .'expiiaioed, is, to- study; 
. tlie , ; type . , Pf ;; service/ which . is^ 
desirable : in / deveTbping good-will 
tlirouglibut the Western I,Iemiispheii-e.> 
^Particularly concerns, .use hiadie of 
the- . five-Pan-Arneir lean - f.i^^^^ 
^hlch have, been ioaned to private- 
prganizatipn.s— CBS. . General Elecr 
trie, and : Wp.rld-W;ide--undef close 
Federar" supervisjohi . 

'/ . .Gimmick ;ciaus<!/ . 
/Disturbing plidse. ■ of: • the-, iriatler 
was a stiatement; by' McNinch vvh.ich 
.said; the cornmittee expects tb. iPbk 
into; questlbin ; pf : 'usiiig; other / f i^- 
;quencies. which may be ;avanabie.' 
Exactly /what' ;thi.i; siiMiifies is the 
Worry of industry I'eps,. -since: the 
fprmal annpuncemeht threw no, fur- 




.ther Mi«ht ■ / :-. the topic;.: /McNinchi 
declared;, .ho^yeve^; this/phrase need 
■cause; > nb; Xalarm- ': since ; it 'itiei-e^ 
means , the group.;, will : see,, what 
-chahce there is - /that -.existing' .I'l- 
censees :;rtay: Avish: tb \ . |-pperate/' in; 
j fi\'iming programs -'.W^^^ .wiil. bbl- 
,ster U; S. /relations .with .oth'et ; . 
r tries and will, survej'. the iinail jotted 
r assignrhent.'? ; to - see . if any - rnbre' 
:\ should be reserved for iDotential gov-!' 
' erhineni pneration.;- .;; ' . .' ; 

■ The comrinittee may.. gb-//intp the 
question of . building ; gb/yerhnrientr 
OAvned ; /trdrismitter, ; .prppo.sition 
how; siyrhied !at the ' Capitol , :ahd . 
istrPriltiy- suppbrted by varibu.s Fdd- 
: e ral - officials. ./Industry . oppbsitioil 
tp, a tnove. ■ this. directionT-rthrPuph 
fear it is the opening wedge to break 
down the so-called ;Artierican;.v.iy.i;r 
tern of bi'badcastihg— i.s/ r.e,poried- to; 
have been aided: by / Jaines /Ilbose.-; 
.•velt, • the: •^President's ^sbn,■ 'a 
stance pf CBS. . / ■ ■ 

Special research ; Ri-Pup; ineiudes,; 
in - /addition ;tP IVTcNinch. Attbrney 
General Gummings; iG 
icr,, assistant chief /Pf. the Slate. . De-' 
partrnerit's -'division of American Re- 
public?; '. E. K.> :Burlew./ recently-' 
nbrninated as .assistant : seGrelary of 
i the IhteriPr; Roy North, deputy./third 
l a.ssistant./Pps.tmaster Gon Jpbh 
j .W;; Studebaker, ' .Gornmissioher ' of 
: Educiatipn:/ Leslie A. Wheeler^ chief 
of the /diyl.sipn /of foreign agricul- 
tural, service pf the Bureau of Afiri- 
cuiliu'al. : Econoni icsj . Agricul ture De- 
pattmcnt; / Dri / Alexander /.Vv Dye, 
dii^ectbr ; [ot: the . Bureau; of . Foreign 
and pbmestic Commerce, Coininerce 
Department; Warren . L./ 
•iircsidcnt; of ' ^ : the //Expbrt-Iniport 
Baiik; ;Haryey B. Otterrhah/ of ' th 
St,a.le Department;; and E. N. . 
Tnan, of the Agri.cuiture Deparli-rient.v 

Revamps WHEC M 

. ./itbichester, ■ N; ;Y;.:. . March l ,-, ;: . 
;■ Ki^plSparnon, . / / ; WHEG: miisioa) : 
■dii-ector,: has: rebrgah!Z.efl.;sfiid.i 
;chesti^a/- kcep^in ."pre- - 

Vibijs setup- / ; Swing ' also, /isvpul ' 1,11;;. 
faypr/.pf triclc arrange 
,■ -'Besides '-fuU.-W 
pl-ay's- twice, a '-.wee.k 'Sjpai'noii . is/, 
eeiitralihis on a- ■Stting /comb j nation ' 
.wiiich /ihcl.udes' hi.s '; wife.'- Afa^^^^^ 
.Sp?irnbn, harpist Ijjive ■ 

organ, - hai'p ■ and..' tw in . piati or: nrgfi r-i . 
;guitdir.^.a.nd . clarinet;' prp^n /^^ 
.sfrumental.: .;,g.uesl/ sbioiS^^ 
;' WHEG;;pVpductiph planiiin^ 
reprgrtir!.zed/:/witli: General jTnnfifirV:' 
'Gunnar Wiig. / bhai.rman;- MprcTen ' 
Buck. -.Kbn./ French. /CHar^^^^ 
wards, and ,\ Spar^^ ... ■ , ; : ? , 


/;: ■';■/ .; ■// : ;/Sl;' Louis, Mn 

: ; 'A- ■ trip tb the 'NAB ■/ con veni i(Vr)' 

a: prolitabl£< •■'; fpi^'-WiL/; ^Ed:"S]n'ii;^; 

the ; .siatibn'.s^ qoirnniercial. . m£ina.i(tT- 


.rpu'te , .hbnie;- ilc : arrived-' wit,lv/ c<in.-.' for ' j.95.^r^uarte^-^^bu 'iUtfi . 
spot.. £i|ihpuo:ce.m«;.n is, , picked • ufi 1 if 
.New ' YbiOf,' and-;l05 pn'-: 
grams. ;gariiei'cd :in -Chicago. -. - 

/Shut/ how favpr.<! mprillily lils-^load 
of ahnuhl /obhventiohs:- of tlie NAB.. 

:^ - /; / ; Can-jden,. -March I.. . 

.. Gall .for bids, in: cphncctibrt with 
. the n^anagernent -pf W^ 

hiis/been /bpei'atcd. by ja- city cbrnmiST 
■.sion \ ' ■■/..:. Febriiarjr; 1;.; Avhien ./the;. 
;municiipaiity.s. contract with-,; the.. 

. Advertising - Company eX-/ 
ptre'd,- was'/'/ ■ swered .bn .Wednesday': 
/(23 ) by .Cam, Inc., and Aarbh ;ileine, ' 

, 109a 1 at iP'riiey . O peratibh . of the c i ty 
bw n ed tat i 0 n i s ; i n: . May 0 r Br u ri ho r 's ; 

'■ prbyihce,: afid / the bids ai'e- ■ being: 
sludicd; by .the niaybr. bcfore:'iDeing 

:.rGfG.i:red - to .the-cily^^ commission; - ■ .•^ 
• Provisions in .cbhtl;aict -.set ;forth by 

, Gam. li-ic:. Which - .was represented by 
S id iiey : Sh lir,' a tlbrney, .called: . for 

^$3.<)D0;/ yieai'ly rcilt.;' and; for the in-/ 
/stanation ; by:, the: bidder pf ;^/ /new 
ti'aiisnl.ittcr, -at . of $i5;6bpj -the. 
jn.echai)is'rh :to;/bccbme c 
Carn. Inc.,/ : a greed, also, to stand -exi- 

■ :bf all ■ cquipmeht . iii.sta.iratibn 
/during, ihe period; coycVed. ■ by ihe- 
.-contrac't.--- ■-. '■ -. -•/ ' ■-' - '--vt ,. v'- ' 

Heine -'ofl'ei;' named , •/-rentdV.. /of 
$3,000, ./pi U,<j . . of , ail ■ conimercial. 
/I imp rcv.eniie received fi'bm '$24,999. 

■ to ''$;^4,999, .and V.'A^/ bf all revenue 
receiviJd. over. .$35i000.' ; /Undeirstpod; 

.-that ;Hcihe. represented by. Barthplpr: 
meW: : Ar Shee.han; a.sked; to ' be reim- 
blir.ied /for e^ 

be- '.defended, by /city . ' .ariy. .legal 
'stiits. . ,'- ;J;./- ///.-v.; ■;■-■■./;' ; -;':.-;. ;■;- .;/- 
: Certified checks^^ for ^15,000 aceom-^ 
pani'^d bids;; E^ 
hite action will be tak 
\yeeks% and. there is/nb a^^^^^ 
either . bf the Icjids will /be: accepted. 
There is a possibility that hew bids- 
.will be called f of; ' Sainctioh of CFedr 
eral' .epnimissibn .m usf be sficured be- 
fore cit.v contract is efTective. ' " ■ 



' . ■• : ; Dallas,. Mai'ch 1.//. 
// Slriiibn WBAP pf .F^^^ 
.'shares; 800 kilbcycles frequeriey/with 
WFA A of /Dallas, .ha.s/ receiyedi^^^^p^^ 
m isslon:. oif / Texa.s... Prison Board for 
um'-'^ual /;■ . .: ; pf radio/ shows -.tb, 
brigiiiate , in. / th.e state, prison'.- at- 
fluntsviii.e; Tex^: :/■/:, ; ; 

Det?iils; now being wPrked.;/Pu^^^ 
iElbert: Haling, .will not : be. certain 
.iintil. after the/meeting /of the Pr i.sbri; 
"Board ■ on: March X : Prbgrarh will go 
onQC a ,\veek, Stai'ting ciaVe an.d hour 
of day Tibt/.yet /decided,.: ;/ ' ' . / •; 
/•; Broadcasts / will incliidie ihterviews; 
with;, prisoners, : famous and bther- 
WiSe,v in -which- . the, /cpnyicts' will /be, 
giyen;' ah oppprturtity tb-. tell- their 
story, air. thisji: yiews ::bn life: in a 
cell/and advise little boys to be gipod, 
or else. Passible that some bf th'e 
shows w ill. . cohie f 10m female p'risph 
farm.- part pif /the .Huntsville 'plant.;' / 

WBAP/Plans .to./send an an 
and tebHnician / to Hunlsville, each 
.week ; . to /handle ' ; the . broadcasts, : 
Likely that first , ivj.hg '■ will have 
speeches by , Gov. James: Allrcd and/ 
prison /officials;-':-. ' //. . ■'.. ;■ ,■}' 

/, .': :.. ' ' • .Washi.hgtbn... l\, .1. -: ■ 
. . S ta hd to / tf^ke. -b n /d el ica te; rn^a ttc r P f ' 
judging reja'*; of; ainouhl.v 
paid for . broadcast stations, has: .'-•plit 
the.' Federal CpmmLlriiciitipri.s, Gbrii^; 
.fri isSiph ; wid'e/p^^ 

nite:--.delay.. in-.passing...;oh^the; hpst' b 
pending : £^pplic^^tibhs for pei misfiiori ; 
to. transfer contrpi] ing stock /pt to- as-; 
sign, licenses./. : . ■ 

; ; .Three different, :har.d-torVe.cpnci)e,; 
iyiewpoihts were; said • to ha\:e beeii. 
•taken last •week, when, ;itt. a '.sb.^sipn 
lasting ;seyeral hbur.*;,: the full iiicm- ■ 
bership / engaged ' :'heated debate 
and made, n/ext to hp! pi'b.JirjesK /iji./e^^ 
tablishing ;. ;yardsli:ck . \\-^ 
tb:-ipeasu re.' public interest./ Pibppsi- 
'iipn : ■ .extremely ■ sighificant, since: 
/ifinhi,/. cpncliisioh / :' . bound .to. bo: 
scrii tini zed ca r ef lil! y i a Cbh .ijr ess an d 
itnay -ibe. the; of : Ip ng -ji nd casstly 
litigation/ /Reper^^ ini{;ht vypn 

in/vbive. /c>n.stitutipnality pf tlie 1!)3.4 
..pphiniunicatiohs Act,. ; . .;-. /. ■; 
,. .Eittireme., views i.tikeh. by two 

factions,, /with ' the - balance ibf ; power : 
in . the. hands." -bf ' tl-ic,/. in iddlerof.rthe- 
roaders.. ;Ghief issue //wheihcr aiiy-/ 
.thing bivt/; bare/. -vk^orthVp 
prpperty/ shall '/be weighed 1 h- i-u 1 ihg 
oh' itahsfer /pleas.. ... ;■',•;■ -.■ .■/- -;>' , 
. - Ultra-conservativ.e.i .cohlend' Ihore 
is nothing the;,stalute Which.':j4'- 
lp\ys - the /Cornrtii.'ih to. ,;lbbk at - . the 
fa irness of the 9alei. price, a 1 ihb ugh i ri 
/the f ambus ,KN.X. ; the -l-'CG went 
.to lengths, to sustain its vie w that the:, 
: $l;25p,.00(]i; -cpsfr ./•was .not ;^ive. 
This cpntingent. says- the /oil jy .lliiTiji; 
.ithat . cpncerns the gbvern'incnt; / is 
whether:: the ..p/rb.spectiye. biiyer/: ha.s; 
suftici'eiit , respurces/; tp; . acriiiiie . aiul^ 
•pperate- the transniitter; . 

' .Ctfst/Elehient;' ; '/ 
;'; Advocates' of / thoi'bugh .'pgl ihg" of 
price / tags ; take ;' exactly ; opposite 
/stand. ;; Because the / a mow n t . p;ti d f br 
the property rti'ay .have} ah en/ocl on 
.the rates charged and jhe' lutiire of. 
.service /.••rehdered--:be 
being incprisistent. :with: the', idea that/ 
licensees, dp hpt:;\have ; a I'ly vested 
right in their frequencies; and op- 
erating .franchtses— they ..'in>;i.'^t. the 
"FCC .cannot" fail. to/. Weigh tlie ..cost 
elemeht. ,-. 'Answer that; it <<bsiird 
tp' argue that an agency -pnjbincd; tp. 
safeguard the . pi ibli c . i ;ca h nof 
veto'/ . trafifiactio'n on gipunds the 
price is top high. 

PPssibility ,bf . -dcr 
pe.nds on / oratorical ■ ability /bf 
minority ■ whicii' holds the ' 
can /exprbss its- ppihibn: bf the pi ice; 
but.'pugbt hot .be tpp; s^tei-n. . Soihe ftl- 
IpWanee shpuld .-be made -^ gbpiJ- 
will or going-concern yal ue ahd;pi:bb- 
ably ./for/investment a iid pioiiee'ring 
costs, a.^ wel 1 as f br the: acl uji 1 wpr th- 
Pf /the plant at the time of the sale. 
This; intangib/Ie item ha.s/ beep the: 

ci Ux pf :tho- prpbTe'my witli . some .fx- . 
siminors - turhiiig... thuihb.s down ; 011^ 
any V deql :;.whicK .hivolye.S' amount, 
oyer; the origi ha I cos t, the rc pr od i i c - :. 
tipn; oiv the deprediatcd inilijil.'; 
;bullay/ -. / ..; , ■ ■ y. - '•■.■,-:.--::■ 

:;:';■;'//:: ■■ Good win iteni ": 

■ In- /the : event the;.Commish decides. ' 
.^;/ .'exercise/; /control,/ -further 'dif'*-; 
ferehces pf /pipinlbh; blobk the.^w^^^ I0 
ad ppli b n /of ja / concrete f p r fti u 1 a w fi i eh 
will, guide the ihd.Ustry; . Some mem-, 
bers; bcli.eve , there is grp.vind l'"or air 
lb\ying: ; -gobd-wjll item; ; othQv.s.— 
nbtiibly Chairman Frank R; , Mc-. 
Nihch-rdeciare there / i,s ' ho 'Such ■ 
iTieasurable: thing- in radio. Similar ■ 
/cla.^h of hii nds-.aibbut .pe'rih i .s.el !-; 
ers /to get spnriethirig to/ epi.-hpensi!.<e.. 
them for research, / impioveinent .of 
properties, arid public service 
tivities./ /:/' -. ;/- '^ - ;.'/.':/' -'. 'V- -. 

• Corisiderable anguish about ' ing 
a wgy., p'tit ,pf ' this maze - Ena.ctrhent / 
of . legi jdatibh-TT.either : clear ing ,ii jj; ihp, 
;yagU!?.ness. a^tacli 

intbrbst! convenience, /and; heiess^ 
or specificaily. tellihg the Commish: 
vi' hat . tp dp ;ahd hp w: tp ' do _ i t in . de^. 
,cidin.g ori .sales— -Tnay be the bnly ?b- 
Iiition.; This wbuid /take .li'm^^^^^^ 
the 'lid bh the argumerit about/ Com- 
misb ipast ' deeds. -/'- --.'...- 
/ Practibners at . the FCC bar /are 
.PYetwheliTiihgly of, . the opihiph that 
the/ act gives' riP excuse : ;for bliiei 
pencilirig a trarisactibn; on the grbUnd 
of .price. Priva : hbweVer, sorne 
/barjristers bbhcede -it WPuld/ /be ;\vcli 
if '«ie Cbmmish has'/ t 
/prpviding; there is sbrric defihitc;/ 
der.standing .about wh^t iteihs may , 
be inclixded in the purchase .figure,-. 
.. . Next /rnpst seribus prbblem— newsr : 
paper; .bwnership^is-: / beihg. . side- 
stepped ^ : deliberately; . Presurhabl'y 
waiting for orders from the White 
. Hoa-se, , with the President too rh'ar- 
assed /; by • other matters to giVe 
much: thought t^ such, a detail. Many 
.bf the sale cases 
who want to muscle, in on airwaved 
advertisihg and check competition, ; 

/ Nphe of :the; press' pleas are up, ,at 
;pre.sient, althbugh; ihany/are/ready for 
decisibn.; On .direct orders ; f ioni the 
Chaiirman,. "the /Commis^ been 
:duckihg.;; all ; requests -.where/, hfews-^:' 
papers figure. Meni.bers instructed, 
nbt to bother r^^^ and 
individuals .who have sU'ch / cases to/ 
digest.vhav'e been tPld there is no 
hyi-rV .:abbut;prepaTin 

/.;A;la:n;''Scbii's/.Lee;:'Men^ / 

. Ph il a d el ph i a, . Ma r:ch I : ■ | 
'; Alari ; Scptt; WGAU Gom^^ 
back, at the ;nike Sunday .(27.> after 
10 day's* .ab-sehce nursing sibk leg,; 
;. Hi-s; Saturday night sppt ha.s bceri . 
"taken pyer permanently by- Herb 
Syme; labor attorney; :'::: 

''".'.i.;'.' '.*':. ',''.'i"0.1f Ml . V^•li."^■^:^f• .' rill-'..- I'll; iii)'ii/iii!( -- t li'i'. ;/ii;'. ■•/iix iiiii'n'i liv lit rf-:;B 

.<-^llll|l^l ^>l■('.l •.. (()-. Il,i('!-. ..Mi iin' iirrifiil ,- lii.«i,; / -, . • )C.>:i ir'n.-i i v f im'/'c / ' ■';/. .<•'.; su-milV ■■ |"'V-i<Ml : ' 
■ Al iirus- 1 1 ;■ -';■•'-■ •■ ; ■,-:/.-'-■' -'-'"' - 

■ i;-.iilV.t'r>-i r.V-.-df il;|-!i.fiiiiii;i - tm ri-rr u, (,f ■' l.n u.-i.^v- ).•..• ri: p. i', | ^.'/rs'. ,1 i> n/ii.-i-rv'- ' ,s <,'(/■ (^i.l.-r.- 

. ; /-.-. 'lii.i'iO; i.ii'.iN.,' ,rivi-'i.'!il« /■ II ^'',1 f i:ii-ij'ii-ij'i'<' .M r.i I-,- . / « ;/ 1. II '-:ril..- 11';". / ■.):);i|ii.;i;i-.v l.'i.iif 


; .- ■ s^fi;-M.i-iijc;;jf.:.-(..,i; /I-.1J :rii;i;.f-s- j-n ..oiriiHioniM, ; vv ivV/x ,|-i',,- ■:^^:].:-<l■^:u\^,: 'y,■:l:r■ SU-^i^w^ 

:. ii iiVlt'i ;<:':-liif / J;.-I.'<;.;i.t .-i liil liii l iim;: ! hiU i 1,1 ;'si.i..-. |. t,/..« /-i» -CrMnl i.n.Miti •.-.;< ''-iil nv.iliiiV ' 

-niihiMiMiK.- t'w-l|f'n '.il lui ',\<-iif'i-iV' ini.-,u|c.sM-. I.-.. ;i..(-.;<i..; : ■ .1 ..'■,•■■: 

< i.V I.l-il 

.1 ■, < il,. 1-; 

- I>';v I lit: 

- ,".-v/' -.; ' '-■ .or.i/ I.I ii,-;i; .1 iji.i' > I. ;.i:-K ■(ii-i-iipiiii.v. -- ; 



Vi^shirifft6n j 

Lonir vvalt. for chance" to^convince 
IKe FCC; that superpower Is and is 
not In 'tiiie publlfe Interest', comes six 
weeks hrtice; Potentlar juice behe" 
inotlis will get a heairlng: May 16 and 
thereafter. Clear channels which will 
hea r abpiit how fast they can , juirip 
• re applicants for 500 ko authorlza- 
tionsi, as . fblltowS: . WHOji WGN, KFl, 
WOR and WOAI; Ctfihihish regs pro- 
.yide for only 40 clear channels; 
thoiit^h duplication exists: at present 
on aiiOiUt jZ of the speieiified 40. 

Reconsideratibri of , the braer; te- 
quiving WLW/; Cincinnati, to .justify: 
its exclusive^ privilege, tp.use, 500,000 
V'atts and its status. as. th?; onlysuper^ 
po Wer tranismitter : .in : the ; country; 
.was. deniea laiist :th<?^^,^ 
Comniimicatibns, Cp • v ^ 

Sticking by the. contention .of Gom- 
missioner George Henry .Payne and 
its legal staffy th^ full group, agreed 
iliat a sirigle .member has po\yer to 
damand a. public . hearing on applica-- 
tibns for rche\val of . special ,experi--. 
mental authority licenses. Payne h?d: 
set WLW ' down for formal inquisi';." 
tioh Jan. 20; but the validity of his 
act was contested by puke M. Pat- 
rick, .counsel for Crosley Radio Corp; 

While nb ; formial :explanatioh w^s 
Issued; Cornriiish 'wa reported di- 
vided on : question of whether^^the 
order allocating . 6rie~ man. the right 
to grant* deny* or itv^edule; bearings 
on. the. special -research permits.': . 

Latest Commish action ntealis that 
In time^probabiy not: until., late 
spring or early fallT-WLW wrill have 
in take . the rostrum: along with the 
lf» other brbadcasters who wish to 
enjoy the right to use ten times the 
maximum wattage now ; perinitted.. 
Pending a decision after this hearing. 
Cihcirinati plant, will - be allowed to 
go oh iising . more juice than, any 
other outlet in this country. 


Main Street Interlude 

liehyer, March 1. 
F. W. Meyer, minager . of KLZ 
here, has applied tp the FCC for iaiu^ 
tlidvity to ■construct a' 250 watt day 
and too night 1.310 ikilbcycle st^^^ 
in Dehver.^v 7^ Mountain Top 
Ti ans-'Rddio Corporaftiph some weeks 
ago appiied .for the same rights; : The 
iiouhtaiii Top' applicatiph:, lias been 
set fpr hciaririg/Marcli: 14. ; , 

Meyer, . m_ahager.«;of KLZj Which is 
affiliated with the Oklahoma Pub- 
lishitiig Company, also owners of 
MVKY,; Oklahoma. City,, and KVOR, 
Colorado Springs, made the appli 
cfvtion . sis' va; personal: .move, . With no 
eonriection between ii and his pres- 
ent job; .: ;: 

Also pending before- the corrtThisr 
sions are the: joint applications of 
K.FEL arid :kyOD, both of Denver, 
now on 920 with split time. KFEL is 
asking for lull time 'on the 920 band, 
while KVdp wants faU t|me on 630; 
Hearings r have been held; on : the 
KFEL-KVOD niatter with the dorri- 
inission taking it under advisement, 

: ,L<Tichburg. .Va;, Mhreh .1;. . . 
: :• WLVA ' did a. bit^pf; personals 

paging last, week- which; turned . 

out ' embarrassing ail around. 

A lawyer : anxious; to . get inj 

toiich with., another: 'tPwnsriian 
. of the sa line prpfessiph. ihduced 

.the - station tp broadcsist- the 
. quest- With instruct|pris that the. 
• wanted . barrister' call a ■ dertairi : 
'hcsDitat immcdfately. . - : 
. When the air-paged lawyer 

returned .. to: his offibe. from; ja ; 

leisurely liirich. the place Was 

jammed -with sorrowing jtriends 

whose wives , .had . heard .the 
: message' and: called them up. 

:With tl'ie bunch grouped arpund 
: :him,; ;tiie lawyef, flgurihg;. like; 
. them, that his family .had; been 

in a wreck, cailled :-the ; hp^-; 
: pitai/ ' His ! a ftorney - friend,^ 

found.; hherely; .wante.d to ih- 

:quire; about rpiitine'; legal 

matticT;-- • r. 

- ; Lbcfil paper; got the; istory 

gave it hejivy play.-! Lawyer 
■ who got ■ WLVA ; to do the 

pa'gihg.'said; he .cpuldn't undbrr 
. stand what 'all the : excitemen 

Was about.: •; ■ V 


Elliott Roosevelt Huddle i Delayed- 
Too Sobn; After N.A;B. 

Chicago, March -1.: 
Elliott . .Soo^evelt'S; meeting' with 
station men . repped by the Jnt^rn.a-. 
tional; Radio Sales outfit, which had 
been scheduled :. for this week, . has 
beeh;^ostpbned for the time being. • 
Figured that the meeting came "too 
soon after the NAB ; gathering in 
Washiivgtoii iind that the istation men 
had to spend i - little more .^tinie back 
on thiBir own lots getting things run- 
ning smopthly.y Meeting , will likely, 
be held here later this month. ■ ; 


Diiell R ichardsbn,. mgr. : of WOKO, 
Albany, is the new chairman of 
he committee of station men which 
s watch'doggirig ibr; the broadcasting 
mdustry around the. state legislature 
ih Albany,. Richardson's committee 
will cb-bperate with the advertising 
business in contending . ' with • bills 
that affect ;. them, mutually. : The 
cornmittee includes Koliri Hager, 
WGY, Schenectady; William Fay, 
WHAM, Rochester; Cecil D. Mastin, 
WNBF, Binghaniiton, and Sidney 
Kaye, CBS. ' ' 

While there are. more .measures 
than ever; concerning "radio in the 
legislature this session, the broad- 
casters haven't found much senti- 
m.ent favpring their passage.: 

' .■ . V S^tion KXRO, 
. Aberdeen, Wash., Feb 
Editon Vawety; 

VAniETT has recently published 
considerable comment; on Mutual in 
the Pacific Northwest, in which our 
station seems to have figured. : Sho- 
walter ' Lynch,; of MacWilkens :. & 
Cole Agencj^, ; h^s pointed but the 
blanketing cbverage that Mutual has 
on the Pacific Coast. In 'contrast, 
sundry other . contributors have isr 
sued con tradictbry ' statements. Per- 
haps vnothihg so well tells the stPry 
as the repent listener survey carried 
on in Grays Harbor : cpunty by a 
certified public accountant. ;. 

Whil^ it. is; true tha stations o| the 
other miajbr ; networks -can b heard 
in this area, it is also; true that their 
signal ; strength is not siiiEflcierit to 
assure therii ain undisturbed signal. 
The enclbsed ;cppy of our completed 
'survey; iemarkable thp it may 
appear, is nevertheless a clear and 
unbiased picture of listener habits 
in this particular Northwest area. 
We believe, it tells moire concisely 
and more emphatically, than prob 
leniatical arguments bur share of 
the. Mutual stbry. . . 

Ben K. Wedtheriijax, 

Prbgram Director. . 
(Survey to which KXRO makes 
reference Was made by J. : WilUan* 
Caunt, C.P.A. On a basis of 2,342 
interviews it found the Ipcal station 
had 74% 'tuiied * ' percentage at 
time of calls, against 20% distribu- 
tion among - 16 put^oiE- town ; stations,;) 

In and Out at KRLD 

Dallas, March l. 
Gene Heard, announcer, is leaving 
Dallas Radio Station KRtD :m hear 
future to -join staff of Gulf radio 
,organizition. Anoth<»,r present KRLD 

spicier, Jimmy . Crocker, who was 
formerly with Gulf at Pan-American 
Exposition, is quitting microphone 
for sales department of Times-Her- 
ald station. "; ■ . : \ 
To fill, the gap made by departure 

Loucks* Statement 

; Wash ington,. March 1 . 
.Solid., front, against any 
charge for permits or any. puni*. 
; tiye taxation was promised by 
Pliil Loucks, temporary head of 
National Association; of Broad- " 
casters, who started backfire 
. imrhediately hy pbinting to -tbe 
volume pf taxes which the in«^ 
dustry already payis. ■ 
;'\Ve will compile all sorts of 
: data about the finaiicia 
; the question and will make, a 
: legal study \ so we can 'defend 
;• durseives from both angles,' 
Loucks said. . -The industry's 
positiph has been consistent .for 
.many years and we shall fight 
tb . the ; iiniit sigainist being sipf 
gled but for any: special tiix^^ 

Behind the plan, outlined In the 
McCall..bill, of placing radio stations 
and radio companies under , the su- 
pervision:; of the New York State 

Public Seirvice Commissibn, is said to;r^ -r — - - , .-. -^^ 
be the idea .f tapping a new; source ^ .announcmg gaff of Heaul ^nd 

of revenue. The measure; would ! Crocker, KRLD is^ takmg, on itpjr 
place them . within the classification 
of public utilities, and, as such sub- 
ject to the annual; 2% gross income 
utility : tax. 

On recommendation of Governor 
Lehman, the legislature added such 
a tax last year; Due to his in- 

George of KTAT, Ft.. Worth. 

WHK's DX Auxiliary ; . 

Cleveland, . March 1.. '■ 
Short-wave statibn^ has been set 
up by WHK-WCLE for one day per 
week broadcasts, carried; simul 

WTAM'S Theatre tieup 

cieveiahd, Match 1. 

Talent-search ■ 'staged; by . Warner 
Bibs, theatres ; in five Northern 
Ohio towns is getting novel air -co 
operation of WTAM and E. :R. Al- 
cotf, head of NBG .artists, service bu- 
reau here..; Station has' rteyer been 
approachable before; on outside cbri- 
tests,. but went into this bne as part 
o£ its'; hew gbbd-wiil policy estab- 
lished sirice; moving :into larger stu- 
dios- ■ 

Promoter of idea is Nat Wplf, who 
is staging; it in'WB houses in Coshop- 
ton, Youngstbwh,' Miansfleld, ;Lb^ 
for fpur weeks; starting March 14. 
.Winds tip in ti.ptpWn .and Variety 
theatres here. Top arnateurs picked 
each week to tour circuit in -vaude 
revue whipped up by Alcbtt,. until 
weeded down to one winner Weekly. 

Finals ■ being aired by . WTAM, 
•with winner getting free trip to New 
York, screen test .at Warner's East- 
ern studio and NBC shpt from Ra- 
dio City..' ' ', . .'.:'.\^V. 

Everett kemp Joins .KpAM 

" ■ ;, Pittsburgh, Kansas, March;!. : 
Everett Kemp, who was the origi- 
nal 'Uncle Ezfa,' hsis joined KO AM 

*^will do his 'Happy, Hollow' show 
and several others station is in the 
throes of plotting. 

sistence, ■ the - lawmakers . probably I taneously with WHK's programs, 
will continue it for 1938-39, despite;! ; Tagged, W8XN 
maneuvering last week by repre- , E. I. Gove, the new short-wjive out- 
sen tatlvcs of utilities, especially of , fit operates on 38,600 kilocycles with 
stibWay.s and: bus. lihies, to present^a ^50 .;V watts ■ poWer, :^"each : W 
Wprkable substitute- tax,.-; pro- I frpm noon to midnight : First 'brbad- 
posal viras for a 2% levy on theatre : cast carried Cleveland symph or- 
adniissions; proponents claiming it ; chestra- and - the Joe Louis-Nathan 
would yield $1,.')00,000. - : ■ | Mann fight. : '; ; .; '; / . 

: ■:'''■;. ''' ' \ Washingtbri,: Marqh; 1. ; . .. 

Validiity of .; Cprtimunicatipris: Act 
prpyisionia by . Which . the , Federal 
Cbmmunieatipns.: Co^m regu- 
lates broadcasting, is challenged irt 
brief, field last week with the tt. S. 
Supreme. Court by Missouri; BrbadV 
easting .Go., oWner of WIL. 

Effort to gaih :a statemient: by the 
highest tiribunal about .; the . validity 
of FCC procedure : was made in 
aftermath of. the lohg-fought St. 
Louis case where the Star-Times was 
given the nod over both WIL and 
KSD. This, is the proposition which 
drew a sharp - rebuke for the; Com- 
niish from the D. C. Court of Ap- 
peals, leading tp complete . reform of 
administrative prbcedurc in reach^ 
ing .decisions on broadcast applica- 
tions. •. : ■ v' . ■■■■ 

Although the Cbmmlsh has re- 
formed its habits in the past three 
months, Louis G. Caldwel'. and ppri- 
ald C.'.Beelar, cpunsel for WIL, 
urged :the Supreme Court to state 
whether it Is valid for the regulatory 
body to; think up reasons after 
reaching a decision' and whether the 
intermediate jurists, were right when 
they said the: T^CC is not obligated 
to make a fulV finding before tak 
irig a Vote. 

• Another vital po'nt is raised in the 
appeal. Top bench asked to say 
whether present licensees have a 
preferred , status ' any .tiff with 
newcomers seeking, facilities. 

A good part of the controversy in 
the, present situation is pointless— to 
ail. ■ practical; purposes— since the 
FCC has changed its procedure. No 
longer anripiinces decisvbris arid then; 
—-after several weeks— gives expla- 
nation- of the process by. which it 
made up its mirid. But there is much 
significance in the challenge of the 
Cbmmish .powers, besides the impbr- 
tarice ..attached to • the question of 
.whether WIL Wag dariiagcrl and. the 
poser about the :preferential:statusVbf 
an;existlrig. frarichise-hplder. ■ 

\yashington, March 1. 
Eiiriiination trials for the yz^ripus • 
individuals seeking or. suggested for; 
post bit ; paid president for the Na- 
tional Assbciatipn .of Broadcasters 
tentatively set ;fbr doming wee^ 
Executive Gorininiittee plans to fore- 
gather at Nashvilie or Lbuisyllle to ; 
exchange ; reports on preliminary 
study of lengthy list arid try to nar- 
row ther- fieid irii/aritieip 
bpstrd meeting March 21. 

Lijttle prbg the 
roster has been ' made* so far, al- 
thbugii individual: members report 
they have cpUected . much data "about 
different persbns whose names 
m the hopper.. Far-fetched sugges- 
ions have been blue-penciled by the , 
Various cpmriiittee;nieTl. but n^^ 
he. way ; of , preparaihg' a preferred 
list has beeri attempted. 
Despite his ari'ribunc.ed,; u;n 

ness to consider the post, Mark Eth- 
ridge ;of the Louisville Courier- 
Jburnal and WHAS is being talked, 
lip . about as much as ..anyone. What- 
ever crystallization of schtimeht. is 
discerriible throughout the trade in- 
vplves him. Otherwise, no recbg- 
riizable trends in behalf of any in- 
dividual have, set in sipce th* spe- 
cial convention broke upi two weeks 
ago. ^ ' 

fierbert Hoover is liked as a pos- 
sibility: bvit js; strictly ; an unkripwrii as 
tb availability. 



Washington, March 1.. 
; Proposed parson's paraldise, con- 
sisting of a 1 kw statiPrt jn Philadel- 
phia to be turned pver almost, cbm- ; ; 
pietely to clerics desiring to go. pri 
the air, shattered last week by un-: 
favorable FiC.C. .examiners' report. 
. Suggested religious iadyertising. re- 
ligious programs arid religipus; own- : 
ership ' of the statipri ; failed to ; irii- 
press Gommish attbrney who dis- ; 
covered that proposed transmitter 
will be open only for the use; Of : 
those Whose creeds expound the; 
Bible; with the so-called /funda- 
mentalist interpretation.' ;, Coriiplete 
ban would be put on nrteriibbrS . of 
Catholic and Jewish faiths, ; 

Local uproar over getrrich-qviick 
scheme of ;the District Discbun^ As-- 
sociation took a jump. out of most of 
the staff of WRCrWMAL, Washing- 
ton NBC transmitters. ; Hearing that 
thousands of investors Were in li'iie ' 
-to reap rich rewards in the; chaini- 
letter plan, which promised large re- 
turns on a $5 investment as soon as • 
the name of the signatory appeared 
at the top "of a: list of other names, 
NBC gang, from .stehbgraphers to top 
pfficials, forked over the $5.95 neces- 
sary to join /up.;. ClbSing of the es-; 
tablishrrient Widay (215) alarm 
the NBC'ers temporarily, but lat<est. 
repprts were that most , bf them got 
their money back. ■ . ; ■ ; > 
: While WMAL-WRC spent, all: ;of its 
spare time during the week in sign- 
ing on : the dotted line , and waiting 
for the dough to . roll in, WJiSV, 
Cblumbia'.s local station, did not fall ' 
immediately, for the bid shell-game. 
Only; two . phone" bperators ; got 

Duke i*atrick Denies F C C. Riijht to Decicle 'MoiraU' 
; in Technical Violation of Eccentric State Law 

Washingtbri, March .1. 

Judicial ; review of the Federal 
Comrimnicatioris ; Gpmrtiissibn's it--- 
fusal to grant '>a construction pcrrriit. 
to the Asheyiile Daily News because 
Harold H. .Thomis, rag's editor, .once 
pleaded guilty tp a |aw yiblat'iori,'.was 
sought last week. '^ .■..: .■'.;■.'.'■■'■''■:'■ 

Conlentloiv that the FCC decisioriir- 
tha.t.:.a\:grant to Thoms.j^ wasv;not: in 
the ./publi? ^nibrest ^ be 
.'pcrsbnal and moral cliaraictcr'-rwas 
arbitrary and capricibus was made 
before the D. C. Court of Appeals by 
Duke • M..;' Patrick, who raised .the 
question of whether the bffense Was; 
wrong i tsclf and whether, an individ- 

iial should be disqualified from en- 
gaging in. the ridio ;busin;ess. because 
of a ■ technical mis-step. ; • ','. . ' ' • ^ . 
VIri :yiew. bf • the ; m^ of evidence 
rcbricerriirig . Thorhs' ■;s (he 
community and personal reputation, 
the .cbmmish /lacked . jiisliiQca 
turning cipwri the paper's pVea.' for 
permission to build a /I Q^O-\y;attcr op- 
erating on 1370 kc, Patrick insLsled... 

Reason' gTveri ■ f br ' -nlki hg .Thorns 
was that some years back he printed 
a stbry: about plans of individual!; fbr 
a ; political canrip Igri, thus breaking 
a statute which ■requir<»'? derogatbry 
;slalcmcrits about candi,d;<te3 for otr 
(ice to be sigiied. :■,'•■■. 

St. Louis, March 1. 
On sipplicatioii pf .the Missouri 
Broadcasting C.P.i pwner,;and .ppei'a'' 
tor of . WIL, here,, the ;Mis.$Puri .sti- 
preme CQui't on Friday. 25).^ issued . a 
writ of prohibition temporarily re- 
straining ■ .Circuit ; ■. Judge Frank .; Ci 
O'Malley frorii: enforcing ; an brder're-- 
quiring . the cpmpariy to produce 
books and records for irispection by 
John C. Leonard, a former- employe 
of the statip'n.' ?Udge O'Malley issued 
his brdbr Jan;. 20 in a suit /.filed;, by 
Lepnard for $35i06o conipen^ 
his services from .June 1. 1930^ to 
October 31. 1935, plus $1,875 as com- 
missipri ; for scllirig ; radio •;tiriie to a' 
Church, • .X . - ^'C ■;..;. .... 
;: : Leon' . alleged he. was^^c 
.to . obtain ; evidence :in ;.supi*ort: ;bf 
WIL's; application -tb; E.C.C." for ; an 
increase, in. its time ajlotrtient...^^ 
; reTu r n abtc-. Tri -"SiTiTHays, ^i^^^^ effective, 
until th,c,cbuii :givbs its final .d^^^ 

. KTMS, Santa Barbara, lets ' class 
in radio technique at Santa Barbara 
Stale College air weekly experi- 
mental prpsram over wavelength. 

: Minor revolt. against .Chairm^ 
Ninch broke out in .F.C.C. ranks last 
Week. , Upset schedule ■for'': 24-hoiir; 
period. But the -hard-driVirig chair- 
man got back at his colleagues. 
;: After spending better part of two 
weeks iri ■ almost . day Jong sessions,. 
listeriirig tb argunierits about higher: 
telegraph rates, rifiiriority . balked ■at 
the idea of a 4:30 to : 6 meeting to 
take up other m atters. Insisted they 
were beiiig , driven ; hard enpugh — 
with early morning the only- part to 
read; mail and attend to office, chores. 

Contemplated session .wasJ .caUe.d 
off. . feut McNinch kept his cpUeagueij 
going; ;until . after ; dark Friday ' aind 
had the second successive Saturday 
session. . ' ■:;.•-.'•;'■■■'■ .'•■'■■. 

■;-N..A.'B. has invited \F.C.C. Chair- 
man Frank McNirich; tb choW with 
the bbard of directprs a 
coming. March 21. session. .:: 

Unusual intimacy between ' thi 
regulators and the; regiilatces. '..'_ ; 

iohn Thorp, former spprts writer, 
has taken over, daity spbrts airings 
on KYW, Philly, formerly handled 
by Kerby Gushing; Cushing lcft the 
station to handle publicity for :yil- 
lanova College. ..' ■ 

Mu Sic 



.: ; John Royali NBC program' chief , 
Ijfstv week : : took qbghizance ^'bf 't^ 
grbwihg practice among .bfoadcastihg 
band leaders 6£ exchanging jpliigs on 
- songs theit. th^y .-have. either; written. 

■ ■rot ;piiblished.' > He^;;aeiciare^^ thiat Ivis 
,; departmerit is maKihg - ari . inv6stiia> 

tion of the situatibn to deterniirie 
which leaderis are to be; warned and 

' which are to be told th^^^^ 
the hfetwork's piogram' d^^ 

lay iDiut :\their : nijghtly renciota 

■. jprogriarris.;;:} ■■■:■■■:■ ''''■':':: ', 

Koyal also disclosed that he Vprb- 
pbses to tighten up On the publisher- 
personal .relatiphs angle ■ as it" . a£- 
f ects persons assigned to pass on 
6Uch. .bandsV repertoires in NBC'is 
prbgram departnieht. ■ These em- 

■ .ployfEies will b.e iiiistructed. .V^^^ 
jiiggiing> ; iirOun.d ah ibrchestra's or 
singer's program so :that some fa- 

\;vor|p<i publisher cah either make or 
• top the 'week^s recapituliation. of het- 
; Work plugs^ .; Rbyai- said that this 
• persbhriel- Ayill ; have their tasks 
.shiiffled r'ahd reshuffied tihtil. all 

vestigeik , Of, favotitism r. have heen; 
. eliminated from 'the departm^^^ ' ; 

. Another angle; that .R is , look-. 

jrig into concerns : the .complaints 

■ ; made, by publishers ., that. . m.usicall 

. dii-cctors.. asspcia^^^ with certaiii; 
qt : NfiiC's outlying > managed , -iand 
Operated . stations '■ are , -dictating 
what local reps . ihe pubs aire to; em-; 
pipy -and how much ; they iare • to,, be 
. paid;;. .Royal: .said; that- hie/; de^ 
lermined tp .maintain, the • best of 
i irtusical standai'ds for the; hotwork 
;and - that the. pppulai* music cleared 
. .oyer .it irtust be/basfed on' reaL merit■ 
. and entertairiment value - and not 
; pefforhned .as ■ a result of bribery; 
. logrpilihg among . writer or .pub- 
lisher-band leaderi ; br t othfer, 
ijerspnal relatibhs bet\y^^^ 
CIS and pubhsherisV contact men. 

Miclhight Siying Oil 

.Phila^^iphia swing, addicts; 

topped the antics Of their New 

York brothers for thb operiihg. 
;of .Benny GdOdmap.' at the Earle 
;theatre/^: ■ ; -.^^ 
Line .started form'ing 'at midi- 

night Thursday, ::'vsing' ; bonfiires 
I to keep warrifiV v .Friday mbrningt • 

the services of 16V cops Wert . 
■ heeded' tb keep Order/ ■ 


: Philadelphia*. Marich I. ■ •, 
;Philiy brcheistra, which dropped 
•bout;:$300,000 in. opera three years 
•go, niay again present - theni next 
■..winter. •■■'V'; :'. 

- .Siasonrit it pans out, will tie lim-^ 
Ited to only a few ojperas. Huge 
deficit ot .three years ago was in- 
curred by qverzealous attempt at 30 
performances, extremely heavy for 
Phjlly. ; . ,;- ■.;■ 

Bii^mist Bassoonist 

Publishers and' their lawyiers- m 
■ late; ybsterday aftern 
at the offices Of the Miisib Publishefs 
Protective! Assbciatibn/.to discuss thb 
line of strategy to. be pursued in the 
defense of the. Songwriteri -PrOtecr 
tive; Associatibn'$. suit against Mill s 
Music,;: Inc. ' SPA, wans thO/ N.^ 
supreme .court to adj udicate. ;the' as- 
^opiatioh's ;claim to .the^^^ 
rights ;; vested ; in ; ;th(e ■ CQpyrighted 
wbrks : Of ; its ; meinberS; Samuel Jesse 
Btizzeil, ; Mills! counsel, ; induced the 
MpPA : isjeveral weeks ago to ; cpn-^; 
tribute $1,500 toward, the expenses Pf 
.thC; -case.;' -■[/■ ":■■':■ ■'-■-.:-•:;-■ ; :•.■ ;•>' 
;; jpifferences ; oyef B tiizell's defen- 
sive approach have ' already; broken 
but .arnPng lawyers ; for. other* p.uib- 
iishers.: These attorneys; febl; tha^ 
Buzzeil : should havje given them, a 
chance- to/ Ippk oy er . his answer be- 
fore, he filed it; so that they . cpiUdl' 
siiiggest additionar ;d.b£ehsesi ; Yester-. 
day.'s disciissiOn ' included the .ques- 
tion as to whethier thierdeiiense should 
; -for a dismissal. or as 
to assign, the; case for early trial. . 
■.:■■ Complaint . filed agiainstr iMills .. con- 
tains two causes ; of actiori, one deal^ 
ing vvith a' Vvritei-'s contra 
there Ayas- affixed a sticker agreeing 
to / accept any ; terma . SPA later ob- 
tained : from ■publishers in ; generali 
and the other involving . the accept- 
ahce of a compbsitioh from writers 
;wi.thbut; .such; stickler being; part pf 
the contract. • 

Sue Miisicians^ U. Execs 

^: ; ; ; St. LbuiS, March li 

Long lacking ; bassoohist, ' the 

•orch m .Missouri's state, penitentiary 
at Jefferson . Gi.ty, which gives week- 
ly /concerts in the chapel Sunday ■af- 
ternoons, -is. now complete. The -in- 
«lf !r Personnel - boasts many gobd 
flpdlersi pianists, trumpeters, dru'm- 

; nier?, , etc^; and these' • have ■ -been 

■ jnto :a good -brehestra: But 

ihe^tooters. figured; they'd do better 

..W;i1h; a bassoonist. ■ , -. -:■'■ 

Their wish: was realized two weeks 
ego When William ij. Kruse. bassboh. 
iKt, and former meniber .of the Kan ^ 
MS Gity Philharmbnic, : was dressed 
:m to, serve:, 'twp-spbt' fpr bigamy, 
•nis musical .accpmplishments': Were 
toon learned -by- members of ;the 
orch and vyhen his quarantine- period 
ends Kruse wilV accept an invitation 
10 join the other tobters in the regu- 
J«r concerts. : 

■ A - i Philadblphia, Mirch 1. 

A^^ents, of : Federal Bureau b f Iri- 
M;Na lEalipnTJinchid'T^^^ 
..^ .song sheets ;within a three blbbk- 
«!ea,here Saturday (26 >; They said 
■r,;^^ ^ J'^- ;the / -pamphlets ^^ms: 
jonOscaUd" ,)i;-the arrests,; which fol- 
Jowcd several. Weekis bf investigation; 
. . Vendors are 1 -charged .,. with . vib- 
"ilion of the cbpyripht.lav/s- b bom- 
Pia"it5; filed ;by ASGAP;. which said 
sheet-? were, being; sold, without 
;P?ynr)eiit.;of: copyright, fees; :.: ■■ ; 

Philadelphia; -March i. ; 
• Four execs bf, the Musipians' Local 
are charged ;wit.h conspiriacy; to .pre- 
vent ;themf.rpni getting jpbs by three 
members of the union; in ah action 
■ filed in /Cphimon Pleas, Gpiirtvhpre 
last Thursday. .Named as defendants 
are A. ^ A. .Tomei, : prez; A. .Rex; Ric- 
cardiv sepretary ; Jpseph Bossle,; Sr.;. 
treasurer. . and LbUis ioribbr, ; chair- 
ma.n; of the. trial bpardt Complain;-: 
ants sjre Leon Ciordoh, Geprge. Tipr 
ton arid ' Alvin Sphatz. ;; 
.'Men werb members :Of.;the Gar- 
man Theatre; band, hired Jby; a; cpn- 
.tractor, Lebn Saporita. Sapprita .lost 
the jpb and .was fired from the .Unibh; 
when caught .t)laying the j$51 scale; 
job ;for $40; ; His musicians likewise 
Ipst their posts,; but three complain- 
ants ,;wer€. riot expeiled ;from' the- 
Lbcal/ ;"..■■■;'■'■ .^V- ; ■ "•.":;.-; ■ • 

Chiseling Qrchestra Leaders 
Hekpiing 6nie Abuiie Aiftier 
■ Anotheir bii $iDng PublUh^ 

ers-rif-ReVoIt > .3>;e w i 
; 0!ut-6^^TV>wn Rad 
;dluictoirs V«i^ pictatpi^iki 


'; .Hollywood, March 1. 
Warners is; preparing' to 
aitre; patrons! a .bourse of ^instiructioa 
in'.how. tinrie arid money lis spent in 
readying ;the ;arrang,ement;,; fpr , a 
threcvVninute' luhe. "Shbrt Will . be 
m|de ;uhder ;title pf ; 'Arranging . Ar^ 

rahgernents,' .■:';;■~;T~•'^:';;^;''^^;';■"■ .. 

Al .Gpodman prepared . the; script,.' 

..'Campaign to; bring: under' ^control, 
thbse; band leaders Who .make . a fla- 
grant: practice ' of - trading ; /plugs 
arhpng themselves has alreaidy .. made 
itself e.vident [Within ;the niusie indus- 
try. .•Whn in;.the:Arnericah 
; Society; of CompOsiei^s, ; Authors arid 
;publishers are maintaiiningi for Obvi- 
pus . reaspns,;;ia;- guarde manner pn 
the ' subject, it is ; understopd : tha^^ 
xoimteractiye machinery 'hais already 
been.v oiled . ;; ;that brgjahizatioh. 
Batbnist-writers who .either.; are . bri 
the 'membership; roster. bf ASCAP 
have amhitipns ' of ; getting into ; the 
Sbciety : will likely ;find ■ the .gbing 
tough fi;orn now pn. ;;It was reported 
that. .one such application was pioiritr 
-edly , tUr'ried dowrj bji' • the writers' 
:membership; committeei Ja^^ 

; it is understood ; that , the ASGAP 
^directors will .; ■ conduct, thorough 
prbbes irito the .actual: authorships; 
and : ;SbiarcGs whenever qubstipns^ bf 
; membership acceptance ; pr incireas 
in rating: are submitted in the bases 
of; leaderrwriteri. or ieadeir-publish- 
ers. / Stiffenihg of the oppbi/tunities 
for: bandhien within the Sbciety has 
found its /greatest support' frpni' the Writer members^: who feel ■ 
that . their futures . are as; seriously 
menaced a^ those of the publishers. 

That Nest-Effg 
.. Leaders in;; both the writer and 
publisher camps of •ASGAP/say that 
they; were fully aware of what: !.'; 
behirid the spread pf soii^f writing 
and publ ishihjg.;arnohg ; band ;j;eadeiFS 
and their deterroihation to pile; up- 
as many uses of their" works as pos- 
sible, v The common objective is mem- 
hershijp in the iSOciety arid a desire 
tb build up; a rpyaity neSt-sgg that 
they ckn. look to when^ their ;iieyday 
as;bandmen aire; ovei-. ; ^ ; ; - ; 

Another chiseling wrinkle that the 
music men have hopes bf ehriii p-ting 
frbm the ■ business . involves certain 
rriusical , diirebtprs of net woi k man- 
age.d station^ outside NeW- YOrfc^^^ 
of these makes not only .;v practice 
of d ic tat i ng . Wha t !• >cal . i i? n are to; 
be \hired by publishers .; aiid;^ 
much they are.; to be Paid but insists 
that hi^. own singer be, put, bn the 
Payroll bf some publisher asj a Ibcal 
contactman. • '.;'.' 

i^rbfes?ibriai hiairagcr that 
the third .majpr eVil that is bppressw 
i;jt the;musiG business has. to dq with 
the iricreasihg pressure that. is^^te 
brought . to bear , iipo.i them: by . cafe 
dnri ; hbtel ; leaders ih ;;the ;mattef bf 
g;:tst ' attendance. - ;Bnn';lmen aie no 
longer content, with ihayihg the , pa- 
<Gpntihue<: On page ;40;) ; ;' 

0ia[moin|d ; Plac|ue 

;: ../•; Chicago, March 1: ;: 

; recOgnitibri pf his ;cbopera-; 
: .tibri si;n.d aid in .Sybrking put new," 
: musicians V. deal; with/ the Cbr 

lumbia/ net'wprk ; in St.. /I^buis, 
;james G. ■ Pet^^^ ;presideht; Of 

the .Chicago Federatipn . Of Mu^' 
;sicians; has heen made ari hbhT 

Orai-y • life - mbrnber;. of the St. 

Louis local.; . ; ' "/'■■ 
■ -."■ St. ; ;'LOui$; musicians ; union 

sent; Petollb;a dia 
;,;gbld/?.irfaque; ;With.vthey prbcla-T 
.mation inscribed. Plaque,; wh ich;.' 

has ■ valuation ; of" mbr,e than; 
;$l,dOO",: wais signatured in. gold by 

St; . Louis ■ viniort . bfjEicers,. Sa'm- 
^ iiel Meyers, president;- Kenneth 

Farmer, Clarence" Maurer. arid,, 

Al schott. ; .^■^;■-^ 

To Musicjan^^^ 

^;-. .-Chicago, Jiarchrl. - 'r 
. ; James C. Petrillo,; head of thb Chii 
cago Federation ;,bf: •Miisicians, • has 
sent jin open letter and hibssage ; to 
the members of the Chickgo; local .to 
thank - them fbr. their : sUppbrt; and 
bpoperatipn;' in; the . fight against 
canned.^' music.; ■.- 
; Petrillo: stated that it" wais true that 
the Chiciago local had, jbstvapprbxi- 
rnately ;$15p,QpQ ;m wages since pu^ 
ting. the .bain on. rbcordin'gs' in' Febr 
ruary, lisav, and .that it is, likely that 
sonrie of ;: the. recordings that were 
taken ' put of, the • local juris.dictiori 
may reprbsbhi Work that will never 
come back, but ; that it Was a siacr i -. 
flee Which, will be appreciated by. all 
menribers; . of; :the American : Federa-- 
tion /pfvMusicians;' ■^;^ 
: He; further stated: 'Please; remem- 
ber that, throughout all history spme- 
pne has alWays had tb: sacrifice; in 
.order that, soinebne . else;. cpuld; live 
and prosper. iThat Is What the mu- 
sicians of the Chicago global did, anc' 
again :l am sure that ;everyonb^^^.w^^^^ 
knows ;fhe -irue; story of; this cahped 
m.usic fight; can never forget the par; 
pliayed by members; of the Chicago 
Ibciali i am surb th.ey have ho desire 
to; forget same. ; Never during this 
cainned music fight have wb heard 
One member heing dissatisfied be- 
cause he, or she,, may have; lost soriie 
cbmpensatioh because of the- record- 
ing and; trahscriptibn ban..' ,■; 


'LOcail : 802' is the , tag bf a heW 
niihiber ; by ./ Doris Fisher, daughter, 
of Fred -Fisher, songwriter. ; 
; ; Santiyr Joy; will ;publish;:; ; 

|*rpf«9sionai .Musib TWen's benefit; 
set for the;Alyin, N. Y., April 24. 

Ab^ Schl&s^r and Walter Zufkll Praw/ Suspended 
Sentences Larceiiy Gasie; 


..- .;.Siilt:'Lake: C:ity,/Myirb 
deppHrneht; ^s.ttfr.e eieflfed 
'jyiidnjght on the .R ■ i.s; ;bt>iri.,!^ 

Jplesnik's prches'tra -at; Hotel .Utah;-. - < 
; Merc.hHrit'.s hobbies. 'ar,e: scribblin-g: 
poe.iiris. and. collecting western :.Amer'.i-;. 
can . pione<;i';:reJib;,i;-' .;'^ . . : ; ' 

' In- the prpbaliori officer's .report: 
reach before .sentence v;; 
was divsclo.sed .that ;Zufall h;id. .irh-^; 
; p] te'd ;S.chi:igcr; ; as - h is - d isposol - 
:con;ricctioh ;'; /the; thqlt- -of : 
worth, of rbu'sic book.";, frbm-lhc Bos- 
ton Music; .^p.r - .. ;■ .. Scbi'rrner • siil)'- 

the ■^report of Schlii.c;c:r'.s :JilIcgcd 

. ..pifferences between Lpuis .Bern-; ■; 
stein and. Max . bheyf us.: over ■: thd. : 
copyright' reneWal- rights to 'A 'Little 
Love, a Little Kiss' CUn. Pen 
d'Amour' ) havb not only broken Up a ' 
friendship' of 38 years' standing, but 
resulted in; the; uhprecederited, citing 
bf one .publisher by - another befor« " 
the board Of directors of thb Ameri- 
can Society of Comppsers, Authorjl 
and Publishers vpn. charges , of misus- 
ing his official capacity iri. the organ* 
izatiph,; Bernstein, presidbnt bf Sha* 
piro, Berhstein & Co., and a v.p.; i«' 
the; society,; is .slated to appear: bb» - 
fore the ASGAP board : this after- '. 
noon ;(Wednesday> to defend himself ■ 
against. Dreyfus'/ aiiegations. ., . 

Dreyfus, who ' with his brother 
LauiS controls jChappel 1 & . Co., the 
Crawford Musib Co. and the Mario 
Musi;c : Co., charges that Ber-nstein • 
had abused his • office I of ASGAP 
v;p.: by carrying Oh /hia/negotiitions . 
for the. rehewaljS of 'A Little .Love' 1. 
vi?ith the .French and :British writers 
of .the: spng ;thrbugh the; Paris office , 
of the American Sobiety. Bernstein, - 
who : worked out the ; renewal con- 
tracts While in Europe last summer, 
is also accused Of : using the station- .': 
ery of the' same Paris offtceiwith 'the , 
intent to i.rhply ;;that- ;his deali^^ 
were pf interest to ; ASGAP. For this 
I)reyfu.s.: Wants Berrtsteirt . cjehsured 
by the board.' ■ ';''-' ' 

. Very BUter ■ 
Clash between Dreyfus : and Bern- 
stein drastically brings to. the:Surfabe v 
a situation Which has developed con- 
siderable bitterness among various 
publishers in thie popular music fipl^. , 
This "situation concerns ; the mad 
scramble ithatj has been going on for 
rriphths over jthe copyright renewal . 
rights to: old numbers whose value 
has been inramenseiy enhanced by \ 
radio usages. ;: •. " 

■tin Peu d'Amour* was originally . 
published by the Paris firm of 
Digbude-Diodet. Chappell & Co. 
later became not only the publishers 
of the French version, but obtained 
control of the English ly irics of the 
spng. Hpw valuablb the number Estill 
is' on this side . is indicated by the . 
fact that it is; still credited .with be- 
tWeen 5,000 and 6,000 plugs a year on 
the recapitulations put out by : 
ASGAP. ■ "■.■■■,;;■- . v,::..' C .\-\v • 
■ In his charges against Bernstein, 
Dreyfus Has involved Hugo Bryk, 
ASCAP's representative on the Cpn- 
tinent. Bernstein admits communi- 
cating with the Writers involved on 
the stationery of; the Paris office pf 
..ASGAP, but denies that by mention- . 
ing his ASGAP office, in these letters 
as a point of identification and self- 
: rbcbrinmeridatibn he Was trading on 
the basis of his official position or 
that anything that he had dbne can 
be considered, unethical in the' 
slightest degree. ;; ■;;• ; 

.Dreyfus also accuses Bernstein of 
giving the . French writer Of the tiine 
i ncorrect information as to the ex- ; .; 
pi'ration date Pf the. original; copy- 
right, telling, him that .1938; wa^ the 
year,. When :'the record shows that it's ; 
1940.;; Bernstein . has denied this 
charge.: 'tb .prbyfus,. explaining that , 
what he had said Was that the 
French melody^ahd'^^lyric'Was. renewr 
Jtble by- applibation in .1938, or a year . 
before the ; original .copyright .; ex- ' 
pirbd. ■'■..' ■'''^■■■.■r^"-,- ' 

It -has also been stated that Bern- 
stein has pbtained rebently. the copyr 
right renewal' rights tp such tunes as ■;; 
'. '.'sbrrieWhere -a ; "Voice Is Calling,' • 
'Love Sends a Little. Gift of Roses* . 
and 'Indian, Love C<ilU 
'pyb.l,ishcd :by: Dreyfus firm-s/^^^^^ ; ; 

^i:. jCh ica go,. .-MaTGh -t.-.^ 

Abe ;Schlag"er, partner, in the; jobv 
bing firm of Ashley ;Mi:is.ic^.Supply, 
received a ;siispendbd sbritenbe from 
Judge .Ge;prge , in ^^:.G^ 
Sessions tpurt Friday; (25:) - and w.n.s 
put en : three : years prbbatibh. 
$chlagcr'' had pleaded guilty . tb at- 

';gree.- /Hils -Walter .Zir 
iaii,_WhoL had .-bcb 
the G. Schirmcr: 

25;;yeo'rsi.7rpcei\-cd pimiidrvti^aimb mpnthj{--agb;.:^.:Rcpf)ri;-K^^^^ company has been - 

from ".' the .cburt;;. -.It Xviis cxplarno.d^ | that'lc'y .is .rbputcd to vtlo; a; iirb.s's'! takrn' pver;:b,v Ma,ybGllb..Woi.l, .w^^^ ■;" 
that leniency ' :\v:iR:-holng:::'cxercised .;.;bUM^^ ■ .yii^'ry^inO 'ih^^^ ■'"■], :; •: ," ' \ 

,be,Ga;us'C:-»l.cjllK-r-. h.'id ; ■prcvipiis; po-:-: Schlai^^^^^ ' .■ S4rt'': .Wfif; /j;ivcn ':naiiohal. Tnti'-Ofhi;r'-::-: V: 

lice record and promise ; had been 1 has been froin $8,000 tp ,$lQ,()ijO" a iU, ■ by Jackr Holler ; over NBC 
made -to make rosVitutiori. ;; ; • ,: : lycar. • •; • '. :-;; '. ; .■: :■ ' -J hook-up. '■ V;^".; 

. . .,, - NoW ;;«,f)bfr,' ■ 'rm .' S 

ccn -4in;-emR]bypc:;o^-eptihectlprt-^w ^:publiKhed'':'last-'--wepk'::by;: the. \Weil 

: Music Cbi for bver-j Supply;- ^Cbi, ;; Which,; ;wg^h^ bbhkvur>t-.!'Mu;sjc :-G'c; firfit"^ 



Wc(!riesday,Morch2v 1*^38 


e E 




; .o ♦ :. 

V ..•■•ii-' 

■ E- »■ ■■ 



' c 

•e ■ ■■ • 

• ■ 

o < 

uj -s S I 






* CO -J 

2 1*1 T a 


5 2 











5 CO 



CO -s - 

5 5? I = 



CO ^ 


Mbnireal,: Feb.. 

Esling BUI , Exempting small, busi- 
nesses f rom ' paying ■ fees to ; .the 
Canadian Perfbtming Rights Society 
passed ' through ' all - stages - th? 
House- of ■ CorrimDns last week and 
now goes to the Senate. It was ac- 
companied by deskripounding- and ap- 
plause from all sides of the Chamber, 
introduced first in 1936 and again 
in 1937, it got nowhere. ■ 

Bill has two main purposes— to 
force the GPRS to publish a list of 
the 2,000,000 musical numbers on 
which it claims to hold copyright and 
to exempt 'sniair business men; such 
as restaurant owners and hotel men 
from being assessed fees for , music 
played by radios or phonpgraphs. It 
has been claimed that the Society, 
in addition to the money it collects 
from broadcasting stations, has been 
assessing bMsiness estabiishmeh 
which use radios to entertaih-patrons. 
it was charged 'in the. House that 
CPRS employs spotters in different 
parts of the country to :yisit; hotels 
and restaurants and make notes of 
musical numbers played over the 
radio. If a copyrighted number was 
played, owner of the hotel or res- 
taurant was assessed a fee, $10 being 
the mihimurh. - 

Secretary of State Fernand Rinfret 
accepted the bill for the government, 
agreeing; that the point at ; which, 
copyright fees should be collected 
was at the broadcasting end. The 
society would collect $83,081 this 
year from broadcasting stations, he 
saidj and added that no more fees 
should be paid. 

FaMm w an analysis o/ the comWnccI plugj o/ current tunes on ^EAF, W^1Z ti^iyi A^C co^-px^ for 

t oiipwxng ,13 a" ^ oi_07'» nrn-nii triini rcnresp.nts accumulated verfonnanaP!: 

th^ '-n^P^'m^ri^ Moi^'oi^^^ total represents accumulated p?r/ormaiiccs 


denotes '/iim "songs, t legit tunes, and 'pop' 

speaks jor iiselt,: 

Grand Comiher- 

, title : 

Thanks for the Memory. .■ 
Sweet as a Song;:, . . . . . . ." r 

I Double Dare You. . . . , 

Whistle While You Work. 
I Can Dream.. Can't I? . . . . 

More Than Ever. . . . 


Outside of Paradise . . . ... 

The One I. Love-. < . . : 
Goodnight, Angel. .. ... V.. . . 

Goodnight, Sweet Dreams 
Love Is Hevie to Stay . . ; ... 
Always and -Always .: . . ■.. . . . 

you're a. Sweetheart. . ;. . . . . ... . . . . 

Heigh -Ho .. ; . ..... . . . . . . . , ,.\V. >;. . , . . 

There's a Gold Mine in the Sky ; , . 
Bei Mir Bist Du - Schocri; . , . . . '. . . . . . 

Nice Work If You Can Get It. .. . .. : 

It's Easier Said "Than .Done . ;. ....... 

Somebody's Thinking of You Tbnite 
Please Bo Kind. ... . . .... . . . . 

Mama. That Moon Is Here Again. . . 
It's Wonderful.. . . v . . , • : . . . . . ; ... . 

You're an Education ... ... . 

Jitst a Simple Melody . , . ... 

Shack in Back of the Hills. . . ... . . . 

Old Abple Tree . . . . ............. ... 

I Se>! Your Face Before Me. . . • . ... . 

Let's Sail to Dreamland. ..... . . ; . . . 

Dipsy poodl($. . . . . . i v . 

TflljOO ■ « • • * '» • • • • ,• • • 

True Gonfessidh. . . i . . . i . 

Two Bouquets.. .. ..... . ...... . .. 

Sweet . Sdmeprie;... ............. . ; . . \ •> 

I Simply Adore You. . . , ; . . . . . . ; .... 

I Was Doing Allright . . . . 


. ..Paramount 
. ..Robbins .. , 
, . vShapiro . . . 
. . . Berjiri : . . . V 
. . iMarld ... v i i 
.. .Miller . . . . 

. . . Feist. . . . . . 

..;;Santly^Joy . 
. f. Feist ., .-i ..- 
.. .Berlin 
. , . Shapiro :. . 
. . .Chappell .. 
. . . Feist . 
... . Robbins . 

i . . Berlin .. . . 

.T; Berlin 
. . . Harms . 
...GhappeU; .... .. 

. . vOlrhan. . ..... . . 

... Schuster-Miller 
. , Harms ....... . 

..Paramount ... . 

. . Robbins .. . . • . i 

. . Remick 
.. Witrnark ...... 

^;;Morris; . .. . . . . . 

. .Witrnark ,. i ... ., 

, .Crawford . . . ; . . 
; VSpier; . . . i ... 
. .Chappell . . . . . . 

. .Lincoln .. 
■..Southern ... 
. . Famous . . . . 

. ..Shapiro . i 
. . Feist ....... 

. . Atjer-Yellen 

■ Source 

, ; ;>Big Broadcast. . . . . 
•Sally, Irene and Mary . . . 

. . ..Pop . . . ... i.: ... i f 

. i . .*Snow White. ... ...... . . . . > 

. ...tRight This Way. . 

.^.:.;Pop - ■ • • : • ' 

. i i .Pop . . . . . . . 

', •Outside (Sf Paradise. ,. 

. .•Everybody Sing. 
. . . .♦Iladip City Revels. . . • - 

. . . .Pop ... .;. : , . ^ . • . , . : 

, . . .*Goldwyn Follies. ... . ; , . 

. . . .*Mannequin . . . . . . . ... .v. 

. ; . „ * You're a . Sweetheart . . v . 
; . i .♦Snow White. . . . 

. . . .Pop /. . ■ . r-'^'- 

. . . .♦Love. Honor and Behave 

: ... ♦Damsel in Distress . < . • . • •; 

• • at • « 

On the Sunny Side of the Rockies . . ... . . Hoi Ivv/ood . 

Differences between Paul White- 
man and Ramona, singer formerly 
with , the Paul .Whiteman orchestra, 
have finally been ironed out. She 
has been granted a temporary okay 
to work with local musicians fol- 
lowing the patching up of the diffi- 
culties between Whiteman iand her- 
self. Singer agreed to abide by any 
decision - made in her case iat the 
board nieeting of Local 802 to be 
held in June and accept any penalties 
meted out. 

Argument between her and White-' 
man, which finally resulted in her 
being placed on the local yerboten 
list, - was her walkout oh a contract 
with Whiteman. . ■ , ' 

Rpmancie in the : Rain ... 
Ooh Boom.. ...... i . . ... . ... . ... . . . 

Shade of New Apple Tree. ; , .:. . . . . 

■In: the Still of the Night.... . . .... 

At a Perfume Counter. . . . j . . . 

Sunday in ;the Park' ..; . ..»., .: I , . . . ',■ 
Bob White..;;. ... ... . ... . »i ... ... . 

One Song. . .. .. .. 

On the Sentimental Side.. . . . . .. . . . 

Moon of Manakoora . . . . . . . . . .. 

Two Dreams Got Together ........ . 

I'm the One Who Loves YoU. . . ; . 
Did ah Angel Kiss You? . . . . ... . . . . 

Ten Pretty. Ghis ... ... ..'. v , . . ;. , . ; : . , 

Shenanigans . . . . ; . ...... . . .- . . . 

Love Walked lii. . . . . .'. . . 

I Live the Life I Love! . . . ... ;.. . . 

You Took Words Out of My Heart , 
■Tonight We Lpve... .;. . . . ;v.'. 

Sail Along, Silvery_ Moon. .;, . . . . .:. 

Tune in O My Heart. . . : . .. . . . . ; . . . 

Who, Are We to Say . : . . . . . . . . . . . . . 

HPw'di You Like to Love Me? . . . .... . 

This Is My Night to Drearn , . . . .:. 

Silhouetted in the Moonlight. ... . . 

In My Little Red Booki .. . ..... . . . 

Some Day My Prince Will Come. 

Gotta Write 'Em 

(Continued from, page 39) ; . 

Wana Be in Winchell's Column. 
My Heaven on Earth. . . . . . .... . . 

Josephine .v.. ... ; . . ..; . . 

Every Day's a Holiday.. . . .... 

Once in a While. . . . . . . . . . . . 

One Rose Left in My Heart. • • • 
Smoke from a Chimney. . .[. . . . . . 

Shakie Charmer. . ^ ; , 
Toy Trumpet. . . . . . . . .'. . . . ^. i . , 

How Many Rhymes? . ... . . . . . ... . . 

With a Smile arid a.. Song. . ; . 
Moments Like This. . . . . ... . . 

My Heart Is .Taking Lessons. . . . . . . . ; . . Select. 

You'd Better Change Your Tune. . . i: . . Agar-Yellen. 
Down with Love... ..... .... ....... . . .Chappell : 

A Gypsy Told Me. .. . .... ... . ........ .Crawford . . 

Hometown .. . . . . ..V. . . . . . . . . . Crawford . 

Red Star. 
. > v Santly-Joy , . . 

...ChajiRell .... 

;.. Chappell . . . . . 

; . . Dprialdson . ; 
.Mills. . . . . . ... 

V. .Rernick V . .v.: 
'. ;. Berlin. 
...Select .. .. , . V 

. . . Kalmar-Ruby 
. . . Remick ..... 

i . . Gem . .... . . .. . 

. . .Famous . . . . . . 

. '. . Crawford . .. 
. . . Select ..... 
. . . Chappell . . , : .: . . 
. Words & M.iislc . 

\ Paramount V . . . 
'. . ;Fam6us. i..;. . . , . 

, ; . Select . . ... ; .;. 

. . .Gilbert. . ; . . . 
. Feisit; . .... . . . ; , 

;.. .Famous. . . . . . . . 

.V. Sielect. ..i . . . .V. 

. .. . Harms . . . . , . ■. . 

.y. Marks' V, 
i. .Berlin.. . ./ 

.. .Feist. . ; . ... . . . ; , 

. . . Witrnark. . ... . 

. . Famous. V. 
. .i Miller '.i....... 

. . .Shapiro. . . , . . 

, i .;. Shapiro .. . ; . ,-. . , 
I «-•' «. ^^sirlcS' ft ( k • 
. . Circle. . , , . . . . . 

. ; . . Remick. . . . . . . . 


... Farrious 

..Pop ................ 

. .Pop ■.-..v.-..'.. ......... . 

...Pop . - 

. i .♦Big Broadcast; . . . ; . . . . vv . • • 
. . .Pop . . • • > •■.;.. . • • • ' • 

. . .Pop . ... ............. ... 

... VBScript Girl., ; . . . rv ; . . . . . ... . v. 

■' • ..Pop . ^ « • • • * • • • • • t' • • • 

.. .'Swing. Your, Lady^ v.... . . . . ; . 

. . .♦Between the Devil. ..... . ., 

. . . Pop . . . .... i ...... i . . . . . . . . . . • 


• Pop _ t •' • .•' • • .•' • • 

, .pop. i. • .« 

. . ..*Tru.e ' Confession.. . ..> .\ .. . 

.Pop ■ ■. ... . . . V... ... . . ; . .......VvN 

.. . .*Love and His.scs. , . . . . . . . 

. . . Pop \ i , ...... . ... ... . . . . .? 

: ♦Goldwy.n Follies. . . . i ■ ^ 

:. ♦Roll Along. Cowboy . ... . 

. . . .♦Harlem on the Prairie. . . . . 

.... . Pop -v. ; . .\ . 

. . . tHboray for What. ..... i . . ... . 

-; .'.-,*Rosalie'- .■; .-.v'- .v^' • •■• 
. . . .tCasa Manana Revue . . . . ...... 

. . . . tPins ahd;Ncedles. i . . . ; . . • . 

. .. . .Pop • •. . . . . .'• ... . . '. • • • ' • ' • 

. . ; .♦Snow White, ..... ...... . . . 

. . ..♦Dr. Rhythm. ,,,,, . . . . • . v 

. . . .Pop .... . . . . .' . . , . '. ...... • ; 

. . . Pop . . . .'. . • • • ■ . . • • 

. . . .Pop • ...... • . 

■, . . .Pop , . . ...... . • , ... V. . 

*Outside .:of 'Paradise i .:y .ii , 
. .. ♦Goldwyn Follies ..... , . . . ; . . .. . . 

;tFifty-Fifty ,. 

.♦Big Broadcast , , ; . ; . ... 
.♦Romance in the Dark. ... ; i 


♦Girl of Golden ;West. , , , , , . . . 
, ♦College . Swing. ... ..... ... . 

♦Dr; Rhythm . , , , 
.Hollywood, Hotel, , , ; 

.Pop . , , , ,.. . . 

♦Snow White.; , . , ., . , . , . , , . . 
♦Love and Hisses .... > , ,, . . . . . . 

♦Start Cheering./. . , ■ 

Pojj ; : ... ... 

♦Every Day's Holiday. . . 
•Pop . ; .-v: .;. •■. 

Pop '.. .... ^v.-.'.,- . . . 

Pop i . ; . , , .■; ; ; . , . . . . . . . 

.Pop ., . 

♦Rebecca of Sunnybrook Farrn 

.Pop. ■ . . , . , . . . , , , . ', , , . . . . . • 

; TSnow White . . 1 . . , . • . • 

•College iSwing. ; . . ..; . . 
. ♦Dr. Rhythm , , 

. Pop .:. '. 

.tHooray for What . ; . 
.♦Happy Larding.. . . ... . . ... ;> , 


,17 I 





























9 - 










7 , 





12 . 

-■■■l' ■ 

■ 4- 

.7 ■ 



■ 1 


4 , 


. 3 



. ■ 1 " 
1 ■ 





- .4" 

■ 1 







25 . 
21 . 
1» .■. 



la ■'■ 
11 ■ 

.-. K 

-IvJ . 

13 . 


■■ 9 


.9 ' 

.. 8 

10 : 


. 7 " 


11 ; 

■■ 9 

.7-. ■■ 

• 6 • 

'-: 5 

• ■■ 1 


• 9 

' 9 • 

. 7''^ 

• .">• 



5 ■ 

' -4. ' 

■ .7 

■■ 6 ■ 
5 • 
■-.. 4 ■ 

■ 4. . 
.' -4^ 



■:■ 4- 
. 2 , 

• . 4 . 

■■ O . ■■ 




2' ■ 

1 ■ 

■. 0 

•. r> ■ 

■ '3.' 
. 3 
. 3 

2 ■ 

• ■-. 2 : ■ 

1 . 

tronage of a jaublisherls rep and . a 
companion or two but insist that he 
bring a large party with him, if he 
expects to get any consideration for 
his current song releases. These 
pi ofessiorial mianagers declare that 
if the big party, indiscriminate open- 
ings and Sunday night ' angles con 
tiirae and publishers are forcad tp 
concentrate their exploitation bank 
rci Is in that direction^ the future for 
'.c-ntactriien is a dark one. Publish 
PIS can cut out the latter and use 
th money formerly paid them to 
■iVdke the rounds of the vario lo spots 
v\ ith large parties. 

Still another iwist . that lias come 
to laii'Kle the music business is the 
ci tntion by band leaders of the rpyr 
altics paid the publishers by ASCAP 
with tkt> suggestion. that theri* is ho 
reason why the leader shpulrl-it be 
^rttiiled to share in .this Ctiohey ; The 
rubjishei cafinot see why his return 
from ASCAP should be the .CQiicern 
of the person to whom he is s jppiy- 
irg the main rriaterial necessary lo 
his (.t I ;a leader's) livelihood. 

Music Notes 

Billy Hayes, whose band is at the 
Hollywood, Philly, has cieffed *Loo- 
ney Little Tuney- in collab with 
Tommy "Gindhart. Exclusive pub. . ; 

Jack Mills has obtained the Ameri- 
can rights to 'It's a Long Way . to 
Your Heart' and 'Amoresque,' the 

latter :by . Sid; Phillips,: frpn^ 
phonic Music, Ltd. Another Mills 
acquisition of, the past week is the 
score ; of 'Who's Who,' Broadway 

musical. -,...„/.:.,' ■. 'I . • '. 

. Bo.b .Wriffht and Chet, Forrest have 
written three:.' sohg^ for Metro's 
'Three Gpriirade^,'- for which Franz 
Waxmari handled the score. . 

Horace Heidt recorded 'Dar- 
dcrieila,' 'A Gypsy' Told Me,' 'Lillian' 
and 'Bewildered' lor Brunswick.; 

'Dream of Me,' which. Sholom Se- 
cunda arid .the Lief Bros, wrote tor 
Tino Rossi, has been taken by Mills 

'Hottentot/ pubbed by Schuster- 

Miller, is Gerald Griffin and Paul 
Mertell's latest. 

'Belshazzer's Bali,' swing piece by 
Joe Frasetto, wander at Cafe Mar- 
guery, Hotel Adelphia, Philly, has 
been accepted by Mills for imirie;di- 
ate publication. 

Kitty ■ Brando, femme owner of 
Boston's Brown Derby, riitery, 
preems with . 'Kathleen' as he r fi rst 
tune. Fox, trot rode a WMCA-Inter 
City wire from WMEX, Bostori, with 

Jimmy McHale's of chestra' Tuesday 

(1). ' ■' 

Warners assigned M.K. Jerome ^to 
write a song around the title, 'Boy 
Meets Girl,' for use as a theme song 
In the James Cagney picture of that 
name. ' ' - .' , .■• ' 

A! Qubin,. of .the sprigwriting team 
of Dubin and Warren, is back on 
■Warners' lot after treatment at Johns 
Hopkins in Baltimore. 








music CORPOflflTIOn - m am. -mio ciTY HY 




Frink Tr*""^''' .^^^ been set tor 
the Los Angeles Biltmqre Bowli step- 
t)j'ng^ with IS'piece band March 
17 when he succeeds rJimmie Grier, 
who ' has had thft spot four . years; 
Trombar whs a sax^plaiyer with J'mJl: 
Whiteiiian for several years/ 

- King's Jesters; with: ;Mary Ruth 
Milam, opened indefinite-engagement 
Monday (28 ) it William Penri hotel 
grill; Pittsburgh. Booked by Joe 
Hiller for CRA. They replace Law- 
rence Welk, latter ope-nighting until 
Friday (4), Whien he goes to Norr 
mahdie. ballroom -in -Boston.. 

: L*rry Kent's brchestrd. has moved 
into the BeverlyrWilshire hotel, Bev- 
erly Hills, replacing : ted FiOrRitp, 
who goes into the Los Angeles Palo- 
hiar March 9: Kent is followed into 
the Beverly 'AVilshirie March. 17; by 
Harry ;'Qweos;^ v'^ 

. Jiih Qarber's orchestra ' ait topsy's, 
Los Angeles, xeplacing .Red Nichols, 
Who"., will barhsto^rin. . r 

p»ie Nelson bowed out of the 
Victor Hugo, Beverly . Hills, but re- 

-ihains in the-vicinity.^ .^^^^^^ Sunday 
musical assighment ^ 'the. Feg Mur- 
ray broadciast 

V' -Jde -Marsaii»-:brch<^ . 
hewed : at the: Hickory House; N.Y; 

Eiirli ■Madrliuera orchestra de^^ 
^at La^-Conga-.MarcR.?;;. 

jiihhiy. .Dorsey orchestra- 'into the 
Hotel. \Ne.w Yorker last' night (1). 

Fits Waller orchestra..' scheduled 
for the Earle theatre, Philadelphiay 
week, 'of March 4-./., ., 

Tommy Dorsey .plays' Earle Phiiav 
delphia; March 1 1 ; Earle, Washihg- 
torii i?; Stanley,. Pittsburgh; . 25 and 
Palace, .Cleveland, \April l. 

Ace Brigrode opens at Gibson hotel, 
Cincinnati; March 3, for four :Weeks, 

Charles Green, president Cohsoli- 
dated Radio : Artists, . was in. Frisco 
last Week for his .first confab with. 
Larry Allen; recently appointed. man- 
ager of the CRA office ; here. 

Fats Waller hits Ead^ theatre, 
:PhiladeIphia, 'March 4. v Date for Gol- Elks of; Newark at; Mosque post- 
poned irom, that date to. 11. .. 

Johnny Hamp into Book-Cadillac 
hotiel, . Detroit,. March .9 for- : .four 
weeks; ■," ' ' 

.^Three Noblemen, CRA; cocktailers, 
open at Stjatler hptiei, Buffalo, N; Y., 
Mhrch 7 on first Statler-CRA deal. 
Former an. MCA standby. 


Sah Francisco, March 1.1 ' 
Special airing . of .Paul! M'artin's 
music over the: nationwide NBCvBiue 
Wieb from the local studios Monday 
(28 ) at .1 :00 p.rn! PSt, was actually 
an .audition for the' board of the St. 
Regis' .Hotel in New York City; Ai> 
rangements for , the broadcast audi- 
tion were handled by Charles .. .Er 
Green, prexy of Consolidateid Radio 
Artists, Inc;, of Chicago, who is here 
on biz. if the deal goes through, 
Marti and his NBC. musicians will 
go east in May. 

Green auditioned another NBC iact, 
Johnny O'Srien and iHis Five, Har- 
mbhica -Hi-Hatls, last: week. for. pos- 
Bible bookihgs in the';ea^t later in the 
sfeasoh; ;Tl'ie ^gfoup, with; , Mvkrbler 
Lora TririgaUv goes v.into ' the Persian 
Room. of the Hotel Sir Friari.cis- Drake 
next ■ week.';;- ^; 

H«^bie Kay's $962 

' : Lincoln, March 1: 
. Herbie Kay . of chestra ;5lai)ped . the 
King ^^all room, into; its highest gate 
since it'.openied.Jast spring when , getr 
ting $962 for a pnc-niter (25).; 
. Group being routed by MCA sou ;h 
through the ^ midrwest and then wast 
to take up in the Gocbahut Grove^ 
L. A.V March 23 for a month or more. 

■ Winston's,. Screiii'- Test-;; ■ ■ 
.San Francisco, March: 1/ . 

Jack Winston is ^t for a Warnei: 
Bros, screen test following his , - 
gagement ait . the Bal- Taibarin . in 
Frisco where , he closes: March 3.- 
Winstbn's run of eight months at the 
hiterie is the longest on record at 
this dine and dance spot. ; 

Hal' Breitsky's orchestra moves 
into the Bal March ,4/ 

DJIIIIA hITV MPlfCI e Tiic Creates. Score in Years 
HAUIU toll 1 IIEffCtO By Magidson and Wrubel 



A. Flock o* HUs from 


HEIGH-HO! (The bwarf^' Marching Song) ' .- 
THE SILLY SONG (TH e bw A r fs' yo de l son q) 

'.WiikIiIiik 8oiik) 

The "Home oh the Range" of This Generation 


IRVING BERLIN. Inc.. 799 Seventh Ave. 

Buddy Fisher Using All 
The Stunts in Dallas 

.-, .- Dallas, March iV 
: Taking. tip from the Hoirace 
Heidts And Kay Kys.ers of New York ' 
and Chicago, Buddy Fisher, veteran 
vaudeyille. aod night club personality 
who now waves stick over band at 
Chez Maurice here, is kicking somie 
life jnto local, radio. : a.ctivities of 
night clubs. ; ;-^..> \ 

':. Dubbing his, nightly isustairiers over 
WRR ; the 'Buddy ; Fisher, Houseparty 
of ..the AirV he' is. .including.-. eyeryT" 
thing but Aunt Jenny's hairpin in the 
broadcasts and ■ hopes to have that 
by Saturday .night. . , Everybody that 
wanders into, penthouse club is in 
danger of . being nabbed for. word or 
tWo over. mike. One . night Fisher 
had dozen people picked . at rahdorn 
singing . at . once. . Sounded, terrible 
but 'caught attention.. '■, ? 

Fisher, who . plkys baseball in the 
afternoons, challerigeis everybody in 
towh .to; a garne over . the ether., He 
also kids > local press ; stribeis and 
praises : (or pans) , rival vbandnieni 
His novelty stunts- arjB; catching on.. 
He even introduced a parrot a while 
back. Is this : where ' NBC got the 
idea ..of parrot corttest? ' : ■ 

In line with the William . Morris 
Agency's ; expansion, into the band 
booking field, anldng its first exclij'- 
sives iS: Jan> Gai:ber. .. Morris office 
set the Garber orch on Grape Nuts 
with Burns and Allen, . replacing. 
Ray; Noble. . " : i'^ Sy: 

Morris agency handles Burns ; and 
Allen, as' it does many another radio 
star, and because of a desire to book 
the entire show— star, ;' supporting 
comics, singers, band, et al.r—the ideai 
of .going: , into the. orchestra . booking 
.adjunct, came about. . 

Phil Sptalny Sahte 
To Carrie Jacobs Boiid; 
Gir! Band's Aprfl Tour 

Phil Spitalny and his femme or- 
chestra start a trek; to the Coast, on 
personal appeairances, vopenirig in 
Buffalo, -April 15j and thence west- 
ward. ' It's th€:;first time, west for the 
radio: maestro ;and he .wants .the 
Hollywood bunch to glom his all-, 
girl orchestra, with an eye to a pic- 
ture chore. 

For his March 28 broadcast, which 
will be comprised 100% of composi- 
tions by women composers; the ven- 
erabU Carrie Jacobs Bond, now over 
70, is coming to New York to particii- 
pate, on the .program. ■ The occasion 
is- the -a ward by the;W6men's Exposi- 
tion of Arts arid Industries of its 
rhedal: to Spitalny as. the be&t radio 
show. It's an annual honor arid 
socialite: eyent. Mrs. Oliver: Hatri- 
man, chairman of the awards com- 
mittee, Will .also. do;: stint, on the 
prdgrarh, with the forriial presenta^ 
lion.' ■ - ■ ■ .. :':' ■ ■. .!•'■.■ 

Spitalny will do 'I Love, You 
Truly."Just A-y/eiaryin' for You'- arid 
'End of a Perfect Day' as part of the 
General Electric show's tribute 'to 
Carrie Jacobs- Bond. , 

Spitalny has bpeh signatured by 
Paramount to do a short in techni- 
color. It will be: the first all-band 
subject gi vien . this treatment. '■; Pror 
duction; starts this week' at . the As- 
toria. studios. "'■■ ' - 

Leslie Ma(ddbnhell in U. S. 

Leslie Macdoniiell, who represents 
Rock-well-P'Kecfe. in Britain arid on 
the Continent, arrived from London 
last week, 

; .He ; fig 11 re.q on remaini rig th i.s 
countiy.'until March 17. 

15 Best Sheet Music Sellers 

(Week ending Saturday, Feb.^:2$y: ^ 

; •Whistle While You -Woi-W . . , i . , , . fie riin - - 

•Thanks fOr/the, Memory. , • : . ,', . , . -, , . Paramitmnt 
There*!:* Gold'MneJn ;the; Sky: .;.,i. .J /.i ...^^eerlih -J 
•M<)Ori..of iianakoora ; ; . , . . I:;; . .; v,Kalmai--Ruby 

■■- Ten Pretty Girls . . .'. ..... ... ... .Crawford - 

Dipsy Doodle . * ... . . , . . . 'Wy ■ : .-. .. .Lint'olri 

, f Rosalie - ;• - ■ ■ - , , ; . . . . . , . ...... ........ Ch«ppen , 

♦You're .« Sweetheart . . . . ; . . .■. .:.],;. . . . . . . . Robbins. ■■ 

. . Sail Along,. Silvery Moon . . . .,>. . ^. .;;... . . , .. . . :Sel«Bct; 

* Sweet .^s a Song ... ...... . . . . ....... ... .TRobbins \ 

♦Gypsy Told Me So ., . . ;:^ :;. .:.:. . ...-'. .;:.i'. ;.. f . . . .CraWforch- 

t.I. See Your Face Before Me . . . . i ,.. .... .Crawford ,, 

•You Took Words Out of My._ Heart. . . ... i ...... . V. ; . ; .PaVamoiitit 

tSome Day My, Prince Will Come Along. '.;•; . . : . ... Berlin 

•Sweet. Soriieone . ... . . .'Vv.-,; ; • ; '. . . ... . / . ;;. .Feist 

• indicittes yilnnwical Jto.iij;. . t Indicatea. $to.g€ prodnction »f**i^y 
^ The. otlicfx are pops. 

Palmer House Dated to '39 

-ChicgOi .March: 1^ :• 
, Empire Room of the. Palmer House 
has set: dates for the return of four 
of its pririie box-office bets, running 
from May until the'. close of the year. 
Dated for re-entry into. the room on 
May 4- is Eddy Duchin. 

On July . 6 :.,Velo4i . ari.d; Yolanda 
daijce tearii come into the room.. Not 
yet -■ set is the . orchestra that - will 
accbrppariy, '■:■- . 

On Labor -bay will return; the Guy 
Lombardo prqhestra,.; Lombard will- 
stick i into . November when Wayne: 
King brthestra is slated to return 4o 
thie room and stay through the holi- 
day weeks . and ■ into 1939.^:^' 

. ■ All bookings ' set. . through the 
Music Corp of Ameirica. .■ \ 

Pauley's Turnpike Casino, 
Rebuilt, Opens April 1 

Lincoln i March : 1. 
Turnpike . ; Casino,. / :' three-flo(jred 
dance 'spot being- rebuilt on the site 
of the orte burned la,st Noveri^ber, 
will be opened to biz. April 1, - 
cordinjg to - Manager-owner. -R. -H, 

Pauley. -^■ : .:.- • ■ ■ ' : ^ 

Turnpike, .was known for. consist-..: 

ent handling of name bands arid will ; 

be. in better position to take- care of " 

the. biZ' itiow. with more tidequate 

floor arrangements.: :Gonstruction is 

costing $25,000. 

Opening ,: band has not been ; 

lected as yet. ;' . 

. Mickey ' Alpert brch how doing 
one-nighters. Being; booked through. 
Milt kelliem office, Philly. .'T 







lllli- . 





'■"s .-r.:,5r..? 




By Sittmrnni' Rmmtrrg mmi Om,KJkm ■ 

'Fro»n tite MGyi puJure ''TAe GlrIo/jfi« GofJeii Vk'***'' 


' hy B^h ^Vrifiltl, C./i«l Forreol «fl(I EJwnrJ WmJ 
, .i Vnun lb« .MGyi.::i>hiHr«: ''^lanne^uiii'' ■ 

Trie 5<>n.<«lief(«( M«.vi4-«ii' W«i/ls 5onf . -' 

TimiN .■;;;.':- 

' ■. Music diiA 5(inii«fi/i T^yrif hy Murm G'rever . ' 
' English Lyric ty ' K«,vhioi«{ r>«i>«fn 


• "By Gil.* .Kaftiii, B. K<if>i>r .«nJ W.; 7iirttinnii -. 
' Vrom .iUe MGAI piilurt ".Everyhody Sinyi".' 


By.Af(ic(t-G<»r(l<»ii. n^ul /f<rrr.y Kvi'vl... . 

FVom i/ie SOl/i-Ctiiiliiry ./'<>.v \fM'<lure .''J[ii»iie •ihI llinftt" 

op .\«i'*/ly 'i'mie 

josiiPiiLNE : 

. - By GiM; Krifcf•,'.^^'•;yn« Kiliij .4iitd'Bur1i€.hivtn$:' 


■ ..11 

: ;*itlj 

". "'I 

' i" 

- --ij 


■ .HI 

: '.•nil 




- .,iiii] 










Ft em thm New V n « vers a f Pr oduct i Ort/' MAD AB OUT 

R 6 B B I N S M U S I C CORP 6 R At I ON • 

MUSIC/' ■ ;';v- 

MUtRAT ftAKit; Gen. Prof. Mgr. 



Wednesday, Marph 2, 1938 

Star>Spahgl<£d Jandbpree; 

\New Orltdns, Feh. .il. : : 
Hardceri. <;horus: oj ^20; .lj'ore\ei & 
La Jaeauvd; . Five . ■ Elgins; Frank 
BtQoks; Tomviy Scrtnlpn; ■ .■.Sotti 
De Kcihel; Harry' Mirkin's, 'orch; 
Black :&]/Blue:r.Bobby Todii.. - ; 

Tj;r\it - shows hit the boards here 
after a. long lapse and come back, 
with ai veh^earice. Harry Gourfain's 
show gives the nativeis and GarniVjil. 
visitors a -potpburri of acts. . Menu 
is tasty and. should fiross .plenty with,, 
two shows .daily. Town hM . been 
hungry for, flesh. shows; . • : . - 

.Hardeeh, brother of Houdihl, and 
the .,hi^h\ spot, ..xviris. -the ;house. with 
his magic' . Line is heat and pleases. 
Routines Well execiited, although 
not €>ctraordinary., : 

'Night at ; Minsky's* ?is ah amusing 
'burlesque ." oh. burlesque.' Sirens 
Lorelei and La Beauya have plenty 
of grace. Many of th^ acts are 
straight from vaudevillei: : The Five, 
telgins/ jugglers, .score, bast being 
when .they, toss. Indian iclubff to -each 
other with .accliracy. . Frank -Brooks;: 
tap dancer, executes his routines 
well. - •■ • . 

Local talent comes into the limcr 
ilght when little Tommv ScartToh; 
m'ascot of :; the: local .ijolice . force; 
draws . several eriCores with his sihgr 
jng. Lad " to be tested sOoh by 
Warner's. • 

Sam Dekemel. formerly . with 
Weaver Bros. and . El.vjiry, has. tKc 
gallery applauding plenty with his 
bQi^ling; ■-/-•----r-----.--^ •; 
' . Barry Mirkin leads .the orchestra, 
m.c^'s and fills in oh;.' several hovelty 
stunts. He aihd Don Donnelly, pull 
sOhr\e; nifty . patter .^ • Glenn -Mason, 
xylophonist. : gets a big hand. ;Doh 
Black, and: Denny Blue, acrobats, get 
applause. \ Barney Whitney ■ does' 
some likiable crobnihg. ' 

Bobby Todd. 'Thev Lady in the 
Banjo,' brings the show :to a fitting . 
close. Bianjo . is huge affair and 
swings ' Over . bald-headed . ro^, 
Alth()u.£rh it lacks soine of the nie-. 
chanical , co-pDeraition, it strikea a: 
bizarre note. ' . Liuzza, ':. ' 


^• •■ (FAY'S, PHILLT) ' 

Philadelphia. Feb., 27 . 
Ann Corio, Jiidy &' Gene Allen, 
Three Titans; Jimmy LewisV Dan 
Steuber, Joey Faye, Bert GrknU 
Four Kraddocks. line of 26. 

Ann Corio's crew .Is strongest 
that's hit this town in . some ..time. 
With. Miss Gorio. as marquee, draw, 
nifty line of 26, good, comedy and .a 

couple (if ''nice flash '?iclSi combo has 
all that it takes, : . , . :. 

Ex-dolTer puts in two appearances. 
.Fattci=g-1t\'\/o ditties, /especiaMy- m-it* 
■ten" for her,, and clever. .First,;,. I 
Can't Make My. Body Behave, and 
second; 'Annie Isn't , Stripping Any 
More.' '.r - \-. ' • ' 

Curtain ups to findfoiir gals seated 
oh swihgs. ilcmaindor of 'line;camei»; 
ort for .first- of wetl-exocuted produc- . 
tioh num'rcr.; Accompanied by okay 
chirping of Jimmy Lewis and Dan 
Steuber, who, like majority of the. 
unit, are right out of Wilrier-Calla 
hah hurley troupe. ; . 

Followed by Jvidy 'aiid Gene Allen; 
boy and girl tapsters, with heavy 
gusto,-. if riot too much grace. Rou- 
tines 'are ■tricky./ and^.-o^ 
Titans; next in a hand-to-hand 
strong man apt, have fine physiques, 
well ..revealed in.; their scanty cos- 
tumes. Work. ■...smoothly., almost . in. 
slow motion; to precisely .fitted 
'music. Get treniendoiis. hahd-patter. 
, Comedy number by .Toey Faye and 
B<jrt '.Graht is isame team- had beea 
using . for years ir» . barley. 'Step .by 
Step', has no, hint - of anything . blue 
and, clicks. . Four Kraddocks next. in 
good cohiic tumbling and panto- 
mime. Grew; has : trouble, .bagging 
off. . Show, winds .iip with Corio 
i ■ second chirp turn, another gal 
number and recall of thev acts by 
the i)rincipal. ■ Herb, 



- —'"Salt-Lake City, xM arch li .- 
Milton F'rome, Jo- Anne, Mild & 
Marion, . Fitz & CahiU, Johnson & 
Diehl. Connie & Ben • Smith, - Bill 
Floor's ' orch; *A Damsel in Distress 
(RKO)( 'Blazi;i\g Banners' (Mono). 

/. '$anci : Box Revue' comprises ex- 
cellent fleshers and turnstiles reflect 
hefty biiz: despite ■ inclement .weathfeti' 

Jo-Anne, featured, is., a stripper^ 
who: doubles on, iwarblihgi' Spotted 
next to closing, ■ hefty blonde appears 
in effective peeling garb» thrOshing 
'Swing Me a Lullaby.' 

While Bill Floor's pit outfit plays 
'Gettin' Sentimental,* Jo-Arihe de- 
scends from stage and mingles with 
crowd. Gal has a gift of . gab and 
sells; Nuding isn't of the mild 
variety, either. . ?- ':-r. '/ 

; • House band opens with .a medley 
of swing pop.s. Milton Frome. m.c., 
intrOes - and takeis a turn singing. 
Straight chatter on 'introductipiis and 
handles assignment with. ease. 

Milo and Maripn, in deucer, apply 
expert gymnastics. Hand and body 
balancing feats are meaty parts of 
the act and they click solidly^ 

It's been some time since a pair 

of male legmaniacs appeared here 
but Fitz and Gahill were worth wait- 
ing for. Team displays fresh apd 
tuneful tapping ^and their, dead pan 
comedy routine is, .milked to tne. 
lirhit. At show caught, hpofers-rated 
fOup calls, miore than any other act 
oh the bill. ■ ■ 

Fxome's ditty ing of . 'Night and. 
Day' is well received; He, encores 
with 'Song of the Rangers.' Recruited 
from the east of Al Pcarcc.s.a-adio 
program, Connie and Ben Smith hna 

ample customers for their spmevvhat 
bromided- hoke. ;song and dai)Ce act. 

He strums a guitar and she, fetching 
in a low-cut formal gown, would do 
1 Well to abahdbn her simulation /of a 
Swedish girl and concentrate . pn 
her warm sopranO voice. 

Juggling is the chief attraction of 
Johnson and Diehl and the mixed 
pair run through five mmutes ot 
dependable Indian club and _ bottle 
maneuvering. ■ : • .• Guts. 

His Stuff for 
And Lensers— and P..4. 



For the benefit of N. Y. U, and 
Columbia students, and dozens of 
flashing canieras, Professor Billy 
Rose undertook -to explain thei art ;Of 
the theatre Thursday ; (24 ); ; Scene 
was . Casa Manana- nee . the French 
Casino, whose chairs still bear the 
red initials, F. C. Mri Rose, also fpr 
the benefit of the lensmeh. addressed 
the' gathering of Columbia: and. 
I.N. .Y.. V. draitia . and journalism stu 
dents wearing" JDoc Rockwell's mpr 
tarboard'T^while the audieri in po 
■Ute murmurs criticized h 
unorthodox, pronunciation, at inter 
vals ' 

Sally Rarid, .appearing iti a neat 
tailored suit, made a few ladylike 
references to the strangeness of be 
ing before an audience; fully clad, 
iahd . wound up v^ith a moving pas- 
sage from her scrap book to the 
effect that you have to teach the 
pinnacle before anyone tries to push 
you off— proving something or other 
lOscar Shaw demonstrated with a 
medley Mr. Rose's contention that 
songs hadn't ; changed in 2.0 years. 
Fbrtunaitely, neither Mr.' Shaw nor: 
Mr. Roie could hear the , students' 
disagreement, with the theory, after 
Mr.' Shaw's exit/. Th.e boys, and :girls 
were inclined to think Mr.; Shaw's 
selections dated, and that songs had 
changed considerably. 

Wirtl Shaw, . \yearing^ black and 
pUrble gown, demonstrated why piro- 
.ducer. ROsfe hired her, by singing a 
couple of songs and ; was ' heartily 

Murmured criticism again ripp^^ 
through the audience \yheh ^/Ir. Rose 
produced six dancing girls and six 
showgirls, illustrating how; and why 
a chorus was picked. Most of the 
lads seemed to think they could, have 
done a better job with 2,000 appli- 
cants a day (the ftgurb mentioned 
by Rose) . to choose from. 

Rose, who spoke smoothly withoyt 
notes, drbppled such pearls of wis- 
dom as *A show isn't art just because 
you only get six people into your 
theatre,' and 'the way to make money 
IS to give people what they want,' 
and other practical suggestiphs about 
financial success. 

. W'hether or hot the lecture was . 
pairticularly illuminating to the stu 
dents, it -vyill have achieved Mr. 
Rose's purpose if even a small per- 
centage of the pictures snapped find 
their way into print 

. .The boys and girls, who avidly 
tbpk fibties throughoutV will how con- 
test: with theses on the afternoon's 
enlightenmenty-winners to be enter 
tained. at Cksa Maoaha, • At which 
time Mr. Rose will . very likely bor 
row, Doc ■ .Rock well's . mprtarboaird 
I again for atmosphere. : 

J^eff&y Seal to Londpn 

Seal, aero dancer, has; been 
signed for thie, "Trocaderb; ';Lpndpn, 
opening April 4. 
. ;Set by William Morris, . 

All entertainers must be in the cabaret- promptly at 10 minutes to eight 
o'clock ready for work.' '■ ;'; S.:: . ' \ V ■ \ '-v. ; ..'■ 

- There are three shows hitely,, 9:30, 11 o'clock and l.;10 a.m. .. A IQ-minute 
warning will be given when entertainers will . leave the floor and get 
dressbd fOr the show as quickly as possible. When ready to come in 
cabaret, stand behind stove or by stove in thie cabaret. Do not wander all 
over the cabaret in your - abbreviated costumiis. ; As soon as the show is 
over, retire to dressing rooms arid dress, returning to t}ie cabaret in ,15 . 

minutes. : ■■■■ • ' • . ; \^.':,;"' ':; \' ' r .■ . . '■ 

All entertainers drink Bees and Bees only, while In the cabaret on duty. 
NO switching drinks with customers will be tolerated. For , each drink you 
will be given a Bee check and these yoii will deposit In a , receptacle pro- 
vided on the music stand for you. When your drink is served, drink it 
before leaying the table. 
No chewing gurri or munching peanuts or candy during working hours. 
Girls may sit at the tables or. bar, but not in booths unless With a cus- 
tomer. Do not burn up the matches the tables. 

Entertainers whb receive food as a part of their Compensation will eat 
at the front counter during the day except during the hours of 12 and .1 
p.m. and 6 and 7 p.m; After two o'clock,: which is closing time, entertainers 
will order at the kitchen window and eat at the large table. Order your 
meal at that time, not later than 10 minutes to two, so it can be; ready for 
you immediately .iafter closing. Otherwise do not complain if you have to 
wait for your food. During w.6rkihg hpiu's; each gu'l is perrnitted: 10 rnini;. 
utes to have coffee/ and a bite to eat, but girls are to go singly and; not to 
visit with customers. ; : • ■ ■' ■ " !:v:^\ 

Bee girls, etc., take your dishes back to the kitchen window.. No food 
may be taken off the premises. You will be given checks to sign for each 
meal and during the day note time of eating on same. Food checks may 
nipt exceed $1.10. per day.: [ 
Do not sit more than three .girls at .a table. 

No girl is, permitted to leave the building during working hours unless 
by special permission from orchestra leader. ; 
Nb reading newspapers, books: or Synting letters dUr 
Girls will wear formats Saturday and Sunday nites, arid sport dresses 
Or afternoon- dresses- during -weekrdays. .. .. ■ : - A.- '..J-:^ 

Entertainers will riot waste .time with uriprOfiitafcle ci|st 
their time in thie cabaret during working hours with friends or relatives.. 

When orchestra plays good-riite song, bid your pustoriiers, if you happen 
to be; sitting or dancing with any, a. prompt gbOd-nite and retire to your 
dtessing-room to get your;, wraps s 

check the girlis out. Please do not overlook this rule. , 
Any infraction Of these rules will result in immediate dismissal. ' 
Each and every entertiiiner js tb do her bbst to make this a profitable 
engjigement fbr the management arid herself. 

:■ Any; further desired information will be giyen you. gladly by the or- 
chestra leader. . ■ ■'' . ' " ■ ^ _ 

Rehearsals Will be set at a certain time f Or the new sho.\y opening Satuf- 

day. Please report promptly at the giveri time. ; ' ;■.- 

;. ■ , ■ . ; . A. 4, McKce. ;- 

; . Philadelphia, March 1. ; 
A fan dancer and operator of a 
.jnitery in which she was; working 
were pinched: Thursday (24)- night 
when:, patrolman decided take a 
look in and considered the perform-r 

ance 'immoral.' .; ■:'. 
. Terper, Catherine Regan, 20, was 
held iri $1,000 bail , and proprietor, 
John f otts, in $500 for a further 
hearing tbmprrpw (Wednesday) .. . 



this Week, PALACE, Chicago 
Week Mar. 4, RKO PALACE, 


:■'' TMHt. Rep.— STOON AOEXOr 
W«i»t; Kepis aACOBS-rKKKlXS Ascjr. 

(FEB. 24) 



"The Best Comedy Juggler . . . . " 

■i;; Ed Snllivari, Daily News, 





KxcIuHlve Msrt.s M 0..V. 

PftlNCE and 



Nitiery Placements 

Yevo and DOrov Garbb.- N,- .Y; .- : - 
; Art Tatum, Famous Doot-. N. Y. 

■ Char.ibteers.:Ki't ..-Kat .CUib, N. Y. : ;.:? 
7 •Bririert-^Madriguera- orch-.r La-Gon-, 
ga. N; Y..:; :. .-v. :■■•■■■. ' ' | 

■ Jimmy X)orsey brch., Hotel New ; 
Yorker. N. Y. ■ • : ' •:r-- v 

. Grace., and Chaf Ifts Hecbert. . Hotel ; 
Savoy-Plaza, N. Y. .• • :• ',. " : . . . ■;." \ 
Trini ;;Pla7.a. • Arturo " Cortes, "KanV ' 
nette Vallon. Latonitu, Club Gaiichbi 

N. Y. r- ■•■■:.. :::■■■.■..:• ..;.■;:' >,.,:• :V : 

Ed Furman. Billy .Lorraine, Mar^ 
gafet , Young. Joe Hovvard. Rudy 
Madisori, Bill's Gay .^Jirieties, N. Y.- . 

wish to thank jllr.-C^ 

Httfifcr, for a pleasant eight weeks at the 
Miami Biltmore Hotcly Florida. ■ 

SAILED FEBRUARY 26th for Eight Weeks at the 

Casino Bailncia^^^ 


Now— YACHT CLUB, Chicago 


llf edii^sdayv Mvch 193$ 

b'ispiite -betw American 
Federation ■ of ^ Actors ;and Chorus 
Equity:/ Assh;/; /OVerljurjsdicti 
thpriises in night c and presen- 
tation i)PMS6s^.is^^^h slated for Set- 
tlement this morning, (Wednesday 
Special - m Pt ' the / Assbciated 

Actor's and Artistes board isVsched-. 
uled to decide the issue.- 
^ Both contesting groups ■ file^^^^^ 
ijlies ; :WitK; the board: at '^a :nieetirig 

• Monday . (28 ) ^afternopnt. but; :a ' <ieci- 
sion was postponed. ' ^Tot only wiere^ 
Mt's. Ehiily JHfolt ; aii.d ^Henry i Jaffey; 
Amencaix Federation of Radio Art- 
isiS reps, -abserit., (at ■..a negotiation., 

■ meeting w ^ biit 
it was explairted -a conrimittee had to 
'consider the AFA and CEA answers' 
befpi-e .a final, judgment could be 

■ issued; v: ■ :-r. ^ . ■ ' ■■ . 

It h'ad been indicated that? ; the 
Four. A's would :aw^:rd..4he jurisdic-^^ 

■ tioii .to AFA. .' Reason, f pi:, that wish 
ot the" Foxir . A*s js. that. it:.y;diild be: 
fdllo^ying the general . policy - of ^ the 
parent/ organizatipn :in giving; each 
member-;grpup full .|uW^^ in'it.s 
own held, ,Gertain^^:C 

ernihg. the ^juriSdictVon, have been' 
laid down .by the board. Monday'^r 
answers by AFA va CEA .were reT- 
ported tp haye contained jpipvisidnal 
:©cceptance of thosie. terms;. 

■ while: both groaps seek: the ijuris-: 
. diction^ they ' w.ant.: it w any 

Btrings attached.. .;AFiA. is understood 
Jo.voppose -the, • restrictions oii the 

grmirid they . would constitute a ^vio;- 
-lalipn of the federiaiipn's .autonomy; 

GEAr Which has always held, the ju-. 

risdictipn;' claims it is ;erttitled tp; re-. 

fain the reprtsentiatioh^- w the 

■ ppr.ted , that • AFA's provisions were 
, more- reaSohablei than those of CeA 

Expected that the: verdict will favor : 
■■'AFA;.-.'^ -W.--:^-: ::-.-.:^.y:; ■ ;■,•■;■: 

- White: GEA has previously held the , 

Jfurisdictiortj . it. had . never. -made ' any 

effort to Prganize' the flield until; the 
: last '. fisW:; months,. ".after : VAFA .had 
I sought; representatipn, AFA ' aiready 

has ..jiiirisdiction , over , night . club and 
•V vatide principals;/ V \ ■:■:- "' 

W Ghbrus ■ Eqii ipseis ; the : deci-; 

: «Ioii, its japtivities in the future Will ' 
. be limited . to legit, which has qon- 
. tinued to shrink during recent Vsea- 

8Pns. : Niumber^o^ 

Kit a hey low this .seasbti, , with a 
consequent dwindling in the . hUiinber:- 
:: W:;. chPrusers wprking. . :^()n^y ^:fou^• 
|nusicals iare current on Broadway,' 
Ti^ith t>yo more b^ 
vetpckrtype. shpw^ pn tpur;/;; - 
'. Equity,; y^^^^^ Corttrbls i" Choriis 
Equity; has , been working; for sbine 

■ time on a;,proposail to :absbrb CEA, 
but the problem has not been Solved.; 
Should CEA/lpSe - the: .nitery:; and 
Vaude chorus jurisdipfion, the matter 
might, come; tP a head and. a solution. 

. :be ;fbrced.<-- :■■■ /.■":.'-:■. V 

-.;..'-^125;00(|t' Surplus ' 
.Under : Mrs. . Dorp thy, Bryant,, who 
resigned executive-secretary of 
CEA ~ npt ibng . before the. present 
regime in Equity^ came intp active 
pbweri the; orgahizatiOii- built up a 

' treasury surplus: estimated at $125,- 
Oqo,;said:;tb berin/ •. liquid stiate- Un- 

\derstood that byf a ybte of the' chorus 

^branch and Eqinty :&: merger, pf :the 

. t\y6 . -groups . coul.i: be made, "With 
.some .alteration in, the latter's : cbh- 
stitutidn;- Okay by^ the ' Four :; A's 
would be ; required, but' hb objection 

::,at that eiid is anticipated; ' 
: : In: ;Cohnectibh - With the AFA-GEA 

. dispute,- Ralph Whiteh .' vd; exe'cUlive 
secretary of the fbtmer organization, 
points. 'out that his board's recent 

' Tesolulipn,: of: Ibyalty to the Fo^ir 
A's. . did iibt -inentibh , the Inlerha- 
tjonal. AlHahce of - Theatribal ; Stage 
-Fimployees by- : namei " It had. been. 

• ^ssumed the; AFA resblutibn referred 
to the IATSE .since: its alleged >llirt- 

. :V'ith that organ izatioh:, had pre- 
iipitated the charges of AFA dis^ 

■ oyalty ;tb:.the :FbufVA:'i-^;' 

.Despite^Whitehead's statemiBht. the 
r^splutipii; was talcen W' .the Four 
■ • A s. to refer.; tp . the. IATSE threat pf 
;-.3!iris<^iQtipnal': .invasion^^; Whitehead' 
.has, iibt "denied cbnfe^rino with 
George. E.: ^ Browne, IATSE :: hfea d . 
Qnly if such ..action. coUlij' be priSved 
^ <^"5titute disloyalty;' - he : :f€eis^: 
:coi»ld action ,be -taken against, him. or^^ 
:.. AFA, .. Such ;dislpyalty could iibt^ be, 
:--a.ssumie;d:in .'SdA^ance^ 
^;::POSiti6n.u. ' v'^;.-. 


. The 'Rainbow Grill, N. ' Yi, infbrmal ; 
nitefy atbp' th.e RCA Bldg.,- 'may :;un-; 
dergo a ;f aceriif t but it .wili hot in- 
.clude a .-bar,.: .other than the u;sual 
service bars. It's long been the' hbpe 
pf: .John Roy, 'managing. Sirectbrv .tb 
have .8: bar, but .;b^ihg in. . an, .bflice: 
building; th e ItocEefellers no iike. ' - • 

"rhe new iyiptif, -however;; i^^^ 
elude; a shack bar idea to permit 
faster ; sejrvice : ;tb; .thpse :wariting. '.tp 
make the theatre, .but that idea hpw- 

looks " cold also. • . ■ - - 

The renovations; may: hot necessi- 
tate.^ closing down the room, how- 
ever. ! 

Keating V Crack 

Crack at ; Broadway's " . past 
glory was- de]jvered-.;by.' Fred 
Keating, m .,'last We^k> at ibe- 
Society of Ameripan Magicians': 
annual benefit. .^'Inlrpducing an . 
' acr Wfiich' hadt one ; playeiJ rthfe;' 
. Hollywood, :Keating remarked: 
; 'Maybe . some' ■ of you bolder 
folks remember the ;Hollywbod» : 
That Was- oh ;'B;irbadw:ayii' ' -the 
street; right - near the Palace.' . 



Vs. Vanity Fair 

Sevien-y ear-old $500,000. libel sU it 
brought fey Isabelle . Huteliins, known 
fai*v ahd--Wride r during^^prohibiU^ 
Belle Livinglstonie, hitery owner, durr 
ing the • hon-alcphplic era; against 
Gonde Naste Publicatibns, ; ihc.,' .was 
tossed out •pf. N. \Y,. Supreme ; court 
"Thursday, by. ' Judge .Aaron J. Levy . 
f or nonrprosecutipn. ; The actibri ^Nas 
filed' in May, 193 IV , and - was' based 
on Jail article in .Vanity Fair, which 
inferred; ;thatBelle.'0 who,, 
during prohibitibn; . was always in 
the .-hair ot federal agents, ■ sbld ' bad 
liquor in ier Park . ay.enue and 5.8th 
street j oints. Both ; places /were ■ pad 
locked by: the snoopers, and; she was 
■f requehtly lihder. .arrw^^ in its an- 
sWer, upholding the: accuracy of the 
story,;: the defendant added consider- 
able mprfe concerning herV which . it 
clairtied it could back up with facts. 

;MisS . Livihgstbne':,was .abbut to 
;bpen:.anPther 'sjieak' when repeal ar- 
rived. ;W,hat:has become, bf her since 
is a mysteryj although she tried Reno 
for a spell. '; , . r 

Barriistonniiig drg^^ 
[s Flesh to 

;;■■■.■■■ :• .;'■; . : St. Louis,. March 1.; 
'.. With: ; F'red : Waring and his penn- 
sylvanians' ;;.a' strong; ;cl..raw -^.at 
the '. 5,000-seater Fok midtown,-. 
Fanchon & Marco has announced at 

least :;nine : \yeeks of stage shoWs and 
possibly mp're; ; [If 'all ; goes well the' 
hpUsii;. . which was without stage 
shows, fpr four years; until Waring: 
dame along, ^vil^;cpritinue.•,the :stag^ 
ehtertainment ;uritil ;the ; Municipal 
Ope ra . seasbn starts ih June. ] ; .Billy 
tJTlbettV ; Gplidos^rpsrarfd^^ ; 
follow Waring ph March 4. : . 

' Mne,; West has been ;bpPked . for: a 
p.a, ' f or . the^ \y.e.eit , starting^ 
"Others 'skedd^^ to appear' here are 
units headed, by Ted ;Lewis,; Eddie 
DUchin/ind .RUdy Vallep^^^^ 
sbnal appearance vbf . Jane Withers 
and Joan piavis; . Ar^LyphSi Who fbr- 
nierly ; m.cJ'd at F&M's Ambassador; 
will be: brought back to resunie that 
stint at ;lhe. Fox; . Phil ^Spitalny's 
fenri'me band also beihg idiekered for. 
;. While the managernent hai^ decided 
agai,h,3t a price increase", an ' adj UstV; 
iherit .of . the; bargain ;tim'b :liniit dur- 
ing the day alrhbst equals an admis- 
sion hike! ThiB'; prin(:ipal fiactpr, ih; 
the" nine weeks' plan was the ; nego- 
tiations with the; locaii tppters- uriipn, 
which has ;been :unw.illi,rig to accept 
any contract for less tharx 12 weeks 
and has refused : spot ; bobkihgs for 
that reaspn.;: The tPbters; Will. pUt ih 
a ; 20-piece orch, ; and the mihimium, 
they will collect, weekly will : be 
about $1,300. There will be no ■ line 

.Buffalo, ; after:, a .lohg- vaudeless 
peripd, gets flesh oh its boards .agai' 
when ;;Shea's' Buffalo, ..revei-ts; ' to 
combo ;,biils- starting week . of /Apri.l 
is. Paramount will book, 
".■•pub'iic, ;poll .-.p'n ,:; ■'talent';; was; 

conducted; by the Burt 'j'ri uisjrtg .Ferde; 
Grpfe to' baton a -pi.t 
the I'asi two weelcs. . :, :[-: ^.-'.-'--'\, 
■■■ The ■. Buffalo, bef pre' gPihg : into; 
straight'. filmSi was a • ;deiu:xe. stage- 
show' spot. . . B udget for ' th e r b n e wed 
policy will be ample, : Phil Spitalhy's 
aU^girl ;orchestra Will tie there 'open-; 

K E Powell^ Magico, 
Dies m New Haven 
At 82; Society Dean 

.; Dttroity March 1^ ; 
• More stringent police; regulatip'n; of ;■; 
locni hilbries,; restilling froin '.lo yi^i-i ." 
iatiVe prpbe of. Ipi^troit ■COnclillOns, «p '; 
■.into' effect; this . week' .-and ; :m.ust ' iDev-; 
complied. With .before ;iibcnse 
reiie.w ed .or .'grah tei^..-; •LiGcn'scs. come 
up for rene'wal iii; the- spring. ; - • •;, " 
■ ;;Drawn. lipi ; at {parley ' of , city ; 
off IciaLsj fbll.owing;testirhbny on nude- 
dels, niixing .and inadequate di^GssViig ' -, 
rpoms,;nc.w regulations; .pi-ovidfi for : : 
;the- fpllpv/ihgr-y. ' 

Dance ; .ll.opi';s .-mUst/.Gontain;' tnini*V 
rhum bf;400.s|3unre:fect inj^ 
, employees, must , I noi . be' allowed .to 
mingle ..with patrons;, separate an.d., 
.adequate dressing.; r,o:oms " ,mu:$f be 
-provided- for mdle :a.nd female: enter- ; 
tainers;.:b.right;.iightS ^m at 
all . times: and entertaihitfrs - be .; 
booked through ; state-licensed agen'T ." 
cies; . ; ; ' ; ' ■■ 

Lattei; has been a state law . fp*. 
some tirnej;bu.t;never .fu^ enforced. 
•if ;enfbrbed this tiine, it'll ifneari all; 
; put-bf^State ■ bPpkelfs will be required ; 
to . 'take put ■ iWiphigan .. licenses, ; or. 
•bbbk'.- I'thrpugh. a Michigah-licensed 
agency. . , ;k^ "; "'V;; ■ <: .■■'';'■:.;■/: 
..V^ithe^ses the State ;iegisla-.^ 

. ;.: Frederick Eugene " Powell,; 82,'. ma:-, 

giciaih cbhtemporary of karry Kel- 

laf "and Alexander; Herfmann, died .tive^^jmmittee,; which ^:probing. tjie 

; -„. :. -^r: . , : • ■ :; . ■ conditions, last week declared that 

in .New Haven, Feb. 27. He was the 
inventor bf- ■ numbei: of outstand- 

Striprtease acts were used in spots ; 
and that entertainers were forced- ip 

ing illiisipns, but was also; a suave mix with patrons, .; . else. : This, was: 

; EUa logan with I.omljardo •- i 

Ella Lpgan is scheiiuled 'fori the 
Paramount, : rN. Y.,; ialortg with ■ the 
..Guy. Lorhbardo .oi-'chestra on .either 
March 23 or 30, depending on the 
run ot the picture that follows 'Buc- 
caneer.' :•:.:;.■■' 

. Jesse- Crawford, for 10 years . .a 
headline picture theatre .organist for 
Pubiixj is . now , touring the: sticks 
under the management • ot I Jack 
Lavin, former manager bf Paul 
Whiteman. ' With I a , 'iiaihmbnd' elec- 
tric organ, inounted oh a Iriick: which 
he bought fpr $375, , Grawford has- 
been hitting snnall ;towns .■thrpugii 
yirginiav^West .Vir'ginia. and- Qhio on 
guarantees and ii averaging $li75Q 
gross.: Weekly. ' ■ '• .; ' .v ■ - 

: . i)riVer. of the ; truck is a Hammond 
brgah-mechahic who ;sets the instru- 
ment up. /Driver, also announces and 
introduces CraWfbrd. One arid •. tWp 
stands are played . y?ith .art- average 
pf -three perforrnahCes daily. Mostly 
lays off Su.hdays in .the ' states thus 
far' booked.- •.; 

Advance , ballyhoo provided the- 
atre managers;inclu*;s ei 
graphed stories and a traHerv Pbstcr. 
company has a line of one and three- 
sheets for sale. Jumps average about 
75; miles. ; : a 

Grawford '■ about 30 minutes 
per perfpfmance .dependihg ph what 
the- theatre manager . wants,; /Usually 
his. date eliniinates;. double,; 'features; 
that day.; , ' ^- ;-. 7 ' ."■ :'■' ', 

; . ;Gra,wford.; plays a midnight per- 
formance next' Monday: morning ct) 
at: Big' Stone Gap,. ya.,'..then. 'trayels 
.:t,hrce miles for a: regular . Monday 
Phe-dayer; at- AiDpalachian.;; .; He's 
played towns .that haVe before 
.had a, stage attraction of any kind,: . 
-; 'A :new development; bf the tour i.^ 
Crawford's first non-oinema concert;; ia bboked fpr 'the Academy: c'l 
Music in.,Roahoit;e; V-a'.' .. \.r.:j 

NTG Into Congre^$, Chi 

.; lJ.'r;G,.;;.Qpen.s " h ;;the 
;Cbngr^5s'^ ,hoteii' .Chicago/ fp 
Hit2;.v,Maixh:ti. Deal galls for :a;illal 
:p:u:aranteeV. and- .^a- - pef^ 
G'ranlund, VRockwell-O'Kecfe ; made 
the deal. ' :; ; -'.'':: 

CJranlUnd current at RKO Shu-; 
bert,: .Ciricihnati, ■: at $4;000 wfeeklyi 
plus 50% 'of take over $12.000. Comes 
to N. Yi' before going to; Chi date. . 

Loew's, downtown, wanted to bring 
Judy Garland, the MetrP juve play- 
er, here . for a p.a.. ; the latter part of 
Marph, but dropped the plan - when 
the tbotefs demanded;;..12 Weeks' em- 
plbyment. . „ \ - [ 


. Hollywood, . N. vY.^ Will 
not reopen as a: dance hall, but Will 
be cop tinued as an eatery. An out- 
of-town group is stated to have 
leased the property and wjll reopen 
with the idea of cashing in bn the 
World's Fain - , v^:>' 
."rhere will .be a bar on the street 
floor, where r, there : ,has ■ heretofore 
been dirug store. Negotiations 
with. the creditprs fpr the. nit'ery's as- 
sets ; ai"e expected to ;be closed 
sbortly; ; V ;/; .•;,':...; ■ ;■•' i. >. \ 

Nv G. G6p$ Hold Man 

Ih Caf e Pursfe Thefts 

• .. ." .ijJew Orleans, March 1. : 
James ShermaTi; 34;-, Was ; held; on 
charge : of /steal i hg ' pocketbpbks off 
the- tabi^s.;'pf .. the.' .swank Roosevelt, 
Blue ilpbm. : wbile,,; the ^ p^^yners were 
dancing. ■; ■;. "-^ r .,';..^^ - '■ 

PPlice ■ belieye, Shcrman'-s-; 
solves similar purse, snatcihings: in 
other night spbts here. . 


.'■.^ ''.: •''■;;•.'".; \ "Detrbit, March 1.- 
' ■ ,. Harry ■ ' RuFfXf] 1 ;: vbeef-t rUst. ; irh- 
presai'ib, .whb..;i6st; air his iaw.; suits, 
.against ■ •hi's;;chlbrVainG:rs:. af ter they 
'bvbke ;:iiwny;.;f):biTi his :.b;irtner;--wQn ::ai: 
'.j-Udgm'eih'tV.Ji9,st-rw'eeic-ra^a . ; . of. 
.his for mier pupils , ' V ' ; •: •:; ; :'■■/;:■ -. • ' -■ 
. Hid.rry ; jar.kc;y, mVc:', whbm-. R;us.»;ell : 
then .broke n ,;'cpntr.jict. -y/as ordered 
lo'pay- Rps-icli; a $50 .d^rtiSgei ;. ; ;,..V: .■: 

• Alhi) : W 

' ■ . Henny: • Yo un smah . returns ;to ■ :th .e- . 
:La"ur,el-jn^th.Cv-'Pin'c,sV;Lakewbb.d,/ -March - 12;. ; Frances Faye fol-. ' 
low's: the ;cbmjc, also on, a repeat' 
March 19» Set by Abner Greshler. ; 

akhd' accbmplighed; sleight pf hand 
artist, ' ..patterning ;;more after • Kellar 

than the ' ihbre . Spectacular HEerr- 
manh. . On the death of Kellar, he 
was voted Dean 'bf JAmerican Magi- 
cians by .the Sbciety ; of ' American 
Magiciaiis.;;- ;■;..:■■:/;. ; ^' ; ■'''.;'■■/.'■ •' ■■ ■'..;, ' 

.;Pbweii;; w3s ; educated vtp 
ehgineei: .^ai^d rnatherniatician". . At 19 
he. held ; the;. chair . of ih.termedi'ate 
matheniiatiesy*; ' the Military , College 
bf PehnsylV:atiia. . The pr.evious^'y^ 
he > had become ■ interested, in- magic 
and , gave amateur perfbrmiirices. for 
his friends. In 1 878, he determ ined 
to pu t his iiianUai dexteri ty to; use 
and made a tour bf ; the southern 
states. In- 1880, he was .emboldened' 
;io try his ^success in New Yprk. 

He came. into prominence With his 
illusion, 'She,' based' on the then tre- 
mendously, popular novel : of that 
title by. Hv:Rider, Hag^ A youhg 
Woman : was envelope.d in • ;a sheet, 
with proper hocus-pocus, and the 
Sheet set aflahie, burning.; to ashes 
as it fell to the -stage, the woman 
reappearing to finish the act. . : 

A- little later ; he ■ presented his 
'Noahls ■ Ark' in which cabihet 
fashibried in: the s.emhla.nce of; bibli- 
cal ; ark; waS: placed, bn tre-sties; and 
shpwn tp be empty. At a pistpl shot 
;the doors pperied and innumerable 
animals were plaVaded from . the 
structure by twos. Both; tricks were 
Widely copied, Herrmann, •:offerihg 
■Cremation'; .. while Carl Hertz did 
much' With the ark., , *':■• '. 

;.Later, he flevbted- himself tp the 
spiritualistic trick.s. ' ;Much' oif. Vhis 
apparatus was used: by Kellar in h 
O'wn exR0.!5e. of fake medium.'?. . . On: 
his retirement, he presented the So- 
ciety ■ bf American ' Magicians -with 
the original spirit cabinet used by 
Kellar, at; a irieeting ; of the: Society 
in. November, 1934". .".■"■;; \- 

He; twice suffered the_lp.s'5 of his 
complete ■ collection ! 0 f .' a ppa ratus. 
first .in 1915, .at a fire in his home; at 
Chester, ;Pa.; ..and- sc,cbnd..dUi;)hg .:a 
flood in San Antpni'b. '■ . - . ; 

Tall, slender and of. ingratiating; 
per^onalityv. he. .made - a comni^^^ 
figure .on the stage . and his gracibus; 
Ways greatly.; enhanced the-value.' bf 
hi is work.; . ;''/"-'■ • - " ; ' '• ;. :;' 
; :.;Fu.nerai ,«:cTv.ibef*. were .held -in- NeW 
Haven'.: y(?si(?rday "; ■ ^(Tutesday).' aft- 
ern'qpri.;. ;;A-;;Second- scrvi'G](i:.will .he 
held , ' today;'. < Wednesday ) ■ under 
au.'spiee.'; of the' NcW .Yoi^k :Sbc.Vc1'v;; a.t 
Rivor.side .' Memorial. , chapel, New 
York.' ■ , ■ . [ ■ " ■: ] : ' ■■ ■; . 

denied by Police Censor Ji M. Kbllar;. 
and -by 'grpup; of; agents. . .: : 

Eleahbr;:0'Rpurke and'Mabel Dug" 
gan iaiier appeared.;befpr.e; committ^ 
denied being pnprbtestihg committee 
pf; agents -and. testified: that 
Were being used, in sPme. ^niteriesi; 
Two other. Witriesses, femme enter-; 
taihers, . -whose names ■ were withheld 
by the cbnimittpe because they said a ; 
•blacklist existed ambhg agencies,' 
testified that their acts Were.: canceled ' 
When they refused to mix and. ap- 
pear in the iiude,; painted in bronze 
preparation.:- ; ;.•;-,-.' ..;." 

Recommendations . of the legi.slatiye 
comriiittifee, exj)ected.5 to compiiiett^ 5 ts 
weeksTlpng; hejaring this week, .will 
have; to await the next seSsibn p;f the; 
State legislature, although most of 
the remedies are included in the De- 
troit regulations being jpromulgated 
this ■■ week. - It's understood cpmmit- 
tee is con Vlnceii of at least Pne th ing, 
severe curtailmeht" of number pi 
local cabarets. V ,:■ ■■.•'■\,,^ 

; Philly's Probe Kickbailc: . 

Philadelphia, March 1. 
v.. .Special, grand .jury peeking into 
crime and vice in Philly is sending, 
but its pwii investigators to check oh: 
liqubr- sales; by . nitedes: after Satur- 
day .; midnight;; dbadlin'e.; • ; Almost 
:sblid\ -SliutdbWn .bii dispehsatioh of 
the joy water at Vcurfew h'as. resulted 
at the/larger spots in town. > • ; : 
' ;HbWever, bps of the more • impoi^» 
; tartt dine and danceries have com- 
plained to the: State liquor" control 
board that they have been harassed 
by grand; jury iiivestigatbrs while 
the converted house joints W(;rie ;be- 
ing allpWed to go .strohg.: Board 
expcs denied their mbn were making 
any .check/ y/hich led to identification; 
'of the officiar'b.p.ers; ; 
,;.; Liquor board declared it iS not so 
much interested in SUnday. closing: 
times as in watered drink.s, refilling 
bottles .• to escape .tax, and lewd 
shows.. ' ■ 

to Preem Paradise's 


,: . ; '.Pftiladc-l ph 1''-' ivrfrrfch '■] . ; 
/..'Upsh ur, •■'i.yTn;in.; yii ' thi- 
Ea'fle thoa'tr't .IwKt', "c'b'o ti-'-<--(^(l • H'ld'tir- 

PriUl Whiteman --.preems the. .hnnie' 
band : policy:; of th.e i'aradiisc:. '1 
tau'riint; ■N..- Y,, wiilh.'.a ;;;i,h't ap-f . 
pea'rahce; there Jyia .;, 1 8.: . B.u'n n.y'- 
fierigan,'. ; .scJilo "shpW... drc.hcjsfra.' arid, 
a .rhunriba;'.f:Qmb|;o :;w:i^^ alsip.. be in-, 
eluded in- lipcupj, " .-V 
• New .<;Hbw;is. in :rchcar.5al, : r-iilt.frM.- 
iiiit;Whit0.cnii.n^^''t^^^^ st^y ^pn .far, ai 'lt>.!i;/t;. 
Iv,- . r-'xickX '■ •• •pplio .. ■.j'ov - two 


n^bm- ;Xavi.('r :'Cuiir^V: vvK^'m:'. Cij;^ntV|.i')r'!'^V« .cii.f.m;il.mi^ . of , toiu'Wt;; 
band Vas- a. the hf^iiv^'. ih; X:A-embor- 

•Hc..!>.'M'd hc^ .micHird 'th6:^' ;Ktriim6rit:..;v|^^ l<^'QJ-(c;.;does not affcot .any of the 

.Upshur -Was na'bbcd ' "wli^^'n/blltivj^ , "^^n^i^l'^yb&fr^ pt;Vhe- hiteryrvSpot ''wefit:; 
■cmployet'!5::'Jb-ce"a"mc. ..s,usprcK.)U.< .of: -.his-; into a ,77B to prevent creditors frpm 
activitio.'; " ' the lockfr- robm./ 'll'i! ' .'cr.'l.Shing d-nvn,.- All talent is..belng^ police name- bf a fence'l<i whom T'^iiGl.; say.<!;-tiic P<'; :anf3: biz hits, 
he sold a $50 ririi,' ami. a''S100;watfh, .in-GrOased;,.since::iivauguraling ihc, view.. 
Btblen' from the theatre, .for $1' each, ' policy. ■' • " ',, -, •J; -:^ . 

Wedni^sdtt]^ IHarc^ 1938 

EepUbUc'sic,^^^^^ Trench Fo llies' 
doesn't, rate as high it> ehtwtaipmient . 
value as some of .its; pas preseritia- 
iioins. V Gals ; take .first honor^ ; this^ 
week with, inadequate ;eorheiiy runv 
ning a ' dismal secoridi , Trio of new- 
comers have been added to the stock 
1 ineup here, since the house was last 
caujjht. Al Pharr, comedian: Doris 
O'draidy, . stripper, ahd Ai Lang Foo, 
X)rtental ihterpretative dancerv. Al- 
fr'eda. llall, colored tapsfress. is also 
new/ replacirig. Riidy iToombs. - 

Comedy dispensed by Fred Binder. 
Jack- Rosen, - and ' Pharr, ; straighted 
by Floyd Hallicy and Jirhmy Fran- 
cis;, resorts to dirty bathroom tactics : 
too often.' Pharr has ah effective 
comedy trick of rattling his : derby 
oiv his bald nog.gih— always surertre. 
Ad Jibbing by Biridei and 'ROseni and 
laushs iirovided by some of the girls , 
in Orientisl sect initiation skit near 
the close makeS: the cpmedy hold tip. 
Binder and Ros<?h work well to- 
gether .but material stymies 'em. 

Ace strip lineup of Barbara Doane. 
Lillian Harrison and Frances Mac- 
Evoy is further bolstered by the ad- 
dition of the blonde O'Grady gal. 
She's smooth and has plenty of ^yhat 
it takes to make the gaUe^yites 
- clamor' for njoi-e. None of the peelr : 
ers attempt vocals but all are back- 
gi'oundefd, fory the fadeout by semi- 
stripped showgirls.- Ai Xing Fqpo is 
on for .one interpretative d«»ce 
cUmaxed by a chest uindraping. She s 
shapely but doesh't )>el6ng. . , . 

Line of W ponies and five show- 
girls darice routines, and production, 
numbers are capably handled. 

'^'HINlrtJ- 1IELLES^ ■:'^■. -■■•> ;■. 
•:• Boston, Feb. 27. ■ ■. 

'Hindii Beijes;' a Hirst Cbg ih its 
rapidly diminishing wheCl, headlined 
by Hihda. Wassaiu, recently of Billy: 
Rose's Gasa Manana, N. Y. Show, is 
gofid 126-mihute show, eaten up by 
sellout audience Opening day: 

Sti-ip teasers are okav particularly 
the svelte-figured Miss Wassau, 
whose sophisticated . ' peelitig ... gets 
over bie. : Blonde has. load.; of s^a. 
June Marshall, brunet; and Honey 
^Bee' Keller, yolijtitiious blphde, also 
click' as strippers.. . ' ■ : 

Bob. Carney, always ^ a ..favorite 
here; uses .-his cbrkihig iniebifiate -act. 
to Drovokife laughs. Billy Fields, 
diiTiiriutive: funster, and Happy 
Hyatt, avoirdupois comic; are . able, 
although Fields could bolster, a. bit.; 

Mimv .Beedi : dancer. . has. s.a: 
aolentv, ahd pirt! rularly okay -on 
timingi Her music and scoring are 
good, too. .; . Fejhme?S teri)sich6res 
rate the high braekets.^^ : ■ 

. Early, in thfe .show Carney's tw:o 
daughters, from the line;, vocal 'Bei 
Mir* . and . oflfer a tap. fhey then 
join with Garhey in ' a tap. ' Kidis are 
cute an-l. caii .hobf.: Three ;Gertoh 
Girls, tomboys, on; a hicvclb 'and, with 

knockab(Mit, ^pi-att faiisv etc^ 

^-^Miss* Marshall ■ is also, a .. capable 
'tapster; ': Red-ha.ii-ed' : BettY ' .McKee 
taps, but not as ;well as .:she ac.ros. . 
Okay as straight, particularly in 
'Th> Stork', sketch \vith Carney.: . 

Frahkiyn Hopkins is gpod- yocaler, 
but too ^ffecteii. Bob Taylor: is .a 
capable straight. .Skits appease. ; .. 

Sixt^ii ponies, four supers, carry 
the pi^odUctibn number. . Ponies are 
attractive and .good :. • .their num- • 

'bcrs. -'^^ : V ::C : 


Fire: of imdermihedvbrigm^ w 
■rained; ihe; "stage ■;• of ; the Irying 
Place burlesque .-. theatre i; .:; ; NeW^/ 
York .early .last .Tuesday (22:) mprn- 
iiig is . linder investigation: by the 
/N. Y. fire dept.- • Blaze started on: 
the stage and sijread a .ruined.: 
draperies, • scenery;. /and the first .two 
■or. ■ three, ro w^: of orchestra : seats. It: 
for.ced the house .to shutter one weelc; 
before its .applicatiori for license re- 
newal was due to be heard. . 

jproperty, is owned by former, disr 
trict attbrhey Grape ahd leased 

1. ■■^::.C ■^/Xantbh.'O^-Marchvi-.' . ■ 
George YoiitVg; Glevieland burley, 
producer; has stepped put as pro- 
moter of stock burlesque at the 
G rand' opfsr a • house : here after tliree 
weeks of spotty; business. Stock run 
will continuie, new: management t^ 
ing charige this week, vvith John 
Siahtry as house, manager. It is uh- 
dei-stobd Young will retain an in-: 
terest in the revamped company. 

Ah almost new cast will ri^place 
the ' company ;.;::brought .hei:e • by 
Young-: Policy of :the house will :re- 
main the «ame; with performaihces 
nighjtiy; three imatinees and ; mid- 
night 9how Saturdays. ' V 

^iTrahans- Divbrce 

]'}\.C- .^ ■.'Renb.'March' I.': ■ ■ 
: Y.ukpria Cameron, ' wife ahd.^ yaude 
parther pf • M here for; a 

divprcei- ■ -'..-^ 

Hardey, N. Y. Op, 
Gay Nineties Idea 

■ Bill HSrdiey; lie^^ 
Gay Nineties, is; gbing: into the chain- 
store biz With .his mauve decade fun- 
steringi He's Arranging to llceiise'^t^ 
Gay Nineties formula in key cLtics, 
specializing in the bars of the variT. 
bus hotels. Theoi-y is that the hotel . 
of the lesser tbwns is the capital of 
the. night life and the bar the focal 
point b£ everything. By installing a: 
ch^in. system of 'bid school songster- 
ingv- Hardey is ^already; getting con-. 

siderable: response. 
: He has a priceless assbrtment . of 
old theatrical- programs, handbills 
and kindred props, and also an ar- 
ray of talent to rpUte. around the new 

: Hardey is working a Gay Nineties 
Minstrels radio show, having a di-' 
rect spblisbr interest and .is counting 
6n the- mike buildup, to further the 
rhain system idea. He; left. Monday 
'28) for Miami to work on the radio 
Mi'ipt idea for three weeks. 

Margaret Young is opening tomor- 
row (Thursday) at the Nineties. 
Frances White, still doing her 'Mis^- 
si^ippi' and ♦Ohio' in : babyrribbpn 
getup, opened there last . week, but 
not likely to stick. Joe Howard, vet 
sopgsmith, ,is back at the Nineties. 

^^^^^^ ^ 

By : Happy, Benway r . 

\ Wieek of Mlarch 6 

. ' '.Sniiirt /Set-^TjyHp, : Allentown,:. Mpii.r 
Tur»fi:";, (>rijheum. Ri'ailfnK. -Wert.. 

•Ol fentRV CJlrls'— Howrtnl, Boston. ; ' 

■'Nlte r^ife'— Hudson; • .Unloii CUy, 

.'BiiTirtbox Reviift'^Troc. PhllnAelpht^. 
. .'China DftUs"—.(;i*yety, Kii.sWnBtf»n. 

. 'Mirth .ana , Melorty'— .Gayety, . BhUI- 

Comings ahd goings, latest and; bf- 
flcial names ahd :addr<;sses of those 
in this Actors* colony: ■•: ' 

■Will Rogers . Mempri al Hbspi tal: 
Sylvia Abbott, Marie Bianchi, Marya 
Blake. Teddy Bodwell, Alfred Boer- 
neri Robert Burk, Marion: Cahrion, 
Hubert Carlson, Flfl Climas, Hazel 
Coleman, John DiGiovanni, Alfred 
DeLoraine, Edward Dowd; John Ed- 
wards, Margie Elroy, Beatrice Fidler, 
John Fihley, Jack Flaum, James- Fox, 
Murray Friedman, ,'. Morris Gbuld, 
Jennie Grande. Henry t), Hearn.'Buby 
Hess, Rose. Hberiig,;; Mary Keliy< 
Carlene knight, Beatrice Lee. ■, 

Also Edith Lemiich, John Louden* 
Peggy McCarthy, Edward ; Mc 
Gushibn, ]Luciie McKay, Henriet^ 
Michnbff, Richard Moore. Minna 
Morse, Margaret NeWeli, Roy Nun- 
ley, Cora d'Cbnnelli Marie Phillips, 
William^ Plunkett, Ford Raymond, 
Milton Reich, Martha Rbgowv -'sa 
belle Rook;- David Rbse\ Fred Schra- 
der, Michael Schultz, Jarnes Seeley, 
Ben SchaiTer, Galand Smith, Hazel 
Smith. Jean Stuart, Brian; Tracy, 
Mark Vance, Eddie Vogt, Milton 

Weeks, Henry Wunsch, Jules Zwil 

.^'aIso Riiss Kelly 1? Broadway; 
Jimmy Cannon, North woods sana- 
torium; Harry and Charli Barrett, 
302 Broadway; Helen Q'Reilly, 44 
Main street; * Katharine Keenan, 
t^prthwbods sanatbfiiim; Ray Ket- 
chem. 39 Ampersand-avenue;; Lillian 
Mansfield,'- 110 -Main street; Claude 
Lawsbn, 102 Lake Flower avenue; 
Lester Sheelian, ; 54 Park avenue; 
Manny Lowry, 44 Baker street; Alice 
Carman, 47 Helen street;- Joe Mc- 
Carthy,: 68 Franklin avenue. Garry 
Sidgreave; 28 Church street; Happy 
Benway, 91 Broadway. ; 

It's freezing and snowing uj) here 
and ■ the .:hatives.- are going nats: 
We've been having summer weather 

.pr," Karl Fischel, (Will Rogers) 
back from the. big tb\yn;;with a mess 
of hew routines for the bzoners. 

Lucile McKay and Al Boerner will: 
leave here with bkay. paper. : ■: 
Ruby Hess, who tpOk a nerve , op- 
eration; out of the hospital and back 
to the Will Rogers spick and span. 
Bide Fidler doing nicely. 
Robert: Burk, who put over 
.'Strange Lbrtellness,' .hit sbng, wfitlng; 
new numbers while . pzonihg. Will 
bear ibok-seeingi :■ ■ 

Hubert Carlson's frau in from 
Kansas City, Mo., for a look-see at 
her man, who's doing pke. , 
.;■ Jean Grande has regained her 
voice. She's. ripw ^ordering; :secbnds 
ip the Will Rogers dining room; ■ 

Ed (Will Rogers ) McGush ion 'S 
mother doing well after ;sUght 
siege in New York. 

Things that make this little column 
a big issue: ;'We shall Valways re- 
member with deep gratitude yours 
and the Variety's comforting expres- 
sion of sympathy.' From note which 
came from .Mr. and Mrs. Thomas 

:3rady; [--^c: ': ;.' :.- 
Lee 'Lamarr and her Swingettes 

lave f bided and gone to an Alba- . r 
hight spot. . .. 

(Write those you kpow In Sar- 
anac aind elsewhere .who aire sick.) 

The pidnb book wliich disappeared irom the band- 
stand at the Hotel Plcua's Peman Room/ New York, 
lost week; contained 17 individual conipositions 
especicdly arranged for the proiessional p^rlormr! 
ances oi^^y^ and YOLANDA. 

Aiiiidiig^ t^ were ifiy0); ongfiiiidd, un|mbli^^ ^ 
sitions, which were written and cbpyrighted by- 
Frank Velpz. 'v>:p ;•;; ■•^■.'■'t 

This is {ormai hbtificatipn that pubUc perlormarice of 
any of thj^se original comp^ 

ten consent of Frank Yeloz, will be prbsecuted to the 
fuUest extent of the law. % 

(Signed) yeUyz qiid;Y0laiidd 

$7,iO GROSS 

; Natibnjal. Variety:; Artists' flirst beire^ ^ : ■ • 
fit since becbming strictly, a social . 
organization three yeai's ago: grosscci . 
^7,000 at the Alvin, N. Y.» Sunday 
night (27 ). Net will be around .$3,500, 
; Money will be USjed to: maihtai . 
the clubrbbms at 223. W. . 46th street, • . 
N.'-Y. )rr,: V . ^ : ' ■ 

Where the NVA benefits formerly 
filled ihe Metrbpbii^ri : opera ; hbuse, ■ ' v . 
this ; one scarcely /fiUed .' the much 
smaller Alyiii. Many of the adver- ... 
iised names, failedt to appear; though ■ 
thby were sufficient to cairy. :the 
entertainment well past 11 p.m. . 
M.c.'s were Arthur Hartley; Jay ;.C; ; ; 
Flippeh, Jack bsterman and. Harlan 
bixbn. : V • V-'.:;.V';. .■:;;; ■ ■/ 

NVA's' charity; end : was dropped ;: 
th r ee . years .ago when shb w business'; 
turned oyer th<? sanatorium at Sara^ 
nac Lake ■ to the WUl Rogers .;Me- : : , 
morial- (Zoinmissioii. a permanent , 
memoriai to the actbr. . At the same , : 
time the' NVA's relief for indigent 
performers was also dropped, with 
the curtailed organization mbying 
: ntb small ciubrboms;: at 46th , street ; ' 
and Eighth; ayehiie. ■';■..•;.'■ /i f ■: ■ • '^.^^ 
Last year the:NVA wCrtt. through • . 
a: reorganization^ with the one-man ■ ■ 
dictatbrship of Henry Chesterfield 
eliminated. Rulm on- 
to, a board, of gbvernbrs. Lou* ■ 
attorney, was elected president, with 
Chester fteljd retained as secretary. 

The club then. moved into its pres- 
ent, quarters in the : former; E; ; ;, B- / ' ' 
Marks .publishing house, costing the 
NVA $2,100 yearly. Its ancome now' 
is strictly f rom memberkhip dues and 
benefits such ' ; one at the Al^in,; 
the NVA hot shariny in the annual 
Will Rogers. Fund drive in the the- 
atres. C-:. ..;' ' '■: ;;: ■ ■• 'v':--'- ■ 

Bert Lytell at ! the Orpheurp, 
Frisco; In a playlet done at a Lamb's 
gambol, 'The Valiant.' 

Kimberly and; Page were at the 
Chicago Rialto. Have been in Eng- 
land so long American audiences 
have forgot teii them 

Paramount Pep; club gave a; dance 
at the Commodore, . Advertised twp 
Weeks ' work ■ * pictiires.;! atJ . the 
Astoria plant for the prettiest chorus 
girl. Girls got in free >y asking for 
Nils Granlund. , "Thomas Meighan 
and Tony Moreno the judges. 

Vaieska Surratt trying again with 
a new version of her playlet; 'Silks 
Satins, Calico and Rags.' .Edgar Al- 
len Wolf rewrote it, but still it 
wasn't so -good; ' ' , {; • 

First half of the bill at the N. Y. 
Palace so gopd it hurt the .Secpnc 
half. Included Fannie Brice and 
Biltmore orch. Miss Brice did nine 
songs. Billy Van and Jim Corbett 
had :the next to shut' and held it 
down nicely. 

Bin Robinson's Vaude 
Dates After N. Y. Nitery 

Bill. Robinson will play. : . , ;few 
weeks of theatre dates after, his cur;; 
reiit . run. at the Cotton Club, N. Y., 
ends. ; Dancer has a yerbal agree- 
ment for the Keith-Memorial, Bos- 
ton, opening March IT, Syith any furr 
ther dates subject to ;hiS recall by 
20th-Fox for films. 

His contract with the studio 
pi res. iii August .and calls for three 
rhore - pictures so? the studio might 
brder^ him westward alrnost immedi- 
ately when the Cottoix Club folds its 
current reyue^ 

Leo Robin and Ralph Rainger 
have been assigned by I*arambui)t 
to cleff the songs for *Give Me. a 
Sailor, replacing Fraiik Loesser, 
Who is held on *Cocoanut Grove* 
numbers. : 

Charles Ahearti was . rapidly 
getting .a.way from his old cycling 
act and shining; ; ' comedian. 
Romping at. the Colonial and; laying 
them out cold. 

:. N.or,th; American Co;' v^i^as gbihg tp 
revolution ize busihess with a w ited; 
Wireless serviceV with pa id per- 
formers; Public' - /went for it 
iri; the big way, expected. Now 
known Muzak. 

;.: : Chicago judge handed down' a. de- 
;cision 40 the effect that theatre peor 
file are . nof 'workingmen ahd ' nbt^ 
liable; to uriibn jurisdiction; .Decision 
favored Bert Earl, ' whib had a : girl 
band. :'. :^'^-;'-.;/;:;^--;..;;:;-'7..^:'' 

\: ■ Bennington and Scott, off the bill 
at Loew's ■;Paiace,:; Brboklyri; -Ben- 
.]■ ni.ngtpn,' . mbnbpede,\ lost .his stage 
' leg and could not replace if, .• 

Announced .that some $2,500,000. 
would be spent on renovation of 
summer park.s. . /■ 



;w>»'lf FelK »R,- Hivoll, .Miincir, liiil. .;, 
. '* Mitr. 4, HKO, €oloiiliil. l>N.vton 
MntTi 11. Shiibffrt^: t'lhrlnnittl 
; A^r.^lH. I'Hiace, Clevelit^ 



. 78/77, Shafteabury Ayvnue .: 

' • ., Capi. ; Ipvin 6 -Hay h ired to do ad- 
vance promotional work; for .;Louis 

before. " ' organizations, and clubs, 
idea started by Chahhing Pollock for' 

larity. ;, ; . •■'■"/":' ^ ' ' " ' ' '■/ 

■ Herbert: CortheU. took a. .ilam at 
thin./Toledb audience. ;Tbld thcrn. tp; 
take a gobd;; look ai.t him ■ . they; 
never' would see. him again,. 


'Whitey" ROBERTS 

Npw_:.F AY'iS; P ROy I DENCE 

.-;■.''-.. 3ku TIMK IN A i:i5.%W 
MAR. 4, 5, €OLO>IAIi^ ■ N ASM I- A ' 








. Annu?!^ ^"^"^^^ of .the SbcJety of 

reiiiaijiihig bccasibhs ofi w^^^ ai bill 
of ald-fJ^shionecJ MraiKht, vau^^ can 
still be seen,; iii New york, was hejd 
last Wednesday (23) at thie Heclcr 
scher theatre. Performaince is always' 
a ttibute to ihe scoutinfi abilities of 
Sim Margulies whb dig$ AUp^^^.^a 
tome of whibh are seldom ^, s^^ 
jilevit York, . As- iii; the past,^re: 

: wei-e' isome brijaibt spots in the'shbw, 
gpd sbme not so bright. 

Six acts feiaturedirm^gk^ :T^e^ 
eluded Foo Ling Yu, LuHBrent; Her-, 
man Weberi .Sienris iahd Kaye, the , 
Magiriis: arid the EltOns. ^or yafia^ 
tion there- was a ventriloquist, the 
Oreat Lester, and a quick-change 
ittist. La toilette. Fred' Keating, was 
master,' bf cefemonies. ■ AlJ things 
considered: the production rian off 

. smoothlyV hardest work of the eye- 
iiihg bieing done , by the 'Skater's 
Waltz/^ which worked not: only Jn 
Ihree-fourths; : but di^l triple time. 
Toughest' individual job; of eyenipg 
was haridled by George Wagher,^ Ex- 
Thuritoh assistant,: aind anhiially ; on 
hand backstage fpt these affairSv, ; - 

•Beside^; doing., liis m. c. chores, 
Keating did hi.s bii:id cage trxck-^and 
did^it .well. He explained - be had 
always considered it,,: the slickest 
. thing iii ' show biz . Vmtil. , he met the 
president .of Va: ctiriajn.^pic 

■.pariy.;. ; '•. - ^-''^/'^ ' 
• La Follette's quick change .act, 

.fainiliar only a .lew [years ago^ was 

.a. nbVelty to. liriany: preseirti 'While 
Lester worked ovierlirne oii; his, vep^ 
irilbqiiism and satiated: the audiehce 

• with ; double-talk, his technical: skill 

' was highly cbmpeterit. Therfe; Wete 
all types of magic, . f rom . the: whirlr , 

:;wihd siei^ht bf piand' to .the Chinese. 

...variety : and ' .insigi.c, witji terpsing; 
Soxe.s and barrels' w*re;fbr. the, most 
part absent.^ But there was the rriagi- 

: biari with ..the .bie.dside. rtianner and a 

' yoiih^. lady . assislart who . . worb -a . 
pair of black . clOse-iflttihg: net tights 
which might have been sensational 
only a. few years hack. 

:: Nate Leipzig was •invitbd. ph' stage 
by Keating,; hi^ prbtej^eV to take a 
bow, and every act. with a woman. 

; :nissistant recbived ; ;ia .large, bouqiiet 
froiti .Jack. TrepielV himself an ^ aim 

■ teur. rhagib, fan,-' V ■ • '■.-"'■:r 

i;^. Some nibderaie, di.ssatjsfaction was 
expiess.ed ; at Variety's: riotice' .p 

■ year Isiperformancei piece being bbh- 
sidered, mbre bf art : autopsy: than a 
.teview : by 'some ■ members of ' the; 
magical fraternity. . Statehrients ma<le 
then to the effect that it Wbtild be; ah 
«rror . to .sponsor such - a •:perf Orniance: 
for a ' commercial Broad way Venture 
cpuld be. 'repeated : with ais ; much - 

■vtrulh noviT .as- then.-':'.,!", : . 

ROXY^ N. Y. 

:Faul,:KiTkIflir)d ,Co:,".Gbndo.<? Brps;, 
Jeanne -.BriAeson, Be'e- . Ho . ■Griayr& 
CQ., - Elean6r Teniiis', IZ IPancOpators, 
Cae fosUr Girls, ' Paul Ash prch;; 
Wolly, Irene and Mary' (20th-Fox) ,. 
tivyewed in this isisuc. • 

: With 'Sal ly^ Irene and Mary' On the 
. screen and a. strong -rostrunj tevue;; 
the: Rpxy is headbd for a nicb gross 
this Week. .Stage portion is i)articuir 
larly bright, a skillful blend bf tal^ 
■ ent, variety, ; considerably to the 
. xredit of the, FahcHoh & MarcO pro-- 
.. ductloh staff, . It's varied;, patly 

?aced : and •extterriely Wiell lighted, 
he bud gbt also Iboks; a little extrai 
-fancy Oh production investitu):6, be- 
Bides the talent. - ■ 

, What: the, masses have- been edu- 
cated, to expect in -filmusical: ehter- 
tainrnerit, plus the. versatility of the 
.Choi^uses in the big picture houses: 
today, ias evidencied by thb:.Gae Fos- 
ter ;troup'e; of 24, poi n ts up something ' 
of more: thfiri casua) note heire: this 
wfeek. It: may wiell bei art object 
JessPn to $4.40 musical , coniedy i rO- 
dacers ;.why: their task is . SO tOugh. 
considering What the: public Vcah get 
. for 40c anywhere; , , 
j - The scope of. 'the caineria'ig sweep, 
In fl:lmusiqal ■ entertaijimeht, has al- 
ready been dwelt- ujDon in the, past. 
But such troupe.^ 'is , the FOsterites 
hei-e, 01-: the /Hoqkettes at:; the , MUsrc: 
'PaJJ, . N. Y;, . do amazing terp rour' 
-lines . that; eclipsife what :maiT;y a mu- 
sical comedy; pnijcibal a :, decade ago 
could -have doncv The kids step like 
:Principals and look a.i : good- as' a 
yeRleivyear ingenue Ijead;: Cbh.<;ider.-. 
.Ing;. hqvv . ejccitjng ;■ were the :Lnnd6n 
;nii,h.tary .rpuirri.cs of the former TiiJcr 
trot] pe.s; . or. . Ill p • m esbcd c ti r th i n ' ■ e h - : 
;?en-ible<; of a.GrrlVtide Hoffman- line.' 
. toda« the .Gae Ffisler Girls .arid Gene 
.:Snyd(?.-\s:iiDtop RPcketles ihake ?em. 
-look 1-ike:;Bbwes'il<?s.^' - . ' :-••-: . 
,v.Tha;tv bicycle tefp sta.ging at the; 
; Roxv Ihis .wcek; far: iristance. : .For- 
. they :did .. tire formJ»tibns^?hd 

irimcatf . they ar^^^^ 

Then on. uri'icvcie.s. ; Now on 
• cull. ...sequences; ... on. liriiltbd, . Stage 
space. Would ha vb been a ..wo w i n- .it ^ 
.ycstcrTVecif. ZiG -TO- 
.a3y..:irs rather c«i..«-ually :acceptbd;- 
;t-o latter .a f^itiriie " aide. : register.s 
with . hit flashy;. ^nd combdy. 
•aero jhoke; Con do.*..: Bros.* legman i'a 
IS. tulra. : Th^y , lap .. like sriarbdf uitiiS 

and, of .course, hpw are a • bit/of. a' 
ha'me oh the heels of their 20.1 h-Fox^ 
filriiusiqal :chbrieis^ n ' ' WiSke " tip and- 
Live.': and- 'Happy Landinsi.'v 

Jeanne ,. Brideson , -tajbnted. vjolin;- 
ist, has been wisely. h:eld tp a felGhing 
;tangp solo, then; segiieing ■ ihlb- ac- 
cornpirig Eleanor Tennis, balierihai; in 
he^: solo. Latter -is nicely presentbd 
On a :bl8ckout. backgrburid; , through, 
scrim. : Bee Hp . Gray and his; s.tboge, 
with his ; yippeb cpitiedv,: are nicely: 
ihtirped. hy the :ehsemblb's; cowboy 
opiening routine. G ray's vOwl ing 
coyote is a :nPvelly topper-oiler. The 
12 Dancbpators . are; riiale rhythfn 
:stepRers, .doing their stuff, well ^ ith 
the 24 Fosterites, The big idashe!? are 
the Opening co whah d slagi n • ah d t hb 
finalfe Tyrolean motif. ; Bi good 
opening night. .Fred^Allen,; featured 
in- the. film,, did.- .-bend; intrbcd .by 
Paul Ashi I -;-;:/-.'•-/;• Abel. ; ■ 

t iS'-^ANLEY;; ^'pr^^ ■'';' 

:. Eddi^ White 

12 American Roclteis: Ross Wj/.se. Jr. 
& June Mann, Paul Sj/rteli & Spotty, 
Jtidy Garland; Pave Broudy s. orch: 
'Parfidise jor -Three^ (MG).; \ 

: . ; Thisis last .bf W6 'de l uxet^s fiVe 
ipth .anniversary shb Ws a hd : only fit- ' 
ting and .proper:: 'that.: it • should top 
them; all, which it does :harids- down. 
Judy ■; Garland / iassiires that . rating, 
ybungstbr : delive;f:ing '.ais . -few olhei,-s 
have.arpund hOre.ip sevei^^^ 
Lassie-has -thb - mob: tearing up the 
seats, swinging her. slight, lithe frame 
in :syncopated ; jigrtime; and . dusting', 
off the, rafters, with he^ rhythmic 
ibleatihgs; Hei" .?Bei Mir' is-v6ry slick. 
They: were stJil begging tor . more 
.^/hen.she: finally got away . after fpuir 
.numbers ait show, fcaiight. Jactj; CsrK- 
toll, dishi?s ,Put. somb . stellar ;accbm- 
p^ariiments at^ thie- pia;no.;;- ' ' 

; . Anything. ;trying : to'. fpliW .Miss 
Garland;, is : imniedijatoly behind the 
eight ball, and 12 Arberiban: Rockets, 
bpming on for a clbser V/ith that sloAv 
Wailtizt. rb.utirte : leading ■ tb a irash of: 
adagio, is strictly ;anti-climax; /(Com- 
ing- anywhere else. .:in' the :;j;how, it 
.would have been -a high siipt,;. 

. . CustbnlerS ' are ; entbria.ined/' plenty: 
even befbre Miss :Ga:rland puts in. ari' 
appbai'arice; - Eddie: White, m.: c, .has 
been around .- .se Vera I . ti rri es ; . before, 
and knows .- his .Wa.y around here.; 
Gags aren't exactly hew but he slams' 
them over smartly; In his own spot, 
hits pri ;al.l fPUr,; Walking ' oft strong ; 
With ;his.: vPbail ; dialectics, on 'Sam^/ 
Vou Made Pants 'rflO Loiig.*.; ; ; 
,.. Rpbk^ , gk^s^ .and : six - boys, ' 

open With a: cblprf ul en.sbrrible tap, ; 
working apart; f rbm: Heleri Denizon, 
who; does one on her-.;' own. ." ja first-i-. 
rate ;t.b,e •number. ; Out- bf geSr with 
remainder of; bill biit .^he ; makes it ■ 
stand;: lip ' nevertheless. : Ross, 
:Jn,: .and June Mann,; flatter a .iariky; and" good cbrhic - bontrast to. 
[Shorter, stubby partnerixprhe through. 
with 'a :lbt Pt exhilaratihg nbnsenie. 
Wysb's nut acrbbatiPvdanCe stuff and 
efforts to ; teach the gaii the adagib 
collects .gang of laughs;: . 

;; Neitt to: Miss .Garland, show's; high : 
Spot is iPaiil Sj^dell and: his dogs: 
Uses three, bne ,iat a timeV.and clicks 
Solidly With trickery. A smart book-- 
ing move;, too, ■ because there'll be fl 
flock of kids ph hand, to see Judy 
and they'll eat. up * evbry bit : of . the- 
Sydelliturn. ' '.■ 

Dave: Brbudy's ho.u.<;e crew. workV 
ing from the'-stage :agaih and maestro 
gets into the proceedings, too. stoog- 
ing for Wysb. ,;;: ./: ■ Cohen. 


.:Co?umbu.5,- Fc.b; 2^^^ .- 
: Marty -M^tiy; ' Helen ^Honarty Mn-; 
riora, Lewis ^ & Delahi-ys, Robert 
Berry, Clark & Eaton, Del Cnrvien; 
. 'Arsene Lupiii R^tuxnsl. (MG). ^. .. ; ■;; 

. Broad's current vaude fling' should 
dp; nice biz ';i h ~sp ile ;pf ; • S n pw Whi lb' 
.tbmpetitioh here. ' , ■; . ' : ' 

'Fast-paced -revUe opcirs \vll,h' girls 
at Swilchb.oai'dy oilier:. ri:»ember,s of 
.caist dPnhihi? masks tp -1 mp'ei'sphate 
ifiliti ' notables. : . Masks are;. Used again 
in finale. ' ■ •■-':-•;' \\- ■•; :■ • \ : . .' , : 
■ Mnriora oh riext.with ;jiigglirig act. 

•'She's ; good, -handling Ipur :': teiiiiis 
rackets,.. then going, pn.; it) .'i-lick a.nd.. 
■ball for nice ;:harid.^ ' Robert, -Bpi'ry;; 

■^^baf ilPneV-introduceK prpduclip'n nunri-' 
ber.. wit n gi rl.s on stn ir;-'; to. 'Bc..'i ulif ul ; 
Lidy.' '■ oh Clark aiid; . Ealph, 
abrbbatib tcarii.; ' ; V ,.. '• : 

, Ma.rty : May , .d be.'-n ';t ■ corh e . on ' ti'nt.i l : 

;-rriidJ^shbW,; then : pi;e;?j^y rest. V May,-.- 

:.\v'hO -hasn't • been hei-e;:-ff)r,'. .■Jcvci^al. 

'years, ; scores, heavily .'with bis ;g<'>.t{.^" 
arid - isingihg impfir.sonaiiori.<.:,;.Alsb. 

. .wirk.s;..wiUi .lw.o.,s; 
Helen Hohan;. has. to "b:eg off after, 
siirigihfj and Holly wood, .irtpor.«oha-: 
;{iohs.;: Back-, for .Mac - West '.roulirip 
'with "May ' at; ■'fiiialo;.: pel.-',en"; 

'Sparii'sh.dah'ccr, ■art'd' tapt'-rip; 'cVf Lew 

,and'the;pclaneys'fi bill in spcc.ial- ; 

,'ties; ■ ■ '■ ,■-''-'-;■'•-.■:;":-■.;'; v--:- '.-^'- -'--- 
;,- Business'- good ,..nt-, l,Ke , Fridiiy , (25>. 

shbwi' -v;--,' '-■■;■; v.-' .;-; ;-;' 'Qii . ■■:'y Davis, Matgie Knapp.Bobhe 
Jpyce, -^ Jackie; fiirong, Don Hboiion, 
Rose Blanb ■■. &. Titty Wolfe, Do^ti; 
Bros.: & .Mary, . Johmty - Masters & 
Roioend : Rollins,- Robert v flf/.Tter; 
Billy Blafce; . T/irc'Cv v Wiles: Rnhy 
Z%li}erling's:.pTch; ■'Manncquih' XMG j. 

This ; SeiasOh's - unit assembled - by 
Benny .Davis is pot hiS-besti -but it -i.s 
far from the; worst;, •'i'lenty: oti-eri-' 
tertaihrterit, . and .- inbre ; variety ;; <)f 
; talbht. .than ,Davis usifal ly car ne.s, . ; .; 
" :•: Regardless .■ that ; ihb . songwriter-- 
:m.c.. .has :always:had a habit of mb- 
ribpOlizing the :Bpot when his acts iai'e 
wprkingi .he' does kribw; how to pace 
arid lay but a show. However now 
he dOesp't edge into the spptlight as- 
,much as . in the past.: . His - per.sbnal 
patter i? not stock stuff. . When ■■- he's 
at the State, his coiTimehts are a bit 
;m.ore Br<)adway 'ih Verpacular : and 
vein. He is differerit iih the hiiitbf- : 
land, : w)iich at least shows he's' -on 
the ball: and audieribe'-blass cohsejou.s.; 
; -.; Most ; bpmmendable itemi Davis ip-i 
: eludes iJT his show is mixed comedy 
in two acts of . standard vauiie pro- 
portions,: ; . Johnny . Masters ; and 
Roweha; Rollins are, strong clo.«!ers 
and lend; breadth: to a layout that 
consists of many sihglesi Apt, though 
;tiot.heW, has -that; isembla'nce to on 
extent. Hoofing: of both arid Masters' 
patter :'and Miss Rollins- foil ihig - are 
igbod<. :■-:■::■-•-'-'• /--'-x; - V ,. :.-^, 

Three Wiles, / English turn, which • 
has always deservedly found favof- 
with Yank audiences sihbe/crossing 
the. . pond . Seyerai. .iSeasohS: agp, ;an- 
pther ' big • item.. Bbys'/ srnart ujhison 
dancmg : .' and ; rriakeup -imitations; 
s,well ,customer-pleasbrs.; t , :, / ; :;■ 
,: ,Billy Bjake - iis a hot- trumpeter who 
does good- iniitatibns of bui|s.tanding 
•blowers, Henry, , Busse .ind Lou 
Armstrong beihg niost distinctive; . 
j.;:Margie Knapjp : is. ' a - fair swing 
sirigiqf, biit. .at pbrf ormarice -caUr;ht-; 
Davis' interfei-erice ; and : comment 
hurt her.. Pretty;: pprny ;tp ;;say that 
her. mother nariiied: Miss Kniapo after 
;the songwriter's biggest .hit. He; also 
.stood; behind her during .pari of her 
vocal ijjirig. ]■ :^Ie: caii't iing/. and' ;It 
/ceftainly. upsets .things. ■. •■; ■ 
• Rose ,Blart,e>n:d Tiny Wolfe;-, \vhb'.ve 
been with Abe Lyman as a swin^ :pair 
of ipipers,- get .over well with-'PPsinN 
•Bei Mir' .arid a Specialty,"rrbuble; 
Don't Like Music:' Wolfe's- heft and 
Miss Blarie's petiteribss. make: for a 
hurnorous bbmboV when. .;thje -pair' 
p,rance "a bit while , warblirig. ;,.■ ,•; 

Dorn -Bros..: and Mary"; have .a fast; 
session' of clPSe; .harmOriizing, : -with 
one bf the boys, strumniirig a like. 
■ Act is interpolated, arid pointed nip 
with brief and ifood takcOffs bn radio 
W.k.' ;and: orchestra style.s. . . . Don 
Hpbtbri is an b.k. rhythm tapper, Who 
np.veitize's • nicely by :'.doihg ;; some 
fancy druhi-'majOr baton whirling 
-arid- rope dancing^ ; ; ; . , ' ' 
.V -Davis'^ ability ;at ;sellihg;has never 
been; better exemplified: than by the 
rnanrier hb- handles just a niild bari- 
tbrie, Robert Baxtbr. : BOy has more 
stage:' peers than: inferiors , at deeb- 
piping such basSo standbvs as - 'Old 
Manr River' arid \*Maridalay.' ■ But 
PaVis presents hini well and he's 
sriiiai1:ly;:spotted;: /..•':; 

Bpbbe . Joyce ; and ' Jackie Strong 
operi . with a j?bpd measure : of acrO, 
dancirig. Dayis closes' with his bu.*?- 
tbriiary medley of; songs ^ he 
wrote. \ Riiby Zwerlirig's; pit crew 
up-Pn the rostriirii for-the riight blub 
se;tting Davis always; affects.; - ^ 

.Biz ; just -fair last ' performariee 
opening; (Thursday) night, Bert. 


Burns, : . Moriafity &;. Dell, ■ Hqnny 
Ybtingman, ■ Ed Ford & Whitey, Liia 
Grey Chaplini The Kraddocksi Rob- 
ert Reyjiolds, Teddy . King ofc.h; 
'Sq.rives Blondes Are panflcrbus' YU,). ' 

With three-day weekend vaude go- 
ing along 'well riiin'us toriipetitiori 
and ; with standard rtiatbrial,- Strand 
might build ta full week status- but 
it still needs mpre filrii , uriderpi - 
nihg for added; Insurance.; ; 
■ BUrpi Mpriarity ^ahd: Dell, xlariq- 
erSf m . operier, -get; somewhere : only 
in :the last half of act with chal-;:wprk arifiorig. the.'two bby.s. and - 
girl,, ehallerigbvto. the othei- -drews 
as iVell as each other. ;lriitii»l serii i- 
a,cro-..rQUtiries. of; girl, fully , gowned,' 
and bby.s, in tails, for rhythm" lap- 
pirig;:npl.:sp.fbrte.^.-; - - ' ■■^ ;^■.;. 

.M; . c. Henny ; Yp'urigman, - in .secorid : 
act.;tickles.. the cu.s:torribr's,^ though his 
patter is :Off the .bob and Broadway. 
The..: bobk, gets ■ thorough Wbtkoiit 
during a.ct introeS. ; He . goes; ofl' ^ bci^ 
fpre the/,;last,;nGt. with^:Some of "h i.s 
ihaterial frownablb. v^^ - ' -..^^^ ..v ; ■ ':. 

"Ed Foi-.d,and::Whfley, third:, equally. 
,\y:en received. ;D6g: and rrinh;^.'?; good - 
as ever, v .When : caVight,; cnpPrcd ;'a,A 
rrjost ;pf others. \ ;Mis.sbu'rian;nttitUclQ 
of : payees ;j.s; tp,u'gh ..on.. act's ''•b'ut h6ii.«c .. 
i.s appreciative ; .:Whbn - .convihc'ed,:; 
w'hich- is; :riea'rly'- always.; ;''; ,-;•;.; 

.-.Litia ::Gvcy ■ Chaplin 's. tee thy -th.i'cK 
pbseyf-sihgirig ; is'^nb W^^^^ 
gets acr^t5"Si:.. Still looking -goiijdi; and 
careful . riot to exbeed -. her-; vhcal; :i im 

Me;'- : Should, gejt sbme.whcre ; with arid ; in.s,truction, Tciibr pipes 
need velv.etizing.; Looks and ,man- 
'ner help,, ,: . .. ■";;■ : . . ^ ■.:[' :'■:■■' \- 

'The- :ace KraddockS, acrb-cbmjbs, 
close, With a :barig. Formerly at the ' 
N.. X'i' Frerich Ga.sino, they: are filling 
in a. few: d.ates before, :returninft to 
.Europe. .does the ipbrb difficult., 
.stu.nts , wiith: ease; • Better ; to ; pull ,a; 
coUple of 'prpp "muffs.. Pace is ^still; 
.teiTific ..arid v?^ry ;go6d;. . But all the: 
.t^lapstick,/ sly^giDgi and:;..ciijfribing; is too. rriuch to watch. : 
.. V House good bn. last-show Fi-iday 

:(23y night..";-;. ■.:.;:.-". . ::;-.Huri.;:-:; 

,. . Indianapolis, oFeb.. 27. ' ; 

. AH 'Jarreit, . Tonimy '■■ Mack & 
Ton iniy Halliqan, ■Cappy Bdrra Eii- 
se.iiibic, The- Rerhniys,' Selbys; Gefal- 
dhie Roys. ITed Itester;- 'Kid; Corties 

;Bcicfe-\|WBJ|V.;;. - ; ■.-''^';;::;;. ■ 

; Hbiisb is'in its secphd week pfvpreV 
seriting: acts; in; reviie ' f ashipri, ..with 
pit oireheStra- again on stage;; ;- Art. 
Jarrettt ;as -m. Ci, droops but scpre>.jn 
his own. spot . ne3{t ;tp closing with 
;four ppp^-songs;' ; ■;. • ;v:;. .'■ y-y' 

; House, orchestra opens with; a spe- 
ciaity featuiring two of ■ its - meinbers, 
Johnny Jackson: and Henry; Watkiris., 
Boys ;'have. worked /Put 'Well: ^ their 
own lyrics on. sorigs;.:bxploiting; the 
merits,;of the instriiments they.;play,- 
clari net arid pretzel ;horri. Turn; likedl 
; The;; S.elbys, bby' ^and girl, ->db: a 
couple :pf: Cuban, dancesV He doubles 
Oh ;the- trunipet during ;brie.. ::; Okay 
for night clubs but just a vaude fillin.' 
Fbllbwed . by Ted Lester, •who ;. has;; 
nUriierous iristruriients under his 
boat; which he pulls pUt and -plays. 
; p:ettihg la:Ughs as the instrumerits get 
liarger;; : : ;He starts: /•jVith a .fifb .and 
bnds .with, a, ■ saxophorie. . Good n.pv- 

,:eity.;;' ■"• ■;:,'■ ;;■;;;•■-■;.-,: ■;:■'• .;.':; ;;;-: : •;';,^ 

. Geraldirie- . ^Rops ;:.does ■ ; acrobatic 
di^ribirig: Jangubi'Ousiy:;rMu"g'gih 
few .laughs. : , She: has several good 
tricks, best: Of: which, is a .full back 
flip; ; TOmmy Mack, billed as Judge 
Hugo . Straight, works, vi;ith Tommy 
Hailigan aS Straight.; Halligart sings 
two itunes; Well; and Mai.bk gets plenty 
Of vgiggles with, hi& tbrigijc-tied. gags 
and AvPfk with stppge;in a-bbx... , 

Dick arid Dpt ^lemmy follow with 
spitie .fine acf bbatic work.- Do 'tumr 
bling' arid; flips On: skates,; and Remmy : 
does a- handstand and Walk; On high 
suits to win a ; good.- harid. Cappy 
Barra En§emble,; seven ha rrhonica 
players, in closer, please . .with ,oop., 
numbers; bPe of :the nurriber doubl Ing 
vocally. Highlight is :^Poet and Pheas- 
ant' overture, • as dorie ;in 'Mad About 

■Music* ;:.(U).:- >■ ' ;--: -,;;. ■ 

, ShoW.runs ,70 riiinutes and biz thm 
at last shbw Friday (25,), audience 
apparently rtissirig. heiaVier; prpduc- 
tibri' numbers which; wbrp tne fare 
:uxider former, policy,, -; ;: 



■■■ - w ■ ' - ' ' Paris; Ffb. -20.! 
Mincel Sntra^ . Bcmillh •/■(/Jirci'if,- 
iVatoi, ' Rftii^t'i/, ;a((d Citrrcy Liinc/il 
GoUly Qrch., ^CuiMlle'' (imjj.: .;. ■;■ ". ;.': 

•-After'-seyerai; attem'pl'.s; aV ^'^'traight ■ '■■ 
vaudeville,^ then Ho. picturiei. 'followed . 
by mixed prOgrarii.c; hou.'-G-'ha'.'i at la.vt^pmething^;hich Aviil •;prpbab]y~.- 
keep it-ppcri :'for -a' spcii. ' ;0'iic' ni'lhe IhlrigS'; against :.<:howco.s'c .had ;' 
al way s ; been its' bad Ibca t i oii , but: '■ 
present isetup, . -y/hile ,n6t ,big .;-tirtiev 
has:;ncighborhbod, appeal, low prices; 
arid weekly c.harigb of program. : Op- 
erators can't extjoct to take.;jis; large - 
a- gros.s, but cla^s Of show .allows for 
profit.-;;/ :. v.;--. ;■:;. -,;;,;, .;; ; ; '-,- . ,,,•;; . 
•■ Starring ,ls. ; Marcel , Siitra, : ypurig ; 
baritprip^ cbriiparativeiy new... He is 
still, a bit ill' at. case xihder the;;soot, 
but his; .yblcc will probably .keep hiril ■ 
there. :; .Voice lacks rounding but, - 
but he;- rifiakcs the most of what he ' 

■has.':-' ^; ';•': '■..;:•:■■-.■ '^ ;■;• ;-■,; .';-;>•■;;'■ :•'■■;■- 

. Openers are ;;BGspaly;:arid. oar trier, S 
darice team : ;■ limber contortionsi ; 
nbthinig; extbabVdiriary,\but qatchy.' 
Hblding down secorid spot' i.s Fab- 
rezy, ; m.C;, who "tiso-; sings*;';;:He."-is « 
perrtiarient .fixture here, singing -one 
which; he balls .spng of. tbe Week.: 
Singing holhirig extras : . but ; ; good \ 
enough- herb.' - .; ■■''.- .'„V. • - ^- ■-. : '-'-■ ;' ■ 

■ Natpl. follows, with sbngs^-whi-silinif \ 
and; imitations'. '; Hfj..should fbrg^^^^ his : 
voice; foi* hiS: bird Whistlin .- arid ani- ; 
mal iriiitatioris; are ali- that are^ 
Worthwhile, . • 

Rancy ; sind .Carre tjrfesbnt eight 
hOrSPs arid siic Donie's in the; .u.sUal 
stunts;. Hpi-ses ate hari^bbred by lack .; 
:bf- space,, ■When 'there are six Or .«even . 
On. ; " at; -'a tirnb.. P.bnjes' . ~ work . is 
.spioothe'r,' •■;'- •■;-,.■.-..;■.-..; -;-.-•. «. 
■; Best work is; dbrie by.- ;Luclen 
:G61dy's OKhei3tra,v.'5potted at ihe.he- 
gjnriing;^!^ yaUde, "There is,, 
dire, need of .cpmiedy.ian.d. danGirig .,tp •. 
break, up ;lorig line pi. Si riger s. : H'ugpi,: 

par; NElW HAV£N 

Chicago, Feb., 27, 
Juanita & CHarhpions. Si^ve Eva'iis, 
Moore & Revel, Jack Poivell, Male 
Sextet; Mde West; Double; Ddnger*. 
(RKOh : ■ ; ..'V ,-";;•..;,;,;: ",■■- ;v 

; jijiuiblt' runnirig . show;; being held 
down .'tb - secure, sufficient turnover; 
Appears . to .be:.;morb;.;patrQns ■ than: 
possible to handile, due to Mae West's; 
personal" appearanee.,', .;: . . . ; ; 
• .Nqthing else seems to hriatteir: here, 
though there is a good show tb go 
with "Miss West..: . Ju^rijta. arid Her 
Champions . aire a fbur-girl' skatirig 
turn,- who do^-tvi'irls for the liibst 
part; : Steve- Eykhs, On the ppPriing 
day,; fillef-iri lor Medley arid DupTby, 
who were iridis{>osed. .-Evans' Polish 
drunk ihiRersonatiOri is good; Moore 
arid V Revel are . solid; burlescjUers ,;bf 
ballrbbrii daricing iari.d satisfy;. Jack 
Powell gets through fast in. his click- 
ing drumriier.,iact. ' > , : ' 
Miss West, is '..with six jpen, ..whb; 
Operi with rifeat, I vocalizing, of songs 
introduced by film stai'.' : Miss -West, 
has. iekcellent ; session : .w;ith -:'gii{plp,' 
eaten Up by,- crowd, :: handling her 
material deftly; . Surefiire; entcrtaln- 
■riieri t; ; ;' . -V.'' ''■:/\t''.' .■::' ;:-;■' ■ -/vLopp; ^ Cr 

PARAAfeU^ A.-::- 

- ' Lps Afigeles, Feb: 27; 
, . Ne.ll. Kelly, Alen'e & Evers^ Jirnat, ■ 
Fanchpneties, Maury-. Cross ■ orch.; 
' Big Broadcast' (Par). . 

. ' It's ; been . abpiiit 
y.cai-s; .sirice.; Nfelt. 

- .;: .; :JV"eu;! Hauen. Feb:' 27.. ' ' 
■Zelaya; Ben Beri, Drl. Hoif^ ■ 
wan; ;. Mile.; : Lorraine. . Pansy ihe 
Horsey .Dorothy ' MiiUr,- Gertrude 
Brie/er^:;/Juriy^s; ;SecrbtC 

Nicholas Bbila-s productiori lays it- 
self open to ribbing with; the title. 
Can Ybu Take It??; The answer will 
be,. 'No' •; as iar as locals ^re cbn- 
:cerned, : biz being :tep;id opening ■ 
weekend. Vriit,, however, ;Js nicely 
riiountbd;;,swirigs . along at a peppy ; 
pace, and carries enough variety io 
■be fairly entb/tainirig. ' : . 

Twelve line 'girls handle a; series 
of ordinary diance rptitinps well; arid. 
.Gertrude Briefer coritribs an- aqro . '• 
specialty that exhibs Sonne nice, con- 
trpl v>ork. Ben, Beri wprks iri tPp 
hat arid tails: fOr sOriie nifty jugglihg; . 
Has • a. keen ; sense bf cOmedy ; arid : .. 
Slips . in several good tricks'; Mllei 
Lbrrainev does dance against a ' 
group of rriirrbrs and line girls ;ipbl- :/; 
ish it pflE ■vyith a fan; routine; ; ;. 
■ '•porpthy . Miller, pn for sorigs ii i 
rifiike, - looks riice and' does okay ; byv 
the warblirig. ' Dr. Hoffriiari follows 
With ;his novelty, 'Think a ; Drink* 
;turn..: Gets ;. aUdierice ' refiponse; ' by 
prbyidirig any; requested drink from 
ah .appareri'tly empty shaker. .Flof- / 
ence. Mayo, With Pansy ;the. Horse, •• 
spotted here for Sbriie rioriserise WijLh;- 
the ■ Synthetic- .;piug-. Mile. Lorrairie. . 
bAck for a gold-ijairit. dance.. then Don -. 
Zelaya : at ' the ivories,: . He ; mixps . 
piaho'-pouridirig . with . chatter; ;. at . ; 
tiriies a bit tob suggestive iri describr 
ing music's effect on human anaitoriiy.. ■ 
Finale is a series ;bf. rhumbas. stifirt- 
ing With line apd coritiriuirig thrbugh : 
pririqipals.;-, ;■; ■Boiner ■ 


■ .Washinytdn, Feb. ' 27r 
. :Si)^clatr\\ Sist^ers, '■ Paul Gordon, 
Carole Mxinners & . Btvant; .Rairis 
Young, :Billu Gilberty J6' Lombardi 
orchi ^Big^ 'Brqadcast-roi 1938' (Par); 

, l.deai ;pf .whipping straight, aqts. into. ; 
revue.rbeing- followed by "ibpth. vaude; 
spots here now,, hits hew; high: .with 
this : Pne.:iri ; -whlbh the. .'acts . not 
only riiixed; but each i,? ; pressed lintp 
ser<vice.;-tb iritfod iice tiie ncx-t in ;lieu 
of an '.rii.c, 'Works put very : wbll; :: both' 'Inlirriacy - and : cPrh- . 
"ablnbss.-,-.' •- " ':■;;■;; : ■^, ''■.'■ -; '-■..' -■; '. ■ 
• Sta.!{ed;- in night clijb; :set-;^ried ' ■ 

comedienne; Ta)5f aripeared.. at: a . LPs 
Angeles theatre,- where she , drew hbr 
^carly- ' 'breaks : .wheri. ,dise,Dvbi.'Cd- hy^: 
■ Fa ri c-h on; &c, - Ma irpb ' a b o ut: I'O - ■ yba r s 
:ago.■•^ ■ ■■; . ■ ■.'' ,.;'', :^--';; ',; :■; - ;:. 

;; Few. bperiiri:g day;rerricmbercd;,:l.h<ii-.; 
I'iir who - oricc cavorted .'a'cTfjsf-v; tli.O 
f o ot'l i g h Is; ■ ■ w 0 r klh g -with : .R.tibe : W f;l f- 
arid ■;clbwning • her' way-;, to-;: f-le'Mrir 
'p'p.sitionv : it didn't ■ ti)ko ;;-lorig :fo;r 

seven or' 'eii'ht 

kcUy, red-top by. H.a.rry;.-Anger,..,w.ith maestro ' 
■ " ,.:Jp,.Ldrilba,rdi:-,working pit b.iihd" Sin'r:' 
cl,ai> Sistbrs .open. in.;acrobatic; iBjpi 
. plpn-ly .,-,tfiylnmic. - Gar,s;.-;dp, 'doiibler' 
-talk;-: iiittoductip.ri; \bt -Paul .' •Gojrd'ciri, ■ 
;wjth:--: reguiri:tipri;. -bik^;';-. .,;sh;ift-iri-g ; lb. 
■bijil t-iip ' ,t Wo- Wh ee for' -. .a n'd w i ntl i ng 
;up;- with" tri.bk f puir-'K;c<al.t'f;; . ;Turn - is 
■fast,;, clevbr.; and- gets .rii'ce' harid. : - .-; 
-. ; i,>pmbardi -llak.os- rca'r.-,mikc.-to',:;,irir' 
^no-urice band. -Will di.sKcbt-'Swbb.i'Sue-,.;. 


hcr;'opcrier,;hci- hoydoni;.li;^ -wUh-. .-PMn.JSt ••Bo>'::Slick.ney.'.^o;ng 
:raanhcr of song dclivery;-had ;<:vx:i^y- .|-bcnk ^ ^ilMO satisfaclo. 

body iri howls. ••..'Gdmodionitc'S-'.bet' [ f l^l^l-'iu-s. .S.Jricl.;nr,s ;aT),nc)uncO; Carol.<i ; 
numbers are a- biirlbsque .rtf:X;;arbo. [M;in.nprH . fru^ :;CPmedy / 

- - ■ • ■ V\vpr|d.;..w.n:(j oijcrj?- wiin .T>.;.in;in,'i IVli-'r; 

ilaliPri's, .v.,MisSL^.G.h.aPUri, 

rid ii s ■ ; .•sp'ul-.fa'vbr'. .w i th ;..t ,h I'l^f hny.s. 
(Ivujn] :whq'- is; fed Up ::\Viih -u' Uu'fpJ;- 

:firid. '-.'Cii'rp. Nomt-'!- to ■:/i:ri;j,sh.'; Hou'.sp; 
:ri:^iU^i^^ .dijr:;n-.u if;)rmjf}^i'-; bti.t' hcfly ;ap-;- •. 

King, triei brie session ofii^Rembmbbr: . ;,:Ti-adb-fair at iriiljaler, ; .r EcIioa;^ ;|:.. ; , ,/^Gbiiljiitrcd/;ari:.;pagc 



NEXT W:EEK (March 7^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ 

Numierals . in. eonhebtjon . v^ith . biU below 'irtdicate, opeiting day of 
■«how/ whether •■ full .'or; S'pJU 'wMk' }./ 

Ihtsttiii (3) . 

Rihe.i tUrU 

f^uiivim ' ■'. ■•■ ,. 

■Rii.sp lii n rir Pivei' li>x' ■ 
•Vic ■>l,vclo" 

JAnei I'lyiToU ' 
■ Ar ij Miiile . . 

CHKWr.O , 
:l\llli(<e (4) 

rui'steir Hale 'tJirla.- . 

jliMiroe' lirrth-...- .:• • 
: Sh I'.ii Ann' •M(;C8l)a' 

QJI l.rtnili ;'^ r ■ 

Miltu.u AVn'.tson ■ .. 

juiii'liia :(')>n.0iV<9 


Shnhert (i> 

Ted '.LewtS'' Ore - •' 

^ iiii:-' .. 

Ja'l^e ■\ •■ 

■,Maft- Weat ■ ; 
M6(»re iRivvel : 
,JHCk; P.tiV.eVl ' 
Mfltori Wttt.Hoh.. 
.■Mfdlfy ■&.|iiui]jre> ■.. 
JunnlVa •& -.C'liianviis ■ 


■Dav.e Aixillorr. Co ; 

. r Gol«Mtliil (35) 

Tpd ■■liew'ls Or.c ■ 


2-WEEK — 2 

:■■ Stay *t-'tiie ■■■■ 

- ••• <ini'iiiiidi|- .' 
Atlclisiin fSilvJa ■.■ 
iliuv l^iilskl.- ■■ .'■ ' ■ 
Kafrtf'l^ Redollffe' ' 
Bo))lKy H6\<:ell ua. 

ijrfnrtvin,. & Tiftj'es' 
Cill'is.. t;iiai-ltpi> 


Week of Fi^brtiary 28 


Vai- iM- LiiiMiiiT • .; 
Iiij;^ ,.'CS^e.^■. C"ti:0*lln .■ 

>iril ttrr(l«>jv pic..,. . 

miif Ci) ■ ■ Oarlahfl " 

•.KVAXS^ViM.lE •• . 
. . . JlnJewH*! ;(4) , 
SuiililSt- VaiiiilM "-" ■ 

• Statf '•<4)'. - 
ilcTp.ti 6r.i,';>n • Co ' 
riTCSIH IMill 

■ Skrney Kiipiv.Oro.: 
■.Biliy'. G.llberf • 
AJl6h & . Kent. Cit) 

Xanette Jlaclcf'tf Co 
Majrioii .D'aiVJelrf ' 
Marion KiHeeii .. 

.Rolxirt I-YPiind Co; 

"Ited; Slielloii; 


>KW' i,'4>kK ClTt 
■ 'riiriiinoiint- (3) 

f l.vde' McCoy ; > 
. Iklltzi .Gi-'eeiV. ■ . 
NIodoIns }Jrof> ' ' 

Ilia Itny: Huttrtri 

Buffulo. (4) - . 

D'ArtPiut ■■ 

• Oilciii^O (4) 
SUe)» :'Kiel(ls Gi c . ■ 

BlilUn (Ttli only) 
liiat Rity llitHon 
Mr<>liif{nn <4> . 
EeiiDy Dji\:l3 Co 

: DURHAM '■■ 
ChroliiiA (Hth only) 

'■ Ina Ray Huttbh .. 

.Ciirollrid (lOtli oBly). 

Inji. Ray .Hutton 

-.HbiJSTON:'^ '.. 
MetroitolltnU (5)' " 
Blacl;stone ■■• 

Pnr'inoiint (»d only) 

N T G Rev 
' KAl4l!:iCiH.^ 
. Ambuwiiiilof . ' 
^(.lltH only^ ' 
Ina Ray Huttoii ' 
CiMrolina (Hlh «»nly> 
Ina Ray Ilutton . 

rHir;AI>l5I,l'HIA ' 

Bijriny Goiidnian' Oir; 
.J:i>Iii)ny W.oh'ds- . 
Eunice - Healy.-. 

StniiJey (US) . . 
Juiiy I'lHr.landi'. 
7Tt» 1 1' n p , 1 )> ii i xg n G i> ; 
I'iml. Hvdpll ' 
KiliUe 'WhiV". 
lli>S!<. \Vy! ..' Jr. Go .. 


. ■ ■■ ., Knrl«'::(4>''''. 
RKa Kio Oi-c 
Marc Bros B .. . 
t)on Bestor. Ore ■ .-. 
Pli.illlps: « Koiel, 
.ISdna Jniiisi . 

;■. ; . ■•• . <25) • : .. 

(!!(ri>Vii>f Mr«i(rie'r3.-;' 
.I'.IHy: f;il\>iM-l/. . 
.liryiuil, .Uuiiics '&. T 

siuciiiir. 'a - 


• ■■. -.Tinai 

DeGulse' Seymttura' 
.-J-'Osfer, Cl.arli !.. 
TvasiiterV Bros;' •. ' - 
{Jam Ititrtoii •'. ■ 
Xrte Teriiiliil & .Ptrir 
'Jeiiu Kennedy.. ■ , 
.Klt« ■:' 
Turner .T<a.vton- .. 
■ IiOii!Ml»|e ."; . • 
Stainless Stephen' . 
.. RUx • ■ ' 
Billy Cotton. 

•"••Oiilety V 
T;e'a - 'A:ireii ..' •; . 
^ -MasUelyn:? Coi.- • 
Anna; ■ R6gera' . • 
'Ada.h'oa '.■ . ■■.',.. 
T-ily IMooreS ,. ■ 
Great' Opirclaa ,:-' 
r.eDh,' *-.. KiXi ... .■ ' - ... 
I'e'rcy Pryde ...- '. ■ ; . 
Red- iri-ed ,.' ■.' 

: ■■ R<»ya| .■ . '■■ 
..Sfaivdlnavlan CircuH 
Jackie. ;U .& Vlnr' 

'"■ ' .'klXOSTOis''-.-.;:-,' 

■ .Kniiplte' •.. - 
•Manlovanr Ore . 
B\«tie & Foatfer . 
,6 (Jarltoii. Sia ;; / 
.TominS-. .Treiit' . 
■Atftc- Hlep^'ri ',' ■ 
■■B.ojier'..& Mnlale , " 

■r iEiivj5iRi*(><>ii»; 

Waldliii'w Ild 

lid;,'ley & T>a<ve . 
.•Ray. yau(;hh.' . 

Karsovas -■. 
'.'<;e6rff'e Beftori. 
VPiit .Klr-kwpod ; 

''■ - nuxkax6n • 

'. . ■ KlU ■■■/■■^ 
■..Pla.pli'nfn' ;&;,;Dwyer.-. 
'Fred Hudson. " ".: 

:Arc]ite. jtive -Bd . 

Cabaret Bilk 

NEW TiDRK crrr 


. ;r.lrinle (4), 
Buddy .Rojirers ;Qrc 

; ■ .. r,.vri« u) ■ 

Ji.n Frank ■'. ' 

Ire n■^^ • Ve r in 1 11 i o n Qo 
.Bjs.Api>lo..:ReV ' 
Reyfloids & While , '■ 

^eek of Februarjr 28^^ 

A<t««»rli« I). H. 

P.dhier. ;i ■ • . : 
f'ltntVi'lHi ry. yt. 11.. 

r iHt half . (2H-2) ': 
.Tiucitle^ ./teiviiipad ' 
.Horrt n-.,*i. Klot . . ' . . 

2i1.^.IIi^.l£■ ;(.;<-(;> : ■: 

■ Tniihni.v AVpHtwood.; 
pu.dl<f.yy .Wldtrela'' '. • 

...Donilnlo '.■. ■.. 
Gi'ncle .JSclieiiv :Co 
Invi-siblo: Ray . ' •. •• ' 
';...■■ finiiirionti.'.'' 
Tonl. Boreiii* & ^Ptjir 


• Harry Hplm.'«.ley . .• 
CI,;\PHAM .; 
,■. . . '(ir.iiniidit .• 
Teddy •..loyro-'CJa 
;.^.(j.nMiu.Ua;::'.vi: ■ 
.1 NiimedllH -v 
OedOl'S).- Jii'ita v. '.-■■ 
O'Sliea . Joan . 
FlSldH Bd. . . • '.. 
^.L', •. rr.einl»'r .'.' ■•■' • 
fiTi rvpiivV^''.';"Sla &J " ■ 
Bee' 'ik.. .Mn lale 
Coiira(i.''« ' I'ljfeon.''- ' 
• tiRKl'iN>VI('lf 
■.■•■' ..^triiiUidii".' 
'Rul)lfi.; SiH . ':.;.. ; 
QiMhl^ji ;i:ij-o'!l' ■ ; 
.OtSli'ea ' Jk Joan 

FJPlds . fid ; . 

'.'fwlMCa. ■ 
'.We . Tl'nve' ■• . 

: i*<M'N<;TO.x'.-'; ■'.. 

I»!m«» 'Hull '■ '.•...' 
. .1st vhalf .(.28-2)- 
T (i I n >« y .; \Ves I w.c » ( id ■ .' 
Dudley'. MIdRelV . 

."2«! .iiai.r,'-. -{>),.. ■'■ 
rju<'lllc' tteuHtPad'. 
■^I'orihi fc Kl(>f ' 


: .'l^»lure-.- ■' . V 
.Kersrlnd Il^nlerp ' 
• l>iiVTO\STON.I'; • 
■■w^RJuHj* ^-^ 
.Attdl.<!ati,,t:,Sy ' ■ 
' .Ian. Zal»4ki • ■ • 
Retrkip Rcdoliffe ■ , 
.Bol»l>y Kf>weli;H(1 
. HHKIWKJW*' m Sil 
•Wti.-TJjrpe' . .. .. : ' 
, . '.Ilroiidvvtiy 
■rtarvi-y Sc' .Mnc. ,■ 
■''I>pv! ■fc.-JiaiHle: 
Coiir!«'d'H I»lflroons: 
!$'iJCK.\THAM . 

-i-rhiiM'** . 

•I£irrsi<^lip|.. ■Hpnlp:rci . . 
.. TOOT1.\<J • 
. (iraniidit ~ . 

;Ted Ji>y,ce - & '.C.l.a 

' '. Rarnfy^ ' C'allnht's '. 

■A tin Gale : . . 

HAnshiV/.-Kowrd i.H 
Anuela Vplez'... 
Little 'Sa^lis . ■; 

•''.'Jftarrel .(At.; Fiin^ '.. 
.Snub . Mosely' • Ore 
X'la..vt.6.n; & .Dunii . 
(5.erlrude. D>vyer.. 
..Bphnctt'. Green ". ■ "'v'. 

.. Rnr'tol'o'irt'ra' ... 
Don .Sxivio Oj'c '- ■. 
Angelo's Rh U'ba Bd 
Ivy .Ctile ■' • 
Jurto Carroll 
Anno WJilte. , 
? Little Sachs •• 
Ij'aura Deana' 
Renee Villon • 

JEd Ftirmnn .. . ■ • ■ 
Billy Lorraine ■ 
Mar(;.k.ret ..tYouii 
.Tpij.'.'Hoivard .. . •; ;. 
ftiidy Mndison'' 
Ethel . Gilbert.. 
Spilie;. Harrison \\. 
Uenry '■ .Ij'n.'M.'irr. 
■.Fi'^i noes' White.. 

A b.ei. \t <>* iiii.a n Qr.o ... '■ 
.T'oe-.CanduIlo Or'b' 
Dr. KocfcwpU r. 
Sally. R'arid- 
Morton Do.wriey '... •; , 
Wihi Shaw ^. . 
O^icar ShnAV v '. ' 
.l-'ohi ' Pa t i'l c'ol a .. 
.Stan' Kava'nfigh' .- 
Willie. -U'est M 
Walter I>arB Wahl.' 
Frazee - Sis- ■ ' ' ; 
''idce'a.' TlKers '. 
Sanaml & -Michl 
Clmtfiiii' ModeiTM ; 

'Bert Mrfnn' . 

BllUe Blue. 

Oot Wexli^r . : 

Cbh.i.iie Max.>vc'tl . 
. Bi'hbie ..Fnya .. ■.' 

Mjidnnie.' .leiin 

Cavolyii- Poller.- 

,'. /i^iMb;-Ci»\aIler " ;. 

.Tp'r(l..v T-anif ' Ofcc ■■ 

■J'iiiiiotia .", ' . -■ 
. .IricU' .l.„i\irle. .- 
. lVp)»y .O' Ni'il '■■■ ■. 

Vlyi.un.Kall, •. :.. ■ 

■ l.>oris I,!i.. V'tM-iie. ■ 
. Kliilne ;iiirvis 

JViiliire!? I.>ii Porit;' . 
l^' a ■ ^jlibri"' . ■ '7 

' V f^Ub 1» 

G- "Andrews; Oro- ■ 
.lark. 5VhH.e 
Pat .Harrin^rt'on- 
Franlcle Ifyer'S;. .• 
Lclln.(r.iyne'.s',, , 
.li'iTy K)''iiB(»r 
^'>oc R . B. r.H.e v. ■ . 
: 1 ■>R'd JacliiH'oj'i- . 
AV.Illie fJi'iifan. 
.Jiilio-'; . . 
" :ciiii» fiuiH*iio . 

;r<'o9 Ga'uchop bro '' 
:T>lmltri ,&.Vi)-Kli ■.. 
Trhll pi.Ki/.n . . 
, Ai'tiiro: Cctrtes ,■ ' 
•Lii tonlla.;;. :;•■:'■•.■ v . 

■ . C'iiib A'liiiiiiri- • ..■ 
I'iD SCO '.'G rene C. : brf ' 
A'nvafldb, 'CM;stro:;'Orc 
Roslt'a , Ol lCBuv 
ManHiito ..- 

Toddy Hojrer.i . . .. ' 
VR'<vsHa:..rt()irr.iKo' .; ' 
tidll la .Gbniez •■' " ' .- 

(L'wuon ::t;i«iii • 

Ca b C a 1 1 o<v a y •' Ore: - . 
fiW/ R6l)ln,>>on: '. 

Tip. .xhr> .To^- 

.Av\k .Andrews .■' . - ■. 
■Trafiip E!d ^ 
V'odery's. ''.Itibll'eem , 
Teddy . 'rialo'- V , ,. " 
l'>vnnm'r.t<».' JlnoU' 
r-'cPildy . .Trunea '. ' 
Tpndoln yo' ■ 
.Mtie joHns.oifi .■.'■' . '• 
^'v'•■^■i^^f:Hl^«^.•■,..• .v.- 

.rtoli Alhertb.-brc-. ■ 

■ N'(>i"nYll H ' .• . . .. .■ ■>•. 
■.l.«.iip * . pa t lMdla ■ 
l'';ruji(o.'.Alv'>ri^.5! •' ■;' 
A }ii.r nclbil ' ' (i't''(i Ku doa' 

.'■'■El ^Toreador.. '■ 

Au'ffuslo. Ci)oh.'. Oro:^'' ■ 
^^erce'de.^ :'■ 

■'■•. Ertinflui»-_i>o4>.r,, 

.Lbti'ia . P'rl'.nia ■■Or'o 
Art' Tatuni .•;'■•' ' 
Johnny -Geo , . . ■ r 

■ : '■'. . :' 'Oa.rbo'; 
.A IMrt >lal![>.'rt^a:,Orc.. 
llardh Gyldenkrane-. ■ 
Tev6 '& rkoro- '•. I 
Si'lvla -KirkV. ■ ■;■;■. 
PeUBy Alexander ■ 
Ureei*wich : VUIfig;e 
.■ Ciislno . 

Ray CHiara Oro . . 
Alleeh .Qbok;-. . 
Helen & Tom . Nip . 
ilbe ■Latie^.' .r ^ 
Jean,' Biizonie • 
Peteii RartdaH 
Carolyn ■ Knift:h.t' ■ . 
Valerie D.UnVt>iU 
■Htti Hixon .■..■■. 
:Jean. Jordan, ..• 
,Jean. ■Vtckers ... ■. 

. Uavanii'Mi^drld. . 

Nantb'.Rb.dris'o Orb' .■ 
-Socarraa '.Oi-c '. 
Cai'ibs Caf'.ita. ..' '. 
Don. Casanova 
La Gllatillla . . 
Tap(Kr' .& Doves ' ■ 
.La ■MUbn'giiita..' :. 

: Hawaiian Yaclit 

Bob Matsu' Ore,- ' , 
Pbrn iJ'ros ■& ; M' ■ • 
M i ld red . Iiaw . ■ 
Bobby Sltbrt 
>l'ar^iei Knapp . 
Mai-le ■ Austin V 
Bobbie Short..: 

, Jllckoiy . liiii*:.-;' 

Joe..'Marsaia Oro '• 
Peggy Newton 

5 Pei>pei'»"-.-. ;' 

Hoiel lAmbqMador. 

Dfi'k: Gaaparrb." Ore' . 
HbUand Hart . • 

.; 'iiot'el:~A8!ioir.. ;■' 
Sande Wl.iijams' Orc 
M KaghiHUy.. Orb:' 

Hntei Kelihont-;. . - 

:;..;/;;:;■■; yPh«rt ■ ■ 

.•'.«!onny JNendLs '-Orb ", 
■ B'Miay Veriiita - 
Thur!»ton':.CVaiiar ' 
Hot«V Ituiminn 

. HTor are ' He 1 d't': dr'p . ■'. 
Bob MfCoy 
■LiU-ry. .Oo.l:\on ' ■ ' . ■' . 
T')-slietli TluBhes ; 
A.rl Ciu'npy 
.Terry Bd'svne, 
.'Kings •. ..,.■.:•' .;■ ■.•:■ 

■^■.■H'«tel.':':Bo«<jert^'' • 
' : (Rrbitklyn) ;: : ■ 

^Wlil -.McCiiua' Ore ■,' 
Hoi .iel. Cbnimi^lorc 

Red'- Nori'rt/ Orb . 
.. MiU'l red . Bnl ley ■ 

'■■": ■. U«r'.al .RdVioa':-;' ' ■' 
,BlMo. Bar'roTi Ore ■ 
Hotel. ^Fmbi. 'Ho'iikr 

fCIia.tles ■ Ore :' 
.•Veei -Lawtihu'csf '■■. ■ 
■'Molel''..; ' ^':.CIintwM. 

■K.ddi ' :Lntie 'Orb. . 

Jiot.ei . Idiivoln ■' :\ 
'I.'jha'irt Jones., Orq 

kHUi'le'eh Lit ne. 

.'■'■Jleiel' .'MfAlplB;-'. . 

J-' M 6asn B r ; 0 f'O : . - 
Jritnn'e .'D'.Vifcy 
Gonj!>;ie.*i &' Mehneii 
,Hor<(l ; N.e,- ■..Tiiirltif v.. 
Jlin.lny ' J>rir.>i>y ;'Oi-cT 
rBitln-UiyTi le .. . ' . ; ' 
.fuiie. 'llli-hiiVotid". 
jio.iel .rnrk I'enirul 
'.U.rrjr. Blaine Ore;. .. 
CaH.s Fr.TiMkllii ' 
Cria AVy.t>» '■•".' ■'■ 

.Kiupi;.ii *-,r{b):i?ia . 
l''rif diiy,' '\\'ei'iiev 
.Balaba'now'.,tt. .■ /. '; 

':lib<«>l '.PeiinMyivtiiiiH 

Beri'n'j' Goj>dniaii.Or 
iVii.v llaiidiii; 
tS-!.>'. iWelior;- ... 

.Huiel' l^lcc^dllly 
J9n(»..Birtkl.Ore :'.'■- ' 

V P-*i>i'hi>' Ore .. ' 
:.\>..1<»/. lV;^V■l>l.^n^l.a' 

1 .' ■ > rl'i'o) Ml . ic^tnneffll 

...ri.ii.V,.. J'ibin'biinlb' Oto 
Lgkewelii. .pre; ; ... 

•Ilitlel' -."iiivM; ■■|.*in«a 

f:i>r'i'y -M'iT.ifiji Oro '. 
M'fn'e Diijii'our 

C-'-.Jli'rhort; ' ; 
i Hxie. ;iM'>:i'nn) ■.. ■ . 
i)jbi I .'•• A- 1 t"o iis!o_0.rd^ 

; ilolei SlM'ltuS' • • 

I Ell Al.ji's elibff ' Orc;. ■ 

'".Ml'*'tel"SU '(imtrf*. 
. -.(Ilrooklyii) ..'■ 

! : If .i.i*old . Stern; Orb ' 

'ijalph .Can-/!.'! ie|i . Orff 
l.iaHrl..^ Knniben Orb 
i.'.liiire" \'er'moiite:' ' 
r-'rt u'n it '-.rordori . 

llbl'el'-'. ' . ..KftglB.: 
Rn.iii'nn- 6r» 

v'Vflbl.ban .Orb . 
.1 "'aiiifa. Maria . . . 
i.-Hiirris-ift; Shore. .. 

';' .f. .lirt'- .'JIWU-.;: L 

■Geo.'. 11>)ij ■ O.riQ 
■Ddll.v..-,f (awn-.-.; r; ' ' 

,. . liolel 'Vlrtoria ■ 

'.rerr.v / : -' ', ~ 
!!■ 'Sfetodeei;. . 
■ttlei ,tViil)l«rf> 

I.po . Relsi'T»ftn;"Orb I 
:X;(vler Cnijiit- Orb • 
'.i^hfi'la' -Nai-irctt 
■tiovvpr .V- • ileartne- - 

P'ffpr .rhambera';; - 

Le^iy. Cwbey. ■■ ~ 

lnterniil;loha'l Cnnlnb 

.Taseha-Bi'inphtik. Or 
:f.>iie : ■ Fi'..'<d ibk'.'-bro.. 
Culirai'v. -R'ro,* . 
(VinX'l.sniith .nirba ■ 
Bobby Ala. V 
C>,v" ■ 
Artihi' ■: •.'•: ■•' 
.\Iiiur"irp. Crafice 
ilaCniieline- .Mlgnao: 
Kiiijlfir Grejrolro. ■ ' "■■" • K«<t||y'a; . 

J n't Pa n.pi lb' Ore; '. 
Allaii...'Winail -'Oro 
Kelly 'Re..v' : . , - /. 
Jitt.Kwf Cliili 

Man ri'rp. hoccb ' Orb - 
n.irk AVade • '. 
.ToVce .KP.isley— — '• : 
Al!'C(»^»;rrift' ■..': 
Pearl ,Bn In es '. '. : '• 
.I'.hanoleer."* -■• : -.'j.':' 
'J."^»i['ldy Hale;. 
.Joii.n' Cooper .'■ . ■' " .'; 
( 'o'naue lo H a rrfs ■ • " 
Dorothy'. Rhbdea; • ' 

•.',^l;ariie:"'' ''; 
Rddle I>a,vl?V'6re .''.. 
.losrtpK.-Sinith, ' Oro - 
JuJIe C'':''»'«.P'8'. 

. .M,H:.'.-.Cbii(r»;'; 

E ,>la'drli;uera Ore-, 
Hilda ..Sir Uiziir- • ■ 

- I.H Miirqiilae '<'-■■'■ 

Knito'I :K.'inb.' -.';;■ 
rriiii PlMxa .. . • 
^Inripli Welch • . 
Frank Tiii SalU- . 
Silvertoiie ';3-' - --. . 
it aria i' .. . . . . 

Frank .:.MoI'''a'riftn»' ' 
nbVoi^ps -Rofjera ' .•',., 
Ce-ra-' T-.pft'/.; '. 
Afuv SUi '.. ' ■'; 
i'jaitr«>!rli»'-tlie-Plhm.' ' 
( l4ik.eM'(M>c1',.' .Ni ■ J;) ■ 

.ieVry • I.i vinfjston Or; 
:l..e; Coti . 'RoUKe • 

Drtii' Marlon Orb',. 
Geo Sternpv Oro . - 
Chuthe 'Bea-.i .'•: : ' 
.-■ 1^ i MIraca ■''. 
Ha.fry Tlortori'-oW' 
Po.ii.Miielo. FHiwertoja'-. 
B'wa.Ys' Jt>n"es. -". . 
■.Maryjjn' l>iile 

V ;,'.XautfhtoB , 
■TirSd'ale .0 '.• ..' .- 

. :L.'con 'A Rddlo'a^ : . 

Lou- .Mar'tiiT! Ore ■ ..'. . ■ 
/(Mai-enoe ■ K;iflter: Or : 
.ViK-k' Waldroh- ' -.' ■ 
KdllU .P.oark . .. 
Geo.rxJa ..'Sbihern 
Ka ne; Tre? '*;':E ■ 
Trent .Pfiltej'son .. ..'Foun Tr : :.. 
3 Komlcfi . . 
-.Van. Scbit v. 
..T<iri'lan-,.,l''ii zserald' 
, Cookie'. Williams" 

:: Lb' l|iiliijin' Bleu - 

ilo.i)'i>' Einer.. 

Korberf Jaebby .. 
Kl«l« nbuKlbii 
Jiminy ■i.i(iniolf'-. ' 
Bowers i&. Wa^ ler 

S hit rit' y Bo hu has .Or 
'.' :;0.i(I Kbunt'iiniM'ii 
.iiichh el Wei ner : Ore 
Tfourly I'our.ltil'C - 
Helen -Shnw : , ;.. 
Saiiimy Mt»ri-ls. . 
..Kp-'<nlie l!oy,- ' . : \ : 
Sadie 'Sanli's- . 
l3tUel ^Bennett ' . : 
' Ada' .'Lub'Inn' : 
.Ronnie jpe. Grtippe 


'Vfohh' lil.rljiy. Ore ■. .-. 
Aliaxlnb SiilKv'aii -: 
• Leo V Watson. ■ 

Jay B^reemtth' Ore 

•-Tbo'i'-vLajiio; . 

'Baito-..& °.AIanh : • -'■ '- 
Jeri W'ithe'e 
W«ilter... Lonsr.: " . • . : 
Lee- SulliVan'.. 
Helbi) P^ll 
S.hannon' Dean : ■ ' |- ... 

;' ■ TUifi Elfga'iil'e' ■ ■'■ 
W "Paiermo "Ore . - . 
Bill F.ari'ell .; 
.-Ernest- Fra'iJz ' 
Vhicent . DeCosla 
.ReX:G.a.vUfb'- '•: 

:' I'tiipitatlbn. Club - 

OVIe- Alston ;P'rc 
Lee .Sliumbhs. 
'Moi't.oili' &' Margo ■ ] 
Liiwrehce Hill v . .' 
Anderson Sis' il; 

:;'-'.';.Qneeji- ftlary.-.- 
■Hal ':H«»p-e'-'.Oi'b.. '..-, 
Ray Jones 
Ann White . 
Katherin<> Mayneld 
WUson Lithg 
.Rndle .FrankH* citib 

Fra'nK Bessiheer. . 
Jerry; White :, 
■Oiis-Wlcke:;.. :',-'."...V '.. 
Fro<} Bishop . . 
Mai'mny . Jen.i'i'ie V 
Jo'b ;'OalIa(jlVer ■ : ..' 

Rairiiiow (iHli: '. 

Bert Blbrk brc ." 
•Th eod* re Penosha, 
WHliikoir ..RtN»m - ' 
Ruby NewiVVan Orc- 
Don De Vodl Olo^.. 
Billy . Milton 
Raye '&.'iv,^icU. ... . ' . 

Roiimanlnh sVllluse':. 
Charley ;S w'ar t z' Ore 
.liUdwlff ..Sntz; ," 
Hen'ry jBerirtan •: ', 
Leo FuJd 
Henrieh Gross' ' 
Gy-'psy.;'-Kit»a - ■■'- 
RuWalnn Art' ; 

fasha bntakb .Orc; 
Anna. .Kouz'hetzova ■ 
Mara ■ 

SIhda Voblla • 1 
Alex BoIshakofT :. 
Ell' SplVacic ■ 
Zacbar Martinoff ..^ 
Raiteiais KretjchQis. 

Kichoias Mattliey Or 
Michel .Mlchon .; ; : 
Mlscha: .•,- '- -.;'•; -.. 
Parla Mle'raie 
Nadia- S.okolo'skay«t 
Marus'ln .Sqv.a '." ; 
Slrtt'eon.Kara' - 

. Stork Club ':;; 
Bobby ' Parks Ore . ' 
liUb' M^n6;ndeis..Oro 
' _?enK»iilfa-', -. ' ' 
Larry S'lry /Oi-b . 
Gua Marter Orc. - 
.Gertrudo Nlesen 

. ViUnfre^.Biirii : 

Johnny ; Johnson '■■ Or 
Pepgy Mann : ; - ... 
■Yvbnne & Hafti la. ; 
Larry; ;Mc'Malirtn 
Gardner & Kane" 
.P.v,ril,.Maiisfle!d " 
VJIInge Brewery. 

Lou Carroll Ore . 
Ruth ..Russell 
.. VniirllhBVjo^^ 

Fran Graven 
Musical Tops (3) ■ 
Hoheiy Johnson" . 

■'■: <yiTei-:;v.-;.:.' 

Bob .Asen,-:Orc ■ 
Mitzi" Pei-ry - 
Bob- -Lee : .'' ';;■ 

Patricia Riiiiy 
. FJola. Marine 


•'.. Rail .■ ■ 
L-ar.ry P.-i.rr;:. 
B i-u z . F lo t c her - ' . 
.-. .'UeV'er iy . '_ .n:kliilil'rb '; - 

Xl'OW '.Cbcli.ran. ' 
I! np.butairii^es' 
.:.M uzxy Miii-ueUenb 
Ted -FloKiid, Oro. .:- 

. Ulliiiitire: ubivi 
■J1itii.i-|v .'fw-fer Off. 
.IiVl ifi (-;.i'l>.<.-6ri . '. " 
Di'ldiiu-n.- l!;-. -•. 
iWiyi;. -1.00 Tr - 
l?i-u(-e. I.iojdeti' ; 
'Willjii'd. it. Hurley. 
,* U |iy.t hm . Hascair 

- Cuie'-I>r '.Puree ■ ■.'' 
■:r>6rothy .Black •' 
f.l.iKlsrtn :B udsofi 
-.'^liiiiky .-.Joe '.. : . 
•Mit.x. »;'oclii'ii ' . ' 

.('iflire ; ■( iil.erniit lohat 

Ail - C'Kloi'ed show. 

,-^lxii\yi'.:Oyii,- -. J. : 

■■ ■'<:ii,fe>''»l«(t* ,' .. 

-piaha-CGordbn " -- 
.Kllamv Dlilil,'.. 
Don ..Roland Ofc. '. - 

.I'tii'ii! ■ '- ,' ' ''■ 
'Call .Giill, ;- , -V' :,;. 
.I'Jdil.v . p.ubl'ilh .'Ore.- 

. ;l''iiii«»un' pooi ' 
'Kdd.i, ; ..'.-, ^ '. '. .' 
P'(i'i'.,v. '•.'OH , . 

;stun; ijniiih :> ■;■• ■ ;-';. 

Jiiil.'i lV ' Joi'les'^ .' , ;. • 

;H:lM.Hilui.i i'aVliiliitf. 

l/Pinit: Ala ' ; 

TrrtTi^irbTH'oJaV-.-: .•;- 
■I'lddip . FVi'isli'. Ore ' ^ 

'b'Shea : - '■ 
5!;itlnl.. , - . .■ .. '- . .- 
.l^iU-.lylH'lok! - -'.' 
:1 !'ii'l<. -.Mc'Intyyd 
.- Smii .' s'l.ifiiir-.,. • ." , 
-./'ir Ciife; :..•;■"";'- 

I. IVc:! ni'-^, .M.oor.e ■ 
•""(Jii'l'Hn'l i- Mt'.d-ii'O.i'iardic 
i--;.,Vn!\VH liiiya'.. - :. . ' 

-liMl'tir i;ioi»' ' ■ 
j. .In flu .'l iinea - ' 
P.adl '.Nendali : 
!,..,>. Ki'i'iipr ' ■■ '.'<,' - 
Tiny AlDi'iidilh ;\..''. . 

' Otnar'a l>oni«. , . 

. Aloma liaho 
Ueorge Itedrnan Orr 

.CJios- Earle. -." 
Lee - .Le hi oh 
Eddy- A Tonirs ' 
Dorothy Rbberls ■ . 
.PaclHb Siinsel i'lHb. 

Nih.oh . Bersbn' ■ - ' 
'Norskl '-..-, -. .'- 
Vickl ~Allc-n :.- 
Peggj- Pace : . ' 
Dorothy . Ra v - : ^ 
The GrejffeOrys ,; ' 
.Geo Ball Rev ' 
Buddy LaPiUe 
A I Heath Orp ; 
Norinik Kciinody . - ' 
■■ - ;: ■ I'albjh'iir ' ■ 
Ruth Robin 
Jticks'n & Blucl<w',ll 
■Perry . j2: . ... ' ; . - 

Hudson jSle.tjiftcr Gls 
,Phll Ha;rri!(...o.r.c, - 
Frank Sortlhb. Orf ' 
i>oinlhlc.cblunibo • .; 
.;.Ken., Henry Sim.; 
Elaine vKiriiii tee . 
Leah Kessier : : . 
Buinfett & Allen 
Henry Monet 
Thora M'althnii.>iiip - 
Margtierlta Wet n-.i- : 
Juan .de Mart inlc : 
.; '. Seven . Se»» ' ■ '■.' 
Lily Gibsot) . . 
. Hoholulu vOnriri'i • ."; 
:.Kfty. Silvei'./ : 

■ ; Somor^rt HniiM . ' 

.=.4-a;tVtli;; jyv£ 'Bbya,: ^ 
•':;.■ r^oByt :--'"' ',•' 
Ann Douprlas . - : 
"Maxiho" Win.icb ' 
June. Lord . . 
.Conittanee ;i5liic'kii) n 
..I>ftha BllliiVu's ." 
Red Nichols Ore 
'.Ml.ce- llulpii ' ■ 
.L.arr!<ln*i..-.'fi'eTn.ri ;.■'...'; 
.Lepna: |{i<'». ' . ■ ->.. . 
Agnes. Jolinanri.. 
. ■■•;.. ■ Trnfn'rt4*r«» '.' r 
<\vob(i Va nvO;-p •" ' 

. .Wjl»lilir(Bvii(i»v,l ■ 
. Ijes, Parker Oi"!.'- ■• 


; '.''..'|l|»l!kh» . 

ka'y kyspi' b'i'cli • •■ 
Lbyartiitv it. Keilard:, 
j b-. -Ah4i'C>vs 

.Chea :' Pare*. .'-. ■'..'-' 

I,o"ir:'irrdi'/..' -.' '.: - ■■ 
,i)uUp McM.-ilo • 
.l.MiyillH COM'' ; 

:J ^P.ri<lj^'!^'pT.'. 
:Vf .•VrrrsoM Fiali.e'r ; 
I)(»a '• J lutfj on' ■■' '•- 
l.)()n-Prlan(fo.. Orc. 
llftni-y. Bussti' Oro 

; ".Cblo^linoB..''' 

Heofl Gendrb'n'/'Orc 
Virisha. *. Bi'bna,- 
B.lll .A'n.Mii'n .; ' ;-. 
Ver«!'..J>u:itn.'.: . ^ ■ 
■liyiM -a- ; 
■Madle';^^i Ray • 

■fcin;e ■? .;■■ .;.:.'■ ';;;-■, 

.. . GJiib A.ialhara; 
H.i iTlbt Norria . " 
J.Cille.; Bntrioh,' '. 
I'ne'*. Oanible ' 
Pari. VlUiini;-: : V; 
Ber.htb . A.dti».r' " . . 
Mpnie' Mb.rr'son- ■ /! 

;' ;■ iiH$:<iMii>; '". 

Paul Roalhi .' 
Cflady'a .Ci'a.he 
Sus'iirt'-Cnni d,, . ." 
Gloria Faye:..' ... ' 
J . Hoiintjrt'; '■■ ". ', 
Ntna Rinaldb. orb 

fiew'-klpg' ■ . ' •. ■".■ .'...'' : 
InKrId ■■■ ■ 
Dolores -.GrJ>eh -• ' . 
SkVpp.v'. R.eais. .. 
;-B'bbbiP- OVf^uner ' 
Lew' Klii(f.. 
Jules Novitt Oro - 
CbUeeh. ■ ■■'.•' '.' : ■ ' 
■arry'a ■ 'N.-.' I. "■: 
;'- ';<'alia.ret '^ ■.' 
G.haa ' Enipiea Ore . 
.1 ac k '■■ : 1 1' v l ri gr.r : ' " 
Art ..Buckley ■ ". ... . ' 
AI. Wanner .; • '•, - ... 
Dorothy -.lohni^toii-" 
Li'iureite -;Nev.ell.. • 
Joe -&' :r.i.bnelt,.- ; ; ' 
Ifarry- Lludea - ■ ; 
Billy; >lpyer.s. „ ; 
Mystic' yibra..' 


Willie Shore ■ > 
NUn Blu.ckiiione ' - 

viuiVtriiv -'. ->'. ; . -. 

Bracht MiVnner's 
Sid- Lang O.rO : 

Ho|«l RiNiitarrb 
(^▼nltiii t ; Room) 

Art.' Kaaael;' Ore.- .-. 
ATnrlon; Hbhhea-^ ; ') 
Billy Lee '; ...; .: ;. 

mieeris',' '.. . 
I'Vahk Payne -: ;' ■ 
'.Younisr '&. Slqftn ; . : 

Hotel lirbyoo'rl' ,. 

Plorbncb- Sc^hubbrt' . 
Ri'ne. Laevlu .; 
Joe Pairl'ato.- ;■';.. •'•- 


ilolbl t^ungrcM 

:...-''■' (C*i*ii]i«)'..'.'.-: 
Baiiiiy Movplt Re.v 
- ''.'DrAka' Motiji'. 
(Gold Coaiat ■(••>■> 

ilb i ke:nrt|». 'Oro . 


'. Cirand .Tbrriiic*. 

T.o'uis.'Arni'HtronB' Or 
I 'eii ny-.A- J oeJ^Jl. ^ 
■Sunny . ■.Wobdv'f . 
■Bcdiby .Casioii 
J ulia Hiii'ilei' ' . 
' K'dccRwnter .lilewck 
"'"'. ■.. ■Hotel'' '..'■ 
. (MHrlne Room). 

Ori ih iTuckei'. pro 
Mb'rCoh' WnHeS- 
Kni lft MHcliblgU • 
Itwil.ey Sis 
Bnnniflr '' Ualcer-. :- ,' 
Hot ol ftliiifr . Ho^ ao 

■ .;;.!< i.>Jmi»ir«i ^Rt^Nti 

MHiir.i<'e &. Cordoba' 
'iiaii-Gali" '. -.'-• . 
DoriMhy .King :' ■ 
Stanley Hickman 
Bfi-ulty Cum'iiiliiij Or 
Ai»bott Pani'ara . 
; notoi; Sherinaa 
'. .(.€'».i.i»'ir*;,iaa) , 

Willie &.;K Howard 
Itob , Br'owley. '• ■'.■. 
'SI lidler . &'.. Rose' . ;,. 

■ l..ri> u 1 s ' P(t li i b o . OrO' 

' Hetoi' Stoveaai 
(('otilJneiital' Rnoiitt 

Sterllng^ 'j'ri.uhir ..6rc- 

■ '.■• -;Ho>fe ,B«t'iiri.' '■ 
.H;».rl ■. Riykard ... ■) 
Mli'kpy-.Dunn . ;. 
l?aii|elte :j',aPieriro; 
Alai'oeilb .. Gai'd'iie'r v 
Peiifgy Lee. 
ToMi Ferria '•: 
.]olin^;HurHt '' ';'■;. 

Royiiio .f'iw.liva 
M a I'lv- . FJaher ■; Olrb . • 

.sur Tom;(,ek .';'. 

itPi.'*.- Bros .: ■ 
Dolly . Kay. . 
Joyc^i Bros. :* Pean 
Aniia.. JAOohJ .. : • 
Uck '.HllllKi'd :' '' 

Yliree ;i>euceii : 

.Roy ' EidridBo Orb 
tMeb UrOwh. '•'..•- ; 
Gladys; Pnliher .• 
l''re(V Reed ' ;. 
M(>nel'le .Monife.. ' 

. Knobt. .Club, 
BlUy.. rtrAy • , :'-"^- ' 
.Ie'i;ry .'Bergen' . 
-H a zel; . H ar mun'' -: 
liintj- Plory ; 
.Betty Coeds:'.: 
Al Gulden Orie ■ 

. eoo.riMb; i 

Briiy.: Can';. ' 
,ViHlloa Miller. 
Ti-ip'on. ;t • : • 
Afi»,ry ;Grant: '.- : 
B'doIs - Burns -, -.-:• • 
.Alilrne'- ::;:.■ 


:^'An<llibragO -;;';■ 

■C.H.tlVerUio' S.iulth 
. Jontay: ..-' ", . 
Sally .j,aMaiT ' ' ■ 
.. Johnny /Gi'aff Orc' 

AriiiHa' Int:i 

Tiftrry :Sc 'XVaiker 
Oihar ■ ■ ■•' ; . . 
Buniiy Rerlgah Qfc 
Gail 'Rees'e. ' 
iVl ah y It' >k. > ;{ a ti e 1 1 e :. 
Albicene . • ' '. : 
Don- Rerialdo 'Pro. 

. B«lle^ue-Slrril Tnrd 

. '(Flanet. Room). . . 

Meyer ' Da''i^lii: Orb' - 
■ (iturgnndy R<H»ifnV.. 

Frank' Juble Ore :.:■.' . 

Rea Franklin -Hotel 

(Genrghin Rboni) . 

■Leo ZpH'o,- Orc ; '■, 

.Benny .ilie Biini'a. 

DelbydJi'McKay'' ' 
Benny's - Swingsteira- 
:.Taokle Greeu', 
VbrUi.'NIva..: . 
, Joe: Jovinplir ' 
Miii^iel 'Tlioi'jirts; .. 
Wally '.Wanffpr Cii'ls 
Rqife . & .Maye 

. Cednr\vo«rt Inn ■ 
(Malnign. S, J.) . 

^ Clarence Xitih Ore 
:Keli ' Si's ' ; .■ ' 

;Es.l.el.l.e. D.e pre'e' ■ .', 

.CJlub A.nioile; 

Job riny.'.Cb.'stPr • 
J.U('k-& J Gibson 
lllldPKariJe , . 
-Wronlca'. . • . . 
Bill PlUinly 
■Jrie 'BboH'i , . . ;- , -.': 
'Pb.sti>r . iVt Riclr'- 
'^M.oiay Berk 'Oi-c.. ' 

■'...riub.l5' . 

.;p.lV>k Tho.niri.4 • 
Ml hired K in-jr ', • . 

-•Ma:i:)e;p'rutui>ibhd , 

. Napplt'e--.-', .■' 
je^:ry; JJelniar; Ore; • 

. C'liii) Piiritkeet . '. 

Al ■ Wilson ;:'■;..' 

Eleahor. Landy' . 

J.iitie. 'PaliVier ■ ..■ 

Ktt'y D'rxbn, . . 

Betsy . Biiln'-.' . 

Ronnie-. Tli'i>mi).snn '-' 
.Dottib ;MolllhKer:. '' Stouck " 
. F)-an P'hsw'pII, .; 

Bill Tlipriiion; Ore; . 

,'.. '.; 'iRi»bh<i!fi'y ■..■'Chilli. '■ ■■ 

' Bti(-l>nV, .' JblVn.son- ■ 
D.D.rolhy Jti>r'.i:ih .. . ' 

■Rpnfti'i ,li»rry . 

;iSs'«ly n' Vv'ia. il - 
IlPltm. B.cnloh'. 
Pilorla.'liln nirer^'. " - 

■BiUv: Mii ple-s 
Pedro. .Bliihco'. Ore ' 

CliiT ;naii;. '. 

\ iuSi-i.iii^iiit' ;.' 

.M.iij'olv Slisvp Jt'. M''' 
.Louise.'- Parr ;, - • . 
:l' .KliiH:- '- '■ ',' • ■ 
Linda . nny . .r -' ■■ : 


nprin.fe. Klfjh-^^i~^ 
TTeleh '.Tui'jier/.' ■. " 
■> j h n i.e. M 00 re • ; ' : 
S\v i he. K in'ga Ore: - . 
. ; IliidebrHndt** \ 
R()h..'Aile.rt :. 
D'biiiiie l.yniia: .<- 'Miisons ;.- 
noi>).i.v.;.i,,(»u.-..Oi;c> •' . ';■. 

; . .HoliywiMMt .Cit ifi' ; 
^Gi.'urp. " -. . :-' ' 

.KiUPr-'iM .Sj.-f,"-. 

l»;t've .•f^l ■•i;ll■'•-r;:.'' 
.P(m)i,.v. \fe .Va;i(..>: ..'. 

l'i)\\ui'n 4 .).i>yi:i( .;' -'.. 

. ( M iirgiiery )■ ; 

ftbb .liolther •:• 
.(pip .. Fiia setto' Ore . ' 
Hollywood Horse . 
Biyerly-'.klrk .. 
Ii'^lorldl'rt"!' ..Ore.. '- ' 
Bartell-Hiirst; 4 ,; 
.Carroll .Sl.i 

THnner; Thoinaa 
Jack- G wynno:' ■..' 

Hotel riillndelplilaa 

.(Mirror Room) 

Ret h.'Chii Ills ~ ■ ' 
Joe. Mllikopf .Grc 
R u th a n 1 a . & JW a I com 
Jordiur."*; Grace ' 
Paridy'n'Pyne " ' .' 
.Lane. * Cirvrdll 

Ivamba 't'liTora 
Larry Meii Ore 

Little RNlhakelle^ 

-.T'a'ck .Gri'.frih. ' Oro ; ' 
D.'Aubour Ite.nb 
Midgie FelloweS : 
I.etfle TCeinbla. 
;Mariy Bohn ■ ; .^^ , 
Riib.v" Beiihetl' - 
Beck, .Mejlon &: b .; 

/;j. -..Pliiuinbb^B'..'';.':;'. 

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■Kddlv .Th;\>nias .'.'- 
Tjpe' Barter '• 
WnllHce Whltleys' , 
Roi'n'ain Manning 
niirn.s, . Baker & B 
Allen: Gllbc/t Girls . 

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P.pnee "N'mori ^ .Marconi > ,■. 
;PhHi-jpH Jk Ji>y ' . - 
M.-idlyn. Russell. ■ 
Hilly *: Billie ;, • 
.1 hiie l,oi:raine .. '" .' 
Les-; Bafclriy ' . 
;Ja:iH.p;3 ' N'egi-'a Ore.'; 
■■;.. "Stam'nV .Ca'fo ;.■ ■ 

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4 ... |{|o^<.sdiri^|: ' • ' ; . 
'M.orVi.i'up'r <fe-.B ; •, :. 
Pat t.'i'M]|»i'»i-d ■ . ' V .'• 
.Isyck &' '.Tohi.ihy: 
. Ir viTiB . Br.asiowl 'Orc. 
.. silver take Ina: 
" ^C!lein»a|l<in) 
Bill' Hohey Orb " , 
'i'ony i>piina ' ■■ ; . ■ ■'.!' 
llelHlne * D'n/ilds'n 
Xstiii-y. Leslie' . 
Mary CI Word ' ' - . . 
Alaf y "..t -Tony ... V-..- 

•■ : isli Club-: '• 

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Ka.v ./Hamillbh. ...' 
t.ieiv^; Baylbs; ' : . ■ 
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' vifrna Dbfiii. 
Kay K'uhdHll':: 
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I'hick 'Finis Pro - ■, 
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;i''!'iiniil.e .r.'jtr'rnji tit 

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■.Pn•.l1,l•g;e Craft r.;.;' 

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.Itu(>k ('alhouii ' , ■ ..' 
AftMjf-. RasiJt'll" '. V- 
.IVi Cisiati, Ore. . 

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I. l.iM!i'i>if B.ui ke.. •— ! 

Kliiliio. Martin , 
Jerry' "Blrandon'-. '..'■'- 
Music Weavers 
Bubbles Slielby ' 

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tbula ChaiUlh -6r« 
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T & J SliMrnh'mmbr 
Kiirl Llnd.say Gliila" 
Louis & Oliver Sia 
Miaciiha Pi'licVa 

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Sid Golden 
; Eldoradians " ' . 

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Coley Worth ;: 
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Fredrico & Rankin 
.Andrew -.Sla. 

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J^&.E Chadwick 
Carl; Moore .' .: . 
Melba; Brian 
Betty &,J Kean" . 

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Alico St John .; 
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Walter Cole-, 
Johnny Ca wthorhe . - 

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Paul Marin.. .' 
Natalie.^ Darnelle 
Hayes. Haiff & H 
Phil Barron. .. 
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(Sheraton R<H>m) ; 
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ikotel . Copley Squiire 

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Dan Sweeney . .- ' 
Helena Carlson ; 

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tr. 1>. Wrish'iiigtbn :• 
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. i'rei'itj'i'nt - l^liixa ■ ', 

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Jack R.vaijf 
Hai'i'y Ta.ylor -.'- - ;■ 
Tiny ICfngsnVore 
Ahdrih'l...Bros'. ; , 

H'wood I'nrlit Club 

Paiilj.SabIn Ore .' - . 
P. R McPonuld 
Terry Lawlor 
'Jnck .. I)em'p.N<>y'a. ;• 

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Vincent IJragale Or 
Jeah.'Travera ■ '...' 
Cross & . Dujrih 
Barron &■ Rial r . . 
M'lVidden .I>bniiv|IIe ; 

Bob .No'a^'l Ore-'. 
De; M.'iyo's ;' '' 

Morri.s - O^sborn .' . • ■ • 
- J oy- libl)i:n'si>|i- ..,''■ '- .'.- 

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R'atiVon- - Rn'n.ios' Ore . 
;B(;rn!v'dt; *, .(Jhiliain 

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■T,<^ Palil. • ; ' • 

pick.*. 15 -Bn r.'^bW ■■ 

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r.pon Pi'ii)i;i Oyb" 
.'F.rJfiKros, Fiiye. . ; .. ■. 
.Ba'slii .St.- ;{.: 

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:'Myers\3 -. > :./.•;. 

D.on ..Uene -, -- --.-,..'.;'" 
■;^' Roney IMwia, ' ' ": 

'.Ta ck, Nieyer! Orb : . - . 

SanO;hei« Ore - -', '• " 

Eve Ortoga ■-; ' : 

Fabian Storey. . ■ 

Bob Jtall . V 

Terry: Krattbonr'.r.'- 

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Vincent i.opez .PrO ' ' 
1 1 h r ry ' R \y U i)i a n ' '; ■ 
(^reiit •'Yncopis . 
-.EiVna .SiVdihvick: '."..: ■ 
lilla .X'bgiin . .'-' • ..; - 
Munny. InI^.n. CItib - 
..Tlowjird . Liilly -'Ore ".' 
-<"'^lia'n'ey & . F.ox., \ ' - 
Par.ri.ill -'tfe' (-Jonnaa ' .- 
.P.e.<?;g>'''. Tucker. 
ToVvii <?aH|iio .Clnb 

.Tark Kbiy Ore .' . . 
Anfi. Pbn nl ngtbo . 
Buddy WhIIvM- 
(^astahie ■&. Barry.' ■ 
ILna B.pii»i).n '. • .- ■■- 

;..:;' ^illti'; Venice 

A..!-I..-uk;as . Ore 
Olh-elie & Diniltrt. :' 
.r-iin(i>P!^toiis . 
'Uaylein'e ' .Sis ' 
Royd .'Heathen . ' 
Louis'. IlolTni.-ui. ...'■ '.■ 
Alice . K.ell er i iva n : : 


Book-Cadl.lluc Hotel 
(Hook. CnalntO . ' 

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I"> Cbs'teH'o ' ' 
I'Irnie llOlst -'Orc 
Nrt'rnva.n ■ Mb.oh ■ :-;: . 

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B.uddy ^ 
l>'on . Arden. ' '. 
CbihhVodbru.bles .'6-. ■ 


Bob,. Chest i('i'' . Ore ' 
ilrtcKlft' Fisher; ■ ■ 
Pa.t' .Nasca ■' 
Arhy;CufvaI.i: \' ' ."'■> 
Hblfl. Stittler ; 
(I'«|rriice Koitin) . \ 

Nat Br.^hdwyhhft Or 
Wynne Patterson 
3. Olympics;.' 

Nortliw.boil:. Inn . 

Ray Carlin Ore 
•La -R.uo;PnrkeT -'• 
Monty Wysong- . 
Ariirtih Ma.'r\:bi 

• 'Powiiian' .-. 

.S';:Pl«yhoys . . 
Jiidy Btirrb - 

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4 . Deb.ul;tnli>s : ' 

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' KdTl li.^.W'ilsba'. 

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Hill bo;i rd ■ il !\ Pl<^ . 

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irc.ii. Jiji'i cldiian. . 
Cecil Lye 'Or'o ■ 

..Vaiitlje m: 'ir,ovv'ard.' 
..MHrion Kay, • • . 
}t;<'y lOngl'ish' •' .- . 
Kili.lh B.idiiri. ." 
Will I Ceiidvr.son: Grbv 
.;t •\'Mlves 

'BolHij'd. De ':" 
■ ..Trh*Fo'rjy'.'ciub'-. 

Adorablpfi"..*.B) '.' . ' 
Jh c 1.V Dri 11 gl .-tji • ' : - ; 
Pilc'i'in^ Daltj^ . )'v. ' - 
.Vlll xl". Wayiie; '. . ■. 
■Tt.orlA .-ftoinaiibJT -' ..':■- 
Ooyle; MVlvay';(>rc'.' -: 
::.''iVehNter ' HhII -'' '' 

..v^:(cocki'u'!i <;ri|i); ;'-.:-:, 

Bil'i'inor'e'-Bby; :bi'0 
IVo'r.oiliy. Mayo'. . ; 
lj|xie Fran.cis. ■ 

Illll :Green*M , 

Tohnny Oic 
lack Edfnondaoii 
Pnul ,Hni mon . 
Kdwai'd Isulner - 
Henry; Milli-c 
Jat>'v.ed,e .\i.el.sbri ' r' : 

Htiflem CaVilno ' 

iTliTDiiy .Wadk'iiis i;>i 
Rhytlnn I'als / 
r<arry Steele .' ■ 
Hplfh VV.llos . . '■ 
Uavis & J>(iv|.i< 
Sparktiliig.: tieorue 
ISmina •.'?tuilh 
i;-Hiirlehib(l'ei •'■ . ": '■ 
Lillian': Young. .' 

iiot«^I.Hp»ry V 

llttlphlfarWson Pre 

TltTSfiyKOH V '^ ■';'■:;' 

Jtlhlel; Hnoitev.elt 

■3 ; (^i>(' . jleers^. : ;' 


, .iTD.wdy BM.i'iin '.O.i'b '.■ . 
. Kredii. TiHicieiVi..' '" • , 
H'll Y.Y. A;.s fp'n -■. ..■ ■-. 

^Hrti|('t: ivelwliif ^kxi: 

.•Mii.l.or <)li.i'ipj< . pro:'. •;. 
-llHlpii . ' -: ;• 

'.-.ibhiinv . b'lii'f.y ' . .• ■ - 
Htitei Williiini Peim, 
■■':■•-'. ''.•;.;(<*rl II >■ '.%;;;-■' 
-. tv in (r'.-5 Jpsi tj-i-'s. .- • ■.' ; 


. ( C oht III ei I i I* i . Hi« •■ > ■ . 

(!uii I'd.-iinrtti 

. r. ILillii'n .iia'nlen'. 


(Conttiiyed 'on page '55) 

tFea«csd March 2, I^lj? 



H6w the^^ 

• • • . - v : ; ;, -Cpgenhagcn, Feb. 22. 

V^^^^ irt Ametica, critics in Denmark 'do: hoi away 

from the theatre at the beginning of the last: act to make their :^ead-; 
jjne. Ihsteiad; they seei the last reheirsal (with an ?iudiehce consisting > 
pt a'ctorsi students and the press)/ write' their r6vieW^ attend the- 
first night to get the puljjic^^ Theri/ they add a leW; lines to' 

the Teview after tfce premier^^^^^ 

; Incidentaily, Danish; chtics ; write the longest reviews in the world, 
Both film and legit notices often run three or four colurrins^ , And after 
'the: review itself there usually is a humorpus : piece . about the show, 
the audience, the author, and; SO; om^ ;^^ 


.;• ■'■Washiffiton,CMarch;. 
; Day-long, committee . h , on 

the Pej)per-G,offee 

day ) i ollowed tfie pattern of the 
, xeceiit Sirbyich, session. Presehtr 
jtieasurei wpu^ institute a fFederal- 
iyrsubsidized theatre and arts prQi- 
; ect, ' taking . thosib works . bodily out 
■6i the WPA. . During the early part 
of the hearing, Mtis. Hallie Flanagan, 
head Of the Federal Theatre ;I»rojec^^^^ 
■ : Mrs. . Ellen; S. W.oodward, -,MPA Arts; 

Project, .director, and pther; govern^ 
. inent art specialists sUbinitted to s^n- 
: atorial. quiz. - ' -i' ■ 

■ Uhusuiai interest • in the fihaihciaV 
•workings of the legislation was dis- 
played by Senator Ellehder of Loui-; 
:tiiana; ,>yho - wanted khpwv if .; as; 
many indigent artiits could be cared 
■ for under the proposed $30 minimum 
wigie as are curirentiy enriplpy 
WpA at a ieSsfer figure; ppiios^^^^^ 
lo the biU. will, cphie' tbmprroiw 
. (Wednesday ) when Jack Frost, fep- 
reseiiting IDancingv Masters bf Amer- 
: Jca, will, point out that, the ; job.s of 
. apprbjtimateiy 20^000 dancihg teach- ; 
. will ;be jeopairdized by the leg- 
V j.siatibn.. Cost .of prbyidihg free ^ gpvr 
/ crnme'nt., .dancing lessons, would, run. 
nbout $30,000,000 annually, Frost will 

' Another Opponent of the bill iwill 
; te Albert Reed, Counsel fpr the Fine 
■Arts Federation. Individuals depeh-i 
dent on art teaching hay e been . in 

• the dark about the ! Coffee-Pepper 
: hearings, .. according to . complaints. 

■Whether any witness will turn up 

• ■• to, protest in the . name ' of America's 
.. rniislc. teachers is as yet Undeter- 


Big names from the world of art 
converged /yestierday (Monday ) for 
the bpening of hearings on this bill. 

Drawing considerably more promr 
ineht witnesses ; thaii did the late 
Sirpyich hearings oh a measure to 
, establ ish a U. S, Department of Fine 
; Arts, the bill sponsored /by Senatpl' 
' : Claude Pepper; of Florida, and; Rep-- 
resentative John M. Coffee, of Ne- 
braska, both Democrats, numbered 
among its first-day spielers Iiillian 
. Gish, Jane: Cowl, Burgess Meredith 
and <>rsoh' W(eUesr:Theoctore br 

• Waldo Pierce and Rockwell Kent, 
artists; Roy. Hjirris, Manhattan cpm- 
poser; .'Stuart .Davis, national chaiir- 
man of the American Artists' Cbn^ 

■ gress .and others. .■ . ■: "^^ ;v ' v.". ' ' ',V.'.- 
\ With everyone as enthusiastic as 
., possible in the hush-hush atmps- 
; phere . of Senate, committee, thd 
croup endorsed. , the idea of govern - 
, ment. patronage of six arts— pia:stic. 
' ■graphic;, theatrical,. d^iice/^^- 
; crture and architecture.- 

Acting as head of the 'Federal arts 
coiTimittoe,', Meredith,- Actors ;Eq'ui.- 
•Oty's .acting prez, . told . the suhcom- 
rfiittee- of the Senate Education and 
. - Labor group that a 'natiori : which 
,: sings, Ipaintsj ; dances .and attbnds: the 
Iheatre is'.a better nation.' 

Senators were .told by "Welles. 
:' f sctoic, d irector : and producer, 'that 
the arts 'are ;^ in. importance to 
'feeding, the stomach,' while . Lillian, 
. Gish, who looked demure and girl-. 
3»h, ■ : sjDite of. her .loni» cairefer on 
. 'stage and screen,., ballyhoned the 
'ma,c(nificentV work .pf the WPA .Fed- . 
: ' ..eral theatre, p^^ 

:: extended in perpetuity under terms 
■■ of the: proposed iegislation. • > .■:•:;■• ; .;• 
- ■ THoufih ; few spectatbrs braved the 
Senate, Rho\y, ' the princibals far out- 
."ihone. the witnesses who appeared 
; a couple of weeks ago to testify be- 

fore the Sfrbvich cohfiriiHteev ISiro 
vich nieasure, .which provides for a 
y. Si Department of . Fine . Arts, With 
a: Cabinet ".member at the top,, still is 
peacefully sieeping 'in . . committee, 
whicli 'executive sessibns' ai^ w^ 
Broadway siari wiere ; to have been 
heard still in the dim future. :,:' 

Any syinpathy which the Adminis- 
tration' may feel toward .the- finei' 
things of life is ^rnbre; apt ex- 
tended to the CbfTee-Pepper bill, ob- 
servers agreeid. Witnesses who .really 
tiirri: Up, insfead of .sending 
Of ; regrety will help tile bill along, 
but hot much hope is entertained of 
enactment during the presient ses- 
sion .of Congress. . Friends tif . the 
measure will appear at future hear- 
ings dming the .weiek. , . . 

Topiiotchcrs CanVt Afford 
Paid Post -T. Ret urn to 
Former Policy Seen Likely 
—New President, Ist yice- 
President, 10 Counci 1 
Meihbers to Be Elected 
This . Year—But Associap 
tion Is Busy with Other 


.. Eiigene d'Neiirs . cycle of plays, for 
which; the Theatre; Guild has been 
scratching its, palmi in impatience for 
the last twO year s,.;wiU .not be ready 
beforie next season. Dramatist has 
three of other plays completed in pre- 
liminary form, but they will have to 
be rewritten. Hash't even cpttipleted 
the others. . ■ 

.Original: aim' was . 'to make the 
cycle consist of eight plays.. Idiea was 
latter tentatively changed to , nine 
plays, but no definite decision on the 
exact number has been : reached. 
Dramatist is at his home in Oakland, 
Cal., and, except for his chrohic 
rheumatism, is in good health. : He is 
reported working steadily on the 
dramatic, series. . His last play. on. 
Broadway was 'Day s Without End' in 
January,. 1934. It was a failure. 


Engrossed in othesr .prpblems,. Ac- 
tors Equity \ Assh. has given little 
attentibn ' to choosing a new presir, 
deht at the coming election, although 
the . nominating - comrtiittee " slated 
to select a ticket ^this rtipnth;/ Presi- 
dent,- first yice-president, . 10. n^W or 
renamed members: Of ' the council, 
plus , six replacements to that: body, 
will constitute the slate unless there 
are opposition candidateis not indi- 
.cated at this time. : ^ . : : 

Burgess Meredith, recently made 
first .vice-pre!5ident;ahd acting- head 
of - Equity , when ' Frank Gillrnore 
stepped put to hande . the reorgan- 
ized Associated ; Actbrs and Artistes 
bf Amenca, . has declared several 
tiiheis that he Wiirhbt be: a:- candidate, 
for president. ., Says the job is too 
exacting' and that he wishes to pur- 
sue his stage career^ Thought pos- 
sible, however, that the youhg actor 
might be pressured to change his 
mind, although he denies; it. Point- 
ed but that Equity's routing iaftairs 
would : be ^conducted . by ;the ; execu- 
tive--secretary, as has ■ been .. so since 
the assbciatioh was formed. 

Internal strife in : Equity ■ dates 
from .the time- when it elected a sal--, 
aried president, Gillmore being the 
first Stated .that (aillmbre did hot 
want to accept the post,- preferring 
toi : retain • the .- ex'ecutiye-secretan^- 
ship, now in the hands, of Paul. DuU- 
zell. He predicted; a trying job as 
president, and: Was subsequently 
heckled and criticized almost con- 
tinuously. • 

Gillmore welcomed the escape 
which opened ■ up - when the ; plan to 

(Continued on page 48) '. 

; : Sidney B. Whipple, pf the N. : Y: 
WbrldrTelegifamV newest, among the 
drama critics, has contacted the: ma 
azine Liberty, takinig exception ..tb 
criticism of him; in last week's in- 
stallment of \ ex-Gbyernbr Harold 
.Hoffman's story v Shout Bruno Haiipt- 
;mannr;Wheh HOffma^ 
of N<iw .:■ Jersey - he; insisted - that 
Hauptmann was hot the- only pne 
involved in the ,Liridhe;rgh:;kidha:p- 
ping, and: his story is based on that 
contention. \ 
. . Whipple, who covered thie trial for 
United ',;. and -recently ' wrote; a 
book : the HaujJtmann i . case, is 
steahied- up pyeir Hoffman :of 
ihaceuracy. Reviewer declares the 
fbi'mCr gdyerabr is Wrong ahd' it is 

■ iVrtdcrsto'^od . that. Whipple wahts'r his 
side of the yarn put forth by the 
weekly^,- although • he has indicated no 
intentlbh of suing -for. libel. - . 

Whipple was assigned to coyer 
Broadway Shows this sea'sbh ■ by: the. 
- WT, /Berth - had ^ been : h eld down - by. 
Robert Garland a perio.d of 

years, Jbut last .' season Douglas Gil- 
bert was the., reviewer^, Latter 'is 
again ? writing by-lined- ■ feature 

■ stbrics : for. the daily, a series oh old- 
time song h its beiiig 'due, sboni- 

;, Agency -buy for 'Pihs dnd. Needles,' 

orie of the freak clicks of the, season, 

was. changed by- the management 

last week, when the latter objected 

to tickets, being sold for $6.60. Box 

pffice price is $2.75. . . ■ . 

:'. Mbrie.t.han 100: tickets; h^ been al- 
lotted to. the brokersj: ■yvho ; f epbrted 
lately the demand for the. shbw:'had 
dropped. 'Aiiotment .is. now' given: toi 
two or three . agencies;. with tlie : pro 
viso:tbat- not "moi-e ftheh; 75c. pxcmliim . 
be charged.- ■ ' 

, >Agehcy' men slated that only a few 
tickets had commanded excess pr^icc-s 
among members :';bf exclusive. dubs. 
They also said- . thjit. •Pihs^. tickets, are 
not bringing more than the regular 
75c advan ce. Sho w\ i s' spotted -in the 
small •; Labor. ' Stage,' formerly ; the 
PrliicesiS;; -; .It ■ is- • sponsbred.' by , the 
Ladies jhternational Garment Work- 
ers ■ 11 n ion, -with the actors .-•recruited 
frorn sliops and offices in .lhc nearby 
garment center. . ■;-; : - -, ;'v'V;- 
-:;.;:LbiUs' ScbaW<;r;'; manager; of^^^^ 
sho-\v. for .the-..uhion', ■ r.e'cei.i-tly 
.ed lh'/ brokers ::fis 'ijuyb,i\s,f D 
in. .the'; cl;pak and'' sui^-jti^^ 
-ren(ed-.a ;ropjyi ."i: . -.hole j' and served 
refreshnionts -\vhen a deal .•\v;a.'^-. made 
'wiihi-th'fe: figphcic.s to....scn his -ticlccts.- 
• '^When- he hoaixl bf- hi^h^^^^^^^^^ 
cured • Schaffcx;: had blher' 'nam 
the agency men. . 

pear 'Brother Rat' 

.-:v Gii:l autograph hounds, who 
■ ' wait* around ; the : stagedoor- bf 
. the ; Ambassador the. 
'Brother Rat*' aictprs, have cov- 
' ered th'is.^; whitewashed . alley 
walls ' with .tjehciled; messages. 
'Place looks like a • schoolyard 
; fencei: ^ Besides ... - the Usual ; 

thoughts • expresised :.:,are ; such 
.. beefs as /*Wbv do. the Brother.. 

Rati take ■ so lohg ; 'to . get 
■■ dressed?' • ■.■;''.::..-'.-■■. 

Some of the: femmes even add 
• their phone nunibers. 

- Theatre Guild is making available 
its out-of-tbwn ; subscription lists to 
more ; presentatiohs; of other manage- 
ments. : . Deals are • being made in as- 
sociation with the American Theatre 
Society., Latter's subscrip^^^^ 
.spnie key .stand's , has been. cbmbincd: 
■with, the Guild's for several :seasohs.. 

; Outr^ subscribers are guar- 

anteed a certain number of: shows 
each seasbn and when lapses occur 
such as when the Guild's productions 
are . riot toured, other : shows- are 
switched. in to complete the ; sched- 
ule. •;\ ',:;;---^ .;- -..:; : .■:■•.■'•'■';;: ;V 
: Managements of outside . shows 
have expressed ; satisfaction over the 
.subscriptibh bookings. Such presen- 
tations may obtain the benefit of the 
lists at a cost of $250 per stand, Re- 
quiremeht is . that ticketis must, be 
sold to subscribers fpr. a reduced 
irate, as for Guild shows. :. Value of 
subscription support was indicated 
by the grosses registered by some 
shows this ,s asbn, when takings; 
were better out of town than on 
Broadway. : • -; , . 

when arrangements arc made a 
season in adya'hce butside: presenta- 
tions 'are given thei same 'service as 
handed Guild productions. Sub- 
scribers are sent :iiterature - at inter- 
vals:artd in somie stands, such as Chi- 
cago, a ^ gross of' $15,000 weekly is 
guaranteed. Cost of the full service 
is $500 per booking, z; ; 

'. American Theatre . ; ; Society is ' a 
subscriptioh: mpyement started by 
the Shuberts during a period when 
they were at. odds . witu the Guild. 
.By corhbjhing the two, it is claimed 
that: the poMibie ;theatregper'.s, 
list resulted. Fact that most of the 
touring show.!?' -play Shubcrt theati-es 
but of town is;an advantage to. that 
firm. :. V ' . ■'-" - : -.: ] 

Guild has hau a w^ak sea son. -f or; 
its out-of-town customers th is ; seasbn 
and to complete. . its current sched- 
ule willcp-preseht 'Father Mialachy's' 
Miracle' • " asspciatiph with .i Delps 
Chappcll:., When ''le latter proposed 
abandoning the play last fall . the ■ 
Guild : expressed wiliinflriesi :to: ; - 
qUire the rights.' 'Miracle' -leayes 
the road , next week, closing .at . the 
St. Jamies. N. Y;, next Saturday f 5 ). 
It was ..supposed to move from the 
latter ' spot' to :the ; Guild theatre. 
.N. Y,, some : ,.3ek?-agb> but a labor 
-union situ'atipn\pr;cycntcd; the .■s\yi-t'ch. ■ 

Mrs. Railing*^ Bkptcy. 

' Lulu. .Railing, profession ally a.=; 
Curtis . Burnley kailingi;a', .filed 
a ' ' petition in bank ruptcy in N, ; Y. 
federal ;cPui't, . .Thursday ,(24), ■.li.stii.-i'g: 
her .debts, at. $29,442 with no ■■. assets. 
jViiss Rail'ing gay vh^ir address.. /,2345; 
'Broadway... and^;;:hcr:...pci^^ 
she- ,was-.':,uncler : criflag<!ment- wi(,h-. 
George.-.Abbott- at - the. Am 
theatre in 'Brother 'Rat.' -. ';'. ■ 
: The;.'- 132- creditors ; are- mo.<;t1y; 
tradespcbple ,pf : various Connecticut . 

Right of Equity as - a labor unipn ' 
to en I .. intb a contract -with, an put-:: 
side: groiip; for, the; purpose of regu- 
iating a ■: business:" . such: as ticKet 
ageh.des. has: beeri /questioned, l; "That :. 
iiiif preseeh: angle cropped up . . at 
council session last week and ibef pre. 
proceeding .further Equity Will first 
6bta| an,^ as to: the;: iegalUy ': 

pi thV/proppsed.iagreemeht, ■ ■; 
.~ / IS'ohHinion group, referre is 'the 
managerial :--Lsague of :- New York' 
Theatres. ; Latte'r; proppsed that 
Equity: issue preferential contract 
to members of .the League, the latter 
to withhold ailbtmcnt . of tickets to • 
agencies, which charged .excess: pirices.- 
Equity , has .; been inullingjthe ticket;, 
situation f Or. spme tinic,'.ahd:;asked the 
league to follow- the isugsjestibhs of 
the Amerieah ifhe^tre-: Council -to 
control agency prices,; V 'ri'-'^ 

It was first; proposed "by Equity ; 
that a ; stipulation be made in con* 
;tracls :to~: the;.: effect that/'actbrs -be' 
prohibited :wbr.kingvf or: ahy nrianager - 
who; did not subscribe to the ATG; 
ticket- control idea. Manaigers coun- 
tered' ^vith the idea ; bf ;a preferential-. 
agrebment for a trial.period of one 
yeari durihg which Equity Woiild npt ; 
adopt new policies, ' 

If Equity proceeded along the lines: 
,br i gin al ly .suggested it would be in 
the position .of calling a partial strike 
a-t- wiih ; Associatibri; eSpla^^^^^ 
.eyer, that it would not- so act unless 
a majority of league members con- 
curred that the rules, were .violated 
by any speciflc member or members. 
League argued thit' a ;iess adyanta- 
gebus coritract to nori-members of thj 
league, or; those' dismissed; wbuld be.' 
a more effective solution^ 

. Any such agreement must now 
await; the legal ppinibn, also the at- 
titude- of other stage uhibnsv .^hich 
would, be aflected lh case actors weire; 
ordered out. : ■ ;■.:.•: ■ 


Pictures rights of .'Rbosty,* drama 
which, was withdrawh recehtly after 
one week at the Lyceum, N, Yi, have 
been purchased by . Metro, : Sales 
price was $11,000. .Deal was arranged 
on the Coast, with the. Orsatti agency . 
acting as the broker. 

■ Hollywood buys are away, under 
normal, . 'Ropsty' being bniy the 
second B'^O'^dway play acquired so 
far. this season. .- ■, .;: :, ■; 

■ Next; production by Albert Lewis, 
who produced 'Rbosty,' will be • 
Coast try out bf 'Romance, ph Rye,' 
by : Martha. Klauber \ and; Arthur 
Jarrett. , •' ; ■■ 

; . Figures, to bring . the .. show to 
Broadway next fall. 


■ Katharine Cbrnell will not make: 
any .' stage ; appearances this - ■.season. 
Ten tative plafig have been. set. back 
until next fall. Star made a definite 
d.cci.sibn f ol.ipwing . fcports; ;:pf ;;W^ 
tended:. London date,: alsb : that :;she 
\va ,5 ; con.sidering -a ' play 'r'ot'-i foreign 
aullioirhip. No ; - play - haS'v been, 
selected; -for hor:r.eappcai"arice,- but it 
-will "probribl.y be the . work;:: bf ;ah 
American .dramatist when •: slie - dpca 
ret! u p lo the boards. ;- ;;: ;■; ■ :'' .': '; 
.. Wprld .toiir. .was intended ■for^^.-M 
.Ct) rn. tl.1 ,- . :. .star ti n g' iis . ■■.sp r i'ng, i;:; bpt ; 
.^uch; /plans wcr<j^ab'an.doncdr'' 
ing' the death yf .Ray He'hdcrsph,':hc^^^^^ ; 
:i'c pre so'h t'a t i vc , , \y h rtr-i'e' .i n conipfetc • re-:' . 
port oppo.scd the idea ''after; he had 
covered some of the territory. ;. : 

\(7idniis<Iayi Mat 


Coniedy; in three (ie'ts pi'esontej ait the 
-»IarHn-Becfc:^'eb; -28r -'38,-^ by Max : «.oi don 
In- aaso'clotlQn with Sum H. Hftrrls; wi'ltteh 
by. KatUarlhfl D'h y(6n',. slufipd. by Kobei t .B. 
Sinclair; $3.;iO top,.: 

P^inee Paul<,,.i.;; 

Prliicesa' Clniiilliie, 
. Kirsten. . , ;■, ;„•. ; . . 

King Frerterlok XV . . .-. 
, Queen BlIzMbcth ■ . . . .•. . 

Stefnn '. , . , ; ,-. , ... .1 v..,; 

Cbuntcsri ^'i.ulvowska . ,1,' 
. Von- Bethninnn. ... ^> 

Jon Bra'-sch . , ) . . , 

Count von Strogonov: . 

Tniniffrr:;-:v7.;v.:.7; .". 

Elf rMa: \Vel7.el. . . . . 

Elnier Wetzel . i v .-. 
: Priore . CJiioi'gd . . v . . ; < . , 
Chancellor.. . . . . *^ . . i . a 

Chapelc. . < .'. ; , ; .; , . 
Stroock. ,'. i '. i ;Vi 


Peasant Women; . 

. . '. , .'-.Lnuren. 0ill»p.rt' 
i'.Inne ' Wytitt 
iSloltv PeoTBOn: 
,'. . i ; . . Led XS.- .CirrfjII 
.. . , '. , Mndy ■Ch'rl,'!tjfiTia 
, . . ;. •. Pcrek :Vn I nnah' 
VvLniirn 'Ilotic. Oowa 
,.. . Arthur ehaitierton 
John Etner.v 
-J. «... 't.JReiiinftWl „Bi) oh 
..liGeorpe :MnpreHily 
:. , . i Brehd.i- ■ f'oi'l)es 
. .Fred tr.vlnit JiewLs 
.. .Mjoslle HiciTle' 
. . .^^hVea- ."^oclby 
.Frnnols Plprlot 
r . . Arnold Kor'ff 
.Slnrtha • PledpVr- 
.. f Mnry T(,epv.«>3.- 
. , , .{ Mnry . ,H6\V.e»... ■ 
■ i Jonny 

: Max Gdrdon .has been .takjiig his 
time about producing thi$ season and 
eyideritly.' was not so stire . of this 
script: but ; provided the .bliay with a 
siplehdid production with .doiibtf ul 
reisults. . . ... 

First .n'ightejrs' : expected, a gayer, 
perfdrmance f irdrn ' the authoress, 
who collahbra ted oiii the laugh" rous- 
ing 'The. First Lady' a; season or so 
ago. 'Save Me the Waltz' is romance, 
tied iip with .;the . gold ' . braid . of 
royalty. Season- has befen : woefully 
lacking in cbniedyv arid isudh a play 
would haye . been ' easy pickii^gs at 
this time. . \ • - 

Playls outstanding: feature - is its 
cast of excellent i)layers., whd get the 
lirtiit oiit of th^ lines/ but tjhie ; idea 
of hUmamzing a dicta does hbt 
quite . jell. ; Locale is a' isnlaU Euro- 
pean 'cbyntrK which has vbecome.. a. 
dictatorship. ■ Most of. . the . rpyail. 
family is coptent In. their country 
tjistle, the king indulging in faisihg 
cows; \ One. of his thrills ds. . the re- 
ceipt ;bf a. Sears: Roebuck catalog; 
Only , the: dueen hankers for the 
thrdnei bUt their; son. is wrapoed up 
in ■ composing waltzes, while the 
princess, is an uniafFecited girl glad 
to be freed of fofmiilities.- : 

Joh. Brasch, the dictator,' arriyes 
on the scene exhibitihg the traits of 
a radical. ^ He proposes that Princess 
ClftUdihe wed the tirincfe of alndther' 
country, which has agrepd to ihake a. 
lofin if the fiUiance is cortisummiated; 
But after a few hdUrs with Claud ine, : 
Birasch is . Sorry he: maide the. deal, 
pilot being transiparent with the iih- 
pendihg Tdmahcfi. : ■ 

'The ./BJcpectant prince,, toting an 
English diialect, turns out to ' be a 
candid caiinera fiend, which is .sup- 
posed to be one. of the comic bits of 
the play; Among his oi-ders to the 

Sedple, Brisch has forbiddeh waltzr 
ig, also the drinking dt chocolate— 
anything that m&y keep: the people 
too satisfied. In the- end, however, 
the man A in love . changes: ^his mind, 
willing : to make ahy ' ddncessions, 
even to having the royal, family re- 
occupy .the palacd. Opposed is the 
king, who prefers the countty life as 
against the arduous routinii of ruling. 
./ Character" ; of . Brasch ; ' hatdly 
ihnatches the American conception of 
Eiiropeah dictators, despite a stern 
exterior, Trio of radical rulers; by 
the way, are' mentioned by namd in-, 
hiarsh terins. John Emety, however, 
supplies an, exqdUeht Brasch,: teiiiir 
pered by romance/ ' ■•: 

Jane Wyatt, Tecrulted frow Park 
avenue several seiisons ago, makes 
a tHorduRhbred of Claiudine; and she 
is missed %henyndt oiiv the stage, 
Mady Christiaihs. as the queen, gives 
one of her best performances over 
here. Leo G; Garrdll is excellent as 
the drdll king. Laura , Hope Crews 
is ' a bubbling . countess. Martha 
Sleeper, another attractive triember 
of the eixcfeDtiohal player group, ab-^ 
pears only in the last scene, but' she 

^■^ -helps;: - --".^ .• 

'Waltz' may prove a femmme ar&yr 
despite the chances against pooular 

'Censored' being a novelty is proved , 
wasted effort, slim thtsatre fare. ^ 
■ Showman secured, the rights last 
surhmef whein .he btdwsed arOUtid 
Hoiiywodd where 'Cerisdred' was an 
over-rated. WPA. affair at the tirne. 
Figured as a . istunt, the; 'miat.nager an- 
ticipated some rewriting would make 
it .serviceable; stage property, Max 
Marcin, who collaborated on , a num- 
ber- of Woods'- melddramatic sucr 
cesSes, did the r^visidri.. Just what' he 
added is not clear,: nor it is known' 
whether the play .is in better form 
how than driginally. :" ; "/;;^ ' V ■ 
.No. doubt. one feature of. the^melo^ 
dramatic comedy that snared Woods 
is a cdurtrdoni scene %hich occupies 
the. isecdhd .act, for the manager s :hit 
record, includes trial Scenes iii sev-. 
erial plays.. Instead , 'of suspense wand 
Vrhelodi-amatics, however, : the coUrt^j 
rdoms in 'Censored' is on the farcical 

side..': ■. 

. Tirst iact is three-scened, opening 
in .a lodging, hduse where young acr 
toi- and his wife arie eking cut. an 
existence; ; He hals.. written a war 
drariia td end War. An alleged rack- 
eteer agrees^ to back thd show, open- 
ing night of which, is the next. scene, 
that: of a trench. Third' scene iis^that 
df'^ French bawdy hduse: behind , the 
lines; Then the cops raid the pro- 
duction. :■ ^' ■^...: ■■. .: ii.. '':. 
. : At the trial, durmg which there 
are some diverting: jnd 
:spihster .dramatist testifies - against, 
the actors, :whd are found guilty. 
Hdwever, at the suggestion /of- the 
: jury; the judge suspends sentence: 
provided the authdr aind other: de- 
fendants agree, to appear in the Play 
as ■ written:: by. the. .hlue-n^^ . old 
maid; Grass-carpeted trench .with 
potted plants is her Idea Of the front 
lijne. but the author and actors: rebel, 
reverting to doughboy • terms and a 
sit-do Wh strike is decJared:r^author 
saying that is what will happen: dUr^: 
•ihg-'the;next.-.^var.::;. '■■.-/■'^ 
' There are laughs in the: finale sec-: 
tidh df the show, but so. much of . 
th^ performance: tests the credulity 
of the audience that the: play ■ is uiv-; 
redeemable.: ; - ' .j'iy' - ■- 
The actors do hot help, yet there 
are a whol6 lot of them; Maybe that 
is why; With the idea of , injecting 
fuh into the last act,^ extra programs 
billing the spinster authdr's work as 
>suegested' by the original were; dis- 
tributed, but thait didn't: help either.: 

<Dirainatfc SchoolVr- Phillips 

."■ and' Barrett; ■'':.;'. '■ '- :■'.,•'•' 
'All the Living ' — Cheryl 
Grawiprd ahid John Stillmin, J r. 
" ''Sea Gulir (i-evival)— .theatre.. 

■ . 'Sprinff . i'Thaw' - : (revised) .,— :■ 
Max Gdrdoh. ■ r..-' / 

'You If ever Kiiow^-^Shuherts. 
'Empress ; ." df ' '- 'bestlny'VEredr 
-:erick- Ay er;.": • ■ :" ..-'■ 
; 'The rHill petweeft'-i-Rdbert; 

Porterfield. •. ■ ' '' ■ 

. 'Sdhdolhouse ;^ oii the Lotf— r; 

■ Philip: ^Dunning;. ■ 

/ 'Siuiply, Henry ;Hogg'-T'Th<5r 
atre. Guild and Actors. Rep: 


Driima ^Iri :threa 'acts '(foOr 8cen:eS)v. Vt^- 
sented by the Play Room Club, N;.- Y.. at. 
Its xiluljTOoriisi '.Feb. S7;. '38: written /by 
Jamfe's Parish;. .stapeil - by. Joan Hathaway. 
Ailnilssion- to merhbeis and Invited .guesta 
only..' ■ :■-:•■■ -' X-^ '■' 
Ellen Van Vblkenburg 
.„ . . . HouSeley .Stevens 
Robert Hainley 

M.irtha Win.sloe; , 
:\ndre-iv- Wlnaloe . . , . 
M^irttn : Wlnsloe. . . . ; . ; . 

Mary .Wihsloe , v. . . .Wlhslpei ..v.'j . . . »...'• ' 
'l-itjoy'. * . ;■;'■.-;. i.-. ...» • . » . < 

Richard ' .Gui'Tiey. . ; . . 
neiijamln. ..LassJ.ea. . . 
Sarah Carter. . . ... ... . ... i 

.First Woma^.'Seiircher.-. 
Second Woman : StSnrqber 
Constable . .'. ; . . ...« 

Nurao-keeper,.;.> ... 
Watchmun..;. ; . . . 




. ;Ann. Tyrrell ; 
, ;PeeKv Gonyerse 
Claire- Eviins, 
,,.Ilusscl Coriway 
i.;. William. Hunt- 
. . . .lioiilse . Martin- 
; Roberta. Rcanian: 
;:Amy lAFollette 
vLlovd BrldRes 
Katrlha WaltlnGtord 
.....;. Burton Bowen 
•. ,-. . .; Spencer James 

fiESftir siii^RS to 


Ext^a>playei^ ih the:iSlert 
atre.- prdductioh oX 'Julius Ga 
the^ l^ktional/^v Y;;^Virill^^ a si>e-- 
ciai performahce df ;the drarria .-n.iBxt 
Monday CJ) at'.the Mercury and for 
one : of the :semi-weekly American 
Theatire- Goun(iil a.uditions^: .'William 
Herzi: Jri,.- fMerciiry casting; director. 
Is'- staging,.it.' .;;.:';' ■: ' ■ v. .'■ '.. ' 

Herz ik ialso working d^i. ah indie 
pEoductidn.df andthfer show, with the: 
necessary backing alrS.iady ' ; ■: the 
Works, but. the plan is :dnly. tetttative 
td 'xaater:"'.^?.-; ■ '.^' y:^^ ^-y-^-; ..:^. .^ :--^r:^ 

Visits Doc^ 

::';■'-■ - :--- -:,.''-.'i,.. Cleveland, Mirch I. 

iSpebial cast from the .Geleveland! 
Play House, is fi;dihg td. Charleston, 
Si -C., .• the • weeic; df 'M^ 7/ with; 
two .plays- to .present iSt the, historib 
Dock - Street- oldest; theitre; iii' the 
couhtry;.;-,/-" .■: .\-y': {.■'■■ ■'' ■■ 

: ; 'LibeU; ahji J'Am^zing' Dr^: :',Clitfbr- 
hOuse' .have .bebh; picked for openc 
in the Dock Street; which rah; up its 
first curtain .Feb. 12, 1736,: and was 
recehtiy,; restored by WPA . project at 
estiniateid cost of $300,b00^ ■ 

Comedy -In thre« abta ftresentc* at rthe 
loth Street; N. T;; Peb. W, '.18. by A -H 
Woods; wrltten:ijy Cpnrad Seller n,nd Max 
Marcln; Staged by /latter;- ^2.20 top. : 
MllUceht Redmond. . //. ; . VMoi-Jan Sliocklfty 
Arthur Redmotid ^ . . i . . . . . . . Fraink Lovejoy- 

Charlie thoTpfr;';i. ....,.:. . . .^'ercy Kilbride: 

Robert St'ewiirt.. . .. . .Br.\m Nos.sen 

JBabe Verona. . .V. .,.vi.. .MiirJorle:Pet«son 
Joe Veroha. . . . , . . . ; . . .. . . . - Don CostPllO; 

Snioke.; ; * . . . . . ; . ; . . . .. .Hubert Browh . 

Pike. , . . ... ... . . /.:.-.•;. . . . . .Richard Be.nnnll. 

Jerry. . ;. . .... ; . ; . . ; ..Vi . .. . ; ■ .DijVe. Miilleii; 

A Germftrt SoldlcV... . . . . Alvlii- Zobel 

Claudette; a plarilate. . ; . . . . H'hylllsvCorrteU. 

Williams ; . . ;;.;;.. . i . . ; ; . . ; Fred , Sea r.s 
Evette.'/,. . . . . ; .V. Catherine . I>ovelnce. 

Ahriette. ./. . . . . . .:i • .:. . .l^hylliw -I-IolHen 

Tortts. . . . ; . .... V. . . . . .T:ailh Arnold; 

BeulaV. .:,v.v. i Alyce ^I-Uwyn . 
A. Soldier; . ; /. . ..... . . ; . > . . . . .Mnitt Ammann 

Mltziv. . .;.... . . ; . .'. . . i »,.v. . .:;Glorla| t« 

j..RnIi>h Holland. 

;Arthur vlJUKli^a 
;. .'; ..Looh:'Stprn- 
;..W. A. Burnell 
Phyllis TTiimHipn 
.V. .Ryder - KPnn.e.~ 

play -.Rdom Club Is. one- dt : the 
town's many groups. / It's a serious: 
effdrt to furnish theatre people with: 
an: opportunity - to -: ,wdi:k oh new 
:scripts, atteh.d discussions, liave con- . 
certs and carry on sdcial activities.; 
In keeping with its ; spirit, :cofl€!e i$: 
served between acts:/ First /produc- 
tion was ' Jean i Goc teau's ; 'Infernal 
Machine/, which 'caused some stir. 
Second plaiy was . hot happily chosen 
ahd is extremely morbid- in,. Cohtent. 
. Gdricerhed with: a fiarhily living in 
Ldhdori's Gheapside during the 
plague: of , 1665i it has these charac- 
ters quarantin.ed by order of: the city 
authorities and ; locked up . under 
gUa'rd when their servant 'is discov- 
ered to be infected. Their lot is a 
miserable ope;; from-; which the. son 
and twd; daughtersi both about to be 
married, - seek td .extricate them 
■ selves. . '■: One , daughter '■■ does so ' by 
bribing the . night Svatchman -with, her 
body to be :alloi5ved to. escape/ td her 
■fiance, who at first rejects her/ T-he 
other : flees with . ■ her Idver : apd 
brother after: the latter shoots/ the 
ni^ht watchman; , The father niean- 
while has . died -of : the plague/ the 
family, .mdney has been stolen ahd 
;tHe. md'ther, is seen as infected/ and 
going to; her deaith as the pliay ends, 
• While the - play ha.s; absolutely hd 
commercial . possibilities^: being- rha- 
cabre thrdughdut and unrelieyed/by 
the slightest trace. d| humor/ it mahr 
X ; (Cdhtihued; ,dn piage 55) . / 

ea^nuel Blodeott; 
■ Slock. .. ... 

Sloan. . i ... . :. . . . * ■ 

Wilbur Rwectwood ; . , . . ; 

MsirRu6rlt&,-. , . . . .... ... ... 

Prioaecu.tor, '; . . -. < • • • • -' •. 

Court SlenoKrapher. ... 

Jurtfro Cameron ., < . ;■; . 
"Pefense -'Gb.uhspl . .'. ; ;..■; 

MIM Cllitterlmifk. .;,. . . . 

Mfss Blllle PQllcatbne;.. . 

Foreman; of the Jury . , . 

Orderly . . . ; i ; . . • • ; 

.vHunter Ghlla>v;«y 
. . .Carolyne -Norton : 
, ;;;; iPhyllls TjoIi:<<on; 
:•. . ;'Prank A r;rttr>\vfl. 
. vEdWftrd . 

. The first nighters wbrfi; rooters for. 

H; Woods, hoping that he had dug 
up a play that woiild register as /«reii 
or /better thah;.his last try, /'Niglit of 
Jan. i6,' but neither they nor the. 
Bianager got their wish, Instead; of 


. Mary Mason, Betty Philsdn/Onsldw 
Stevens, Robert: H; Harris,. 'Schodl- 

:house;Gh-.the-Ldt,'/.;. /., ■■ 

/Connie . :Nickerson^ : 'Brother :Rat' 
(N. .Y/-edmpahy).;^v//- ■. ■■ ::/:./::- ■:- >-": 
; Elizaheth Voungj . ,Leif : - Erikson, 
Sanfdrd .: Meisneiv./ John .Alexahdei", 
Sheila: Trent, Alicev John.. /Thomas 
:CoffiiT/Codk$/:'Ali;' the: Liyi^ig,' 
:. ;Cynthfa . Ciavahaugh^ '"iTou Never 
■KnQw.'/;>-:- / • :■:'■: . -.v^:. ■/■::- 
Harold: MbfTett, O; . 2/ Whitehead, 
'The: Sea Gull.' ■ . 

: .Guidd Nadzo, Maiy Philips, 'Spring 
Thav// :-. ^'i- ' -:;,:/.-.- 

: ■ V--;. ■'. .■';■ ■-■•'-. - V"'Biid^pest,' F?b;. -22,.;^ ; 
: . Greatest Stage; success ' of /the c.Ut- 
rent season : i$^^^ the reviyaV of: a 20- 
year-old pliay; .Ferenc'/ Herczeg's 
fllUe v Pox,' still ' going strotig :^f ter 
15.6 perfdrrnances.; at ;iCahiara ■ ;the- 
atre, ' with ' Gizi. : Bajor iri the; lead. 
Mariagethent had to :put off . Herc- 
zeg'^ he.W pliayi *Last Dance;* prpbiar 
biy ' until next /seaSoh ;oh. account of 
this: lanexpectedly ;ldnei: 

Simultaneously,' thete has been a 
reyival of 'Blue: Fox- in fierli.n, alsd 
with/great; success..: /"-;.'-v- 

(Contiiiued pa page 47) 


Tiather,-;Malachy's ' Miracle'' l^ 
the St. James,. N;. V;, - this 
(5) after 16 weeks.; : It goes on the 
roiaid,. Syhete/it .Will be presented; by 
Delos Chappeli, in asspdiatioit with 
the "rheatre GUild. ; Engagdmeht may 
show sotne- operating piroftt, ; but is 
stiU in the .red On piroduction, despitie 
unusUal ptess : breaks, .; 

.. Fathe'i:-.:Mala'chy> IVIiraQle-' / ;,'•.■■. 

; : bpehed Ndv; 17, '37.- .6nd:dis- 
:■ sentihg dpinid^ greeted' this,. 

other first stringeirs liked .it. 
' Watts /(Herald Trib),. 'You'll" 
lilce - it even , if ydu don't believe. 
. in .miracles/ Anderson ( jour'--; 
.. hal), 'Miracle is easier to take 
; on; faith;' Variety (BefOii'Mod-V 
■ ^ierate --succdss.'. ■. "■:'/ : ".: 

•Hdw To Get ..Tough About .: It' 
closed at the; Becic last Saturday : (26 ) 
after;. three vireeks less pnte: perform- 
iance. M.dderate business after fairly 
good press/ ' . 

; Hdw td, pet Toiigh Abpiki It 

; ;.;,he(i- Feb;.:8, :'38; Opihiohs . ; 
were divided^: .hjEsi'e/ 'Whipple. • 
:V(World-Tel(e), /• ♦Not / tod:." 'coh-^ ;/ 
.' viiicing;':; -•: -Cdlehiam./ ;(Mirrdr X /; 
: 'Belongs on youi' worth : seeing 
;listi';.-^''-yARrEi^y ■^fash't ;- 

endugh'' f or- Idngevitj^ :' / -'l. -■/;.;./• 

/ 'Murder, in tlid .Gathedral^ will -be 
withdraw;n:;.f rdfh;: Ritz' Saturday 
after; twp and one:-half . wcqks. ;. 

reorganize the Four A's wis adopted. 
During his regime as prez:sh0\y .bu^!-, 

iness declined. . M^ 
dwindled/ with resultant additional 
prdblems, including /tHe situa- 
tiori^ while, the : Oppdsition . stea^ 
strengthened... . Chahgies - ih rules, 
which provided three-year ter 
the / of ficerSf instead of the annual 
sdranible, did niot salve the ihcum- 
bency, as : shown when ;/. GiUmore 
jurhped at the -chaince t^ /withdraw. 
: It iis kno wn that . when johhvEmer- 
son/ who followed thd .late Francis 
.Wilson . as '■: hohorary : Equi^^^^^^ 
withdrew about, .fiye . years ago, the 
list of pdssibld candidates /wa^ 
tinized-; for a successor time after 
time, but without-t'esUlt/Namihg:^^ 
Gillmore;: who had served Equity; 
kince. its ihceptidh. Was^^^ t^ so-- 
iutioh at the tirtie.: .;;•;.' .-./■.-- ■■;-.- • '- 

-' ;■■ '// : ^a**'^ ; - '^ : f ■ 

: There iire ;doubtless : a humher of 
iaspirahts for the joh because of the 
sialary, ^apprdximateiy ^12,500 tier; 
ydar. indicatiohs are thait ah' hoh-^ 
orary president is preferable to the 
hieriibership at large; hd.^yever; part-: 
ly because it is' more .eedriomi.dal.. 
Dating ffom the . actors' .strike of 
1919; Pquiity: climbed steadily to bcr 
come the strphgest actor union, uhtil 
it was surpassed'; recehtiy' by .-the 
Scrieen i- Actbts' :,G.uild anid . subise-. 
qiiently; other pCTf oriher ^unidiis. ; 
V Few dUtstanding 
field can afford to devote tuU time ^ 
to heading;' Eqiuity.; Gonsldered. likeiy 
that; few tophpt.chprs wptild-be will-, 
iTlg td giy e oip ; the stage f dr the ; presT 
:ide.nqy^^ hpweVer;/as salary iahgle 
is. hardly a lure td. play dr^ Syhd can 
darn. • much ;mdrethah:^the..i^ 
apprdximately $25Q vveekiy./ ^ :/ 
; Thi-oughout the actpr^ r the. 
need / tor an iactiye- leader is recog- 
nizedr : whiethi^ of }a 

partrtime piresideht, -such as pdw; . or 
a; C salaried incumbent;' to ;; give ' :the 
post undivided attention.; C .: ; :: ' 

Equity :started the "season ; with 
many ■ issues aiiii ; prdblpnis to - be con- 
sidered, Sonne have been dispdsed 

of, but there ;' .,/•; hi|uc^^^ 
cdnsidered that: I'ecently it w 
- gested hp further hew^bUsiness cpme 
before- thd cO.uricil; until the present 
pendihg matters, aire taketi care of. , : ; 

Equity, likd other ' vfhiOns in the 
Four ;A's, faces the"; ;move of . the; 
lATSE (stagehands )/tp gobble; up all 
the adtdr-artist, iiniohsi and a con-, 
test nvay eventuate. 'That/would call 
for/streriigth ;in leadersM^ M : : , : ' / 
In conjiiiectipn with ' the : discussions: 
df a .ppssible : heW president ;. of 
vEquity, Meredith has indicated /he 
Will take no :part iii electioneer ing 
or :even in- thfe choice .of " candidate^ 
His decisidh, hd'wever, ■ is ; based -oh 
thd likelihdpd df one Of the; 'J^^ 
er' : members heing .slated, for- the 
pdstf ' if one df; the, ultra-ddhserVaiT 
tive .factidn in the. association is 
pushed :f or the dftide,; Meredith, will 
take active part ,ih the Oppositidh, he 
'has -explained... :-"v/ - . . 
... ;. /:/' -.; ; >ietedlth's:'/ ; -'. -•.i 
In accepting the jdh Sis tempdrary, 
head of Equity, Mei^edlt he Was 
actuated solely by the ddsire to jehd 
:friction Within the various grpupis 
in the association. Tdi a large extent 
he has:/succeededr irt ; that /^piurpdse. 
Patchirig . up: dt this recent scrap ; be- 
tweeh Kifnneth Thdihson, SAG ex 
;ecutive-secretai:y, .: and the ; Philip 
Loeb-Geotge Heller group in Equity, 
:Was credited to Meredith's Wprk as 
'intermediary. ;V /: 
. .Npvei,: angle. on the ascendancy of 
the jinsUrgents td cpntrdl .Equity, is 
the fact that ; aftet /seVerii years of 
active . fighting/ the group how 
itselji in: the saddle .Without having 
been yoted ihtd power. ; ;AUhough 
they polldd : a vote ot] about 40 % of 
the riiembership at last:)^ 
tidns, : tiiey actually : lost' the contest 
since ; they, did riot haye a: presidenr 
tial .eandidate . in/ the /field .' against 
Gillmdrej -and f ailed to elejct a; nneni'-: 
;ber to council :;;dxcepf those . also 
isackdd by the administratipri; 

Pointed dUt, therefolpei that- the 
coniing election is . ,ail-impdrtanf to 
;the;;:, insurgents/^ , .They. . must V Ayin 
vdndugh cdUncil: seats this .tiine to. re-^ 
tain the ;cohii?pl they, how: hold. Also 
. they-'-mttsf. find a •pr'esidehtiai cahdi 
date . with. : sufficient , ivpte-^^gdttirig 
strehgth; to: - hdlp carry the : cduUcii 
slate in case there i i$; a tight cdntest. 

i /.-The- jtX0llyW0od;.;ydU >'.-•:, 
- Ah impdrtaht: cohsideration.. in this 
.year's/election 'is the :Ho 
Estiniated ,:therd are; ,arpund ; - 800 - or 
BOIJ-'Equify' members dhr the;' Goast, 

as • compared . td a total y otiiig me'm- 
bership^ipf approximately 3,000. It is 
apparent, therefore^ that the Go^st 
Contingent might easily sw^ing ; the 
scales it it voted .in a block, \. : /i^ J"/^ 
/ While the S^;-l^ 
dered anidng: the Equity : nTiemb,ei\s ' 
Within: its ranks/ it is distinctly; pos- i 
sible, that ;jt might do so ihis year iti; 
view . of the recent tiff between, the ; 
heads of the two prganizatidhs arid/ 
the friclidh that is -still .knoWh ; to 
exi$t.: : SAG\. is /known to . .Resent; 
Equity's pppdsitipri td . the ;Pour A's 
redrganiMtidn plkri//'?:^ ■ 
the Votirig. strength :.t^^ 
virtually : any iprogram it :jvishe.s; 
SAG hiiight also gain its ; end by eleC7/:: 
tidrteerihg: within: ' the EquiV . ranks: ' 
/Possibility: still ^fxists^^ ; SAg/ 
;Withdrawal; Cprd^bly ;taking with it. . 
the; AmeHdan .Guild of Musical ' Art- 
ists and: possibly other; grdups >. f i'onv 
the. Fpur A's. .. This' would split : the 
;parent; di-ganizatidn/ aind • end ;..SAG's :. 
annual payments pi. $l$,o6o t 
to -Eciuity.;': ./:-//:/:' .'■--;::.'/ ^:'/:.■ ■ '.."X^ 
/ ;'While-.:SAG'.-'has ^neydr;-actUa 
ereised its Vdting pdWer'-W^^ . 
Four A's/. thati/'ddminahce': has beet\ . 
the , frequent : .cry of certjain Equity, 
pfficiais during -the last, few months 
.Gonsiddred likely : the, claim; 
raised agajin!lCrom: : time to time; :. It / 
Was- that; '$AG .dominatioh* ; acctisa- 
tipn ■that flnaiiy droye .Thomson to 
niake his accusatiphs against ; Ldcb . 
.and Heller . :ai30ut. a month, ago, :. ; 


: .-: ' 'Wa'shihgtdn,: March 1^: ; ; ;.. 
Relief ' froni . Government .'r,ed-tai>e 
is accorded' IdW-priced hduses;; " New 
Treas'jry : Departmeht ruling.; . says , 
there/is no necessity foir printing the ^ 
seat .location, on : ■ both ; dnds} of : the 
tickdt..::;/ /•'','- '; -:-"v ,/-v/ :.■:/..!-;■■:- ;^- 
With 10% ■ tax- applying only to' ad- 
missions costing: more -than 4Qc,; the.. '. 
Goveirnmertt Will' free any. existing / 
ten-twerity.-t.hirty ; spotis. :firoTn ; com^ 
plying .with the: reguliatidhs intended 
to make .sure ;thev Treasury-- isn't 
gypped... /■-■'' ■'. :':;'-■ ' .- •/::-';: "V/':'-"--- 

Richard Aldiich For 
Denhis and G^tr^^ 

Richard Aidridh Will be prdducihg- 
directdr ai^spciatdd with . liajirmQud 
Moore in -operating the'; Cape -Play- ; 
house at Deririiis, Mass.,: this, summer, 
for the; straWhiit's 12th seasdn, from 
June 27 to .Sept. -2. Arthur Sircom ; 
will Stage the, plays, some of .Whicti 
Will be tryduts alnd;- some : revivals,' 
-Aldrich /was; business manae;er. for 
Mdpfe at thd Pla^ 
: Aldrich -may continue to-; be .sissd- 
Ciated with Robert Edhiund Jones for . 
the Cent.ral Gity (Col.) festival's ;prd-: ; 
duction of 'Ruy ' Blas,' to be staged . 
frpm JUly 16-2i. He may 'ihake; ar^ 
ran^ements' td ; fly. there during the ; 
run. Helen Chandler is ihdntidned: as 
being sought ior, the prddilction;, : / 

. Denver, March 1/ . 

;:Hichard ;;;: . .Who -was iti 
char]g;e;df .:the Central City play fes- 
tival . last year, will ; r.eturn this ' sii m- 
mdr as assistant/ td Robert.' Edmond 
Jones, it is repdrted hdre. Jdhes is 
retui^riing after an absence of two 
years.- -:; /-/. /.....:;: -'.'. ■■.:/-.' .' / 

Victor; Hugo's 'iluy Blas- will be 
the pi'dduc.tiori this season.. 

Signs of Spring 

Looks like an early start this sea^' 
son fdt the hucplic stock bE^ with; 
several, sending -in their . arirtouht*-; . 
ments ,befpre/the la^t day Pf Febru- 
ary. ;■' -■- -• : /../;' ;:■;■ •'-;v- -;- ^v- ■;-,'■;-: 
; Simultariedusly, :Winifred;^^^ 
hais - hptified pf John Fdri^usPh and. 
Joseph .:LaWreh'S; takedyer. of, . th* 
NabnkSsett theatre, ;..Westf drd,, :Ma^SS.| 
MatyVei^ne.' Jones ahndUri^cdd ; re-^ ; 
sumption of her; Starlight, theatre at 
Pawlirigi N. Y., May 30, and .CharlM 
O.: Carey: has ^scheduled himself , for 
:.a return -boiit at- the Xitchfield thd^; 
atre, Litchfieldi. . Conn;, • starting/, llie; 
:first - WeeW.-pf -.' june.;': /: ;/:/- ';.: 

-; CapeV; Haj^dUse,: ;;Denni^; .vMassV, . 
ailsp . ViTiUxbe in the. rUnhihg.. : pitld;; 
the.;Cpunty'-Playhdusfr/.Suffern,-N;^ Y^ 

G;A,& to H Ceo; 

-;:/CatholiG.-- Actors'-j^Gujild; -wili tdssi./a 
testimdni al. feeds' :'f or • :',^G.ed.rge/'.'.'-M./ 
Cdhah / at the ' AStdt;.... hotel,;;. N. . 
Aprii..24. .'.''•/-■-'-.; -■■■/'.' •-::. ,:.' -'■:-■./!,'-.' /^ 
:/ Dah'. Healy js brpz . of , the :Guild,-; 
Gene Buck, execrse'cretar-y.: ' , : . 



l^eague bf . N?w ; -York Theatres; ' 
Brbadway's - mina^^ 
capitulated ; to the Th^atricai Man- 
agers, Agents .and Treasurers union : 
MoiidW ' (28) after ah eiglit-hour 

. conifab. Right of TMAt to negotiate 
for ' corhpany . sind House managers, 
the final obstacle in. the . recognition - 
of the three-way. Union, was reqog- : 
iiize dr F inal . step - ■-perrnithng^^ 

"wibJvTlo^ j»nc 

^^yjgihaily; inteiiitJed is the . riiegbtia- 
tibh of a basic cpiht)cact< 
. Clearly indicated that TM AT oiit- 
siriart^d the. nianagers. Latter had 
conceded the ' tmioh's; j'urisdictiori 
oyer hpxoff ice , people . and Mater the. 
press agentSj, : Wh(j originially insisted 
they/pref ^ri;'ed/tb ; rema^ 
TMAT. Ihiiliision of company and 
house managers was ^ m op- 
posed by the irt-oauficers, hi^eyeV, ;<)n 
the . ground tlxait such, employ ees .v^ei^^^ 
really : confidential exciCutiyes ■ ; a 
required; to^ TeP'^e^^^t ; ^nriplpyers ; 
in dealings with' unions, espeicially 
oii the roadi ; It appears: that ; union;; 
.leaders in otiier -fi^^^^ 
to accept that . ■'■ • y -: 
..; Even' those in 'the: TMAT wiere not 
Visdre three-^sidediset'MP wpiOd 
But the hcAV i.eadiership in the; 
proceeded to negotiate with indiyid- 
lial mianagers and s^ 

• nirig iridividual members a^ay ^^ 
th^Meague's .'United front,' Sudden 
death oi Theodote M^^^ 

hih4e.r . prbcedui'e, on the, '^arit of 
liiiiAT ^andr threat bf a- -strike 
.oyer , the weekend tutnied the trick. , 

V ;Lo(iew.ick Yropm ^ on Friday night 
(25)/.:was . c'hbseii presideht; suceed- 
ing Mitchell, : 

/made executive-director ; pf TMAT 
and was. acd^ no officer 

V rior the 'bbard. ;/ His elevation; - there-? 
fote.' was iherely; technical.- Saul 

\Ab]raham . was .made vice-presiderit, 

. the position formeriy occupied ' by 
yrpom, aind GeOrge Ashby was niade 
« member bt thiei ;board.; / : f 
, . Prpdilcer ;:COhtentiohs : about cbirir 

■ ipahy ;riri^hagers kpp td have' been: 
upheld; pnly-.; one pointy . that of 

. general liiaffagers, Un ibn conceded 
that ' g.m. need not tome under., the: 
TMAT juri^ictibn .provi^ 

;arev st^ff . niemjbers ■ on" a 52-week 
tesisi ^Uniph 

• bieptibns iri the ifiatter of showmen 
Engaging any comfjany manager ah'd 

; such people are required to, be mem-r. 

; bers of TMAT.. That virtually meahis 
closed . shop in the theatre for . the; 

.Iront :Pf . the^.hbuse.:V- .^v'-;-:: ..;;.-'-■ 
Shuberts' werb ; the ^ principal ob- 

. Jeqtors; to the full recoghitibn of thb 
uhioh ahd it \vas agaihst their, 
houses that, a str-ike was in themak- 

40g. - Treasurers ih Shubiert theatres 
had been: called Out spme..weeks ago' 
when the press agents fi^uried in, the 
situatibh. ; JmAT called for ia show- 
dpwn aiid the teamsters refused; to 
haul productions with p;^/s not 
iTiehibers of r the/iinibn. . Result ; Was 
that; the .New York Theatrical Press 
Agents,: went into TMAT, With the 
latter outfit conceding : that thb neW^ 
comets , form their owh/ bhaiiteip;; : 

; .Reason for action -against thie Shu-^ 
berts was the doubling up of stafTs; 

. Ejtpected that under the basic con-^ 
tract, each presehtatibn will havte a 
manager and siame. goes for each 

/ theatre.: .. Heretpfbre ; the; ' Shuberts 
have had men handling two or three 
houses and shows each. Uiider the 
one man fpr; one , job' credo of the 
MHioh more, jobs Will be provided. 
Exception appaipently applies to the 
p.a. chapter, which . may . makb its 
owtt rules in regards to -the number 
•of presentations; its ; nienibers . may 

. handle. . - At . Monday's ; Ion g ;sessibn it 
"was ^aid- that the ■ new; alisnmbnt 
may ; qost the •: ; Shuberts $100,000' 

; rtpre.. annually jo ; ojperate, but that 

.is belieycd to: ]fc)e an exaggeration, 
v' Cohciede 'Arbiiratioir 

, -^ Matter of arbltratibn. bf difrer 

: betwcvn the; managers :and TMAT 

- ;cohsurped: eOnsidbrable . time : •durihiT 
the. confereriGe,;;whicK wn.s atten 

•.byi^rthur Meyer bf . the Ni Y:. State 
Mediation /Board. ;.. .Ciaiined that 
.unionists .generan^ bpnfpse .arbltra- 
tion, iWhich ; periiii ts. 6i.i ts i dcrs^:<o; de- 
cide; issues. V On^ the -pdVico- of bther 
uhibn; le?l^der^^•i;MATv •aiternp^ -/'to; 

;. drop that ;iipatin'e; crtlirelj\^^ n 

; mterifere. ih;;the futiirev iUnloir. cori> 

' '^^4'?''*: PI: .the ppinti h6\v'iiver. and 
sUclv.a- clause will .)3robhbiy /be - 
clud(Sd"in-the ba^ 

• :-:\ Break'.; favorr /.the', union vb'arae 

• Saturday;; (2(f)v:'whe»T/;Sbm/H./Gris^ 
man resigned from ;lhe league's, labb'r 
:bqard and signed; vviilh t He .un'ipn/fpr: 
tjie : five ■ 'thcatrGs; ;;he .'.ifi. ■■ operating. 
Grisihikn- stated; at /ilpridiiy's- iiessiph 

Add: jLJiiicm : T 

. :Ne\v wrinkle in picke 
established Mpridiay hight .(2$) 
:when . the/ stagehandsV /.uhioh;; 
picketed ..the./ Open of Lodb-/ • 
wick yrbom^s i)lay^ 'One Eyery/ 
Mihute/.at/.thbi.Show/Shop ihe^ 

.' atre, ; .I^i/.'^ SiniuitaneOuslyi . 

:://yr<jom,,-V/h6 is; ptrbsiden 

. /.Theairical^ IVtanagers;;: Agents - .1 

; :^hd /Treasurersv^u 

; .gotiatlng; .with . tile/; League/; of 

: New/'Yprk Theatres 'fbr. rbcogK 
/ hitiph ai the bargaining agency 

/...for/ compainy man'ageris; / .Both :• 
. the stagehands': union an the/ 

: TJ\tfAT ai!e.;A.:^;/pf L/imlons^ 
.: Show; //Shop :; i;s:^ the / forriier 

; PTesideht//;theatre ahd is piiet'- 

; ; ated/ as ah; ageriqy to / ; sell; .jjr Pr / 

;- ducti6ris /to- 'Broiadway ;: 

;:■•agers..:■/^■..; '/..,■ ■■ ••• .-v- 

I^. Barrister Revives 
*Thuii[ibs' f or; 

//' . ;■■ ■/VLps;Angejes^;MEirch ;l^^ . ■ 
. Ralph V Jfaionessa, /lips; Arigelies /at- 
torney, who ., has /been .; dabbl^ng^ i.h 
grand opira ...jpresentaitions. here / for 
several years,- has -acijuirbd .'/Gebrge 
Roseher's play; -'Thurhbs/; • /West;' 
which ; he has set; f pr a production at' 
the /ZBela^bo^ theatre . here April' 21v 
preiiminary. to takihg it;tb Mariha't- 
tian. Comedy ; was givenL/ ■ shpwcas- 
ihig at theiHoUyt wn theatrb i 
' . Papnessa is bn route to/ New Yop k 
to set a' deal, fOr the staging;;there< : 


. / Equity / is;., advising. . players - en- 
gaged . abroad arid in Holly wpod. via 
letter, fbrrhs . of v.agreemehi /to . exerr 
cise rt?ore: care, in negotiations With' 
managers. S^o, /mahy.-c^ 
been ■received from aiiert's pve^r/ terms 
and; .bpndi tions that ;a./ ;melh6d : pt 
elimihjiiting;- siich irresularities. has; 
b?en serit to Equity's brahchcV aisO 
;tp. British' Equity. ;■• 

Latter should : be .Gohsvjl tod /befpre 
sighaturihg/.fbr; «h'gagemeri ts /bh this 
side* /Agents^ /holding E^quity /per-: 
iriits in New York and o% th'e Coast 
will - also be/iiif brnied of instruc- 
;tioris.;;-;; ; '■ ':.;;/' :".■ :.-. ■.' /•.■• ■ 
/ Players, are. told to/ use . standard 
'Equity cpntract f brmis,; riders; be.irig^ 
written / in if ■ . necessary. Gppies of 
such cbhtracts : should ;;.be ;/ sent ^^ .^^^^^ 
■Equity, whibh- : is : a ' rule ; Wl^bn /play- 
brs;are engaged in New , York , Asr 
sbciatipii ;stites it. •would , be . better 
qualified iii handling cbmplaihts / if 
iaWare Pf the /tbrms of cphtracts in 
.:adyance. of .disputes;,, 

Skedded for St. L Muny 

' St./ Louis, March 1. / , 
George Gershwiri's 'Of "Thee/ I 
Sing' arid *Rosali have been pb- 
tairied /by the. Municipal Theatre 
Assn. for presentation duririg. its 
:20th /arihiver^ary season in the al 
ifrescb theatrt:: in Forest Park start<^ 
ing next JUne. ' /Shows ' have , never 
been ;presented befpre at the open- 
4ir theatre. / '. 
/.■:Nunibeir of; 'prpductions /skedded 
fo, the 12-week season now riumbers 
five. World premiere of 'Gentlemen 
Unafraid,* by Jerome Kern-Qscar 
Hammerstein-Qtto Harbach, will 
open the season June 3. 'White 
Horse Inn* ; and 'Virginia' are/ the 
bthers announced thus far. ;: 

/Rcjad^ ita Cihcy ' 

/• .Gin'cinridti,/ March li - ' 
Cox will relight .March 1.3 for a 
.week's/ engagement of - 'Tobacco 
Road,' with John Barton i.i., the: lead- 
ing role, at $1.70 top for night.; per- 
fprmances /arid $1.13 high; for 
Wednesday a nf" Saturday : matinees. 
;House has been'' dark since Feb. 12. 

that ' he did not f ully / undersfahd t he 
agreement. / Other shoWmeri figured 
that if :/ / strike/ ■was//called,: .^^^ 
miglTlt/ .be mbyed -into theatre^ ;ript af- 
fected.;; It /vvas show/ri. however, that 
TMAT; .. ha.d, other/, iridivi.ducil 

rilan.a.genientSi; including the ;Natib.nal 
and Siripire. ' It was those defections 
that resulted iri the league giy ing the 
nod to the union/ .: : :• .;/:. , .:./':-;. ••' 
. Stated that the uni 's- new ofTiccr 
setup/ / /':repre.«;ent a ti ve of th c three 
groups .. Within-./ .the .memb'otxship, 
though .:;.that 'is.; riot entirely clear, 
yrobm . jra.s. been; ari. agent, but whs 
e.<!sential ly a/ compa tiy ; nijari ager ..ati d 
geh eviil/ maria ger ; Abr rivam ha/s be'fn 
a cb.riipan.v; ;manager,/.fQr. year., '....'bin.; 
started' as ;/S' boxoifTice ti-easUrcT'. and: 
can / be said:, to ';f epreseht :'thb;'la,lt'er.- 
Ashby, has; also/ gen;erd[i.jy . beeri;;b6ck 
'Ayith-: shows: on .tou/r./ / 'i| ' would an-; 
pear • that) 'the/ n.^£^ 

Terire^en ted' ; a the/. ; er> t\yo; gf o ups, 
-Al/thoueh ■;tl:!'ey/^^ sati.sfnc-r 
tion Vihcn Vrbo'tri^.. was made' TMAT 

leader. ;/-;.- :,''■•'.■;/. '. '•'■'': / ■ \ ■ ■■ 

.Theatrical /Managers,; Agents-'; arid; 
/Treasurers/ 'Uh;ion;W^ 
case ; of / a meriiber allegedly dis- 
missed- from/ his job Without cause."; 
Case/is/ that of Capt., Pierce; PoWer- 
Watbrs, 'ior .Whbrii 'ai .'bond, as corii-" 
p/iany managbr/ -is / said to have /been ; 
secured by Frederick W. Ayer, who 
is / pre'seritirig; *Erhpress; bf .' Destiny' 
at the /St, James, N. ;Y., next week. 
Show was first rnentibrie;d for the 
Lyceum, but Ayer booked the .St. 
James instead.; ■ . ■ '■.'/'-; , ,. ' 

•Alleged that; Boris/ $aid/WHb op 
erateis / the latter house / With Eddie 
Dowling, refused, to sign/the ;cbriti;abt 
Unless Power- Waters be : supplanted, 
as manager. It/ was .claimed ■ Said's 
peeye/: against:;; Waters is/ the latter 
suit /against .Rbbinsbn Shiith and 
/k.ihg;Richard , II, Inc.v for a /share bf 
the profits of ; the; Maiurice Evans" 
show; .Power-Waters is;. :^ credited' 
with : prbmbtirig /^Richard'/ and spot- 
ting ' it; iri .. the ' St.;, Jiames,.:: where, it 
scored sensationally ; last /;;seaspnv 
Siaid. was said to have been inter- 
ested; In ;the ;shov*r during-: its NeW 
York: stay ■ arid is. ;a cb-defendant in 
thie suit ;.. .Po\Ver-WaterS/ claims that 
$30,opOi. is due him.; Ayer declares 
he . let/;.PbWer-Watersi / out because 
the latter failed to book a BroadWay 
hoUse for 'Empress.' .:// 
; TMAT/;is reported Willing to; re- 
quest two : Weeks'- jiay, fpr Power- 
Waters; but not to seek his reinstate- 
riierit. ; . /, ,/■ / ./'. '\-. 

■ NeW- play was Writteri : by - Jessica 
L.e'e, iri' .private life /Mrs. Gertr^ 
Berman, wife of a . Hartford attor- 
ney, i n . collaboratipn with / James Lee 
Walsh. Reported that Miss Lee in- 
yested;$20,000/ in the prbductipn, also 
that Elissa Landi, Whp heads the 
cast, prpvidied some coin.; Produc- 
tiori was first planned by Smith, who 
turned the play; over to Ayer, with 
whom he . was formerly .teamed 
manager ialljr...--,' ;• ■■\^'--: :• 


.: George - Abbott's next productlbri, 
to go into/: rehearsal ; ;ai';. week ifrorii 
riext Monday (14), will:. be 'Exam.' 
cpmedy ' about high' schbpl, by Clifr 
ford .Goldsmith. Show will have jm 
out-bf-toWn,;tryout,;;bperiirig. Ap.'il 4 
at a town not yet selected- ; Srbad- 
wiiy preerit is set for .mid-April. .Np: 
theatrwV decided. PrbdUcer/ will stage 
it. as usual. /' '• ' ' : ; '/;.;• . ■..•'.;'■' 
/ Abbott's, plans . for a new; S. N. 
Behfman ; comedy,: with Eugenib 
LfibntovichV.are merely tentative/ and 
not for this sejasbn;..any'Way, He lias 
dropopd; the icltia of dpirig a musical 
Yer.'^ibn of / 'Much . Ado; ;A 
rn'g:'; with a scoire / by Rodgers arid 
Hart, • ■-"„-: ,:/ '/ ■ ■ . 

L'yille Stock Cp* ;FoIds 

; Lbuijville, • March 1. • ; 
... St.pck "co'nvpa^y. lindei' manageriient 
/pf - W. L, .piliiriger,; whieh. opened at 
the Drury ' Lane; lasted only a Dveek 
and . a /half, 'Closing Thursday ;(24;). 
Pbtit biz; cnii/sed the. f oidirig.'.a 
the/ Gompjiriy'i?. -hyo ofTering.s, 'Petti- 
coat ■ .Fc y er '•/•vand / /'Hbliday,' ;;.i-c cc i ved 
■lcr)id; ribtices./.; "''/•; : 

Members of the / compnriy / . , tak-. 
■irij?. F.lcp.s^tiri procure- ■.'!i;vffiti.?rit /fina.i^r: 
' cial backiri-g t&.rcoperi; the, house for 
: ;stock. - • :,■;:■ '■. ' ■; : / ■;;■■■' .•■■■ .'■' 

|, ;■ U'illfain Robsion's Speech 

i.-';'^ ■ ■■ ;■ ■Nbrmari,..'01da/;(March .l^ I 

'/..• Wi;l].:n'm. -i^, /Ro.b.sbn 'iLhe' 
:,. dal.ii.rnb';a / ;,yVorlf .«;hop, ■ will '• .";pcak. - -at^ 
. ..Ihe. ■Sbiilir^vOstc.i'n ' /Rfefjb'ffarTfisaTLrlB; 
';nbrifci-cri(?e;. hcT^ 

.•■'Dcie.^otes''- tr&m ,!s\Ah't .^ia^feiV-^-n^liid-- 
;;", .// Ok'lahbrnai '/ Tox'ak^^^ 

Lbi>^iriiii ■/; ivU??.spiiri..-„ •'Kaji^sa/'!,"/ Qolp- : 

; to' attend -the gohferericie.- ; ■ .-// ;/;; 

The Conv iiieer / 

/' .' ' In his s,cholastic;retrent. Prof,' : 
Lawrence Edvvard Watki , pf 
WiashirigtoiT ./& Lee/, im,iy^^ 

/had always been ;'sbriieW;ha't ' iiir; 

'cre.dulous.-bf. the. fabuloii.c/.taie.s 
bf Broadway sellouts./ But last 

/Thursday night/ (24/) 
.^bg; was • thprbughly cqnvjnced 
V.'hen he attendbd 'On Bor rowed; 

".'i-'riie,- ■■at . thb ' Lpngacre,;^ KV'-'V., 

; arid had; to pay fbr. a/pair- of oi,> 
chestra seats, ■■;./ '' i' ■/ /.'^■-'■'■'r / //' 

: . Play /wa.<^- adaptbd ;hbm /the-, 
professor's bpbk; ■ •- ' ;.. 

Cathedral/ XenSOTcf 
^ Sufcslan^^ 

Non^Comniercial Claim 

: Cohterition . that the \VpA theatre 
pcb j ect db<es not coinpete .w Ith Broad- 
way nor present plays bf 
rating ' Was ■ .ariipily ■;substa iri/ 
the last .; 'tWo Weeks,; Two/ shows 
which originated with the relief the- 
atre / were presented regularly, with 
neither, getting the npd, / ; 
;/-.?Murder. iri/the /Cathedrai.' .brought 
f roni London by Gilbert. Miller / ^nd 
Ashley pukes, is annbunced to close 
at; the Ritz, N, Y., nex.t-'Satijrday/.rS); 
.after ■/ two arid' ' ;/bne-.half .; ■ weeks, 
'Censored,' pUt ori 'at: the. 46th .'Street, 
N, Y-. by A, H, Wood& last Saturday 
(26i)'i drew , a uniformly; /negative 
^press arid stands little .chance. ,; ; ;, /; 

'Cathedrair represents a costly ven- 
ture because / of the ' transportation', 
costs for the • players. It opened in 
Boston, where business was / fairly 
gobd^: but; attbridarice./'/ . Kevy York 
^fter the premiere ^was slirii. Last 
;seasbn the drariia wais; regarded as a 
WPA 'hit; at a 55c. top. Relief out- 
fit originally put on 'Censpred' bri the 
Coast last season. ■ 

That . WPA shpNvs stand little 
charice/:commercialIy/ was first indi- 
cated /last/season . when BrOck Pem- 
bertori presented 'No;w /Ybu'v^, Dohfs 
It;'; which; failed to inake the/ grade. 
Play was; a wester iri WPA-er under 
the title; bf 'Me, Third,'- '..'/: / ■ ': .; 


George M. Cphan was ill . With 
grippe last week, but went on in 
'I'd -Rafther Be -Right; ■Alvin;; N,;Y,, 
yrithpUt - missing; any .pe^^^ 
Thursday evening (24 ) he ran' a fever 
of 102 degrees and a doctor was in 
atteridarice / in his dressing rbom 
throughout . the peiformance. / ; / 

Weakened bpriditiori preyented : his 
appearance at the NVA benefit show 
held at the. Alvin Sunday night (27 ), 
but he. was well bribUgh to; appear 
Monday ■ :-'RIght.': • '.,; 

FtP*s Moppet Plays 
Permanent Policy* S; F. 

. Sari Francisco, ; March 1. 
:; Success bf the, /chiidreri's.' plays at 
the Alcazar Theatre, where they are 
being preserited by the Federal The- 
atre Project on Saturday afternoons, 
is;, responsible; for.; thei decision to; 
make, them; a per ma ne.n t fi x tg re - with 
the;; local; FTP. . Charlci; P;/ /iTceyih; 
district- supjeirvi ispr of Sari Fra nci;scp 
arid .Alameda/ cp.uritiics; of the FTP, 
has. directed hJis staff of play icaders 
io /firid /more ;ehildren"s pjfiys. .; .; 

'Pihocchibi' : the current ofTgring, 
will- cbptiniie ■ to ;be / gi^'en .; .eyery 
Satui'day aifternboh un.til the ;«nd of 
.th'c' current riiorilh,- : : / j .;/> // 

FTP ^Boy Girl* Tpuri 

;' . Cincinnati, M.Trch- 1. 
' Fbdc i-a 1 ■ t Hoa t re/ ^Boy : i\l"cc t.s'/. Girl* 
company Ibolc to llie rpaci for.a brief 
tpiir, .h''. fort.nif'hf .s ehga.iieoibrit at. 
th-' Emery <'uidi.Voi^ium;-;.V;.iTid 
SUn d a y/ :/( 2.7 ) . / . ■ -Tvbii pe; j s I i iici er ^ 
rri'wi a g6 h-)cnt f D;f,;: r' k 1 , ^ 
Stale di'rcctiir,;' .inci n ifml^r.i''^ ZO pluj/:- 
cr.s", . p 1 y .s ta^'e c rcw aii f I- offic i ti it 
is/ 'ti'avtl/in«'.;by/.:biis:...;'Sv(^nf :'y:;aiid- 
cclit'ipriicn.t is carried ;' // (.i-iick. .,; / 
, Show, is tb Up pV/ scntfx;!' lOii'.i«ht 
;aild- ■ /tbrinprrow; .' nijiht- / ■." TiK'i.d'iiy--;. 
'WcdnpSf jny.:)'.; n't , 1 1 ^ \V.";\ya<.; 
J jn/'^iVIaj'^liali ;Gbi;lc4e'./A i;ti?/l ■ Jici'iVf-, ■'■id-. / followed /by;. i\Vp-ni«ht i;/<iTi(l at 
|-Marlo\y ;;-jLl)'e£)itt;t' 'P/.' ''anc!.. 

i Ijoolvin'g.'?; ' a C'jii|.5le ,;'iip'T , . / 
I'tbWns. • /;■ ;•■ /;;■'■ .; '■' . .// /- • '. '•• ■ '^ 

'^ Eiftbrts of the ^^ationa 
of the' FTP tp; interest film; compari:/fu; ;; 
arid jadib' in. its; vast compiliatiori of 
play' artdv/play; jtnaterlal^ / 
without result./ F'ilmers and/ bit'- ,. 
time, .see. ::rio ';pbssibilitles ; for 
story / expansion or /embrbidering ; 
.\yith; utilizatiori; oiE the filed, indexed: 
■{irid indlced 'cbliectiori of e^^v^ ^ / 
ceivable type bf / Amer i tana , .plr. y.«,;, ; 
^techrilcal/treiaitises .Whichf Wf A . pri-/ 
marily assemibled for: FTP anl ahia- :■// 
teur; grbups. ' No; nibbles; have , come- •; 
frpm/bthfer possible users, .laitei' .'coriw/. 

fined to .institutipris, . Schools, little 
theatres and kindred theatricals, - 

Bureau has collected over SOiOOO/ 
f)lays ;and manuscripts, both 
teur : iand prbfessipnal;' from ; 10/000 i 
sources! coritactedi / More than 1.000 ; 
brganizatioris alid fiiore than SbO pviU-; • 
lisheris:; of /plays Of alV^^d 
were cbvered in an elTbrt to make '; 
the collection as nearly complete as 
possible. As it. is, - the; . btireau has. 
.only/ ;sci:atched the siirfiice^^^/ the 
supply, but is cbritini^ing/ ipward .tfl.-, . . 
timate/Zand. cotnpjete files. Materials 
rj.vni the gan)ut of arit\-war, rbiigipus^^^^ 
safety, . eiyic, , wprk, spcial, racial ,: ,h n'.^; 
mane, natioriall rural, all. holidays, 
patriotic,/ scieritiflc,/ fpreigri,.. farming, 
teclinical ;;hopk:s •under huridreds of 
alphabetical headirigSi . . Considered : 
the riiost pfodigibus /and ariibitious, ; 
library in, existence: Items -arie siiir 
cbnaing in at . rate of 100 Weekly. ;: 

; Eyerythjng /receiv^ ;^^g 
three, readings/ for :recbmmeridhti^ 
although all arie accepted and stored.' 
Only those, favored; get top spots, in 
reference files for use in playwright-;' 
ingj scenario construction, ; scripi irig 
and sundry uses to vvhicH;; WPA ' 
would put it$ amassed kribwledge. It-' 
'sees; a fount of info;for writers seek- . 
irig isituations^ color, .authenticity, 
types, / nariies« etc., /for; their own 
writings. / Royalty / and non-royalty 
plays; are, included. Total number 
on hand is equally split betWeen pi-O 
and tyro works. Some are still vm- 
piiblished originjlls. 
. FTP does ho selling, agenting/ or 
brokeririg, but acts only as , an in- : 
formation source as to where, the 
various works /rnay /.bte . pbtained^^ at 
the usuail publishing price, if royal- 
tied. Whereas theatre groups may 
use as plays, FTP sbes the info; ser- 
vice- as a bottomless Weil for writers; 
at little cost. Thought is that out of ; 
a possible 100 readirigs, something is . 
bound . to come,; either an ' ; Idea^ // 
treatment or elabdriatioii upbn/ 
planned writing with help of files. 

Indexed cards include info on prb- 
duction, if arid; when, publication, 
dateisi type pf releases; phbtpgiraph.*, 
stage plans, types for cast, script lay^^ 
outs, type of play; cost,/ etc., for stage 
presentation and some for other uses. 

. Mattet Is irt the hands of George 
Terwilliger, former /di/tector and: 
scenarist of : silent fllnnis. He sees the / 
possibility of /the service being used / 
as the basis for a National 'Thejatre, . 
idea of Avhich; pops up in ^VashingV.; 
tori frequently. Also the New York / 
Public Library Is interested in tbe 
project and is Cooperating with the / 
FTP in. the compilation with an . eye 
to taking it bver; wheii, and if, FTP 
is abandoned/ '■'■ ■;■..:'/; ■"'' 


/ Los Angele.s; March 1. 
J. HoWard Miller,, a/ssistant-tb lVlr.<i.- 
-Hallie/ Flanagan, in/ ;eharge./^^^ 
'era! / "Theatre/ . Prpject,^ Is . here from 
. Wnsiiihgton ; for aj prolonged stay; 
■ Trip, /is / ■ shrouded/ --i ;' ;. /-seci-ecyv 
nllhough hc: is belie ved to ha yc come . 
west to supervise moyi'ng of rcg 
and county pffices/vPf. .the - projcc^^^ 
new quarters, arid; , to , look idl'b; 
.rhar.ijc.s that ialieri actors are. bc.-aij-: 
fnybrcd .with top; rojc.s in a fbr-ih-';/ 
coming legit production," . 

*Spr|rig Thaw' for Pray. 

/, Proyldcncey 'Mai-eh/'i;- ./. 
; • Glare Kumrnei''s: . new coiiVc'I.v, - 
'Sp r i f ig ' TH aw, tc he a r sa l' i ri / Xc/w 
.Ybrk-^.'h.-i/>; been bpoked.' for. the Plfiy./ 
h'm;iSe/./MarGh-; .10rl2, / Coi:nolid:-/bti': ■■'' 
;Sk'jnnpr/.yi/i.ii 'abp.e.a.r >i t ; raaiijicp a fid . 
frOlcriijng ^popfoi-rinar jc.i Mai^h '31- .in' . 
•Eclna; lii.?; Wife.'- ' ; . ■ ./ ■•,;;:.■/:• ;■// /"; 

':/'Yc.<;; ^My ; barling ■ ba;ii'ililcr' r.-r,*! r 
•You. Can't Take It/ With ^NniV; / •;. 
scheduled for April; 




: • foiDi'ilV.; (3 la uia In .three- Oicia. (one. .sc.un.C). 
b>' ..-M;i>.i>. (Iir. li* Koche,- strirrinB. Etliel HiiVr.Vr 
nun ?. KeiUUiCH' Stephen •Hat{KHrd. .«iaBC'J 
by Slci>hc*n HaKcard, aettini;: hy." NoitIs 
H(Mij,'littin. PresenVeiV by Victor Hi>yne- 
J(»n)'iriK',i «t His . M«.1eat.y'i9 , th<fatjte. '■ Mon- 
trwt^l. l'Vi>i- iiii. '»3; li.Wr top. ., ; 

Aunt .stiffii.'itn, 
' iriiijn .S'lchOlns 
I'm-ic K.rnesit; ; 
Jti*iiriy . . i . .' 

•'n»ich.~i:.--.,. ; 
.Av.i«in>ilelcl. . . . . . 

•■I*liea-.<:tnl\ i , ... 
.•Mr, . l'nl t,(Kj, . . . 

l»i<tif>y , . . . 

W wi I f>:.v;. 

. , . . EJther. HairryiTifrtT 
. Lenore .OliilJpenilale 
: Reynolil.'< . Denirlston 
■, ... ,'>Vryley fJirch 
. ... . .;Bobert Shaync 

•.Olive KQeves ,ShiIt)i 
■. . . . Richard • Carlaoo: 

\ '.■ f'ft opheh HttK«n fd 
...'.Peter Fernandez 

.-. ... ;'Et.h0i- c'oi.i 

, . . . . Parrol 

:. , ; ; , . . Siwntel 

WKiie': neafirtg^ 
L(>nd0h» tWs'udrsttnatization: <yf- the 
second pf the 'Jalha'navels dt)es hot 
■iaip^ar to: hoW; .click'pcssibilifies oii^ 
this sidte of ^he, pond,, and its ch^ 
for an ext€«ded Bicoadwa^^ run are 
'-extrenrieiy .doiibtfuU ' . • 
' Play abouhds in chfiracter studies, 
with Ether Barrjrmore, as the keen- 
witted; bossy centenariaa, handling;, 
the maior a jsignment with brilliance 
arid xhacm. Despite ; Miss BaiTy- 
moreV impressive 'P^i^fo^lhance. and: 
first-rate group of supporting play- 
ers headed by Stephen Haggard; who, 
created the role of Pinch in: Lcv'4<>n, 
: artd Haggard's intelligent and forqe-r 
ful direction, the play misses, bs- 
caiise it lacks dramatic and : story 
'■ -structure;.: -v'-:,: '"' '. '■ 
Miss de la Roche has created 
rather . threadbare theatre in adapts 
Ihg her: rioyd for . the stage* Coihi- 
f usjlns; also is the fact that the aiuthor 
evidently prcrsupiposes an acquaiftt- 
anbe with the 'Jalna' tiovels which 
<niay not exist with the jnaijority of 
. "'theatrsgoeirs. :'■ . 

jf,'' - Characters, including childrferi . of 
the. centenarian, grahachildren of ^a 
dead son by. ai first wife , and grahd-^ 
children from a second wife, half- 
brbthers. half-sisters, iind so on Clut- 
ter up the- stage in amazing ptoivt-, 
■ 'sioa . and, confusion. Uncohyincjng, 
also, is the ferocious enmity, of Piers 
and Wakefield to Finch, since all 
three are children of this sartie father 
. and mother, . . .'' ■■ ■ 

Action revolvies mainly around the 
lOl-year-old grandinother (Miss Barr 
ry more), who holds the purse-, 
istririge: Family wonders to whom 
the n?oriey will . goi when she dies. 
Rfenny, oldisst grandson, seems to 
have the edge. But the, two ^elderly 
sons and elderly daughter also live 
in mixed, hopes and fears, basing 
their h6pes oh seniority rights and 
their lack of means. 

Unknown to the others, grand^ 
mother develops 3 strong liking for 
Finch, the cohtemptible.^ She has 
: him visit her room . nights when he 
returns from his organ practice "at 
the church. When shfe dies th*' fam- 
ily is told th&t thi money has been 
left to Finch. Paced by the bitter 
enmity of the family and protesting 
strongly against the charges ? that he 
shortened the old lady's days by 
keeping her up, nights, the youhg- 
. ster offers tb return his inheritance 
, to>.'-the familyv, 

Hatggard, , as Pinch, furnishes : a 
rather unusual and effective pdrr: 
trayai: of the tortured, hyper^ehsitive 
youth kicked around .by his horse 
breeding brothers. Uniformly excel 
• lent, in ihieir . resoectiye roles are 
lieriore Ghippendale, Reynolds . Deh- 
nistoii, Wryley Birch, Robert Shayhe. 
Olive Reeves Smith, Richard Carl- 
son, Ethel ;Colt> Joseph Roeder and 
Peteiv Ferhander, kid actor.- ' 

PcesUge of ,th^ . .Barry mor& . tag, 
plus fame, of ; ttie 'Jalna' novels,^ may 
draw. Some business to the b.o., es»>er 
ciatly on the Canadian tour. With 
an estinriati^d $15,000 take on the fiver 
da.v liqoltihg in" Montreal, producers 
shiHttd be ort: velvet if proportibhate 

lousiness results in Tbrotito, . HamiK 
ton, Brantford and.I^ohdon, Ontr. .; ;. 
. -.As ' a result of the. ■story -.require. 
rheht calling for the death scene,:at- . 
the close- jt the secprid acft Miss.Bar- 
rymbre is off the stage for the whole 
:o!: the-.ttvi;rd:3ct. :/ . Kfii^hen. 


Washington/ -Feb.. ^Sl8,->.: 

"' Di-Jii'iK* in .llici'i* .'arts' (ativcii ^fenes>;. by- 
Ki-neHl. -t^iWctr. iitiil K<lw.ln: fclum; preBfiit-. 
'etl- -iirKl : -si a';,-o(l - ilty- ■ Affied , 'de-. -I^fnfrre,.' Jr, ;;.''' !»i)iT " co.NtioneK'.by.' Dunald . Oens'^ 
litsor'; ^ Cll.■o■l^^1 Wiildron, . LliiUa AViitUIna 
\'n«l .['>«!»»; l.niVliiK feat^lPdi prpHentcd 
'•J.S. lit. .S'alMHiHi; '■Wiish.;: S-\7o tf)P.- : 
Jlenjamin I'liif^'V. . ■ . ...lJf>»<lon ItVchards 
\\ UMrit'ri (tixhvlM. . v . ;•. . ; . ; . (.'hni'Iea Waldron 
.Vrniv-,i;»niv (;(>ii\vli».'. . : Viola Bonche' 

,Vlii.i-V Wi»l).«litfieci':iCt;. tJoilwin. ,Syl.v|a. Weld 

Chi' i I p .llrirlSvin, . . ; . . ; ; V,', Jenn BpUp wa. 

Ki»niiy .\\>»ll3t(>n«'cr.«tt'-.G6dw»i»..i i . ' 

~ r- '• ■ •'.■■ : . J.lnda -.Wutklns :■ 

•I»' P!»'.s'.-il<>' . •..'....-; ...... /Kmnk I,nwtoh. 

. i ..... . . i'.. . ...... ..lAj'dPn YftunB ; 

Hi()S^<.-!.-v% . . ... . , .•,-.■ . . . : .-. . .Itobei't . Vlvlhii- 

A ud i enpe Sygis - oh side 6f bpth' play ; 
and players ib tW^ 
tended giggle Eeactipn to bad cliinax- 
.timiriir, which frieciUently -Mpset liriPpd; 
Hi nt di tr diuble lieis ini f dct thiit 
edy>.drama' billing in advance ma- 
terial sent' to critics was changed .to 
mcreiy 'a hew play' line in'opehihg 
night p>rPgram title. It's got to ihake 
up^ i^S m> W-^with polishing toward 
tragedy the simpler. ?ind more logical. 
Siaick , 

definite shift to high-rpowered emb- 
tional drama; leaving almost ihipbs- 
sible task to completely tragip third 
stanzsi: Problem' no w is . how to get 

on; p;aper tP p«n bUt ' . labbratbry. 

Jt can. be doni; and it's wprth. dbr, 
ihg. • Tlie authentic story; -of Charles 
Godwin; middleraged 17th Cehtury ; 
publisheir in. whom the 21i.year>;Old 
p.Pet Shelley rekindles . the literary 
crusading that -fired his ybuth, a re- 
birth . which completely wrecks his. 
life, is packed; with every sbrt of 
tieatrical .material^romanice; torn-, 
edy. traigedy,' economics, politics and 
even sbcial. significance. . . 

The entire play takes place in the 
Godwin drawing' room in Lohdbn in 
1815. Besides Godwin, there is Mary. 
:Jahe Godwin, his second wife whom 
he married 17 yfears ago because she 
made him .comfortable; Mary WoH- 
stbnecraft Godwin, his daughter by 
lis- first vrife, .a promising writer; 
Fanny, another daughter presumably 
by his first marriage, and Claire, 
daughter of his second, wife by a 
previoiis marriage, . Harassed by bill 
collectors, Godwin stalls Banker 
Place with the news that Shelley, 
poet and son of 'a rich: nobleman, is 
en route to talk business, with him. 
When young Shelley and his child 
wife^ .airrive; .however, it turns out 
that he has bebn cut off by his 
father; is stone broke sixid , is callihg 
)ecause he adrtiireis . God-win. Shelr 
ley's stinging descriptions, of the 
plight of child labor in the Welsh 
mines rouses Godwin against his will 
and promisfcs a .terrifia . theatre eve- 
ning; .'.especially with . refefehce to 
'eiqual distribution of wealth' . p/jp- 
ping many words from 'it 19th 
Century character, .But this, doesn't 

exactly materialize. 

Gharleis Waldrbri ias Godwjrt car-; 
ries the play thrbughout, dragging it 
back intb the .ihood time and again 
by sheer trouping. Fraitik Lawtbn, 
as Shelley- Linda Watkiris. as Fanny; 
Sylvia Weld; as Mary, and Viola 
Roache, .as Mrs. Gpdwiri, • stand ;'9ut 
in : sujjportin'g roles,- each of which 
iii itself is excellently :done. ; 

Donald .Oerislager's single, set is 
cbnripletely satisfactory and, so far as 
the mechanics go, Alfred de Liagre!s 
direction sent the opening night off 
without a hitch. : Craig. 

Ford's,;. Balti- ; 

B.uffalp (28-2); 
. (3);- ' Masonic. 
■(4i5>. ■ 
Youth,' National, 

;'--'WEEK;. or TEiBV. M,^ 
'Babes- . In-;; ; Arras/-.. vWerba,.: 
BrpPklyn., ■■■'/'.'..' .-; V; 

•■ - ^Brother.'. Rai,V^IiPC:iist^;;'-Phila- 

"iasiipRiS::' ■ ^ 

.-^':*Br oilier;;- Riii; 

'Ethan .Frome^ 
;denife Eriah||err 

Straiid;:... Ithica 

Aude^ /Rochester 
■■.:.:T: AniL.'.My ' 



.;.--.'Por'gy; abil Bess,' Cur.ran-. .San-. 
^-Francisco.- '- ..---■ -'.-',.;'-' .'•'■' ':'- ' 
.- 'Bi.^luut'd U' ■(Maurice .Evans),-. : 
'Grand, :Chicago.--'.! -" 
/'VlUoiB; SeTvIee/::.Seiwryn,;.'Ghi^/ 

■ :cagbr-.' \ : - .r- ■-■ ^,v>- C. ■ .;. ':''\ 
•Tobacco- Roi»d/ American,- St. 
■lioiiis .(!27);'- ' -'v-/ 
r . :'i>iifslrt; «t;'»:3V i^Cfctelle ■Win- ;- 
. wood), HarriSj cHicago. , . 
■■ ^: •ViclH**/;'-' ■R«f*»»'.^ '-;■ '(Helen-.-. 
Hayes)* Davidsbh, Milwa;ukiee. ■ 
.■;.-::fWMt* ;CHf*/; iShubert,"New-.- 
.ariL;>' - . .■'. '. 

rWhlteoftks'"- ^.XEthel- - . Barry-'", 
more;)^ koyal. Alexahdra, Tb^^^^ 


•Woaien,* Aude;^ OakVand; Cal,;; 
(28); piir.amount, . Salt Lake 
City, : tr. (2); Aude, Denyert 

■::(4-5):-:;'-'.;;-^ '•;-^:-v--v- - 

;v.''Tesi- Mr : D*rlin»;:;D»iiffliierV- 

.adelphiQ.' ;-'^' 
. *Te9, My Palrlin bauihter* 
(FiorOTce Rieed)^ Dallas 
.: (28>1 )', Shrine;, Aude, .Okiahoma ,^ 
Gity^ (2); Gbhventibn Hall, 
Tulsa. (3); Aude, Memphis , (4t5). 

f *ba Cairt Take It Wt^ 
Biltmore, --Los' Angeles. 

-.Cass/ Detroit \ ■ •-■.'• -:■■•'. 

>r«ii Can't Tafke it lVuii You;'; 
Aude, Dubtiiiue (2T);; Cecil, 

'. Mason City (lr2).; Aude,- Sioux 
Palls, la. (i); Gpiiseum, Siotiic 
Palls, S. ij. (4); Aberdeen. S. D. 


:':;';':'•) New Haven, Feb. 1ft; : 
. Drama .in. two ; acli* .by. O.vvph;. Vi'ncenf 
Dbd.son. . Produced. .' alR)p»(l and acloii-'by 
faculty; .and-- students- of Yale' .J>Wi»)irlrn'f.iVt 
of ' Drama' at .tJiiiverslly . "TheatrSf - New' 
Haven, Feb.. 16-lS, r.;>S. {■;.• 


In show circles, 'Wine of Choice,' which opened at the Guild, gNr. Y>, lii;st 
week, is rated on a par. with §. N. Behrman's other plays of the past sev, 
eral seasons. That the critics did not think so Was siirprising but explained 
as psyeholbgical-due to the iast presence .pf .JtP.rrtier dr^nia critiq, Alexander: 
WboUcott, a featured lead in the play. All the reviews, however, lauded 
Wbollcott's performance, but one notice queried the reason fbr his yen to 
be; an actpr, crick stating he is well off financially as an author and cpm- 

mentator. ^' ■--'' ■■■ '.' ^.-/"' .'.-' 

Woollcott got: the critical breaks with mdicated under-ratmg of play,; 
Currently. Woollcott Is the fattest actor on the boards. His initial appear- 
ance before the footlights Was 'Brief Morhent,' also; authored by Behrman,; 

One of the most objectionable features pf New York theatre-going, that 
of p9ri-handters threading through iaudiences in the lobby at ;inteirmissiba ; 
time, may be brought under control; .Cops who permitted the practice are 
said to have been ordered to keep beggars jaway frotn theatres; Prograihsi 
now carry a nbtice signed by William Hpdsori, commissioner of Welfare, 
N. Y., which reads: 'Patrons . . . are riequested hot to iaid professional begr; 
gars soliciting alms oh the streets. Mayor La Guardia states the people 
of the city are contributing millions pf dollars for the care of the desti- 
tute. There is food, and a bed for all.' Notice includes the address of the 
municipal lodging house, open day and night for feeding and shelter. 

widow of Robert Stevehson,, Sr., former Broadway boxpffice treasurer 
wHp died ' last September at Lagiinai Beaich, Cal;. alsb expired bh the Coast 
Feb. 19; While undergoing a, n»ajor oi>eration. Remains were brought East 
and funeral services wer^ conducted at HoUi^, L, L, last li»yrsday (24). '-'. \, 
. Mrs. Stevenson, who was visiting relatives On Lpng Island, had recently 
returned to the Coast to dispose of a home- they had built there last year, 
Ticket man, who had his. leg amputated several years agp; wais a victim pf 
cancer. ;; Daughter abpUt 12 and son, Robert J., by a former marriage, 
sitryive. - ''.'., --; . "::: ':.. ■■■■]' .^^ ^ : ■\:'^': 

'Censored,' which opened at the :46th Street, N.Y., last Saturday night 
(26) to a critical smacking, . was uhdergoing doctor irig until almost curtaiti 
time. Two entire scenes, including the wihdup (which supposedly ex- ; 
plained ihuch of thfe preceding action),; were penciled^ the afternoon of 
the premiere. Idea was that the Friday night (25) preview' audience ap- 
plauded the next-to-final scene curtain so much, Al Woods, the producer, 
decided that was the best place to end the play. Other scerie was yanked 
because the crew coiuldn't set ; the lighting system correctly at, the last 
minute. .. -'-;. :- / .-'. ' ' - '. ; ^ - 

Contrary to reports in the dailies. Burgess Meredith has hb intention of 
appearing in a Marc Blitzstein miisical next seasOn. : Basis for the stories; 
which appeared in various dramatic colurhns in l^ew York, was that the 
actor and Blitzstein were seen together bne riight week before last. Ac- 
cording to Meredith, the idea of his doing a show for the author of 'Cradle 
Will Rock* never was mentioned. In any. case, he h?is tentative plans. for 
a musical with/KMrt Weill. ' Whether that involves his Drama .Associates, 
Inc., isn't indicated* . ----..-^ . ■ '. -"■.- - : --:;•'-'' 






;-'-'. ;-•;.. " ^ ; ;-.;^>-';.^;:;;AT;-tH.E:^. ;-.-'; v/t' '; 

\iairtER: C^ NEW YORK 

■' -•' - • • Perspnai; Mahiagamant'. '. 

-■%■■;-;■ J -;'.v 


As their mid-winter prodiiction, 
members of the Yale drama school 
have put. together a creditable piece 
of stage entertainment.,. It's an. ex- 
pose of the present so-called Father 
pivihe religious racket Lacking, the 
polish of finished playwriting,- . a 
natural shortcoming in a student 
productibn, ' play nevertheless , has 
moments of great; power and carries 
several punchy scenes. Author has 
done well in his placing of charac- 
ter^ in an exceptibnally ; large cast; . 

Story, dbne partly, and very .ef- 
fectiyely in verse, ..tells, of Rachel 
Jackisbh, simple Negress whose faith 
in her church 'holds but until all her 
friiends desert her- in fayor; of fbl- 
lowing 'The; Apostle bf Light,' tricky 
evangelist who gathers a flock by .the 
simple means Of .feeding and housr 
ing them ; free. Later he relieves 
thern of all . their worldly posses- 
sions, but they . dbh't know. What's 
comirtg at the - tirne when ;they join 
up with him. Rachel finally joins 
the others and is about to deed over 
heir house to the 'Apostle' when her 
ybiithful- sbn- kills the preacher to, 
prove to his followers that he'.s a 
fraud and can experience dea th like 
any human. - Rachel and the others 
eventually . return, tp find a hew 
strength ih-, their former simple 

faith. - ;- ■;:■--:':...'■■.;-;: . ' 

: Yale . claims aih innpyation ih this 
production, due to its beiiig the first' 
university theatre to use an electrical 
organ as accbmpahist -tp - the action 
Of the. play. . Much . of the produc- 
tion is choral ..singing, shag, swing 
and - Negro. ■ rhythm, steps. Music is 
the work of Morris ;Mamprsky. 

Marion Rbpney, as Rachel: William 
GdrrigahV heir son[. Dorothy Neu- 
mann, a fconvert, and .Paul ..Peter 
Mitnick, the Apostle, do well in the 
leading roles.. Staging by Frank Mc- 
Mullan. and Constance Welch han- 
dles group scenes nicely arid uses 
to gopd advantage a seMi-rbare setr 
ting in the fbrm of a series of step.s. 
Only an occasional prop is brought 
in to cbmplete a lbng list of scenes; 

Production is; weli. sUited to. han- 
dling by .some type of group' theatre 
movement; .."'-,; . . . Bone. [ 

When it wrinds up a 16-week run at the St. James, N. Y., next Saturday 
nigiit (5), 'Father Malachy's Miracle', will have grossed about $158,500, 
cording tb VARiEty's bbxoflice estimates. Show opened .Nov. 17 . and. got 
$9,500 on -the first full week. Highest week's biz (oyer the Neyr Year 
stania) was $17,000. Presentation was getting about $11,000. for a period 
of seven weeks, but lately has been down to around; $?.000, -It gpes pu 
tbur Monday (7) under the joint sponsorship of DelPs Chappell. and the 
Theatre Guild.. . . ;- -'..^;- ■-•-'-I. .-- . V;- ■' 

Hume Cronyn has replaced Ralph Hertz, in the piart of Abe Sherman in 
'There's Always a Breeze/: opening tbhight., ( Wednesday) at the Wmdspr, 
N Y. Explained the change was made because the part was rewritten, not 
XI. . _. -^*»;, .«:c<..>^{cfo^tinh • with Hertz's performance. Shift 

deals with a jtneek 

due to the: mainageinpht's dissatisf action ; 

was made during the show's Boston tryout. . Comedy ^ „ 

individual who confesses a murder to attract attention. Joseph M. Hyman 
and^rvin^ Cboper are presenting it. 

>Ral^ 1-Nit0r», $l6,500 

Wilmington, M^rch 1. 
'Brbth'er Raf road company, giv- 
ing performances in Roanoke and 
Danville. Va.; FredeHek, M,d.. and 
here last week, wbund up with near-; 
ly $10,50.0 on the stanza. . 
. Company moved on to Baltimore' 
after; Saturday; night's (26) perform: 
a nee here. . ./v- 

*Take' $23,760, M'waukee 

.. . . Milwaukee, . March 1.; . 
RPad company of 'You Can't Take 
It With; You' grossed a smacking 
$23,;760:at-the pavidspft. theatre here 

■ stay- included' nine perf Prniances. ': 

Sftth Centuryrt'ox Studios, Il'wood 

Ex-Guv Sponsors Thesp 

: Sdh la ■Barbara, ' Cal i I.; Ma rch 1; < . - 
I ;; Hudson '.Fauirsett, (ilm.Clirptege 'of 
I Harold Hoffman, cx-gpyernor of 
!'scyV .WiU test 
i fore the foptlightii. He has been 
j' .sii^ncd by Arthur ;Beckhard fPr Ihe 
i juve role in 'The Stork Laid a ri Kfii}/ 
j; ,. Pjay }S -.set for late Marcii,; prrttlucr 

tion. -y ' .-:■'; . - ' 


it ■ 

Two;shbA*s opened here Jast we*k, 
*Room. Service' at the Selwyii and 
*Bic)iard ir at the Grand, : Former is 

. ih.for in indef rUii and Jbplcs set for 
long stay/>perhaps t.hi'PWfih .the 
iumitier; Latter is: in, fbf. oinly ;three 

'■ weeks . lirid will • have . to ' -build to.; 
finish with iVniy Jjrofit on the. stay. ' , 
' . Farce caught bh with the .reyiew- 
ets and public ahd looks, for heayy 
profit gallop Idcanyj^ follovving. the 

' coip- tradition , of 'Three Men on 

' Horse,' -'Boy. .Meets Girl* and 'You 
Can't Talce ' It V/ith You.' Shaker 
speare trbupe is suffering;: going far 
under capacity on opening . session 
despite- is a t i s t a c t b r y: newspaper 
notices. Two items seem to be hold* 
ihg back the-takie; the first being the 
cbmparsitively high ad.mish of $3.30, 

■ a price which 1<5 .riot likely to; be",^ 
tractive to .Shakespieare addiGt*; 
Maiirice Evanis, while,here previbusly 

. \vith Kdthinhe^^^^^ midr 
, West name arid, a 1 ittle new, for; bp;jc- 
bffice pipwer on his mbriiker al^ 
Will buck the -Julius C?»esar' entry 

■ m. Monday a ); coining in- w.ith .the 
assistance of the American Theatre: 

- Society at : the ? Erlariger. ATS ?>lsQ 
'cbrning iri with / 'Father Malathy's 
Miracle': in the ; Harris: .March 14; 
^which -will complefe the, sixrstioW 
season of the ATS, . 
Other shdW in lowni ;last Week was 
• >Tortighi -at 8:30;' which", fin ishes . up . 
this Satyr da^^^^^ 

'stay: kV'- \:^<'- '-y 

. Estlmat«S;:-for I-ast- Week ; ' 

••RichaVd if;? Griarid ;f2d :Week> 
(1,400; $3.30 )k- In;: for three weeks; 
got iiway sJbwJy from, the opening: 
. gun; arid had to be: satisfied with^^ 
: $12,000 for the initial session, cprir 
^ sidierably under capacity; price hur^^ 
irijg.--- --■.-.:;.-.• . -• ..: ■ ■■",:-■■. ;■;•• 
'Rooiifi Service,' Selwyn (2d ; Week ) 
i (l;O00r $2.75);: Strbng sentry,: wit^: 
iarice ; arid cOnnedy stuff perfect for 
the public's tiste tKese days around 
here; heavy money ; At $13,000^^ f 
•■ premiere .-sranza. 

'Toiiiglit at 8:30/ Harris ( 
■ ;week)C (l,000; J2;75):v -iGame: in for ; 
.■^ two weekS' a nd. :stay ing fi Ve. to ; bang.-. 
' lip. trade; touched :fviie $:W,000 again 
- last week; closes Saturday (5.). . ■ 

:.'^v;vvi'A:.v '■.■■.:>:; ^ 

; Tailor Becomes Mer«ha nt,' Great 

■ Nbviherrii Semi-,?irty - Yiddish .: .piece. 
' ; will dcpend .party;; 

'See >'aple.s. aiid pie,':,Black.5tdne. 
Finishing- this week:' -Great Barring- : 
■..ton'-^tieixt; ^^'^.■•;'v :;■:''•. 


Estlntated Total Grosses ■ ! ^ 

-, .: JOast:-.W,eek:;. ; . i^^3H';^oo 

, (Basid on .2i: Lejiit Sh:bii>s> ' . 
Tot^l .; -<;rqsses.'.'':Sdme 
,' Weiek- ■ Last Year: - V ■$223,2tfO ■;: 

; ' Washington; .Ma.i-ch 

DiJigerit.'cultivatiop;. of . capitaiF;au- . 
dierices . for .five years . paid divi-' 
dends to Cornelia Otis Ski rinei* . last, 
week: whisri biz of 'Edria; His Wife' 
.climbed to a: snappy $l2,50iO. Figure 
; takes into account extjra matinee bri' 
; Washihgtori's Birthday (22). Current 
Is debut of 'I Ann My Youth.'; With' 
a :reti.irn . en.scagemerit of ; 'Brother 
, 9at';to,fplIow; .next ,,week.V.-;. 
,- v;;;- '-EstiiiaieS'fpir La^tvW^ 

:■ ;:'lE4ia,;;Hii ;isrife,''';Natibnil ^''(1,(598; ' 
$2.75); Cor rieliia Otis ;Skiriner has 
;biiiilt lip a.splid; followirig by 'reguilar 
appearances hetie; arid interest in' her 
new . play kicked in -with- ialround 
$12,500, -,.;■:■:•-■/- y- ■. 

'Babes' $5,000, B'klyii ; 
;P3&y* Okay At $3^500 

. . .. B.rooklyii;. iviarch - Iv; 

- . Brisk biz ; at;. Werba^s . Brooklyn 
with mlisicdl,- 'Babes in Aims,' and 

.. ■ Maje.stie.;:with 'T.he-Patsy' Uisf. Week. 
;, BrDoklyhites haven't had , so much 

. legit . activity : in .downtown area' in 

■:.v.years.^' ■>.:/■ 

. .Bratttetwrp/ Playiers atV- S^ Fe)Jxi 
Playhouse are rehearsing. 'TiierBlnck 
• Eye.. . cQmedy,: coming :ln next- MoHr 
:day , (7,) with . HariV "5^oung; in the 
^ leadr role:: Production of: : 'Shining 
, .Hpur : Is .;dUe at. Acadettiy, p£ Music 
: Saturday ;ivig^ WiHi . George 

, Blackwood diiedtirig .Siiid /.-playing 
■-■Jead..;rple:. >■';■; . .., , / ;; 

■;;:.;. \/\.;.- iEstitniite^ Tor.;-Last -Week-. .-: .';' 
, ' in . Arms.'; :Werba's Brbbk- 
Jyn (.2d week) il.RdO; ."Jh-SO); Good re^; 

' ' i^P^rise - ;tQ V.:this musiciil; • profitiable 
$5^«00.)rt the t^U:■.^' ■ . - ;- 

'The,' .iyta.j^s.tic (1 ;8b6; $1 ^I'o ). 

:: .reop(-iied ; W.i1h this orit star- 

.:: ir)niii; He]6i5 Fprd;;.pkay $;^\5qa>;;^ 

: • .;,. WaMOT. Hampden' in -Elhaii: Frbme' 
. • .d^d-faltl^^ well .the .S'hubert. Jast 
■ ■ ■the .' b.d. doing/ neaV:iy 

?p,.000. , . C.ri x . d i d ii 6 1, - w ;i x ; en th 11 s i {i s-=. 
• -".^ ^ver the play; a.nd oiiiy the name; 
^.^jl^'^Pi^P.^Jert brpivght tbe.^c 
llii;; .P^'^^'"^?^'^. bnering a re.vival;of 
■■.;^;White .Cargo,'..-.- ■■}\\y y] . :, 

■---;.-:'Ei5t.».nia'te for Last- Wyelc''- • 
: •• Frome,' ■ Shubert. ~M.9(50; 

: 51:50). With- three riisht.s/Glit-rate,' a 
fan- $6.000 ; W!iP-'.liiRt- abdiil reachccl. 
, ;duc .-ioltly ,:to' the Wiilter- Jlampdeh 
.^--namei.--.' ■• ' ■ 

. Boston, Marcli i. 

Closing of two shbws last Saturday 
(26) left the tPwn bai« of legit. 'Al- 
ways a BreezeV .vacated tije Shubert 
after tWo-vireek ti-yout; arid ;* Yes, 'My 
"Darlitjg,; DaugUter' co'ricl uded.- a good 
five-frame date at th^ piyraouth. r, . 
;. / Next, ieritiry i 5 s the neW'" Goie Pbipter 
musicali 'You Never KrioWvVMsirch'?. 
Rodgets .^nd Hart!' jprbductibn, *I 
Mariricd An Angel,' is ; penciled ' iri 
for April 4 .at the Shubert . 

Estimates ■;fbr - Last- Week V^-- • 

.Tes^ :My> toartinisr" Daughter. Ply- 
m,outl> (1,480; '$2.75); .Although the 
takes skidded after the; two wieek^of 
Guild subscriplibri siipportj this One 
enjoyed ia ..very, satisf iactoi-y run here 
and . h it $12;000' f of the fiitth; and ^firial 
franie. ■;. -■ •:'r:-^\ - \ 
:'-*There•s^A-i■Ways-» Brcete/- Shutert 
(1,590; $2.20). Holiday helped:^ bit; 
but the sewnd and leist week was 
pale at $3,600. 

\ ;. ; Cblurribus,' March i; 
Helen : Hayeis smashed Sih local 
records foi? dramatic /fare by taking 
in . $l7;600-:lastCweek in "five "jNrtbrrii-" 
ances at the Hartman (24-26). Was 
to have :Played :'IVIerchaTit . of "Venice' 
at extra niatiriee Friday, but switched 
to, 'yictpria.', . Houise sold ;out in 
couple : of hour.s after annouricjeirient 
of change. ; All reserved ducats for 
regular performances were, sold two 
weeks .in .-advance,,-.' ■ 

■■ Estimate ' for tast ..Week ;..■;' ■: 

•Victoria Regina/ Hartmart ( iMU', 
$3,30 ). Broke all riecbrds except for 
old *Fo].lie<?;' .at ' $5 .top; great $17,600 
lor five performances. 

Itidiain)apolis, .March 1. ' ; 
Helen Hayes in 'Victoria Regiria' 
h.iing up the . seasbn'sr high, at the , 
boxpffice of the English theatre for 
foiir; pertorriiahcfes .startinig Monday 
(21 ), House wa.s practically; sold 
out by mail order, with prily.; about. 
30 , seats available' When window 
opened a .week prioir tb play, date^. 
Starideesi.' W'ejre present at all per- 
Ibrmancesi. adding aboiitx$400 to. the 

Next week, ; March 7-12, will be 
filled ;by.. John Baripri; in 'Tobacco 
Road,' fbiir days, and: Walter ' Hanip'- 
den in 'Ethan Frome,' two days. 

• iJistiniite, for Last Week ■ ■;/ :'./ 
, 'Victoria Regina.^ • English ' (;1,200; 
$3 ). , Biggest gross of .the sea^ri,; w ith 
pocko $15,000; seafs- were virtually 
sold but- before boxoff ice sale openied^; 

San FrancLsco,. March J. ' ; 
;• The Women' ; Wourid .Up its; ^lay at 
the Geary . lais.t Saturday night (26) 
to. one of tlie best weeks the house 
has. 'seen Jri agesi . Gppd busiri.ess .Was 
clicked off despite the season's first 
Warm speM' and the coriipetish 
offered . by 'Porgy; and iBess' at the 
Girrran next~tloor;7 " 

Latteir show has been pulling nice 
gi'osses, but. not enoiigh. to; cover its : 
big. nut - Geary. ; is dai-k this? week, 
biit ..gets 'You. Can't Take, It with 
You'; next . week- '\ Abbey; Players 
come iritb the Curr an ; riext:- Monday 
(.-7-).; ^ rV- ■ 

Estimates for Last Week - 

'Porgy and Bess,' Curran (3d 
week) (1-500; $3.30). Although the 
second week's ;. take reached, $18,000, 
that' figvure' w^is not eribugh-^t lift 
the show out of the red; with; the 
closing of; 'The, Women,' ; however. 
■iPorgyl is being held over this week 
on the hope of . increased biz; Abbey 
Players comie iri next Monday (7.>, 

'■■ 'the' Woimeni' Geary (1.500 - $2.50). 
Tbwn hasn't had such a smash in 
years; third arid fiiiaLfrariie wisis just 
over. $17,000; 'total for the three 
weeks being about $44,000;. is 
:dark;this week, with 'Ybu Can 
It with You' slqted next. . 

WPA-'; ^.:-V\.--:--/- ■'. ■ 

"The Amazing Dr.,'- 

Alcazar; (Ist week) (1.2()»:; $1. !()-). 
Whodunit opened slast ni.s;ht (Mon- 
day ). 'Sim and r. wbimd vip a/wec.k- 
;\V'eek :run' :to good bLi.sihes's. ; \ ::. 

/; Philadelphia, March 1. 

: *Ye.^. My Darling Daughter,'; Which 
had, ■ three .' weeks ; skedded ; at the 
Chestnut, has switched to the For- 
rest instead and opened there; last 
night (Monday). . Latter hou^e will 
also get' Cble Porter's -Ybu Never 
-Know' March;- 28, 'and is .slated, for. 
the. Mercury's ; 'J til i (is Caesar.' ; Lo* 
cust gets -Room: Service' a week 
from Monday (14) and then prbb- 
ably *You Can't Tafke It With Ypii:'. . 

'Brother • Rat,' after ; announcing 
last'three. weeks, iumped.'a riotch l^ 
week. . 'Save Me-the Walt^,' conSid? 
.eriably ; bettered . by ' revision, . e 
tiniied to subisist .riiostly bn its sub- 
Sci"iptiori.s ' ih the second, and final 
week'at the Chestnut.; -• • ■ - ' 
'-;;■:.- ■ Estimate's, for Last Week' 
(9th week)..' Announcement of last 
weeks upped biz a " little; .$9,500;" 
'Room Service'; next;. - . .. .. .\ 

;.'Save;."Me thie Waltz'- (Chestri'ut:) 
(1.646; $2.75 ). :Si)bsisted ' mostly on 
f;iib?criptiOns. although: jgairied: by 
visions during stay ' here; $7,<)00 last 
week (second). ■ . 

Bhrthday Biz Fair, 

B'way Legit Grosses 

. Estimated total Gros'ses ; .. . / 
.■■ •: Last 'ween. . . . . v . v . . »3.53,««u.; 

: (i^ased on ilT - 
: total (Gross; Same. Week 
.- Last -..Year..,'.,', .- , .. . $115,<)«6 ' 
■ f Based on 24 Shows) ; ' 

Abbey $6;60d; St Lod 

.;-■-/- ■ -;■;"'; ,. St. Louis, Ma rdh"; t ' 
'. Abbey .Players,. filled to ran to the 
form ■ of. other : legit', oiler i rigs 'ii t ; t he 
Am ei'ician The at re duri ri g, the c u rr.e nt 
.sea.sph .and failed to : grab oft a /five 
:ii gu re take f (ir • ni he perf or ma n ce.<; - of 
.'tiri , r engageriient . ending .•. •Satu;rciay, 

(26) ;. ;.Foi:ei'gn troupe foiind ' a Ue-r-' 
ri.niic :l€.t-dow:n in ;intere.'5t. and: even 
the -local vcrix- found complaint in 
.several ;bf.:. the., plays pfrercd. For a 
change, the brand.!, of. weather .:fbr 
lesi.t' ieriter't^iriment; was oMr ■ ■ 

'Tobacco ftoad^.Which■ has garripred 
-$60,000 in 45 .pqrfbriTianCe.s dtnOhg 
three' ' previous . ^visits.;' within •...friiri^ 
year's,; mbyecl in.tb the American, foi-.. 
: another, weipk's .^ en jjiag.oriiertt '.■ Su li'day- 

( 27 ) . .. Job h Bar tori', is', ihp. tHii-'rl' to ; 
play the-Vple -pf Je.Qter: In '.St. :Louis.' " 
- ■;_ • ■ Estiinaie f|Ur L.Tst iveck .-. . 

'; ■''Al>he.iirv Pla'yers,* •'American H-iiOl'i: 
$2.24 ). Take just barely reached the' 
•SeiOpO mark ..for . nihe ■ perfpi\tti£ince.<-' 
for :- ' diSdpppiniirig ; run; Abbey 
Playbrs take place beside 'Tonight at 
8; 30- .as. being only; IcctitS fairiiig' to 
ebllect a five figure- take' during' the 
i current scasorii ' ' •. ..."-;. 

*Can't Take' $17,000; L.A.; 
Sunday Perfprraances 

Los Angeles, March L . 
,; Play ing to smash .trade';bn- its fiirSt 
two week.s arid With an exception- 
ally heavy advance for the current 
and next stahza.s the Biltmore is 
holding 'Ybu Can't Take It With You' 
for; a ^ fifth week. Erigagemerit termi-. 
nates March 19. with -Suridky. shows 
added for : the ,dii ration of the run, 
lor nine perforriiahces weekly. - 

Estimaie for Last Week .. . 

'Yoii Can't T^ke it With .Tou,' 

Biltmore (3d: Week) :(C.-i:t)56; $2.75): 
.'.I'umped:aliead M.the firist stanza and 
hit nitty $17,00(). '- ■■ ;. - . " .■ ' 

■;■ WPA ^ 

. 'The :Gre;iiJjarri.nKt-ori,'' Holly wood, 
i PJiiy h;ou.«e. . • .Doing,- sO-so . P/i- .second 
I week;- ■ ;- " '. > . ;; ;-. ;-.^ 

I .'bi-3<'uia,' 'Mjison-;:;. •■sIqcIc - produc- 
iJ irth.' yvith 'Fredeiiclt Pymrn ..' title 
j. loie..; ■-■-■.'■.'•' ■ ■ 

I .-.; 'Lo.vaitie.s';' Maya ... ..:ivrbved-'dpwn-' 
' t6wn; -al'(e;r--..H;oi|'y'wbod .'i:(!ri^ - 

'Ca^esar' $7,300^ Bialtd 

; BalalrriQre^ March 1. ■ 

'BrotheK •Rat'-; ,is back ia.gain .this. 
Wt'fck for its;third.:vi..sit -tb ,t'bi".d's',aiid 
pi-omises .some . iritercst. Last Week, 
the : A lex . Yokel . road shbw !-o(. Ihe.. 
Mercii ry • rirbd uet ion of ' ! J u I i jtri: Caer 
..<-;a)'" g'aj-n.ei'Cd . iav.brable :■ notices but 
didn't get, much bu.sine«.<v Thanks to; 
-'a;- hcavT. holiday •..'riiailtiec- and .;a. 
.mburiit) rig ; weekend .: playi; .'the • shbw 
; \v()iind .up With;-$7.300;;-. ' ' ' 
. - Legit >s;late, is' rather, bare, except 
.for the;';;bf the Theatre Guild 
preem! of th.e L'urit.^ iri 'The -Sea .GujFi;' - 

Estinute .for .Last Week . 

■ 'Sttliiis; Caei^ar^Fo^ 
Good /crifica i -reception',: but ; riii.ssed 
tietling off to . bullish : pace; . .strong ; 
matinee , bii Washington's: Birthday 
and;;Si'il urOay htlpcd to $7,3O0. ; 

: Broadway had a;, fairly s-trong 
Washington's " Birthday , period,; the 
final holiday stretch of the sea.sori. 
Material' increases, were: the ■ excep- 
tion, grosses On . -.the \week' showing 
brily- riiild -Tbetterrhent;- even : With 
added . matinees. Shb'w' now 
faces the .annual Federal; arid stirite 
income tak deadlines arid : the Leriten. 
periodi ■^hich starts todiiy : (Wednes- 
day). •:; , .; , :] - ;' ; 

ATiong the recent arrivals, one or- 
twb .are promising. . particularly 
'Once Is Eriough,' at .the Miller. It 
grossied $15,000 for; ;the first flill 
week, including extra matinee. 
'Wine of Choice,' at- the .Guild,, did 
riot; draw riiuch bf a break from the; 
press and: turned in- . fair $11,000 
total. With a chari'eie biE'playirig bevorid 
the, &ub;scriptibn..>..|jeri6^ 
Jbnes,' at the. Fuitpri,: ;is : in. doubt, 
arid riibire so is 'Censored,' at the .46th 
Street.;' 'y^.- < ;.. :.;- ; • 

; 'Susan ■ arid.v God' . 'easily, "held ; the 
Number One; spot arhong iStiaight 
plays. Wit h . $22,000 ; i ri ^ n i.nev times; 
-'On. Borrowed Tifrie' is the rurincir- 
up,; getting $17,000 arid also - .playinjg 
an ,eSctra: matinee; 'Star -Wagon.' over 
$15,000; 'Golden Bby,' d itto; Shadow 
and ; Substance,' alniost that much,; 
and 'Our Town,* $l;3,000. about corii- 
pleted, the; lieaders. : but 'You Can't 
Take It With ;You' topped $12,000 in 
eight performances arid, ' the' lead- 
ing, hbldover; . - .-. -;"-''' ••.,--, '. -.-■' '.■■'■.'■ 

■How to Get Tough About 11* Was 
withdrawn ;frorii;the.Beck'last;Saiiir-, 
day (26 ) ; this week's definite clasings' 
ate.^'Murder in the^ Cathedral/: Ritz, 
arid . '^'athei: Malachy's .TWiracle,' St. 
'■James.' . :^''V: '•. 

Latter spbt .gets,:*Empre.«s of pe'sr 
tiny'; next week, and " the ihcoriiing. 
, Card also has 'I.Am My YPuth,' Play- 
hbu.s6 ('Bachelor Born' moves to the 
Lyceurii ). and 'The Hill : Bel ween;' 
.Little. WPA lists 'Prolog to Glory' 
at the Elliott. ^''^ ■ ':'■'.:■'■'/' ■ 

^-Estimates' for La'st;- Week;' -. ■-'■■;- 

;^Aii that Glitters.^ Biltmore ilWi 
week) : (0-991; $3.30 ). Slightly im - 
piroved last week at $6..'500, but little 
indicatiori ;' bf . drawing. ;real in; 
agertcy buy 'expi res in another week. 

'Amphitryon 38,' ' Shubert-. (J8th 
week) (C-i;387; $3.30). Rated around 
$17,000 last week; will lay off week 
pf March. 14 Wheri 'The Sea Gull'; 
plays out of towri:^ with mp.stly' same, 
cast; resumes here ;M'arch .21 ; alter- 
nating with revival. 

'BiMheior Born.' Play houj^e .(6th 
week) (C-87.8; $3.30); Will • move 
again .; next IVIonday ., (7), going to 
Lyceum to make way for *1 Arn My 
Youth'; 'Bachelor' pkay, wi^b; $9,500 
estimated. '}■'■■: -- 

'Between the Devil,' Imperial '(1 jlh- 
week) (M-1. 468; $4.40 ). Upped at- 
tendance early last week for holiday 
performances . ;, esti mated ; sending 
^i"Oss around' $20,000 mark; some 
profit. • .:.;. ',..: r-V .; 

..; 'Brother; Rat;' Ambausisadbr:';;(64th 
.week)' (C-l,i56;' $2.20). Added mati- 
nee did not materially boost lakiTigs 
on the week, but run comedy rnade 
some coin at' $6,500. ' 
. -Cas,ey Jones,' Fulton . (Zd. week) 
(p-913; $3.30).; • .Pai-lie.s :rii6st .- pt the 
week : sO starting pace; not clea;rly 
indicated; $8,000 Or vbit mbVe, . riot «') 
.hot; 'All the Livini" book$;d for house 
March 24. ■'-- •.-.•■;•-' ;- ':' S--'' 

.'Censored,' 46th St. (] Ft week) 
'(Gt1.;375: $2;20). : Opbricd Satiir'day 
night (26); : distinctly aciversc' pre.*;.*': 

'Father^ Millachv's Miiacle,'^ St; 
Jaipes ■■ ;( 1 Gth : Week ) -(CM/S^O: ;$3i30 )', 
:Final . week; '. goe.«i on-: .to,ijr to be; pre- 
'stenfed tn-' assoeiatioq; wjlhr Theali^'e' 
.Guild .' .as - ; ..'iir.ij'jct-iplion. . .bner'iii,^; 
around. §l,O;0OO. la\«l'.-vv.cck.-:' 

■ 'Golden B'oy.';.B.e'Jasw') t'lSlh.' \v?c.l< > 
fC-l'.OOO; ;$.T.30.)".; ■B' ' lias Vbtcn; 
:c X ce 11 eri I ; • 1 a s t . wcC k "s ' ' t a k I n ."; y ; ux- ro. 
upped by added matinee: .'ji i (iGtk) in. 
iriinjc- tirnei^;'.;' ' .' - . ; ' ■.; ,; "" 

■ 'Ho<Jr,ay f<ir Wl«a;i;* AVirilisr: Gard.m 
ri4th Week) ; (iW-1...67J.; $140:). /. Gave: 
rnatince . on ' htilidJiy ■/.aftei npon; a.5':' 
.with' b]lher :rii,ii.sicals.: ria;.'atldc!;r. pi'r- ' 
formia.nce; sbmew!:fj,il bc'llf i- bovvo.vtr, 
with takings' aroimcl i2T.M)n 'ryy.iik-r ■: 

'How to Gel TouKh Ah<i'<i.( rt;';jBf c;k; 
Withcli-awri. ,,,;'( I rir day' .; .,<2I() ') -,.; aficr. 
playing 'three WGek.c;- d.tew p rc.^.'^i . 
b wt: bu .siri.ess ■ wa.s .d r.'i.Co iii:;--yi /i ii'.-, '-. ;;• 

'I'd Italber B« \|tifilii;"A Iv^n^-J-lfiiK; 

.ever; • .stuck to nine [jci formanfts 
with hPlid^iv /.'•hOwp ■ i:;!ihm<.'<l . w i,lh . 
slandee.s- ,$32.00().. . . .;■ . ':-.";' . .. 

•Journeyman,' 'V'.Mndrj'Li'lt - <5ih- 
^eck ) ( D-»(M - KiiC'kt:)''. ''1 ak- ' 

J n'g; 'wee lOh s, ; ,b i it ,1 n t f h'i\ . . f: t i i.ri » : ; ; 
lo.we:'il'grbf--.<;cr bri ,Ii>il{ s;2;,50(j. - ' . 
- .'Many Mahf,ion<:.'-44ih;S1ri'tf.(H)lh 
wclU) < r)rl.,«23; : j2v20).; - W«k ly; lidal ' 
varies 'biit mot) .i'^ite . coin- ''at Ixi^t; 

iTfiatinee draw life: saver;; la .it .\ve.ek. - 
topped $6,000; -iscale . ;io'vvert;d -fibm ' 

:$3.30.'.:^-^' ;..;';', ;;;.•.;■' -:- .-";' 

' 'Of Mice - and Men/ Mij.«ic Box 
;( 15th • week ) (D-1,01J); $3.30 )..; .Went.' 
up: about $1,000 Without playing an 
extra- xierfPrmariCe; .; oyer • $11,^ ' 
which is.! satisfac'tpry,. "for drama;;';. 

'On Borrowed Time,' ' Longacre 
(5th. week.) .(D-1.019; $3.3Cif. - Gross \ 
increased further last week ' when ' 
iri . nine .performances the ..tak ing.i . 
■ were iquoted around' $17,000;. rated, 
best; of ;winter' crop. ; . ;- "- 

'Our . Town,' Morosco (5f h week ) ' . 
(D-961 ; ; $3;30). : Also :■ played extra;;- - 
rnatiriee last week and • drew, lop ■ ' 
gross so far at ;$13,000;: fair -in agency, 
demand; strbng at bbxbf fice. • '. 

^Once Is Endue'h/ Miller (3d wef k ) ; . ' 
(C-^944; $3.30).;; Looks -weli lip.iri the ' 
riibney ; new comiedy • establ i.shed ex - . . 
cellcnt $15,000 on nine pet formrintes 
last week. : ; '■ . ■ •' . ;-■ - '.-'-. 

'Roiom Service,' Cort (42d week) 
(C-1,059; $3.30). ; Did okay over, holi- 
day, but extra matinee perlorrhance 
did not ; rhaterially. ■ bblster wtik-s. : 
gross; $9,500. ; ; ";''.'•-.-;: 

'Save Me the Walta,'. Beck (Jst 
week) (Grl,214;;$3.3<)). Presented by- 
Max Gprdpri;; -Written by Katharine ; : 
;Dayton;' .. regarded as '. having ;; the. 
makirigs; out :of' town; opened- Mori- 
day. (.28); . r- . - • ;"" ';•' -- 

: 'Shadow and Substance,' Goldea - 
(6th .week) (D-709; $3;.30). VirtiiaUy 
{Capacity .a'll performances last wfeek ^^ 
arid with extra matiriec the ; count . 
went: arbuidd $15,000 ritiark.- : '-^ .-;-•. 

'Siisan and God/ Plymouth ,(22d; 
week) (CD-1,106; $3;30 );, Fouir mati^ 
nees last week :(Moriday, night put) :.- 
helped; to best grbss since ':t'a 11 :hdli-- 
day.s; $22,000 in nine t i mes. 
; 'The Star Wae«h,r; Empire ; (23* 
week) ; (CD-li096;: $3.30). One of 
lew successes -which ; held to eight 
perfbrmainces last ' Week,; but drew 
strongly early half, with gross- gbiiig 
around . $15,000; \ \ . ; ■ ' v , 

"The Women,* Barry more (62d 
week) (C-l,p48; $3.30). Holdover . 
coin -getter Went into higher bracke t's :' 
again last we^ek; '.arburid: $15,000 iii.:. 
riirie perforriia'nces. • : '. . , ,; 

.- 'There's Always a Breeze,' W i ndsor 
( Week)' (G-669; $3:30). Prescriicd , 
by Joseph M. "Hymari, /and Irving; 
Cooper; written by -Edward ; Caul-, 
fieljd; so-so tryout; -bpens tonight 
.(Wiedne'sday )..•-•■.-''■. -. 

'Three. Waltzes,* ; Miajestic : .Gfjlh- . 
week ) (Orl,753v $3.30). Low money : , 
among" the limited li§t .of musicals;; 
estiriiated'.arburid $16,000, 

'tobacco Road,' Forrest .mist : 
week) ;(C-1,107; $L65). Nine times 
last week one of lorigest runl drariiaS:: ' 
ever: on: BroadWay; ■ qiiofed. ovtjr 
$6 SOOr,' 

*You Can't : Take Ii with Yo«,» 

Booth (64th week) (C-708; $.3.^1).: 
Held the pace, without an extra pt r- 
forniance; takings. ; agairi/, approxi- 
rtiated $12,500. ; 

'Who's Who,* Hudson week) 
(B-1,094; ; $3.30)i Presented by Elsa , 
Maxwell and Leonard Sillman; inti- 
mate i-evUe with some: material tricicl : 
out at Dcnhis : last summer; opened 
last riifiht (Tuesday). . ': 

•Wine of Choice,' Guild (2d week) - 
(C-;9I4; $3.30).. Divided, notices; but 
business fairly gobd. and vindication 
are for stay beyond the sub.scriptiori. . 
limit; $11,000. 

.'' \Added;'^ 

'Pins and Needles,' La b*)r. Stage ., 
(12th week) (R-500; $2.75),. In unall 
house, garment workers :union >;bpw 
doing very Well; estimated around ; 

$8,000. . ' 

'Cradle Will Rock,' Mercury (9th 
week) (M-682; $2.20). -Moved f)<irri 
Windsor; where it failed tb make-:, 
grade;' $5,000 or less. ..; '..v. - . 

'A'.: ..Fireman's..: ■ - Flame,' -Amer ic-V-ri'- ■., 
Mu.*;ic : Hall; ; frieak; rrielle in .night 

;.---. Revivals '.'; 
•Jiiliu.s CaeKar' arid 'Sboemakfr's. 
Iloildiiv,' National (nth week) (IvJifi'l:' ... 
.£2.'20-$.2.75 )i ;,Rcvival.s 'still; drawing. ^ 
'strorigiy. -; v-'; ''---..'.'.;;- 

"'Murder ih the Cathedra I,' Ri t z 
f.'id - week) ^;^(!)i«.;- ;-$3:3().);- :; :Cl''!?'<'s ' 
S.'il'urday; .; tw6'; 'arid oric-hait: .wcc )■; - ; 
toslly import. "-..',- • .' :-•-:-' 

, . ' A boll's liouse,? Brbadhiir.c.i .. ! 1 (l'< h ' . 
; week ) (1,116; $3 .30 ). No w ; an no< d 
to; s.tay ■into ' spring; London, CMi;.ii't'<--; . 
merit called^ off. : ; ; ./. 

■ ''.; ?-;:;-■/ '-^ wpa-;, - - ;;..; 

-• 'One Third of a -N.!iti(m't' Acltlphi. • • 
-' ' 'Haitii' ; Lafayette, llarU'iri; .- cIi;k 16. '.. 
rt:irt tonight. ( Wednesday ). ->...' '-:-'.'; 
: - ;'Mif-Ki>i*-5ppi- Rairih«w/'^49<H-'^ 
.^ontcd ':ficasori; ; o'r : .w ago .aih(l«r 1,ille- 
.Vif ■-:..'lf'rain-.; SWeat';; due ;'vt()TrKi'ri-pSv ■ . 
• Tl'iCirsday ). ;.' f]'^ :v ' ; ... ■ ' -;;'' 

:';■; • \ . ' ; V;:Ft.'. W.orih; li];jrcri -j;.--; -V -- • 
.; .'.'ii'biu''ri'g-'.cpiT)j5a'hy-.g^^^ 
li;i^ Daughter,' 'with ..Flbr(:rite Ktyd ; ; 
in' thp.-lc.nding;-pa'rl,;gro.sSed' art ^sll.-;. ;-■. 
.rhatpd $12;006 \ in ' a. .sli-iii.m 
of.'-. Tii'.Yas .-'one-ni<i'.hterKi; - Incfuci* a , .- '"..; 
.vlbp.s'iri S<an' Antonio; Aiistinf-IIi'ii.'-: 
ton. VJiicq ' and - Ft. I'Worlh. . '. ;. y ■"■ 

;Trp'iipc..;is cbrttiiiuing.; iJit'- .vlif^iJtr ■ 
ni'ie';'ji.imps this week. ■ , ; - 


Only the Metropolitan Opera and 
the Philhatmoniq-were active among 
Hie name cohcert attractidns in . Nfew 
Yark last week, . 5otli pulled satisTr, 
factory -Met offered feight 
lv.;rforrnances : again, three ,of. whidh 
ware Wagner /operas'. .■ ■ 

'Otello,'. wHich is' hayihg . 6xcepi- 
tional populiarity this season', due to; 
Lawrence • TLbbet.t'^. . performance^ 
lago. • again vdrew: a 'piacfced ..' house 
Monday (21 ) night. '■ Jah Kiepura, 
siuriJrise.'click of. the season, appeared 
•twice; ■ -'Carixien' and ; .^Rigoletto. 
Fialiire of this ' woek'is bill , is the- 
Met's first pferformarice of Crian^Carlo 
Meilbtti's 'Amelia Goes to the 3aH.'. . 

philharmonic plays four . concerts 
af-ain this. week. Elfrem •Zimbalis't is 
the soloist ;.■ 

■. ■.■•Es'tiinates..:.for'~Iiast-.We«i'k:.:'-'. 

Metropolitan Opera Co.vMet <)pera 
HoUs (3,580; $7) ■(13th week), eight 
pbrforhiahees, . includiri;g ..Saturday, 
n ight : (2(5 ) at $4.50 top; : als.6 Sunday, 
night (27 ): opera coriCiert at $2 top. 
Met is hOw in^^ its choice boxpffice 
period, with all its top draw' singers 
on hand; not a real soft spot in the 
en tire week; est iniaited $69;000 ipr the 
ei-jht perfdirniances. . Back , to seven- 
this w'e6k; but/ ;the: .tak0 ' should be 
heftv on . the following bill:;. 'Barber 
of Seville,' . ■Gptterdammferung.' 'La 
Ti-avlata.' 'Anielia Goes to, the BaU'^ 
♦EiektraV 'TriSran und Isolde/ 'Rigo- 
letto' and •Walkuere.' . ;, 

- Philhairinoiilc r Symph, - - Garriegie 
Hall- (^.760) ,($3-$2-$1.75) , (19th 
week). Thursday night, Friday nfter- 
ndon, Saturday hlght. Sunday. after- 
noon (24-27), plus Saturday inorriihg 
youth concert (subsciTptjon Pr $2.50 
too); conductor, John , Barbirolli; 
soloist ' RPse . Pauly. Abp.ut ayierage 
for the four concerts, estimiated' $13,- 
800. plus the iiiual $3,000 fpr the 
youth .concert. " : 

\" ; •■ ^ ^ Berlin/: Feb;' 23.' ■.- 

••:'rertnyson'3.'dt^arnatic poenii /Enoch 
Ardeti,'^' has ' .been; , set. .'to / music by 
the yoting. .Gei;]ban coniposciV/Q^ 
Gerstcr. ' ■ ^'l '.' 

Opera ■ ii? to ■. be- perfprWed. At .the 
music festival in Stiittgart to be held 
in 'May . iti conjunction, with /the anr 
liual congress; for the . liiternMioA^f' 
Goopei-atipn viBietwpeh ^.CJqiiip 


Agreement by the Aniiericah .Guild 
of Miisical Artists with the Mfetro^ 
polltan Opera Coi has still not been 
signed,: it is understoPd. While bpth 
sides have teffusdd to disciiss / the 
matter, it has been learned that 
verbal accord -has beed reache.d on 
•most'points., ; v'-'/'v-./ - 

AGMA last week drew iip a new 
basic (contract .covering pop>price 
operas, ■ While .Ahe terms contaimed 
follow the / general /line of the 
temporary pacts, ^ijgned \i/ith various 
cdmplaniies/last sumrner. arid/ fall, it 
has been stiffened; all along the line. 
Binder covets /recogriitidn, /.: Guilt 
shop, wage/ minimumsi. .rehearsal 
rules, .working conditions^ traveling 
expenses,: etci„/bpth in , and: put of 
Kiiw York.'/ :-.. . ': ■ .' - 

No irnpresatios haVe isigriatured/the 
agreement sP f ar^ but all/^iU be r^^^^^ 
quired ■' to- dp so before they may 
proceed with" . ojiera pierf ornvahces. 
All ppp-pricie companies, (except Al- 
fredp Salmaggi's Hippbdrpme Opera 
Co., N. y.,./signed the /temporary 
pacts and / all, / including .Saltnaggl, 
have, been observing the , AGMA; 
basic terms. Contract is /effective 
immediately^/ ■ \/v '■.■-' '"/•'•'-' 

. ■/ /' •• ..-';//, ;;eieyel'and.--/Mar.dh /1j. "•''', 

Postponement? oJE' six/Shi;*iri€-spPh-t 
Sored coiicei'ts only/ four days, before 
first by Graces Moorp, ^lat(ed for Puh- 
lic Musjc//Kall:4ast' Thursday :(24X, 
hit, local niusic .circles like, ^a bbrnb 
and is' stilt reVerlieratiiigi V/ -; ' 

ShelvWd recitals, which: have never 
been parallieleid he^Ci, invplyed^^^^N 
Jilartini, originally hooked for March 
8; /Albert Spalding, Ajpril .21;„ X.iiy 
Pons,' Ulairch ,17;. Elisabeth Hethberg 
and . Ezio ' Puiza, Feb. ; 28;/ Gladys 
iSwiarthout, March 22.. /;/ / / ;/ 

Reasons gi.ven put by /Michael ITul- 
nick, Mad Pf Shrliie Amuseiherit 
(Siiild;. was/that 'cbnttacts were: .made : 
withput any knowledge thiat niost x>t 
hese .artists ■ were alsb tp appear at 
civic auditprium her^ Aptil ^i-May 
9 in Metropolitan's .spring rbpertoiry.! 
Aripther ^ factor was. that .Miss 
Mpbre*s! . . date conflicted • with first 
lome concert' by Gleyelarid Symph. 
fpllpwihg its ^Eastern trip. ■ / 

Checks were, ma iled back Feb. 22 
tp subscribers /of Concerts, ' which 
were spld/'in /twio ■ books/ at $4; ■ tpp^ 
eachr Fraternal club, . W:as stuck for 
about $15;000. Miss . Mpore was sup- 
posed tp get ■$4,600i; Repprted- that 
advance sales oh hei? concert came 
tP less tli^>n :$700j but Hulhick "de- ■: ■■•■■';/^'>/':'' ■///;/':.:.: 

Accusations" are being.; swapped, 
but ■ sbttb voce, among sppnsors, Whp 
are trying to Arid a goat. . , .' 
^ Fact that all A. K, • S. recitals fell 
ort Thursdays, the samb nights / as 
.Cleyelahd' Orchestra's symphpnies; 
iaad,.also been oyerlppked. - One bf- 
Aciat^said he- didn't knbw. ibout th^ 
unintentional frictibn until he read 
the conflicting schedule' iri /Variiity 
several Weeks /ago. ' / 
. First indicatiph , of bloWup canie 
two weeks ago vivhen ;Elrnier' Wiener, 
handling publicity, and "Teii ■ Tate, in 
charge bi ticket sales, , walked out 

While/ six tnusicale^ are bfi ice the 
A./ k. S; rertiains . iri / liguah^ 
driginai- plan wasto run. ■ thehi ,off 
this season in cpnjunctipn with three 
stage sows,, a. trio of legit plays ahd 
three hotel dances at cutrrates.. iSince 
Metbperai^ technically close's musical 
season in May they , may have, to 
postpone concerts Until fail. /: 

Ted Shawh 

Ted /; Shayjrt / ;and/ liis. ..ensernble.; pf 
-men :'dahcer5-^r« -attei^ 
■yital.ize ' , . form/ of . .e'ntortainm^^ 
that; for •the/past./few y^^ 
cliniedV For bver 20 . yeai-s an P^-. 
poneht of the ballet, Shawn t'ry- 
ihg to rebuild :hls allrmeii troupe .fp; 
the leveMt had .Wheii he and ;R,uth 
St Denis were, touring ' the , world 
with a mixed, group. •••;■;- :■.■. ;■',■;'-■. 
■ .Withbut girlsi sCehery/ .and;' other 
prbductibn : effects . usual f.or MaiVCe 
presehtation* Shawn brbught.his new 
grpiip "to the Majestic,; 'N. last 
Sunday night (27 \ . ',. ,. ; / 

This : is the daiicer's ' fifth , season 
with the all-imen troupe and exactly 
iiive years since he severed, the long 
prPfessional pai:tnership /wlth„.:Miss; 
"St. Denis, .Whom/ he- hiarried/ before 

;the war.. - ;:..^-/- ,. /;'';//■> ,■•'' ■.''■"•. 

In/ this iperfbtnlarice, his ; first, ih 
;New: York: this, season, ShaWn preT. 
sented 'O, Libertadi'/deiscribQd as an 
.iVmerican saga in three acts;: very ■ 
effective. ; It was the:first ih a s'eX'ies 
of five he willi.present: bh consecu-.. 
.tive 'Sundays;--.. : ' ' ■• ■:, ■ . .•■■ 
. / There iare 10 -dancers :in the gtbup, 
including Shawn and jess- Meeker, 
pianist, ; who cpmpPsed the, music, 
Shawn conipbsed .the choreography. 
With several other - member's having, 
a hand . in. the sports/dances.. ' 

Cavalcade . is '. nPt particularly . im- . 
pressive in -the first act With. the in-, 
terptetatibn pf the primitiyie' Aztecs, 
in .five dances. , It's/.'only ' when the 
dances reach a .more,imiriediate era; 
the past /(Diuarter century^ in thb sec-, 
ond act, that it -points up^ 
Campus^ Furroy(red/.War,;.and the s 
seqiient Jazz Age aire tops. Deprbs- 
sibn .and, Recbyery ' are sharply butr 
lined, With the Olyrnpiad also good.' 
Future "includes one pf Shawn's more 
famious dances,- the Kineic Molpai, 
which yisualizes Avith : some restraint 
Bbsides vShawri. »rho has slpwbd up 
cpnsiderablyi. the trpupe cbnsists. bf 
Barton :Mi>niaw, the beSt.of thb en- 
semble; , Frahk Overlees. : Wilbiir 
McCbrmack, ...Dehnis Landers. Fred 
Hearn, Fbster Eitz-Siihpns,. . Fi'ahk 
Delman iand John /peimar. v . * 

Group . works. , bh ia , co-operative 
basiSj- each, including Shawn, :drawr:^ 
ing equal shares. AH alsp /serve, as 
ihstructprs in Shawn's^ dancing schobl 
during" the off-season. : When they 
complete: their ■ seaspn in May,, they 
will have coinpleted. bn a tbur of 125 
cities; All alsp chii> in With /the' 
labor' ehbres Pf trpiiiping, carpenter- 
ing, trucking; etc. : 

Shawh arid his dancers have soriie 
picture ipossibilities/ but they're vbry 
liriiited* . Their cbmedy touches, with 
a little .mpre spice, : might .be 
bets; fbr a. vairiety type of filhi'.; 

. A Runyon'^: Mayfalr Readerj v 

':^.:lj6r^ Beaverbropki when here last 
VCteek,/' stated- .that Danripn Runypri 
\yas guije the thin g wi th the sophisti- 
■catbs - in Lpndbn. Beayertrbbk's 
Evemns; Standard runs tWp stories 
frbm 'Guys .and Gals'/ .a; week-f^ 
."somebody..^ had ' recbmrriended / ' the 
idea ;tp the; paper^r-and Runyon has 
Caught dh as a jburnalislic^-ri / 
B e a;v. e r b r p bk/'^^ invited Walter 
Wincheli to come to London and db 
lirst-hiand . pbservatipns pf British 
shP w' iif oV fpr the' Standard, and 
thbught Wincheli's crack; -I'd Ipye to, 
but ;rye never; ;b.eeh pyer there ' be- 
cause I ' get seasick : too,: easily,? as 
very cjiiaint and;amusing.^ . . ■ ■ 

3apt. J.: M. Patte^;spn, editor-pub- 
lisher of the iN. y.;N:ews, and BeaVer- 
brbok lunchecl at ;'21,' and even the 
weisenheimers there , wer 
with the ; anjpunt of public, .dpihipn 
these two great ptiblishers .could 
;Cbmimah<i and niould between ;.them,: 
Their o\yn' :ideas. ph the teurppban 
crisis are . tacitly^^'reffected in t 
dph /Standard, .arid, the V!^. Y.:^Neyfs^ 
editorials on Eden; '' Ghanibcrlain; 
Hitler^ Mussolini* et al., / .// ^' . 

^ . AiVs:'lWdio/City -EWg,. -;-';/^;-/; 
Though the new Rpckef eiler Ceri- 
er- building in the . Hadia City/ group 
will ' be off iciatlly Jdesiginated . as ' the 
Assbciiated/!Press bu 
is , 'taking, on.; 'aspect of -internation^il 
news ,:Cen ter- . structure. / American- 
Swedish NeWs.E 

ciflc, arid Far; Eastern /News- Serylce 
;already. ,haye 'spabe. resei^^^ 
building. / The : IS-Stpry buil4irig, 
which will / be . cbirip'lete.d this lallj 
Will be .50% :. Pccupiedi by the A.P. 
and rratidhal, Gash ~ Regist^r^ accord-, 
ing to /latest -indications;/ > . 

The Rockefeller/ building belween 
:Sth and 6th /avenues and 48th/ and 
49 th streets, which is to : be called 
the Time, Iiic., buiiding, will be pc- 
cui).ied iri. the next month or' 45: days. 


Baltimore, Feb. 28. 

'Opera In.S actaV'-tiook. by Frederick Ariiotd 
Kuiumcf;' music bjr:<justav Stt-bbe'; pre- 
.scritod by the .Baltlniore .Civic . Op.cra Gui- 
st^Re'd ': by". Kugene . Maftihet - and ...Ruiti: 
Stteft;. 'costumes by ': Margaret Bell: scenery 
by Clarence- De Haven; at' Lyric, Balilntore, 
.Fflb..'28. '88. 
Ramona', .... ,.;'.'.:... . . . .- . . .-Marfiaret: . Gllner. 

,Tobn Barton.. . . ... . ; . . .Bi-lsoii.O.- TuCkei- 

Orrhlston"' (called ' ..'The Firebrand'.) . 

Asa <iarrtlner 
Pdrtusuese - Joe. '. .. . ... , Eugene , Marllhet 

Tench.. ..... .-. . . .:;.'...'. ;•.';'..■. . . -.Carlton ' Ford 

Samuel Will6uKhby. .i.<... Lawrence 'Wolfe 
Cotto.n . ;, .';. .'■, . . .... . ^ . .' .AYllHam - I.each 

I'edroi i .. . ;', i i-. . .'. . . . . .'.'Albert W.ooil 

Ijucfa.y,.. ... . . -. . .Marie Sel.well 

Lep Fischer, ^executiye-seeretary'b^ 
the , American' : : dulld of Musical 
Artists^ who. gpes tb the Cpast .t^^ 
inorro\y/ (Thursday),; for; about 10 
days, ;eypects .. to/ attend to yaribus 
prganizatiorial.riiatters there. Includ- 
ing an ; agreement . with the / Hpliy 
wood- B6wl ^management regarding 
.bullet ■dancers.'.\:.//. :.:■/'';.■:•'.■;;•:.'..:;■ /;-/v 


Shows Sans Coshunes 

St LpuiSr March. 1. 

Decked in street /Clpthcs/ and with 
a back drpp as the only scenery the 
r iviun Strawbridge trpupe of dancers 
gave a performance befpre 1.200 at 
the Majestic in ;East/Sti Louis last 
week. The truck carrying the cos- 
tumes ahd. scenery /slid: pifta^;:s^ 
road and ' into ; a- ditch e ,' .tpiite. from 
Joliet to /East :St. Lbuls^ about all 
the reguiat ballet clothes; the per- 
forhiers ■ (parried / / with/ /therii / Were 
th'sir^'slipperi^-V ■ 

An explariatldri pf the absence p 
the; cpstunies, sceneryV etc.> satisfled 
the patronis / at . the^ perfprmance 
which was spoosbred by the East .St 
Louis Parent-Teacher^' Association 

Ann Pevereux>.; 

. '.Mar^ar&t' "VN'ahauig 

ing • a; ref creeV. ;allo\yan'ce 6f $10.38 ' 
Aveekly /to; Mrs. /Helen: .Nolan / Neil/: 
widow ■ p f ; Edward' J. /Ne.ii, J r .V Ag- / 
sbciEited / Press ; . cbrrespPnderiV /vi'iTib ., 
died; "of. 'shrapricl woixrids . . the /' 
Teruel / front / -while :: Coyering , the : ; 
Spanish war frpm/' the. Nationalist . 
side.': . An. additibnal sum of appf bxiv; ■ 
mateiy bne-thi r'd of / Mrs. - Nell's - al- ; 'i 
pwarice/ has jjeeh awarded; tb . her / 
small son/ Michael Ji Neil. : • . . ; 

The awai:ds/arb, the/rrtaximuiri ptp- 
vided./dhder the . law. .7 The :.r^^ \: 
also allowed funeral expenses /of $200 ; 
;b/- the: Assdciated. Press; . . . Directors / 
bf , 'the latter had- already voted an/ 
annuity to Mrs/;Neil/ / 

V -./■,,.., ;;Sioff :■ Oil ';Chestertbn /, 
MaiSie ..Ward- has been designated 
jy the widbw bf // the late/G. /K. 
Ilhestertbh tp; / AVrlte ; hiS : ^ipfficiai 
Mography ^^and is; searching ;for; .let- 
ters sihd data fpr the -bbPk;; ^ 

Writer is ' Mrs. Frarik: 3heed,,; 'Wife 
pf,. the' publisher^ ]Bpth are. sailing, 
fpr Erigland/this; nibnth::(i2i> 

.'. . ;;Teafirs f or/:Buirlesiue.. ■ 
H. M. Alexarider's 'Strip Tease' 
(Kriightl $2),. with 63 candid camera 
shots ,pf burleyciie backgrounds; by 
: yikx . /Peter.; Haas,: sheds Cppibus ' 
;ears for 'the. ; yanished .a r t. bf burr ■ 
esque.' ; > It's a :'thin/ discpurse .bf . 
he. .biz,/ riiadeHpala^^^ fpr the /lay / 
inter*^t:;it's-'almed-''fpi'.; ./..■■■ '^ 

There's . ■ an . /appendijc ,/ of ti"ade 
argot " and the, candid cameraings. .at- ! 
; he tag .end; Spine Pf 'em iopk like; 
they; were -snapped / .:/pppr' light, /. 
and dpu't. shape up well: in eniarge- 
irient;'/.^ ]'y ' ■' ':'.//:'■■";-;-".■./' ••''■^' 

;; -'..-Detrbitv- March;.,!.; 
/Np' d.uc'at/saiesi so rib perfbrniiance 
by Saliburg; Opera Guild here last 
Wednesday.;; , (23). ;^ ^Cancelliitibn bf 
/Gbsi- -Fan Tutte,^' vnade just /fbur 
hours/prior to skedded performance, 
left :' cortiparty. bf 70":'high and dry 
here and brought embarrassment to 
Petrbit dpera . iSociety,; spohsbrs here 
, ; Operai ^ w'as : canceled • when only 
$ij^000 worth- ef ditcats: had .been ^^s^^^ 
iip tp late ; /Wednesday; ■ .afternbbn, 
which brought phone Call from, Sbl 
Hurolc, New Ybfk: Concert riianiger, 
tb Thaddcits /Wrpnksl, .head of Ibcal 
society; ■ abbiU; . the :$2,600 CbntraCt 
.Wrbnski iretbrted ;he ; wrote;, tlurok. 

Organized ■ six years ago. fbr .the 
prbductipn Pf opera, by local talent^ 
the Baltimore Civic .Opera Cbmpany 
has a repertoire of the' Standarc 
grand opera Works under its belt 
'The Captive'' is • the first; attempt ;at 
an original, and strictly a hometown 
set-up., thrbughout. ; Book has npth 
ing to do With; the similarly titlec 
play ;by .iEdouard Bpurdbt 

With: book; by Frederick Arriolc 
K.umnier,- a;: short ; story ; writer arid 
author of ' se veraM ifar ettbs for Broad 
way . musicalcs; the;;muslc has been 
written by GustaV Sti'Ube^ former' 
conductor of the Baltimore - Sym-: 
phony Orchestra and assistant, tb 
Karl Muck Pf the Bostbn Symphony 
of another day. Under the direction 
of Eugene Martinet also with Broad- 
Way ; arid operatic, background, . the 
finished prbduct is- a most creditable, 
attempt. . Stand-put Is Strube's scpre 
and orchestration, which' should bear 
repeating by .orchestral . arid operatic 
groups. Kummer story lends itself 
to operatic treatment, leaning a bit 
heavily on a rather outmoded type 
of . plot. It's all about - .p[i rate's and, 
buccaneers ahd a beautiful' j»iH done 
wrong, but as such it supplies, a ;fiti- 
ting backgrourid for /musical . treat- 
ment-..^' /■'-■.'■ . ': .i •- ;•-■"-;. '■ : 

Cast Is uniformly good., Margaret 
Gilricr bearing the brunt of the act^ 
ing ■ and singirig efforts : valiantly. 
She'is on riiost ; of .the : entire three 
acts, - Brisbn/C.; Tucker, 'as the rb- 
maritic lead: Asa Gardiner and Eu- 

.- Time's ISth Anni; /., 
Time Mag's : 15th ariniversary is 
sUe last week Contained a/ facsimile 
insert cbpy of Vol. ;I, No. 1. .There 
was alsb a stpry in its/ press septibn 
covering the history bf the/ maga 
zine^ generally iinderstood^ tb have 
leeri written /by ; Manfred; Gptt 
fried. First staff list In the fac- 
simile/ issue ' includes Thernas J. C. 
Vlartyn, ;fpurider : of News- Week. 
John Farrar and Alan ; Rirteharti 
both ripw ; publishers.; ;; - 

By/' coincidence, pa /the" day of 
Time's appearance, this ■ Literary Di 
gest, former leading news magazine 
in its heyday, and. 40 years bid last 
week, .announced ; ; suspiensibn :for 
two we.ekis; Mag has. been sold 
twice within the year, first tb Air 
bert Shaw, arid ;then to/ George F 
Haveil. It once had a ..circulation pi: 
over 2,000,000. . / - / ■ 
; ; Unincntibned in Time's, autobipg 
raphy are all of ' its miagazine by- 
products. One of these is Tide 
started as; a promotion stunt, sub- 
sequently sbld . ;tb Raympnd Rubi- 
cam, of the Ypung & / Rubicarri 
agency, who is ; persprially the mag', 
largest stockholder at the present 
tiriie. '■■ ■ •;..-/-- 

Feb. 3, warning that Detroit so 

clety could- h^t^ sporisbr /sVibW at the I ,tjcne Martinet.; as heavies./dlso score; 
rate ticket sales w.ere gping. / . Prbduction is quite adequate;. / 
- Hurok sent Sigfried .Hurst hei-e to |; _ Usually effective and / mpre: so in 
iobk/ovbr situash day bf perfbrrriarice 
arid v/iatteir' 'is saidv/tb;;;haVe;;'-a^ 
Wronski to withhold cancellation Un 

900 Attiend League Benefit / 

; Authbrs League Fund benefit; on 
Sunday (27) at the Rainbow Ropm 
N. Y.., was one of the largest gather 
irigs ; .bf : the literati in sonie time; 
Nearly 900 persons attended.; / 

Nitery was crowded, riiany 
were fbrced to sit /oh the dance 
flobir, which was covered for the 
afternoon. 'There v/as : an ; informa 
en ter talri ment, . ;ror':.which Tony , .Sarg 
was m.c. ' -,.--"• :/: . ■';.; -; 

, . ; ; Stariford's Play dontest ;/ 
Stanford .University is bffering /. a ; 
$300 /prize. -for /an priginal/ play in; . 
verse. > /It's the third pf these Con- 
gests, carrieu prt in-hpribr of MaxWelt^^^ 
Andersori, Stanford aluinnus. Con- 
test closes June 1; 

Sponsors State that yerse drama 
is; becoming mpre frequent in the . 
theatre and / over ; radio .chiefly 
thrpugh: Anderspri.'s: iafluen<^. '; First/ 
contest brought .100 ;plays and second ; 
doubled the entrants. ;:^ AU rights re-. ;' 
main with the/ authori thbugh Uni> ; 
vefsity reserves ;the; right tp haye lt 
read in its Membrial Theatre fpr on* / 

. New/ Comics/ Mag 

United ' Features ; Syndicate •wiU 
sue Gpmics -pri; Parade, neW mag,; 
pn iSiarCh 11. Leverett S. Gleason in 
charge and Fred a: Methoi. manag- 
ing editpr..; ; 

. - .'New L. A. Examiner Pub^ 

Harry Bitner, igeneral -mahageif b 
Hearst publications, has appointed 
Harry ;.ear'rington, . jr., , publisher, qt 
the. Lbs Angeles Examiner, ^ to/ suc- 
ceed ;G.ebj^;ge Young. Car^ririgtori 
publisher bf the Oakland^ Gal., Pbst- 
Inqnircr for 12 yearsi / , ■..; 
- Another change in / the sheet has 
Ma j. A. S. Logan replacing B. • P. 
Guild as business : hianager. ; Logan i 
comes; frorii Seattle. -'-, 


Gerritt Smith Griswold, 79, pub- 
lisher of The Batavia (N. Y.); News, ; 
died in Batavia on Feb. 24. He was 
a: charter, member of the Associated 
Press and formerly president ef the 
N. Y.;.State Pres^/ Asspciatiori. " ..-".•'- 

John T.. Morgan, 46, . formier po- 
litical writer bn.the Spokane Chroni-; 
cle . and later on the Los .Aiigeles 
Herald-Express, died Feb. 23 in Los 
Angeles. IJeceased handled the puh- 
licity campaigns; fpr the last two 
Galifprnia governors. '' . ' 

Kenneth; McCoy, 8l, former editor 
and^ publisher of Aledb, III., weekly; 
newspaper, died Feb. 23 in Lbs 
Angeles. . -'V; / -" '-' /',;:': -■...■.'/ 
Penelope I.. (Comfort, widow bf , 
Will lieVington/Cpmfprt, novelist and 
war Correspondent, died Feh; 25 "at 
her. home' in Santa Mbriica, .Calif, 
surviving are/.two sons and a/daugh-. 
ter. . ■: : ;;;.;:• ' ^' - 
Carl Mi Chapiii, 58, aUthbr iandi^ 

mer/ editpr bf ;the;'Watbr^^buty; A 
ican, died Feb. 22 in West Hartford, 
Conn. -■ He was at one time writer of 
a syndicated football column. 'Widbw, 
daughter arid sister . survive. 

til he got iri touch with Hurok. 
. Wrbnski Wailed until 3:30 p.m. for 
Hurst to return, it. was reported and 
then gave caricellatiori. arinouriceriicnt 
and- started to refund rtioncy. 

the present production, is the' mixed 
chorus ; of /.bver/ lOOi: vWhich> p^^ 
.an effective background and :,wcll- 
tiraincd. ensemble vocal- ^uppbrf. ,: / 

It took a heap ;of /wbrk/.tp put oh 
'The .Captive,' and plenty of vnerve, 
to stage It in the. Lyric. tb\vii's .con- 
cert headqiiartet'^s;. The aiushc>,d prod- 
- uct ;was well , received'v ' ' . Bitrm. / • 

Stevens Vice De Ybto 

George . Steveri.E.;. • has; ; succeeded 
Bernard, de Voto/ as editor pf the 
S /turday Rcyitw of,; Literature, : He 
has . been mai %ing ^editor of the^ 
mag since 1933. ,. -;./;. -'^'v.;-;' "'.;;;■ 

De/iVoto had been, editor since 

1936. / ■■ '.' ;'•.""■ ^ :,'■;-'■ ' :-'■'.■-■ ;■^.^■ 

Neil Widow^s Compehsatldn; ;; 

Gompensatipri contracts ; in ' New 
York . include ■ clairns of eriiployees 
killed or; in,iured while . working 
abroad, the Workmen's Compensa- 
tion Division of the; State Depart-" 
ri\cnt of Labor explained . in cbnflrm- 

- -''ClI.4T'rE'B;/'.'.,.-;'; 

/. Fre.d:.Ke£itin;g.;scrjbb . 
; John Guntber due iri Manila this ".;' 
week, ','.••'-.:./''/. "- ; ;,,//-''' /-^v ■ ■';/ - 

Irwin Shaw.. .;wo.rkihg/Qn.:'a .hew ; ; 
play, It's tb be: a fan taisy about New. / 
York. ; '-^'\^'; : ''/'".''/ :;--.. 

Rosalind Russell, Metro, iplayer, 
has written a book, 'And I (Came, to • 
HpUywopd.'; ; /. .-'.;;...--''''' - 

; Leigh :'QuackcnbUsh ' ;has ; .ioined ,; 
staff ;of Your Life mag as .assistant / 
.riT!.ariagi'ng. editor; /'' . / 
' /Will James, whpse bppk. 'Smoky.' 
attracted attention, /is Workirig on .«;' 
/history .;of-'rodeps...'/ ''"•'. ./: ..■; ' 

. Maix Schuster, the publisher, and 
Silas Seadler, IVIelfo ad exec, ; will - 

ranch it :irt California. 
; Helen Ormsbee has written a book, 
'Backstage. With : Actors,' due March ;•- 
22. Crowell publishirigl . 
/ /Whit Burnet back from West In- 
dies cruis(ii:;Wh(pre he was rccuperat? 
ing from, lengthy illness* •' ". 
f Eric Knight baek in the U. S." f ipm 
- ; (Cpnlinued pri page 54/ 

Charles BiirJce okay after- several 
(Jays in hospital. - . : , ': 

. .. Jack ; Mcliierney'si ,B6rmiida' .v 

• ■ Russ Moon is in the -yet's" hospital 
■: .^Hip Kirigsbridgei; wayv.•^•^ ' 

. Phil De AnigeJife to Rpt JSprings on 
'• his ianiiu?il;trip^ - 

• . . L,ednard . dailagher Around after. 
; ivyp irionths ofi iM ; .. . . -; 

. . Janet Marshall nearly finished. ah-, 
' :,bther play; as yrt . 

'^■ Harriet , Hiitchihs due back from.. 
Ijondph^t^day ; (We -^^-i 

Mickey; Baron; of the;. Alex Yokel 
off icie; in JChicagd ori theatre biiz. v - ■ 
' Jiilfea Girderi, of; W!a"rner ' ^h.d.,' in 
,.: Genefal . hospital for pbseryatioh. - 

Harry Biims motoring back to thi? 
Cdast.:ahd: fllnii - chores"— ^ hopes, ■ 
■- ■ :..Broadway drurhmer has. his social 
sccupty number painted on his drum.. 
Josef Israels, , 2di . head of Piib- , 
..vlicity Associates, to the Bahamas for 
/:';« yacatidhi ■': ■. 

Stella , Berktii wife of :B'kiyn Pat^s 
:; ■ Diave ' Bexkjsji back, frdni Caribbeiin 
'^■'crtiise^ 'i'VVi ' :' ' '' ■ ' ^ - 

: /Frank .Crumit was .m. . c. at a PrdV? 

. idCnce'/ chatity ishow Siin- 

;^^day. (27). 

• Jaines Melton . switched Myron 
■ Selznick' office here for films, manir 

: Leonard. 'Gaynor is, -'fecoverihg 
frdiirt. skin infection.' Ganie on. top of : 
. ^ ptomaine.; ;;• Y ;. y , 

... : George' .J. Schaefer;. accorhipanied 
vby Mrs, Schaefer,, .'baclc> y&terdjay 
from Miami. : 

Harry Lawrenfce b 
■: Radio Artists after short session: with- 
:-:;Mil|s Artiste. • > 'v ■■ . • 

. Monroe ..Gi-eenthai, a bridge' ' wiz, 
. ; reported to have played, a 2d,-a-ppiht- 
■"•game Tjecentiyv... ;-'> ~ 

. , Bill DdU a^ehtihg 'there's Alwayis 
a: Breeze.'' Pbila Higley ditto: for 

• 'All the Living.?; - ^ 

Sylvia ' Shore (Harris and Shdire), ; 
dahcei: at St. Refeis -hotel, . p^^^^^ with 

■ . fraCtul'ied; ankle. • 

. Louis Harmon- hias. gone to Pitts- 
burgh as Company manage^ of ^Julius 

■■;;;Caesat' .^ipad .troupei: . 

Robert Hanley has left -Hedgerow 
theatre;.. Moylah, Ta., and is now- 
with the Play Room. Club: ; - 
. . :eiaude Saunders, after launchihg 
■.-.rdadshows of 'Old Chicago' iii. vhrir 
. oils, keys, has left 20th-Fox; . - 
; Seaman v; Jacobs will ■ rep .M!ack . 
Miliar ih . N. VY^,-:while the latter 
headquarters in. Holly wodd. 

Harry Sherniah, , former . union 
leader and Par executive,, due back 
' March 15 ; from Minneapolis busihesis 

■ -vlrip.-;-. ■ :': :„ ... '.\ ■: .•• ■ : :' 

: , ;Elevator strike^ at 1450 Brbadwaiy 
. caused AFM : headquarters . ih that 
building; : tb close . at ndoh Mbnday 

.■.■■(28>.: ■ .:■ 

; Carl Fisher, of the George Abbott 
office, going to Philly this weekend 
<5) lo p.d, the'toiiring'^*^^ 
troupe there. ' -■.\. 
Bob Gillham due back this week 

, from Holly wood: Probably bringing 
Terry DeLajppv studio l)ublicity head,; 
back with. him. ' . . ' 
^ Gapacity- mdb tiirned eut for the 
Author's Fuhd benefit cocktail shin- 
dig .Sunday afterhddh (27) at: the 
RainbPw Rppm.. :■ 
: . Les Kaufman, for last four years, 
in CPlumbfa Picts exploitatioh dept, 
dnvmg to St. Loiiis tp take over p.a. 

■,.]ob at Fpx theatre. ; 

Mrs. Oscjar Serliri, wife .pf former 
Paramount and SelzniCk Inter- 
natipnal talent (executive, planed to 
Ine Cpast Monday (28) afternopn. 
Alan Corelli back from Florida 

. where he straightened Out. : local 
benefit , problems .. . for Theatrie 
Authority and caught a giant tunia. 

Karl Swerison : radidracting ' in 
Lorenzo Jones' serial tossed off a bit 

. of Shakespearian fddtlight work for 
the Episcopal Actors Giiild's. 'King 
John.' ' ■ 


weeks, probably will delay his de- 
parture home for a week or mdre' 
Attack of flu bedded hirh at Roose- 
velt hotel.'.. • 

Phil Green, in Palni Springs with 
a bad ticker, had been writing the 
Lambs • Clubbers about ,' hot: getting- 
eridugh mail; Jack Nor wOrth settled 
Green's . plaint by investing -90c.-: irt 
;answ'ering;,thdse curious ads in the' 
.s.ta'g:mags; -ahd now the. Palm" Spri 
postrnan is plenty busy." hauling sex 
catalogs,: nude, photos, .etc., to the 
lohesOine Brbadwiayite ih California. 

Elyane Celis dff. on ptdVincial'tdur. 
. Benjamin Miggihs in frdin Ameri- 

ca;-.-; .- -v. \ 0 .I: - 

s- Suzy Solidor packinjg idr ??olish 
:tour.;- .^y '. ■ ■:•:; :.:■•, ,; - 

:. A.iny 'jphnsbh ih for; auto ra;cing 
. . iBetty Slpckfeld to star in 'Nouveaux 

..Riches^'::, -H' " rj~- 

. Dita Parlo sighing to- star in. 'Ulti-. 
maturiii' :;■■. :.. ••;;.;. . . .. 

: Maurice beicdbr a to make 'Metedrie 
■38^' Tiext. . .• ■■: •:;-:, , ; ■ '[ "■j. ..... 

. Maurice ChieVailer : winter /sporting 

at.^t:'lVl6ritz..(,:\',: ': .■■^■■':%-''.:,.-:::y :j : -' 
; .I'erharid Gtavet fe;tur^ 
-wppdthis.morith^- V-'- .'.ryr-'.':-'': 

; Lpuloii HegbburU set to star in new 

Liinfe.. .Rbli.sse Revue, / ■ •■ ■ 'v'-V. 

Film 'Cairnet du Bal' having lots of 
influence on. fashion bpienings^. v^^.. : ; 

, Censbrs /thijinb doWri •Espaghe '37,' 
.iss|;ed by Spanish gbvernnieht;;' 

Alexander 'Ko^ and son oyei- 
from Ldhdbh, but. refusing tb talk; . 

Jules Raimu :. and . Gdstoh Baty 
made officers of the Legibrt of Hbhdr. 

^ - Seven 'cabihen t ' hiiiiis ters 'adde^ 
.prestige, to the opening of *La Marr 
s^laise.' ;:■ ••. ;/ • . •, ^'^.^ '•:•.' • •-';"• 
V Rumors- 1^ Deit^ich' will do next 
film- for ."^on Sternberg, in Ehgland 
;and' hdt .:in".Frarice. 

.Melita Marav scheduled for Holly- 
wood debut, iiesting 'up at St. Morltz. 
befdi:^e;her departure; ;. ' . ■ v ; v ■ ' 

. Hi^rry /Baur to essay role made 
farhouis. by%Emirjanhings~ in French 
version ot 'The Patriot.' . ': 

O. P. Cliibert, author of 'MoUenard' 
and .'Les Pirates du Riail,' scripted 
new spenario, : 'Pilots de Ligne.' ' 

Life size poster's of GlaUdette; (Col- 
bert on recent trip of 'Conte di Savot' 
peering froih. steamship office, wiri- 
:dows;\:- .-■ . 
•' Pierre Fresnay tb star and French 
iair. and. navel forces to cbopei-ate . in 
ahtf-piracy film, 'Aleirte eh Meditcr- 
raneb.';; ^ .:,-.. v'V : 

.SchiapaVelli /gettirig/ her ihspiri- 
tions frbm the ^Cirque d'Hiver': and 
employinjg circus clowns and-. horses 
for buttons. . '^v ■ 

Jacques Castlelbt slated for ■■ the 
priricipal role in the ' legit 'L'Empi-ise,' 
adapted from the English play, ^y M; 
Stephen-Powys, • 

Abel: Gance^ author of 'J'Acciise,' 
going big ^here, to db film, ''Cicatrice,' 
hased. on . the 'ideal ;mah wK 
Europe is.seekirtgiV:.. •,■ .-.-^^r 

Eric Vbn Stroheim at thevOpiening 
of ./La Marseillaise' with the neWs 
that he's to make '(terminal' in Ehg-; 
land instead bf France. :. 

. Pickfbrd going into the 
. cosmetic - field, is due in. tdmorrow 
v^In^irs.:) . from . the^ Coast.: io^^discussi 
details with': her : eastern mahu- 
tacturer. • : ■ ' 

;Arthiir Israel; Pair attorney, sends 
ailing friends a book hut they have 
10 be sick three days befbte they get 
It. Austm Gi Keough, Par- v:p. latest 
. tc benefit. /- ■ ■ :■;. :•.■ ■ ' •". , ; 
.^Republic - screeh testing'; Ktirt 
J^atsch, Jewish. Chai-acter actor; Gene 
.Morgan,, legit, -juve; .Mitizi Gould. 
..ingenue,,r, Thelma White,, musical 
. .song-and-daricer.-.. •.: ;'•■■.:■: 
/ Sylvia Froos into Loew's State to- 
morrow (Thursday after just getting 
: back from cruise bookings an - Not- 
.mandie..- . Sattie . , trip cairriicd Jack 
Arthvir ahd:,Sid:Gary/ ; . :r. v . : 
. >Hxirb Mdi^an, .. Metro • shorts b:^- 
.; pioiteer,. t^^ k i n g- public-speaking . 
.; lessons: at; N. • Y.;: Ad vClub;;' ifially- 
hodraybr .: chatters . to, 'womeh's clubs 
..about. Metrb brjefies. ... 
. V /^Joe . . Ba.i5sbh; president of- Lbcal 
.3Q6.: ,ahd Harry Rubin, chief o^ prbr 
: .1 cct 1 on:; ; for" Para mbun t. sailed f ri i 
«ay,: (25); bri SoUth American^ 
ci.uise, . accompanied by . their MriS.. 
. . Local- .:306 ; /.(operators); f t e e - 
: lunchedv P; :-. A; .. McGuire;; adve^^^^^ 
; jnanager of In tqrnatidrial .Projector; 
;'-*?/'Rj. McGuire at: same tinie being 
. ..voted lifetime . hohorary member of 
Local 244. : Newark. ' ' . 

.^ Fmnk Kehnebeck. sale.s manager 
aor P^irahi.duht :-at Bombay, jhdia; 
Who . has; been- in N. Y.. for iseveral 

•■• -..By; -Jde^ Wag-ne^ 

: WalkiathohJrtLbn^Jslarid City -at- 
tracting; ■ ■;.:•; ■ ■' 

Queens seenis to -be the hotbbd of 
bingoism. ■ 

Jimmy McGili arid his ihusic at 
Forest Hills Inn, .[■ '■//■■ 
'. Sumhiei-: .rentals in the . Rockaways 
.starting :><^ith.:bang,;:':-.-'::. --.f-'- 

, More : talk for a \conventibn hail! 

■fbf .the;.Ro:ckaways.- ■■ '■. ;.^ ■ 

Populatibn in Queens ' again bri the 
increase; hpW 1^302,615, 

: Mildred . Whitney, again directing 
the Great' !NeCk Players. 
. , Mbrt. .Gold again ; rdirectihg ./ the 
charity circus-in. Jamaica. . .: 
.. New pic. house; being planned for /Heights, - 

Nan Halpierin was in . Charge of 
charity show in Kew Gardens. ■ 
- New/ : Earle: theatre in : Jackson. 
Heights, teadied. fbr opehihg. 
. Johnny Morgan attracting .iheni at 
the :Bbulevat:d . Taivern in /Forest 
Hilis;.-.;--.;;.:^ ' . :■..,.; /■/:\--.- •: ;- /■;.■;/•■•;: 

• Fbrest Hills has another restaurant 
dh: Queens Boulevard -near Faiir site,. 
Topsy's; • .■•:•.■■ ^K'" . ■■•■.::,-:;:■•;• 

Forest : HrHs' : literary . colony; has; 
aiiiother addition With ■the arrival bf 
Millen. Brand , who- wi"ote: 'Outward : 

Cohstance / Carpenter suing: Ord 
.^Hamilton' fdr;:divor.ce.' ■•; 

Bobby Howes .but of Hipp's 'Hide 
and Seek/ due td loss of vbice> ' 
: , 'Betty' ^Kean/ ./svili likely go" With: 
Cliff ., Fischer, .'this; / sunimer • at ■ Les 
■Ambassadeuts,- P^is.": '"^~ ■ '.'.-v^-^v -rr----. - 
..Mrs; LewiS^Adler, mother of. Larry 
and Jerry Adler, back frbrri nui-sing . 
hdme after, bronchial trouble, 
: ; Mat. , McKeigue; to. be - best ' man at 
the, wedding of: Arthur (Pennies- 
from HegYeh) Johnson and Loretta 
,Sayers>- ---^ >.■;••■•: 

... Dave- Bader . taking, a /print df 'Port 
Arthur,' the,- French / film, . starring 
Danielle ' Darri'eux, ; .with ' him/ to 
Arhenca-fbr dUbbirig. ■ 

Miss Violet . Crosby, Metro's . Eiird- : 
pean talent: Scout and; .•.research- 
worker', off to ;Holly Wdod to confer: 
r.with: -MetrO{€xecutiveS.-' :./ '...':'; ■ 
: Gracie Fields' new picture,. !He' 
Was Her Man,' produced :at Dehham 
by 20th Century Fox, -has beien re-' 
titled: 'We're. Going. to: Be Rich.' - / ./ 
; 'Mills .Bros, booked to play BUehos 
Aires -for weight weeks, starting/- Aug. 
1. .From there they gb to. Austiralia. 
for 20 weeks, , dp0nihg, there Oct. 3 V 

Frank Barhard. Jack Hyltoh*s gen- 
eral managfer; for ..the .last 10 years, Up . hfs/ job this r^bnth tb- gov 
.,ihtb the/ agency / business f or him- 
:.self,-': .: v..- ...■''•.;■;■■;■■ .;■;.;■•' ,■; 

Sydhey Ciari?oll will preducie a/ hew 
play, -by William Boehriel, callbd 
•Flood Tidei' founded bn A. P. Her- 
.be.r-t's;.: novel, .'.The .: Hbiise by . the 
•River;' .,..-;... ;.•:::.' : . 

Hartley: Pbwer to itar in 'Pcath oh 
the Table,', which, Basil Dean bought 
for. -the St.- Martin's theaitt-e after. its- 
Richmond . theatre ; tryoUt, • To be" 
-done.fhls' month.,-^ • - -v 
• Cliff' Whitley- •with the' :Sunday . Pic^ 
torial fof.last six h^^^ 
.ist, at ;$500 per,; quitting,;; Goes back 
into thev; hotel .biz, halving .leased 
road house :20.ifjiles frbm London. ■ ■ 
. 'Pb'. yVe Not Bleed?:, a play pro- 
duced, fdr . Sunday •show at ■ the 
Aldwych, by G; }H. Grimaldi'i dealing 
with Nazi regijne,;has been asked for 
by Metiro; to see if it has film possi- . 
bilities... '.-:•■■■ , ::■;■<•■ 
■ ;(!;,haties./Cdchrah flyihg to Herlin 
tb; make final: / arrangehients ••'With 
Jack- Hyltoh, . who is : playing ati; the.' 
Scala, for his cbstarring : part with' 
Flanagan and Allen in the nbw . 
Cochran; revue. •■ ";/ ./;:. ;•' ' •■ :'/ 

; At the next Daily Mail Ideal. Home 
.Exhibition at the Olympia.- skedded. 
hesct rridnth^ .televisidh. will ; be op- 
erated.,:; -rhe British ..Broadcasting 
Corporation : is : ere'cting ' a Special 
studio. at a tost bf $1.0,000. .. . 

. Kath leen / G reeh wood, daiigh ter of 
Honor-able . Arthijr Greenwood; ex- 
minister : of health, slated for return 
to the .stage;; Her- last -appearance 
;was- seven .years . ago in Archie de 
Bear's 'Chelsea Follies,' at the Vic- 
toria-;Palace;.,-v .-: 

Bartlett Cormaclc; who eame • bver 
hei^e for: •Mayflbwer Filni Produc- 
tidns, to .. adapt 'Vessel ;bf-; Wrath,' 
Coinpany's first filni. has been signed 
fcr another year • He is. nbw^on: the 
script df 'JarhaiCa Inn,' which is' to 
be: done : after 'St. .Martin's :Lanie,' 
self arid, wife slightly injured in autb 
mishap in Paris,,: 

Lilli -Palrner, Viennese fllm aCtrtiss, 
who recently appeaired in Gaumbht-: ■ 
British pictures,; is to. have one of . 
the principal roles in the legit 'Road 
tp : Gandahar,' by; Boris .. "rranin, : a 
dentist Two leading :male pai'ts Will 
be . handled- by Malcolrh Keen and 
Mairtin Walker. :..;\' ■;'•;-, 

honor of Rud Lbhrenz and C. K; 6l> 
son, new district and branch- manK: 
ager, .respectively.; ; : ; ■' 

■ Sid Dalvidson, special 'Show White' 
expj^biteer, from Ne\V 'York; . off tb 
Duluth. where 'picture will run fbui'' 

■ weeks -oit Gi'ianada :theatre. . : ■ / . ; . 
; .Metro . ; held : special invitatidn 
screening of; 'Of Human .Hearts' for 
.clergy,: PTA;; Officials,- ;sch6ol. teachr; 
ers ahd':Better'Drama league' chiefis. 
' . Edward: J. StoUier promoted- f rorn 
booker to office manager, at United. 
Artists, succeeding/ . Sterlihg ./ Wilson, 
resigned. . -Mrs.- Myron Adcock ' re- 
turns. as' bodker.:---'. :;^ -.; 

. Sid,:^ foriherly at. Arcade 
theatre here and son. of - Dave Gill- 
man,. Twin. City indie . ;exhibitor, 
named ; by GolUrhbus, ©., newspapers 
On all-time Ohio State football team/ 
Stockholm theatre, •Gateway grind 
.house,., completely .remodeled and re- 
equipped, ..opened 'by Paul. Manns 
and^ Don O'Reillyi, former. Paramount 
bookers; and how owners of three 
.houses., .. ■ ;:-; ■■ ■■ :,. ■ ■ ' 
.; Gov. Elmer A' 'Benson .'gave keys 
of state fo 'Show White and Seven 
Dwarfs/ thanks tor: Sid Davidsoh, 
special: RKO: exploiteer, here from 
New York to help plug picturie going 
intb Twin City Orpheuihs Match '4; 


.. Benny Fields irito;t.he .Hahgaf.. '.; 

Cross; and ■ Diinn' into /Dempsey's. ; 

Torn Mix f recjuentihg the niteries> 
; .; Pdn ; .picker ijriah's ;;. mother ;;p.a/ssed 
:aWayi.' • '■ -.;■ ■;, ■/••;.- - r'.'-.."- ;:.-.-^; ; ^;.''|/■ 
; Priye .in- Th;ejatre/.is;;.Mia 
'amusementv;-"-':; ;; ././-:-:-■ 
. Mischa;'Levilzki "a .guest.::at Maizica 
Hall/conicci-t^' •:•'.- r^v ■ :-'v^ ' 

■ Welfare benefit at Olympia. 
theatre • a. j^cllout, - - 
. Sbhja ::.ilehie ' '' .shdW/'held ^over 
e.\tra;day. Capacity. biz. 
; John . Golden here /for /his 22hd 
co.hsocutLve Wiiiter . vactish in Miami 
Beach. • ;:■-;-' .; ..:'' 


■■'■'■'By Lies Rces 

Max Rbth. Repubilc district man- 
ager, in town. .;...- ...... - 

; Universal nrbved, into ;; new / ex- 
change .building. ' : 
: -Phil PunaS:,.,^ /Columbia district 
•ma-nager,. a ■■visitor.. .;.;--;'■.■; • 
;: George Turner, Metro, salesrhah, tb 
vacation th .Tldrida; 
manager,, 'planning annual ; Florida 
jaunt for this month, : ■: ; ;; 
• , Joe : Griff eh; singer, fully recov- 
ered from long' 
: Jack Gbldhar, United; Artists' -disr 
trict. manager, a : visiter. . ; ■ 

J; R.: McPherson, National /Screen 
district .mahagcr, a visitor. . 

W. H. Wbrkmahi;: Metro: branch 
ing 'Kind Lady' March 1-5; - 

Max Tdrodbr- indie nabe , ekhibi- 
tbr; back, frbni: Hot Spi'ings; -/ ;. 
; Jack Hey wood, independent cirGuit 
dperatbr; en; rbute tb. Cuba;:;.; ■ > 
;Jbe Walsh, Twih City indie riabe : 
exhibitor, piiainhin^ (ralifprnia trip;; / 
Uv ; of Minnesota :Theatrc^"pre.4en.t- 
ing 'Kind Lady' for five days starting 
;tOday;- . ■■'■ ■ '-: ■■ ■- .'X 

. Agnes' ^etterkten;' of Warner.Bros^ 
fell; bnv icy . .pavtmcnt and broke 

.wrist.-.'-: - ;;;■': ■.---■.-;:•.■.•;' '■ - ..- ■■'^'■■■■, 

:■; lya '.'■'■ Griff ith. RKO / .branch / mi^n-.' 

ager'S secrxitary, ;.back :tb.. work after 

bperation.. ■■■-: :;-:.••:-•. ;■:- -■-■; ''•/ 

:'W,;'Hi. Woi-k'man,; ; Metro Jbranch.; 

manage r ' I ca yes. t his w cck,. o h ah n Ual 
/Florida- jaUnt; . . /.■■■;;■/:;•■ :;■■! /••- . 

.: B'ess.;:Popkin. Gblumbi ; brahch 
;man.aje;er ■ sctrbtary;; to, ^tf^vatibn. in- 
-Galifdrnja lfbr.nibnth;/ - • ~- ■■■^Y'""-' ■■' ■ 

.; , Barry. Bur'Kc, ; Piiblix ' . thc.ifi-e :;;.<U-; 

fie.rVisdr4-:ahd ..the /rn:i.«;.':.u.s .J ti -NcvV - Ot->: 
cans -for ; t he, •■-M-in'di. -/CJ'ra's, ■ ;' . / - - :'■: \- 
■/.■FloreriGe;-Oph'chi: pfdm'bt.e^^ fis.-.'ec-^;: 
"retary /to J, - :W. ' McFu^^^^ 
-manager, iat .Nylfonal / Screen-,; : 
./ Ben •Fi'iedm.'jnv . local; iridic exhibi-; 
■tor.- 'ahd.; th.c -rni.'-i.s.u.*; off to-.;NeW: ;- Or-, 
leans for: Mardi Qra.*?.. Ditto Van Sii 
-kol/ bf -Pa;r ad dcpt. - -. ;. . .;" v.- •;. 
Warher .Bros, club • held party ; 

; •Wet spell- brings bii. .: 
: Hoyts' Century . opened 
Zola' kWB ) to grand/ trade 

■ Stated/ that/.when quota produc- 
;tibh ; really ; gets / under / way Hdlly- 
Wbdd imipioi'tees : will f a:ce/ the IbciaL 
;cameras/. ' . v. :■■ 

. Cycle /racing is pUliihg /good trade.; 
Once weekly iii Victoria Under indie 
management ; So far it's hot hurting 
Picture .biz.'; • ..- . . .'.-■. -,.,.- : ;- . '■..'■ ■■ 
?Maytime' ' (•MG>;is prbvlrig a very 
big success in Melboiirhe at Met's' 
bWn aceri Pie is ;alsb hbt here .and: 
in Brisbane. ■■'■ - ■./.■;■;.■■■ 

/Cliaiide Flemming, / for-merly' : of 
musicail : comedyi . taking care- bf the 
performers at the 156th Anniversary 
Celebrations here,. : ;: .>::■;-; 

Hbrhe.' Vaude perforrilers:^^ are ishd-' 
ing a fair amount, bf Work ; now- 
adays in the nabes and, stix-Trnibstly 
with bncrnighters. 

Fay : Gomptoh has; introduced 
'Fiimed. Oak' into Noel Cowai-d's 
•Tonight , at - 8:30,' at King's, /;Mei.^ 
bourne, fdr Wijliainsoh-tait; 

Rod Gurr.v ih charge . bf pubUcity 
for :Williamson-;Tait, .hais resigned to 
go.: with Greater Union. Main / job 
will be to. handle einesound: .-;; 

One of . the surprise hits here is 
•Night Must ;Fair (MG), playing for 
Grcjiter Union. Anbther big hit here 
oh the sold: try is: 'ipO;lM[en and Girl' 

Sonja Henie is proving to be one 
6i the : ^biggest biO./ attractions 
throughout Australiia. 'Thin ICe': 
(20th). is stacking them in to record 
takes.;.; -:;;•:-•- • 

■ •Okay for Sound' appears tb be 
dping nicely in Melbourne (for Wil^ 
liamson-Tait. Show to be spotted 
here, after which,. may come a -New 
Zealand toUr. - : ; . - 
:; .rpllbwing: floipr^ pf thb Mbntague 
revue: in :Sydney at. the Mayfair, this 
house how reverts to a film policy 
With prerniere of 'All Baba Gdes to 
Town' (20th). ; ■ -; : 

In many of: the jbrineipal .'nabe 
centers of New; South Wales film 
managers are playing a two-a-day 
pblicy. In. pthefS, three-a-day is the 
vbgue/, Purin'g the past year nabe 
biz has. increased tremertdously. 

New- Era; Productions, a Melbourne 
unit, . is figuring : oh ;another film.. 
Latest one, 'The Avenger,' is await- 
ing release after : okay from Film 
Board. ; Pick Harwobd -is ih: charge, 
\yith Bert HolUs . handling exploita- 
tion., .,': ;■ ; -; . ',:[; ■ '.:.-.■ ■:■ ■ ■■■ '■: 
FpllbWing compleiion of the Ade-/ 
laid season, : A. B. Marcus" .Will take 
hi?; revue. , unit to:: Perth^ and then 
across to South Africa; Some talk, 
about that Marcus may make ahbthet- 
Australiah-NeW; . Zealand itouc • next 
;year;^ .■;■■- .:;..■■...:-,;...:..-■-. ...,';'- 
Hoyts are brihging . Vaude acts - 
in their acers with films./ Bob I'ar- 
rishv from "Tivbli: time,; completed ? 
run in Brisbane arid/ given eWended 
time; B;ob Pwyer virho was with the 
Marcus .;shbW,: opened okaiy ih Mel>^ 
bourne, ;. and. .Fred Gbldmari.' lbcal; 
has been doing well in Sydneyi 
Montague revUe will be , clipped to 
80 minutes a rid: played for .two. weeks 
in /.Brisbane.--.; .:- ■•.-.-;^;- .'■'.- ■-..-;>...- 

,.;■ 'Wilsbn Leahy; battlihg-ftu; . 

/: .Leah Ipay bff for. Detroit p./^;. 

•J'oah Davis ba^^^^^ } 

..'Arirta'^ay Worig;bedded-by 'fliii; 

- ■Simorie;-^Siriiori' •' reCUperatihg • ■ at 
hbme.; .'• . • '■':■;/;.-. ■'''•:. 

Cbbper back from eastejrri 
Vacation^ . .; ; -■'. 

Tay Gathett; off for three riiohths. 
in Europe.: 

, Mbe Siegel back after hurried/ 
NrvY. 'jaunt. ■ -■■ ■-■// ;/--:^ -.■ ■-:•■.'■/ 
William Keighley bought, a |Idno- : 
iuiu...cbttage. . - : ■ ■ ■ -■;• ... 
. .. John- Carroll visitihg his. ;mbther . 

:in'-New.,orieans/ ■;;■- :■•;:■■.;.;;.■';■■■/■■.':- 

Bob Burris ndW a coldrtiel oh Ar- 
Itansas. guv's', stia'ff. 

Don .Stannard / had head stritijhed 
after a fall in-his home.. 

-.Sumner Lyon;: in 'Warnei: casting 
off ice, off for Mexico Gity. ; 

jdSeph. - Schlldkraut : celebrated . 
25th arihiversary as a thesp; / 

■ /Dorothy 'Lambur; bUildirig rieW 
marise in Cbldwater ('ariyon. ^ 

Guy Boltoh, . English actor, getting, 
his first glimpse of the town; .: 

Marina : Korda, Hurigariian player, 
left hospital aftec operation. .' 

.George Brent : hegotiatirig: tor a; Soledad, Cariyori. ; . 
/ Nat Finstort /honored with birth-.: 
day dinner by Metro associates. ; 
. Phil Regan and the missus/ cele- 
:brated./14th wedding. anniversary. 

. ArcHic; Miayo and ; Wife returned: 
from tour- of EUrbpe ^d the Orieht.' 
. ; ■ Sarii : ; Snider, ' Australian ; :the'atre 
chain /. P'wner, : prbwling-; Paira'mbunt' 

:iot^; //- '.r -/:■■■ :■■■' -^-z ■■:'::;■■: -"y. ■/-:■ 

:; Lyp'ris Weeklarid .comirig here frPm. 
New ; /York; - f pr •; .'Marie': Ahtbinette' 
;rbie;;./':v-; : ■.■•.■; \'-;---.'- -v :'-'-■-■■■/.••' - - ■/ :- ■ 
; ' Mark SilVerjj ;;p.t 'United'^ ;A;rlTsl9 
WashingtPri' . exoharige,: Vacationing /;^: ■ -. ."■ -.^v. ' / ;/■ \. ■ - ^ ; . ' /;'■■' '-■.\-; ;: "-'■•. 

Virgihia Gijey .back irorh; Frisco, 
where : she; recuperated f romi . prieu- 
riibnia;: ■;: -"'- ■ ■;-;.-'-:• :. .■'■;■:" •'^/'■■v: ;- ■;/■ :■ 
>/ Sid Rpgell arid bride;^ June Glay- 
WortH;: hbriie. ■-after- eastern . hohey-; 
modn..;;.-/;.:":;;.v^.^^'',;.-.';::,-',-"'.l:- , ..•1.; 
^ George: ; ■ Archainbaud - /arid: the 
mis.stjis back • f r-oni .New . Yerk ; arid 
:Washingtbri,-. / •■; ;-' ■:-■'■ ■■:.-'. ^ :;-'U' ■ 
. ; Mrs. •. Phil Baker arid children - en: 
route : east . to reoperi ; their: Lpng . 
lisljarid'home.- - ■. -..;; ■■ '.;■■•;"'■-.■/ '";•:,; 

Charles Curran; in frbm New Yorkj 
Where, he. r esi gried from the Ppnahiie. 
& Cbe agericy. . :: 

Trarices Hyland; returned .tp; 20thr . 
Fox typewriter : after fighting ; pff: 
pneuriibnia threat;^ ; -' : /:; . :;; .; :. 
: . CoUette Lyphs ;returned ,. after 
Eiiirbpeari ; engagement; in/ 'Fpllies pi 
Paris and London.* ' ,;.; \ 

Lionel Barrymbr.e discharged frbm; 
ho'spital where his underwerit; treat- . 
niCnt for. ia. hip injury, - / ' ; ./ , , 

Floyd /ist, .Johns, , of San Fr'ancisco, 
Republicfs GbaSt .franchise hclder, 
here for studio confabs. 
:. : pixie Punbar and/Tbmmy Wonder 
rehearsing dance; Tbufines ;fpr forth- 
coming eastern 'p.a. tbur.;: ; 

■ .Jessica . .pragpriette, / baclc.' frpin 
HdnplUlu, Will linger a few ; Weeks 
bef pre. starting ;cphcert tour 

Waiter Hpffman; nephew of 2pth- 
Fbx producer Jerry Hpffhian^ joined . 
Hieriry Rogers' •praisety . stiff, 

•Maureeri; O'SUllivan shpVi'ing her; 
fellow cpuntiryman, ' John . McCoi:-. 
■mack.; sights on thie- Metro Ibt; - ; 
; /William - Kernel! iri : Holly Wpbd 
after' riihe months' music and- dialog; 
.stint,.fp'r Alcxarider/Kbrda. In Lpri- 
dbri. ■.;■:■'■-.;■ ■/.■■;-■,: .-;...^ ■';-;: ■" •'.': .■■■; /■••-. 

; Spencer Tratyj On ; the ■ mend fol- ; 
Ibwing^ intestinal operatiori, is/plan- , 
hi rigra.^ South Seas trip as /sbon' as-'hil 
medicos give the o.k, ;- 
, ; . Harry, Sugarmah,. . fpririer ■ theatre : • 
rnariager and ;now owner bf a Bev- ,. 
erly Hills, hitery, Is on' the mend . 
aftei*: second, major ;"opcration; ;:ih; 
three weeks, ;. 

: •Gahne,': 

•Serge. 'Rachirianirioff 
sellout. ;.•. ;••;/.•-■ :••,.;-: 

. Rafael .S£ibatini^,arid ™issus also in 
Monte Carlo, ; ':;'■•.. 

. ;Myrlb and ;Desha,; ppeciarty dahce 
act, ; holding down ;; . place at 
Pierre; Passerbh's Pei-roquot in' Nice. 
). ,Sidney Howard and .wife in- Monte 
Carlo: before . starting; riow -rnusical ■ 
iri Londbri. Play :1,s 'Wild Oats' arid i.«: 
bcjrig /iprodticed by Firth ' Shophard 
at- Prtncels.-theat^'Ci .i'/'>^".';-' . ;;; ;■ 
Annual' .Jewish : .benefit, held .;in 
Nice at ;thc Hotel .Riihl- lni|.<iic hair 
under /the ;.-directioh .' of ••; Dr:.^ 'Bdiv 

Kail Bohm batPhing In K 
Plaza, Berlin's ' / biggest / variety . 
'house, reopened. .. /;;•■- ■;- 

.Zeiss-ikbri turneidl put 7% ; divi- 
dend- .for .the, season.; - ; 

Willem ^erigelber'g to lead Munich 
Philharmonic ' brchestra:^, 
■ :: Walter Bruno lltz, managing dirCc- 
tor of the -State The.atre,;;Dusseldor^, .- 
CQritracted by^Tobis, ; . ;; ;; .. : 
.Alexander .: yon -SAyairie giving • 
da rice - . reci tals : in" '~ the / Esthoniah:- 
IdWns, Bbrpat -and/ Reval; \. ./ - •- 
;; - 'Spirii:.stube,'< opera . by the Hurt-: 
g,arian . cpmpbser ' Zoltan /.vKbdaljr, : 
iprecmcd /in Bra'unsChweig.- 
; .Luise; UJlrifch ;ahd /'Hilde;::.riilde-v 
.braricit. sighed ■ for ' •'.The Day Pf . 
Divorce,! by, ;Tbbisv ,Paul:.Verhoev.eri : 
di,rccfirtg: ■-;:^ •;-- ■-..-. ■;.;;;-.'- ■ -/.;■-; ./;: 
:■■' CJemcris ■ Andrijenkb, . . Ukraine; 
teribr, /singing Italian; ; Ku,s;sia:h and / 
German .songs ' ;;the Herlin Phil-V; / 
hanndrirc;./ ■'■:•■' y'J-.- ■■'-.■::■■.■■. '■-•■■■:y' 
. ./Hmns ;FidCsser of /Dcut.sche.s bpry,/ ■ 
doiriy pbi'fdrmarices- Jit Nollcnw 
dor'x;;thciir.trfe' ..' .... Lehaf's; .:'The. ;Land; ■ 
of :s>ft-iiGs.^>: ,;:;■■.:;:/';■ ■;;■■-/ ■■///•.^..;:/ . . 

Asior VKurf ifrstchff^ ';" ;' 

top:.mbhcy- with; Guiiry's' .'Thb Pearls 
0 f :th'; ; c;ro Wn' ' with over.'; 100,000 irt : - 
att-^'ridahcc.:-;;' ; ' ;<; -; ..;•. ; • '•/■/; ":■■ •• • 
• •: 'Mlv^'gef ■.•■Hfi n,s • ;Peppb- :Sh o,o.tiri'g'''-:ex- .- • 
toi- i.ors for'.. Tbbis ■; filirr.: -.'Naarch . irii 

rochbvitchi.-preKidcnl/bf-the: Assbeia- 

tioh.C^ultucile- Israelite of M .- . 

• 0,' H. ■ G.roppci-;' who . :ycarK; ■ ago '{ Sclii'VccV i,n 'thC 'D.ohimite m'ountain.v. 
partnered :• a; chnift bf exh.ih/-hous;c.«^:':-A:rin.v./ OMclra 's'tarririg^ " - . ■ - : :^^ '.' 
With-:-Sjd Cohen , and :hi<; ..Wifo; the, j' To'rcfUhkcn going to. build ' fbur; 
former -Jlin0 .dGs,,;C!hf»mpc. ;.r)l; .■ilago. •b.rbad'jfi.stirig ■slUtiori.s-./iri .Greece, in- 
in MontC' Carlo fdr. fc'.W '\vcck,s'' ho)i;- oxchnngc privilege for citcUwive; i; ' . 
day.;- .■.■'-.•■■ I of: (hem for. next 25 years. . .. : 



^cdiic^dft^ March 2, 193 

^htr widower;;: ahotherVsonV' Xiedq -Mr 
-Ledp,' studio sound, technician, and a ; 
daughter,-- > , ■ 

■ .Mrs. . Leon Wprk^ed; her- hus« ■ 
tiarid's;. act f or-nearjy 30 years.; \ . ;:; v 

v Wilbert M, Hart, 69; former, secret 
tary of the Ohio .State Racing.' com- 
missioin,' died' Feb. 21, " .hbspital 
at .WadsVoHhf .p.j. after an illness 
fdliioWinB kri; operf«ti?)ru::; . . 

■.r -:t. J. WEATilERSTON 

V T. J; Wea'therston, ,,71, . who #as 
active iiii; the prbmotioii -of the- annual 
Ashtabula cdunty. fair .ifor more than 
50 years, dieci Feb.,22, at his ihqnie at 
Jeffeirson,'- O. '"' . :.■ , 

thtiodor.e^JWiitbhell, 6'3, presiderit {jitid 
one of the foiihders of the Theatvical 
Maiiagers, Agents and; .Treasurers 
tlnion, cited Feb. .23 in his hibnie ,in 
; B.eechufSt, i;. . I., {from a fall frorrt a 
, chair ; ■ It is believed .that ^ 

over^came hirh and he; toppled pyer.' 
. H? went into thb theatre in 1900.; 
acting, as priess ; agent , for. - Liiliari^^^^ 
V Russell,; Johti - Drew and othiers: He 
f drilled a -partnef ship -with the late 
:^aft ^ McCarthy .;tp handle film ^ r6ad4 

■ shbws,; starting., with i^Birthi.o'f 'a Na.^ 
tioh,' ahi includling The Big Paradei' 

; 'Thie ' ebvered' ■ -Wagon' and . Way 

■ iJoVh East/ iTie partnership; ehded 
•in 1926. . arid -Mir;' MibheU 

. Theatrical - Managers' i and . Agents^ 
f orei'tiriner of the present as5bc ia tion: 
This :;hev expanded into tl>e prbseril 
setup,; perfecting its .fdrjiiation only 
ireceritlyV ' Befbirei taking tol; the.iroad 
"he;^had:' been. iiMmatic erltiif: br;tlic 
Cihcintiall Eniquirer.. ^.^;:.';..';.--;-^ ^; 
. -He is survived; by his widow, a son: 
arid twp broithersi 

Republic in; HbliyWpod, tp author a 
I series of fiction yat-n.vfi^st pf.- which 
j Will be 'No Time. : for. Love.'. . .; ; 
J Herbert B. Nagier, slot man. on^^ 

N. y. Journal- Americari,: and Michael 
j Raymond l^ave cbmpleted- ah ; drigi-r; 
' rial story,. .'Woman Prosecuto.i",' . deal- 
zing ..with ; ^.apkets,:: which ". . irnakirig 

the rounds ;,bt studip ^stpry , depart 
■ments.-' '■ .;.;-': ;■■■■■■; -;-■' ]'' \:: 


This depaTtment coMains rctrrittcn i?icotricol nctoa items c* put>- , 
;it^hed duri7i|7 the tyipiefc in the: doily papers M New Yprft, Vhicago, 
San: Frdndisco,- HoKytiibod OTid LondQti, VAmevY td/cea no crcctit ,f6r 
these ^ews it^rris: each liaa been n a (tailj/ paper. 


' Mirs; is.raei; Payis; 69, .died at Monte 
(darlb; .; Feb. ;;i7i.. She ' >vas : thie;:; first 
Vi^bnian tb; cPritroI .a .;p>ictur(S ;hoase 
in EhgU^id:.:iand .. built up a circuit 
while conductiiiig ^;; domestic du- 
ties lor her husbahd,; jindiseyeii chil- 
^>ireri. ;;■■■;-::■, v.- •■.';■;• •;■• '•'■^^;-^ 

'When the Ostrers, took; over ;Gau- 
ihoritrBritlshiVld years ago< she.:sbld' 
out fpr i?2,750,0pb. ; Her;biggest gam- 
ble was the erection. oiE the. Marble 
Ai'ch PaVilipri^ at; a cost .of $45Q;OC)0; 
Its, size was Staggering to British piCr 
tiire people. ■}. ■ 

;, . \ ^^AI^XAJ^DER ^ jlE^AM 
Alexarider Bevani; , (Beaven)/ ; 75,; 
bhe-time ; grand; ; bpe^a' ' impresario, 
died .ih Los Angeles, Feb.; 24, of a 
lingerihg stpmach ailrrient,; ' '. 
. Hefsang at L^i S^^ 

arid in: :Cbveht . Garden;.; Lbridpn: 
When he came , tbvthe V:. S, he ;pt-! 

. ganized •' ; the ' - Romany^^ . Singers, ■ . a 
.vaudeville grand ppera act. < For past 

, 15 yearsf he had ;iiVed, in, 'CHiif priiia. 
lie . .Was taken. . sick oh. re^ 
from Itaijr;«fariy'. this-' year." ■; ;^ 

, Samuel Fei'i'al, 81; trainer otci 
hor§es ; and; great f r-iend. P£ Coloriel 
William (Buiflalb :Bitl) Gpdy, died 
I'eb;.23 .at his' home in ;iPitman, N. . J. 
.; As ;a y puth ■ he ; went ■ to Wypmiiig. 
^here he bticame .k cowboy and later 
; a: §tagecpach drrvier. FpUbwirig a 
; meeting . with Gpdy he' bK^gajnij Jrinipte 
than 20 yiears' association with!" the; 
Buffalo Bill and Pawniee Bjil Wild 
West circuses. ;. 

Father,; 71, of Heiity Henigsph/ film; 
producer, died Feb. 27 in Mt, Yer- 

hpri, ,N. Y, . -;.;-..; ;:.;-• : ;■ : 

John Cerncrt, 79, v^ell'known 
composer of show tunes back in the 
80's and 90's, died in Pittsburgh last 
week by •his own hand. An intimate; 
of . Victor ■ Herbert, ; Ethelbert Nevin 
and Emii; Paur, ihe once: caused a 
mild; hatipri- wide controversy by re- 
senting the fact in print that Stephen 
Foster was called a musician. He 
was only ;a sPngwriter, Gernert in- 
sisted. • ';■■. '^v- 


Alexander Bevahi, .67, operaitie im^ 
presario, died;FebV 24 in Los Angeles 
following a'protraicted ,iilnesfcz-^;- 
He: is survived by his widow. •: 


Frederick Eugene Powell,,' 82, died 
in ' New Haven Feb. 27. Details in 
the vaudeville section. 

ilits. ' Rebiecca' Skinner, 55, >yidpw 
bf th;e;;fprmer president: of .Educa<: 
tiphal;pibtures :died as.resuit of in- 
juries when she pivinged IrPlh- the 
eighth .flbbr o'f the Prince George 
hbtel- in New York Feb. 28; 

Mother-in-law - of .. Hyman ;iSchall- 
mari, Chicago agent/ died in Chi-- 
cago, Fieb. ,'2.7.. •;' ; 

Mother : of Celia Blpbrri arid moth - 
er.;ih-law: p;f; Bob Hill died in; Chi- 
cago, Feb.; 27;;' . 

Mother, 62, of Bipyce de Gaw, 
scenarist, died Feb. 25 in. ; Sahta 
Moniba. ; 

Father pf J. Hull Wilson, Jr.y press- 
agbnt, died at his, home in Pittsburgh 
Saturday '(26.). ; '•.:'v---^;;,;- . 

Father ^of Charles Henderson, Vocal 
supervisor on 20th-Fox •Alexander's 
Ragtime Band,' died Feb. 22,; iii Bds- 
tori. ■■■.;;•.■'•,:• 

Mother, 80, of Gus McCarthy, Cpast 
trade paper reporter, died; Feb. 21; in 
Santa Monica, Calif. 



(Continued frorn pagb 45) • 

gagsi ;. gestures and sriiart ibuildirig 
gets hbuse. Sinclairs slip on tp hold 
curtains open .for- cast parade and 
show finishes; tp ;'nice.. applayse, ■ en-, 
gendered by Gilbert's return. 


Baltimore, Feb, 27; 
;Eddie 'Peabody, the Ghezzis. Nora 

WilUavis,'; Marian ''■ : Bitletu • & the 
Eri'gUsh Bros., Felice lula 6rch: *Snow 
V/hite' (RKO). . •■ ..■. :.;.■.■;■..■•-:;:.: 

With 'Snow White' in its third 
week, Izzy Rappaport, has juggled 
arburid his stage piresentatiph, retain- 
ing Eddie Peabody ■ for his ;. third 
week as m.c. and bpbking.^a , new,: 
surrounding bill; Running 40 niihufes, 
current , doings have : attractive 
Hav/aiiari background with . , Peisi.-. 
body's electric guitar feaituririg;- the 
musical aiccbmpaninieht ,; 

With house band on stage, shpw 
gets -off to a tuneful' medley , in which 
Peabody gives out handily with the 
guitar; Brings on the Ghezzis next, 
whose. ;standardy acrobatic; Work gets^ 
over solidly; , Nbr4:, WilUams,' biixdm 
songstress; follows with .'Making 
up a Song;' 'I Need.You;' a . ,rhurhba 
arrangement ; and '. 'Piccolo' Pete,' 
interspersed ;. -with , s o m e, -okay 
Whistling. Strong thrbughbut;: '. 

Peabody takes hold of band here 
for, pleasing iriteirlude, followed by 
Marian Belett and the English Bros, 
in some hectic knockabout, favor- 
ably received; Closing by orchestra ; 
features specialty by Peabody, aided 
by Paul-, Spitzbarth and Julius 
Bialack, housemen, f ollbwed :, by 
'Down . South' medley, with .entire 
orchestra whacking banjos , f oi: .a 
strong curtain. -.; V ; ;• . Burm.: ; 

Michigan; DETROIT 


Bruno Einhorn,; 42, -former, cellist 
vWith the Philadelphia . Orchestra 
guest- coriductor. pf 'all , WPA sym 
phony orchestras 'ri ; Peniisyiyaiii , 
died of heart disease in S.cranton 
Feb; 21. He . had been con duct ing, in 
: Scraritpn fpr 10 days' : pr-ior to h 
"death and directed the WPA orches-; 
tra 'at the Y.M.H.A. the .night before 
he' died* ;■-: 


.William Ulnian; : attprjiey;. who 
first . incorpprated Famous PWyers- 
Lasky. studios, died ; Feb. 22 in Bev- 
" eriv Hills. ;.. ■•■■■;■; /'■' '; ' ■■'■; 

•Leaves ai widow and son* William 
tJlman, Jr., scenarist.: ;; • 


.. Joseph Russo, veteran Italian stage 
and radio abtpr,; died ;iri:-Jeft'ersbn 
hospital, Philadelphia, Feb. 27;. - ;■. " :• 
Russo; arid hi^; . brotlicr-iri-law, 
Ralph Borelliv director ' of Italian 
programs on WPEN,; pioneered 
Italian films iii this cour-ry. 

. • EGON DORN .-. ■■ : 
■ ; Egbn -pbrri,- 69^ ;;fbunaerv- of the 
. Sirripi; cabaret., arid 'onertiriie-. hight 
yentertainment. King Pf ; Vi^n.iia. -d 
■ 4h liothschild.hbspit^^ 


Mrs. Edith Leon, '52, ;wl'''c of Leon 
.Leon.' . (The; Great .. Lepn );-. ; magician. 

/died Feb. .25 at Sari Diego, Calif.. 

;;'vvHi!e visitiflg her son; Lieut. .Harry; 
teon, U.S.M.C. •. She ■ is survived ; by 

(Continued from page 52) ^ 
England. Plans a series of Articles 
On his European impres.sipris. ; I 
Arthur; ;Murray!s 'How to Become 
a Good Dancer* appears in April 
under the Simpn ;& Schuster imprint. 

Dariion Ruriyon is on the Coast,: 
conferring with Hearst, and iboking 
over the. ppnies at Santa- Anita. -; 

Charles Cooke, bf the New Yorker, 
mag, has written at novel tentatively 
titled The Circus'' Story PreSs will 
publish, ■ •'■;.:;;.• •■;', ; ■ ■•■■;;■;■ 

; Richard Shermani: who . sighed .a 
new phe-picture coritract with Re- 
public, is en route froni; Ilpliywobd 
: to Cuba, where he. will wind up five 
mag Writing assignments.; . 

News-Press: is part Pf the Cppley 
chain. Longshoremen at; San Pedro, 
Where ' Copley has another daily, are 
backing . the ' guild. Strike ; is first 
among papers in L. A.: area. 
. ;;Keri, riPW. mag, will headline a yarn 
oh the decline of the 'Theatre Guild 
ih its first issue, ; which , hits the 
stands on March 31 . 
. ; jarties Cain, author of The Post- 
man Always Rings Tivice,', is -writ- 
ing the, screen .; play. : for - 'Algiers,' 
which Walter \ Wanger will lise as 
Charles Boyer's; riext picture. ; ; 
. - Ghristophef P. Connolly's bbbk, 
'The DeVii Learris to Vote; the Story 
of '■, .Montana,' ■ will be • piiblished 
posthumbusly by Cpvici; this month; 

James R.; McCarthy, Writer of the 
cartoon strip, 'Secret Agent X-9: 
and speciial. writer: for King Features, 
has scribbled 'Special Agent,' a .new 
mystery, hpvel. ; 

William' ;Saroyari has given , the 
manuscript of ^Ypurig. ■ Man :.\ ■■ the 
Flyirig - TrSpe2^?;.'t^ 
American Writers,; sales prbceeds; tO 
benefit Spanish; Lbyalists. t^ . ; : ;. . 

Gharles,; Kaufman, Who has been 
under ton tract; tb RKO as; ' a- scenarv 
ist, has cS-^-'tcd put and will devote 
his time to poii^hirig .W new ripvel," 
w.hiph has already been accented by 
Harper's. ' ■ ' ■ ' ^'.;^ 

; CpUier's mag , cbmniissioned Rich- 
ard; English,;; currently writing fbr 

Detroit^ Feb. 27. 
; Monroe, Bros., Paitl-'GcrritZi 'Alex- 
dnder Sdntos .& Co;, , Lee Dixon; 
Louise Mdsseif ":&' Westerners', Eduard. 
Werner^s orch; 'Big Broadcast of 

my (Par). ■ ; r ■ ^ ^ 

: Stuff's present, . but current show, 
he o idbesri't add up right.. ., Indi- 
vidually, acts aire pkay, ■ but as a 
closely knit u nit, no soap. ^ . 

Massey, and Westerners, Lee Dixon's; 
hopfing easily stands oiit, despite sag: 
in his chatter.: ; Femme ; partner ■ is: 
added asset .tL • film .dancer'is • fobtr. 
work, and off to nice hand/ Miss 
Massey ' and her range tunes have 
lost none, of : their ; power, since last 
appearance here. Medley of range 
songs adds some extra zip. Paul 
Gerritz, a double for Robert Mont- 
gomery, : gets across nicely with droll 
patter arid expert roller skatirig. 
Ten-pin jugalirig and other antics 
are dbne well. ■ 

Alexander ' Santos Go.,; two ; males 
and ditto feriimes. offer some comical 
and serious ballet stuff, Males' im- 
personation of a ballerina gets 'em 
a nice hand. Mbrirbe.Bros,. in tramp 
costumes,, get plenty- . bf laughs, 
though ;iome of antics, on baid taste 
side. .. ;. 

Show runs Off in about 40 minutes, 
arid is . preceded by a musical salute 
to late; Dick Whiting,' sbngwriter, 
who lived in .Detroit and was f rierid 
of. Eduard Werner,' orchestra leader 
here. ' Worrier's pit band turns in a 
spiffy medley of Whiting's more pop 
tunes, with iristrumental- solos. 

Nice house at early evoniri? show 
Friday . (25 ) evening. ' . Pete. 

Embassy Ne wsreel, Ny Y. 

; The-. Golden Glpves arid the. -pres 
erit European turmoil ■ provide . the 
■^rily. ;;punch tP . the collection .of 
;;f ainiliar items . in : this week's Em 
bassy . prbg'ram'. The collection iri 
eludes an editorialized vorsibn of the 
European tb-do' irtvolying ■ Austria,' 
but Vieriria.- i.s omitted. . 
; Lew Lehi: forces ;a . couple ; of laughs 
,by talking, baick to Some iducks. He 
.also takes art alienist, test;. ' • 

A silerif interview with Jpseph P 
Kerinedy, .U. S. Ariibassadbr to Erig- 
land., is .liighlightcd..- , Also shbws 
him with,, eight, of his nine childrjen 
who wave: goPdbyc to -pappy upori 
his departure for hiiV- new post 
There's also . a shot of JJ. S.' ariibasr- 
padbf ; :tp' 'Pbl^^■^d^ ;Aritlibh'y" D'rexel 
Bid.dle, .arid-. his -.wife;' ; - ■ 
" Harvey Gibson; Paramount banker, 
, has- his cbriipnriy.'s. reel shoot him 
■Avhil6::hc.'s ietfrriing how' tP. ski;' So^ 
ciety reels tolfcr..'... ' :;■ - ." : ■ i:' . ' 
; ■ Darin a;ge to Brazilian sho;res; by ^) 
hurricane and the' customary plugs 
for ..Florida arc .'inter Avp.\'cni~ There's 
also .a train derailment and Califor- 
I rii'a; effectively .Gbiitribu' cs the .. Santa 
Anita Handicap. ; .: , Shan, 

Whiskey coricerri selling bridge 
cards for 17c a de'ck/.ta advertise 
its; leaiding brands. '/ /..'-.^ 

New Jersey authorities consider 
removal of the tax on liquor brought 
Into the state if less than one gallon. 
Riuile hiirts tourist trade, 
, Elia Kazan, who left *Gbiden Boy' 
to stage .'Casey Jones,' back in the,; 
Odets play now that ; 'Casey' has 
folded., .;•;.■'...'■:■. ;. •'.':; .;' ..- 

- Warsaw opera trpupe on a sitdoWn 
strike last week. " Included stars; 
ballet,' chorus and musiciaiis. Holdr 
ing out fbr, full pay, \ Sitting on the 
scenery, just to make sure: - - 

Sheila Barrett^ Bill Robinson; 
Charles kullman ; and Bob Crosby's 
band entertained the Wailing Ghosts, 
luncheon club, . at the . Waldbrf last 
Thursday/T'^-':---:;. "^--t'-"-- t—;-. - :i- f-; 

Presiderit Butler, of rGbltimbia U.,, 
names a committee to study radio 
with .a; view to establishing its own 
station. ; ■■;...; ■.■ ,;';■; . H-' ■ 

Mrs. Lawrence Townsend, > of 
Washington, ' awarded the Handel 
medal for her' prbriiotion of .hiusicail ; 
interests.' Medal is ' an annual 
awarded frorii the town : of Halle, 
Germany, the cPmpbser's birthplace., 

Henry Huddleston Rogers, son bf 
the late oil magnate, ordered by su- 
.preirie court to repay his father's 
estate. $25,000. borrowed moriey, 
which wais lost ih ia film venture. 

Connecticut fans who came: down 
tb see their favorite Nathan Mann 
takie a .k.P. ; frorii Jbe Louis pretty 
unruly on the way back home. Two 
of them- John and WiUiariri Sirica, 
)rothers,. ; iri Yorkville ;. court ; for 
ireaking .a couple. of train Wiridows; . 
Fined $7;eaich,. which .gia;ve th.em the. 
cbin .to get home on, since they had 
$10 apiece. '; 

Hugo Thimig, Viennese actor, his 
wife arid, son all down with a disease; 
supposed to be psittacosis, , ,tparr of: 
fever). . .' . ■ ■ 

; Fashion show, . 'A Tr i p to Ber- 
muda,' at La Conga last. Wednesday. 
Benefit for Music Education League-. 
• New Negro Actors' Guild held a 
bill; Savoy ballroom last n ight (1 ), 

Lee Simonsori spoke ori the riiodf 
ern stage designer at the New Ther 
atre school last Sunday, Second in. a 
series. ' : • 

- Fifth Ave. Assn.: protesting the 
Wbrld's. Fair motorcade April 30.V 
Says it ,will hurt business. Appeals; 
to police. Permit held Up. 

Fire in the ;"storeroOrii knocked out 
eight firemen at the - Park Central 
last Thursday. .. Reserve - c'-iSirs; and 
tables burned^ . but, ; comparatively; 
slight dariiage. - 
Lily Poris christened .the Reading 
road'i .hewV streamline train last 
week* . •'.'. ■ ■-:'^' 

aim: to mix highbrows and lowbrow 
ditties on the sariie program in- an 
effort to be different. 

Washirigton announces the Federal 
Bureau . of Investigation, has 'arrested 
Gaylord Fbrsythe, of Fonda, la., who 
is said., to have admitted writing .an 
extbrtibri note : tb Clark Gable, 
iised the name of a woman neighs 
bor in the hope; of getting her in 
trouble. • . . • , :\ 

. Joseph F. Shadgeri, ;of Jackson 
Heights/ has brought suit. for. $1,000,- 
000 against the World's Fair- Cornriiis- 
sion, alleging that; the idea of the 
fair is his owri. 

Roy LeMay out of the WPA . . 
one-third of a natiori.' Murrips. . 
■ Salmaggi playing up Ibcal angle to 
boorii his Hipp operas.. Last Friday 
Jerry Cardinale; WPA ditch digger, 
sung in 'Traviata.' . Performance 
spbnsored by Aniericari Labor Party. 
; ; Jed ; Harris may cancel ; hi s pro.iect- 
ed; Londori . engagement Of 'A Doll's. 
HoUse' tv Iceep the company at/ the 

John Golden has sold tb Hans 
Dartsch the ■ Norwegian . : righ ts ; tb 
.'Susan and God.' -First sale -abroad. 
;. Brooklyn Institute of ; Arts and 
Sciences held a magic' carriival at the 
Academy of Music Saturday Numer- • 
bus magi contributed. For kids. 

.Paul .Vincent: Carrbll, Irish .drama- 
tist, due to arrive next- week for ;j>is . 
first visit.; Plans to. remain about a 
month. ■■■; 

'i Authors' League 'took ; a' benefit at, 
the , Rainbow - Roonv last ' Sunday 
afternbpn. .. ;.;..'■' ' 

.; Bishop Boyle.' ^P.ittsbtirgh!- barii?; 
Bingo in the 444 Catholic churdhcs 
of the Pittsburgh 'district.^ Applies, 
to all similar games,; . 

Sam Girisman now interested .in 
the new One Act Playj? •theatre 
group. Will- give .it's productions 
sta«e room. -' . . . . ; ."■ 

..Fari'rile: Wardv ..ex-pi<; arid stage;: in 
collPpsSi in Miami oVer death of her 
daughter. Lady Plunkott, killed ' a 
plane crash last week, ■ ." 

; ' iJu'd'ge •', Williorri , ; O'Dwver 7 f<>:" be 
grand.-; niarishal. of ■ the t^St. ^ Patriek 
parade. - ' ,; ■■■■ ^ '■ 
■; Giovanni' Martlnelll. Met star, who 
collapsed • Friday . .drinrig ..a- special ■ 
.performance of 'Aida.' will appear 
in a concert at the Plaza ' Friday arid 
bri - the radio Sunday. . Ascribes ■ his. 
condition to eating crabmeat.- ; ' 

Maurice' Golden., theatrical pro-; 
ducer. ll.<:ts mother-in-law trouble as 
the 'Chief .- cause of his iriarital woes- 

in 'the litigation between hirii and his 
wife for a divorce. •' 
' Albert Warner, of WB .filri\ ; jjiro^ 
ducing firm, reported thie lifting of 
$90,000 worth of jewelry from his 
winter hbme in Miami , Beach yes- 
terday (28) . Thief gained ; entrance 
through, a second flobr window and 
grabbed the sparklers from a . bed- 
room closet while the Warners slept 
nearby. Actual loss was not esti- 
mated but the 13 pieces taken were 
insured, for the ; above figure. - 
;^:Four , thugs, tagged the Singing 
Bandits, made off with $754 frorii an 
office at 1472 Broadway Monday 
Quartette entertained their victims 
with snatches of Italian operas. 

Tuesday's .gale - swayed thie RCA 
building in Jladia City,, N. Y.,..and 
other tall edifices enough to move 
pictures on the walls.. 
. Atlantic City, N. J., -inaugurates a 
50 cent license tax on bicylcles. : - 
■ First fivcrsuit bridge decks arrive 

in, N.. Y> Fifth, or. :*Royar suit .ha$ 
crowns. . ; 

. Columbia U. shbw will bar i giris 
from its: ciast. Used girls last year.' 
and precipitated a small riPt. 

Leslie Banks out of 'Wine of 
Choice' both Saturday shows. Minor 
operation for shoulder trouble. 

. Players' annual - spring revival will 
be scenes frbrii ^some of . Edwin 
Booth's greatest successes. Prob- 
ably will start May 30. Booth was' 
prie , .of the founders of the club, 
which is housed in his former hbriie 

Professional Womeri's League cele-^ • 
brated its 45th anniversary -with a 
dinner Sunday evening. 
;• ; Sergei Eisenstein, JEtussia?s top film - 
producer,, to start 'RUss,' patriotic 
film. . ..:' :r. - -.;;' ..;■- 

NVA awards life riieriibershipv ;to ". 
Geprge- M. Cohan at its annual meet-- 
ing last. SUnday. 

Robia Lee arid Joan 'fbzzer; U: 5. 
amateur; skating champs for 1938, 

^Normaridie cruise: passengers ' re- 
pprt more than $500,000 spent by the 
tourists in Rio. . 

: N. Y. Light Operi.'Guild. announces^ 
five winners in its contest for rbles " 
in spring production of *Sun Dance.": 
They are Joan Raffia; .Roriiblo ;d«; 
SpiritOi : Chief Yowlanche. Errka . 
Zar anbVa arid Floyd Worthirighatri;'- ' 

Jackie Googan faces trial on speed-, 
irig charges for the second time 
within four. months as a result of hi.? 
arrest in Ventura. ■ ■ -.V; 

; ' Music library . of ; : late. . Ernestine 
Schumann-Heinle remains iri .posses.-; 
sion of Pomona College, to , which - 
.<!he bequealher it, /under, ruling o.C; 
L. ;A; ;co,Urt in ai suit" brought by her 
son, Ferdinand, to ; transfer it: to the 
(Cbntinued on page ; 55 ) .' ; 

; Irene dubbins to Jack Harold Pa 
in ; Clevelarid, Feb. : 14. He is an- 
nouncer with WGAR, Cleveland. ; 

Esther Sandsoh - to Jack Schiff. in 
New Vork, Feb. 23. . Bride ;* sec-:, 
retary to Martin Block of WNEW. 

Kay Weber to Leo . Stroh in Des 
Moines, Feb. 21. ..He guitar-. 
iist''in Des'.Mpines;/.'; 

Helene Lane to ' Don Doyirnen '* 
Lps Arigeles, F^b. 19. Bride is in 
Selznick script d^artnierit,; he is iri; 
Warrier accouriting departmerit. 
. Rita Schriiidt to Joe Higgins in 
New York Feb. 27.. Bride ' ; non- 
pro. Gropm is with WNEW. ,; : 

Eva..;Pace to William- F. McDer- 
mott In. Cleveland, Feb. 21. He in 
pbluriiriist; ; and; dramatic - critic 
Plain Dealer. '''-■' ■ 

Shelby Paine to Douglas , Fbwley . 
in San Francisco Feb. 21. He is film 
actoi:. :■- ■■].[/■=■ '■ - ■;-•';-■;. 

Marjorie de Vbri to James Brad- 
dick, in. eincirinati,;, March 1. Bride 
is memheir of the de ; VPre Sisters, 
vocal trio Pn WLW, groom nori-prp. 

Mary Bburke to Arthur: Godfrey, 
in Wash:, D. Q, Feb. 24. Bride has 
been .- with NBC ..prPgrarii dept. in 
w:a'shihgtori, Godfrey is an annbiiri 
bn; ;WjSV,;CBS-bwned;;capit^^^ 
tiPn. . , ■;■•. ;■>; ."V".; ;. ■.;;:;;;■; ' 

Ruth Clark tp Dean Markharii ' in 
Palrii-.' .Springs, -. 'Feb.^ 26. Bride w " 
artist's' . model i- he; is . head of coiit i^; 
riuity department,. R 

Ruth .'Timmpns .to Lester HairimeT: 
in. New York; Feb. 25. . Bride forV 
merly ■ in ; legit; he's , with Williotiv 
Morris office. 


. ;M.r.. and . Mrs. .Philip, ;Bbk. .Thpri.ip.-; 
son.-, -.son, ■':.iri; ■ Waterburyv Feb; - .2 1;.. 
Father with. WAtR. 

Mr. arid Mrs. J. Willitts; French- 
daughterj iri' ^ Atlantic > City. Feb, -2-1 ■ 
Father ; and mother iare in the.; S te^l ; 
Pier water citcus. ■;'; '•.■" ''.'. 
: Mr. iand Mris. Milton Harkpr', sbn.. 
iri':-Lbs. Angeles^ Feh; 27.; FatheV -• 
Interriatiorial News' HoUyvvpod cor- 
rcsponderit. .. ■ 

^dnesdayii R^rch 2; 1938 


.:SpeeUlatOrs . arpund M;a d i sp n 
Square Garden, iaiied. to^^^et -rid of 
hundreds ' of : tickets for' - the -J^^^ 
toiii^-Satha^ fisht; last : week., 

although thie;. box; ^^p^ showed 
C^pacityi^ ; ittendani^ 
lore the triatcH, ringside WcKefs, With 
a hbx off^*^** $16.50 werie be- 

■ ji)^ dispbsed of at. any- price, sortie 
'going''for .?3.;:>;:;; '.^^ V . 

Count shpAved that more 'than .500 
gailery ticket reached -i^^^ 

ticket takers ' and;; an eqv|al nuinber 
of other mpderateiy priced pastie- 
bo^^.ds werfi'.riot in .eyid€ince. either.- 
■ Several . thousand. .Ne/\w Hayehit^s 
canTe dbWn ,tp see. iManri knocked o.iit 
• All sported 'lapiel . buttoris. and. Were 
-easy hiarka for. ga,n^ .; who. laid 
vpdds pt five, to one . and , u 
Visitors- did hot ; sqiiawk but striing: 
aipng with iM^ who cracked that 
■anyway , 'he's- chqnipid^ of iQpnT 
netjtictiti'. ■. ■ . 

• ' . : (Cbnii^ trpm page ■ ! 
jhey trtde; tp; cpiumiiists, et .aU, f or 
returrt: favors find men more , talka- 
-iive--iti tbeii:'. presence/ 'i'/O-, 

Sonie of the girls ar'fe iiidepehdient 
pperators/ but niost are piiartner^.d, 
Qhiy those belonging to the theatrical 

• cateiSOry; are- members - pf - the .Thee 
atricial' . 'M^^ '■: Agerits \. arid. 
Treasurers; ; HovitPyer, niirnbet.. acr 
counted.- for embraces , nearly'; •every.: 
conceivable type . of ; business f rbln 
fashions,, .fiiihs, theijtre .and , iad agen- 

> cies to, comnierciaV enterprises. Even 
- a i^yf .very social,' .upper-cjriisters 
,'have tried their, hahds at praising. .. 
• : Attesting ' .to", the rriarital. prospects 
are! the presence .Of Phyllis .Pfirlman 
(Mrs, 'ilier6n.,Ban>berger,:- prpdUcer); 
Dorothy >Ross (Mrs., George ROss, N. 
Y;. World-TeIeigrai[iTi columnist);. Dee 
Lowrance . Clirs. Hei'bert, Drake,; N;". 
':Y. ■ vHerald-Tribune - drama., deipt );: 
Elot«nce./Marjc: (Mrs. Bosley ^CfowV 
therV /N. VY.. Times drama dept.); 
. A'dele Brby^n. . (liilrs. . john .^^^^ 
, N. ,Y,. Herald Tribune society dept;); 
Frances SimoK (Mrsi Berhard; $lmpni 
press.i6eht): Dorb^ (Mrs. Ted 

FHend/.N. Y. Alirror nitery editor). 
Marjbrie ; Barkentia (Mrs. Oliver. 
Saylprj press agent), dnd vboris 
Pleischmah (Mrs; Edward Befnayis, 
press iagerit). •■ ;..\; \: 
. •-Five ■Ciaissiflcat^^ ^ 
Remainder of . the girl are; (1) In 
■theatricalsr Winifred Gameron, Ruth 
Beiiedict, Elise" Chish olm (on ^ear 
round' salary frdm~Dwiihr^W 
shpiv or npt, and one of two with a 
mink coat); Helen Deutsch (pther 
mink owner ); .Mbllie Steinberg, .Mary 
Ward, Bess Beatty,' Ann Ayers (also 
prpducer ), liaurella Val-Mery . Jean 
Dalrymple (also . concerts), Martha 
Dreiblatt, ' Edna Ockd; (2) irti nite 
elubs): .Dorothy Kay, Phyllis Kraus, 
.Jean, Roisman,. Biisfiell Brooke land 
commercial); (3) films and ^ theatres; 
Hbrtchse Schorl ; Ruth Schwerin, 
Chelle Janis, Blanche Livingstone, 
Hazel Flynh, Bessie ; Mack' ' (also 
.radio); ;(4) ; in raclib:. Gorneiia 
Straussburg, Epsie Kinnard-, Ooro- 
thiea Beckmah, -Budd Baker (agency ), 
Helen ; Strauss (agency ), aniJ (5 ) mis- 
cellanePus: Ann Silver^ Julia Chand- 
.Ifer, Eve Love, Dorothy Gates, Joan 
Kline, Dorothy - Haas. Paulyna 
C'Brieii^ Ann FOrd, iXeni , Cblaer, 
Ruth Maier; Constance Hope,: Darie 
Jirrnel, Heliert Mober.t, I'rances H 
: Kins: XlaGt:.. three ; in ' concerts );:. Elita 
Wilson, Helen Oakley and Marion: 
Morrison.: ■. 

• ' ,N^^ the. arriiy in HoUy- 

■wodd.^;'.. - .. -;: ■ ^•■ . •- 

)L<yv^,vbqt Black 

'^^y.; / .';:'; y:$pokanei-..Match'' l. -v 

.' N«t profit of .'thie - Spokane' Racing 
arid; Fair ^Association for the : i9;n 
season^ at Playfair. was $3,551; lowest 
in .its . Ihree-yeair:. history* according; 
io. the firianoial 
city council. 

• Profits: ih li935 were; $8,2i97 and ^atv 
; 3 936; $15,235;; Gross reveriue for thd' 
threie. years Wt^s $4i>3,^b.7,' and op.e'rii t- 
ing .expfertses- ^ ' were- $434.;- 

629; : As.spdiijtion as^ for renie.wal 
' lease oh fair grpunds for 1938 sea- 


' '.f :ZajTiesyjiiev:<).,- March :i;' '' 
.. pity; cpund|;hci:e ;h^ bcPrt a^k^ 
.to' cprisider ,' U licenses 
fwi-ii $25 a day to $iO(j. T^^ 
$25.f(;e .js; sajd by .Dr. E, O. Dennis, 
president, of epuiicil. to be thc 'lowest 

. any-^ cify iiv /1-bis -*cctian pf. the ' 

■cpUniry...;;:..;' '■ '.■■::■■■: '[■':.■ 

(Gbntinued :frpm. page 54) . 

Uniyef^ity: of Southern Galifornia Pri: 
the gi'tiund liatler was first to hPftot , 
his mother .with a idoctOr-, of music 
dcgreeiH^- vv/^V--^ •; -Ts'^ -r ;"-- ;^^ ;'■';•-- 
. : Barba^^ Stanwyck's ranch home in 
the Sa,ri .Fernando valley was ■ raided ; 
by burglars, who rnade pff . with jew- 
elry; fuifs and: clothing , valued at- 
^i365.}r \:\;,:\ .:. ^ ; .■;:.■';■ 
. Marital differences : whiith • caused 
Helpri .Coburn, former-screen actress, 
to file, a divprce siiit against George 
Auerbachi. studio, writer arid ptodUc- 
tion: -executive; have been adjusted,' 
with the pair effecting a reconcilia- 

Friarik Capra was ^cleared bf 
bha^rges oi srijuggling. a brace of wild 
ducks 'across the border; from Mexico 
when U. S. district . judge .threw the 
case, out. Of ■.. court. .■■.'■' ' ■ '■ 

d'niyi picture. ':nariies,, in, hew tissue 
of Southern California social rpgister 
arfe Harold Lloyd, farnily bE the late 
Win Rbgets; Cecil B. DeMiUe; Jphn ; 
G. Blystoriei Anthbny Quepn^ , De 
Mille's sbn-in^law, John . Wayne, and 
Douglass ■MphtgPtneiy:;' ;•. : 
; ' Cbntested divprce action of Ruth- 
Gliffdrd, silent, picture star, a^^ 
Jarnes: A. Cornelius; Hais been set for 
trial, in L.'- A.;/: '••':.' •'. I '"'- -. 

jimmy Fritz, Hollywood publicity, 
man, charged.:with issuing ■worthless ; 
checks, is in Lbs Angeles cpunty jail; 
avvaiting: trial March -T 'in' Superior; 
cpiirt, :'■.■■■■• .--v.' •.•";..'■;.:;■'••■"• 
. ' ]^ Msiycr ipurchasedr :a 320-. 

acre e^taite near- CaialiM 

Eieanore Whitney. : flilm .. dancer, 
sued' by her f athe.r ' f ^ support, 

NunnaiiyJbTinsOnivflim" producer, 
has paid Mrs.; Mi^riari JphHson $25,000: 
iri' cash and Will contlniie :td give her 
$100 weekly, it was revealed thrbugh: 
filing of a property settlement, agriee- 
riri'erit in an L. A;.; court -^s .a prelirri'- 
: inafy : to trial bl Mrs. Jphnspn's ac- 
tion:' for divprce.';;. ■ 

Harry Revel was sued for $75,00(j 
in L. A. by Led D. GreenfieW; who 
charges the sphgwriter-s ; police dog 
bit him. ■ :'. '■ ;.. 
■ Jean ; Berry v: screen player, \yhbse 
ieal .name is. Jean; Lav!erty,..has filed 
a $50,000 bteach of ijrorhiisb ;actibh 
in L, A. against William: Hamilton; 
iftlm editor arild; direct 

: Abi>rbvaii bt L; A: ijoUrt on ne\y 
|3iOO-a-week cbntract. with , : Edith 
Feilbws, moppet witlv Colunibia 
PijCtures, was asked in \« . petition 

,^]^e!d,b3r.-:her. -.mother.: -■ 

Showni^^ tonf air in N. Y. 

recently/ fbrmed social-\velfafe org 
of :, circus,, exhib, carny - and ..conces- 
sion . p^oi»le, holds its «ecpnd meet- 
ing; at Piccadilly hotel, N. Y., tompr- 
row (Thursday) tb launch a mem- 
bffirsbip di-ive. Group is presidented 
■by ;6e0rgev';Harnid.'.- ■ 'J: 

■ ; Si ril ila r to th e ShP wnien'is League 
;0f Americia; Chicago,; outfit, it is 
strictly a get- together group which 
seeks a membership of 6^ by the 
fall,, eriibracing employer; .and em- 
ployee members. ;A ladies auxiliary 
is also; included. Will hpld^ '^^ 
monthly meets. ' ' . \. - - ■ V^^'r 

W. Va. Fairs 

; .Fairmpni;'W..Va., March. L, y 

■ pi lectors of 12: cpun ty and regipriai 
fairs selected dates for the .1938 
events at: a riieeting b£ the. Vir- 
giniia Associalibn '; of .Eairs hbld at: 
Charleston. .._;r. ■ ■ ' ■ '■'■■■•'■ /'.■ 

.:,Grepnbi'.iff . vhljey, ' •T-<;\v!.sburi?, Aiitf/ 2fl.- 
pplit A; ■ KunhwhH. free, i'iiir; -JJiinlm r, Sppt. 

t : (S:iy;o<iiin-ty, '«M'ay. ..Seiit; '•Jl^l.'i; Nlrh-. 
Viliitf couniyi ■ .Suinmfr.*yUl*', Sept. ■ I.'»-J8; Vn* 
■(■nUoriti'is, (.•ourity... . XIarlJntOi»i\ Aug.- ' :lKi-'.'T ; 
Wplislef .r-inini.V;- Cnnip .'Capsar/ iSopt; ' iV-Irt;' 
;liivixtoh I'ouniy. Kiiiti)h. .'^ppt. Ji'-ti: Vay- 
rtlft :cii Mli',;. IVcoUvvlth." 'Aui;. ..jO-2ff: Kciji.r-H 
fiilr. ; .Iti(-ks(it\'s M-ill, .SPivt;- .iJO-'JS;, riatihni-i),(11e 
rnirid'tiiil - - -Foui-rH... ; fair,. . ORioliiiy • .I'lii-k.' 
W-hof lin-jr:' l.'i.Sf - week;.' in .August V Tiflc-hlie 
foiihly,-: PfTnuMioi'o.T .-Auk; S'Mopt. ; -'.;. .Xrt-; 
wuivl y, relfVsblJi- ■ j -.*?(;'ji.iti' H-r-Ut.; : • -■ -.:-. - 

, bfficer^^ 

lows:- ' ifi , B; "^y denslickeii", : of • Le wisr 
bur.ij;. ■pvbs.'; .1.: 0- Knappv Of Mpr 
■tpjw'h,' ; ; ::;and Fred iC. Alle^^^^ 
Marl^"ntpn;■ ■^ p.- 

$25,353 Suit Vs. Amus. 
Park Over Loo^ 

■ .. -^; ■ V■ -Ne.w- Orleans,;';!^ 1^'. v 
, A quesfipn; ,0^ possible liability of 
an.a.m'usement resort operator :oh prie'; 
pf /w.lipse '. devices a ; user aLlegedly 
.suftered, a broken neek was presented 
Thursday < 240; to Civrl.; Judg? Nat 
-Bprid;-in ; the ■•$25;353:7damage suit of 
Mildred J. Wa.iigespack;. against the' 
Piaylarid: C.bp'p.,.- operators of ;Porit:-; 
chartrain- Beach arid .its irisUrcri the; 
.Associated. ;-lndernriity.'. Cprp>... Judge 
Bond took' the -imattef und^ 
merit; ^ .•■ :•'■.'••■.;■■ ■--. •> ^-/i' ■:. ;■;-'■■■■ - 
■ ; Miss ; ^ Waugespack declared ;-: that 
she sustairi.e;d the in jUry Ayhile riding : 
in' a 'Loop-b-'Plariei* aerial device pn 
May 5. ; She' said riobody wa:rried-her 
of its. dangerous features, :and' itis 
sudden stop\y -.her baekvy^rd so- 
.Viplehtly': it. f raptured •vertebirae. \. 

Officials , of; the iiark; .denied the 
machine .hazardpus and . pointed . out 
that thpusirids Of persons 
it at-;the park , and elsewhere without 
irijuryl . They further 'aileged ; that .a 
person ' .lisinig ...such ,a ; miachine : has; 
seeiivits. Opera tiPh beforb bpardirig it 
and : ^pahnoit clain); -igniprarice : of rits 
riiovements.-'-" ' '■■ ^ -■::■■..■■: 

;:That ■ European ;S\vllcHV 

■'- VJ^e.v^^' ■'Yovk,: Feb. ■'■22'^ 
Editor, .Varjety: ; ■ '--v 

' We read, w ith ■ i nterest, your story 
'(issue FeU; ''iSTTreKa'Fd i ng; ' t tie- '"jf;orig 
'Eleven Mbre 'Moriths a:rid.' Ten More 
Days,* the recording ;o.f- :which; was^ i 

«nd. he.ip me. more loiih .-O^c Prb-/iic*. ' 

.UJOrTc.^':;':';. J^' ■::.••■.■;;■;. ;• .; ;^^ ;■ ■ v 

■ • .V V ^ :' ^- Hcttrt-Broffcit ■■■Wife..; - 

■ . Wlturi'lddyi you <ldii^i kubw : ' iheii;. 

^^^^ ^ . „„^ , Wbu '',: . .opod^.t^^^ 

brokieri ^o^&T'l^^%i^!>Ji^(it)'M>ck \^^'^^ wiU ljifit - up; a»id coble V youf; 
because of the many phone calls | orenkfast Sor : you and,, ivhq hna vo . 
which raised . aa .objcL-tion. •■■ As ! P^^^^r: ; i;jce . than; v/iddlino is liolh^ 
writers of. this ' • we - couldn't i less than, a .gift from ;heaven, 
imagine a n y t h i ri g bbjectionable • V^u _shouId :oo dqimt p)r ;]/o?ir - 

into rlh 

about. it, as we have sung the song I giving ^thanks, for your 

many -times bVer 'rthe. ' ', well as i m instead'. of . chxu:k\ng. it no 
at hundreds of charity alfairs, ;- ..|d(.uorce.. court,. - . 


■ ■■ 'l. ((Continued frbin page" 48 ) . : ' -: 

ages Jabpribusly .to be , a- fairly, grip- 
ping Ihusiniess;';.'-;-- 

.:■ While the play's: pdssibilities as. a: 
box • office attraction are certainly 
nil, the wprk of the group is entitled 
to sympathetic - priaise and" can hear 
watching. Outs.taridipg perfdrniance 
was given by Ellen Van Vilkenburg, 
as the mbtljer. ■ ■.: i - . -' • 
. Audience , at the Play Room Club 
is seated on chairs placed dn stepped 
platfdrriris. . There . . is no Curtain.' 
Tptal house capacity for /this show 
is 48, but varies up to: 65 With seat- 
ing arrangement being different for 
each show, :> For this script, which 
was certainly pne of the grimmest 
possible selections, proximity of the 
audience to. the • players, who can be 
touched from the firont roW, created 
an iawespriie: effect. . 

There will be eight performances 
in all. 


Cpii1*;0y;;in . ihtvo bHs. (flwe scenes) pi-^- 
seiuud at ;tlie . Show Shop •The«(tc N. Y,; 
l"*!).; 28, 'aN,. hy the Atn6iican .Show .<5h6p; 
written- Uy 'r-oclevliik ^; Vro.»m; . aiierted hy 
(JeorBe B, Dowell; ieUlnge by WlUlam 
Kiiner $i.«r. top.. , ;•■ 

Aire; GoUtjl .....;. ... ; . . .-. . .;. . . iiiyrt Coohrftn Palmer, , i . ., . . ,.^K«noy Applewhite 
Peroy \U\ i t . , . ; . . . . . . . . -. ; ; .lack;. Stapleton 

HerhPrt - (?atis...,. ....... , . . . , .. . Fi-a pk.- HiniriiVl 

.1 «! .\\ hiie.. . . . .V... .. ... i .:;". .;w«ltei' JtJlBCk 

•Wlnrtle .;; . . . :;;.... ..;:..:;. ;;v...Liita liCde" 

ycxtnUA'anriiman... ..... .UOni'lelth. Norinan 

Arihur «;o)-Uon .... ; .Krhe.s't Symons 

J'o;hn, Klmmeri^an 
. ... . . ;Al<»n Stfthii' 

i .Arthur Li .-KiiiK^ 
;:..:, Slitjort Oatnes 
.... .Besqie Wynii 

. ; ,,1 . .,. ;"lrene,.Bp)l 
-. EAlyi'ln <-"Hri,sHo 
. . . .;.-.;. . BLTicke-vi 

, , Bi-yuh Ow'en 


Browi'i . , -. . , . . 
Upholslorer'-s'iMM nC. 
(}<'org:<i -rftrker. . . .,:.; . . 
Miwf Steyeii.s.-.. . . ; 
MhI<1. . .-. .-. ... . ;, 
.Byron .Mor: 
Blackey. ..; 
lloliccnian..' ; 

.'. :'. :... teontin.iied- 
■rirl;ri'iV;n : . ■ ■ .. 

'.|r;s.'fic.;;-\v:i>'''':i.i<-y : 

Caiv\ .\jo.<ii:i!:p.r-<i; ■' 

rt;Mio<iioiiiair:oi-c. : 
.'^iiily- ii'u(,'iipih'. ' :. 

:<)ii.v'!,' -.'wiiiit • . ■ :■■' .-_. 

i i i.tL'iii -^f .' . ■ . ■ '.. 
nili O ■ ■ 

I 'd'I-.'-v ,.<-(vil('..n 
A(iKf4o-,l-ti rtiliiiil-,-, ' 

Irom page .4<) ) . . ■ ■ 
;NHt tiMb- 

;iRiU ;flr<'tor ..' ."■ .. 

•ijufr.v<iiiifi . 

. . i'infn :■)' ■■ ' 
:RnU\ -.t;f<in t..Olvc;-..,. 

, : .■ riiixH citfe 

.tiinnvv .Pc.vtn'ii •:Orc. 


:) ' • '.VcJorVH ■;• 

;t -.S«| (•«( Ic^H t «:P: :- V :.; 

■ .■-■SiM>»v ■|I«i«<.'../;- 

;.A 1 -:.Ma i'.« ■ Oi'' .' 
-■'nohhy ■; IVlfl.rM . - . 
■|.u<-Ul*i, (.ii liny -. 
\V..!i:.\ lip '\';ir;j-;i,-<i.Ti . 

wr.'ih'.i - Yjouiiia.".. ;- 
.1 iif .'rn»ii)i-.i.'; ■- ; 
' Vve.'Ahie.v- aVyt" 

Tryout group's third effprt is- its 
most promising to date, : but what- 
ever merit . the ; play might ;;have as 
entertainment is corisiderably ham- 
pered by the presentation. It's diffi- 
cult to tell whether this might, not 
be a~ fair . cbrhedy 'if • it :were more 
competently done. Currently produc- 
tion is by the Show Shop as an 
agency, in hopes of selling It to a 
Broadway manageriibht. 

Plot has a whirlwind press agent 
inducing an authdr td back his own 
play. Writer is of the Milquetoast 
variety, ..and is talked into it, p. a. 
wishing to promote his own ambi- 
tions as a .producer. Actress whom 
the scribbler has engaged . as- a secre-: 
tary is cast in leading ;role. Once the 
show is in. rehearssil, bills rnount, the 
angelTaut'hdr . sinks :~ iri :mPre dough, 
and the , leading lady is replaced by 
a name. ; Author, however, has be- 
come ' enamiored ;br his- " secretaryr 
actress, but!- is npt strong or .smart 
endugh to stop: her. being replaced. 
ShO\y ;flops amidst .geneira] headaches 
and ■. farcical:: cdnfusidri; ;::and .: :aUthpr 
Wvhp shduld- 'be. cured of playwright-, 
irig is reconciled, to his grrJ... Curtain 
falLs. just 'as he gets a" riew idea for 
another bad play. '. ■ 

Author of the comedy. i.s- Lode wick 
VFOoni.''^eJ{ecutiVe director and presi- 
dent; of • the Theatricjil.. Managers, 
Agents and ;,TrCa^"ii.rers liriioh.;^ 

No Fair; Jfust Fees ^ - 

; -: ; ';• Col urn Uu.s; O.. March 1. - 
V : A ttdi ney . : Gcricral . "^Herbert S. 
' Duffy;;.b.^.s -applied :;t(). Gov. Martin L. 

Davcy f'di; aia.thor4ly> to, t 

5iK»; dircctpi':fiv;,pf -''thc :.Lawi'pncc 

(i<>driiy--:Ai^r:ix; tfltU rtri-^^ 

he - .sa:id. ^yere•• '.pe.i-pc(uat:ing them- J 
,:^i:iilvc>; iri: ofnce for thc lsdic 
.,of'- (il•^i•v^•irig:•. . - riioasiy- ■...«1-.ippn.d'\ 
^ .vbar-', ■■...'.•;■"•" • '.' l--'-'-^ '■ 

/ : ;Dircctd;:s; lifr^jidVistdU^ 

have riot- held" . co.iinty fair .on ., the;! 

county fair' fii'ouiit.d.'-:' ^(ri^-:ftcv:ory^ ycar.s j 

,iii)d hiive onl.v Prie way .tjf .'■ecu r nig : 
! f lind.s, by loas^ing. thc grguncl?. .. .... 

eluding many churches 

• .When \v.e ;heard that it .was an: AriiT 
brose recording, made i« Eriglarid, 
ivt investigated. ■.ThV6.u:;h ..Marlii'r 
Block, ■ we iearned -thJit ; the' pV jeetiPri.! 
wias .bver the word ;*ni,'rg^^^^ 
era! times in a. ■verse that .was added, 
when the sOii g . was ' re v ispd for the 
Cpntiheht We have .been' writing 
hillbilly songs (not that we "braig 
about it) for: years, -; and at " no time 
have ever used the word 'nigger,*: 
'smoke,*; or any - Other word "that 
might reflect on a race, or creed;; 

Evidently, 'nigger* is entirbly un- 
bbjeojiipnable in England, as the rec-' 
prd .was; a .terrific seller over there. 
On the contrary, the English Pub-; 
lishefS changed bur wprds ^ Vcala-- 
bdpse,* 'corn,*; ,'baseball,' etc., to; con- 
forinv with British .slang .which could 
be- understbbd by - their "market; 
Hence; the innocent : broadcastinig- 
he^e of the recprd by Martin Block. 

. We hope that :the 'kickets* will un- 
derstand, that;, neither Margin Block 
nor we were" - responsible for the 
■bpher.* ■-■'.■:..•■;■■ :■:.:". V,. ";.. : y:'-:', 
Arthur Fields and Frkd HaiU 

Rbiind Tabic on Town If all 

■'.■• ;''.' _.- Chicago; Feb; 24. ] 

Editor, ■ 'Vabiety:: ■' 

■Variety^ story about my letter on 
the Routid Table was all wrong. 
The letter was not an echo of the 
success of the 'Town Hall Meeting of 
the Air.' Uiitil a month , ago, there 
was no publicity effort whatsoever 
on our part for the Round Table. Its 
big . audience was- achieved entirely 
thrpugh its own merits .The letter 
simply . marked: the start : pf a pub- 
licity prograrri on oiir part. ; 

Far from objecting to the sucdess 
pf thb 'Ttowh Hall Meeting,' we wish 
that there . were mpre like. it; . The 
more and better good educational 
programs thbre are on the air the 
better chance we will haVe of getting 
attention' for the Round Table and 
.getting .the netwbrk rripre'm 
in i.t. ■':'' '. .'.;; -''-'■^'-'•.:■ 

^a BUI Morgenstern, . 
; : c ;: Public Relations: Depi .' 
. university of , Chicago. 

' .. Joshua:'. L'<iwe''.'Remeinbers.' ' 

. Lond li, Feb. 14. 
Editor,' VARiEXV: 

Your front page splash in' issiip of 
Jan. 26 about late dining hurting the 
legitCcontairis no ftieiition- of . the ;f act 
that it was tried biit in New Yprk, as 
near as t 'can remember, about 20 
years ago. As I recall it, it v/ais more 
or - less of a scheme on .the part of 
the police to end.eavpr to spread the 
theatre traffic, over a longer period, 
to relieve the'cpngestion. Ohe .show, 
I disitihctly remember, had Willie 
Collier for the star,, arid I believe it 
was at. the Longacre theatre. The 
schbme didn't last long. 

I; don't know if any of the. "other 
houses tried , it; jolo. ' 

Read arid be .ashai-ned/; yp 
browiv: :■ • :■ ■:\ ■. ■ ■ -,. : ' : ■'.:■.'; 


.Presiderit, Station WBIG; 

■ ';.-:. -Joe' ■Rines;It-civils:.: 

. " .New Yprk. Feb. 21; 
Edxiot, : .Variety.; ' 

Radio, has. .dome; a long wfiy,. since. 
We bidtimers started . broadciastirig 
spniewheres near 1920. !■; wonder how 
riiany. veteran's . of. t^ ■ xi^:^' 

nienriber thpse good Pld days when 
the. radio used to take, frdra five to 
six minutes to warm up; before it 
cpxild play — when there : were so- 
many dials and switches on the. sets- 
they - could be operated only by 
adults-^if ; sbbe'r? : 

y In thbse days ybu cduld coun I the 
number of. radio comedians on your : 
little finger. And he didn't make 
enough . to suppprt . a wise-cracking 
V^ifb^iet : alone -a consort of stooges 
and scriptwriters. ..: One never knew 
what a ',' Hollywood glamour ; sla r : 
sounded '■ lil^e in those days. ; You 
never .heard frpm them - • - the 
screen and prbgrams,': emanating: 
from the Cpast iusti" ' Veren't. The 
only loudspeakers' vire had were . 
pair of " earphones in a cut glass . 
l;>0\vl which amplified the sounds «p: 
that .more than one perspn cPiild 
hear the broadcasts. .A radio set 
cpnsisted practically 'of? arii batnnieai: 
bbx arid 20 Or 30 feet ipf wire. Re- 
member when mother br dad used tp 
send the ; children down with the. 
battery to have it recharged so that 
the, radib iWOiild ' be acting its best 
when cpnipany • arrived that night?. 

Joe Rhnkti" ": 

in Pai 

Philadelphia, March 1.'-.' ;- 
;. .About lOQ coin machine bps from- 
all Pver Penhsy met in Harrisburgh 
tp, form Pennsylvania Amuse. . Mai- ^ 
chine Asspciatiphi Martin Milriick,, 
of Philly, elected teniporary prez. 
Object.' of the group is : more fair, 
regulatory legislation and reduction 
of : present tax bf $21.63 a year ; on 
each machine. 

. Complaints were itiade. at ihc con- 
fab that .ooin machines were being 
used as political . f ob tballs by 'phpriey 
reformers.* -:-'.-.- ^ '■■'.■^ ^ ■ 

Highbrow Variety! - ;;'-.- 

;;■''. Greensbprp; N....C., Feb. 22. 
EdiipT, .V/VHiETY." '-:; 
' ; ;Fi!om tirrie tP; time j'du and a- num- 
ber; of other .highbrow editors ; have 
taken pccasibh to malign that great 
'Ameridah iristitutionv ■ the. hillbiily! 

As" ; .m,ember . .pf :-;the: tribe arid 
friend pt .'these;' 'artistes: -1 
great pleasure that I . enclp.s-e ypu 
heirewith .a :cnmijlc.te^^^'v^ by 
the :":aiithdi ity 'of all; -.norte 
other; ;than'>.Miifs Dorothy Dix ;hcr- 
.scif, ■ '-..'•,.";;■'■-■;. ;''.-;--'v-iv '.■.: 
: From the (ireen.vbpro ' :P<'ilriot;. - 1, 
quote: :■ .;■';'- :, :■-;.; ■-•;"•■■;"■■:'' , J.. '-■ 

Another Shriner Circus 

Iridiainapoli.s, March 1: ; 
Shr jrierg -fha ve leased ! B u tl er . U n i- 
versity;'' northwest of city, 
to present indoor circus March 7-12, 
with afternoon and evening perr- 
fprmance drily. 

Hoot Gibson and other performers 
will do their ' stuff ori . the indpnr 
track, with bask-etball flppr removed 
for .the . "week, cbilege rietmen ha 
pbmpleted' their schedule 

; Race Driver Killed 

Savannah, Ga,v March 1. ; ' 

George Pprtier Way, . 26, Norwich, • 
Cdrin., race drivei-, died of head iri- 
j ury Feb. 23, Jncui'red in , cciinpeii-i; 
;tipn Sunday before on fair groi.irlcKs 

•j'track^v;. ;Woy's.'-';autd- -,^^ -ti^ack : ■;. '':; 

:' titrn.;: smashirig into; ttepi dri H/c.- 

: 'in.^ hurled agai'ns* two limbs of lix-c. ' 
He .fu^y^:regairied. c.o.n.sdfiiL^^^^^^^ 

. ncs.i -•' ' '.- . ' 

! Wife, .spn.and.parbrils/Viirvive.^^^ 

Detit .Miss :Vp.i-XT^l.': .■ 'vrfirricd 
I'o: ail pld-ti»»ie . fiddler . and here is 
my trouble* He fiddles a U :. ihc 
tiviel he (if, home. . I -Wrc'.: (pv'.flb 
places, .and .see. ihin(is: but. he iroMs 
ta:.stny- fw^ ■If -he - does 

go'; he .lakes h\S.'. fiddle alung. If I 
go aiid; Icav.c hini (li -hoMie, he stays 
,up. a nd^^pWys Xdtc ai ; ?/ tjjh t. -. // c . (jets, 

does ■ hiV " fcundrjy, biijr.,:7id,vre/ui'eif 
■to- help ■C:6ok''yihe'i :hrvimicj-. 
Please, adiilse tnc v:h<il la' do as' 1 
am 'ihtiiKini/ alioui . iict.lihfi a 'dl* 
vorce ■■- if . he- doairf t. quit ■ fiddling 

'-■^y-'yt-:':-' ■.";'■ ■. Ldndon,-'Gan.i-;.iy[arth;:..K; 

' Western ..'Fiitir,' .s'edond ' )arf!e.':t:' ;.i '. .';'.. 
iiual exhibition in. Cariada,;.lp$t 

: 357 pri ' the 1937 e^^hibition.! .Th . ' 

' Was : •:.slig;htly ;. - above^ -. the - . • c.sti mirtc d 
figure . -'in: ian iriteririiJ fiptjhi:ii\l.xiipM t', 
issued a 'few weeks after the .e.'iihibi- 

'•lio'v -■;- ' { ..;'-;--;;..-':'-•.■■.-'-.; 

J.; H. Sauriclers,. vcte'r art p (■«;.•- ! (k- 1 it 
(if the VVcsterh . Fair boarid .w,<t- 
elected," with ,W; . E. 'Robert>.<»')i i.ifi ,, 

,of/lde'rs ■ elected '- "^ Trvin ui\ r, : 
( J r, 0 rgd S; .lew pf 1 } ,.sc!orctaiy , . -W .-1 1 tii , 
JacksQ.nt .and- audiipr, ,,1-1. -Sing..;: ' 

' . ; Thc ".i93iB:;C7r;hiljititm livk;' 
the week of. Sept. 12. ' .. 



Wednesday, March 2, 193$i 

POPULHR soncs 

Moxffie Sun\yon*s Big Hit 

Tommy Porsey's 

The new ieiisafion 


Aeiifiy Gootfmdn's fedfure 

' \f ' 


/nfrpducfiig f>vo n(&vv compoier-orran^en who will create new musieql yogi/ei for 1938— • 



The One They All Are Talking Abotd 



(Wriiten and Arranged by Artie Shcv^', ° Btunswiclt Record No. 7976 

* BAGOO * 
HANDS FUU r^^^ ^ 



157 West S7th street 1% the sleepwalker 

ouTsinnDinc uotni sTnnonRDs 


By aUerT hay MALOTTE 


n THOusnno hits of vesterdrv eu iruirc rerlih 










A B 




5\s IJ lI b 

! e ^J e ! a 1? u 


!; I c G q o 

L. Q s A \\ q c I e 

cejji-e^.eiiva'l'i vc!i vo be ui-aiGtiifceci 

Published Wecikly at 154 Wear 46th Street, New York, N. Y., by Variety. Inc. : Annual subscription, $6. SIhsIci coplea, 15 ctinta;^ 
;. - ^ Entered «a aecond-clasa matter piaceniber 22, :l8Q6v at t^ Post Oftlce at New York, N.' Y,., under the . act of March .3. 1»T!». 


Vol. 129 1^0. 13 



A iOc notebobk and a few thlriutes 
[ of time woOld be instrumental in 
saving members of the theatrical 
profession many dpllaris they now 
pay in income tax6s to the Federal 
Government and to New York State, 
is the opinion expressed , by a 
Treasury Department official. 

Teh minutes at the. end of, each- 
day, to jot down the items of expense 
that are deductable items on yOur 
tax return would solve, the problem. 
These itenris, dozens in number, ate 
easily remembered at the- close of 
each day but difficult to reme'mfcer. 
when rushed at the last moment in 
making out a tax : return; How 
many artists .will recall some thou- 
sands of letterheads and: envelopes 
they had , printed during: theVyear 
for professional purposes, ^ der 
ductable item,- if they ido ,npt : keep 
■their receipted bill from the printer 
or ritake a liote of it at the moment 
of' payment? ; And how rnany w ill 
remember the passport fee they paid 
when; called abroad to fulfill a the- 
atrical engagement?: Hundreds of 
items, including bookkeeping - ex- 
penses^ the .payment made to. an ac- 
countant for making out an income 
tax return, cost of a publicity stunt 
paid by the. artist, the equipment of 
(Contihued on page 51) 

Texlilers' Show R^^ 
Yen; Tins' Headaches; 
Command Performance 

Textile Workers Ofganizing Com- 
mittee (CIO) also has its little drama 
groups such ais those sponsored by 
the International Ladies', Garment 
Workers Union; Its .N.; Y. locals put 
oin shows and some have : spoken of 
trying to do something on the oirder 
of ILGWU's 'Pins ahd Needles.' Tex- 
tile workers' group piit on ari origi- 
nal play, 'The . Gravfeyard Shift,' in 
Roanoke, Va., recently. Deals with a 
boy and . girl ;6n different shifts who: 
can't; ever get together for romanc- 

Another, textile group also staged 
eiifforf' -pdets' ''Waiting for Lefty'' at 
the. Rand School. N. Y.* last Friday 
•.(4); It. was altered to have the A. F.. 
o£ L. and CIO ais /opponents ! instead 
;of a, company union vs. and inter- 
national, as originally. .Same stunt 
■vyas also done over' the air 
cently by WEVD's socially-conscious 
(Continued :on page Gl) 

Big Apple Booms Apples 

• ; , , . .. New.Orleahs,, March 8i 
-.The city's: wholesale, and . retail: 
fru^t dealers:; give the, 'Big Apple* 
credit for/a 12-15%. increase in apple 

: sales and GO % increase " the use of 
cider during the past, month. 
^ Tlhe largest dealers in apples iti th^ 
Frenjh Market, national distributing 
point/for the fruit, state the dance 
.has made people apple cohscious and 

: s»nt sales skyrocketing: 

Mae W68t, P.Pi 

Gohgregational minister's ' son 
in Manchester, . yt., , is credited . 
With the foUpwinb;; gag: His 
Sunday . school teacher asked 
how many pupils {in the class 
knew the story .'of Creation; 
Minister's moppet said he did, 

•That's the story Mae West 
told on the radio.' 


NBC's drive to sell a souvenir 
book on the Artiiro Toscanini broad- 
cast has turned' out a disappoint- 
ment, so far. The orders which have 
come, in from listeners are but', a 
small percentage - of what had been 
anticipated ' and': the network's of- 
ficials, are wondering if it will be 
much , better when the book, priced 
at $1, gets off the press and around so, 
that Toscanini fans can see. ■ Buck 
represents cost : of production and 
mailing. ■ ,■ 

Web. realizes that it's tough selling 
something that can't be. visualized, 
but' it had expected an enthusiasm 
strong enough to make this instance 
an exception. Plugs during ', the 
symphony broadcasts; described the 
forthcoming book as containing 120 
pages of pictures and articles; elab- 
orately bound. ' ; >• 


Thought, of $1 adiTiissi(in;;,.tQ. the 
New York World's Fair in 1939 prob- 
ably w»ll be dropped in favor of a 
50c; scale. Officials are reported tak- 
:ing a page from the Chicago expo'a 
experience where: it was found the 
50c admission produced ■ larger at- 
tendance-arid higher net. 

Now figured that attendance will 
have .to reach 40.000.000 in first year 
tor New, York show to, break even 

initial 12 mpnths. . With'25.000,ob0;.i!i 
the. socoiid year.' which .' now ' seems 
ccrtainV the fair should, show a profit. 
Chicago, fair went Into the. black in 
the second .year, and paid off bpndr 
holder's from all funds, with coin 
left. over., ■' ' ; ; ■. 

Representative gtoupsJin the .busi- 
ness world have been discussing 
plans with - Grpyer . Whalen relative 
to the; Preview Celebration to be 
held; April 30 for the . Fair. Trade, 
press gi-oup huddles today (Wednes- 
day). ■■■:'^'v;.'::'- f " ^. . ''-'i.^;'' 

No ' Prospect of Any Picture 
Shortage This Year-^But 
Next ^^i^wason Worries-^ 

: ' Skull-Pracitice Already dni 
with View to '38-39 



Hollywood, March 8. 
There is no prospect of a shortage 
of feature output from major studios 
for the remainder of the 1937-38 re- 
leasing season, which, winds up for 
most companies pn July 31, . next, 
and a month later for Metrp-Gold- 
wyn-Mayer a.hd' Paramount. Latter 
recently extended the current sea- 
son to 13 months, instead of 12, and 
will deliver 57 pictures und